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    • 352 negative comments (97.78%)
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Posted by Ms75

I purchased a bed and mattress cover and I changed my mind about the $300 mattress pad ...keep in mind nothing has been delivered and no date for delivery has been set yet and all I got was all sales are final...I had planned to go back for additional items but no way now

Posted by UPSET

I bought a set of bar stools and had them delivered and they are just to big so I called the store they said no returns no exchanges so she said am sorry your stuck with them I will go to store and try again and another thing they are running a double bill on my card charging me twice get that what a bad company I was going to buy more things Now i will never buy from them again

Posted by Yalda Ahmad

I purchased an expensive living room set at the brampton ontario location, the sales rep were nice and genuine during the purchase process. When the furniture was delivered to my home i was asked to sogn the waver basically i was asked to autorise to damage my property, then when the other peace was delivered at the different day the Whole Peace Was Damaged I PAID FULL MONEY FOR THE ITEM BUT I WAS DELIVERED WOTH THE DAMAGED ITEM when i told that i wanted a brand new peace i didnt wana keep the broken furniture i was given so much hard time i was told that its not posible
To do so but they will fix it just like brand new. When the technician vame after almost 2 month he tried to fix it but he couldnt do it properly. ONE THING THAT I KNOW ABOUT ASHLEY FURNITURE THAT I WILL NEVER EVER RECOMEND IT TO ANYONE, the furniture is crap and the CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST..... i ha e more to say but i will stop here NOT RECOMENDED AT ALLLLL.

Posted by Fcollins

We recieved our new Brassville power reclining sofa and love seat yesterday, after having it for 1 day we realized we just do not like it. The feet do not come up all the way and the arm rests are just to low. Called the store we purchased it from in Colonial Heights VA and they said they do not accept returns, they will exchange for a 30% restocking fee and you will recieve store credit. After spending so much money on something if you are not satisfied you should be able to return it.

Posted by kink

Ashley is just not very friendly .don't buy from them they will not work with u ever so sad

Posted by Anonymous

Ashely's furnitures probably is one of the worse place to buy your furnitures the sales persons never say anything on returns they just say you can bring it back if your not happy and the moment you call and say you're not satisfied they said that the song accept returns and that you weee told about their policy which clearly is not true. Do not buy anything from them especially their mattress.

Posted by kensos

I brought a bed set from them and it was to small and i called them up to ask if i could exchange it for a queen size the add they ran said you have 30 days for exchanges. So when i called to exchange i got the run around they told me i had to call the corp center ..They were not polite about it either they told me there is no retruns..Do yourself a favor and do not buy from this store..

Posted by Struggling for Economic Justice

I ordered a power reclining loveseat on May 17, 2018, and the salesperson said the earliest delivery date was June 26, 2018. On May 20, 2018, I found something I liked much better with another store. It was less than 72 hours after my Ashley purchase so I went IMMEDIATELY to the Ashley Store to cancel the order and request a refund. I got a "refund request" form instead of the refund! I told the cashier I understood that I had signed a form agreeing to a "10% restocking fee" even though the furniture was obviously still in Arcadia, Wisconsin or had not even been manufactured yet. So while I was willing to sacrifice that 10% restocking fee, I did want the order cancelled and the rest of my money back. She told me the manager (who was unavailable) would review my request and call me within the next two days. THREE DAYS later, I called the store and asked to speak to the manager. After being on hold for awhile, the cashier came back to the phone and said, "the manager is reviewing the request, and after a review and sign off, you will get a refund." I asked for the manager's name and was given "Aaron" or "Erin". I asked for a last name and heard "I cannot give that information out." REMEMBER, not only do I not HAVE this product, it won't be ready for another month!! I am investigating my options.

Posted by Regretably Bad Decision-Will NEV

We bought from ASHLEY in Lakeland Florida. We opted to do the 90 days because we were not told that if it was prolonged we would not be getting the furniture at the sale price but rather the full amount $6000. Clearly a big difference. Not only was I not told that doing their financing it would go back to the original price but EVERYTIME you make a payment the payment is taxed as well. SO you are Taxed at the time of Sell and on each payment! So We have spent $300 just in taxes on our payments. I only financed as a means to help my credit and this has been a disaster. Luckily the furniture hasn't fallen apart as some of these other stories. But how frustrating is it when you are buying something and not being told the whole truth. I had also called the store asking for receipt of payments and the break down of the sale bc the only sheet I had she wrote the balance on. I had to go into the store to get the copies and I advised that the balance didn't make since especially since our Bill was just under $3000 and I'd made over $2300 in payments. Even the Representative I spoke w/said that didn't make any sense bc rather then me owe the 680+ I still owe over $1000. I would never have spent that much for couch without the benefit of helping my credit. Lesson Learned-I will just pay cash when I want something. Also they do not do any sort of returns. They are also affiliated with Badcock and many others, however if you find something on sale at Badcock and buy through financing it doesn't go back to the regular price but stays at the sale price

Posted by 10of10

I bought furniture from Ashley's furniture on November 7, 2017. I called six days later and canceled it. They said that because it hadn't been shipped to the store that I would receive a full refund. It is now March 5 and after having called them several times I still keep getting the runaround as to where my money is. They all me $9000 and some change. I will never ever ever patronize that store again. My stores in Champaign Illinois and it is the home store for Ashley. If anyone wants to get a hold of Ashley's headquarters the phone number If you Google Ashley furniture headquarters you will find their contact information and who the CEO/president vice president chairman of the board at etc.

Posted by Unjustified fee

Everyone here should file on BBB.ORG...
I purchased sectional in Dover Delaware that they could not be deliver and now the store wants to charge a 40% restocking fee. I was not advised of this at the time of purchase this store uses deceptive and misleading business practices. This was not a custom purchase where I chose fabric or material custom to me..this is instock item that they have and can be found online...per the salesperson $99 fee was charged to me for delivery and setup. The furniture fit through my front door but the delivery people said they could not get it in the basement and said it would be returned and the store would provide refund. I live in a new construction home full of furniture with a fully finished basement and they couldnt get this in the I was advised I would be refunded. However I was later told I would not get a full refund and of this fee that would be charged for furniture I never will own and the manager in the Dover store hung up on me. I was also advised by Ashley corporate that each store is individually ownde has its own policies. This is ridiculous since this couch is an instock item at Ashley furniture it appears that each individual store is passing its costs of doing business with their corporate onto the consumer by charging fees for items that are not custom ordered and never delivered to the customer and tbey will resell to someone else. The fees they are stating will be charged are egregious and sales practices are deceptive and misleading.

Posted by Bmw

Horrible customer service on hold 20-30 minutes several times attempted to call different days w various hours no succes until finally 4th at temp then CS was not very helpful in return. I will never purchase from Ashley furniture again-big disappointment.

Posted by Fgasman

2 years Ludden rocker recliner broke at upper back frame that is made of particle board rather than Oak that is strong. The right slide guide attaches to it. Called Nebraska Furniture gave me 6 names of repair people. None called back, chair still broke going on 2 weeks now.The 5 year frame warranty no good. Cant get anyone to repair it. I noticed the whole frame is cheap particle board.please help this veteran fix his chair.

Posted by Yana facinelli

ABought 3 pieces of leather furniture, trying to return recliner because it doesn't fit in the room. Ashleys furniture keeps saying about their no return policy and keep saying that they emailed their manager and that he would call back but it's been a week and no calls!!! NEVER BUY FROM THEIR HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

Posted by Frogman 6

I paid over $350 for an extended warranty for my bedroom set I've had the mattress only a year and a few months and it's already sagging and it's supposed to be a very firm mattress they sent somebody to inspect it and they said that it wasn't under warranty because there was an ice cream stain on the mattress and that voided the warranty although Ashley never gave me the mattress blanket on fault on their part because we had the furniture on layaway and when they delivered it and never had it anyway I'm fighting with them now to get my mattress replaced I called the store in Shallotte North Carolina and I told him I wanted my warranty money back because the warranty company they sent here is very incompetent they told me my money is not refundable I'm going to be filing a complaint with the North Carolina Consumer Affairs also the consumer Federal Protection Bureau so I can have it on record so when I take Ashley's the court I'll have documentation better off going to Rooms To Go the warranty is a lot better than Ashley can offer beware extended warranty frauds with Ashley

Posted by Brandy

I brought a mattress and a clearance foundation..the foundation boards fell out in one week..the mattress caved in in two weeks refuse to do anything about it ..Houston clearance center

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to return a recliner that was delivered 12/7/12 at 2pm.getting the run around.they were notified within 2 working days.recliner is totally uncomfortable.

Posted by Ritz

Such a bad customer service. Tried ordering dining chairs online the order couldnt go through. Tried reaching them through facebook, email but No response. Tried ordering over the phone with representative seemed like they were not interested in my business. The lady on the phone said either go to homestore location if you dont find it there may be try finding elsewhere. So the message I received was “We dont care about our customers and dont want your business” very annoying. If only I could get those chairs elsewhere i would never step in Ashley again. Bad bad experience didn’t expect this from Ashley!:/

Posted by Donna

I received an dining set & 4 other bar chairs which looked like they had an cherry hue when I saw it in the store. My kitchen cabinets are cherry. The set is too dark and the wood tones don�t match. I called the Ashley store in Murrieta & they won�t exchange it for an table set that would please an customer !!!!
I never had this ever happen ever. So unfair that if something doesn�t look good in your home and your unhappy that they won�t at least exchange it to make an customer satisfied.

Posted by Donna

I received an dining set & 4 other bar chairs which looked like they had an cherry hue when I saw it in the store. My kitchen cabinets are cherry. The set is too dark and the wood tones don't match. I called the Ashley store in Murrieta & they won't exchange it for an table set that would please an customer !!!!
I never had this ever happen ever. So unfair that if something doesn't look good in your home and your unhappy that they won't at least exchange it to make an customer satisfied.

Posted by Never shop Ashley

Purchased a piece of art from Ashley Oxnard I received the art after two days and it is too big for where I wanted to place it I called to find out about a refund and they said basically that I am stuck with it. After looking online it says standard shipping items are refundable within 30 days which is a complete lie. This salesman was great the staff was good but unbelievable that I am now stuck with a very large piece of wall art that I cannot use . Be very aware of what you can and can't return from Ashley furniture I have never heard of buying anything that I can't return within 30 days I am so disappointed I will never shop at Ashly again and I am not placing an order that we set up for over $9000

Posted by All my Refund

Did a ninety day payment plan with a payment of a hundred dollars down and received only fifty dollars back when I cancel order nothing delivered, and received $50.00 only to debit. "Never returned again," and purchase a couch before paid cash for it.

Posted by Chan

Never Purchase From Ashley Furniture In Memphis,tn!!!!!! Save Your Money . I Purchased A Bed And Waited The Assigned Time Frame 10.10.2017. I Rcvd My Bed With No Bolts Or Screws. I Was Told That I Will Have To Wait 2weeks For Them To Arrive And Then They Will Mail Them To!!! I Called Customer Service 866-787-7930 And Was Told I Understand "shoulder Shrugg", There Is Nothing That I Can Do About It By The Representatives.meanwhile I Will Be Sleeping On The Floor Waiting On Mailed Bolts And Screws. I Asked Could I Return The Bed And I Will Purchase One From Somewhere Else .i Was Told All Sales Are Final, But You Didnt Give Me What I Purchased. I Will Be Posting My Displeasure On All My Social Media In Hopes Of Saving Someone I Know. I Have 4601 Facebook Friends And 6193 Instatgram Followers Primary From The Area And Hope That They Will Take My Experience And Refuse To Ever Purchase From Ashley Furniture In The Memphis Area.i Understand Why All Sales Are Final Because Their Customer Service Is Extremely Poor And They Have To Function From The "getcha While I Gotcha Perspective" Because They Will Likely Never Have Return Customers. I Was So Happy That I Purchased Item For Item And Will Cancel The Sale For The 899.99x2 Dressers And 399.99x2 Nightstands. I Cancelled The Mattress And Purchased From The Competion Down The Street And Will Warn Anyone With Furniture Needs To Not Consider Using This Furniture Store And Then My Upcoming 2week+ Sleep On The Floor Will Be A Fair Exchange.

Posted by Undivided

I wish I could convey whole heartily to folks to stay away from Ashley Furniture. I ignored all the warnings and complaints and purchased a 2500 dollar sectional from the Ashley store here in Fairfield NJ. This store is owned and operated by Eugene Chrinian. A professed Christian, and someone who regularly speaks about how important it is to help others. Apparently just not his customers.
My nightmare began in March of 2017. Upon delivery of my furniture, one of the delivery guys in his haste to remove the packaging from my furniture, nicked my console piece with his blade and put a one inch gash in the console. When I reported the incident, AF acted as if I had caused the damage and they were doing me a favor by replacing it. After a week of use we noticed that both power recliner and manual recliner were not able to recline at the same time as they would collide. I called to report this to AF and they agreed to send out a technician. When the technician arrived he inspected the pieces and concluded that the manual recliners Mech needed to be replaced. This was causing the chairs to collide when reclined. I asked how this would be done and the tech described having to remove the fabric in order to affect replacement. I did not want the fabric removed from my brand new couch that was 1 week old. AF refused to deliver a new piece even though the one they sent was defective. So the repair now gave me a refurbished piece as opposed to new. The technician was sloppy and inconsiderate. While making the repairs he inadvertantly pulled the fabric from its wooden base on the sectional piece next to the piece he was working on. We didn't find this until after he had left while I was inspecting his work. The fabric that he removed that now needed to be re-stapled, was not pulled tight enough and there were large folds of fabric that looked awful. The technician was also negligent in that he left the large staples he pulled from my couch on my TV console where my 3 year old found them. I had to make another call to Ashley to have the fabric corrected and have the damage the previous tech made to the adjoining section repaired. Needless to say, the newly installed Mech did not correct the colliding recliners. After a lengthy conversation with the Ashley store, I was told that you can't put a power recliner next to a manual recliner as they would collide. They insisted I was told this at the store. Complete dishonesty. I needed to purchase another console piece ($200) to correct the problem. Something I would have purchased had I been told this from the start. I was already spending 2500 dollars, another 200 would not have made a difference.

After 3 months I began to notice that the power recliners were sagging. Meaning you would sit in the recliner and the support was no longer there. I called Ashley and they sent out a tech. The tech reported that the foam cores were shot and they needed to be replaced. So after 3 months, I already have 2 recliners that need their foam cores replaced. Ashley orders the cores and I have the Tech come back out to install. In order to affect the repairs, the technician needed to completely disassemble my recliners and strip them down to the wood. No customer wants to walk in and see their brand new couch stripped down to the wood. I no longer have new couches. They have been refurbished within 3 months. After the repairs were made, I noticed that there were large gaps between the reclining mech and the couch. The Recliners were not put back together properly. Also the backs were assembled to far back and they do not align with the rest of the pieces. And to top it all off, the tech put a 3 foot scratch into my hard wood floors.
I have absolutely no faith in the Ashley Technicians nor in the quality of the merchandise.

This is my nightmare of 5 months with Ashley furniture and they refuse to give me a refund. So I am seeking a legal remedy to get my refund.

Posted by Susan

I bought a sofa and love seat from Ashley furniture at the end of June. I had to wait several weeks for it to be delivered which was fine with me. After a couple of days, I realized that both arms of the sofa were making loud popping sounds. I made a video and took it to the store about 3 days after it was delivered. I showed it to the "sales manager" and told him that I didn't want the sofa or the love seat. He didn't say much and we went to the back of the store where he left me with a customer service lady. She told me that someone would be calling me to set up an appointment. I was thinking that they were sending someone to my place to verify what I had showed them on the video. However, when someone came, it was to repair the faulty sofa. I said that I had told them from the beginning that I didn't want the sofa. He left and said that he couldn't fix it anyway because it would take longer than an hour. I went back to the store a few days later, and now I'm getting the run around. Apparently, the corporate office said that they would replace the sofa. This is not what I want. I want my money back, but after reading all the complaints with Ashley furniture, I'm sure I won't be getting it. My advice to anyone thinking about buying Ashley furniture is to think again and go somewhere else. This is a terrible place to do business and it is cheap furniture.

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Posted by [email protected]

I was having some difficulty with Ashley delivering my living room furniture, I had many conversation with different customer service people and I would get no where. On Until I went to the store in Amherst Ny, and Floor manager Wesley helped me out tremendously...he made a phone call to corporate, arranged for my furniture to be deliver as promised. They gave me a warranty to make up for past transgressions, and I want to thank Wesley at the Amherst Ashley Store, for job very well done. Sincerely Avery.

Posted by Anonymous

I was having some difficulty with Ashley delivering my living room furniture, I had many conversation with different customer service people and I would get no where. Until I went to the store in Amherst Ny, and Floor manager Wesley helped me out tremendously...he made a phone call to corporate, arranged for my furniture to be deliver as promised. They gave a warranty to make up for past transgressions, and I want to thank Wesley at the Amherst Ashley Store, for job very well done. Sincerely Avery.

Posted by Anonymous

I luv ashleys furniture went 2 store & sale rep were on point... my delivery waz awesome... i will continue 2 shop at ASHLEYS

Posted by hugo

We purchased or leather living room group 6 months ago at ashley in brownsville texas the total experience was good however the delivery was delayed twice and we were routed to customer care twice and after no response we went to the store and talked to the store manager jason and another guy named the sheriff ha ha yes we cant remember his name but he wore a badge any way both were very professional both jason and the sheriff made some calls and got results and we finally have our couches o there than the delay we are very happy

Posted by Anonymous

I loved shopping at Ashley Furniture in Kenosha, WI off of I-94. Rena helped me find exactly what I was looking for and stayed with us until we felt that we found the perfect new furniture for our home. I feel that I made a great decision going to them for my furniture. The manager, Steve was also a great guy to work with. Everyone has a great attitude and seems to enjoy what they do. They made shopping there fun! Thanks guys!!

Posted by Anonymous

I was a new customer to Ashely Furniture at the Glen Burnie, Ritchie Highway location. I was scheduled for a Saturday delivery between the hours of 9 am and 1 pm. Prior to my scheduled delivery I surfed the web site as I lost the customer service number provided to me. Upon reading the customer service reviews all of which were horrible for the location in which I had just purchased furniture. immediately, I became a little worried. The day of delivery my furniture had not arrived by the alloted time so, I called customer service. I was prepared for whatever. However,I was not disapointed, maybe they were made aware of the recent responses to there delivery departments bad reviews. Anyway, other than the guys being 20 minutes late they were curtious, professional, and apologetic for being late. Explaining, that the stop before mine was sevice intensive. My furniture was clean and undamaged. The service guy(s) put it together and set it up to my specifications. No complaints here!

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I recently purchased a television set. Since Ashley Furniture was next door to Best Buy (Brownsville, TX), we decided to window shop for a new entertainment center. While we were shopping there, the Manager introduced himself as Trinidad. He was very informative about the furniture and very friendly. He allowed us time to look around the store and came by every few minutes to see if we needed any further assistance. Since we were simply window shopping, we left without a purchase. My husband and I commented about how great the customer service was and how friendly Mr. Trinidad was. Today (5 days later) we retrieved our mail and opened a hand written thank you card from Mr. Trinidad. He expressed how thankful he was for us stopping by and if we need any furniture in the future how he would be more than happy to assist us. For all those who have had a bad experience with Ashley's, you simply shopped at the wrong store. - Erica Ravize

Posted by Anonymous

A couple of weeks ago, I lodged a very serious complaint about the way my husband I were treated very badly by customer service and the warehouse people where we picked up our furniture. Everyone had a terrible, hateful attitude except the people in the store where we bought the furniture. It was if once you had our money, you didn't have to be courteous or nice anymore. A purchase is a type of relationship. You are selling me the furniture as the merchant and you should be pleasant all the way through the transaction. But it is my job as the consumer to let you know right away if a problem occurs so you can take corrective action and we had a very bad experience in Chattanooga, TN so I contacted you. I said it was my first experience with Ashley and I would never buy from you again, but after talking to Mr. Spencer I am willing to give you another chance the next time I need furniture. We are enjoying it very much and it is beautiful and very well made. I appreciate you taking my complaint so seriously and I assume corrective measures have been taken. And with that in mind I will go to Ashley next time I need furniture because your merchandise is beautiful. But you needed to know how we were treated because as first time buyers had we not gotten the attention we were blessed with I would never have gone there again and told everyone else not to go there. It was my job to let you know how things were going on because I doubt you run your business with a Ouiji board and a crystal ball. Someone had to tell you, so I did. Again, let me say how much we appreciate your attention, time, and effort. We love our furniture and I'm willing to give it another chance next time I need some furniture. Thank you for your time. You turned our opinion around and I thank you for the action that was taken.
Tracy and Terry Hughes

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Posted by contractor

Ashley Furniture, Hires contractors who dont pay their employees, I worked for 30 days and have not received a pay check.I complained to Ashley Furniture a couple of times

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible interview witj ady in edwardsville Illinois named Cody. She was disrectful and very lazy in the process


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