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Posted by hslay5647

Submitted a ticket on Jan 1. Assumed closed for holidays and waited for response the first full week in Jan. No action on ticket. No live person to answer phone. No ability to leave message. Customer support extension rings and then just stops with no action. Wonder if still in business and provide warranty support.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought an Antec PSU which died on me after a few months of barely using it. Antec boasts a 5 year warranty with their products, so I opened a support ticket on their website to get a replacement.

At first they were prompt with giving me the Canadian affiliate company who receives and ships out replacements in my area. While writing this message, it has been 30 days since opening the ticket, and 16 days since they received my PSU. When I asked what was taking so long, they said "we will be sending it tomorrow". It has been a little over a week and I have not gotten anything. No message indicating they have sent it, no tracking number, nothing.

Keep in mind I am writing this angry, as waiting a month for something that took less than a week to get to them is frustrating me to no end. I have had to do business and everything else from my phone, and I am getting very tired of it.

Posted by benpower85

Here is the case that I had an issue about. I had already tried to amicably to resolve this dispute but the seller won't help and all they do is point the finger at me our somebody else. They said;Dear Sir,The mistake is yours, you told us your old address, which we used.You didn't tell your local post office your new address, otherwise they would have forwarded the package to your new local post office.But this isn't true as I lived at the property until the 29th April and contacted the local sorting office which is the same for both my old address and my new address. They said they didn't have my item when i contacted them on the 28th to find out if they had received my item. The redirection was set up on the 3rd April to start on the 23rd so that there was no chance of anything being delivered to my old address. This item was due to be received by the 14th April at the very latest but wasn't and still isn't. Now I find out that they have my item in their office back in the Netherlands. I set up the post redirection through RoyalMail with a confirmation number.They advised that i should claim for compensation via the shipping company but i didn't have any dealings with this and paid for a service and item that i have never received. They have been extremely unhelpful and awkward to deal with. I tried to speak to the line manager but got no reply on how I could do so. I wanted a full refund straightaway as well as details on how I can make an official complaint about the person that i was dealing with at the company but got neither.I have paid for a product through them via PayPal, hadn't received it after over 6 weeks so i would like a full refund.
14/05/2014 10:49 BST - Buyer: You now have the item back at your company. I still haven't received my item from you. You have failed to deliver it to me. It has been over 6 weeks since I paid for the item. I would like a full refund now as you obviously aren't looking to get the item resent back out to me that i paid for including postage in good faith from you. I have several emails from you where i have been reasonable but all you seem to be doing is point the finger at others. Your company employed the postage company. I didn't choose them, it was not in my control. I have waited long enough for my item that would take 5-10 working days but it has been much longer than that. You have provided terrible customer service and still aren't looking to take responsibility.

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