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America Online customer service is ranked #764 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.46 out of a possible 200 based upon 468 ratings. This score rates America Online customer service and customer support as Terrible.


449 Negative Comments out of 468 Total Comments is 95.94%.


19 Positive Comments out of 468 Total Comments is 4.06%.

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    • 23.46 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 449 negative comments (95.94%)
    • 19 positive comments (4.06%)
    • 2 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by dave

Just the worse. Spoke to 5 CSRs in Asia and asked all 5 to transfer me to US, none would. None of the 5 even understood the problem. Called corporate 3 times, 2nd & 3rd times had no record of previous calls. Said tech support would call in 48 hours. Never did.

Posted by [email protected] and [email protected]

Totally unable to reach them in any manner. Tried telephoning and it just cuts off. You cannot even email or reach tech support unless you can sign-in with a password. BUT if you have lost the password you cannot reach anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

Been trying for 3 weeks to resolve a password issue, with no results and no help !! Outsourcing to the Phillipines and India not a good idea. Horrible, frustrating experience. AOL go F yourself

Posted by Anonymous

i am trying to change the credit card nr so aol can get its money; after logging in the progress wheel keeps moving and nothing happens (i tried with 3 browsers). I tried to chat or email to them; when click on aol chat or email link, it takes me to FAQ, 11 or 12 pages of questions. Are they idiots or what?

Posted by Anonymous

NO service. I have been forced to AOL by Verizon all said successful yet 3 days and can not get to email. All i get is software trouble per their techs and no answer when it will be fixed. So i sit without email.

Posted by ?? Don't understand

Beth Marie Collins and I can be reached I don't know if this is the proper place I'm not even sure anymore I am at my I'm not technology expert and I have reverted to foul language is not I don't know that's not me with all due respect my phones been compromised I have reached out is extremely embarrassing as I've noticed some really nice the map things in your time line and I go into it and it shows these photos of houses I've never been in theirs phones on my account I don't know I did form them about a verification code that I received and it was from A person that works is a representative and how I know that is a situation that I am in that is escalated enables me to leave my house now this person was talking about MetroPCS but it said CNET cuz my phone was acting crazy and I am stalled out and then it started working again and he I don't know him all over the place but trust me it started working here and he asked me to find this MetroPCS in there's always said and when my phone went back to its original settings it downloaded this for One One and gave me a barrage of information and Mac in my phone and work been in keep this particular person in my life that is sabotage mean look at leave my house maybe once or twice a day and I run to CVS sometimes I go of the only places in Fall River once a month into gallons pre-purchase tree I did feed cats outside I'm virtually a prisoner in my own house and I really could use your help I'm not going to delete anything I want it there because I want this done or if I wanted to be free please my phone is a galaxy core and there is many other phones listed on my account like I said there's pictures of houses and there's actually content that's very disturbing in a parking lot in a car I can prove my whereabouts of my neighbors know I don't leave as I am in it when I do leave they watch my house for me as this situation I am ian has escalated to my animals actually being pardon me for being I'm going to be honest stabbed one was kicked as in hey so I don't leave my house all my friends have been compromised I am asking you to not worry about this situation but the reason why I'm telling you this is invoked my whole life it has follow me to my doctor it is moved into my home it has went to every place that I have ever been in the files me and Shane mean and standard me everything on this phone in 5 more phones you have access to all of them you have my right you can take anything you want VEVO there are active numbers they're all blocked I don't even open their messages anymore they're extremely disturbing but this is the person that I believe and I believe you I don't know maybe the police I don't know if it is the police I would think that would help me I'm sorry I don't know if this is even a website you know I got my kids computer literate in and this is only thing closest hookah technology out all over have and I was really excited to leave this arguing place for December East minute to talk to people and socialize and educate myself in what I found ugliness this is the proper I'm not even sure anymore technology expert in a hurry 32 south region all due respect my phones been compromised I have reached out very thing as I'm the map thing time rain in going to eat in it how to bed in I did about a verification code irish you and it was I am willing to do anything baby hey urine test hair test psychological test I do have a problem with a DD so some of my feedback is all over the place my apologies and I have reverted to extreme volver volver language and that was displaced anger due to the malicious contemptuous stuff that I am accused of every day in the penalization and everything that is happening throughout my life and I apologize and I think you I respectfully is waiting to respond my phone number is 774-360-5052 I have a 3 galaxy 36021 whatever time and there are so many more phones listed and I have changed phones over the month as but I have all the information you need login even I was sent a pic verification code you know I always forget my password and I had just got a new one I would even know my password right now honestly but the thing is I got one again from this particular person after you asked me to Google this place for him MetroPCS and it had a phone number you guys Another Google whoever never gives a phone number to call back well I responded via text and because I had just gotten a verification code and I got the number back that was his pharmacy and T store in Cambridge Mass and I've always wondered why my phone at the bottom used to say Cambridge Mass all the time I have a lot of stuff on my maps and timelines from Cambridge and from Taunton in from Fall River I do not have a car and I do not have transportation so and I have my neighbors have to prove this and I have photos I have videos to prove my whereabouts thank you I will respectfully be waiting even if this is the wrong place to report it can you please help me Beth Marie Collins 774-360-5052 thank you feel free to look into the spam blocked out rejection feel free to look up my old numbers as well respectfully thank you

Posted by Mashton

AOL has deleted all my emails. Attempted customer service and Tech support. All attempts have sent me to an off shore call center that is less than helpful.

Posted by walvarez52

I asked AOL to reset my password. They did this for me. However, when I went into my email inbox, my 1,000-1,500 emails were gone. I asked AOL to retrieve the emails for me. The first person with whom I talked told me she could not retrieve the emails. I asked to speak to her supervisor and that supervisor gave me the same answer. I know, for a fact, that those emails are located on an AOL server. The emails can be retrieved. It appears to me that AOL has incompetent customer service personnel. I have been with AOL for over 30 years and never got this kind of poor service. It appears to me that the person resetting my password either created a new account with the same user ID or just erased the emails.

Posted by Sid

I have been an AOL customer for over 16 years. I am a "paying customer." Lately I have had an extremely difficult time losing my AOL connection. The message "AOL is not responding" appears and I am forced to re-start my computer. This happens numerous times each day. Please help me resolve this nagging issue. After 9 a.m. this morning I will be out of town, away from my computer for 3 days. Thanks for your assistance.

Sid G. Highley
[email protected]
(661) 301-4842

Posted by thesaint21246 & prestige21246

Tech support is poor.

I have been on the phone 2 days trying to have tech support fix a problem with a e mail video that will not play. I have been playing these golf lesson video a year and a half and recently stopped playing.

All the techs say it is a AOL problem but have not fixed it. Last attempt they removed my photos which date back to 2009 and all my documents which we need to do our jobs. My prestige account the notified me they were done bot I now do not have AOL. I cannot check to see if the problem was fixed with AOL.

My wife's computer thesaint is the on they removed documents and photos. Also has The same video problem.Not corrected

Two days and its now 1am on sunday and I writting you. Please call me to fix what you have done.

I spoke with the following tech's: Jordan, Dan, Ken, David, Khalid, O, Daniel, J, and just a few minuets ago Nick who hung up the phone on me.

My name is Richard Railing born in Poughkeepsie C

Posted by [email protected]

I pay extra each month for tech support because I am not an expert user. I have been calling for two days and each time you are currently overwhelmed with calls. Today I waited for 12 minutes and then the tech could not hear me and hung up. I called back and told of my problems, (1)connected, not responding and (2)aol OOPs, will restart your computer). Also VERY slow and was told by the tech to PURCHASE a system that would speed up my computer. I guess it is time to drop AOL.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Kay Hahn phone:

I have been trying to get supoort on line. aol is not working for me. I have added a gmail account since my aol is not working. I cannot send emails. cannot send mail. it effects all devices. hopefully you can help me with this soon. Kay Hahn

Posted by Jacqueline Holmes

, Now I can't connect to anything it does not take my pass word, and, Any telephone number I dial I get a busy. I'm disabled, I need my telephone to work. Someone from aol is suppose to call me tomorrow, but my phone may not work, this is awful. Please fix my phone and computer, I'll turn my computer off in 1/2 hour, and turn my computer back on at 9 o'clock in the morning. Thank You.

Posted by hdprent

I have called in 5 times today each time waiting 20 minutes for a spokesman. Each time I've been given wrong information but asked to increase my service program. I'm so tired of trying to work within your system I call in Monday and cacel my service contact. Thanks for nothing.

Posted by Landmnlady

I have been an AOL customer for many, many years. I have stayed with AOl after other internet means (cheaper, too) became available.
I pay out the back end for internet services and here recently, Internet Explorer takes a powder more often than someone on meds. I just tried to get on youtube and I get youtube isn't responding. This is more the norm than not. The everyday mantra is "so and so site isn't responding".
I have resorted to using Google for many of my searches and the reason is because it is 1000% more reliable and doesn't send me bogus messages about this or that article not responding.
I have had it paying as much as I do for the privilege of having my screen freeze up several times a day.

I guess AOL is like everything else, quality has gone completely down the tubes.

Posted by caroleh710 @aol

Aol Lost Or Cancelled All Of My E-mail From March 25 Until Today March 29. I Have Called Them Five Times. First They Said They Would Recover And Put Back, They Lied. I Have Since Called All Afternoon And They Either Don't Answer The Phone Or Answer And Hang Up When I Ask About My Missing E-mail And What Happened. If This Is Customer Service I Am In The Wrong Country. Fast Friendly Customer Service Is A Joke And Probably The Same Person Answering The Phone Every Time I Call After I Wait For Over 30 Minutes At A Time. Rude And Abusive Mistreatment Of Paying Customer.

Posted by Anonymous

The worst. Hung up on twice. After 20 minutes. Fraud on aan account opened in my name. They refused to give me account holder name even though acct in my name. And impersonating mr

Posted by Thurman

Our dog loves Natural Life chicken tender treats I have been unable to find them in the store so I e-mailed the company and they said that you are not selling them anymore. That you want them to change the formula. Our dog is a very picky eater and I'am sure that any change with it and she will not eat it. Why are you doing this.?

Posted by Anonymous

The Phones May Be Bussy Now.

I'm Waiting For Tech Support On Both.

Please Call Us A Few Minutes Later At A Time.

I Don't Want To Miss Anyone.

Help Help Help

Frances Stoia

516 897 8440

Please Someone Call Us Tech Support Has Failed Over And Over And Over Again.

Is There Anyone In Aol That Can Help Us.

We Are A Bussiness And Loosing Money On A Daily Basis.

Please I'm On Two Phones Now Waiting For Tech Support 10 Min. ???????

Posted by Anonymous

Help Help Help

Frances Stoia

Please Someone Call Us Tech Support Has Failed Over And Over And Over Again.

Is There Anyone In Aol That Can Help Us.

We Are A Bussiness And Loosing Money On A Daily Basis.

Please I'm On Two Phones Now Waiting For Tech Support 10 Min. ???????

Posted by pgbentonmd

I have used my account for at least 20 years. I recently replaced a stolen credit card and your auto debit of $9.95 billed Feb 23, 2015 was not paid. So my AOL email account was blocked yesterday (on a Sunday) with no notice to me. When I tried to update my account with my new Visa debit card number, your computer would not accept the new "invalid" number and your Billing Department computer said to call back Monday. When I called your customer service number to help, the young lady said they could do nothing and WOULD NOT LET ME SPEAK WITH HER SUPERVISOR (whose name she said was Mr. Hall), She said he was too busy with other calls even though I said I would wait.

This morning I called AOL Customer Service and after 30+ minutes on hold 3 times I talked with a male (last name given as Meyers), also in "Eastern Europe" he said. I again was told that the supervisor was busy but someone would call me within 24 hours, but he would give me no names. When I called 866/401-3158 and after 3 additional 15-20 minute waits) I finally connected with AOL Accounting where the lady said her computer was slow in accessing my account - while I waited she hung up. Calling back got the same intolerable wait times, said to be due to the "high volume of password reset calls". While on one of the �¢ï¿½ï¿½Thanks again for your patience�¢ï¿½ï¿½ delays, I have accessed your Complaint Section and typed this message.

This account interruption, with no one in Customer Service willing or able to help, caused interruption of my medico-legal consulting business that I cannot accept, so I will change my accounts to G-Mail where I trust employees (US based) care more about loyal customers, and will give service is better than that I described.

After the experience above described, I really do not expect to hear from anyone in authority or expect anything to change.


Posted by Anonymous

My aol has been down for a week. I have called 5 times (25-35 min on hold each time).. They are not answering their phones, and they play the same music all time. They don't mind cashing my check, they just don't want me to use AOL. Of which I won't be much longer.

Posted by Anonymous

I have made three calls to the service desk with terrible connections. I have reached one person out of the three calls and then we were disconnected in the middle of them getting access to my computer. This was a follow-up call from 24 hours ago with a continuing problem. Terrible customer service. I am on hold now with a projected short wait of 25 minutes. The battery will be dead in my cordless phone by the time I get someone...if I ever do get through.

Posted by drbobmal

I can not access my aol account and I can't reach you on the phone.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible there dosen't seemtobe any effort to fix or communicate to customers

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Posted by Anonymous

I Want To Send A Thank You To Level Tech Support 3 Out Of Ny Ryan And Geoff H Both Techs Did A Excellant Job

Posted by rbcatdad

I just spoke with"Pat" an AOL tech, about not having a password box on my Desktop 9.7. Pat was very nice and helped me solve my problem promptly. Thank you, Pat.

Posted by tavybell


Posted by Kris

I got good service from this Toll free No :- 1800-280-7961 . It's a paid service but they are professionals .

Posted by Anonymous

I had to call AOL and got wonderful service. No problem explaining why I called and talked to an English speaking person.
All was handled with excellent efficency

Posted by LDPNY

The suggested tips worked. I got through within minutes and cancelled the account. The tech tried to sell a load of options, but gave me a confirmation # and let me off the hook.

Posted by JJC

Just got off the phone with someone who very helpful. Used the routine suggested to get to that person.

Posted by Anonymous

Never had a problem. I must be lucky

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by mbwetw

I also had my account suspended and was very upset because I use my email all day, every day. However, I feel I need to share my GOOD experience with AOL customer service, if for no other reason than to give people hope!! When I called, I was passed immediately to a live person named Mary. English is most definitely not Mary's first language, but she spoke slowly and enunciated her words so clearly that even my old-lady, southern ears were able to understand her perfectly. She was very polite and friendly, helped me get into my account & reset my password, and even stayed on the line while I closed out and signed into AOL several times to make sure everything was okay. I was happy and more than satisfied with the whole experience. Go figure.... now if I could only have such luck with AT&T!!!

Posted by genuinebarbie

The recorded system fixed my problem and i was only on the phone for less than 5 minutes. Was not bad considering i hate those things. But it worked so I'm happy, thanks AOL

Posted by Anonymous

This is the Fraud Department, I got through right away and AOL did not try to Charge Me for Tech Support ...

Thank you

(I got my mail up and running AGAIN! Here is the number I used to get the help I needed. 1-800-307-7969 GOOD LUCK!)

Posted by Anonymous

I followed the instructions under the phone number and pressed 0 several times. I received an operator that was enthused to help me. I have had a free email account for 5 years and my password was not working. AOL said someone was hacking into my account so they changed my password. They reset my password over the phone and I was able to access my account. YEAH!!!!

Posted by egonza3286

Got through on the 1st call with less than 1 min wait. Smooth and easy.

Posted by [email protected]

Spent almost 45 min. with Jake of Customer Service. Mentioned that he was in the Philipines. I just want to say that he did an excellent job telling me how to reinstall 9.1 as I had had notes saying that my email needed to be installed, due to bad corrupt files. Everything went smoothly

Thank you,
Mrs.Ed Lavin

Posted by Neckername

Ok support, not always english. Company around for a long time (since 1985). I have been a satisfied customer since 1991 when I had DOS still on my packard bell.


What are you people talking about? I have been a satisfied customer since 1995 -- well, dissatisfied occasionally but a phone call to tech support always repairs the problem ... as long as the tech speaks English.



Posted by ckacsorvegas

I was just assisted by the greatest Customer Service Representative & wanted you at AOL to know about it!! His name is Chai & he helped me with everything I needed & was one of the nicest people I've dealt with in a very long time! It was so refreshing to know that "real" customer service people still exist!!! You (AOL) should be very proud to have him as an employee/part of your team!! Do whatever it takes to keep people like him!!! Thanks for everything & Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

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Posted by leushtean_trist

Let me tell you people something. I used to work for AOL in the billing department. I simply quit because the customers were unbearable. Yes, AOL has nasty procedures which I did not approve of and were PLENTY. But let me explain how it works.

To cancel an account you need to reach BILLING. You need to verify the account because otherwise it is considered fraud to take action on an unverified one.
You need to be a paying customer to get tech support. No company whatsoever can take your money UNLESS YOU PROVIDE BILLING INFO. If you did not, it means that someone STOLE your info and made an account. AOL [or any other company] does not go around searching for poor bastards to bill and does not steal credit card numbers. If you owe money to a company, it's because the payment did not go through, in which case you call the BANK. The company sends the request but the BANK provides the payment.

Yes, the company sucks, the employers treat the employees like animals, but the clients are simply unbearable sometimes. These are the procedures and it is not the agents fault that he/she has to follow them. Sent an email or a letter to the corporate office if you want to complain, people. There is a fine line between being pissed and being plain stupid and not having any good manners.

Idiotic customer care reps are EVERYWHERE, in EVERY company and all american companies are trying to branch outside of the US because the labor is cheap in other places. So get over yourselves, if you owe money, pay up and if you are unconfortable with having to pay for a service, just cancel it. Techs need to eat as well, you know.

I know, they are awful, I've been on the inside, and boy, am I glad to be out!!!!

Posted by AllenBicNC

I am a former AOL employee, and can thouroughly explain to you all why you are being charged. You all probably used AOL discs saying "90 day FREE service" and didnt call to cancle the service after the prohbationary 90-day trial period. You skipped reading the Terms and Conditions section on the set-up screen, therefor causing you to be charged for time accrued. If you contact AOL's Customer Care division they can check the usage and if there isnt any, then they will credit your money back to you. There was a massive lawsuit in 2005-06, The state of New York vs. America Online, in which alot of consumers were charged for time accrued they didnt use. AOL had to pay damages, but in turn won the ruling because it was a "Term and Contion" error by the customers for verifying information and then stating it was AOL's screw up for over-charging them. In half those lawsuits, only 1 of them was paid restitution to.

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