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Arby's customer service is ranked #432 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 33.84 out of a possible 200 based upon 1219 ratings. This score rates Arby's customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,138 Negative Comments out of 1,219 Total Comments is 93.36%.


81 Positive Comments out of 1,219 Total Comments is 6.64%.

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    • 33.84 Overall Rating
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    • 1,138 negative comments (93.36%)
    • 81 positive comments (6.64%)
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Posted by Anonymous

This is about the Arby's in Holland Iowa. The shake machine is always broke ( buy a new one, the place is paid for, for cryin out loud )Went there at 10;45 and they were closed, when they are supposed to be closed at 12;00, pisses me off when I make a special trip to get something to eat. This is a small area and you guys are getting a bad rap, If you think you can make it off the interstate, so be it. Us locals say the heck with you.

Posted by Dorothy Clark

Just wondering why the Arbys in Shelbyville, Kentucky never turns on their outside lights and sign? I think it to detour customers from coming in, because Arby�s want customers to think they are closed.

Dorothy Clark

Posted by Sharon

I went to the store in hollHolly the manager on duty have a nasty attitude you guys need to do something about it because if not I'm do something about her I not come back there because if I do she will not have a job don't know how to deal with customer service the store is 1458 in hollHolly floriFl

Posted by None

Well. I won’t be going to this Arby’s again
Midlothian/Johnston Willis Arby’s has poor poor employees especially manager lady who when complained of High jamoca shake cost We always get small little jamoca shakes. Like 1.50.........cashier told me only 2 sizes small and large. Explained to cashier how we always get small junior like embarrassing for me when after I complained to manager my dad was so unhappy because we obviously didn’t get what we wanted with no manager sorry/apology.
The manager lady told me that Arby’s does have junior shakes and admitted cashier told me wrong......and not on only paper menu at cashier
I won’t go to this Arby’s again
Very upsetting to my parents and I
You (Arby’s) lost us as customers and really made going out to lunch stressful

Posted by Anonymous

our family experience today at the Bethel Park PA store on Route 88/Library Road was absolutely the worst!!! - first the doors were locked and guests could not get in, the drive thru was around the building. There were people inside, so I went to the other side of the building and one of the guests who was already inside opened the door, I walked from one side of the unit to the other to let the rest of our family in. We have a ritual of eating lunch as a family group after church every Sunday (typically 16 people) the manager on duty (Clarissa) walked from the cooking area yelling "the dining room is closed, there is a sign on the door" and basically telling us we all had to leave and standing holding the door open until we did. On the way out the door I inquired if Arby's locations were franchise or corporate to which she replied "no, we are corporate and I wish you would contact them, My name is Clarissa and I'm the manager, please do call!" I told her she could contact corporate herself to resolve her own problems whatever they were - she was extremely rude and abrupt -

Posted by Scott

Came home missing some of are order called the Nashua By store very rude unless we came back tonight nothing they could problem was we are 12miles away,what disappointment.

Posted by Anonymous

I just went through the drive-through at store number 124 and this is the second time I've been to this store and they have forgot to put my order together correctly this time they forgot to put in my Arby's roast beef sandwich that I specifically had special instructions on and second I went and they didn't give me my potato cakes I noticed the people in there are very old so I don't know if they don't know what's going on or they need help. Please help them I'm tired of having to go back and forth to retrieve my order. Thank you very much Dolores Bell

Posted by Anonymous

I had a terrible experience with the manager at Arbys today. When I was at the drive thru to place my order, I was greeted with "go ahead with your order." I ordered an iced jamocha coffee without ice and no whipped cream. I was told that I wanted an iced coffee. Then I repeated my original order and was told to pull around.

After pulling to the window, the person said "why would you want to pay $2.79 for that coffee when you can get an iced coffee for less. I was very offended and said forget it and drove off. I was so furious that I looked up the number to the restaurant and asked for a manager. I was told by the person that answered the phone that she was the manager and then she said she was trying to give me some else that costs less.

I told her that I get this coffee all the time and that I had a coupon for 50 percent off and there is a difference between what I ordered and an iced coffee. I told her that it is not her place to tell a customer what to order and that she doesn't know my financial situation. She apologized but by that time I was so furious and didn't want to hear anything she had to say. I will probably never go back to this restaurant again.

Posted by N/A

Went in Monday for lunch & was so blown out of mind how filthy the dining room was trash every where trays a mile long in the dining room sauce station area no stock pop station dirty.ect!!!With a manager (Amanda ) two others employees there & not one comes out to clean or anything. I can say that I been coming in for some time to visit your manager Evelyn (mama ) simply because she always taking care of me & so outstanding in her job had the place looking very clean you've lost a great manager. I will NOT BE COMING BACK

Posted by Leta

Visit to Arby's in Wise, VA was very disgusting today August 25, 2017.

A spill was cleaned up by a manager with paper towels, then, he went behind the counter and picked up a wet towel and proceeded to wipe the deep Grier where fries were cooking.

Before this, which it was a busy rush, an employee spoke rudely to a young lady, telling her "just go to the back". I don't know what she did or didn't do, as they were all running around acting confused. In the middle of all this, one worker, another lady was loud kind of pushing herself around.

By the time I seen the clean up job and not washing his hands, I threw my food away.

The young lady sent to the back, I felt sorry for, because she was humiliated in front of everyone around, and by the time we left, she was sitting at a table, I supposed trying to call for a ride. She should have never been humiliated that way, as all the employees seemed untrained, not just here.

I refrained from talking to manager, as one of them was the floor cleaner!!!!

I work in customer service and this whole ordeal was unacceptable.

Posted by Frank

Went thru Drive Thru at store 7432 in Cheyenne, ordered an Italian Porchetta sandwich after checking ingredients on line. When I got back to the office found out it had Mayo on it. Disgusting. I don't have time to go back to the restaurant on my lunch break. Mayo was not listed as an ingredient on the website. Putting Mayo on a sub sandwich that has vinegarette on it is absolutely deplorable. Called the store and they said they call the Mayo some Greek name, like I am supposed to know that's Mayo?? I will go back and try to get my money back, meanwhile they ruined my lunch.
Tried to fill out the Survey and the Contact Us form on line, doesn't work, error messages, want too much personal info.

Posted by Ktb

24 minutes in line with only 2 cars ahead of me, was admonished for asking what the delay was about. My food was cold because they made it and let it sit whill the corrected the two customer orders they screwed up ahead of me

Posted by Anonymous

We recently attempted to dine at the Hamilton rd location in Columbus Ohio at 9:58pm EST on Tuesday July 18, 2017. It stated online that the restarting was open until 1:00am EST, yet when we sat in the drive through for over 5 minutes no one ever responded. The lights were on and there was a car on the premises. We tried asking if someone was there through the intercom and no reply. We drove around to the pickup window and no one was visible yet all the lights were on. I was very disappointed that we had to drive another 10!minutes to another restaraunt. It was completely out of the way and I'm upset because the original one said it was open, lights were on, and a car was there.

Posted by Eranutt

I have been waiting for the Bacon Brown Sugar BLT all year! Twice now i have been very disappointed! Each time it sesms they forgot to put the brown sugar on the bacon. Sandwich is nothing like it was last year! For 8.00 you should be consistant! El Paso Arbys are not up to par! Very, very Disappointed! They offered to give me another Sandwich on return visit but i am sure it will be the same.

Posted by Leadfootlady35

Would really like someone to address our Arby's on Elmira Road,Ithaca,Ny. Store number 5127. My husband and my self went to your store tonight and got told no roast beef sandwich as they are out of roast beef,then we asked for small vanilla milkshake and got told machine was shut off to melt the Ice cream. We then asked for two apple turnovers,and we got told have not had any all day either flavor. Your worker named Alexander had nothing to server us. How does a roast beef restaurant not have roast beef? Then as we ordered Ham sliders your other worker came out the back door, screamed at another employee that he was a dick and went back in the store ? What is wrong with this store? Who talks like that to another employee when customers are right at drivethru making an order ? We are so glad our kids were not with us to hear that. We pulled up to window and another female was in side door on her cell phone. This is not how ANY restaurant should be conducting business. They need to retrain these employees,stock food to serve customers,and cook up what should be cooked( turn overs) . We were so disappointed and hungry when we left.If you would like to discuss this terrible service we had feel free to Call

Posted by Anonymous

I have a gift card that Arby's in Buda tx refuse to honor. I got the card from Verizon as a reward but they don't accept these cards. Card number is Why give cards away if you refuse to honor them?

Posted by Rhonda

After a long day, my son choose Arbys for mozzarella stixs. He ordered the large and upon arriving home there is (No Marina). I called and store manager Michael told me,he can not replace the order. He told me to come back to the store. I told him know, this was your mistake & I'm not coming back tonight.He said he will have to speak to his GM Dawn on monday. Really! This was my son's allowance,and will never come back.

Posted by Untouchable

Yes the arbys on dixie hwy restaurant #0085, on Monday at exactly 8:28 my family's order was placed and I didn't get it until 9:05 and they would have forgot stuff had I not checked the bag and to top it off 7 or 8 customers that came in after me placed their orders and got their food before I did because apparently someone cleared my order off their screens before it was given to me and come to find out all my food was sitting there underneath the warmer the whole time, then proceeded to place the stuff in a bag and give it t9 me it 37 minutes to get order they served people infront of me I had my girl and 2 year old 8n car. I'm arbys food #1 fan I could eat it all day but when it takes 37 minutes and people get served around me that came in after me makes me wonder if it's worth the hassle you have to go through to get it, they could have atleast offered to make us fresh since it was just sitting. Well thank you for you tI me,

Yours truly

Posted by Anonymous

So!!!! I Ordered A Beef And Cheddar (med) With A Large Sweet Tea.when I Got Home To Eat My Food, I Have My 4 Children More Than Half Of The Fries Because They Love The Fries There. Well When It Was My Turn To Get Ready To Have A Fry. What Do I See??? A Freaking Bug Stuck On My Fry, I Instantly Called The Store To Speak To A Manager (i Can't Remember Her Name, Afrian American Lady). Anywho, Of Course She Thought I Was Bull*******. So I Told Her If She Wanted To, She Could Send Me Her Personal Number And I'll Send The Pictures That I Took To Her Phone. So She Gives Me Her Number, And Of Course I Sent The Pictures. I Went Back Up To The Store And It Was I Guess The Gm Who Came Out To Speak To Me. I Poured Out The Fries And The Bug Falls On The Floor It Wasn't A Huge But, But I Was Big Enough For Me To See. So He Gets The Bug To Stick To His Index Finger, Talking About He Thinks It's The Residue From The Bottom Of The Fryer. Oh No Sir!! I Shouted Him The Pics As Well.he Asked Me If I Wanted A Refund (i Most Certainly Do)! He Came Back With My $9.15.apologizing For The Inconvenience. I Enlighten Him, That I Would Not Be Returning Any Arby's...likeyou Children Was Eating The Fries, What If It Was Something Posiness..he Then Turn Right Around And Offers One Of Those New Pizza Wth, Does It Look Like I Want Your Food??

Posted by Anonymous

today i ate at the Arbys in Beaufort, sc ordered a classic arbys and a cherry turnover. the sandwich wasn't hot so i approached the counter and informed them it was cold. She took the sandwich and within 2 min. another one was handed to me no better than the first. This is not the first time the sandwich is not hot. I probably won't be going back in the near future.
Sharon Simmons

Posted by trackrock

Arby's has definitely screwed up their Jamoca shakes. These new shakes don't even taste like jamocha, have whipped cream and chocolate floating on top and the flat lid is now a dome. A while back, the shakes became so thick it took half an hour for to melt to the point where you could get it through a straw. Now, this. My family will NEVER patronize Arby's again ! Congratulations to the genius who thought this up ! David Clark, Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Posted by Joelyna Hess

Its 9:40pm and i pull to the drive thru to order 3 turkey salads and a jamocha shake and i was told we are out of salads and the shake machine waa out of order so as i pull around i look in the window and the nale and female employee was laughing. This is poor service i will not return to this location. The location was Williamson Road in Roanoke Virginia

Posted by Anonymous

Arby's located in Lenwood CA sign says open for business at 10:00 and it's 10:25 and the doors are still locked. Post correct business hours. My last visit I asked to pay for pork belly to added onto my curly fries and I was told IT CANNOT BE DONE! Why not be able charge th customer extra money to get what they are asking for? This is so sad.

Posted by Anonymous

We stopped about 1:45pm at Oaklandon and Pendleton Pike Indianapolis.
Ordered, one ham and cheese ( American) got Swiss and only God knows what all the other stuff was. One crispy chicken Onion Ring's. Two drink' took forever.. one of the food preps was texting while making the sandwiches. Maybe that's why we got half a jar of mayo on each sandwich.well my wife couldn't eat the ham and cheese.. I talked her into taking it back. Finally she did and ordered a basic ham and cheese.. oops, turkey and cheese in the wrapper. Well she didn't eat it... She did see the guy testing... As we left I told the girl behind the counter we got turkey. She offered a free sandwich card for the second time. I took it and tried to give it to two other customers.No taker's. Well here comes the texting guy... Asking what's wrong... Turkey instead of ham and cheese.. he look like an elephant just walked into the restaurant... It's a good thing they weren't busy... Customers waiting for 15 minutes for a simple sandwich.
How can anyone text and follow orders?
No one cared. It's like texting and driving... NOT GOOD.... There are no returns because we put it in the trash can.i should have gotten my money back. .. ??? My wife Said forget it... Let's go. Oh!! I said eating in.... Got it in a bag.... Good luck ....

Posted by Anonymous

I was reading a post on Facebook just now about an Officer in Vero Beach,Ca.went in to get something to eat. All the employees turned their backs to him and refused to help him. When the manager came up to see what was going on,they told the officer they didnt know how to ring him up. The officer then left the Arbys and went to a Chick fil and after hearing what just happened,citizens bought his meal. I am simply one person. I am not going to make any difference if I say I refuse to patronize ANY Arbys until something is done to correct this. But,I alone,do not hold this opinion. You see,the manic of social media,although I may think I'm alone,as soon as it hits social media,everyone who RESPECTS the job our OFFICER'S do for the general public every single day,pretty soon I'm not feeling quite so alone. I am encouraging you to either yourself or delegate someone to investigate this incident and fire the employees,including the manager. This is such a blatant disregard for,if nothing else,doing a job Arbys name had afforded them. Please let the public see this is not Arbys perception of our officers. I am begging you,PLEASE do not let these people think its OK for them to disrespect anyone but an Officer who goes out of their way to provide protection to the public,should be given the up most respect instead of the complete disrespect they showed an officer of the law. I will anxiously be waiting to hear what Arbys does to correct this disgusting behavior. Thank you Chris Killian

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Posted by Stephen Johnson Sr

Hello just want to say thank you for the service I received in your West Point Ms location. I live in Birmingham AL and the service was not as good as today. As a District Manager I travel in Alabama Tenn, Miss and Georgia. When I get good service I like to let someone know about it.When I entered the store your team greeted every customer that came in the door. My food came up quickly and was very good. Your team here is taking care of business. If I am in the area again I will definitely drop by for lunch. Everyone can complain about what’s wrong just want to say had a Awesome experience. Thanks
Stephen Johnson

Posted by Anonymous

Service at West Allis, WI store on national and Hwy 100 excellent with employeee Charlie a big help and great attitude

Posted by Anonymous

When we were at the Arby's here in Fresno, California on Blackstone and Sierra the manager was so nice and kind to us. She made sure we had what we want and needed. Also let us know where to find coupons.

Posted by Anonymous

Today is Feb. 25 2017. Time 3:15. I would like to know why I have seen the advertisment for 2 for 5 mix or match. I drove to Berea, Ky. 40403 today and placed an order for 2 beef and chedder for 5 bucks and they said we are no longer running that special. I just saw the add again so tell me why they don't honor this add in Berea, ky...

Posted by Anonymous

Went to walhalla arbys and there us a young blonde that works in the back who everytime i see her back there makes my food look as good as it tastes.

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I had the pleasure of dining at your New Castle DE restaurant on Dupont Highway 19720. Our hostess was a young lady named Shanara. She was so pleasant we had to say how good she made us feel. We know that the wage is not commensurate with the smile and courtesy she demonstrated. Please pass this on to her. Richard and Virginia Ross

Posted by Anonymous

Katie at the Garfield location is the most polite person I've ever dealt with. I'm the general Manger at Buffalo Wild wings and I'd love to have an employee like her. Very friendly and just amazing at her job. Please value her! I always come back just to help brighten her day like she does mine every time she is working and takes care of me. Thank you and please take care of her.

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to give a shout out to the chilicothe, ohio Arby's store #0961 my husband and I ate there today and they were awesome Restrooms were spotless Randall waited on us very friendly and we ask for hot fries and he said no problem

Posted by Anonymous

Store #8404 in York pa was awesome! Jennifer Ream, shift manager, went beyond standard customer service. She replaced a sandwich that my 10 year old did not like the standard sauce (Italian sub) without additional cost. We fully expected to purchase since it was our fault. Definitely will come again!

Posted by Anonymous

The cashier in drive-thru marrueona was very polite you guys were very busy and she offered me something for my wait she was so busy but still managed to make me happy that I came to Arbys on 26000 in Euclid I felt welcomed and by the way THE FOOD WAS AWESOME

Posted by Anonymous

David Phillips and Vickie at store 0085 was very helpful and polite. Mine and my husband visit was very pleasant and enjoyable.

Posted by Anonymous

Arby's is not on the level with their slogan, "We have the meats." Was at the location in Van Buren, AR asking for a fish sandwich. I was turned away because they didn't have any fish.

Posted by Mike

Love your food and service. I just wonder why fish sandwiches and pork belly sandwiches are seasonal. Pork belly is a big hit and now im wondering if it will be returning now that its off the menu. Keep up the good work.

Posted by phlyer1phan

I stopped at the Arby's in Eustis, Fl. (10-30-16) The service was fantastic, everybody was very helpful. The restaurant was clean, and amazingly, the bathroom was spotless. Very nice experience, I hope you will let them know they did a good job. The only sad part of the trip, no Pork Belly sandwich. I hope you bring it back.

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to let you know the Arby's location in Bucyrus OH was one of the BEST Arby's I've been to. Service,cleanliness and food were fantastic!

Posted by Beth

arby in clanton has the best customer service especially a girl name tori she normally works drive through and always asks questions and gets our order right I appreciate her greatly.

Posted by May

Mr.brown,hare,condos, want to thank you and your staff for the great work you all do. Being a single parent and on a tight budget can't effort to take the kids out to eat.we could only efford mc donalds. Arbys was a big treat. But now with your lower prices 2 or3 for that price.we cut it in have and they have a treat. But only on special occasions. Thank you CEO and staff.

Posted by Anonymous

We were in the Arby's in Richmond Hill, Ga. Today and we were both so very impressed with the young lady working the front register. Her name is Brenda Allen and she is such an asset to Arby's Sh greeted every customer with a big smile and hello and I was sitting with my back to her but could hear the smile in her voice. You are very lucky to have this young lady there. I did try to call the store to speak with the manager but got no answer. I just had to let someone what a gem you have working at the Richmond Hill, Ga Arby's

Posted by Anonymous

I am leaving this comment today because I was greeted by a cheerful and very friendly staff at one of your stores today during lunch. Store #0003 in Akron ohio. The entire staff was very polite and friendly. I want to give a special shout out to Suzanne. She seemed to enjoy her work a lot, she is very friendly and outgoing. She is worth a raise. The ideal type of employee.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi I'm a regular customer at the Arbys on windward parkway in alpheretta and just wanted to share what a pleasure it was today having Jessica take my order she was very nice and helpful for giving me options which I never knew existed with my meal great job.

Posted by Anonymous

The shift manager in the Merritt Island location her first name was Amber.Not sure of her last name due to her running around like crazy making sure orders came out in a timely fashion. They only had her and another employee 8/7/16 at 5:30pm working very hard during rush. I wanted to mention what an outstanding experience we had because of Amber still having a friendly demener during a stressful time. Give that woman a raise!! She deserves it!!

Posted by Sheryl&dad

On July 31st 2016 my 89 year old father and I stopped at Arby's in Mason, Michigan. As soon as they saw me getting a wheel chair out, they were right at the doors, holding them open for us. They also carried our order to the table without being asked and were right at the doors when they saw us preparing to leave! How wonderful! It renewed my faith some in the younger work force.

Posted by Anonymous

Had a horrible meal at Abby's in Clifton heights...meatballs were cold and gray.service was good they were short handed at dinner time...

Posted by sweettoo

My daughter and I stopped at Arby's on Fields Ertle Road Tuesday around lunch time on July 26th, 2016. The lady taking orders was very professional and nice. We were greeted with a smile and she took our order and got it out as fast as possible. Her name is Joy and she remained pleasant and composed during this time. My bill came to about $12 and I gave her a $20 and told her to keep the change for being so kind to us. It just seemed like the store needed more help. Joy was very sweet and did everything she could to get our lunch to us.

Posted by Jobra

On Monday July 25th, I was a customer in your store on Fields Ertle and the lady working the register was very busy multitasking and her name tag said "Joy". She was pleasant and welcoming and made a shake for me and packed up a cherry turn over. I told her it was very hard to multitask without getting frustrated. She, however, maintained a friendly demeanor and smiled throughout my purchase. She seemed to handle the stress of the situation with ease. The situation was that they were extremely busy and she was handling many different transactions and filling many roles and kept a calm, friendly composure during the entire time.

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Posted by Anonymous

i would shut down the store in Altus, Ok. They have a huge cock roach problme and my wife who had just been hired, questioned the cock roach problem and apparently was fired. We havent heard from the local general manager yet..we truley belive it was because the remark that was made by my wife about how the cock roach problem and how they control it. I will never eat at an Arby's again, not just because of the coach roach problem, but becaue of how the local general manager handled the situation of firing my wife and never calling or attempting to contact her about her termination. Very very poor, and i happen to be a veteran, in a military you can imagine the negative publicity that Arby's is getting from me. I have gone out of my way to bad mouth Arbys on social media and word of mouth to my fellow military members at my base to not eat at Arbys. FIAL FAIL FAIL

Dennis Helferich

Veteran, USAF...22 years

Posted by debrarudd

I have been working for my Arby's store for two years. I had to walk out today because of hours being cut. I liked working there. But I do have bills to pay and insurance through the company that I can't afford because of hours. The sad thing is no cares now that they are ran by corporate. It is really sad that they want to get rid of employees instead of keeping them.

Posted by debrarudd

I have been working at Arby's for two years I had to quit today because of hours being cut for no business. We are lined out the door and around the building most of the day. We don't get told that we are appericated we get yelled at if we ask about our hours. Our manager shouldn't be in that much stress to yell at us for trying to figure out how we are going to pay our bills not to mention the insurance through the company because of lack of hours. Since June 27 when corporate took over Our store has went down now if is doing better and I still felt the need to walk out because no one cared enough to try and talk to me about my hours.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been working at the Arby's in NewBerlin, they have never trained me to do anything and I am always getting yelled at in front of other employees and customers,The managers and general manager don't tell me what i am doing wrong they just yell. I am never late but they are so i have to wait for them then when we finally get there i cant punch myself in they do it. I leave crying as all they do is bark out orders to me and yet there are others that can do things there but no it all falls on me.

Posted by Anonymous

This is Dave the individual who takes care of the dining room bathrooms and customer relations of people coming in and out of this unit. Special recognition should be given to this individual for setting the town of welcome within this establishment. Dave has been working 4 Arby's 4/8 years and has never never missed a day of work. He has to take two buses to get there each day. He seems to have a slight form of autism but he is very very functional in his capacity as Arby's liaison greater accommodator. If there was some form of special recognition for David, that would be fantastic. He works part-time and sets the welcome Matt for everyone entering this restaurant. You can see such energy within his stride and his voice of appreciation for being there and for you as a customer being there. Some form of special recognition or reward should be given for such a unique individual. He works part-time and has never missed a day of work in 8 years. He is such a great asset to the Oakland Pittsburgh PA location. A bonus recognition or just a few vacation days for his efforts and dedication would not be asking too much. Special recognition would be superb.

Posted by Honest abe

Well I have worked many years for the Utah far west Arbys. Worst company to work for I was slave labored into working for free or I'd lose my job. Then my store one the Pepsi no kid hungry just to have are general manager steal all are gift card prises. Then he had this girl lie about getting him out of a sexual harassment charge her prize to become assistant.then the regional manager didn't want to deal with it so she just didn't care even though the accusations were true

Posted by Disgruntled Former-Employee

I worked at Arbys for 3 weeks. This company made me want to become a vegan. I have been searching for ways to contact my employer about my 2 weeks notice but they are so low tech that they can't even e-mail their employees their work schedules. I am disgusted by what I have witnessed. My manager asked me to clock out yesterday because I was speaking with a co-worker about our pay instead of picking up a straw wrapper which was 2 feet away from her. I then watched as she showed one of the other employees a very long video on her cell phone.

They have refused to pay me and/or have given me misinformation about when my paycheck would arrive. I was told I would be paid last Sunday, last Monday, and I'm supposed to be paid this upcoming Monday. The chances that Arby's is going to pay me at all are close to none. They abuse their younger employees and first-time employees because they have so little power over their managers and are of high school age. However, withholding my paycheck is ILLEGAL, and I am going to do something to get my money. I have worked very hard and done everything asked of me in the work place, in addition to being friendly to customers and making as few mistakes as I possibly can.

Posted by Anonymous

I filled out an application for employment. After an hour an few min I completed it, an got an email saying I revoked my app an if I am interested contact arbys. I've tried contacting the store by phone but no answer. Went their to fill out a paper app, but I was turned back to the Internet. So I am interested in a opertunity, but it won't let me do another app or submit the one I've done. I hope for an opportunity to be part of the team. An hope my application gets reviewed. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I was working for a store in indianapolis,In. I left the job after one of the managers stole money and another manager replaced that one but came in very disrespectful and than started hitting on me.I was paid 2/19/16 last day was either 20th -21st.. I didn't get paid for that last day today 3/4/16..I've been calling and calling and no one is wanting to pick up to fix this I felt it is best to make this complaint and see if someone higher up will handle this and make it all right

Posted by anonymous

I work at an Arby's in Minnesota. I work only part-time and enjoy my job and all the people I work with. But a thing that concerns me and my co-workers, is our Asst Manager. That person is constantly late; and I mean 99.9% of the time. That person continues to be late anywhere from 10mins, up to 1hour, a few times!! ( at last count; that asst manager has missed close to 4hrs) That person then goes to the computer and puts their time in as if they hadn't been late at all. The shift managers check the Asst managers time and state that it's been edited. They've let the general manager know but nothing becomes of it. I've been a manager before at other businesses; to me, this is stealing or theft.

Posted by Anonymous

I work at the Arbys in Gaffney SC #452 .This place is a mad house the mangement is so disrespectful to their employee's they curse you out threating to physically put their hands on you and also threaten to firer you .All the jobs are giving to the family memebers and hours. You have boyfriends and girlfreinds working on every shift and they go out of their way to give them all breaks together.We can't complain because they cut your hours down to 5 a week when you do. We was warned not to contact cooperate or we would be fired Immediately. The boss Ann is best friends with most of the employees that work there hanging at her house daily.So they come to work and do as they please.They never do their end of shift duties and nothing is said or done. The food cost in this store is high because they are feeding family and friends for free daily not a little bit, bags of food. Cooperate never see this when they come because she doesn't schedule those people when cooperate is to arrive. The trucks are never ordered correctly we are always out of everything that we need to run the store.This happens every week. Something has to be done this place is out of hand seriously. I like working for the company but not at this location.

Posted by Disgusting owners behavior

Arby's is the most despicable, malicious and inhuman employer.

There are situations with employees that are in labor and they do everything in their power to have them fired. Having does employees working extended schedule, getting orders to have them eat standing, not breaks, lifting heavy boxes and abusive language.

As they push employees to resign by causing fear on them.

I do not understand it how come the franchise owner as are incorporated as a LLC for not getting sue on their personal can get away and local authorities do not do anything about it.

Posted by Anonymous

I work for arbys store 0983 and I dislike how they treat me everything I do is a problem I get written up for calling out sick like ima good worker but I be damn if I let Monique land continue to pick on me there must be something done

Posted by kimberly

Hi my name is kimberly Rosas I work at the arbys on s. Neil St. Champaign Illinois im very upset about my paycheck it's only 144.00 for two weeks and it should be more than that because I go to work every day always on time haven't even received any of my p paycheck stubs at all in my emails I don't know what is going on but I do know my. Check isn't right I love my job at arbys I do but not going to be getting cheated on my hours and my pay thanks so much for your time and help

Posted by Anonymous

I've worked at Arby's for almost a year and a half so far and this last half has been borderline hell. The roster size is either too large or too few, the pay (minimum wage) is beginning to get ridiculous especially with a large roster. Roughly 2 paychecks ago, mine didn't even break $300. I'm paying off a student loan and other bills and I'm at least lucky this isn't breaking the bank.

Also someone on management (female) doesn't know how to treat employees better and respectfully. She goes on a powertrip which has been pretty frequent lately and expects some tasks to be completed at impossible times (example): after a lunch rush hits, no one is in the kitchen catching up dishes. She 'orders' someone (me) to go do dishes, and have the entire kitchen cleaned in 30 minutes. On top of it, she threatens to send me home if it isn't.

Such a great way to treat an employee with a fair amount of experience, not that any is really required. But treating anyone like that needs looking into. I honestly would not recommend working here at all if that's seen as 'Ok' or tolerable. Of course it all depends on who's at your local arby's. This one here is treating most of their employees like trash. The pay doesn't justify getting yelled at, threatened, insulted, physical abuse/harrassment or overworked like a slave.

To anyone else: It's a trap.

Posted by very mad customer

I was in one of your stores in Woodward Oklahoma and your District manager Jeremy Gilbert needs to be fired. I am sorry he fired one of the managers there today and I had to watch her cry. I am so sick everytime I come in that store everyone is polite then when he is there he treats his employees like crappie and I am sorry to say its very disrespectful and in my books I am bout to have alot of people in this town to sign a paper to get him fired or shut down the store. He is nothing but a rude district manager.

Posted by Be'Ola(Employee)

Hi my name is Be’OIa and I’m an employee at the Arby’s in Garner, NC. On April 10, 2015 I had to work 4:45 p.m. til 12:30 a.m. which in this time period I did not get a break. When I asked for a break I got looked at like I was crazy and told that none of the registers were open. That was a lie because the drive thru register was up and that’s where they had me. On April 13, 2015 I had to go in from 11:00 to 3 p.m. and an hour before I had to go the head manager asked the other manager to ask me if I could stay til five. If though I couldn’t stay I would have liked for the head manager who was standing in front of me to ask if I could stay instead of playing telephone. So here it is three o’clock and I’m getting ready to clock out. When I go into the office to clock I notice that the clock out screen is not up so I went to ask one of the other managers if they could pull it up. The store was busy so I had to wait til he got a chance to come and pull up the clock out sheet. While waiting the head manager knowing that I was waiting for the other manager with an attitude said, “If you leaving go ahead and clock out”. Some of the managers don’t give people breaks like their suppose to, don’t do their fair share, and don’t know how to talk to people. Some talk to people like we’re their friends and not their employees. I also don’t think it’s right that they can get free meals and we only get a 50% off discount. I think that it should be right that we can at least get one free meal especially on break. Another thing they have this thing if we make our goals we get a free sandwich, so one day we all made our goals which we all said was a good thing then the head managers says, “No its not cause its costing us a lot of money”. What I didn’t get about her comment is that she get free food almost every time she’s there. Please tell me that you can do something about this because I can’t see anybody fully giving their all with these kinds of working conditions.

Posted by Anonymous

I was an employee at Arby's #255 until recently. My boyfriend is/was a regular until he found out that Kim, the GM told an employee to give him 3 of the smallest tenders. That's so unprofessional and low class. She thinks I quit because of him. Nope!!! I quit because I have a full time job and I don't have to work 7 days a week now. She really needs to take management classes. I don't have to leave my name because she already knows she was wrong.

Posted by Anonymous

I Am An Arbys Employee And I Have Heard From Many Customers That We Should Have A Value Mozarella Sticks Size With Only 2 Sticks Bc The Larger Sizes Are Overwhelming And Many People Cannot Finish Them
Also It Would Help For When Kids Want The Mozarella Sticks With Their Meals, It Would Be A Lot Cheaper

Posted by Their biggest loss

I applied about a week ago and was scheduled for an interview today at 2:15pm with Lauren in Junction City, KS. I took time out of my day, paid for a sitter and arrived 10 mins ahead of time. Upon arrival, I was informed that Lauren hadn't even shown up for her shift yet and that she had a 2pm interview with somebody else already waiting for her in the dining room. They couldn't tell me how long my wait would be and were very unprofessional about relaying that info told. I was handed a cup and told to wait. I'm sorry, but first impression told me if this place of business is this unorganized and unprofessional it is not the place for me to work and would end up being a waste of time as well as a headache. No thank you! I am employed elsewhere and just looking to supplement my income. I am a very good and hard working employee so this is their loss. I can not put up with this level of unprofessionalism within any business. Do better! Or continue employing mediorcre workers with a high turn over rate. Not a good place at all to work at, find employment elsewhere, do not waste your time with this company.


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