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Alltel Wireless customer service is ranked #698 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 25.62 out of a possible 200 based upon 135 ratings. This score rates Alltel Wireless customer service and customer support as Terrible.


132 Negative Comments out of 135 Total Comments is 97.78%.


3 Positive Comments out of 135 Total Comments is 2.22%.

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  • Alltel Wireless

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    • 25.62 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 132 negative comments (97.78%)
    • 3 positive comments (2.22%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
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Posted by John kussow

Alltel... I wish you never sold out.
Verizon treated me ok, but this last 6-8 months they have been harassing me by raising my fee, dragging my service if not briefly disconnecting me to have trouble with my phone use...

Posted by George

I have been trying to call Alltel. To restore my services on my cell phone. But with no number to call. The number that shows on internet is not the right number. It tells that the phone services have been cut off. You can reach me at I would like to get my services turned on as soon as possible. Unless More of services.

Posted by Anonymous

FYI since your services doesn't exist anymore could you please release your phones so people could use them with another Services!!

Posted by Anonymous

Alltell is charging customers for service they are not longer using. Was told they could not pro rate the bill. What Company will not pro rate a bill- I willing to pay for service I used 3 days of billing, but they want the entire month and service was terminated. Their so call customer service- SUCKS

Posted by pissed2

I terminated both lines with alltel because of the switch over. I was not thrilled about AT&T service at all. I imagine Alltel would see better result at getting their money if the early termination fees were waived. There is no freaking way I'm paying $700 on top of my monthly bill of $171. WAIVE the fees and I'd be happy to pay what I've used. Fair is fair.

Posted by pissed2

Can't Alltel waive the ETF for everyone considering AT&T wad not part of the deal when the contract was signed. This is a lousy way to treat a 7 year customer and thousands of others who just want to be treated fairly!

Posted by Pissed Customer

I was hung up on by a manager in retention. This is the worse cell phone company ever. They are so unprofessional and they do not do anything to help their customers.

Posted by lm

I received a bill from the Alltel service that I had received for The check was sent back in February and cleared February. So I have a copy of the front and back of check. Also, I would like it to be updated on my credit report once matter is resolved. Do I need to send copy of check to corporate, in order to resolve matter. Please give me correct address to send copy. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

On March 31, 2014 I called in regards to changing 1 of the 3 phones on my account to another provider. I was told there would be a early termination fee due to the phone, not the number was under contract til July 2014. I called back and asked if I could switch one of the basic phone numbers with the smart phone numbers, and was told that could be done. After that was done the number that was now associated with the basic phone was ported to Verizon. Now I am being charged with an early termination fee which I refuse to pay due to the fact I am still using the smart phone and paying for that type of plan. AT&T takes over my phone service soon and can not help with this problem.I did what I was told I could do and now the story has changed. The only solution that is viable for me is to change providers.

Posted by burt

We have been with Alltel for years and I've never seen such bad service our bill has countries to rise while our service has went to carp I lost my phone last night and had my service suspended I found my phone called back to turn service back on and they tell me 24 to 48 hours to get it back on we pay almost 400 a month for service that is sucked

Posted by Anonymous

I am not satisfied with the Airtel services in Karaikudi. In the Retailer they have not replied properly. They have redirected to contact a particular mobile phone dealer "Hello Mobile"for any clarification. now I want to know whether Airtel datacard is working in other booster which is purchased in Malaysia.

Posted by Anonymous

The people at alltell are rude they dont return phone calls and they hung up on me. Go to another phone company and skip alltells rude people!

Posted by mrgetright

Be aware of Alltel I had a $45 plan with them that cover unlimited calling,texts,pictures,and internet and my battery died so I order another one and call Alltel and told them I wanted to change phone for until my battery arrive and she said sure no problem. never did she say you will lose your internet and picture texts if you change phone,and tell refuse to give me my service number is 478-455-6915 they break laws and nothing happen to them. Alltel do not honor and protect their customers rights.

Posted by Anonymous

April 18, 2013 I renewed my contract and spoke with someone (Erika). She quoted me a price for 3 smart phones at $135.00 plus tax and insurance, because I am on a budget, I told her that I couldn't sign a contract for more then I could get it for some where else. I received my bill and it is for $180.00 a month instead of the $135.00 that I was quoted. I tried to resolve the issue, but I keep getting the runnaround. I can't get out of my contract, even though I was lied to. I have been a loyal customer for 16 years. I can't believe I have been treated like this.

Posted by dissatisfied1

Customer service exhibited a "could care less" attitude. The company underbilled me and then added the amount on the next bill. They then shut off service and tacked on a connect fee. I spoke with several supervisors and I made it a point to be very polite and explain they were punishing me for their mistake. All were inflexible and one even stated he didn't care if I were a customer for ten months or ten years. The company that carried Alltel apologized and said this wasn't unusual.

Posted by Kat

I am complaining because Alltel changed my upgrade date from August to November. The store associates at the local store are always helpful. But, your phone representative are rude and do not want to help. Due to this, as a 20 year customer I may have no choice but to find another cell phone provider.

Posted by Kenneth Bailey

Yes Alltel turned my phone off,when I told then I'll give them the payment the following day,looks like I'll be choosing Straight Talk

Posted by Anonymous

I have been with Alltel a long time with both my cell phone and an internet card. A couple months ago a authorized sales associate put a phone on the line that had my internet card on it. She even admitted that she saw it was an internet card line when she put the cell phone on it. I called Alltel about it within 30 minutes of the change and Alltell refused to correct the mistake that their sales associate made because they no longer offered that plan. I finally got a gentleman who said that he could give me local unlimited data on my internet card instead of the nationwide that I had and it was going to be $5 more a month. I agreed to this then I got my recent bill only to discover that I did not have unlimited data and got hit with $80 in overage charges because I only had 5 mb of data. What could is 5 mb of data for my home internet provider. Again I called Alltel and they once again refused to honor what the sales representative told me because they don't offer that plan. I have had nothing but problems out of Alltel for the last couple of years. I would not recommend them to anyone and I am researching other providers so that I can drop Alltel. They are a terrible company for customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I have no dependable service in my area. I have notified Alltel of this issue. The last notification I had to make 4 calls each time the call being dropped. Each time the customer service person would ask for my phone number address issue etc. I was not able to complete this at any time without the call being dropped. To this date I have not been contacted with this issue . I have no indication that any attempt on Alltel's part has been initiated.

Posted by Annette

Just spoke with a customer service rep and the supervisor. They charged a $100 activation fee when we upgraded the kids' phones-same account, number ect...Was not told about the activation fee when ordering phones (kids wouldn't have gotten new phone if we had known). Since its policy to charge nothing can be done. Last summer my husband went without a phone for almost 3 months because they couldn't send a complete phone, most frustrating.

Posted by Upset in Georgia

Alltel in Albany Georgia is terrible. I get no service in my area. I reported to tech support and was told I was in a hand off zone and would not get signal. I was not offered to be able to get out of the contract. I complained again and was told that I had been offered the chance to get out and didn't take it. Lie. It will cost me $800 to get out. Highway robbery. I was happy for 18 years. I had service then no service. How can they treat long term customers like this? They don't care as long as they get the money from you.

Posted by Anonymous

Alltel rep all but called me a liar when I told him I did not make calls to the Virgin Islands. This has been going on for 4 months. Each month new roaming charges are on my bill. For 3 months I have called to have those charges taken off. The 1st time I called the rep said she would. The next month new roam charges were on. Called and that rep said there would be an investigation. This month new charges again, and always to the same #. The rep told me yesterday that I was erasing roaming calls made from my phone to avoid charges!?? Today I will have a new cell company.

Posted by princess0031023

I tried to call the customer service number
For altell and they said I had to call from another
Phone...I dont have another phone...I have not
even had this contract with altell two months yet and
The phone is already starting to act freezes
and will not hold a charge for anything...and when
I charge it, it will become so hot that it is hard to keep
It to my ear...thank goodness for speaker phone..
I hope this phone lasts the entire two years...I dont think
I will be renewing this contract when the time comes

Posted by Anonymous

hav ben trying since july to get $30 rebate on alltel phone, no human to talk to no help from alltel customer service THEY WILL NOT GIVE ME A ANOTHER # at rebate center TO TALK TO Sent all required info and have faxed it twice no response. Company is to big THEY DON'T CARE

Posted by pdoffjules

just tried to get a better plan for my phones as they have them advertised on their website. took me a while to get a live person and then i got hung up on the first time. i am sick of alltel. they said they can't give me a lower data pkg because of the phone i have. would have been nice to know that when i bought the crap. the customer service rep was rude, told me i couldn't do anything with the 2 lines i have. i will be switching to verizon. makes me sick how many people are being screwed over by them and their lies. i will be writing a letter to the corporate headquarters, maybe they'll do something, but probably not. will def make me feel better after wasting my money with them for over 10 years......

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Posted by DPearson

I do business with the Alltell Wireless Store in Gaffney, S. C. and I especially want to commend Chad Bolin, Sr. Wireless Consultant. He is very knowledgable of your product and really works with me. I go in and tell him what I want and for him to give me the best price and he works with me getting me the best service & prices available. He is trustworthy...he doesn't feed your a line just to try and sell you a product. He is pleasant to work with and whenever I go in to make changes or purchase new equipment, I look for him. I thank him and I feel you should be proud of such a respectable, knowledgable employee that you have in him.

Posted by zeffer

i just got off the phone with alltel customer services and within 1 minute of dialing to talk to person, a lady with a slight southern drawl answered and she told me everything she could about fixing the situation and asked if it would be alright to talk to her manager. after just another minute or two, she was back on and the situation was resolved there. It wasn't a terribly complicated problem, just technical stuff that i felt needed to be taken care of and it was. i was very satisfied with the experience

Posted by Satified in Wis. Rapids, Wi.

I entered the store to purchase a new phone on 2/25/10. I was greeted with a smile. The young lady explained all the different options that were available. Phones have changed alot since my last phone. I explained my needs and she helped pick what was best for me. She didn't try to upsell which I appreciated. Thanks for the good experience.

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