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Apple customer service is ranked #191 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 47.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 1023 ratings. This score rates Apple customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


890 Negative Comments out of 1,023 Total Comments is 87.00%.


133 Positive Comments out of 1,023 Total Comments is 13.00%.

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    • 890 negative comments (87.00%)
    • 133 positive comments (13.00%)
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Posted by YU JINWEI

I had a problem with Apple pay, when i purchase a IPhone X at Apple Shop. Funny, huh? The money left my bank account and apple shop said they didn't receive the money. So transaction not completed. i have no money, no IPhone, and the cashier refused to help me confirm with apple's bank. The shop manager who promised to help me solve the problem disappeared next day, shop said he is on holiday.

Posted by Gerard

Can somebody please explain to me how this occurs. I had an iPhone eight and its voice to text was extremely accurate, I spent a small fortune and bought an iPhone 10 and it's like it doesn't even know basic words. Something is really wrong. Is anybody else having this problem? And for argument sake why would anyone come out with the new phone that performs markedly worse than the old one. It doesn't make sense to me. I guess I'm the fool because I'm the one who bought it.

Posted by Frustration and No Response

It is my Forth Post nd No response from Apple . Did put several complain and Nothing is Done. To that extent a peeled wire from a Laptop charger or I phone charger doesn t have any meaning that a customer life can be in Danger .... I will still put a comment and wait for somebody conscience to wake up and save People from cheap products provided by Apple

Posted by to the Apple Board Please Attent

Forth Post and No Response Great Service Apple I am Same Frustrated Lady 57 years Old that bought a Charger for Her Laptop and The Wire peeled off and I have a receipt from Coquitlam Store after 18 months I went there to show them the Charger . and it is a wire defect I don t want to exchange I want to solve the Problem .... You have to buy a New one .... I will not buy a new one This wire need to be recalled by Manufacture it is a cheap Material for 100 dollars I promise Myself even if No results I will post everyday to let you Apple pay for my Pain .... Pain of being unfair to people .... Pain in a country like Canada we have safety Measure in Industry and Manufacture and You treat People Like Third World Country where I basically immigrate 20 years ago My Voice should be heard Apple and You owe me appoligy for not to be treated on the Level of a Loyal Customer

Posted by Victim of Wire Charger from App

I thought I can have a Logical Explanation About why a Wire of a Charger can be peeled in 18 months while the Charger capacity still Full talked to 2 Senior Advisor forking in Apple Team . one his name is Rick on sunday november 19 at 11 am Canada time and Apparently This is the way they give you to buy a New charger to ruin the wire, then you have to buy a new one because of your safety issue ... Hooray Apple is That the way you Do to your Consumer ... That choose you and was very Loyal to your Brand ..... Chapeau for all Consumer of Apple they treat you as Fool ... Pay Money and buy a New one.... My Safety is Non of your concern Apple .... The wire of Charger need to be recalled they are not safe ... and you will be responsible for all people dying from the wire charger issue like the Vietnamese girl died and Police investigating

Posted by Frustrated and Helpless

november 18 phoned Apple Care to ask about my Charger that I payed 100 Dollars in April 16 2016 and the wire is a defect from manufacture as the charger itself is bran new but the wire is starting to peel and that s must be because wire of charger having name of Apple is manufacture in one of the third world countries because Apple Company doesn t have Quality or Consumer protection they don t care about consumer safety his wire peeled can cause Disaster and Apple says it is my Fault Please Canada Manufacture Safety Department I am Helpless With Apple and My Voice is not Heard By Them Safe Canadien from Disaster of Products in Canadien Market and Abuse of Apple Customer Service

Posted by Frustrated

Worst Experience I had for the whole Day in Apple Store in Coquitlam in Vancouver Manager did Give me almost aHeart Attack Arguing about a Charger for a Lap top I bought April 2016 Wire was Worned in a year and 5 months Request to replace the Wire as this will put me in a risk for Electricity shock She refuses in a Rude Manner didn t believe that this Manager name Jeanette Diaz represent Apple Company . She insists we are not replacing it for you I begged .... I told Her it is a manufacture Defect she insists No and Gave me Her Business Card kind of Do whatever You want we will not replace it Few Months before I put Complain and they gave me a case Number 100093290599 but Nothing Happen I promise everyday I will put Same Review till somebody take care of My complain .... Apple doesn t provide Customer Service But Customer Bullying

Posted by frdhotrod

well to start off the make it pretty difficult to have the patience to call customoer service because trhier products and festures of the software are designed by obtuse remedial monkeys.

Posted by larry177

I am trying to return item W485252081, Apple keyboard and cover. Do I package the item and mail it back to Apple?

Posted by Gord

I've been dicked around by APPLE account recovery for almost a month, and have been told on 2 separate occasions that the problem would be rectified at very specific times, neither of which happened. I've been in touch with a "Senior Advisor", I assume this means he's supposed to be expert or at least competent at this. I submitted another request to account recovery, and am now told it will be another 2 weeks before we will do this same ineffective/nonexistent solution again. I will also add that I'm paying for apps and icloud I can't use.

Posted by Anonymous

Have not been able to contact a live person regarding fraudulent charges to my Apple account!

Posted by jessitreble

Be careful buying Apple products. They do not stand by the quality of their products. I have numerous Apple products and this last one, an iPhone7, had a defect that cracked the screen with a very minor drop. I believe it had to be a manufacturing defect as I have another one that is still flawless after months of use and dropping. When you research the iPhone7 you find all kinds of other evidence that shows you can drop it from a distance on a concrete floor from several feet in the air and it doesn't damage the phone. Regardless, Apple refused to admit that it could be a defective device and quoted over and over that they can fix it for a minimum of $129 and that even if the device had a flaw that caused a weakness they will only fix it atnormal repair costs. Let me also clarify that this happened within the first 24 hours of purchasing the phone. So, if you're going to buy apple products be prepared to pay extra for Apple Care and then some as they will not take care of you if there are flaws in the product. Pretty sure unless they change their mantra with me, I will not buy any more Apple products.

Posted by assetchase

The Iphone is a an Over priced gimmick for something that you will easily spend twice the money for. The screen brakes very easily and is not under warranty. And once the screen cracks as it will, the warranty is void. I bought my Iphone in to be fixed several times because the battery was defective. They refuse to fix or replace it. Leaving out the store my phone dropped and the screen cracked bad. I brought the phone in to have the battery looked at again and they said i would have to pay because of the cracked screen voids the warranty. The product is over priced and The Samsung Galaxy has a much better glass. Trust me I'm switching. And Samsung has a much better warranty policies.


I Have Owned Many Apple Phones Over The Past 6-7 Yrs, Purchased Through Verizon. I Ran Into A Software Issue With My Son's ( 10th Grade And Uses His Phone For School And Wrestling Advisories-daily) I-6s
I Go To The Verizon Store Where I Bought The Phone- Because The Closest "apple Store" Is A 4 Hour One Way Drive.
Verizon Rep Sent Me To A Tech App That Verizon ensures is great - " Oh They Will Fix Any Issue 24/7 "
I'm 2 Hours Into This And The Verizon Tech App Finally Admits "he Can Not Solve The Issue"
It Is A Software Issue And Then Handed Me Off To An "apple Tech" The First Tech Kept Me On The Phone For 45 Mins And Did Nothing To Help. Next I Was Handed Off To Another Tech That Had Me On The Phone For 35 Minutes And Got Nowhere. I Spent A Good Portion Of My Day Getting Bent Over And screwed By Verizon, Verizon's Tech Support, And Most Of All Apple Tech Support Sucked And Could Not Fix The Issue, Telling Me That I Had To Uninstall Apple Itunes And Reinstall Itunes Before They Could Even Keep Guessing At How To Fix The Issue.
After Four Hours I Lost My Temper Yes I Raised My Voice At The Customer Rep And The Apple Rep Said "hey I'm The One Who Makes The Final Decison On This Phone If Apple Will Cover This Phone", Which Is Only 5 Months Old And Has A Full One Year Warranty.
Well To You Who Is About To Quit. Fcuk u Too
Apple's Customer Support Is So crappy, The Apple Stores Are Only In Major Cities, No One At Verizon Can Help So Mr. Im About To Quit.
If You Bought A New Car 5 Months Ago And It Had An Issue You Would Expect To Take It Back To The Dealer And Expect Them To Fix It.
In Florida We Have A "lemon Law" For Any Vehichle Purchased From A Licensed Dealer.
I Think I Will Contact My State Rep And Senator With Everything Documented And See If One Day There Will Be A "lemon Law" Concerning All Cellular Phones.
Apple Should Have Said "yes There Is A Software Issue, Since You Are Under Your Year Full Warranty, We Will Send You A New One Overnight".
What I Got Was Well... Try This And Try That And I Will Email You A Link To Info You Can Try..

Well Isnt That Crappy, Not Only Is My Phone Not Working Still, I Have To Call Apple Back Tomorrow And Deal With Their Tech Reps Because I Have A Life Other Than Sit On The Phone With Apple For Over 2 Hours And Still No Fix!!
Honestly Looks Like I'm The Actual Tech Support Person At Home With Directions Online. I Do Not Pay Apple For Their Products For Me To Fix Them At Home In My Time. The Phones Are Over $500 Easy, Is This The Best Apple Can Do?

Posted by SoonToBeFormerEmployee

The sense of entitlement some customers have is astounding. I'm not talking about frustrations with wait times (which is understandable), but simply the fact that grown up human beings still manage to throw temper tantrums when they don't get their way.

Please take some initiative. Apple has support pages, or use Google to troubleshoot if necessary.

"But I paid x amount of this product, I expect you to do everything"

Apple doesn't owe you anything in this regard. This is a harsh truth some customers really need to get through their heads. You chose to spend your money with the company, do you think they care if you threaten to take your business elsewhere? Or that you're complaining to a lowly peon like me about ditching your Apple products? Heck no!

Also if you physically damage your device, then don't expect an instant and free replacement. Especially cables. Treat them right an they won't wear down so quickly. If your usage results in rapid wear, then consider a more durable third party solution. There are plenty of reputable 3rd party companies that make compatible cables at competitive prices.

Looking for new employment. The good doesn't outweigh the bad, and they don't pay me enough to deal with screaming "adults" for simply doing my job and sticking to their policies.

Seriously, fcuk you guys.

Posted by Steve

None of you have time to read the entire story of my battle to have Apple repair my macbook pro that mysteriously looses the ability to see wifi. It is under my applecare policy that I paid $300 for. Had it in the apple authorized service center 4 times. They's get it working, then shortly after it would not see wifi again. They agreed to take it in via feded to Memphis and work on it. Sent me an e-mail saying it was water damaged. There was never any spill or anything of any sort into that computer. Fact. If there was water damage, how come the entire computer functioned properly with the exception of the particular thing of not being able to see wifi? Discussed at length with Jacob Lewis "a supervisor", and he said he was going to look into the service reocrd on the previous 4 services, and get back to me. Jacob never called me back after leaving him 3 messages, and then my computer arrived back to me via fedex. Un-repaired. Terrible communication. Terrible customer service. I have owned 7 mac computers and many iphones. I will now never buy another apple product. Ever. There are way too many good alternatives.

Posted by KS

Impossible to access Apple support. Chat does not work. Got disconnected from teh call centers twice. Took 20 minutes to resolve a simple order delivery failure.

Posted by Anonymous

Waited for 30 minutes, representative couldn't solve. Told me that I am transferring line and got disconnected. They never called me back.

Posted by phonelessAppleuser

After hearing people rave about the iPhone and Apple, I bought one. I've had the iPhone for three years. But, I can't use it now. Why? over a week ago I got locked out because of my Apple id getting disabled. One would think that I could get Apple to reset my login in a reasonable timeframe. No, that has not happened. My phone is rendered useless. I can't even use the flashlight on it. 4 calls with support and one online session only proved to be a waste of time. Customer service associates, although the mean well, simply don't have the training or know how to be of any real help. They all just want to walk me through the exact same steps that I've already taken. I paid good money for my phone and am still payign T-mobile for service that I haven't gotten for a week, and no one seems to have any real answers or ability to help. Apple - if you are going to offer iCloud or or Apple id or any such log in feature, then support it. Upgrade your servers so things happen in a timely manner. Give your support people the ability to really be of some help to people, rather than have them follow the same script and walk people through the same steps that they've already been through. If your attitude is that you've already got customers money and aren't getting paid to help people with Apple ids and activation locks, then just STOP. Don't pretend - stop ruining people's lives. Don't make people sit in limbo with unusable hardware. Icloud and apps are one thing, but come on - the flashlight and inability to receive the calls that I pay T-mobile for - Really?

Posted by Frustrated

It's terrible to see Apple CC service being turned so WORST, I had never ever witnessed this poor service in ages. On a average the wait time to speak to a person is 45 MINUTES!! and upon that the CC agents have no idea why they want to transfer, they just blindly transfer, and transfer to wrong department. I have been struggling for more than a week now to get resolved my issue related to a gift card that I purchased. This was a BLUNDER that I did. Horrible CC service, GOOD BYE TO APPLE, Good that Steve Jobs passed away before seeing apple in this situation. Tim Cook, APPLE is getting COOKED and Customers are BEING OVER COOKED. Improve before you are gone out of market.

Posted by BaldEagle

I've tried calling a particular store for an appointment, but the call gets switched to tech support. I've made 4 calls, three holding for 5 minutes and one holding for over 15 before hanging up. Really frustrating. So now I have to go to the store to make a reservation.

Posted by Anonymous

tried to return a 6 month old iPad that had died (hot to the touch, not power up). Told had to be sent in to be examined and would take 7-10 business days. Unit in pristine condition. Would have gotten a new toaster if returned to Target! own multiple Apple devices and have had many more over the years. Apple is rotting?

Posted by Aplenty stinks67

You make an appointment to go to the store to repair your phone. To make the appointment for the closest store, you have to call a call center and wait on hold for 25 minutes to make an appointment. My appointment was 6 days out. But this appointment is really just an appointment to check in your phone. Then your phone goes to the eND of the repair line. What a screwed up process. Apple is supposed to be a superior product. You would think their support process would be also


The customer service at the Ottawa bayshore apple store is absolute sht! One guy especially was super rude and condescending. I asked him to help me with my phone and not only did he not help me but he started to lecture me in front of all the other employees. It was early in the morning and there were only a few people in the store. I wish I had recorded his rude behavior and shown it to the manager but I guess it's too late now. I remember at the end he was said, " If you'll excuse me I have a more important family to serve now." I said thank you and he completely ignored me and walked away. The employee had brown hair and glasses. He looked young enough to be in university. Anyhow he is a complete shame to the entire young adult population in Canada. I really hope I NEVER have to see him again because I might lose my temper and punch him in the face. He would deserved it. DON'T GO TO THE OTTAWA BAYSHORE APPLE STORE!

Posted by Allenred

I went to the apple store in Ottawa to get advice about something. I asked the employee a question and he literally started yelling at me in front of the entire store. The entire time he was talking he was just repeating the same thing over and over again as if I was too dumb to understand what he was trying to say. It felt like he was trying to get rid of me as soon as possible. I am not kidding I felt like crying because his tone was so harsh. I was appalled at his behavior and I honestly cannot believe that anyone would ever pay him to talk to costumers. If I was his manager I would fire him immediately. He is an absolute atrocious disgrace to Apple and I seriously hope he loses his job because I never ever want to encounter him at the Apple store ever again. WORST ABSOLUTE APPLE EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add your review!

Posted by Chris

I hate, hate, HATE the automated customer service system in place with Apple support. Even thought the end result was fine, getting there was a huge pain and only enraged me by having deal with speaking to a machine.

Posted by Aleksandr

I have to say that I customer service of my life yesterday. I had issue with my iPhone where I was not able to send or receive any text messages. First I contacted Verizon and they could not figure it out, all they could is blame it on Apple saying it is an issue with my iphone 6s and tried to convince me into upgrading my phone. I called Apple Support, and went through several people helping me out and I received best support and in about an hour we were able to figure out the problem (it came out to be problem with Verizon Network and Verizon had to fix it for me since I had all the proof on my hands after talking to Apple). Thanks Apple for all those wonderful people that helped me yesterday and kept in contact with me even when I got interrupted... Thank you guys and have a wonderful New Years...

Posted by Julie karim

Can't thank the team enough they have being amazing help the last 2 wks and so friendly well done apple team

Posted by Bianca

Someone had just tired to hack into my computer, so I immediately rang the support team because I had no idea what to do. They weren't letting me close anything down, or turn my computer off. I tried force quitting my systems, but of course that didn't work either. I had no idea what was going on. All I was doing was watching Netflix, so I found it very strange.
I rang the support team, and was put onto this lovely gentleman who gave me the name of a software to download for extra protection on my Mac. He stayed on the line with me until it was downloaded and up and running incase anything else happened.
He was very nice, and he knew the answers to all my questions. So thank you so much! You are my saviour for the year I swear! Thank you!

Posted by TekAlot


My Iphone6plus had issues. After doing a walk in at apple, I called in to the call center.

They were understanding with my claims, and did without haste had me to send my phone to them. Three days later I received a working phone in the mail.... WTF

Can't wait to get the Iphone 8

Posted by ?

I had a very nice man help me through the problems I was having with my iPhone 5s along with the troubleshooting we did together to see if my backups were good for the iOS 10. I don't know how to give that man a good 'Very Satisfied' rating. How do you do that? Do you get something in the mail?

Posted by vishal amble


in the Indian markets samsung flaunts that they are in competition with apple. do u know what ios the reason for this. they have captured the market from 1000 rupees to a lakh rupees. Apple has been only in higher versions of iphones. i wouldnt say that it is wrong. i suggest apple that they should enter the market with basic mobiles to top mpst iphones. they shall enter from bar phones with scroll pad to iphones. then see the market will be solely owned by apple. this is my view. rest left to apple.

Thanking you

Vishal amble

Posted by 7 Ang Mo Kio Street 64 Singapore

Literally had the best experience with the apple customer service and support.Thought there is no other way to retrieve my apple id and password including the email but nevertheless, he kept trying different ways to help me out. Staying real patient and understanding enough, im so happy with the apple service that he have provided me.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I called Apple Support and they were phenomenal unfortunately I didn't get the chance to thank the person. So for anyone who is need of Apple assistance 10/10 would recommend calling apple.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to applaud and recognize the Apple worker Allen who works at the Mall of America location. I had an insanely unusual problem with my phone and he stayed with me and helped the entire time and wouldn't give up until my problem was fixed. Thank you Allen!

Posted by Anonymous

Very nice had charges to my credit card from iTunes I did not make money was refunded the next day all the people I spoke to where very helpful and spoke English

Posted by Anonymous

I bought my Apple iMac four years ago, and love the computer. As an older adult woman, I have found it very helpful to belong to One-to-One in order to learn what was needed for me to enjoy my computer to the utmost. One-to-One is a marvelous service for your customers, and a great sales tool for selling new computers, especially to older adults. Now I hear you will be discontinuing One-to-One. That is devastating to me, as I am sure I could never have learned as much on my own, nor in workshops. Workshops are great for younger folks, but for us older users, we often need more. One-to-One has given me that. I don't know how many people I have told about One-to-One, and said what a god-send it has been for me. People have been amazed that at 80 years old, I produced an iMovie with voice-over and music. I told them I couldn't have done it without an Apple Computer and the help of the One-to-One classes. I believe I have convinced many people to buy a MAC for their next computer.

Please reconsider eliminating One-to-One. I'm not sure I would ever buy another computer if I didn't have such a wonderful service to help me learn my way around the new computer.

Thank you,

Joanna Olson

Posted by Kartik

After 6 months of Purchasing IPhone 6, I started facing Overheating Problems with my Phone, when I contacted Customer Support in next 2 days my IPhone got replaced with Extended Warranty.

Posted by iCustomer!

I had an issue with my iPhone 5 battery not holding an ample charge. I was disappointed to learn my device ESN was not included in the recall issued by Apple. Nevertheless I phoned Apple and they were very friendly. The tech services support rep troubleshot my phone and verified the battery was indeed only at 56% capacity (meaning even when fully charged it only lasted 56% compared to normal battery capacity. She then proceeded to let me know that since Apple valued us as loyal customers she was going to cover the battery anyway even though it was outside of normal warranty, (but since this device was actually a replacement device from its original). She then contacted the Apple store in Kenwood, (where I was enrollee to during our conversation), she got a rep on the line from the store who was able to squeeze me in for next day service. But when I explained I was in the parking lot she cheerfully replied, "well come on in and we'll get you taken care of now!" Awesome service! Way to go Apple. You exceeded my expectations! Im not saying Apple can and should do this in every instance, (company replaces batteries and devices forever that are out of warranty and they'd go out of business quick. But we had this problem for awhile and Apple did not try to side step me with technicalities -- they just point blank took care of the problem-- all the same day! Happy and Loyal Apple iCustomer!

Posted by dani

I was very happy actually with how quick I was able to get through, I didn't have a wait time that was longer than 3 minutes, which is totally good in my opinion. They listened to exactly what my problem was, helped me and told me what exactly to do to fix the problem! Shay was very nice, and was a great help!

Posted by Simon

I have owned Macs since 2007. I have three Mac minis (2009) and two Macbook Airs.

Two months ago, my 2012 would not charge properly. It looked like the cable went bad along with the I/O board. Repair came to $70ish. They waved the labour rate. Seemed fine until a few weeks ago. The MBA crashed while suing it with the screen of 12 languages. This told me it was hardware...

Diagnostics said fan failure. Went to apple. They confirmed and said it would be anywhere from a failed fan to logic board. However, because I was in two months earlier, whatever the cost, they would eat it. This surprised me. I was stunned really. It was two years out of warranty when I brought it in two months ago. To eat it was a complete surprise. The total cost ended up being close to $600. I walked out 1.5 days later with no charge.

I can see there are many bad reviews on this site, but I find my experience to be contrary to this. I feel that people tend to write more about bad experiences than good. I have had many interactions and all have been good. I'd be curious to if some locations are worse than others. Would be nice if we could selection the Apple Store location or specify call centre. This would help us customer identify problem locations. Just a thought.

Posted by Catherine

After an exceptionally frustrating experience with Best Buy's terrible Geek Squad service, I was so relieved by how I was treated by Apple that I cannot be thankful enough. After being sarcastically accused of dropping my otherwise damage-free Macbook Pro at Best Buy, and inquiring about fixing a clutch cover that was cracked (which should have been covered under my protection plan), I left the store disgusted and feeling cheated and drove to the Apple Store.

The representatives at the Apple store were so respectful, kind and delivered fast and thorough service. They quoted me a fair estimate that was a quarter of the price that Best Buy had (for a 15 dollar part), and told me the system would be returned in 5-7 days (instead of two or more weeks without a promise of repair at all from Best Buy). Apple has gained a customer for life. Best Buy has lost my service completely.

Posted by sey sen

i just bought MACBOOK AIR 2015 on May 27. bcoz i simply know right away that specs and performance are the #BEST compared to the NEW MACBOOK regardless of the retina display. i was supposed to wait for the MACBOOK AIR 13" retina display but i badly needed it already for my job. I just hope #APPLE wud upgrade the AIR to retina while still having the specs and performance bcoz its simply the best. :)

Posted by nela

I had a problem with my iPhone and I went straight to the apple customer service chat. A women named Jamaica assisted me. She was very helpful and very, very kind. It was my first time having a problem with my phone and She walked me through the steps to fix my phone and was very clear to me. I cant stop talking about her because I never met someone as sweet as her. I am looking forward to my next problem with my phone because I know it will be as great as this one. She made my day. Before I restarted my phone she game me my serial number for the problem and said if it ever happens again to contact them again and give the serial number then they will start right from where we ended off. Thank you so much Jamaica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Prashant

Hi Apple Team,

Start with ''Thank you Rama Reddy" company who is best in technology and has Charming Empathizing customer support simply leads to be the "Most valuable Brand in the World"

My Experience

A proud owner of Mac Book pro, anything can happen to a machine anytime, my hard disk crashed as per the analysis of ample technologies RT nagar Bangalore and i got a quotation of 16000/- which was a tough information to digest, 14th month experienceing such a problem, as it is my bad luck the 2nd month after my warranty my HDD crashed. Hence, i called apple customer care to share the situation, and let me tell you every person i spoke to was a true listener and not just saying i can understand but understanding the situation. I am sorry i don't remember everyone's name.

Rakshith Kulkarni was the first person who took this up - thanks Rakshith

as there was miss-commutation gap with him, while i reached apple again and shared the situation to Rama Reddy and he took over this immediately with full interest, later Rakshith reached me the same day @ 9PM asking for the required documents even after telling him that i could not reach you i called back asking your colleagues to connect to you but they just dint take the easy way but heard me, asking how can i help me ? Telling Rakshith, Rama your colleague took this up, Even then Rakshith still showed interest and took my Email ID to continue to take it up. that was WOW!

With all of you guys i sense the spirit. YOU ALL are not just someone or working for anyone or working anywhere .

APPLE is a honour and achievement- working for them and being a customer today has reached the same level of satisfaction, this shows the quality of the root till the fruit.

> Purshuram @ icare @ bangalore @ RT Nagar - attended me very well, explained very well, . worthfull quality resource

> Rakshith Kulkarni and Rama Reddy - diamonds in terms of empathy and communication and support.

Excited to collect the product @ June 1st or 31st may if the service center is open.

Thank you again Rama

Cheers Apple

Happy Alive customer

Prashant chatlani & Priyanka Kinger

Posted by syd

I used the chat method to talk to an Apple employee about an issue I was having with my messaging app where is kept crashing every time I opened it no matter what I did. Apple's online chatting method was easy to use and I was connected with one of their employees in less than a minute. The worker's name was Michael and he was very kind and helpful. He asked me a few questions and then told me step by step what to do to fix the problem and it worked!

Posted by Anonymous

had the most complicated issue ever involving my scanner/printer manufacturer and apple, which none were very willing to take responsibility for. I nearly just kicked the printer (just joking, I need it for work) but this guy Adam from Apple spent over an hour talking me through it and tried everything he suspected might work - even though at this point we were sure the problem was on the manufacturer's side - and it worked!

Posted by Anonymous

I called Apple about my iPhone 5S. I was having trouble importing my pictures to my computer and my screen had been flickering for a few months. I was nervous to call customer support because I know very little about phones and such and was afraid that they wouldn't help me. I had also read some Apple customer service reviews that were mostly negative. I called anyway and I was so happy that I did. Their automated answering machine walked me through a few very simple steps in order to reach someone to help me. I was talking to a real person in under five minutes. Her name was Leesha and she was extremely friendly and helpful. She didn't make me feel stupid and addressed all of my concerns. She advised me to back my phone up to a computer and then to call back when I was at a computer so that they could help me.
I called back about two weeks later and had the same kind of experience. I got through to a customer service rep within three minutes. His name was Thomas and he was fantastic. He walked me through a better way to import my pictures because the problem ended up being my lack of experience, and then stayed on the line with me for the entire time it took my about 2,000 pictures and 44 videos to import, about half an hour, to make sure that they all imported correctly. He told me to try to do a factory reset to remedy the flickering, but said it was most likely a hardware problem. He said that if that was the case, they would either repair it or replace it.
Both of the customer service reps were very helpful and neither of them made me feel stupid, which I very much appreciated. I had a really positive experience with the Apple customer service.

Posted by ChudsonHRT

Most of these comments are partially or completely false. In my experience with apple customer service, I have NEVER had someone who spoke poor english. The worst accent I have heard was one who had to be from Texas. This is a far cry from most technical support being based out of foreign call centers staffed by people whom barely speak english at all. Also, people complain about hold times. This is ignorant or just plain dumb. You have the option of them calling you back when available or setting up a time for them to call online. If people are waiting on hold for a live person it is because the choose to do so.

The first line support staff are always very kind and if I share with them the steps I have already taken to troubleshoot my problem, it makes the process take just a couple minutes. If it is an issue the first line can't fix, they will pass me on within moments. I have never hung up the phone or ended a chat session that I have been dissatisfied with their support. What people must understand is that most calls are from people who simply do not know how to work a device. First line support is to take care of these issues and filter the ones through that need to talk with a technician. If you help them by telling them the steps you have already taken, they will walk you through the remaining trouble shooting steps and pass you to the technician if your problem is not solved.

My only complaint about Apple at this point is, I cannot afford an additional MacBook Pro for my small business. Given a few years, I will hopefully have all our computers switched over to MAC.

Posted by Anonymous

Talked to the customer support and they were great! Less than 10 mins later my problem was solved

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Posted by coloradoemployee

I am a apple employee. I service iOs products (iPhone,iPad,iPod etc).. I will agree with a few employee/ex-employee's here. Apple does NOT care about the workers. We can be the best there, with 95% customer service Csat scores.. Apple does NOT give employees time to understand new iOs software or new products being put out, we are given 2 days beforehand. So when customers call in with the expectation of US being knowledgeable on new things, its impossible. I also DREAD going into work.. We get calls every 8-10 seconds after ending one, we have at least 100 customers waiting to be serviced. That is a 20-30 minute hold easily. Then WE get the blunt end of the angry customers.. What YOU customers need to understand is the fact that YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY APPLE OWNER WITH AN ISSUE! If you need technical support, you will get tech support. If you treat us like its our fault, its not a great feeling. WE help fix the issue at hand. If you demand help and place blame on us, remember this, we do NOT make the product! We are horribly treated employees not only by Apple but also by YOU the consumer!! That is unfair! All I have been reading with the negative comments is the simple fact that, A. You were too cheap to purchase extra warranty on your product! B. You have your hand out, like give me, give me, give me... free, free, free!! C. You have to blame someone else for your broken/worn out Apple Product... D. You do not keep up with your soft ware updates, and want to blame us for it. E. You refuse to do any troubleshooting and expect someone else to do it for you.. I can literally list the alphabet 2-3 different times with the problems you customers have. We are underpaid, over worked and are expected to deliver more than what we receive. So for all you Apple customers, let that sink in. Apple wants us to gain knowledge about how you use your products and just upscale the company, while we are on a time limit. We HAVE to make you call us back during a backup/restore because if not, we're fired for going over the average handling time. When we try and further assist you and we have to transfer you to a "product specialist" that hold time can easily exceed 20-30 minutes, which again we are disciplined for "hold time". So before you go and talk such horrible negative things about the customer service care, realize that we can only do so much!! I am currently seeking employment elsewhere. The company i work for is a subcompany of Apple, we aren't even actual Apple employees.. wrap your heads around that one.

Posted by Anonymous

I work for Apple tech support. And it's easier to work with our customers if they call in and know exactly what they want. Or that they're prepared for their phone to be troubleshooted.

Posted by Anonymous

I too work for apple. Shame on you previous posters about how its some "other" agents that dont know their job and to weed them out. I've been doing CS at other places for 7 years. I'm done with training and have learned hardly anything. The calls I have been getting have nothing to do with anything that we were trained on. The internal system that is used for calls is bogus. Its faster and easier to use google than to try and weed through a bunch of nonsense. Further more I dead going to work everyday since at other places i've been told that I do an amazing job and I was the top performer BUT at Apple I'm not doing anything right when they want us to basically patronize the customers. They dont care about resolutions. They claim there is no script but their metrics are beyond what is normal. If they really cared about their CS people they woundnt be on their backs after every single call and make them feel like they are nothing. I know I am a great CS agent I dont need Apple telling me that i'm horrible and call it "coaching". If I really am horrible at CS than how have I been doing it for 7 years? How come I have never been fired and only received praise at my previous employers? You are a good company as a whole but why are you treating people that actually want to work for you like complete crap? Is that how you "weed" people out? I hope I can get a new job somewhere else soon cuz I do not want to work for a company who is so negative. Instead of focusing on what people are doing wrong why not also let them know what they are doing right? Every customer on here has the right to be upset over Apple CS reps I dont blame a single one of them.

Posted by Anonymous

Ok for all of you to know: i work for apple and if you ever change anything to do with your account for it to completely take effect on a device you will need to sign out of your apple id and back in for the changes to take complete effect.

Posted by just sayin

like others that have posted, i too work as a tech. adviser for apple. i trouble shoot apple routers and apple tv's. the last call of my day was spent with a woman that speaks broken english who cant sign in to netflix on apple tv. i asked customer to please try and sign in to netflix on a computer. after 10 min of her fighting me to just try, finally does. "unable to sign in, email address or password is invalid." i pleasantly explained why i cant help, and recommended following prompts on netflix website. she became irate and asked to speak to someone else. apologized, went to my senior adviser. wait time took 4 min. customer disconnected call. this is one instance of potentially 30 or so in a day. the customer is now furious at me, apple, apple tv, and netflix...... how is that at all apples fault? i had a firm tone towards the end of that call because i am not a whipping boy nor am i a phycologist. i am a tech adviser, and technically... the product was working as expected...and i advise logical deduction.

in no way am i directly speaking on apples behalf, also you should read reviews here for other companies.

Posted by Indebted Servitude

I concur with the above poster with Apple being the worst employment experience of my life.
-Had to ask permission to use the restroom from managers that were 10 years younger than me.
-Had to explain to management the nuances of how desktop/laptop components work before THEY could make a decision to charge my customers for repairing their issue since they were hired due to their big-box retail skills (GAP, Crate & Barrel) not because they had a thorough background in computers.
-Myself as well as 200 customers witnessed a manager publicly berate a subordinate so severely that his face turned beet red as he began crying while trying to maintain any composure.
-Witnessed an ASM(Assistant Store Manager) not only refuse an employee's request to visit the Emergency Room but then gave erroneous medical advice by indicating hand sanitizer would kill the potentially infectious agent.
-Was one of 5 people who heard an ASM interrupt a Mac Genius as he had a customer's macbook apart only to ask why he had been with his current for 6 minutes longer than allowed. The ASM then told the Mac Genius that he should seek other employment.
-Was told by ASMs to ignore post part repair/replacement to ignore hardware test failures and to call customers to pickup their "completed" repairs.

Extremely unprofessional and nefarious company that gives the impression that they aren't like other companies until they have your money.

Posted by mrsjasonvoorhees

Working for Apple, I can tell you firsthand that, as with any call center, you have good advisors and not so good advisors. Company supervisors cannot listen to every single call and cannot "weed out" every not so skilled advisor, although if you aren't good at what you do, it does eventually catch up with you. I empathize with anyone who is unfortunate and gets one of "those" advisors that does not give them the support Apple is known for. Rest assured if you ever need to call Apple and you get me on the phone, you won't be disappointed.

Posted by kwb

oh and actually mr anonymous apple support advisors all have an apple computer to use at work at least. I would know working for them. We don't just read from a script if we don't know how to solve everything we research the issue on the spot so you may get people who aren't any good at that. Anyone could figure out how to trouble shoot there computer if they knew how to use google. There are not a lot of reasons people should have to call.

Posted by Moof

This was the worst employment experience of my life. Incompetent management and discriminatory practices.

I would not recommend that anyone I know work for Apple


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