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Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get a hold of Ally invest for 3 days now and I only get We are handling a high volume of call wait time is over 30 minutes. I waited 2 hours and still nothing except playing music.I sent 3 emails they answered and said someone would get back to me in 1 business day.That was yesterday Tues. 01-02-2018. This is very bad customer service.I also called their main number and its the same.What is going on with this bank? At this point I have a vey bad impression. And I did not receive this bad service with tradeking.

Posted by graham

Ally has poor customer relations and attempted to defraud me approx. $300 based on excess miles on a lease car return. The error was on their part but it is three months since the car was returned and they still persist with threatening letters and calls. They acknowledged on the telephone that the error was on their end and all payments have been completed but they have 'lost paperwork'. I am going to file a complaint through the attorneys general office as they have acted negligently and do not stand by their customers. I would never advise anyone to take a lease though ally based on this experience.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service ever I was hung up on I called five separate times to try to resolve the issue about a payment that was that was made online received the confirmation number stating that the payment was received very rude want to talk over you not listening to what I have to say not helpful at all in trying to resolve the issue not wanting to take responsibility for their systems failure not fair to charge the customer when it's their fault

Posted by Anonymous

There is no number you can dial which will connect to a live person who speaks English- the 801 main number in Utah is investor relations voice mailbox, the mail number in Detroit is ONLY for credit cards and cannot connect you to anyone or anyplace else. This company's customer service is pathetic and incompetent- nobody speaks English and you cannot get past the main number.

Posted by [email protected]

Ally Financial is calling and harassing me and I am not even one of their customers, they have wrong telephone number but yet keep calling. I spoke to numerous rude, unprofessional, inept people from this institution and they acted like it was my fault. I have the employee ID numbers of 6 of the aforementioned employees. After the "manager" promised my number would be deleted, I received another collection call 30 minutes later. Again I have never been a customer of Ally and after this ridiculous comedy of errors I never WILL be a customer of theirs. And according to Ally they don't have a complaint department to speak to, send a letter thru the mail they said. Wow this company should be looked into and either revamped or closed. Horrible experience! !

Posted by asloananderson


This email is to express my utter and sheer dissatisfaction with the level of customer service I have received from Ally Bank. On Tues April 5, 2016 I called Ally Auto Financial to request my payoff amount and to see how long after the payoff I would receive the title.

I spoke to a CSR who told me that, if I sent the payment through certified funds with Western Union Quick collect, I wouldreceive the title within 1-2 business days as opposed to 10 if I payed online or with a check. I was also informed that if was posted before 4pm, it would be processed that day.

I made a payment via money gram at 2:31pm om Wednesday April 6th

I called Ally Financial to see if they received the payment and was told, that it had not been processed and that it would now take up to 10 days to receive the title. I explained my previous conversation to manager Michelle and she assured me that she would give me a call the next business after ensuring that the payment was processed for Tuesday April 6th and that she would be able to Fedex overnight me the title

I received a phone call from Michelle on April 7, explaining to me that now I would not receive the title until April 15th. I was also to the same thing by manager Karen(ID#KPV).

This is the worst level of customer service I have ever received. The whole point of me sending the payment certified through moneygram was to expedite the process and now it has just dragged on as in my car is a a tow lot and I am currently diving a rental. So this has been a financial strain as well. I did everything that I was told to do and this is the unacceptable result I am receiving. I have already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I plan to do so with Consumer Affairs. Any assistance in this matter is appreciated.


A pissed off customer

Posted by Anonymous

I see positive reviews relating to the Bank stating that auto financing is handled by someone else. In other words Ally Financial is DIFFERENT than Ally Bank. They should spin off their finance to something else because it's giving the whole company a bad name. They (Ally Financial) clearly outsource their call reps overseas which would not be a big issue if they spoke clear English and had decent phone lines. Maybe Ally Bank is good but Ally Financial sucks! If you buy a GM vehicle, consider getting your own financing through someone else! If you lease, you may be stuck.

Posted by Anonymous

I have auto financing/leasing through Ally. The customer service is the worst I've ever seen. The reps are barely audible and their English varies but is generally poor. I was just on a call and the rep was barely understandable. This call center is clearly outsourced overseas. Good thing I very rarely need to deal with them, or I'd find someone else to finance my vehicle. Stop outsourcing overseas to 3rd world countries with poor phone lines and people that don't speak our language very well. They are friendly and professional but that only goes so far. I don't fault the individual rep, but I do fault Ally. I would not bank with this company by choice.

Posted by deathtoally

Same ol' story....find anyway to screw you on your lease and NO CUSTOMER SERVICE at all. Why do companies continue to be so naive? This world is getting smaller and smaller and people will know what lack of service you offer. Trust me when I say that I tell EVERYONE what a horrible company Ally is.

I'll be there cheering when they shut the doors one day and everyone that is responsible for the intentionally deceptive company policies die slowly at the foot of their already dead loved ones. Good day.

Posted by spg35fem

i purchased a 2013 jeep patriot in december of 2014 and the company financed it through Ally. i made my payments each month even after my work hours were cut and i was struggling to make the payments. i called them a couple of weeks ago to say that with my tax refund i was going to send them $1500. they refused, saying that it had to be $2085. i got the name of the person i spoke with and said i would look at my finances and call back. i called back within 15 minutes and spoke to someone completely different. i confirmed the payment of $2000 and she said that it was $800 more. REALLY?? Every time i've had to call Ally i've had to speak to a different rep, with each one telling me that the one before didn't have authorization to make the arrangements we had agreed on. i kept telling them that my hours had been cut and i couldn't make the full payment. evidently they don't read the notes made on the account. I spoke to them 2 weeks ago to try to get my payments lowered or make arrangements to pay my payments. it obviously didn't do any good because they just repossessed my car. to make matters worse, they had my ex-boyfriend's address. he had nothing to do with the purchase of my car. i will not ever have any dealings with Ally Financial ever again. i will not recommend them to anyone, friend or enemy. they need to be put out of business...they're nothing but lying scam-artists.

Posted by Michigan Mouse

I leased a vehicle in 2010 and turned it in in 2013. It was inspected by the dealer and found to be in good condition. Ten months later I received a letter from a debt collector stating I owed Ally $358. I tried calling Ally but they refused to talk to me even though I am still their customer and paying them monthly for another leased vehicle. The collection agency advised me that Ally discovered damage on the vehicle beyond normal wear and tear. The inspection took place several days after I relinquished control of the car. Ally refused to provide me with proof of the alleged damage, the details of the inspection process, copies of receipts for the repairs, and most importantly, proof that the damage had occurred while the car was in my possession and not after it was returned. I refused to pay on this bogus claim and this year Ally filed a negative report with the three credit reporting agencies. I immediately filed disputes with all the agencies, as well as complaints against Ally with Better Business Bureau and Federal Reserve consumer protection department. I will continue to file complaints against them with every governmental and consumer protection agency until Ally removes their fraudulent report from my credit.

Posted by frustratedbyally

Worst customer service. Things related to Family Trust must be handled manually, the online system can not handle them. Wasted over 1/2 hour on phone before the rep realized he had to send me a form. I asked if it could be e-mailed but it never was. When I called in again and asked for a Supervisor in the Trust dept, I was told another few minutes which dragged on to another 1/2/hour call. They blamed another dept, "operations" which was in process and could take another few days just to send a blank form. Yes, their interest rates are competitive, but if I costed out my time (and frustration) depositing your money with Ally becomes a losing proposition. Worse, there is no way to complain. Every imaginable corporate number gets routed back to the same customer service call board.

Posted by Anonymous

We leased a vehicle through Ally, 36 months, Ally account # 611919248096. On June 12, 2013 I called to get the lease payoff because we wanted to purchase another vehicle and decided to turn the lease in early. We sent the remaining payments and told the person on the other end we would be turning the vehicle into the dealership where it was originally leased from. On June 15th the vehicle was returned to Dan Vaden Chevrolet at which time the dealership had us sign one of their odometer statements. On June 16th we were asked to come back to the dealership to sign a Ally odometer statement, while there an employee of the dealership walked with us around the vehicle to check for any damages that may be consider not normal wear and tear. On June the 29th we received a letter from Ally stating the vehicle had been returned to Lincoln Service Station in Wyoming and they wanted us once again to sign another odometer statement, we did not since we had already signed one on June 16th. On July 1st we received another letter from Ally that the inspection report that was done on June 30th and there are charges due to 3 scratches that measured over the 2" allotment, I called Ally and was told to just wait until the proper department reviews the inspection report as to what we will be charged if at all for damages. On July 16th another letter from Ally stating we owe $548.55, I of course called told the person I was disputing the charges due to the fact that, the vehicle was turned in on June 15, June 16th we signed Allys odometer statement and turned both sets of keys over the Dan Vaden Chev. The inspection was not done until June 30th! When we got another letter from Ally re: dispute found the charges legit and we needed to send the money in right away to avoid further actions. We spoke to David at ext 1181037 several times regarding the charges, after a couple of conversations with him we realized we were not getting any place so I asked to speak to a supervisor. On Aug 4th I spoke to Michael Piretti, I asked how was it possible the vehicle sat on the dealers lot for 15 days before it was inspected? He told me that Ally did not know where the vehicle was until June 25th when the dealer called them, I informed him once again that we turned the vehicle in with wear and tear according to the inspection card provided by Ally when we leased the car, signed the Ally odometer statement and turned the keys over, at this time the vehicle belonged to Ally. He told me he would summit again for dispute however, since I had no proof the scratches were not there, its just our word against theirs! Mr. Piretti suggested we go to the dealer and have them file a insurance claim to cover the damages, why would we do this when we did exactly what we were supposed to do according to the lease agreement? According to Allys website
"A vehicle inspection will be completed by the dealership or a third-party inspection company, in as few as 5 days of returning your vehicle." Our inspection was 15 days later!! We were never late on a payment, made all the payments due to end the lease early, inspected the vehicle with the inspection card provided, also had the sales manager at the dealership where we bought our new vehicle look over the car, if we did all this and those scratches were there, we would not be fighting this right now! Yesterday evening I spoke once again to Mr. Piretti after trying to reach him for several days telling him once again that those damages were not there when we turned the car in. He once again told me he was not going to listen to the same argument, that it was turned over for dispute and the findings are. we owe for damages. I told him I had a odometer statement dated June 16 that Ally faxed to the dealership and that indeed Ally knew where this vehicle was! He then stated to me that it was a conflict in scheduling is the reason the vehicle was not inspected until June 30. I told him about the statement he had made the first time I spoke to him he said Ally did not know where the car was until June 25th and that they were in the 5 day inspection time, he also said to me I was responsible for contacting Ally within 24 hours of returning the vehicle, I told him we certainly did inform them hence the odometer statement dated June 16th ! I asked to speak to his supervisor and he refused to give me a name. He did however give me a address to send my dispute in writing. Meanwhile were are getting letters and calls from Ally every couple of days. Mr. Piretti did offer a settlement last night of $300.00. I declined the offer.
We have leased vehicles before and NEVER had the experience we have had now. Before I talk to my lawyer I wanted to give this option a chance.
Ally dropped the ball on this return and we are being held responsible.

Posted by Sharkman

I recently leased a new Cadillac CTS and ALLY was the financial company that the lease was processed through to complete the deal. I gather GMAC was replaced by Ally. They charged me over $200.00 for a tire they claimed had a gouge in it when I returned the vehicle at the end of the lease. This vehicle was returned in perfect condition and was 4000 mile under the lease agreement. The car was returned and a third party did the inspection 10 days later. My contention was who knew how many " grease monkeys" drove that car around for the 10 days before the inspection. I made a written complaint, that they denied. When I appealed their " ruling" I was told I couldn't talk to anyone about the issue. Crappy customer service from a rip off financial institution. Stay away from Ally unless you like getting screwed.

Posted by AledoBilly

NO TITLE FOR NEW GMC: Thanks to Ally's "Customer Care" which is in the Philippines (you know, between China and Indonesia; next to Vietnam!) Isn't "Customer Care" an appropriate name! Ally's agent said I would get my title and a refund for overpayment in 4 days. Four days later Ally's Samantha Cooper sends me a two-sentence letter that read, "This is to inform you that Ally does not hold the title to the above described vehicle." Leaving me wondering: Why? Where is my title? What about my refund? Ally confirmed my refund was sent to the wrong address, and DMV confirmed that Ally gave them the wrong address to send the title resulting in my original title being destroyed.

Seems to me that any reasonable person (or entity called "Customer Care") that got returned mail would do a little simple research, like check to see if it was sent to the same address the buyer gave on the original contract. I provided the correct address. Isn't it funny how all fourteen invoices get sent to the correct address? But my title and refund get sent to an address that is not on the contract?

I should not have to wait in line at DMV and pay for a duplicate title for a new GMC. I want the original title, not a duplicate. I paid Ally in full. I provided the correct information on the contract. It is out of my control when Ally's people can't read an address on a simple contract that they prepared.

Posted by ljyarber

Payment due 3/29 which lands on a Sunday. I go to make pymt today 3/28 7:40 am and my statement is already telling me I missed this payment and $65 in late fees, which are not explained clearly, and owe 2 months pymts by 4/29. Tried calling, now no reps to speak with. Last I knew, when a due date falls on a non-business day, pymt is to be accepted on the next business day, Mon 3/30 without penalties. I am so sick of Ally ripping me off; inconsistent late and misc fees which have no explanation. I've spent a yr fighting Ally on fees that no one can explain; incorrect billing statement, clueless reps who only know how to speak from a script, and do not accurately document your phone calls with the reps. I need help from an agency that will get Ally's attention, get my acct corrected, and get me back my money I was made to pay falsely.

Posted by mommamanno

Apparently Ally made a clerical error that merged my account with someone else back in October. That was about the time I stopped getting bills from Ally. When I called to inquire why I no longer received a bill, I was given no explanation. Fast forward to 3/22, I received a voice mail from someone who indicated they were now part owner of my car due to Ally's incompetence. I called the person back who explained his situation and promptly called Ally who told me that they saw a fraud case that was opened up in January and NOTHING had been done. Ally has done nothing to fix this, this is unacceptable. I called again today 3/23, still nothing has been done. They can't direct me to the fraud department or help in any way, just continue to tell me they are sorry, blah, blah, blah. You are right, they are sorry. The person who was given co ownership of my car tried calling for months along with his attorney, still Ally did nothing. FIX THIS NOW!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently phoned Ally Bank to inquire about unauthorized charges showing up on my online account profile. I was asked for my name, date of birth, social security, secure phrase and mother's maiden name. I feel that giving out all that information over the phone actually puts my financial privacy at risk. I am told the federal government advises NOT to give my social over such insecure channels and that I can get an alternate identification number for such purposes.

Posted by clo

I leased a 2015 gmc terrain in nov of 2014. I was talked in to a lease because the payment was very low! I traded in my tahoe and they gave me 5700 for a down payment. I know i know! I should of never put that much down on a lease but i intended to buy the vehicle in the first place but wad talked in to a lease like i said... anyway, i was hit from behind and the vehicle was totalled. I called ally the next day to get a payoff, they told me it was 21800. After they found out the vehicle was totalled they will not give me a payoff or any info on my account. I was locked of of the online banking. The insurance is cutting a check for 28000 and ally is not going to give me any of it. I only had the car for 2 months and paid $6000 of it and they are not giving me any of it! Go to hell ally! Im sure all of this will catch up with you

Posted by JR

I've been trying to get a simple answer about minimum requirement for insurance on my vehicle. After many attempts, and speaking with customer service agents, I have been unable to obtain a correct answer. I asked to speak to s supervisor or manager and was told someone would have to call me back within 48 hours. That was unacceptable to em and I asked to hold. I've now been on hold waiting for a supervisor for 43 minutes. The customer service agent told me that I might be on hold for the entire day. She was rude and I'm sure she is purposely keeping me on hold with no intention of ever putting my call through.

Posted by Seriously go somewhere else!

I have never been so frustrated with a car finance company in my life. Every single time you contact customer service you receive different information, they don't keep notes I am on hold now and the lady told me she has no notes of any previous conversations. The last 2 months we have called 5 times - NO NOTES!! Today this is my 3rd person, we requested a change in pmt date and one person today gave me two different new "approved" payment dates and amounts. I will be refinancing just to not have to deal with this company again.

Posted by SteveJ

I paid off my loan (refinanced with other lender) on 1/22/2015 (ally processed payment) and starting on 1/24/2015 I received calls This is the collection department for Ally. I dont know why I was receiving these calls after my loan was paid off. Also 3 times I requested to change my payment date from the 12th of the month to the 21st. Three times I was told my date was changed, I received a letter in the mail stating it was changed but every time I checked my account the payment date had not changed. This loan was the worst experience I have had with a bank.

Posted by ChrisC

They just lost me as a customer this evening. I'm sure they won't miss my money, because I'm a small account (only about $18,000 in various Ally accounts) but I've closed every single account. Terrible customer service.

Posted by El Rey

Calling them idiots is a compliment...called 5 times to get pay-off. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. English as a first language should be mandatory....Worst experience ever.

Posted by oyhwhatnext

I paid off a car loan with Ally and then leased a new car also with Ally. There was an overpayment of $600+ and now they are jerking me around. I asked to speak to a manager and other than being able to tell me what the weather is like in India he was totally useless. I asked to speak with HIS manager and I was told he is the highest manager I can speak to. I will never do business again with any bank that does not have an office where I can meet with someone face to face.

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Posted by AllyClient

I LOVE THIS BANK!! I have been w/ Ally for almost a year and would happily recommend them to anyone. I had a dispute w/ the worst store to dispute - Wal-Mart; yet Ally gave Me a credit w/in 24hrs and resolved the dispute in 48hrs. They've always been helpful and I always will keep them as My bank. I only wish I could open a business account w/ them!

Posted by HaeSuse

These guys are awesome. Every dealing I've had with them on the phone, I end the call by saying "why in the world does anyone still use a brick'n'mortar bank"???

Interest rates are so much higher than anywhere else, it's comical. Friendly American customer service reps. Ease of use online. Short wait times on the phone.

10/10. Am already recommending them to everyone I know.

Posted by gower2352

Easiest bank so far to reach! No endless menu tree just straight to a personal banker!

Posted by yam

I have been ecstatic with Ally's service. Admittedly I've only had the account a few months, but everything has gone well. Online help is awesome, quick and friendly, never rushed.

Posted by verlee

Again and again I see complaints on ally BANK sites about auto loans....anyone looking into BANKING with ally bank should ignore all comments that mention BANK does not offer loans and all help centers are in north america

Posted by dave m

i'm reading so many negative comments about ally bank and feel compelled to write something on my experiece. I opened two accounts late 2010 switing from BofA. So far I have to honestly say that my experiece is by for the best banking experience I have ever had my banking history. I have no complaints. In fact after having a small personal issue that I created (it was my fault) I call ally to ask for help is resolving this problem. Not only was my call answered on the spot, the call was answered by an american, working in america, speaking english better than I do, professional and able to help me.
Now, I no longer pay atm fees (very big for me) get money back when I shop at certain stores aka ally perks. Plus as of right now the cost of having ally as a bank = zero.

I feel it's inportant to note, I do not have complicated banking needs..... I driect deposit my paychecks. Rarely need to deposit Physical old fashoned check (but I have) and rarely have the need to walk into a brick and morter building for banking needs.
The only thing that is missing is an iphone app which I understand will be released very soon spring 2012 perhaps. but other than that I am pleased.

my hopes in posting this is to help those who are considering ally and don't have complicated banking needs.

AND NO... I do not work for GMAC.. Actually I'm an OR Nurse working in South Florida.

Posted by Anonymous

To everyone with negative claims towards Ally, you have been victim yes. But as far as customer service goes, it has gotten TONS better! I havent had an issue with them in about 2 or 3 months. From what I understand they have added more call centers with more reps. IN THE UNITED STATES

Posted by nicki888

I have had nothing but wonderful service from Ally Bank. When reading these complaint boards people don't seem to know that Ally Bank is not in charge of their car payments. That is Ally Financial. When people are complaining about Ally Bank not handling their car or GMAC accounts right, it is like complaining that the salesperson in the Sears shoe department was horrible at giving you specs on your washing machine. Also, a lot of these complaints are about things that are out of Ally's transfer time or signature cards---those are all government mandated time frames/rules that are to be followed. It also seems like people don't read the deposit agreement---which is where ALL of these rules that are complained about are listed.

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Posted by Anonymous

As an employee with the checking and savings division of Ally Bank, I've come to see up close the lack of basic banking knowledge of customers. This includes those with significant balances in their accounts who you would think would have experience with financial transactions. Ally is an online bank. As such extra security measures are in place to protect the privacy of customer information and of course their money. Any internet based commerce has an increased amount of people who attempt to access customer's funds fraudulently and to steal their identities. Ally takes the security of their customers' information seriously and at times this causes problems because customers do not know anything about their accounts and some customers' relatives open accounts in the customers' names and don't tell them or wait the same day to process a wire when they knew a house was closing weeks before. Ally representatives are coached daily to provide a high level of customer service and first call resolution. I know of dozens of occasions where Ally's diligence has save customers hundreds of thousands of dollars from being taken by strangers and even more sadly relatives and customer's children. I have had a career in banking and could have accounts anywhere, but when I came to work with Ally, I moved my accounts and have not had one problem.


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