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Posted by Anonymous

My oven went out on 12/18 I called and they gave me National Platinum I called and the girl asked for the model# so they could repair the oven as ASAP. I gave her the model # and the serial # needed for the part, I told her how important it is to get it repaired for Xmas, The guy came out last night (12/20) with a camera no professional ID and took pics, saying he has to show them to AHS because they don't trust them. Why the hell would you contract with someone you don't trust he said it would take another 2 to 3 days, the hell with having a oven for Xmas, AHS
you are a rip off! You don't care about your customers but you make sure you always get your money first.

Posted by Anonymous

I am desperately trying to reach a real-live person. Within the last 7 months, we have had the dishwasher panel on our Kenmore dishwasher replaced three times--once in May, once in August, and now again in December. Wouldn't you know it--but this is the weekend we are having a dinner party and we have no dishwasher. The contractor will come out, of course, verify that the dishwasher panel is the issue and it will take a week for the panel to arrive. I thought a home warranty was a good idea. But I'm having 2nd thoughts. We can't afford to keep paying the monthly home warranty fee and then the $75 service charge for something that lasts only about 3 months. I am thoroughly disillusioned with AHS. I am currently on hold with your customer service line (have been on hold for 30 minutes+). Seriously doubt that anyone will address this.

Posted by floresgen4710

i am trying to get a hold of retention department, but i have been put on hold for over 2 hours. i get a hold of someone but they transfer me then i wait and get a response, like send a eforum and they hang up. grrr..

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed in the "full customer service" received
from Mariah in your Georgia center. Please pull phone call
from 6:50pm to 7:30 pm {PST) on Monday July 25, 2016.
Thank you kindly.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been your customer for many years and usually brag about your company to my friends. I have had a bad time the last couple days because I got a pipe leak in my garage. Now I usually wouldn't worry because I have ahs and insurance. I did wait on the phone yesterday for 43minutes hung up then spoke to a person and placed a service order cool.well the company they selected never showed up after I waited all day no call no show no water.I didn't worry I have ahs so I have called today 12 times like a stalker and spent 47 minutes with no help.I think this is really poor customer service and what am I paying for. I still have water leaking and paying for nothing. .

Posted by Anonymous

Hi times running out I have to use a credit card to join but after I want pay with my bank account every month that way I can control my funds I'm not going to have you bill my credit card every month or have a with draw from my bank every month!
If that will not work for you then good by!

Posted by Honest customer

If you have an actual emergency with HVAC, you are out of luck. They will schedule a repair appointment for up to a week after the breakdown occurs. And if a replacement furnace or AC unit is required, typically after 2 or 3 futile attempts to repair, then AHS will not tell you what brand or model is selected by them for installation. They will not tell their designated HVAC company either, so you may be getting cheap junk because you cannot comparison shop. This happened with my furnace and I decided to buy a quality product (which AHS considers to be an "upgrade") from their installer. But they only gave an allowance of $600 on a $2500 replacement furnace. Barely paid for the service contract with AHS.

Posted by sr900400

I have been a customer of American Home Shield for at least ten years and I have always considered it a valuable service, until recently.

I have a slab leak in my garage. I called AHS who sent a company out to evaluate the problem, the man looked at the stain on the drywall in the garage and the water saturated landscaping directly above where the main water line goes into the foundation and somehow determined that the leak was outside the home.

I dug a hole where the saturated landscape was down to the water pipe. You could feel the water flowing out of the conduit that runs through the slab, telling me that the leak was inside of the slab itself.

I contacted my mortgage warranty company who sent out a Leak Detection company to determine where the problem was. The report was conclusive that the leak was indeed in the slab. I called AHS back who said that they would cover that but they would need to send their own leak detection company out. I agreed. The second company that came out, looked at the stained drywall in the garage, looked in the hole which was of course now filled with water and said that he couldn't be sure where the leak was. I told him if he got down on his knees and felt the pipe, he would realize that the leak was inside the slab. This plumber, Sam was complaining the whole time about having to do this but did and confirmed that the water was coming out of the conduit; in his report to AHS however, he stated that the leak was outside the home. AHS never called me back, just closed the case. I had to call to find out the status, when I did, I was told of the report of the second company and the claim denied. I was also told that I owed a past due service fee of $75.00 for the second plumber. Why is there a second second service fee if the problem was never taken care of?

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that one would call me back. In the mean time, I offered to send the leak detection report to AHS for confirmation that the leak was in the slab and both companies that AHS sent out were incorrect. I was given an email address of [email protected] to send the report to and did so immediately. I waited two days, called AHS back and was told that they never received the report and that no note was ever made that I wanted a supervisor to call me. I re-sent the report to the above email address.

I asked for a supervisor again and was told that because it was a Saturday, no one was available. I told the operator that I was tired of dealing with this and really needed to get it taken care of, the operator told me that she could make no promises but she would see if she could get one to call me back that day.

Later that day while at work, Supervisor Andre called me and I missed the call by about 2 minutes. I called him right back but got his voice mail. I left a detailed message and waited. Two days later supervisor Andre called me back, I explained everything to him again and offered to re-send the report. He told me he would look into it and call me back in "a few minutes", this few minutes turned into a week, still never hearing from him. Over the next week or so, I tried to call supervisor Andre multiple times, always got his voice mail and NEVER received a call back from him.

Finally, disgusted, I called AHS back and requested to speak to a supervisor immediately citing the shoddy treatment that I had received during this whole fiasco. I was put on hold for a good 20 minutes while I waited for a supervisor to come on the line; when she did, I explained my situation (for what seemed like the 10th time) and she made a comment that Andre was usually pretty good about these things. I told her that I just wanted this taken care of. She told me that my case was under review and that I would be called in a day or two with a decision. I had contacted the Better Business Bureau by this time because AHS had dragged their feet on this problem for over three months and I was really disgusted. No one from AHS called me back and so two days later I called them yet again and was told that according to their motes, I was contacted by them and that I had agreed to a cash payout of $500.00. Again AHS NEVER called and discussed any of this with me.

I contacted a reputable plumber in my area and was told that it would cost $3,600 to fix this issue.

I have recommended AHS over the years to several friends and now thoroughly regret that decision. It is obvious to me that you care not at all about your customers.

Someone needs to look into this in earnest and also to remove this ridiculous overdue $75.00

service fee that should never have been tacked on to my account. The problem that was closed by you on 9/25, is the exact same problem that I called about on 11/22, it was never taken care of in the first place and never should have been closed.

Posted by Anonymous

Why has my sub zero fridge been broken for over a month? What are we paying AHS for? Answer, Subzero says you keep sending out a company that has not been certified to work on their product.
More importantly, how do you find these fools that call them selfs certified technitions?
I guess I'll never know because every time AHS says they will call us back with an update and leave a message they never call!

Posted by Anonymous

Do not get American Home Service. Nothing is really covered in their plans, they have clever excuses on how certain items aren't covered.

Posted by AHS Is a Joke

Horrible service providers. We scheduled an appointment. The contractor requested a last-second time change. When we said we couldn't, he said that was okay. Then he calls us right before the appointment and says he didn't want to keep the appointment and we'd have to reschedule. Are you kidding me?

Posted by disapointed customer

I have attempted to create a service request for bathroom plumbing on your website and there is not option for this repair. I have called the 24/7 phone number advertised on my paperwork/contract and your website, but no one ever answers the phone. The last time I had to stay on hold for 50 minutes before anyone answered the phone.

Posted by [email protected]

I have had the worse experience with having my A/C unit repaired through. This company should make better decisions on employing their contractors. This the second time that their contractor has not been up to the Job.

Posted by JEAN

I Have Tried Calling Your Office For Over Two Weeks,and No One Knows Anything But A Supervisor Was To Get Back With Me, You Expect Me To Pay For A Home Service I Did Not Get. You Act As Though I Am A Child And You Have To Get The Contractor Information Be Fore You Give Me Answer, Take This You Have Receive More Monthly Payment From Me Than I Have Had Service Over Five Plus Years, You Can Cancel My Service As Of Now, Thank You Ms, R Robinson




Posted by Anonymous

I have had American Home Shield for 4 years. The last 3 summers, I have had various problems with my A/C. In June I called for service and was told they could not have someone come out for 5 business days. So, we waited. Then, the company that came out was from another city about 200 miles away. He said he fixed the unit and left. It worked for about 2 weeks, then I had to call again. This time, it was a 4 day wait, same company. So I called AHS on July 15 to cancel my service. I was on hold 3 different times for over 30 minutes with no answer. Finally, I put in a written complaint on the website and requested to cancel. No response. I called again and after a long hold, I finally spoke to a customer service rep. She said she saw on my account that I had requested to cancel but she couldn't take care of that, only the retention department could. She did say she would cancel my bank account information so they would not debit my account again. She said she would have them call me back. So, she put me on hold and forwarded me to them, no response. On 7/29, they withdrew another payment from my account. I called and waited and finally got somebody in Customer Service. NO ONE WILL RESPOND IN THE RETENTION DEPARTMENT AND FINALLY, 8/17 (2 days ago), I got a voice message that they had processed my request and my account was cancelled with no amount due. Then today, they auto-debited my account again.

Posted by Anonymous

For the last 2 years I have called AHS regarding my AC and very much to nothing was done in 2013 or 2014. Technicans had to come out multiple times to get it to work. Recently I called on 7/1/15 to have someone come out and check our AC. A person came out from ALM on 7/7/15 to look out our AC. The unit is over 45 plus years old and it kept tripping the breaker. While the technican, from ALM, was checking the unit smoke came out of the unit, my husband was standing there and watch it happen. The technicans from ALM recommendation we get a a dedicated line installed just for the AC and that the unit be replaced. We spent $850 on a electrician that AML recommended to install a dedicated line, immediately after the installation we call the ALM to let them know that the dedicated line was installed. ALM sent out a different technican to inspect and write up a report. That was on 8/4/15. I have been calling to get the status of the AC and no one has called me. I keep getting the ladies in the call center who can not give me any answers. I am frustrated with this process and I am not happy that I keep being told that I will hear from someone in 24 hours then 48 hours now it is up to 72 hours. I have been with AHS since 1999, you would think I could get better service than this. Not a happy camper.

Posted by Anonymous

If you don't mind holding on the phone for over thirty minutes every time you need customer service, I suppose this company is as good as their competitors.

Posted by Dustman

I called with a service request, it was urgent as my refrigerator was leaking water on my brand new just installed $ 5,000 hardwood floor. The tech I spoke to informed me that the soonest they could get someone out to assist me in this matter was 3 days, now this is not acceptable for not only me but for my floor, I explained to the tech that this was not acceptable and I needed some out here sooner, she put me on hold and returned after a few minutes and informed me that the next 24 hours is available, I asked her if the new floor would be covered? No I was informed that any secondary damage is not covered, and if I would read my contract I would see that this issue is clearly covered. I then informed the tech that if this is the best that this company can do then I will find another company and to cancel my contract. I then hung up and called a company that has a service man on the way.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been covered by AHS for approximately 12 years. On Thursday July 16 my air conditioner went out. I put in a service request and a contractor came out on Friday. He said the unit would have to be replaced. On Monday, an AHS representative called and said that the service had been approved. I did not hear anything until Wednesday when I called AHS. I was told that a Purchase Order (or whatever) had not been filed. We went back and forth and were finally told that everything was good to go. This morning the contractor called and said a crew was on the way. When they got here they had the wrong unit. They said all the paperwork would have to be resubmitted. I called AHS and was told there was no notes or anything. I put in a request to speak to a supervisor but have not heard back yet. Our temp has been in the high 90's with a heat index of over 100. I need to talk to someone and I need something done about this before next week. Thank you. John Goddard.

Posted by Anonymous

AHS has hit our checking acct 3 times this mo. for the monthly payment. After 4 attempts I was on hold 38 min. Discussed the issue with agent, he then put me on hold again and after 7 more minutes, I hung up. AHS customer response is unacceptable. They do not care. I will now pay "return payment" fees to my bank to deny their 2 billing errors. Unless this billing error is resolved to my satisfaction I will go after them for any bank fees I incur and attorney fees that apply AND will start a industry wide complaint campaign that will effect their customer base, all with no malice. However, they do have the option to do what is right in this matter (quickly)

Posted by Anonymous

mo. contract amount comes out of our checking acct on or about the 8th of each month. AHS deducted their normal 40.42 on June 8. Yesterday, they hit the account again for 40.42 AND again for 40.38. That checking acct is my wife's and she maintains low balances AND those payments were ordered the day before her soc. sec. income arrives and overdraft fees apply and she has not had a bank fee of any nature in over 25 years...until now!!!!. I've called 4 times and now on hold 23 minutes for the billing dept....still response. This is unacceptable! I will take other steps if this is not resolved to our satisfaction. Again, unacceptable

Posted by Anonymous

AHS payments come out of my wife's checking acct on or about the 8th of each month in the amount of $40.42. She maintains a low balance and her soc sec income is to post today. Yesterday (23rd)AHS hit her account for TWO additional payments of 40.38 and 40.42 !!! her acct became overdrawn before her soc. sec. income was posted and she has not had a overdraft fee in over 40 years!!! I've been trying to reach the accounting department 3 times this a.m., now on hold for 22 minutes and still no hopes of any assistance. I NEED SOME ACTION ON THIS MATTER AND NEED IT NOW !!!

Posted by vfl80

Called AHS about a main water line issue and was told by operator that most likely it was not a covered item. They asked me a few more questions and then talked to a supervisor who told them it 'might' be covered and to send a technician. I told them to NOT send a technician if they were pretty sure it would not be covered. When the tech arrived I told him the situation and he said it definitely would not be covered and that they should not have even sent him. He said he was NOT going to charge me for the visit. Later AHS billed me $75 for the tech visit. I sent them the invoice showing NO CHARGE but they still insist I pay them the $75 or my coverage will be terminated!

Posted by Anonymous


To whom it may concern:
My name is Jason Snow. My contract number is 122209672.
I am writing today to escalate my complaint regarding lack of service and the blatant neglect to the highest level possible. I purchased my house at the end of November last year. I moved in December 3, 2012. I purchased AMS home warranty for the peace of mind it is intended to give new homeowners. It has done anything but that! I have had trouble with everything I have turned in with exception to a slab leak that happened soon after I moved in. However, the company you sent out to fix that wanted too much money and wanted to tear up the inside of my house. I was able to get the issue fixed $2000.00 cheaper and the company I used was able to get to the leak from outside of house. I then had my air conditioner go out in the beginning of the year. I was told that the previous homeowner improperly maintained it and therefor it would not be covered. I had them replaced and it cost me over $5000.00 even though my contract covers undetectable and pre-existing conditions and maintenance issues. A couple of months later I had another plumbing leak that in contacted AHS about. The company sent out said that they would have to send their master plumber out because the problem was out of their scope of work. After several days of waiting, I had the problem fixed by another company to prevent the problem from getting worse and causing more damage. It cost me $1200.00 to fix the issue. AHS then sent me a bill for the service call that the master plumber never showed for. It took me over two months to get them to correct my account. Having said all of that, it brings me to my current issue and the straw that breaks the camel's back.
On or around October 16, 2013 I turned in a service request for two things. First of which was a defective switch on my cooktop. After three weeks of waiting and having to turn my cooktop off and on by the breaker box to prevent a fire, AHS finally repaired. The second item I turned in was a leak in my heater for my pool/spa. AHS sent a company out to diagnose the issue. After spending less than five minutes looking at the heater the technician told me it should be covered that there was no way to determine the root cause of the problem. A few days later AHS called me, said that it was a chemical issue, and the heater will not be covered. Big surprise, that answer seems to be the standard response. I explained to them that I have my pool maintained by a professional company once a week and watch them check the chemicals every time and have done that since the first day I moved into the house. AHS agreed to send a second company out to assess the situation. 5 star pool came out and inspected the heater and found a melted piece under the manifold and told me it would be covered. I asked if it could be considered my fault in any way. They said no, that there is no way to determine why the part failed. A week later AHS called and told me the repair will be denied because it looks like an outside heat source was used to melt the part that caused the problem. At that point, I had enough and demanded to speak to a supervisor. I was transferred to another department, but it was not a supervisor. The lady told me she would have a supervisor call me back and she would look into the situation. After another week, a supervisor never called me back and the second company was sent back out to take pictures. They took pictures on their first visit but discarded them when so much time passed without hearing anything from AHS. A few more days passed and I was called by AHS and told that 5 star would be back out because they needed to check the chemicals in the pool. I stressed my discontent with the situation and the lack of response. She assured me it would not take much longer that it was in a supervisors hands and the problem was the two different opinions of the companies AHS sent out. A few days later 5 star came out and checked the chemicals. I watched as they did and the chemicals were right on the money. The tech told me it was in no way my fault nor was it detectable. I asked him about the first company and their diagnoses. He told me that the reason they gave AHS was not applicable, nor possible for the particular heater I own. He told me he sent AHS an exploded view of the heater and explained why it would not be possible for the original company's diagnoses to happen in any scenario with my heater. At that point, it should have been undeniable coverage. At the point the chemicals tested correct, it should have been undeniable coverage. Needless to say, a couple of days ago I received a call from AHS explaining to me that the claim will be denied. The AHS agent told me that they were going to stick with outside heat source causing the damage. I explained to her that it was not possible where the damage is. There would be signs of collateral damage to surrounding areas. I explained that their tech from the company they sent out told me that it was leaking from the plastic header. That leak was apparently leaking onto the outside of the heat exchange, which over time caused it to rust and develop a hole. The heat escaped from that hole and caused the part to melt. She then said, "Well, in that case it would be a manufacture defect which AHS does not cover either." I told her that was ridiculous, that the manufactures warranty is for two years and this heater is three years old. I explained that a supervisor has yet to call me despite me requesting several times. She said she knew that and offered no acceptable reason as to why. She told me one would be calling me soon. Today, November 22, 2013 a agent from the escalation department called me. (still not a manager or supervisor) She told me the damage would not be covered because it was not "normal wear and tear." After arguing with her for several minutes about what normal wear and tear is, at which she never offered an answer, I asked for a number to her boss or email. She refused to give it to me and told me she would have a lead man call me, but could not tell me when. I then called the pool tech that AHS sent to my house. I explained the situation to him and asked him if the email his company sent AHS stated that the faulty part was in any way caused by neglect, manufacturer defect, or me. He stated that he told them it was not and that there was no way to determine the cause of the problem. It just broke and therefore, should be covered. I have him on recording stating everything. I called Evelyn back at ext. 1075252104 to explain to her my findings and she did not answer. I left a message for her to please call me back with a number to AHS legal department and to the corporate office so I could speak to someone that cares a little more about the reputation of AHS and the customer service they are supposed to provide. She has yet to call back. I have a work order in to the pool company I use now to reroute the plumbing around my heater so I can circulate my pool. It has been inoperable for over a month now waiting on this issue to be resolved. Just the fact that I cannot circulate my pool caused chemicals to stand and consequential damage can occur. I live in Texas where the weather changes daily. It is getting down to freezing temperatures at night right now, which can also cause damage if the pool cannot circulate. I am a very reasonable person and not the type to ever complain or escalate things to corporate levels. In this case, however, I feel completely wronged and that I have no choice. If I have to take this to court, I will. At that point I will have no choice but to go after every claim denied in the past, including my a/c units and all cost and consequential damages associated with this claim, the outside pool companies I will have come in and evaluate, in writing, the cause of the damage, and any and all court cost incurred. That is ridiculous for a paying customer, who bought the upgraded packages, to have to do. To put the lack of response and customer service alongside of the issue is flat out un called for and wrong. I have been called several times in the last forty five days by AHS to renew my contract at a rough cost of $800.00 ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? The funny thing is; I probably would have if this claim had gone through hassle free.
Whoever receives this letter please make sure, it gets to the proper hands. I need this resolved ASAP and do not wish to take this to the next level. I would hope to know that the corporate office must not know how the customers in my area are being handled. Now that they do, will you do anything to help? Please call me or email me with response.

Jason Snow

Posted by maria v

I have been attempting to get service by one of their contractors since July 19th. Not a thing! My shower is partially torn since this company needed access to fix a pipe. It was done on 6/19 and both the company and contractor were notified, today aug 1st nothing has been done excet" we sent an email to the company and they should contact you in 24 hours" .
I also had a broken faucet with a hole and what they did was to patch it up!

Add your review!

Posted by Pari

The operators at AHS are very polite and courteous, but that does not mean we get good service as no action was ever taken! After waiting for nearly a week for an answer or reply from AHS, I contacted the executive offices and had the good fortune to talk to a Jackie Evans.
The contractors/companies hired by AHS are not up to par and they misdiagnosed. (I had two tech who disagreed with AHS contractor) Jackie Evans has set up second opinion for us. Hope this new company is better at their job. If you have a problem speak to her. She is good.

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