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American Airlines customer service is ranked #225 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 44.29 out of a possible 200 based upon 958 ratings. This score rates American Airlines customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


823 Negative Comments out of 958 Total Comments is 85.91%.


135 Positive Comments out of 958 Total Comments is 14.09%.

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    • 44.29 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 823 negative comments (85.91%)
    • 135 positive comments (14.09%)
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    • 2.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Charmaine Siew-Torry

My name is Charmaine Torry and I purchased a ticket o. July 5th to reo. August 6th because of the u timely death off my beloved sister. While there I got a call stating that my husband had a heart attack so I tried to change the return date from August 6th to July 29. I was charged 640.00. I personally think that it was unfair and unjustified for a change date for that amount. Any assistance for reimbursement would be highly appreciated. My telephone Thanks in advance for considering this letter. Hoping to hear from you shortly.

Posted by Jb

Plane was delayed for two hours. Missed the connecting flight and got to wait for standby for an overbooked flight. Then didn't get on, so we had to wait for another couple hours for the next overbooked flight. All because AA delayed us and they treat us as if we were the ones that missed our flight.
Every customer agent talks to you as if they hate their jobs, they don't care about you, and they sigh after every simple question.
Airlines won't change, they know our options are limited, so forget about it! American Airlines sucks and I wish they would fix themselves or that I had other options where they actually give a s*** about their passenger seat.
And to boot, they offer other passengers a $500 credit to give up a their seats, what the heck do we get for having to wait around? They messed up! Not us! Where is our credit!? Finding me a new flight for your mistake is not enough!
American Airlines, you owe me and your passengers some much overdue respect and compensation. You are aweful.

Posted by Anonymous

Whatever happened to customer service? As the technologically advanced American society moves throughout times we have the tendency to treat those around us like means to an end. That is not more true than in the Air line industry. American airlines have no concerns for their clients or as they call them passengers. In the past two years 2016-2018 (June present time) I have been left stranded at more airports in the USA that I care to count. This lack of respect or customer service for the paying customer is not limit to one type of airline. Let me share with you my latest experience with a minimum expectations airline.

On June 14, 2018 flight AA1908 from Dallas Texas flight to Miami International was held in front of the gate, the Captain indicated that the ground crew personnel was not present to move the plane to the gate and they have not been given an explanation for the daly. This delay created by American Airlines personnel or lack there off created a snow ball effect that prevented travelers from reaching their connection flights. As you can assumed by reading this piece I was one of those passengers.

Like many other passengers (approximately 40) I made a simple request, Can you call the gate and informed the I am on my way? My request was quickly denied. As it was explained by crew members the agents can not hold the flights only the tower is allowed to do so. As it was the case people departing to Milan Italy were lucky and their flight was on hold, everyone else was left to fend for themselves.

Not giving up on my attempt to make my flight I made my request to the gate agent at E-31 during deplaning, he assured me I had time and he also said there was nothing he could do.

To paint a clear picture of the situation here how our arrival took place, We landed at 1630-35 and stopped at the runway to await for our gate to open up. By 1645 we were moving toward the gate E-31 but there was no airline personnel so we sat in front of the gate until 1710 when we reach the gate and started deplaning shortly after around 1720. I made it out of the plane and after exchanging a few words with the gate agent I started running towards gate D-53 and made it at 1734 to find the airplane have left.

If you are familiar with Miami International Airport you can tell I was not going to make it. That being said all American employees knew I was not going to make it. However, not one individual was considerate enough to let me know or change my plane ticket. On the contrary all said I was in time and I can make it. What is more frustrating is the fact that when I arrived to gate D-53 the gentleman at the gate said without skipping a beat that if the agent at gate E-31 would have call him he would have stopped the flight.

As my frustrations were mounting, I grab my new ticket (no seat assignment and now with a 3 hours and 45 minute delay and a disrupted work schedule) and walked away to find a manager that could at least treat me like a human being and a paying customer. What I found instead was a lady that told me three different reasons why I was left at the airport (Weather, No one can hold the flight, you have to be at the gate 10 minutes prior to closing) and left me with the advise that if I care enough I could write a complaint to the airline. She also made the comment " it would not make a different you are still here and you should be thankful that you are lucky and not spending the night here., why don't you rent a car is faster, any more complaints go to gate D-37 service desk, there is nothing I can do for you"

Great customer service. I walk back to gate D-37 to file a complaint and get a plane ticket with a seat assignment. At the customer service desk by D-37 I encountered a young man that that had lots of questions. One of them was, where did you get the ticket? why no set assignment? even when there was nothing he could do for me he treated me like a person. He understood that I had being treated unfairly and not at all like I customer. He explained, that every gate agent knows the flights coming in and wether or not passengers will make their connection flight or not. They also know how far is from gate E-31 to D-53 and that it was completely inconsiderate and disrespectful for them to tell me to run. And regardless of whether one gate agent would call another gate they are not authorized to hold a flight. For an agent to tell you as such it is a lie. In addition he told me that he can not understand why I was not issued a seat assignment, that should have being the least the gate agent could have done for me.

So what happened to customer service? What happened to respecting your clients? How hard is to accept your mistakes and do the wright thing? Companies like American Airlines want your business but, treating you like a person or at least a paying customer is a burden.

If I were to audit this company under ISO 9001:2015 a few simple questions will reveal how bad is their customer service and how American does not even meet the lowest standards.

1. How hard was for a gate agent to tell the customers thy were not going to make it and issued a new ticket for the next available flight?
2. Why the Airline did not have a gate supervisor to ensure deplaning passengers were taking care off after knowing their personnel were not present to do their required duties which cause a delay?
3. Why after running to try to make the flight, the next gate agent at D-53 have to lie about his abilities of holding a plane?
4. Why the gate agent manager/supervisor have to defend the airline and blame the customer for being late?
5. Why will the gate agent let customers know their complaints will go on deaf ears and the company will do nothing about it to make it wright?
6. Are all this unwritten American Airlines policies have become common practices?

As you can see the answers to the above questions reveal how bad is the customer
service at American Airlines. The fact the company managers and supervisors know the company will not rectify the situations for the clients let you know the company is about sucking peoples' money and treating clients like wallets, and not people that deserve some respect. And, lastly American Airlines personnel attitudes (lying, not reporting to their due place of duty, making excuses for the company, treating clients like cattle instead of paying customers) demonstrate the unwritten company policies that have become common practices throughout the company and unfortunately the entire airline industry. It is sad to say, American Airline will do nothing to rectify the situation for any of the passengers stranded at the Miami airport today, because the bottom line is more important than the paying customers. For a company that once pride themselves for being a customer base airline American Airline paying customers are not even worth a bottle water and that is a sad American story.

Posted by Rose

All of the American Airline staff seem to hate their jobs. Everyone was EXTREMELY RUDE!
On my back from my vacation I figured it was because of the early trip that everyone was being so ugly to me... but on my way back it was the same. Rude and mean. You should just leave your job if you hate it that much to show us so much disrespect. No friendly staff and no help at all.
I am very disappointed at three times of me flying with them. Never again.

Posted by Linda

Wheelchair assistance requested at time of booking. Everything went smooth until the last connecting fight in Dallas Gate attendant was rude. Called all people forward who had requested wheelchair assistance. No wheelchairs available, told all of us (5) to step aside so that we would not hold up the regular passengers from boarding. Still no wheelchairs, all of us eventually walked to the plain. One gentleman had kidney replacement with complications. His wife was livid. I have a bad leg requiring a knee replacement. Walking distances is difficult. If they know people need wheelchairs, they should be available !

Posted by Flyhigh

Very bad service. Plane is supposed to fly at 8.00 Am and they are saying it is delayed for 45 min due to maintenance, suckers don�t know that the flight has to be ready for take off in the morning and why can�t they do maintenance and prepare the plane for the next day.
All they care is to get the money from passengers and bring excuses

Posted by Anonymous

Worst Airline I Have Ever Dealt With. Customer Service Is Awful.i Will Never Use Them Again. Been Trying For 3 Days To Speak With A Live Person In Any Capacity And Im Always Waiting On The Phone Waiting And Waiting And Waiting, And This Includes Just Trying To Reach Reservations. They Ask You To Wait And They Will Call You Back, ....never Happens ...i Hope They Go Out Of Business.!!!!!! Real Soon...thats What They Deserve.

Posted by Kafraiim88

Ivery dissapointed as a wheelchair person I was there at 430 no one to help anything I dragged myself with two luggage to the front took me 45 min no help to get in then I miss the flight on a very importantly business meeting. Consider this my last flight on this Mickey Mouse airline because the money time and schedule I was cost is the reason why after this I will never ever fly Thais unorganized frugal airline that won�t pay a soul to help out a first class customer

Posted by maryg

I paid for a premium seat with American Air. The flight came in 2 hours late, so I couldn't make my connection. The AA rep then booked me on a flight the next day with a seat that was literally next to (30 inches away from ) a smelly bathroom. The flight attendant's response was that"somebody" needed to sit there. AA doesn't take customer complaints by phone. You have to email them. They responded and seemed to feel that I should appreciate their "generous" offer the refund the $25 I paid for a seat upgrade. Unbelievable!

Posted by sharon

Hi my name is Sharon

I asking for a refund or credit. I flew to Maryland on Wednesday with your airline. We we stuck on the runway prior to leaving for 30 min the when we arrived we were stuck again on the runway for over two hours in a thunder, and lightening storm before we could get out of the plane. We were first told that it was to dangerous for the people to work in the storm, but we were just left out in the storm.Then on the way back our flight was delayed over an hour again. I had things planned and a schedule to keep, and missed appointments due to all the delays. Please give me my money back or credit.

Thanks Sharon

Posted by Christine cates

I live in grand blanc blanc, michigan and needed to travel to Wausau wisconsin for a funeral on Friday, August 4,at 11am. I was booked on a flight from bishop airport inflint with a connecting flight at ohare airport in chicago on Thursday August 3. It was canceled and i was booked for a 6am flight from metr airport in detroit. My husband drops me off at 5am. I get through security and check at a aa desk for the gate. He tells me it is canceled. He books me on united flight to still get my connecting flight in chicago for the funeral at 11a. I walk to the other end of airport in my black dress and heels to find the gate screen shows a flight delay till 10:20a. This will not work for the Chicago flight. United tells me to go back to aa to find a different flight. I walk all the way back and i am booked for an 8:20am flight with aa. At 8:10 the attendant at the gate announces the flight is canceled. I am not able to make the funeral and see my family. My daughter finds a sitter for her two babies to come get me in detroit. I cried all the way home.

Posted by my name

I spent over $15,000 getting 6 family members to Europe and back. Not a single America Airline flight got there on time. Delayed over 24 hours getting there, three delayed over 18 hours getting home. Nobody cares. Can't get luggage out if weather cancels a flight. Other family members using United for similar flights not cancelled, but American routinely cancelled flights. Terrible service, terrible people. I'll never use this company again.

Posted by Anonymous

Your process for cancelling a ticket within 24 hours of making the reservation and getting a refund is terrible. I purchased two tickets and have tried to cancel them within 24 hours of purchasing. It makes no sense that this requires two different processes (a phone call to cancel and then an application for a refund). This is ridiculous in this digital age for a process that should be quick and automatic. I have never received any email confirmation of either the cancellations nor my application for a refund. In addition, the application for refund process keeps saying that the ticket is nonrefundable and the request needs to be reviewed and may take 2 billing cycles to get a refund. This is crazy and should just be automatic within the first 24 hours. Please look at Delta's process and see how easy you could make it for customers. I am left feeling uncertain whether I have actually cancelled the flights and have called several times and used up too much of your staff's time just to make sure the flights were cancelled (since I have still not received any confirmations) and now I am waiting for confirmation about the refund. I will not book directly with you again if this is not changed. Expedia has a better process, so I will book through them.
Please, please come into the digital age for your system of online changes!!

Posted by pb

Cancelled a reservation within 14 hours of making it. Then they said go to another page to request a refund!!! Then the dialogue box would not accept the reservation code or ticket number to request a refund so now we have to tr calling the rep for a refund that by law is automatic!!!!!
Also, it is next to impossible to find a way to cancel an AA flight without knowing your AAdvantage password. I found anohter site once, but twice in the last 24 hours I cold not find one not requiring tht info. It is not at all intuitive. I forgot to write it down...

Posted by Anonymous

On aug 2, 2016 i flew in on flight #2193 from St.CriOx TO Miami we were late leaving St. Croix the flight crew tried to keep us informed but they were stuck with us too they had flown 9 hours . We were diverted to land in WEST PALM BEACH AIRPORT LANDED AT 7:00PM ON THE 2TH WE REMAINED ON THE TAR MAT WITH NO REAL ANSWERS AS TO WHY WE COULD NOT LEAVE THE PLANE,FINALLY WE WERE ALL GIVEN A CARD TO SPEAK TO AN AGENT FOR HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS I i I WAS CHARGED 92.26USD I COULD NOT CANCEL THAT ROOM TILL 3:30 AM WED. THE HOTEL REFUSED THE REFUND my control at that time was we got vouchers to The Hilton hotel at 3:45 am wednesday morning by the superviser. He said to cancel the flight but was refused the refund from Hamton Inn West Palm beach 33409 even though it was explained to them i could not cancelled til we got off the plane by that time it was 3:45am too late to cancel,if u can help with this issue, their credit card ended with 2602 Wells Fargo bank.please help me get my refund back i never stayed there. But they did not care to work with me. I WAS JUST DOING WHAT THE FLIGHT CREW TOLD US TO DO.

Posted by madlug

I was charged double for my seats. my husband payed for an upgrade and when I went to check in on line I noticed we had different seat along with different aisle. so I payed for an upgrade not knowing he had payed. it was a difficult time and we where trying to get out of town to see my mother in law that was barely holding on before she past away. I tried calling and explaining but there was no compaction. I did receive a call from someone but it seems as to what they had said on the phone is not what they email me back. so frustrated with american airlines.

Posted by celia

Hello, I keep calling you and it get cuts off everytime. I need help with a trip i bought few weeks ago. I can't contact the agent who helpped me to get the tickets. He is not answering the phone or emails or SMS ETC... I NEED THE INFORMATION for the trip, itinerary, documentation etc.... I need to know if really was bought or not. The trip was paid mine ticket and my husbands charles D younger leaving on Sep. 21st. until oct. 4th. and I am leaving from Sept. 4th till oct. 4th. Please i need confirmation number or locator or information about the trip, since the agent didn't send me anything. I don't know absolutly anything.. no time no fligh # etc...I will appreciate if i get this information in a email because I tried 5 times to get it and got cut everytime. Thank you so much. Celia younger AKA Celiapilar de Miguel-Younger

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, I keep calling you and it get cuts off everytime. I need help with a trip i bought few weeks ago. I can't contact the agent who helpped me to get the tickets. He is not answering the phone or emails or SMS ETC... I NEED THE INFORMATION for the trip, itinerary, documentation etc.... I need to know if really was bought or not. The trip was paid mine ticket and my husbands charles D younger leaving on Sep. 21st. until oct. 4th. and I am leaving from Sept. 4th till oct. 4th. Please i need confirmation number or locator or information about the trip, since the agent didn't send me anything. I don't know absolutly anything.. no time no fligh # etc...I will appreciate if i get this information in a email because I tried 5 times to get it and got cut everytime. Thank you so much. Celia younger AKA Celiapilar de Miguel-Younger

Posted by [email protected]

i sent you a letter about being charged for first bags on my trip to cancun from jfk. i also noted a verble fight with the steward on our return flight. i received a letter from jennifer Tecor Customer Relations stating i would receive a refund for $125.00 for three people from jfk and two back from cancun. the letter also said we would get2500 Bonus miles put back into our account. this letter is dated june 24 2016. Advantage as of now nothing has happened

Posted by Patricia

American Airlines is a nightmare. This is the second time they have ruined our vacation. They cancelled the flight, losing us a whole day in Hawaii, and then downgraded us from first class to economy. Though I have filled out forms several times,once again a check or line says they have no record of our application for refund. American Airlines stinks!

Posted by Karen Jno Baptiste

Good day,

This is my third email, I do not need a refund i nee a credit to purchase another ticket to another state. Hope for a respond.

Posted by [email protected]

I have Requested while ago for a refund of 573.00 for repurchased ticket at the st.louis air port I have not heard from you ??? Why Please review and refund me in 3 days need an answer

Posted by Anonymous

I Was An Ammerican Airline Loyal Traveller Who Only Travel With American Airline They Finally Broke Me No More The Customer Service Rep Are Heartless They Do Not Show Any Emotion When U Have A Difficult Situation All They Do Refer To The Website.

Posted by $$$ stolen from an old lady

I purchased a one way ticket to Tucson, Arizona with the thought of moving there in August 2016. I have had to cancel the flight because, as of this day, I was not able to raise enough money for the move. I am a 74 year old widowed senior citizen on a fixed income. American Airlines was so kind as to say that I had purchased a non-refundable ticket so I can not get a refund. The flight is about six weeks away. I certainly believe that good old American Airlines will be able to resell the seat, and probably for more than I paid for it. Question: What do they do with all the money they STEAL from those people who have no choice but to cancel their tickets?

Posted by Anonimous

Last week my cousin was not allowed to fly cause he was intoxicated.
The awful AA instead of call the consulate of his country let DHS take him to a hospital in an ambulance.
The awful and unsafe hospital was Jamaica Hospital Center (near JFK airport)
My cousin was robbed in the hospital when he too his clothes off.
I hope will happen soon.

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Posted by Anonymous

Saturday 11h July, San Francisco check in staff for 11.59pm flight to Chicago/Toronto
Initially our names not regisered to fly - found
Staff arranged Electronic Travel Authorisation for me on there own phones - my phone dead via Canada gov department
All in time to catch flight!!!!
Thank you profoundly 1 man and 2 wonderful ladies who, as, I guess, immigrants themselves could undersand Scots and Chinese English

Li Cui Ping and William Gardner

Posted by Anonymous

wonderful lady flight attendant on flight AA4666 on May 24th from Regan to Providence. She was very kind and caring, will certainly use your service with employee like her, sincerely, Brenda Weiss

Posted by Anonymous

On April 5th I left for home from the Augusta, GA airport on American. Your employee, JAMES SLADE, was at my check-in desk. What a wonderful representative of American's Customer Service he is. He was caring, helped me with issues and so wonderful to deal with. My flight home started off on such a positive note and renewed my faith in flying, as it seems there are more negatives than positives these days. More employees like James will certainly improve ratings. Caring Customer Service is the answer, regardless of how busy they are.

Posted by ACooper

William Blue was my American Airlines Phone Concierge and I could not have had a better experience! This man deserves a raise. He was able to reroute me without a hassle during the worst winter storm of the 2015-2016 winter. Thank god for this man and thank god for American Airlines.

Posted by Teresa

I would like to recognize agent Kacey Zwier for her outstanding customer service. We were cancelled on the first of 3 flights to Bari Italy with my husband and two children and she went out of her way to help us to reschedule. Other agents took short cuts and told us nothing could be fine but she made it happen for us and another young girl traveling alone.
The young girl didn't have anyway of getting in touch with her driver to pick her up and was worried!!
Thank you Kacey. Hopefully she gets some recognition.

Posted by USN Retired 1229

After speaking to several American Airlines people on the phone, being transferred numerous times one person helped me, Ms. Grace White... The difference was night and day; Ms. White handled all my questions and booked my flights without any issues. It is unbelievable that if one of the other agents asked if I wanted to use miles, I said yes and they transferred me to another department just to wait another hour on hold. One agent lectured me that she had been with the company 28 years and I didn't know what I was talking about when I asked about companion certificates. Ms. White carried on a conversation with me while she worked; it was like I was sitting in front of her. She asked if I was going to use my miles and I said no don't transfer me she laughed and took care of everything. This young lady needs to be cloned.... She needs to teach your agents to be more personable... I always like to make sure companies know when an employee goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Friendliness only applies to Ms. White... Product/Service Knowledge doesn't apply to the first group of people I spoke to.

Posted by Anonymous

want to give all my gratitude to Sharon Beach on march 29 on Las Vegas AA counter she helped me so much with an "ilegal connection" my flying agent had booked for me on my trip back home in Chile. She really made the difference between a computer and a kind helping woman

Posted by Anonymous

I was on the American Airlines flight from LAX to Maui, HI, Tuesday, 2/17/15. I do get motion sick, but not normally on a 'plane. There was a great deal of turbulence and I felt horrible. I attempted to go to the restroom even though the seat belt sign was on and a flight attendant (Kehau) stopped me and helped me. She seated me across from her, got me a flat stool for my feet, a cold compress for my forehead and neck, a bag to use if I needed it, and then some ginger ale. Another attendant also asked if I needed ice chips. I didn't get her name. I was extremely glad to arrive in Hawaii and very thankful for Kehau's attention. She is definitely an asset to your company.

Posted by JonSimon

Rarely had to wait on hold. When I did have to wait on hold they gave me the call back option which works just fine.

Posted by Susan

I would like to take this time to give very positive feedback on one of your employees his name is ANCELOT out of LA airport. On 5/1/14 we flew from Kona Hawaii to LA missed our connecting flight to Reno, NV because the flight was late getting in to LA. ANCELOT was the only staff that was helpful, kind, pleasant, knowledgeable to assist us. I am sorry it took so long to give feedback but I really feel this man is an total asset to your company and should be recognized I don't know his last name. I believe it was the day that all the computers where messed up because all flights were late. Anyway my Advantage number is 40V0ED0. Thank you again I do hope this gentleman will get feedback. Thank you Susan Kennedy

Posted by Anonymous

On May 4th I flew your American Eagles flight 2802 from DFW to SPGFLD, MO. The steward on the flight was exceptional. I am elderly and don't walk well. He came out of the plane, and carried my carry-on for me, and escorted me to my seat. When serving beverages he called me by name when asking what I would like. He came back 30 minutes later to see if I needed anything more. He made me feel like a valued customer. I would like to give him a commendation for his genuine concern and kindness. I believe his name is Raysan. He is a great asset to American Airlines. Sincerely, Cheryl Schmidt

Posted by Rowalla

We (4 of us) was staying on Cayman Islands with a flight out on 2/11/2014 with another airline. The weather caused our flight to be cancelled and the personnel from this other airline didn't try to help us get off the island. We went to American Airlines personnel and they helped us get 4 tickets off the island and back to the US. I would like to thank the young lady at GCM airport for her help in getting off the island. We left the island around 3:30 pm (est) to Charlotte, NC. I will definitely choose an American Airlines flight 1st over this other airline on next vacation trips.
Thank You American Airlines for your help.

Posted by Anonymous

spoke with grace white today about lost baggage. she was very helpful in locating the bag in tulsa, ok. she was very kind and courteous.

Posted by Anonymous

Steve Raghunan, When I forgot to put my favorite pocket knife in my checked baggage, he offered to find my bag and put it in. not being able to find it he mailed to me. This was in Atlanta when things were messed up cause of weather and things were VERY busy. He is a positive man and you should reward him.

Posted by viola

my daughter needs a wheel chair and when she got to Indy airport all was well, great service. she arrived at Dallas and was told her fly was 40 min late. They sent her to 4 gates, things were still good. the person who wheeled her to the gate left her thinking, I am sure that she was at the correct gate. The lady at the gate told her .Her gate was changed for the firth time.NO ONE CAME TO HELP HER so she tied to wheel her self and was unable to do so .some very nice passenger took her to her gate. And the air lines personal put her on the plane. I was very upset to think they told her to go to another gate but never bothered to get some one to push the Wheel chair

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I want to comment Brion Inman, Operational Supervisor, who assisted us in a timely fashion to help us reach our desired gate during the Thanksgiving holidays. Thanks to Brion we made our destination on time. He is the consummate professional.

Posted by Charlie

I want to say thank you to Johnathen Gonzalez Echevarria for his help. On Thursday 10th October I flew from Waterloo, ON to Chicago, IL to connect to a flight bound for San Jose. Due to the line at customs, I had a long wait to be cleared. Despite asking for help so that I didn't miss my flight, the customs officials did nothing. Consequently others in the line with me missed their flights. If it had not been for the American Airline personnel who helped me once I got out of the custom's hall, I too would have missed my connecting flight. They retrieved my suitcase, dropped it at the AA check-in and raced me to the shuttle. Then, while they got me into the front of the line for security clearance, Johnathen Gonzalez Echevarria phoned the gate and told them we were coming. He then took my backpack and sprinted all the way to the gate with me running after him. It was a long way. The gate staff were waiting and I was allowed onto the plane. Johnathen did his best to get me to that plane and he did it with good cheer and exceptional professionalism. Thank you for what you did. His colleague was very helpful too...just not as fast as Johnathen and me, so I did not get her name! Thank you both.

Posted by Don't know what this is

I would like to thank and praise your employee Robin Anderson. We are seniors trying to book our tickets online. She was so helpful and patient with us. We certainly appreciate having people like her available to help seniors like us who struggle with the digital world!

April 22, 2013

Posted by Sunnyall

I recently completed four American flights and all were VERY WELL done. From Charlotte to Grenada via Miami and the bag check was free and the planes mainline planes were new 737-800's, one with the great new flag on the tail.
Only negative if there was one, was a $6 sandwich which was my breakfast on an early flight from Grenada.
Good Job American!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to give a kudo to one of your agents at DCA airport. My husband had food poisoning and we had to rebook our flight home. I rebooked our flight on the phone and was told we could return economy but not first class due to lack of availability. When we got to the counter I asked if there were any first class seats available as that is what we were originally booked on. He MADE it happen and gave us priority booking. So, many thanks to Mr. Lee at DCA as he could see that my husband was not doing well. It helped to have a better seat as he is 6' 8" and would have been otherwise miserable. So, there was an agent who understood and made an effort to accomodate the customer.

Posted by Jan

Bravo to American husband left his computer on the plane, when we landed in Tampa....he had not realized this. We received a call from American letting us know that the computer was being held for him at the AA office. What great follow through by the airline staff. We retrieved the computer and all is well. kudos to AA....

Posted by Ana

Needed to use my credit from 2012 and the expiration date was on 3/10/13. Contacted on 3/10/13 and requested to buy a ticket with penalty but use the rest of the credit and add the difference. I was denied, I need help!!

Posted by klj

This morning at the des moines international airport colleen was very helpful. The other clerk. Who worked with her was rude and would not help me because she was too busy. Colleen noticed and even tho she was helpingf another person she said she would help me. The other clerk was prwetty and has an accent and was obviously too important to do her job. This occurred between 7:40 and 8 on 1-29-13 in the morning. People like colleen need to be commended and the other clerk needs to find another job not in serving customers.

Posted by Petra Clark

l am writing this letter on one of your employee Petra Clark she was so helpful to me and you should be proud to have her as a supervisor for your company, thank you John

Posted by Anonymous

I want to thank American Airlines for doing such a great job at helping me make reservations during the time of my father's death. The customer service was so friendly and helpful. I am glad I had them on my side when making my travel arrangements. I will tell all my friends to fly American Airlines. I want to thank Reservation Agent,Cheryl Freeman in Norfolk, Virginia for all of her hard work helping us during our time of grief. Very sweet southern personality.

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Posted by Wally1

Most people who find it necessary to post negative comments are the ones travelling for the first time, and looking for something free after buying a ticket; those of us who are members of this great Airline (I have been an AADvantage member since Sept. 27, 1987)and have had great & memorable experiences with most (if not all of the employees I come in contact with, the latest of which was on Saturday March 12, 2011 when reservations were made for my wife & I to travel to a Caribbean Island for our annual winter vacation. To say that agent Kim Davis (No. 689621) went out of her way to accomodate all mof my requests, especially with my wife travelling from a northern city (1, 700 miles away), while I'll be travelling from Houston, meeting up in Miami, would be putting it mildly. Credit needs to be given where credit is due, and given with the same intensity like those of complaints, and i do trust that the naysayers out there who are apt to complain will find it necessary to give credit to the next agent & or flight attendant who shows that he/she is just an employee doing his/her job.


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