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Anthem Blue Cross customer service is ranked #886 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 18.64 out of a possible 200 based upon 227 ratings. This score rates Anthem Blue Cross customer service and customer support as Terrible.


226 Negative Comments out of 227 Total Comments is 99.56%.


1 Positive Comment out of 227 Total Comments is 0.44%.

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  • Anthem Blue Cross

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    • 18.64 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 226 negative comments (99.56%)
    • 1 positive comments (0.44%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
    • 1.6 Reachability
    • 1.1 Cancellation
    • 3.1 Friendliness
    • 2.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Tom OSullivan

The worst company ever. Referrals from my primary have been denied. Meds from my psychiatrist have been questioned, denied and changed. Are you an insurance company or a health care provider. If the latter, ring me up and let's schedule and appointment. Why would I even bother with my doctors, when you seem to be providing my care.?

Posted by Tom OSullivan

Need I say mor? The overwhelming negative reviews say enough. WOW. I would never in a million years even beg to be an associate o of this company. And, I'm currently statused as homeless.

Posted by useless insurance,

I purchased anthem blue cross in 2016 PPO plan specifically because my hospital and doctors were all out of network. Then in 2017 anthem got rid of PPO and changed me to an epo without my knowledge or consent. Now none of my doctors accept epo and I have to have back surgery and pay out of pocket. In addition I paid 117 dollars more for an epo which is useless...for ten months.

Posted by Tom

Many calls and many hours trying to simply cancel my policy. Even after to talking to someone I am continuing to receive statements two months after cancelig

Posted by chicago777777

My name is Carol Halpin I have Anthem Blue Cross in Nevada my member I have contacted customer service three times with no results. You have sent me a letter saying my insurance is cancelled do to no payments for Dec & Jan, I have faxed a copy of both checks signed & cashed by Blue Cross I have also faxed a copy of my bank statement to the billing dept 3 times. I have also sent emails with checks attached to Blue Cross, it is going on for a month with no results or any follow up from anyone??

Posted by Anonymous

do not use anthem. they have absolutely no customer service. i cancelled my poilicy before it ever ent into effect. they had a computer glitch and began taking money out of my checking account. not once..not twice but 3 times and that was after i called for a refund. it had been almost a month and no refund. you will wait on hold for 40 min. and then they hang up on you.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm, A Brown, I am still going thru a horrible time with this co.. I had attempted to cancel numerous times, when I was finally told I was cancelled, it was a lie. They continued to withdraw monies from my acc for almost a year, umbenoynced to me. When I found out I was furious!!they promised me a refund check, that I am still waiting on. Thinking bout a law suit. Emotional distress.Hard to talk to a human about any matter. 20 min or better wait on the phone. I WANT MY REFUND CHECK!!

Posted by Michael

I hate this company...I payed faithfully for 9 years...there automatic system said I was payed up, it was I'm canceled and can't get anybody on the line. When you call keeps hanging up on you.

Posted by Clif

Anthem is the worst insurance company/provider I have ever dealt with. I have dealt with insurance providers in 11 states across the country for over 30 years, and Anthem is by far the worst I have ever seen. Avoid them !!!

They lie, mislead, purposely delay giving answers, and will do just about anything to NOT pay what they are required to pay. Their phone system is designed and set up to create chaos and cause their "members" to get frustrated and mad to the point where they just give up.

Our justice department and state governments need to address this company soon.

Posted by Anonymous

I was on hold for 20 minutes. When they finally picked up, they asked me for my ID, if I was under an employer and what state, then immediately after I answered the questions, the next thing I hear is an automated voice saying "thank you for calling - good bye." That was the entire phone conversation, I could not get one word in past giving my information. So I called back. This time I was on the phone for 1.5 hours - and I just hung up. Not really sure what I"m going to do now so for now I'm writing this review. I wish I wasn't stuck with this awful company.

Posted by Dawn

First off Anthem was collecting monies for policies in which policy holders did not have cards or in network provider booklet. News flash, not everyone has a computer or a cell phone. These two items are not required for this insurance, you can call their uneducated, uninformed personal at the members service number. To be on hold more than engaged in conversation with the employee whom is being paid to answer questions and point policy holders in the correct direction in which they fall short of as well. Appointments needed to be canceled because even though Anthem was collecting premiums, policy holders were not even in the system for providers to even verify coverage.
Then repeatedly we were told that Apria Healthcare was an in network provider for durable medical equipment, we were even mailed a list which had Apria listed on there as an in network provider. All claims were being treated as an out of network service. Then called and had them e mail me a list, and there it was again for the third time, Apria Healthcare, in network. Asked for a supervisor to call me and was promised a call by June 10, 2016. NOTHING from Anthem, so again on the 13th of June, I placed a call and was transferred to a supervisor, APRIA HEALTHCARE IS NOT AN IN NETWORK PROVIDER. Now that claims have gone unpaid, the bills have gone to State Collection Agencies. Now if I want Anthem to right their wrong, I need to file an appeal. Mind you, I am not on Anthems payroll, have been on the phone 40 plus hours already and on hold for more than 40 hours besides that 40 actually speaking with someone. Now I am not done yet, I have other issues at hand that they seem to ignore as well. I am told by Anthem that they need to know why a colonoscopy was ordered for my husband. They are requesting information from the medical records department but only include his name, no date of birth or social security number which will tell medical records which "John Doe" they want records for. I am assuming the test was ordered because of his age 55. You know when you become a certain age the tests that are ordered along with a complete yearly physical are different. So now we will wait and see because the last I heard from Anthem, was that they have never included a date of birth on their requests in the past so why now. The faxes they send out do not even contain a contact phone number so medical records can call. This has been the worst experience I have ever had to deal with. Someone truly need to shut their doors and put them out of business. People are paying for services that Anthem is to be paying. You can not get a real live genuine manager to answer a call or take a complaint. I am turning this whole thing over to the HR department where my husband is employed and then to FOX 6 News Station. I have also filed a complaint with the BBB. I also have typed up a written complaint to Anthem. I will not hold my breathe for a response. And BONEE, who is a representative at Anthem, I am requesting you not be our representative any longer, thank you but no thank you. Your condesending conversation I can do with out and do not over talk your customers, You can not just fax off a name and expect to get the correct information by a name alone. I have told you that three different times on three different days and you still want to tell me. I AM TELLING YOU . . . you must have more than one identifying piece of information. You want to make sure you have the right duck in the right pond. Just greatful you don't work in a surgical department. The right patient for the wrong procedure. I can not believe you get a paycheck.

Posted by MAC

Customer service delays helping you then send you list that are not relevant to what you need or have a prescription for. this company needs to check out the service that that give to policy holders. bad comments get you lost good comments get nothing. dear president of Anthem get your teams in action, help the people who make your payroll every day.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst insurance company in the United States.....they suck their customer service lines keep you on hold for 20 then automatically disconnect your call....The CEO needs to be fired

Posted by Gabriela

Worst and incompetent company I ever dealt with. I have tried to sign up since Feb. 2016 and here it is June 10th. 2016. I Paid for April, May and June and still have no ID cards!!!!! I am also unable to log in / register online . They still can not find me in their system. I have spend hours on the phone and they lie to me every time and give me the run around. I still can not go to the Doctor or get my Rx thru Anthem even though I Paid for it since APRIL. I do not know what to do !!!!! I am at my wits end!!

Posted by Carlisv

Just like everyone else, I've gone through their entire phone system rigamarole only to be disconnected. This has happened several times in the past few weeks, and I'm running up against a filing deadline! When it's time to renew I'll look for a different company.

Posted by NSWiseman

Terrible service getting medications filled. They will repeatedly try to get your medication changed and hold up medication refills. Be sure to check their formulary list. Nothing that is expensive will be on them and getting an exception is near impossible. They will drive your Dr.crazy calling and asking to switch to a cheaper drug. I have never had such a poor experience with an insurance company in 45 years.

Posted by TIRED

I Have Been Trying To Pay Into My Power Account With Anthem Since 12/15 In Order To Get Dental And Vision. Which Anthem Stated "there Is Not A Screen To Accept Your Payment". Per My Grievance " Your Case Is Now Closed Due To Not Making Your Payment Before Feb. 7. All These Complaints! We Should All File A Class Action Lawsuit. Next Step Appeal This Grievance And Contact The Attorney General Office. Something Truly Needs To Be Done Especially Since Everybody Has To Have Insurance Now.

Posted by Anonymous

Billing department systems and processes are extraordinarily inefficient. People have all been nice, if you can actually speak with one.

Posted by Michelle

I am from University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences I have been attempting to get the customer service people to cooperate with me in obtaining an authorization for chemotherapy. I was told by the authorization line that there was a problem and the customer service people would need to be on a 3 way call to override their system. I cannot get these people to even listen; the last person by the name of CINDY hung up on me after being rude. If I am able to obtain this auth for this poor patient it will be a freaking MIRACLE

Posted by TM

2 1/2 weeks to approve a GENERIC medication I had been on for over 3 years with previous insurance company. Couldn't get refilled until they approved it. Submitted a claim for reimbursement of a medical device that was prescribed by my doctor (he wrote a prescription for it). Already taken 2 months. Finally received the reimbursement check and it had VOID stamped across it! Making me wait ANOTHER 30 days due to no fault of mine whatsoever. Incorrectly debited my checking account 3 times over $400 by Express Scripts for medications I was forced to order by 90 day mail prescription. No explanation as to why other than system wasn't recognizing that I was on 3 payment installment plan. Had to cancel the debit card being used and get another card. Premiums are three times what I was paying for previous plan, coverage much worse than with previous plan. Working full time my entire life, always fully insured. Broke my ankle 2 months ago, so far costing out of pocket over $4,000 and still climbing. Worst effing so-called "health insurance" company I have encountered over 30 years of my working career. Every rep has a different answer that is never correct, always blaming another company for their missteps. Never take accountability for their mistakes. Nothing but imbeciles and minorities working for them that don't give about their jobs and know that they are going to get away with it.

Posted by not happy

I filed a grievance on a doctor who charged me for services he did not provide. Anthem Blue Cross paid out of my account with my money because of the new high deductible. Anthem Blue Cross customer service reps went through the motion pretending they were helping me when they knew my grievance wasn't getting anywhere. The grievance analyst wrote me a letter saying that the doctor charged correctly and denied my grievance. I'm now convinced of what I read about Anthem Blue Cross, their contracted doctors and hospitals are all in bed together, scratching one another's back, taking our money and splitting among them, laughing all the way to the bank.

Posted by Frustrated in Ohio

Anthem BC/BS thinks nothing of changing the terms and conditions of a contract in the middle of a plan year. In late October, 2015 we were sent a form letter telling us that the company has "partnered" with OrthoNet to "help get you the therapy services you need." Although it was a form letter, signed by a Regional Vice President of Sales (instead of by someone who actually has responsibility for existing contracts/plans), I held onto it. Shortly thereafter, our daughter started experiencing knee problems from a past injury. I dug out the letter, which states "it is probably a good idea to first visit your doctor or specialist to get a treatment plan." Those words concerned me so I called customer (dis)service, as suggested later in the letter. As I had surmised, pre-authorization is now absolutely necessary to get physical therapy visits covered. When I told the representative that "it is probably a good idea to first visit your doctor or specialist" is a misleading way to communicate that pre-authorization is required, he allowed that might be the case. However, he had nothing to say about the fact that Anthem is changing the terms and conditions of the contract in the middle of the plan year. Since our family and my husband's employer are paying for a contract that specifies 20 PT visits per year (without a pre-authorization requirement), this type of change should be illegal. I have complained to the Ohio Department of Insurance and I hope that other plan participants who find themselves in our situation will do the same. Anthem is not to be trusted and as consumers, we have to do our part to make sure they don't get away with mid-plan contract changes and misleading communication.

Posted by Anthemsucks

If I was as bad at my job as everybody I've dealt with at Anthem is at theirs my boss would have me drug out into the street and shot.

Systemic incompetence is the name of the game at Anthem.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to call customer service for the last 3 days and after listening and following the automated instructions I got cut off. Did it several times with the same result. I've had this problem since I started my coverage. It got to the point that I can't take this anymore. I tried to be patient but you can only take so much. . I am retired and I thought I would feel safe getting my own insurance. The visits to the doctor's office were very disappointing. The only issue that she would address was the reason for the visit which the receptionist would force out of you. That it had to be specific. Specific to the point that that's the only thing the doctor would address. No further evaluation was done. I have decided to cancel and right now I'm looking for a better insurance..

Posted by cjames

i am sitting here with 5 different cards from blue crap, none of the doctors can see me, because blue crap tells me that the doctors, did not send in their billing account no#, i almost could believe this, but, 5 different doctors in 5 different offices, dont want to be paid ? or have patients to treat, this excuse smells,!!!!, next 10 cards, i will send copies to the federal govt, let the federal lawyers figure out what scam this blue crap is pulling

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Posted by Domonique

I callec today,Sept 23 about 1:15,Domonique took care of my problem. She provided excellent service.She has a friendly voice,is knowledgeabe a joy to speak too. She is an asset to your company. Thank you

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