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Archos customer service is ranked #674 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.37 out of a possible 200 based upon 116 ratings. This score rates Archos customer service and customer support as Terrible.


110 Negative Comments out of 116 Total Comments is 94.83%.


6 Positive Comments out of 116 Total Comments is 5.17%.

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    • 26.37 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 110 negative comments (94.83%)
    • 6 positive comments (5.17%)
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I hereby complain in respect of Archos phone I brought in two months ago at mokola ibadan, when I ever I on the browser data of the phone a few minutes of the browsing the phone will just show the sigh of ?? On the network bar and later reboot it self but it will not function again until I switch off and on it

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased an Archos Diamond Plus In February 2016 from Amazon. After 5 months the screen displays interference and switches off, the battery takes over 24 hours to charge and you can't use it whilst charging. Top of case has cracked. Sent back to customer repair by special delivery over a week ago. Was signed for but have received no correspondence to say what is happening. Their warranty says if defective and still under guarantee they will replace as they don't do repairs. They say the turn around is 10 days. I managed to get through to their Logisitcs Centre in High Wycombe and was told the phone had been sent to France and they have no idea when it will be back. They said they need to see if it can be repaired. Absolutely terrible customer service as you can't track what is happening to your phone even though they give you a RET reference number. I have had to buy another phone (not Archos) in the meantime and will NEVER recommend their products to anyone.

Posted by Mohamed Fahmy

i sent many emails to archos comapny and the managment but seems that you dont care

iam from egypt and faced problem since two monthes looking for battery for archos 50D heluim but nothing

my number from Egypt .

Posted by TS

If anybody from QVC can see this. Please do not sell any Archos item as their after sales are rubbish and will destroy QVC's reputation.

Posted by TS

Absolutely ignorant. Most unhelpful company going. Avoid their products and hope they go bust!

Posted by GL

There is clearly a problem with Archos' after sales policies which must be seriously and incrementally damaging the company's reputation so that fewer and fewer customers will purchase their products in future. It is not a good policy for a sustainable business.

My oxygen smartphone was purchased on October 20 2014 and now has a loose usb connector dock and no longer connects or charges.

I reported the fault on April 22 2015 and returned the phone which was received and signed for on April 30 2015.

On May 13 the website advised that it had been received. (Don't you think a two week queue is excessive?)

On May 14 they said the phone was out of warranty. I reminded them that it is only 6 months old and the warranty is 12 months.

On May 18 they advised that the phone had been misused. It has not been misused. It has hardly been used at all and I asked for evidence of misuse.

On May 19 they asked me for more information !

The process has all the appearance of attempting to minimise after-sales costs at the expense of customers (and Archos reputation) hoping that their customers are foolish and will be easily fobbed off.


Posted by jpp88l

I got my Archos 10" 101xs this December,my older sister(who was about to pass away because of cancer)thought it would be a nice Christmas present for me.Within a week the charger that was provided with it stopped charging the machine and it was not even Christmas day yet(yes I had it early I'm 41 don't believe in Santa)my holidays were at this point in a bad way.I have no TV,radio or entertainment other than this tablet and now what ever charger I use(and I have brought several)it more often than not refuses to charge.From what I can tell this is a common fault with it and anybody who has tried to contact your company has failed to either get though to you services through phone and if they do there is allways problems with replacements.I'm in a catch.22 because I need this fixed but cannot afford to be sending things that are poorly designed across seas for fixing several times before the problem is fixed.I would appreciate help with this problem that don't keep costing me money to fix it as the product should still be under garentee should it not and has been paid for once already.Can you Archos contact me at email. and advise me as to what to do but I will say now that at present that I am a very unhappy customer,please contact me if your an upstanding company.Also if easier phone

Posted by GT3

US number has changed to : 844-308-0273

Posted by Anonymous

When I dial the number you have listed for this company I am told by a recorded message that my call is not allowed and then I am given a code T U A A N Does anyone know what this means and how I can reach this company with a question I have about the product I purchased from them?

Posted by Wendeyaho

I opened the 7-inch tablet, sent to replace the defective 10-inch in November. It remains in the original box, in new condition because it failed to power-on. I never agreed to accept a 7-inch tablet for the 10-inch originally purchased. Please escalate my request for replacement of the defective 7-inch tablet for a working 10-inch model purchased, and continue to honor the warranted, one-year period of time from the date of original logon, or first boot time stamped on the unit. The 7-inch will not show an original date stamp simply bcuz it will not power on.

Posted by PJP

Horrible quality. The plastic unit can esily bend causing a screen crack in the corner that spreads over time. Not covered under their limited warranty

Posted by Sharon

This company is so inefficient, 2 faulty products and no resolution, no collection of faulty product after 30 days, they have lied and said they have tried to contact me, well my phone log says differently, the staff are indifferent and don't care. You can't speak to a manager to register your complaint, there is no customer service email address. ARCHOS i will never ever buy a product of yours again, your after sales service is disgusting and if you carry on treating your customers this way you will soon go out of business.

Posted by luckyrod

Service is terrible. They don't answer Emails. Their phone service doesn't support a 2 year old product. I will never buy Archos again.

Posted by CB

awful customer service they might as well not have one as the one that is there is making things as difficult as possible wish i knew this before i bought the tablet. will make sure no one i know will buy from this company.

Posted by CB

bought a archos tablet in may developed a fault with the charger and now they tell me not only that i might have to pay for it but also that i have to pay to send it there as well!! tried to talk to a supervisor but he was only there to support the "team" not speak to the customer.
wish i had seen this site before i bought the device will never do again.

Posted by Echoes

Hello everyone The Archos customer Service i agree with all of you it's a Joke i Emailed them twice still no response just an automated email i got the Archos 40 mobile from QVC it froze two weeks ago i sent it back to them and there site says they don't repair they send you a new one well i'm still waiting i no it got there i had it tracked bye royal mail so i emailed them still waiting i went to QVC they don't sell that model anymore it is still under the years guarantee and your all right this company service Sucks i will be Emailing a company to complain about there behavior and i demand a full refund and i will get a new Mobile not from this pile of crap company Thanks there a Joke

Posted by Anonymous

December 2012 we brought Archos 101xs . payed £249.00 for item. it is now July 2014 it has only lasted 18 months. Independant computer specialist tryed to do a software upadate. this didn,t work. he said the mother board had packed up. we then rang customer services to be told there wasn't any thing they could do has the warranty had expired. they would only offer us 25 % of the price to buy another product from them. the person who we spoke to wasn't very helpful. when we asked for head office number so we could complain he said he hadn't got that information. biggest load of crap. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy this product. I have now contacted trading standards.

Posted by Anonymous

Archos 101xs bought in 2013. After a few months the usb connector doesn't worked anymore, but it still could be charged through the keyboard connector. After one year (plus two month or so) the tablet could not be charged. It shows the charging battery on the display for a short time, then it stops charging and nothing happened anymore. Archos customer support couldn't reached for some time due to technical problems. Then we should sent it to them on our own costs. Now they told us, that the usb connector is broken and this is out of warranty...

Posted by Noname

Horrible. Just Horrible. I have an archos 80 g9 and it just extremely sluggish. its android firmware is sluggish, the multitouch screen freezes, very slow, even crashes some times. This is what you get from such cheap rubbish company. I WANT QUALITY!!!
If you want a true quality product, I strongly recommend you to buy an IPAD. No other company than apple has products with such amaizingly high quality!!

Posted by Anonymous

This is the worst company for customer service that I have ever seen. For the past hour, I have been calling numbers listed on my RMA receipt of item and those listed in the website including your corporate office. I finally got someone to answer, but he could not help me. I want to know the status of my tablet. My RMA is

Posted by terisboys61

my story is a long one too, so i will make it short, charger port fell out of expensive tablet in the first week, took forever for then to replace, then the screen went out, another return and wait, then more problems, have been waiting over month and a half for this one!!! will never buy another one!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by carolg

too bad Archos neglected to give their Better Business's an F......horrible company....tablet is a piece of junk....broke shortly after warranty and no fixing it.....customer service stinks....they refused to respond to the Better Business Bureau complaint.

Posted by Anonymous

To cut story short - usb port became faulty, sent it back, waited for over a month for the replacement product, which turns out to be a used one that appears not to have been repaired, just packed up in a nice box (light dot on the screen and light scuff marks on the back). Contacted Archos and they said it was no longer within the warranty period therefore nothing can be done! They replied straight away regarding my request for an update but have ignored my email which I sent straight away after their reply.

Found someone had the exact problem but with a different tablet. Paypal can't deal with it because it is over 45 days and my bank (Santander) is making it hard for me to apply for a refund under section 75. Awaiting for paperwork but the guy I spoke to said they may not be able to help because the warranty is over. We'll see how it goes. Unfortunately I lot of my emails with Archos a week ago thinking they would replace the product. Not very clever on my part.

Stay a way from Archos's products and if you do decide to buy something, don't go through Paypal, I think things would have been easier for me to claim under section 75 if I hadn't used Paypal.

Posted by vja4Him

My story is long .... I have had five, yes "FIVE" Archos tablets. First the Archos 70 250GB, which worked marginally ok, but lots of problems. They replaced it with the Archos 80, which was much worse. Had to return that too. I've had four (Yes, "4") Archos 80 units. All pieces of CRAP ... !!! I'm still waiting for an upgrade, which they told me I qualify for. Been about three months now (since September, 2013), and they still keep giving me the run around (they tell me they have forwarded my request to the Warehouse). They want to send me another Archos 80, but I told them "NO"! The refuse to give me a refund.

DO NOT buy Archos!!! I love my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, totally AWESOME and reliable High Tech Phone/Tablet!!! Excellent Battery Power, Fast and Sold Internet connection, excellent Phone Service, and Great Tech Support!!!

-- Jim

Posted by a

I have a problem with my Archos 80 G9. I phoned their customer service number. It says they are closed and to call back during business hours. However, I have tried for several days during the hours that their website says they are open and I still get the recording that says they are closed.

I phoned their customer service number and the phone answers but then hangs up immediately.

Are they out of business? If not, they should be!

Add your review!

Posted by phonelessincadiz

I found the customer service to be excellent, in terms of picking up my phone, they tried twice, and they got back to all my emaills promptly. What was annoying was by the time the phone was looked at by their techies, it was out of warranty, and thats the reason they won't replace. It was well within warranty when they received it. Also they said it was a cracked screen which they don't fix, which wasn't the reason I sent it in, it worked fine with a cracked screen, it was their crappy software that wouldn't load!! A common complaint. SO now they are offering me 25% discount on another crappy phone I will probably have to replace in 10 months!! I only liked it fore the dual sim.

Posted by Gerrard

Great devices, never been disappointed with the 4 different units I bought in the last 4 years.

I called one time the Helpdesk about an issue with error with an application under Anfroid, they were responsive and nice and after a troubleshooting of 5 minutes, my issue was resolved

Posted by ComeonWestHam

My device had a memory issue 10 months after the purchase date.

I called the helpdesk and a very nicce girl created to me a rma number.

I 've got my device replaced 6 days later and delivered home.

Nothing to complain about

Posted by Anonymous

Had a problem with my Archos 101g9, screen froze, after trying all the recovery options I phoned the support centre, one of the most helpful I have spoken to. He sent me an email with attachment to return the unit which I did two and a half weeks later I am now in possession of a new 101g9 plus they sent me a 16g version while the one I sent back was only 8g.
Obviously people have different experiences but absolutely delighted with mine.

Posted by Anonymous

I have read so so many complaints. I got an Archos Tablet for an early Christmas in 11 from mom when I was back home. When I came home I began to have problems with it not powering on, we tried with on line help and finally I had to ship back and they sent me a new on a few weeks later same thing. In thinking I got a bad charger unit wall out let so they sent me a new one.. along with a free shipping label to mail the unit back on them if this did not work, ( It was not my unit just my charger faulty that came with it, that ruined two of them :(). I would not have to pay to ship it back to get another new one. So short story customer service is Great!! In my book I am not sure of many companies who work so hard with customers like this in this day and age anymore. I definitely will continue buying from them, with the satisfaction of service after sale I have gotten. That alone says a lot about a company in this day and time of economics.

Posted by Mr 1066

My screen on a new Archos 80 G9 froze up and I did not know how to re-set. Telephoned help line, who were extreeemly efficient, and corrected the fault in seconds
Hold the on/off button down for about 10 secs, the screen closes, wait a few seconds and restart as normal.
I was informed to download upgrade asap to clear the fault from further happening.

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