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Posted by Nato61

We had problems right away with our ASKO front loader and dryer set, They replaced the washer but the problems returned after a while. So yourself a favor.. even if you pay double, get something else. They are terrible. They break too much. The customer service is horrid. If I could turn back time, I would have done a little research before going for any ASKO product. Only a 2 year warranty and believe me, the service man knows where I live. Even though my appliances were full of issues I was given to extension or even the option to buy an extended warranty. After complaining to ASKO for months they told me my issue was under review and they would contact me, that was months ago. When I called and inquired how my claim was going the person was rude and curt with me. I contacted the BBB. They received no reply from ASKO either. They dont care and their washer and dryer must be near the bottom of the list.

Posted by Suckered

After having my washing/dryer repaired 3 times in 3 years (under warranty) when it needed repair again 6 months later, they refused to pay for the repair or replace the unit. They apparently did not feel that having to have annual repairs on the unit was unusual. And get this -- they refused to pay for the repair for this troublesome unit because they already had paid e times during the warranty period. If you're thinking of purchasing an ASKO anything, go someplace else. Nothing but trouble.

Posted by ACE

HORRIBLE!! HORRIBLE!! HORRIBLE!! Bad tech, bad customer service. No accountability. A complete waste of time and money. I could go on for days. But their company and their products are giving me an ulcer.....

Posted by Dgal

Please do not buy anything from this company and if you do, make sure you really study the reviews and confirm that the good ones are not fakes. My experience was simply wretched. Every other week my "brand new" dishwasher has been on the fritz and finally my tank sprung a leak (which is the one part that Asko says has a lifetime guarantee) and they would not honor the lifetime guarantee.

I was so shocked and disappointed. I simply couldn't believe it. I have no children, just my husband and myself, so no one has abused the dishwasher. Looking at it, you'd think it was brand new, because I keep it spotless.

But Asko was really generous. They said they would offer me a discount on another Asko dishwasher and my cost would only be about $1,100.00. WTF??

Asko simply refuses to send me a replacement tank, nor would they back up the "lifetime" guarantee. These people are terrible and I'm complaining everywhere I can about their terrible product and their even more "terribler" ...Customer Service (and I use that term very loosely).

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