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American Express customer service is ranked #355 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 36.37 out of a possible 200 based upon 307 ratings. This score rates American Express customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


285 Negative Comments out of 307 Total Comments is 92.83%.


22 Positive Comments out of 307 Total Comments is 7.17%.

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    • 285 negative comments (92.83%)
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Posted by Dunwiddem

Why is it a closely guarded secret where the CEO/President of Amex Canada is hiding out? All I want to do is serve the bastard notice for screwing me around and demand the contract - original instrument of indebtedness - to be provided within 30 days or the matter WILL be legally and financially settled and they can eat the balance. 26.9% IS USURY AND I AIN'T GONNA PAY IT NO MO'. As there is NO contract they are in dishonor within 3 days of receiving the registered letter/demand.

Posted by Anonymous

Dispute Ref #L8D9588 - MY ACCT - not excepting your decision - same reply from Amex in May 2016 for charge of $79.00 on 5/1/16 for again unauthoriced charge by Stratigig Investments (Baumann Letters) same company - have all documentation and ready to send you. This is FRAUD BY THIS COMPANY. Ipurchases a book on 2/5/16 for $97.00 that is how they got my AMEX account number and is

stored in their system - I made a copy of my account information - which I did not know I even


Posted by Anonymous

The Customer Service For American Express Is The Absolute Worse. They Are Very Rude And Literally Will Hang Up The Phone On You If They Don't Like Your Tone. Instead Of Realizing, That As The Customer Frustration Has Set In And What They Are Saying Doesn't Make Sense. They Are Not Patient Nor Are They Compassionate To The Customers Need. Marcus The 6th And Last Person I Spoke With Told Me He Couldn't Do Any Thing Else For Me And That He Is Disconnecting The Call. Very Disrespectful And Unprofessional

Posted by sk1

I ordered an Gold card for Amex Delta Skymiles with a bonus of 30,000 miles for $3000 expenditures in 3 months. They entered my address incompletely (I have a regular Amex card since 1974) and the card couldn't be delivered. It was cancelled and replaced overnight. I registered the card and called about the skyviles. They said this card was cancelled. I told them this card has a different number than the one that was cancelled. After waiting awhile they said, oh yes, it is valid after all but without the bonus miles. I asked them to put the offer back on the card and they said they couldn't. I cancelled again. Their service has deteriorated so much. I am disappointed and realized they could care less Their offerings are bogus, wait times are long and they have no ability to resolve issues.

Posted by SG

I just received the worst possible customer service from American Express that I have ever received. Until this week, the customer service has always been exceptional. They have either quit training their employees on how to provide excellent service, simply do not care, or have outsourced their customer service to some company that does not care. I spoke with a rep - Ralph 2 days ago about an erroneous charge on my bill. I was led to believe it had been taken care of. This morning I found an e-mail stating that I could call back to dispute the charge. I DISPUTED the charge MONDAY. WHY DO I NEED TO MAKE A SECOND CALL? DO YOUR REPS NOT LISTEN? OBVIOUSLY NOT, NEITHER DOES YOUR "supervisor" MICKEY. Supervisor is a very loose term when associated with her. I was referred to Mickey this morning when I requested to speak with a supervisor. She did not answer questions that I ask her pertaining the the situation. Evasive at best! She sounded like a robot -- One who reads canned responses. Wake up American Express. My business can go elsewhere and probably will. Your original Great reputation came from providing excellent customer service! Your customer service now STINKS! IT HAS GONE STRAIGHT DOWN THE TOILET!

Posted by Anonymous

I Call For Account Balance, And It Was The Most Horrible Experience I Have Had With American Express Since 1992. I Was Kept On Hold From 2:45pm To 3:05 Pm Listening A Recording That Kept Saying "please Wait" Every 30 Seconds. That Was Worst Than Water Torture.

The Operator Who Said Her Name Was Cele At Best Was Incompetent, I Asked To Speak To A Supervisor, Which She Told Me She Couldn't Find One But She Would Look. My Question Is Was I Talking To Someone In America, Is There A Language Barrier. The Last 4 Digit Of My Card

Posted by sctorrey

Horrendous "customer service". Called to ask a general question and had my and my wife's credit card inexplicably canceled. The question I called to ask didn't even have anything to do with the credit card. Called to have them correct their error and they put me through the application process again, complete with the scripted "Congratulations, you have been approved" line. Congratulations?!?! They sent me a new card, but not one for my wife. Instead, they declined her resubmitted application for unspecified reasons. When I called to try again to have them fix their error, all I got was moronic responses from people with minimal command of the English language. After 30 minutes (!) of getting nowhere with these clowns, I told them to cancel my account immediately. I will NEVER do business with American Express again. If a company can't fix a simple mistake THEY made, imagine what it would be like if something serious happened. Pathetic.

Posted by Kbartelt

I signed up for the 50,000 mile on Delta airline offer which I was told that was eligible for, after spending $2000.00 on my new card and paying it off in a month, was told by American Express, because I had a card 3 years ago I was not eligible for the miles ? nice scam !!!

Posted by Tanatana1953

I have a Card that I bought like a gift card from Wal-Mart. I can use it like a checking account. I had my check deposited in it. It didn't go on my account and I can't get past the main woman who tells me I need a trace #. Wal-Mart don't have one they can give me till next week. When I ask to talk to some one else up the chain There is no one to talk to or they won't let me talk to someone else. I think I will be canceling this card very shortly.

Posted by Kilo Echo

Here is the thing, as long as people tolerate this kind of service it will continue. I am currently engaged in a dispute (AMEX contacted me with a fraud concern, when I called back, I could only reach India or the Philippines) with AMEX. I simply WILL NOT discuss finances with people at outsourced call centers in foreign countries.
Now, I am a realist, and I know they don't care if I cancel my account, but if we started doing that en masse, the point would be made.
I should point out that Discover is 100% US Based customer service.

Posted by aaaaaa

your customer service stinks, to put it politely !!!!!!

now I am definitely voting for trump !!!

and now you can understand why the Trump movement has such strength

because of companies like yours

Posted by Shenelle Charles

I am very disgusted with American Express!!!! The company as a whole is just an embarrassment. Before providing my personal experience with them I will tell you about their customer service. They have locations out sourced in the Philippines I spoke with Sherry Id number 87643 who was extremely rude! I will list a coupled more agents id numbers outsourced in the Philippines as well who disconnected the call on me / promised me a call back and never called me back. My account is closed with American Express and my direct deposit was sent to the account on 7/27/2016 I spoke to a representative from what seemed to be the U.S. this individual understood the importance of me receiving my check and sent the money for me through western union. The transactions canceled TWICE because western union requested for the sender American Express to call in to verify the transaction they NEVER did so the Transaction canceled. From this point I have been speaking to over 40 representatives to get my money. NO ONE helped me they just disconnected the call, placed the phone on mute oh and get this they also promised call backs that I never received! Someone placed a note on my account stating that a manager is working on the case and they will give me a call back.It has now been a complete day a half and I have not received a call back as promised from the manager or any employees. They are holding on to my money that I worked hard for! I am livid. I am reviewing the previous compaints with American express and boy may I tell you they are by far the WORST! They have wasted my time, Vehicle Gas & telephone minutes. I have lost time off from work because of them and this matter. I will be taking this further!

Posted by Joyce W

Worst credit card company to work with ever! Will deny DMP acceptance BUT will NOT tell you why. I am so disappointed and will never recommend anyone to use AMX. I am so disappointed and frustrated in their service. The worst ever.

Posted by Ian Kimbrell

American Express is a nightmare. Customer Service is the worst I have ever dealt with. I have been working to dispute an over charge for which I have submitted documentation. On the first round, I got a poorly written form letter denying the dispute. When we did a conference call with customer service they explained that the first time around they do not actually review the documentation. This is light of the fact that the vendor submitted the same documentation as I did, which confirmed the agreed upon rate was in my favor. Round two. Same things. Round three, no word for 45 days. Then they tell me that the 90 days have passed by which a charge can be disputed.

Like other notes on this site, my experience has been that the customer services people are ridiculous people who speak over you, ignore what you say, and just pass you to another department. And another department. And another department.

Posted by Anonymous

When american express costco parted, I called to cancel my american express card and they said it was cancelled automatically. I asked for letter or email stating such and they refused. they have no email capability on their website.

Posted by mikeruth12

If you have a credit card with American Express - be ready to call several different divisions to get answers to questions that you might have... If you have questions regarding online services - that is another number to call, if you have questions regarding "reward dollars" get ready for another phone call to somewhere else etc....

Posted by Bata

Very Bad Service this Financial Institution has to shut down. Money hungry and very crude customer service

Posted by Egolla

I ordered something online and charge was processed without issue. However, 2 other orders appeared on my acct that I did not order. I called to dispute the charge because I use am-ex prepaid card and charges were taken from my balance. The rep I talked with just kept over talking me and repeating herself. Saying could not dispute charges because the vendor had not collected the money yet so I should wait and it would drop off. I could not make her understand that it needed to be disputed because it has been processed and will be collected. Finally asked for supervisor. Talked with him and he said I would just have to call back after the charge posts on account and dispute it then. I explained that I use 3000 per month on average that I have directly deposited to this acct and I am really upset at the lack of helpfulness I was being shown. Questioned why I had to callback again to challenge it and then again to make sure disputed. Was told "read your member agreement." I advised him that I was deeply upset by lack of assistance and will consider cancelling account and redirecting all deposits to a different company. His response? " well you can do whatever you want." As a disabled person, money and assistance ranked highly in my priorities. American Express seriously needs to rethink their customer service protocols. I'm a small fish with a very big mouth and a huge platform of access to voice my discontent. Huge fail.....

Posted by Rod

Terrible service. Been given the run around for months now. Here is a transcript of my email conversation with them. This has been going on for 2 months. (names and account numbers have been changed for privacy reasons.

From: American Express

Sent: 02 Jun 2016

Response (AM EX REP) 02 Jun 2016 01:26 PM

Dear John Doe,

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Since you have yet not received the bonus Miles, I have immediately raised this matter with our Rewards Department.

I am expecting a response from them in 3-5 business days. As soon as I hear from them I will get back to you.

In the meantime, if there's anything else you think we may assist you with, please remember we're just an e-mail away.

American Express wishes you a pleasant day!



Email Servicing Team

American Express Digital Services

02 Jun 2016 10:30 AM

Please advise as to the status of this request.



Response (AMEX REP) 31 May 2016 08:34 AM

Dear John Doe,

Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in awarding you the associated welcome bonus miles.

I just received an update from the concerned department. They have mentioned that there is a technical glitch in the system due to which miles weren't awarded automatically.

This is a known issue and they are working diligently to resolve it on priority. The solution is expected to be implemented soon.

We would never wish to let any interruption come to you when it comes to managing your points. Be assured, you are not required to do anything from your side as the miles will be awarded once the issue is fixed.

I assure you that you receive them as soon as possible. You have rightfully earned these miles and we will make sure that you get the benefit of these miles.

We appreciate your time while we resolve this issue.

Have a wonderful day!



Email Servicing Team

American Express Customer Care

Customer ([email protected]) 30 May 2016 11:30 AM

Response (AMEX REP) 17 May 2016 11:57 AM

Dear Mr. Doe,

As per the update, the Miles will issued once your May 2016 has generated.

Your May statement will generate on 05/27/2016. I request you to wait till timeframe.

I appreciate your time and patience.



Email Servicing Team

American Express Customer Care


it is now more than halfway through May, I am sure it is more than 10 weeks since my first purchase and I have yet to receive my reward miles into my Air Miles account.

Please look into this.

================== Original Message == == == == == == == == == == == == ==

Response (AMEX REP) 21 Apr 2016 09:36 AM

Dear Mr. Doe,

Please do not worry! You will receive bonus Air Miles.

As per the update due to some technical issues, there is some delay in issuance of Miles. This is the reason, Miles will be issued in May 2016.

I assure the Miles will be posted your American Express account in May 2016 and transferred upon statement generation date.

We certainly look forward to add much more value to our relationship with you.



Email Servicing Team

American Express Customer Care

Customer ([email protected]) 20 Apr 2016 01:41 PM

Do we know why so long? Why was I originally informed 8-10 weeks? This would be 4 months (Feb, Mar, Apr, May) for the points to come in. Just trying to understand the delay and the brake in the process of informing customers on inaccurate time frames...

================== Original Message == == == == == == == == == == == == ==

Response (AMEX REP) 20 Apr 2016 12:48 PM

Dear Mr. Doe,

I have just received an email regarding it. As per the update, the bonus Miles will be issued in May 2016.

I appreciate your understanding.



Email Servicing Team

American Express Customer Care

Thank you for your investigation.

Please make this a priory, I had planned to use these miles before tomorrow for a special gift I had planned on purchasing. It would mean a lot if this could be resolved asap.


John Doe

================== Original Message == == == == == == == == == == == == ==

Response (AMEX REP) 20 Apr 2016 09:57 AM

Dear Mr. Doe,

Please do not worry!

In order to investigate it further, I have forwarded a request to your membership rewards department. Please allow me 3-5 business days and I will get back to you with an update.

I appreciate your time and patience.



Email Servicing Team

American Express Customer Care

Customer 19 Apr 2016 02:54 PM


Sorry to inquire again. 2 weeks ago I was informed below that we were in week 9 of a 8-10 week wait. This is now week 11 and I have not seen the updated points in my Air Miles account. Please advise.


John Doe

Response (AMEX REP) 07 Apr 2016 09:47 AM

Dear Mr. Doe,

I understand your concern and will assist you accordingly.

I see you have already called us regarding the same. Your Airmiles number is correctly updated on your account.

In regards to bonus Airmiles, it normally 8-10 weeks for bonus Miles to post from the date your Card was first used. Your Card was first used on 02/09/2016. We are currently in the 9th week.

The bonus Miles will be issued to your account soon. In case the Miles are not issued by the above timeframe, please email us and we will get it investigated.

I appreciate your time and patience. Have an excellent day ahead!



Email Servicing Team

American Express Customer Care

Customer 06 Apr 2016 01:16 PM


I am emailing to confirm my airmiles account is connected to my AM/EX card. I sighed up with the promotion of 500 points after first purchase. I signed up about 6 weeks ago and have not received my points, I've made multiple purchases. I know it can take some time but want to confirm my card is indeed connected to my account. my Airmiles card number is
Thank you for your time.

John Doe

Posted by BJ from Marietta

America Express is no longer! It is either Philppene Express or India Express that answers. They are not only incompetent and unwilling to help but they not capable of speaking or understanding simple English. They want to do whatever they want and not what the customers wants. After 38 years with American Express it is time to make a major change in my credit card company. The sad part is that American Express apparently does not give "two hoots in hell" wether or not customers are leaving.

Posted by fayyr

I was a royal AMEX customer and no more now. I had a card that I even didn't know it was exciting at the beginning. After I receive a bill for the membership fee one year later, I called the customer service about this issue. He told me he would give me a partial credit first and the remaining would be post on my account in 2 days. So I was happy and closed that account that day. It was 1.5 YEARS ago. They are still billing me on the remaining balance and I receive a bill this Jan. So I called again. I was told everything had been taken care. 2 months later, another bill showed up on my mailbox. I called again, same thing. Now it is another 4 months, it has never been taken cared. And they showed on my credit report as missed payment. So I called the AMEX 4th time to correct this issue. They push me back and forth between customer service dept and credit bureau dept 3 times. Today, after another 48hrs waiting time, I called again. The customer service Martin told me that it was not error on their end, so there is nothing they could do. I don't know how a company could treat its customer like this. Customers are liable for all the things happened on the account. I will never go back to AMEX nor recommend anyone to AMEX.

Posted by Disappointed

AMEX and Costco have made it impossible to remain an American Express customer without increasing my total number of credit card accounts as a result of the Costco split. After massive marketing campaigns to me, halfway through the 'application' to open a different AMEX card, AMEX staff tried to convince me to have BOTH the CitiVisa and a new AMEX in order to meet their transfer limits. But that would mean I will exceed my preferred number of credit cards. My options - have 2 cards or leave AMEX. I guess I have to say goodbye after 15+ years as an AMEX cardholder. Bad business AMEX!

Posted by Kevin

Had numerous issues setting up payment for a credit card. Repeatedly put through to India and Philippines. Operators had accents and could not understand questions I was asking based on the fact that their answers did not match my questions. Put me on hold for 20-30 minutes and refused to transfer me to the US.

Posted by goldenj

I've been an American Express customer for 15 years, reciently their customer support has become terrable where once was very good. I was on the phone over 2 hours triing to resolve an issue, instead of a resolution it was compounded. I've cancelled my accounts with American Express and won't be doing buisness with them any longer.

Posted by Ozzie

Took about 12 mins to reach a live rep. Spoke to a rep and explained all details about a disputed transaction, in detail for about 15 min. She then put me on hold saying that she will submit the claim and get a confirmation. I was on hold for another least 10 mins, and then an Indian accent girl picks up the line and says "Thank you for holding, can I have the 15 digit card you're calling about today?" I lost it there!!

Add your review!

Posted by Shavanah

American Express has the best customer service that I have ever experienced, hands down. Whenever I have a question, concern or issue, they are always pleasant and help to answer any question that I have. If all companies were similar to American Express in the way that they treat their customers we would have no need for complaint forums.

Posted by GRG

I Never Had A Problem With My American Express Card And Customer Service So Far, They're Very Professional In Dealing With Customers. Ms. Amy Id# 31341 Is Very Attentive On My Questions, She Explained Clearly About American Express Costco Of Changing To Blue Card, I Can't Wait For The Mail. Thank You And More Power To American Express!!

Posted by Pleased Customer

This was my first week as an AMEX customer. Its started off rocky, but I just got off a call with such amazing customer service I was completely blown away. My card matches airline reward miles, and since I had to make a flight purchase while my card was lost they gave me the matching miles anyway! Changed my view 100% Right now I am very very happy that I got an American Express card. Unfortunately these sites tend to only attract the angry customers.

Posted by Mia

Best customer service ever. Honestly, if you call them and just talk to them, be honest about your situation, they really do everything they can to work with you. I love Amex.

Posted by Anonymous

This is an A+++ comment. I apparently missed a step in paying my bill on line last month. I had no idea until I received my past due bill in the mail today. Because of my flawless payment history and Amex customer support, my penalties were removed and my late payment history erased without my even asking. I so appreciate being appreciated. I am a loyal Amex customer.

Posted by ascott81883

I had a question about a world pay transaction my question was answered in less than 5 minutes by phone.

Posted by jaethree33

Amex Has The Best Customer Service Reps In The Business ... Well Worth The $175.00 I Pay For My Premier Rewards Gold Card For Myself And Family(wife And 3 Kids). Only A Idiot Would Say Anything Less!!!

Posted by me

i talked to a nice guy named christian vargas, he wasnt american at all but he gave me the best customer service i could ever imagined.I give Amex a 10 only because that awesome guy

Posted by rayc

American Express customer service is top notch. They call, email, and text you when a problem has been identified with fraudulent charges, and work on your behalf to eliminate them. They have made us lifelong customers!

Posted by Shel

I used Amex before for traveller's insurance and found that the customer service rep did not fully understand the goal of my call. They kept cutting me off and offering lots of information that was not particularily relevant to what I was asking. I ended up calling back and lucked out on a good rep. I was reassured, so I went ahead with it. Then I found They offer additional coverage as well as other useful services. The extra coverage was very reassuring. They provide me with services that my usual travel insurance cannot provide. For example, I can call a support number and get help with translations, they can also assist me in case I need to transfer emergency funds. They also provide you with very useful pre-travel info. I am surely going to use Medassureplus' additional coverage each time I travel from now on.

Posted by babycake

I had a problem with Red Box rental double charging me and lied and said they have returned my extra money I call American express and they took care of it, in four days I havd my refund put back on my card they are great by taking care of customers that I know of.

Posted by Anonymous

i got straight through to an agent after pressing 0 three times like it suggested. the agent was very polite and helpful.
thank you...

Posted by jesusnousernmanes

American Express have always offered me a great service here in the UK. I have had the card for just under 6 months and all has been well!

The Gold card comes with good perks and it does get you a lot of attention.

I did have an insurance claim denied but this was sent to executive complaints team to deal with.

All in all, they offer a great service for a great price. They have a customer for life!

Luckily, we have UK based call workers here and the team is rather small. I now know nearly everyone by name.

Posted by drbaysinger

Number worked perfectly in less than a minute. Knowledgeable and efficient.

Posted by Anonymous

American Express has THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. All others pale in comparison. My daughter, while traveling abroad, was a victim of debit card fraud, which deactivated her debit card and limited all access to her bank account. She contacted AX, and within 3 minutes was reconnected with her personal bank account with full access to cash. Within 3 minutes! Hasslefree! And the customer service rep with AX even stayed on the phone with her until he was certain that she was able to retrieve her funds. Kudos to American Express for reliable global services and the best customer service agents ever!

Posted by Booyaka

For all the people complaining about AMEX its probbaly because your petty, and broke and or are trying to scam. I have had AMEX for about 7 years now and they have been on point the whole time. I have there buisness card and I love it. I have never talked to anyone outside the USA. I deal with people from India all day long at work it doesnt bother me. Maybe all you high strung people should learn how to speak Indian.

Posted by stevea12345

Everytime i have called AE I have been very plesed with their service. If i damage my card, I have a new one at my door the next day. When I have an issue, I dont wait more than a few minutes for a live person. When there are purchases that are not made by me - THEY CALL ME (And no; i did not purchase any additional service for them to monitor it). When I want to buy tickets from ticketmaster - i can easily use my points. They are always so warm and friendly on the phone and speak english as their first language. I LOVE AMEX.

Posted by dadof2girls

Fast friendly service. Very helpful. Quick resolution.

Posted by Anonymous

Great customer service but I wish their agents spoke better English. Many of them have very heavy Indian accents. I kept having to ask them to repeat themselves several times during the conversation. Is their call center in India? Anyway, someone hacked one of our business credit card numbers and charged five transactions in France (wish I could have been there). They filed a dispute and refunded the transactions right away. We received a replacement card within 24 hours. They are always polite and professional. I am very satisfied with them.

Posted by ash

I had a serious problem with a merchant and was extremely worried and needed help. I had paid on my american express card and the support they gave me was the BEST really and truley. These people were brilliant !

Posted by latoya

thats how customer service is supost to be just perfect.

Posted by moonwarning

Best customer service that i have gotten so far. Keep it up guys.

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Posted by Gavin

American Express is great! I don't understand why people are complaining.

1. Why cancel a credit card? Big Mistake. Just pay off the balance.

Perfect 10 for me.


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