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American Standard customer service is ranked #631 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.41 out of a possible 200 based upon 37 ratings. This score rates American Standard customer service and customer support as Terrible.


35 Negative Comments out of 37 Total Comments is 94.59%.


2 Positive Comments out of 37 Total Comments is 5.41%.

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    • 27.41 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 35 negative comments (94.59%)
    • 2 positive comments (5.41%)
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

This has got to be the worst customer service that I have EVER experienced. I have contacted American Standard on at least 3 occasions. I have had to wait on hold to talk to a representative for OVER AN HOUR each time. Each occasion, the representatives was not knowledgeable. The last time I spoke with American Standard, the representative raised a ticket number #1419588 and asked me to send pictures of the issue. 11 days later, I still have not received a response and I am on hold again.

Posted by Anonymous

can you find me 2 heater for American standard air conditioners part no#

Posted by Villagesongbird

Called American Standard 3 times yesterday to get basic assistance about parts needed to install a new shower/tub faucet (which diverters, which trim can work). Each time got a rep that seemed completely disinterested and lacking in knowledge. One of them said don't you have a Ferguson near you - just ask them! When I get 3 people with the same attitude, makes you wonder about the product. Their reps need better technical training AND customer service training. Ended up calling a local supplier and, yup, they answered my questions right away!

Posted by Julie

I'm just wondering if anyone else has a problem with their toilet handle on the newer American Standard toilet? It is so slim that my hand slides off before it flushes and the end of it is sharp so it hurts my hand! Ugh! Terrible design.

Posted by Julie

I'm just wondering if anyone else has a problem with their toilet handle on the newere American Standard toilet? It is so slim that my hand slides off before it flushes and the end of it is sharp so it hurts my hand! Ugh! Terrible design.

Posted by Sinclar

Called customer service for HVAC, with question about installation, said they would not be able to answer a question about improper install. I just had to trust my installer.?

Posted by Anonymous

American Standard customer service is HORRIBLE! No wonder I see their rating is so bad here. My saga is too long to write here but buyer beware! I would NEVER purchase another American Standard product ever again!

Posted by Anonymous

Brutal customer support have tried 3x to use there 1800 #.. Have over 3hrs tied up in it with no one pickin up the phone on there end! Screw these guys!!

Posted by Anonymous

Four years ago we replaced our 17 yr old Trane AC/Heating system with new American Standard equipment. It has been performing flawlessly and much more efficiently. However, a problem has developed which is going to be very expensive to fix. The evaporator coil has to be replaced due to rust and corrosion of the galvanized metal frame. The part is under warranty, but labor to replace is $1000. I was told that this coil is now totally aluminum, instead of copper and steel and should not rust or corrode. But, I am still stuck with $1000 bill, the very reason I replaced my old system to avoid. I hope I reach a sympathetic ear with this comment.

Posted by Anonymous

Yes I am installing a american standard ovation shower door in a american standard ovation shower surround it would be nice to have a illustration of the door in the surround your instructions don't help !

Posted by Anonymous

I've been fighting with a poor flush valve assembly design (Champion 3). We bought two of these toilets because they were supposed to be the best American Standard (AS) had. The rubber seal on these assemblies leak. When you replace the seal it might hold water for a while but eventually you will hear the toilet running. When I called customer service the first time they said it was a known problem and I need to buy a new Champion 4 assembly (even recommended for best price). When looking up the part I read reviews that said AS sends new ones because they are Champion 3 was a known issue and warrantied. Called back and they said no problem but they needed receipts. Found my receipts from years ago and called back - this customer service person said there were no problems with the assemblies and that I was probably using the wrong seals. She was very rude! Guess I'll buy Toto toilets to replace. American Standard has lost my respect and future business.

Posted by Anonymous

Yes I agreed with the abow comments, americain standard customer services
are rude and don't know what they doing. I asked them to send bathroom sink handles to replace the one s that we had about four years. They sent me one handle with missing parts. We tried to fix these handles numerous times before we called them. We hurt our back from going and removing stuff from under the sink. With the missing parts made me very upset. We had to wait about 2 weeks to receive another one. I would never buy americain standard again. I like the home depot stuff, they have no problems to replace anything and are very helpful.

Posted by Notafanofamericanstandard!

I called concerning (2) American Standard Clean High Efficiency WaterSense Two-Piece Toilet (Model 2517.101) that I purchased at Lowes. I asked if they had a fix for the 'crappy' seat that came with these toilets. They said I must have installed them improperly and sent me a copy of the installation instuctions, that I already had...and used to install both toilets. The problem is that the seat is CHEAP and a piece of Crap! I tried to explain I liked the overall toilet and the installation was easy since no tools were required, but the seat was a terrible design and worse engineering!! Don't buy this or you too will be sorry!!!!

Posted by Olhawker

American Standard Customer Service was pathetic. They wanted me to accept and install three of their toilets having a serious defect that may actually have caused the toilets to break. The A/S Customer Service representatives think they have the autonomy to arbitrarily establish A/S policy concerning toilet "specifications".

I bought the toilets online.

Posted by JJ

Customer service was worthless unwilling to listen. She (the representative at AS I spoke with) said to take it back to the store.
No more AS for me.

Posted by sprash

The worst customer service. Extremely rude rep. does not know how to talk to customers. no more american standard products for me

Posted by DIY'r

After numerous DIY attempts to install a Cadet 3 toilet & a resulting leak each time; paid a plumber to install. It leaked for plumber also; he determined the mould pattern on the bottom of the bowl was defective / locations where it was missing completely so a wax seal could not take place; thus a leak. I contacted ASB customer service & they hide behind the legalese of their warranty & will provide no reimbursement. Am not sure how a warranty against failure can be applied to a product that failed before it was even off the assembly line? Do not buy a product from this company.

Posted by brianmisty

AS needs to work on there customer service. My customer service representative was "Becky." From the moment she answered, she seemed "put off" from having to take the call. She asked for the model number in the tank... when I informed her the number was unreadable (which it was), she treated me as if I couldn't read. I informed her that it looked like the number had "melted into the glaze"... that was the only wording I could think of. She rudely shot back, "the tank isn't glazed." Okay... fine. Anyway, she was able to search her computer to find the tank model number. I then informed her the tank leaked water from the lid due to the way the refill mechanism is setup. She said there should have been a plash cover in the box. I informed her that there wasn't, and further, that on the Lowe's and Amazon websites, there were numerous complaints about the splashing water and that customers were having to call in to get the splash guard. Anyway, she clearly didn't care or thought I was trying to get an extra 25 cent part for free, because her tone worsened. At which point, I asked her if I was inconveniencing her? She went completely monotone and asked for my mailing information. I doubt if I will ever see that slash guard. American Standard, get your act together. I am not a hot tempered person and I remained calmed and professional. Your agent was an embarrassment to your brand.

Posted by luci23

terrible phone customer service. B. Van Horn was of no assistance whatsoever. She sounded like she was irritated that I had bothered to call with a question. Horrible

Posted by michele

I purchased 2 American Standard toilets one has leaked continuously for over 6 months since installed. I have spent more in plumber service fees than the $386 the toilet cost. Customer service representatives were rude. I finally had a service manager agree to send me a new tank. Over night shipping. Took the day off work and paid a plumber to install it. The tank did not arrive

When the tank arrived and was installed it continues to leak. I would like Don Devine CEO of American Standard to make this right. Either refund for the cost of the toiilet or send and pay for the installation of a new toilet that does not leak. Michele. I have a referenced service call

Posted by Lisa

Have tried to reach a customer service rep Anthony for the last week. He left a message for me 8 days ago regarding my broken hinge shower door and trying to get a part to have it repaired. I have returned the call 4x and left messages on each call. It is 8 days and 4 calls later and he has not returned my call as of yet. Very Poor Customer Service....can't even return the call!

Posted by Parcival

I had an issue with American Standard toilet Model 4266. Not enough water in each flush due to a high tube between flapper and bottom of tank leaving 3-4 water in bottom of tank instead on helping to flush. Proudly told me this is a water saving feature but useless as need to flush 3-4 times before emptying, cleaning bowl. Asked for a replacement flapper flush with bottom of tank. Not available and wont make.

Extreme rude customer service rep on phone that kept insisting my plumbing was the problem (not so, has been checked) and hung up on me. Did not want to give me her name.

This toilet is a piece of s&%#@ and would warn any contractor or friend to stay away from American Standard.

Posted by Sandy

If I had read these reviews first, I would have certainly chosen another brand. I have just installed two American Standard toliets to replace 30 year old ones. The first one came in fine. The second one took four trips to the retailer to finally get a usable toliet. The first two bowls were broken upon shipment. Then the tank did not match the bone bowl and the tank lid was a third color! I got no special service even though I waited WEEKS to get my bathroom in working order. American Standard has NO customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

tried to get an issue resolved about a new product, which is made by american standard, product performance was terrible. customer support put me off, saying sorry you do not like the prduct.

Posted by NAIR

I am an unfortunate customer who didnt check or enquire about the customer service before buying the product. The promises sound great when I biught it . After installation the main water pipe from tub to motor start leaking. Called customer service the arrogent male voice with out saying the name ask me a lot of questions and said will send the tec to repair it then i asked for the ETA answer "I dont know" .Demanded to talk to the supervisor transfered to a voice mail. Got a call back from the supervisor same approach " we have 700 blumbers Indipendent we have no control on when they respond" Sounds like I made a mistake by buying there product. "If there tubs works fine why they need 700 plumbers with no time to repair it". After a heated argument he promissed a call back from his associate with the number for local plumber. Got a call back from local plumber saying that they dont have the parts and schedule somebody next week(I first called on Thursday). Today (11/11/11) at 9:30 same lady with the worst attitude called and said she want to arrange somebody to be there on monday with a take it or leave it attitude sounds like she is doing a Favor to me . AGAIN STAY AWAY FROM AMERICAN STANDARD . I hold my whole project and hopping to get it fixed the first time which i doubt

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Posted by JKR

The website said to contact customer service
no rebate
is listed for your state.

I live in IL.
I purchsed the Clean
to replace a 20+ year-old toilet.

I LOVE it!

Is there a rebate?

Posted by Anonymous

My new American Standard Toilet's plunger didn't work well. I called Am Standard. Talked to a very nice lady immediately. No wait. She sent out a new, improved part, which arrived within three days. The only fly in the ointment was that she said I could disconnect the old part and put in the new one myself. In actual fact, the plumber I hired had a little difficulty with it. So, my free part actually ended up costing me $30 for labour.

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