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    • 50 negative comments (98.04%)
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Posted by Contact Customer service

I have been going to Anytime Fitness Center at 7580 E. 9 Mile Rd., Warren, MI 48091 for 2 years now and these last 8 months have been the worsed. They change management just like you change the months of the year. Sometimes weeks. Last May they got rid of my trainer without notifying me. I trained with her for a year. He gave me anither trainer whom got promoted so he referred me to another trainer in August of 2016. My journey from there has gone down hill she kept forgetting about my session so I wen to management this trainer named Tony volunteered to be my new trainer. He's gone. But before that he missed 3 of my sessions. And I haven't neen trained or had a session since February 4th. I spoke to Phil who is the new person in management. He's been prosmising me a new trainer for a month now still no trainer and they still keep taking my money. He said that I will get my money back and that he will have a trainer call me. Well I'm tired of trying to get him to cooperate with me. I've done what he asked me to. My training session with Tony was at 8 a.m. on Saturday. Phil asked me to come in at 9 a.m. he would have someone to call me and setup an appointment anotther month has gone by no trainer has called me or shown up on Saturday. I'm at my wits ends and I'm getting frustrated cause he's giving me the run around. Needless to say just by chance I was at the gym when Phil got there. I informed him of who I was and that he promised to have a trainer for me at 9 oclock on Saturdays. He saysvthey had an emergency meeting at their location on 22 mile rd okay that's find and dandy. No one has yet to call me or show on on staurday so I just workout on my own. But again they're taking my MONEY and I'm not getting my sessions this makes 12 sessions MISSED he has yet to call me regarding the return of my money. Nor has he scheduled for one of his trainers to call me. This will be my 5th Trainer since last May. I don't want another trainer but I can't break my contract. This is UNFAIR to me as a client/customer. I went to the gym this padt Saturday which was April 8, 2017. The lock didn't work no one was at the gym until management showed up. Phil claimed that if no trainer shows up he would make it his business to be at the gym on Saturday at 8:50 since He was the one who changed my time from 8am to 9am. Well needless to say he was a no show just like his so callex trainer. Yes he put my name in that book but NOBODY hasbyet to call me for a training session. I'm getting tired of the run around by management. Please help me out. I want my money for the missed training and I want my contract changed to where I pay as I get trained or cancelled. I've done what I am supposed to do. Again I'm tired of the run around. This coming Saturday will be my 13th missed session. I will be stopping the payments from coming out of my account since I can't get the service promised to me.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a member in Indiana and have always had great support and success. When traveling in Florida the gym temperatures are kept at unsafe temperature levels for exercising. Body temperature increases 20 degrees while exercising. The gym temperature at the Lake whales location is kept at 74-75 degrees. This is unsafe. The corporation should have a policy that franchises keep their temperatures between 65-68 degrees for the safety of their members. This is the optimal temperature guidelines by the American council of sports medicine. Very concerned and frustrated that I can not utilize these gyms while I could pass out or have a stroke trying to stay healthy while away from my home gym.

Posted by Anonymous

I thought anytime fitness is open 24/7.My husband and I went to the hamburg location on Christmas day come to find out it was closed. ...We drove 20 minutes to the Schuylkill Haven location which was open.I feel we should be compensated 4 our gas. Considering Hamburg location is only 5 minutes from our home. I would appreciate it if you would check into this matter on why the Hamburg location was closed on Christmas Day. Thank you.My phone number

Posted by Anonymous

There was no one at the club to facilitate a new member transaction. Poor operating procedures for a company this large!

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern, 11/1812016

In July of this year your gym (Latrobe Pa.) was starting a Zumba class in which I participated. I was told after 2 weeks of classes that if I wanted to continue to attend this class I had to become a member of the gym. Since that was the only part I was interested in I signed up for a year. I was given a 3 month free trial. Now 4 months later the management is telling me they are not honoring my membership to continue the classes. There will be an added fee for me to continue this class. As much as, if not more that I pay for my membership .I didn�t want the membership to start with, I was just interested in the Zumba classes . I work a lot of the time & gym time was not important to me. As I work hard for my money paying one membership was all I could afford .So tell me how you can change the contract that I signed in the middle of the year. I was misled to think I could join & be able to do the class. I have expressed wanting to discuss this with the owner but I was told that he is never around so they would give him my contact info to no avail. I have also found out that my insurance would pay toward my membership but management does not want to hear about it. They are sorry they can�t do anything about that. In other words they will not assist me in any way to make it possible for me to continue the class�Is this how you treat all your paying customers �just toss them out like they are not important �all I want to do is take these classes & they are taking them away from me. I think I deserve better treatment than this, I have been misled & I believe that I should be able to have my money work for me the way I choose. I am requesting that the remnants of a membership that I will not use be terminated & the payments go toward the classes that are offered. I am entitled to a response to this matter. Please take a look at this proposal . Thank You

This is a letter I wrote to the corporate office of anytime fitness� Apparently they just ignored it like the management from the gym that I am paying for the misleading membership�all I am asking is to cancel my membership that I am not using to let me put that amount of money toward Zumba classes that is all I set out to do . I don�t have time to do anything else. I would appreciate an answer.

Posted by Anonymous

I received a call at 9:32 pm from a company called ABC financial regarding an outstanding bill. Ive NEVER seen a piece of mail or any correspondence before this! 2 years ago, I cancelled my membership with Anytime Fitness, and now all of a sudden, while I'm sleeping, I get a call out of nowhere about an outstanding bill?!?!?! This is beyond ridiculous! If my credit is affected by some incompetence from YOUR billing department, I'm seeking legal action!

Posted by Anonymous

l know really really sorry for your manager and customer servive at PF at antioch l know l am foreigner my english was not fluent like them but they should not fun on me while l ask my complain soecially a guy.
I do not want to tell you what happen me taday oct 3,2016 because when l think l hurt my self.

Posted by Anonymous

Updated my card info through their billing company. An extra $44 was withdrawn from account along with my monthly fee. Now my card info was stolen. Just saying.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been calling A fitness in Elgin Tx. No one is returning my calls.I don't understand why a business does not return my 3 messages left since last week.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is crystal Mauney I just became a member this Friday at anytime fitness in BorgerTx and I've been trying to work out all weekend long my key does not work I'm not happy I arranged for a sitter for my 7yr old to wk out and can't someone needs to fix my key asap or I'm going to cancel my key number is my phone

Posted by Anonymous

The Union Missouri branch is run by a person named Edwin. By far the most unprofessional hothead I have ever dealt with in my 48 years of doing business on all levels . after 10 minutes with this moron I got in my car and drove to the nearest competitor and signed up immediately. You should screen your franchisees a lot more carefully if you want to build a national brand and have success

Posted by Anonymous

I had a break in my work schedule and came to work out at 3869 W. Erwin St.,Anytime Fitness in Tyler Texas. After my workout I needed to shower and get back to wor. The shower was filthy, the floor in the bathroom was filthy and has dust accumulated around baseboards...has not been cleaned recently, the toilet seat was filthy with urination dried on it so had been sitting for some time. There was no soap container for use in the shower and the soap container by the sink for washing hands was completely empty...not one drop of soap came out. Very unhappy.

Posted by Roberto

I am disgusted with the fact that Anytime Fitness in Hopkinsville, Kentucky closed down without any notification to its members. I am even more than pissed off that upon contacting ABC Financial to ensure my account was closed as described on the front door of Anytime Fitness in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, I find out that my account was placed into collections with First Credit Services. I spent over an hour with ABC FINANCIAL attempting to resolve this considering that I have PAID my account!!! I have been bounced around by member services, member services supervisors while requesting to speak to a manager to assist in resolving this problem. I also made contact with First Credit Services, the company in which my personal information was passed to without my approval and appears to be a company which is in another country. I will never ever recommend to anyone to apply or obtain a membership with ANYTIME FITNESS as it does terrible business and evidently the company's that handle their affairs are worthless also.

Posted by Anonymous

Firstly, i was unaware that i had entered into a contract as the lady told me i only need to give 30 days notice to cancel. Since I am unemployed and am experiencing hardship paying the dues, i went in to cancel. The personal trainer, who signed me up, told me that i cannot cancel. She yelled at me and said 'you knew you didn't have a job when you signed up', very sarcastic. She was very nasty, lacked people skills, unprofessional and rude. I do not wish to go back to that gym because of the way she treated me.

Posted by Anonymous

Sherwin Williams just came out with this new product "Paint shield " I have three clinics we requesting this to be applied . I think this is good marketing being the first gym to have this product. It kills 99.9% of the The bacteria from Mercer staff and other. If you have any questions you can call me my name is Ken

Posted by divese

I have belonged to your club for over a year. Last year due to working conditions I had to suspend my club member ship. It never happened. I was charged for 3 months and an annual club fee before my membership was put on hold. By then I was ready to start up again. Never got my money back. Spent hours on the phone and finally gave up. My key fob would work on and off, which required me to come in to the gym at times when I usually do not go to the gym to get that fixed. I am now, today trying to contact someone to put membership on hold due to a surgery I need. Spent over 2 hours today doing this. GAVE UP. I called my bank and paid a fee to stop auto deduction. Never coming back to your club. Will pay twice as much for another club then deal with this. And will spread the word to stay away from anytime fitness. Steven Egle

Posted by Markaty1212

The Anytime Fitness in Burleson, TX is HORRIBLE. I've called and showed up three days in a row and was given three different prices and apparently the girl who told me a price never said it. OK, I would recommend this gym to the rudest person I know because of how rude the staff was.

Posted by Angel

If I am ever back in Muscatine I will never go to Anytime Fitness for the disrespect that they show to our military today in Muscatine Iowa whoever the manager is whoever she is over it Anytime Fitness in Muscatine Iowa in the Muscatine Mall you should be ashamed of yourself for the way you treated our military service and the firemen and all that Shame Shame Shame

Posted by mybeachhousesk

I have been trying to report equipment problems and no one ever responds. I am a member of the Anytime Fitness at 11700 Oakhurst Road in Seminole Florida. The Tread Mills never seem to get serviced. 4 of the safety clips have been broken for over 5 months. These clips stop the tread mills if a person falls. I would think this would be a liability to the Franchise if a member gets injured especially when this has been reported several times. Some of the treadmills have poor or no audio. Cant someone have the courtesy to at least respond. This is a nice Gym. Just needs some repairs to the treadmills that are long over due. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Posted by meril013

First let me start by saying that I love your organization, and I have never had any problems with any of the locations I have visited. That being said, I had one of the worst customer service experiences I have had in quite a while yesterday. It was at the Little Canada location in Minnesota. It also started about 2 months ago and spoke to a woman on the phone about canceling my membership once my contract was up because I moved about an hour away, and there weren't any other locations that were close by. She informed me that my last payment would be coming out at the end of February, and that I would be able to use the gym until the end of March if I would like. I also asked her about the yearly fee I had been charged at the beginning of March the year before, and she told me that because that would be after my last payment, that I would not be charged that again. She also told me that to cancel my membership without being charged again, all I would have to do is come in sometime in March. Flash forward to about a week ago, and I contacted the gym to notify them I would like to cancel my membership. I got a response back from the general manager, Reid. Two of my friends who just moved also had anytime fitness, and they had a very smooth cancellation process. They both just emailed the club, one about a week before their contract was up, and the other about 2 weeks, and the people they spoke with took care of them via email, and no payments were taken out after that. I had a much different experience with Reid. First, he informed me that I had to come in to the club and cancel, even though I explained to him that I now live about an hour away. He said that didn't matter, it was an anytime fitness policy, even though 2 of my friends just did it via email. So either he lied to me, or your franchises are not very consistent. This one on February 24th. I informed him that I would not be able to make it in that week, and asked him when I needed to cancel by so I was not charged anything else. He ignored that email for about 6 days, until yesterday, when I noticed that $39 had come out of my account, even though one of his employees assured me it would not be coming out. I emailed him yesterday and asked him to remove that charge, and that I would be driving to the gym that night to cancel. He told me we could discuss it once I came it. When I got there, he told me that I actually was supposed to cancel earlier, and that I was going to be charged at the end of March as well. I informed him I would not be doing that, because his employee told me to come in in March to cancel, which I did. In addition to that, I had tried to cancel 6 days earlier, and I asked him when I needed to come in by, and he just ignored me. I also talked to him about taking the $39 charge off of my account, and he told me he wasn't able to do that, and had the nerve to try and get me to not cancel my account after I just went through all of this. It was a really unpleasant experience, and a huge waste of time. I understand each location is independently owned an operated, but if you are going to tell me something is an "anytime fitness policy" then all clubs should be abiding by those policies. And if these are in fact your policies, I think it is a bit ridiculous that you are required to cancel you membership, in person, at the club that you originally signed up at. Like I said, up until this point, I have had a great experience with your club, and I always recommend my friends and family to sign up with you, but after finding out how difficult it is to cancel, I'm not sure I will be doing that any more.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst gym ever. Every time I tried to call them they never answered and no one is ever in the gym.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello me and my wife wanted to work out sadly we never used the membership we tryied opting out cause of no use we was told that we couldnt stop the contract unless we lived 15 miles away from the closest anytime when i have questions to ask they never answer the phone or call back if message is left i will never ever use this gym even if i had time

Posted by Anonymous

Just canceled membership after several years because the gym is dirty, stinks and they play the music too loud. The owners went through a divorce and the husband has not kept it up. The manager sits on his phone all day and doesn't fix broken equipment and plays his type of loud music. This is in moses lake,wa

Posted by Anonymous

my daughter i were very much enjoying our membership at the weatherford anytime. staff on duty,clean facilities friendly staff and patrons. unfortunately we had to move to the granbury location no staff, no cleaning no help and god forbid you try to get any of fixed, youll have false allegations leveled against you and be woke up in the middle of the night by the owner and threatened and subjected to harassment as your intellect is questioned.

Posted by Anonymous

So Sad That They Took My Money And Never Ever Contacted Me. I Was Told That The Signing Of Papers Was To Hold A Rate Instead They Took My Money With Out Contactinge Ever> Never By Phone Or Mail.

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Posted by Anonymous

I had previously filed a complaint on the Anytime Fitness franchise in Munising, MI because of a breach of privacy by a previous employee. I just wanted to give an update. The District Manager Jaimie Thayer was wxtremwly helpful and was dismayed to learn of the incident. She went out of her way to make sure I was ok and wanted to make sure I was a satisfied customer. She did everything she could to assure me the situation would never occur again. I have now returned to the gym and glad we were able work it out. She could t fix the breach of privacy but her dismay and helpfulness resolved the situation. Thanks again to Jaimie, these are the types of people you want representing your company, she is wonderful.

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