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Android customer service is ranked #669 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.43 out of a possible 200 based upon 76 ratings. This score rates Android customer service and customer support as Terrible.


74 Negative Comments out of 76 Total Comments is 97.37%.


2 Positive Comments out of 76 Total Comments is 2.63%.

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    • 26.43 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 74 negative comments (97.37%)
    • 2 positive comments (2.63%)
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    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I have to know... Why does it make sense, when battery level gets low, for an Android to HAVE to sound a chime(which uses a little more battery than necessary), AND use a little more battery to take up half the screen of my LG K20 to tell me what my battery indicator already is showing me, AND when it gets to 5%, does it automatically turn screen brightness to 0 knowing if the smartphone is already being used that the user will then have to use remaining battery life to pull down the menu to adjust brightness AND use the touch sensor(which requires more battery use) to turn the brightness back up to uaeable, AND also sound another chime when the battery hits 5% AND also once again display an additional half of a screen message to tell me once again what my battery indicator is already showing me? The brightness going to 5% automatically can and probably HAS caused severe automobile wrecks fron people using their smartphone as a GPS and then have to take their eyes off of the road to A. Click OK on Battery at 5% message window, then pull down the menu on a practicly unuaeable screen, slide the brightness BACK up, and THEN not be distracted from looking out the windshield? There are many more instances where i dont just carry my AC powered house charger with me, so it doesnt matter how many power outlets are around me out in public because im not going to be able to instantly and conveniently plug the device in to be able to realisticly use my phone unhindered. This also is a problem for people whose 12v accessory outlet doesnt work in their vehicle, so creating all of the extra steps and battery useage needed to make the smartphone screen useable does nothing but create headaches and danger in that scenario too. I have broken/ destroyed so many android phones out of sheer frustration that my only viable option left, is to learn how to use an Apple product and just leave the illogical designed software for the kids to play with. There are literally tens of thousands of Android users that if it werent for the price of the iphone and how much different Apple interface and interaction is to Android, they wouldve already switched to Apple INSTEAD of creating so many Android complaint forums and webpages that fall on deaf ears at Google. Maybe the next Android update can be centered around preserving or extending battery life. Or at the least make it where battery notifications and autodimming would cease to be like how Spike Jr in cartoons would pester the daylights out of Spike by being so attention needy and annoying. Ive been an Android user since 2009, and in these last 8 years, more notably this last Android update, the extra steps required to use the phone(such as NOW i have to press my power button, AND swipe my screen(as if THAT ever stopped anybody from accessing somebody else's smartphone) AND then ALSO enter my screen unlock PIN, instead of just using my PIN to unlock my device... Imho making redundant programs and processes is NOT the same thing as coming out with something new, groundbreaking, particularly helpful most of the time, or actually USEFUL.

Posted by Sharon

I have recently purchased the samsung 8+ and am having trouble adding my current email account in the aps. Pls reach me I'm thanking you in advance for your help, Sharon simons

Posted by Kurt

I was completely satisfied with my droid turbo phone until the most recent Android yearly automatic update. I am having an annoyance with my phone asking for permissions for certain app access and screen overly. Instructions are very ambiguous as to how to correct this problem. I must say that if I can't get help with my problem I will go to using a iPhone. Please help. With a number that I can call and talk to a live person.

Posted by Anonymous

The last update Jan. 4 2017 is Killing my batter.... Need to charge it every 6 hrs. Before the Jan 4 2017 up date I could a lest 2 full days something 21/2 days
My phone is not even 1 1/2 year .
It is turbo with 64 memory on it.

Posted by Samsung Core

[email protected] is my email. Amazon can you tell me why my files are being loaded with folders titled Cloning children and other files that overload my phone? You need to address the people that work for you,iam constantly getting phone calls from people that call from an atmosphere in the background that sounds identical to yours with voices from the Philippines. They call and want to as they say " help me with my pain issue" they say. What is that all about? It's too much. I downloaded an app. yesterday that told me their were spies on my phone. It gave me the numbers OD:89:1F and 66:D2:17. What does that mean?One might not be a spy but the place I get my wifi from. The other I don't know. Can you help me track them down. It scared me when I thought An droid. But of course you know what I do on my phone but why when I live totally alone and tell no one my passwords ever are they still able to sabotage my phone? Is someone that works for you playing a trick on me? Only they could discover my password And many times calling for help to android or Amazon they start laughing and a boy in the background but not the one helping me said my name so I could hear it then they laugh. More then several times this has happened. It is most likely not the issue but please send a message to all of them and remind them to never do pranks to customers using customers information . Please send email if you have an answer. Nancy Mikkelson

Posted by kensingtondi

Hi I called the customer service line to get help with my phone. When I did the person at the other end of the phone told me that I won a gift card and wanted my name and address... I said I just want to get help with my phone. The lady answered she would connect me with customer service when she was finished with her job and proceeded to ask me for 4.00 for shipping or processing. I told her that I dont care about the card I just want to talk to customer service... she would not connect me at all and told me to have a nice day... I am very upset wth this

Posted by Anonymous

Android has really really crappy support. There's no way possible to speak to anyone. First Android I owned and it will be the last.

Posted by Anonymous

Just had another "forced" unwanted.... denied update.
By my estimation for every 1 improved feature an update "installs" there are 10 others that are designed to secretly track, monitor, and manipulate activities.
I was promoted and asked 5 times if I wanted this update.... I declined every single time.
Then, against my wishes you uploaded it to my device anyway.
To be clear, this is MY device, I bought it, I own it, I and I alone will decide what does and does not get installed on it.
I am unsure how you feel you have the right to infiltrate (hack) into my privately owned personal property and install whatever software you feel is in your best interest.
This was done against my will (again), and directly against my chosen "decline".
Any company, anywhere that infiltrates another person's private property in order to install their software, against the owners wishes, is guilty of criminal hacking.

Posted by Anonymous

Approximately 8 months ago I purchased the LG 1 stylo phone from provider who I have been with for almosy 4 yrs( Metro PCS).Shortly after and doing the normal updates for the primary and 3rd party apps through goggle play store, I received a system notification to upgrade to marshmallow 6.0. About 1 month later, received a 2nd notification for another update. I didn't download because I just did a soft ware update... could not figure out why I was continually getting noticed. finally I went ahead and downloaded which changed the software version from Marshmallow to the
Kernel version 6.0. Everything was fine until thAT last update. I lost 3 APPS and my goggle plays store app keeps giving me pop ups...Unfortunately GOOGLE PLAY STORE HAS STOPPED WORKING. I have contacted my provider, LG tech support...tried putting the phone in safe mode NOTHING HAS WORKED. I I CANT GET MY APPS THAT I LOST OR DOWNLOAD ANYTHING ELSE BECAUSE I CANT OPEN PLAY STORE. I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING.. including the latest version of Play store. THEN I THOUGHT... Why not CONTACT THE IDIOTS WHO DEVELOPED THIS SOFTWARE IN THE FIRST PLACE. YOU SENT ME THE NOTIFICATIONS AND EVERTHING ELSE WITH THE PHONE IS WORKING OKAY. I WOULD RATHER NOT DO A FULL SYSTEM RESTORE. AND I DO NOT HAVE A 2ND PHONE TO USE SO THAT THIS ONE CAN Get SENT BACK To LG FOR REPAIR. ( THEY SAID A WEEK TO TEN DAYs, WITHOUT MY PHONE)... SERIOUSLY. Sorry for the rant But I believe this one is on you guys. .AND .0h BTW when are you going to release VER 7.0 to all the retailers including mine. Doesn't matter ... my phone won"t handle the 7.0,told by LG and MEtro PCS Tech support .. Please help. Time is of the essence I need a reply ASAP. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

This number is answered by a machine that says "thank you and goodbye" what a bunch of bull.

Posted by Anonymous

Warranty was up July 27, 2016. My phone went out 2 months before the warranty was up. My husband's went out tonight, August 19, 2016. If this isn't fixed, because of YOUR motherboard problems, we will never again buy another Android product. We will buy from Apple. Hope you will do the right thing

Posted by Anonymous

Since my last update installation my phone has been doing some crazy things. When I get in my car it is supposed to automatically set up Bluetooth and start playing Pandora however it goes to either adjusting the media volume on settings or voicemail and starts play my voicemails back to me. When I want to use my phone and try to swipe my finger it goes to the screen that asks me to enter my password because the phone was restarted which it wasn't. And that's just a couple of things please help thank you

Posted by Anonymous

You keep filling up my files with folders that contain pics of silly things, then Mob and many others. You ruined my last phone. Feel free to check out my files anytime.I had to buy a new phone because of it.

Posted by Anonymous

Without even touching my phone, I don't know what happened, but I got stuck on an infinite boot loop, and now a year and a half worth of my life in pictures and videos is gone. I hate your company, and i will never buy an android phone again! I can't begin to tell you how much I miss those pictures. Some of the people i'm photographed with, I will never see again, and now they're gone! Thanks for this Android!

Also, I'm spending all this time trying to fix my phone when I expected a callback about a job 15 minutes ago. I hate your company and will speak ill of it from now on!

Posted by Scooter

I updated my OS this week and now I am having issues with the keyboard getting stuck open and I cannot unlock my phone.

Posted by Anonymous

Got a new Droid Maxx II and downloaded Marshmallow. Do Not appreciate how the notification s and ring volume are the same! I do Not need to hear my insomniatic friends' texts and emails all early morning! If they need me they Know to call. Please separate the volumes once and again!!

Posted by Anonymous

Since I downloaded to droid maxx 2 won't screenshot anymore.Not happy with my new phone..nor with my new upgrade...

Posted by Anonymous

Hello Android,

Ever since I did an upgrade, to marshmellow 6.0 on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5, I keep getting a lot of lost signall on almost all of my apps. Ease do something about this issue. I have to put my phone on airplane mode then turn off airplane mode in order to get signal back again. I already did a hard reset and I keep getting the same problem. I hate putting my phone know airplane mode every time I want to use an app. I have Verizon as service provider and you know Verizon has good LTE signal almost everywhere..please help me with this issue. I know I'm not the only customer there's several but you probably have not heard frome them.

Posted by Pissed

My Galaxy S6 just updated to 6.0 Marshmallow & I HATE IT!!!!!!! It's all white & bright & lame & too much like an iPhone. IF WE WANTED AN IPHONE, WE WOULD BUY AN IPHONE!!!! Stop trying to be like Apple, that's clearly NOT what Android users want!!! My phone is now super laggy, takes forever to load things & I HATE ALL THE WHITE BACKGROUNDS!!! I prefer everything being black, like how everything used to be. It's confusing when it's all white too. I also hate how the status bar at the top is now gray??? WHY!?? It's so tacky looking. Why do you all screw everything up with updates!!?!?! I want you to send me instructions on how to reverse my upgrade back to my previous version. This Marshmallow is crap. I hate it. UGH!!!! I shouldn't have updated & I HATE how the phone basically forces you to. I WANT MY OLD VERSION BACK!! Without losing any of my pictures, music, etc. We should have the OPTION to upgrade or not & have the OPTION to REVERT ANY UPGRADE WE'RE NOT HAPPY WITH!!!! I am NOT at all happy with the 6.0 Marshmallow upgrade. I don't want it.

Posted by [email protected]

I am having a problem sending a message to United States Department of Defense I'm trying to get my fiance home from Nigeria so that we can be married but I get error messages say that something is wrong with the server or the email address that I'm texting you can you please help me?

Posted by Anonymous

I can no longer speak into my phone on apps..
Like tkis one and Amazon.I will get rid of the Android system if you do not correct this.BAD "UPGRADE"

Posted by Anonymous

Ever since android has been sued there apps suck and u guys should b buying new phones and service provider my phone cuts in and out on phone calls with full service Google maps don't works worth a crap my text messages don't send or they take an hr to get messsages

Posted by Anonymous

I've been trying to open my gmail account on my tablet but I always get an error message to contact the customer care. I need help ASAP.

Posted by General George S. Patton




The option for Google Voice typing keyboard is so screwed up that you can only use it once and it doesn't work again in any other application you have to shut the phone completely down and restart it allow you to use it one more time. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling applications that didn't work.

Who signed off on this incomplete error field software, who bares the shame, lack of honor and sense of duty for your whole company?

I my company Toshiba Corporation, the perpetrator something so important would have at least been expected to take the honerable way out or he would have fallen out the 50th stories window. You have shamed your company and all who work for you.

ONE SIMPLE SUGGESTION; publicize all of your found errors, have a team solving them 24 hours a day 7 days a week and send out to every human that owns a device using Android software, instructions for work-around solutions, and a full listing of ALL the changes and how to use them.

I kept my phone only since my life and my job rely on it but I have returned my wife's my two sons and my daughters phone back to the store for a full refund and if this problem isn't resolved will find other phones that don't use Android software or. I will never trust Android software again, unless in the most unlikely happens and Android resolves all issues and remove everyone responsible for this from your corporation.


Posted by Anonymous

My Galaxy S4 is currently not reading the Sim Card. I went to At&t support center and got a new lasted a week and started all overagain.Ricardo Ritchie

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Posted by Anonymous

I love android it has better quality, control and accessories but I just bought the LG flex and whenever I try to turn my music volume to a level that the average human being without enhanced hearing can understand it prompts me to reconsider stating "Loud music can damage your ears" of which I am very much aware. However what I am not aware of is the reasoning behind why the phone continuously attempts to revert the volume. I am deeply concerned and upset about the attempts to forcefully change my habits against my will. If I want to listen to loud music in my headphones, I don't give if it can hurt my ears and I don't need the input of cellphone!

Posted by Anonymous

Had a few minor problems with Droid X regarding service and credit. Very helpful and got credit right away. I was amazed how quick and helpful they were.
I was stuck with ATT for two years before and not used to service like that.

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