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Asiana Airlines customer service is ranked #683 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.15 out of a possible 200 based upon 46 ratings. This score rates Asiana Airlines customer service and customer support as Terrible.


44 Negative Comments out of 46 Total Comments is 95.65%.


2 Positive Comments out of 46 Total Comments is 4.35%.

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    • 26.15 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 44 negative comments (95.65%)
    • 2 positive comments (4.35%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I could not access there web site for 4 days in the Philippines, and had to sit apart from my wife and sat next to a screaming kid for 10 hrs of love. They lost our luggage, their 1800 number sucks as no one answers the phone. In other words I will NEVER fly this airline again and they should just resort to pidgins to communicate as this airline sucks as far as customer service. the only thing I liked was the built by BOEING.

Posted by Anonymous

This airline went downhill I do not recommend them to anyone.
On the morning of December 25, 2017 we were scheduled with Asiana Airlines to depart Los Angeles and fly to Seoul Korea and our departure was at 11AM. We were informed that our flight was going to be a 3 hour delay which was fine since we were informed. However, we were concerned that we were going to miss our connecting flight which was scheduled to leave Seoul and head to Phuket. When we asked the Asiana workers if we were able to make our connecting flight her answer was due to Mother Nature they can�t guarantee anything but 90% of flights out of Korea were going to be delayed due to weather conditions so we were most likely going to make our flight and the connecting plane would be held. She also informed us that there were 32 other passengers headed to Phuket so our chances were high of making the flight. As we got closer to Phuket we asked the flight attendants if they could update us regarding our connecting flight and none of them had an answer. I find it difficult to believe that not one single worker on the plane had an idea or could communicate with other workers regarding our connecting flight. Most airlines will allow connecting flight passengers to go first so that we are able to catch our plane and that is what the majority of the connecting flight passengers were hoping for. I turned on my phone when we we landed and saw that our connecting flight literally had departed as soon as we landed. By the time we got off the plane we had to wait in another hour long line after getting off a 13 hour flight just to be told that they booked us a hotel in Korea and our flight will be the following day. They told us we weren�t being reimbursed for our hotels that we booked in Thailand or for our lost time and excursions that were booked. We only had beach clothes and it was 20 degrees in Korea so we also had to buy clothes for the extreme cold weather. To make matters worse, when we finally got on the plane to Phuket the following day, they held the plane we were on so that other passengers wouldn�t miss their connecting flight to Phuket. Why couldn�t they hold the flight on December 25th? Why were we delayed 3 hours in Los Angeles and they couldn�t hold our connecting flight for 10 minutes but they were able to hold the same exact connecting flight the following day?
Also, when we left Korea to go back home to Los Angeles on January 5th, I stood in front of the counter for 10 minutes hoping to get some help form the worker that was doing paperwork. There was no one around me and I patiently waited to let him finish up whatever work he had to finish. Not once did he acknowledge me and I know he saw me as he looked up and then continued to ignore the fact that I was waiting for help. I asked him if he worked for Asiana and if he could help me. He looked at me and said yes. I asked him if I could upgrade to business class and he told me it cost 10,000 dollars. I told him how does he know when he didn�t even ask anyone? On the way to Korea the business class only costed $1700. He looked at me and said I believe it cost 10,000 dollars. I felt like he was looking at me as if I wasn�t able to afford it. When I asked him who do I talk to to upgrade my seats he pointed at these 2 ladies that were at another desk. I told them I wanted to upgrade my seats and they said it�s only preferred flights only and there are no more seats left. They didn�t even bother to check and when my husband and I walked passed business class we saw plenty of seats left empty. We booked with Asiana Airlines 4 years ago and customer service was never an issue. In fact, we were extremely happy we wanted to fly with them again. Hence why we flew with them this last trip. I�m not sure what happened to their training on customer service the past few years. This last trip they had me sit in 53 H �s I had condensation water from the air conditioner dripping on me as we took off for the first hour. I�m really disappointed in the downhill of customer service and how this airline handles things as I was looking forward to flying with them again and told everyone I knew about Asiana.
I am demanding a refund for our money that was loss from our hotel in Thailand, money loss from our shuttle and excursion as well as our lost time from our destination.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Asian office my name Nancy trinh, Mai, I am the diamond member as your company, and I got the free ticket on the 2/10/2018 go to viet Nam, and I support to pay tax for that ticket, I call the office on LAX on the 18/11 say my house to far to go to pay tax for my ticket they tell me call back on Monday to pay on phone by my credit car, on Monday until now I tried to call to pay, but I waiting on the phone in house never got true, and my pay day will be discard on the 30/11 please tell me what next step I go to online to pay my tax

Posted by QUXY

I traveled Seoul to SFO ON YOUR FLIGHT OZ212 on 11 th November
I have not got my bag.
Please advise
H Charania

Posted by Lmich2016

Our trip on Dec 26, 2016 due a typhoon in Manila. Asiana delayed our fligh, OZ702 from 12:30pm to 11pm. A party of 3, we went to the airport to check in for the 11pm flight. However, we were directed to their ticketing office inside NAIA instead. We waited on line for 6 hours only to be told that the best next flight would be January 2nd with a cruel 15 hours layover to Incheon to our next flight to Ohare International. I told the agent that I would lose my job if I don't get an earlier flight but he said that that's the best they can give us. It was so disappointing that Asiana did not hear their customers' grievances and won't even offer any compensation. I know that the weather was beyond their control but it's still their responsibility to put their customer to the best situation for them and not just the best situation for the company. I would lose some days of work and a probability of even losing my job because of this and Asiana didn't care. I am not flying Asiana ever again.

Posted by MADV

I Had Them Charge Me For A Ticket And They Gave Me Nothing And Are Holding Up My $

This Is Worse Than Any Airlines In Asia.

I Will Post Everywhere And Destroy Their Already Terrible Reputation

Posted by Amie

Hi. I was a passenger of your OZ 701 flight from seoul to manila on oct 15, 2016. I was seated at 12F and i think i left my neck pillow which has sentimental value to me. If anybof your crew got it, i hope it can be returned to me at this address;

North cyberzone, Filinvest City
Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

You may also contact me at 0917-8855313.

Thank you.

Amie Villena

Posted by Anonymous

Asiana airlines is the worst airline to fly on. There is no professionalism by the staff and crew. The airlines does not care for its passangers or there safty, all they care for is profit and give you the worst service possible and are a bunch of delibtate liers to cover up the airline mistakes and wrong doings. I will never fly this junky airline who puts profit ahead of safty. This airline should not be in business. I will soon be filing law suit against asiana airlines for unprofessialism by the airline. They dont even return calls or emails. They have something to hide

Posted by Anonymous

I will never fly your crappy airline again and i will also tell all my family, friends and coworkers never to fly your airline. You charge alot of money for airline tickets and after you get the money you have no respect for passangers and safty and treat the passangers like animals and provide crappy service and delibrately leave passangers stranded and delayed so you can fill an airplane with different connections. Example you tell a passanger they have 3 hpur layover in Korea, and once in Korea they leave you stuck for many hours past the 3 hours so they can wait for other airlines to bring them passangers to fill one air plane at my expence. I paid top dollar for service that was not worth half my airfare. Your airlie ducks. I will never fly with you again, and i eill tell everyone i know not to fly asiana airlines so they dont become victims

Posted by Anonymous

Asiana airlines is the worst airline to fly on. There is no professionalism by the staff and crew. The airlines does not care for its passangers or there safty, all they care for is profit and give you the worst service possible and are a bunch of delibtate liers to cover up the airline mistakes and wrong doings. I will never fly this junky airline who puts profit ahead of safty. This airline should not be in business. I will soon be filing law suit against asiana airlines for unprofessialism by the airline. They dont even return calls or emails. They have something to hide

Posted by Anonymous

To Asiana Airlines in general and specially three ladies (including manager) who worked at Sale Ticket Desks (Column L, Third Floor in Incheon Airport South Korea),
Our family is very disappointed for Asiana business decision at 10 AM, July 27th 2016 from Sale Ticket Desk at Column L, Third Floor in Incheon Airport South Korea for our trip.
We planned and bought four round trip tickets with 920 US dollars per person for our family vacation (2 adults and 2 children with 13 and 16 years old) on sale from Seattle, Washington USA to Hochiminh, Vietnam several months before the trip started.
My family changed and cancelled plans to travel to central Vietnam because water had pollutions and danger that killed fishes and affected people in water when we arrived to Vietnam. Our children wanted to travel to Korea and Japan where they have not been there before for sightseeing, people, and cultures so we changed plans for the trips to Korea and Japan.
We contacted Asiana Airlines office in Hochiminh to change the flight for the date on July 27th 2016 early instead of August 3th 2016 to return Incheon Airport South Korea then stay 5 days in Korea and 4 days in Japan, and return back Seattle on Asiana Airlines from Incheon Airport South Korea on August 4th 2016. Asiana Airlines people in Hochiminh office told us that would not have a flight available until on July 29th 2016 (two days later) with penalties more than 200 US dollars per person to change the date and did not tell us anything about Asiana policies that we could not get out of Incheon airport and stay over South Korea. We found a different airline that had a fight on July 27th 2016 to Incheon airport so we booked the flights and hotels in Korea and Japan.
When we arrived and went to Asiana Sale Ticket Desks at Column L, Third Floor in Incheon Airport South Korea at 10 AM, July 27th 2016 to tell that we would not fly back Seattle from Tan Son Nhat airport from Hochiminh and would take the flight from Incheon airport from Seoul on Aug 4th 2016. Three ladies (including manager) at the Sale Ticket Desks told us that Asiana policies did not allow us get out of Incheon airport and stay over South Korea based on our tickets and had to give ups all return tickets back Seattle (Hochiminh to Seoul and Seoul to Seattle), then purchased the new one way tickets from Seoul to Seattle with $876 per person. We already travelled to Incheon airport and did not know Asiana policies before. We asked the ladies to do us a favor with the flexibilities for us to pay penalties with less than the new one way tickets from Seoul to Seattle $876 per person, explained the situation that our children wanted to have vacations in Korea and Japan, and already booked hotels and flights for Korea and Japan but Asiana Sale Ticket ladies still refused. We did ask to talk to higher Asiana Airlines management but it was refused from them.
We travelled on budgets for our family vacation and could not afford to pay additional return tickets the new one-way tickets from Seoul to Seattle with $876 per person back to Seattle from Seoul while we bought the round trip tickets 920 US dollars per person for the trip.
We spent the rest of the day at the airport to search for the flight from Japan back Hochiminh before the date to return to Seattle but we could not find the flight with our budgets. We explained the situation to our children. They were upset and decided that did not want to stay in Korea. Finally, our family’s decision was to cancel all hotels in Korea and Japan plus round trip flight from Korea to Japan. We found the flights and hotels in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore under our budgets and enjoyed the new trips in those countries.
Base on Asiana Airlines decision affects as below:
For Asiana airlines:
1) If Asiana Airlines allows our family to catch the flight from Incheon airport to Seattle, the new passengers will replace our seats from Hochiminh to Seoul and Asiana airlines will get more money.
2) Get more money on penalties from us for catching the flight from Seoul back Seattle.
For our family:
1) Lost money and time for the flight Hochiminh to Seoul on Jul 27th, 2016.
2) Lost money on insurances for cancelling hotels in Korea and Japan and the round trip flights from Seoul to Tokyo.
We understand that every company always try to make profits. In this case, Asiana Airlines does not get anything from us and loose reputation for customer careless when we fly back to Hochiminh and catch the flight back to Seattle on Aug 3th, 2016.
The below is our question to Asiana Airlines:
1) Do ladies at Asiana Airlines Ticket Sale in their hearts feel sorry for our children (13 and 16 years old students) to cancel their vacation in Korea and Japan?
2) Do ladies at Asiana Airlines Ticket Sale care for customers or only try get money from customers?
3) What is benefits for Asiana Airlines in this case?
Personally, I also works with customers and suppliers. I always follow company policies but the flexibilities are used if the benefits are good for all (the company and customers). Every company has growths and expansions. In this case, your employees get nothing base on their decision and only damage your airline’s reputation.
Seattle, Washington family.

Posted by Beverly

Please call me . I am departing on Aug 16 at 12:40p, I am disable. And I would to request a seat on the window side, in front of the screen divider, I carry a walker so I can put my leg straight, due to my back injury. Please help. Respectfully Beverly Saavedra. Thank you

Posted by James

Terrible customer service. Terrible voice recordings. Why does Asiana Management use only Korean speaking customer service representatives? Very dissatisfied and very disappointed. I will never fly Asiana again!

Posted by Anonymous

i bought a roundtrip ticket on asiana. the price included a hotel room on the return leg. now AFTER i bought the ticket and am ready for the return leg they refuse to provide a hotel room citing a change in policy

Posted by night crew in Seoul airport (Asi

The night crew that works in Seoul airport (Asiana Airline), three (3) women and one (1) man were VERY DISRESPECTFUL to my family and I. They told us that we were a problem to their country and were not wanted there. They also told us that we need to hurry and found were ever home is and go back! The man was the worst of them all. I am also a women and the man continued to call me sir, even after several time that I asked him to stop calling me that. He didnt stop and continued to call me sir as if he was trying to make me mad on propose. I asked for their names and they wouldnt give it to me they just looked at me as if I was the lowest person on earth and asked for the manager name several times and they wouldnt give it to me either. They told me my problem didnt matter to them and told us to go bk to our home AGAIN! I continued asking for the manager and they ignored me and continued to do want ever they were doing.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Maya Bannister, a royal customer of Asina airlines for 20 years. I landed at incheon airport on March 13 th on flight oz235. Found out my luggage is missing. The carrier tag number is UA 374627

RoutingMSP/ORD/ICN. I was supposed to have a business meeting and interview in Monday 14 th, but with all my belongings missing, I had to cancel. My appointments and had to buy some clothes to wear in the meantime. This is the worst flight experience for me, which made me consider flying a different airlines next time. At the airport, I was just told to wait until they locate my luggage . I truly deserve some compensation considering my emotional stress I had go through, and my inconvenienc, and my personal business schedule interruptions. I trust your fairness and wise consideration in treating your loyal customers.

Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to book flight from Chicago to Manila and the price according to the computer system its $847.00 per person roundtrip but when I proceeded to next slide the total amount comes out to be $1861.58 for 2 passenger. The total should only be $1694.00.

Posted by DK

Asiana did not check its aircraft's conditions and status until the last minute, after all the passengers were aboard. Turned out that there was a problem with the plane, which they failed to identify and fix for the next 3 hours. THREE HOURS. The aircraft took off 3 whole hours after it was supposed to, and in the mean time all the passengers were close to suffering from a heat exhaustion, because they wouldn't turn the A/C on until we were up in the air. There were no real refreshments (other than small cups of drinks) during the three hour period either. Why couldn't they have checked the plane beforehand so that 1) we could've left on time, 2) we could've taken another aircraft, 3) or at least if neither of those options were possible, we could have waited in the terminal where we could at least walk around and get food.
Also, there were 4 small children sitting around me, and were screaming and yelling for the most part. When i complained about this in an attempt to get a seat change, i was given a pair of earbuds. Is this a joke? Asiana Airlines needs to really step up its game, and that was one of the worst airplane experience of my entire life of flying at least twice per year for the last 11 years.
For the record, there were no compensations of any kind made by the airline to their customers, and the only reason I don't give the airline a 0/10 review is because their on-the-ground-workers were swift in helping people get to their next connecting flight

Posted by Anonymous

I have flown Asiana multiple times, great service in person, great staff. Attempting to resolve an issue for a friend in Phil, on a transaction less than 5-10 minutes old I was met with an attitude unbefitting this company and their hospitality. A 'supervisor' came on and was unwilling to accommodate a travel date change made in error due to a weak internet.
My suggestion to Asiana is to maintain a level of hospitality through out their operations or become... just another airline.

Posted by cj

flew this march 28 from JFK-NYC airport to MNL via Seoul, on JFK they had us remove the plastic cover for the bag and upon arriving in MNL we cannot find anyone from Asiana who could help or assist us. some items were missing and bags were obviously opened. and it is so difficult to find were to contact asiana customer service! even online emailing them is so hard and you get no response! worse exp on an airline ever!

Posted by Disappointed Asiana Diamond Memb

Many items from our luggage were missing and when we reported to the "Irregularities Office" to have the lost items recovered, the assigned staff member was not interested in helping a Diamond member. His reply was just "I'll try to investigate." They took our information ONLY after we recommended that they take a photocopy of the list of items that were taken from our luggage. No form was given to us to fill out and we were instructed to just wait for them to contact us.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you Asiana Airlines - Manila Management for all the assistance I got when I flew back home to Seattle, WA. Amazing customer service was accorded to me (Ricardo Martinez) by a certain Ms. Ann, and Ms. Manalo. I am forever grateful to these personalities for doing everything in their powers to make amy flight happened. flight dated the 27th of March 2015. Again my sincere gratitude to your employees.

Posted by angryflyer

I arrived at LAX on Sunday January 1st and my luggage had been lost since then today this friday. I was promised on arrival that my luggage will be delivered within the two days. I've called to asked for my luggage updates and 4 different operator had given me different answers. This inconvenience had cause me a lot of stress on top of my midterm. please resolve my issue ASAP!

Posted by Jampangam

Hi, my name is Surangkana Jampangam on flt oz 201 from lax to icn on 28 dec. the agent judient at the gate doing gate bag was rude to me when i told her that I have my back problem and I want to check in my carry on. I am diamond member with Asiana and I am very unset on her attitude and behavior.

Posted by Anonymous

I got this new announcement to entice customers about 10,000+$100 annual fee rebate on A.A. tickets + Asiana Airlines Lounge invitations (2) along with some other perks. I wonder this applies to existing members as well. I would like to know.

Add your review!

Posted by Bhupinder

I am a frequent flyer of Asiana Airlines. Recently they sent me a “Diamond” card as well. While flying from US to India; customer service during the flight and at LAX airport is very good. When take connecting flight from South Korea to India; service in Plan sucks. May be it is because of the star airlines.
While coming back from India to USA, at the New Delhi Airport, customer service is very good, may be, most to the time I have been attended by the same girl, if I clearly remember they were calling her Miss Khan. She does a very satisfactory job.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir: My name is Spielberg Booth i have enrolled for milage membership but did not work because you sent me only 7 numbers code I must have input 9 numbers code. Please help me to clear this matter and add my milage from July 201 and November 2012. I could not call because I am out of the country. I thanks you very much for your help and concern. It was great ans wonderful to flight with your airline.

Truly Yours,

Booth Spielberg.

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