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Allstate customer service is ranked #564 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.13 out of a possible 200 based upon 225 ratings. This score rates Allstate customer service and customer support as Terrible.


213 Negative Comments out of 225 Total Comments is 94.67%.


12 Positive Comments out of 225 Total Comments is 5.33%.

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  • Allstate

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    • 29.13 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 213 negative comments (94.67%)
    • 12 positive comments (5.33%)
    • 3 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
    • 2.7 Reachability
    • 1.8 Cancellation
    • 3.1 Friendliness
    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Allstate Is Piss Poor, Have A Leaking Roof Have Paid Them Eariery Or On Time Fore Several Years, Now I Filed A Claim Since I Have Water Lea From My Roof, Sent A Female Inspector Who Cant Even Handle A Ladder, Didnt Look In The Part Of Roof Where It Leaks In My Home.they Want Your Money Each Month But When You Need Them You Are In Poors Hands.

Posted by SameLastName

Someone with the same last name as mine called to start insurance with Jamie Bennett's Office in Shelby Ohio. They linked him to my account changed my email address to his and changed my address physical address to his. I called told them what they did they have no explanation and blame the BMV Bureau of Motor Vehicles for this then they turned around and told me they would fix it. Well guess what I did get an email with this man's bank account information in it. Call corporate to complain and you know what they tell me so what go to your agent and complain well that didn't work the agent did nothing to fix it and the agent obviously doesn't care. Beware of Allstate op

Posted by Anonymous

Agents don't even answer phone to answer questions. When I called and said my name, agent hung up on me, it was obvious, and never called me back and/or answer my phone calls.

Posted by Barbie

I changed from Travelers to Allstate in August of 2014 because they gave me a good quote on my rental property. The residential policy was close to what Travelers had charged, but when it came time for my auto renewal, it was 50% higher than was Travelers. I paid it the first year grumbling when I did, but by the second year it had doubled. I had no tickets or claims for either the houses or the auto for many many years. So I started looking for other companies. Everyone was much cheaper on my auto and my rental property, but they were 4 times higher on my residence, which hasn't had a claim in 8 years. I have a perfect credit rating. Other carriers were giving me costs on my residence up to $5400, while Allstate is charging $1300. So I can never leave Allstate. I am a captive customer because they have done something to my information to cause my residence rates to be out of the question if I try to go elsewhere. But my auto policy with them is out of sight. They have confused me with someone else and refuse to acknowledge it. The description of my house is wrong, saying I have a slab foundation, when it is pier and beam, and that the lot is level, when it is uphill. I think they are deliberately refusing to describe the property correctly so if there should ever be a claim, they can say it was written incorrectly, when I tell them it is incorrect and the refuse to change it. This company is a scam and should be prosecuted for fraud.

Posted by whaler

never give you a straight answer on a automobile insurance- one day it costs this amount then a day later another amount and then you are charged a whole new amount- never seem to actually find ways of saving you money- even when you have no accidents- excellent credit and 2 old vechicles- i stay with them - who know why- too lazy to search around - but I know i am getting ripped off - i really trusted them in the beginning- but for some reason- who knows why- it keeps going up and up and up and the coverage stays the same- why aren't they here to help us and to make us stay with them- must be money for them somhow- very disturbing- no one cares anymore- dissatisfied with allstate customer will be searching in the future that for sure-never answer e-mails sent to them never call back -always with a customer- that is getting old

Posted by ttg

On 7/13/15 an area in Woodridge Illinois experienced a hail damage event, as documented by the national weather service. Many homes in the area had damaged roofs, and in the area that I live 85 roof replacement permits have been issued between 8/1/15 and 3/31/16. Many homes were visited by roofing companies that knew our area had damage. I had a roofer come out and stated that he did see roof damage and he showed me pictures. We did file a claim, and Allstate sent out a team of two to review the roof. Allstate found NO hail damage on our roof. Coincidentally our neighbor was also having their home inspected (State Farm) and they were granted a new roof. We are left to conclude that Allstate treats policyholders differently than other insurance companies.

Posted by Blizzard

We switched to USAA Financial from All State for all insurance coverage in November 2015. All-State is demanding payment for November even though we paid the premium to USAA Financial. All State then turned us over to Credit Collection Services. I supplied them with the USAA Declaration page which clearly shows the coverage date effective November 1, 2015. The Collection company said that's not conclusive enough.

Posted by chauncey sneed

we have all the homes and cars with all state insurance but we need it to put a claim they treat me like a criminal i try to tell him about what was the problem he try very hard to get me confuses and he try very hard to turn around the problem like if was my fault i never close the claim and i got a letter in the mail stated the i have close the claim they, close to two claims one for a stormed and my home and another at my rental property they only gave me $60.00 to repair my roof

Posted by Dee

Paid my insurance on time every time then they said they cancelled my insurance told me to pay on Friday it would be reinstated on Monday morning they didn't give me no insurance on top of that I went to tha office they said that some people called under writers had my money and they can't contact them and I called the 1800 number and the told me they basically took my money over all I never wanna deal with them again to much of tha run around unbelievable don't ever go to Allstate

Posted by gc

Customer service is horrible. They argue with there customer over the phone and talk over you. They know there being recorded but doesn't seem to matter. There managers must not be checking the recorded conversation. Horrible service.

Posted by Miss mk

I have been with Allstate,for 31 years and I have surgery and get behind and they drop my car and home insurance. They have NO customer loyalty!!!

Posted by Medical diability

Hello: my name is Deborah Hawkins I have a Medical Disability Insurance policy that I have with Allstate since 1985, I have received nothing but terrible customer service from your claim department. I have call the claims department over and over, sent documentation from the doctors office, my employer yet your claims department can not get my claim straight out. I have not received payment for my claim from 11/13/2015 to 11/30/2015 I should not have to wait this long for my claim to be straighten out. All documents that was sent show that I have a legit claim so it should have been process at a timely manor and paid out to me with the correct amount of pay. I have received terrible customer service from the Disability Claims Department, I'm a very dissatisfied customer.

Posted by zabache47

cuetomer service was bad, kept me wating on the phone and never came back, also my car was damage and im wating for results from resultas from you guys, got an estimate and took pictures hoe to hear from you guys soon

Posted by StandbyAgreement

These are the most lazy people I have ever had to deal with, They will not return phone calls must less answer the phone. I am so glad I don't have any polices with them, I'm just trying to collect on a claim against a policy holder that is dragging their feet.

Posted by Loyal Blunder

To all those looking for insurance please Know Allstate, via Mike Gianfrancesco, doesn't want loyal paying customers!

First complaint or advice to Allstate: have an actual complaint department.

As a loyal customer for over thirty years I must report an interaction with an agent that has lead me to find another insurer. It wasn't the policy, the coverage or the help you get when you need it. That has always been good and a major reason for my loyalty. However after speaking recently to complain about a quote I received on a homeowners policy, I was laughed at and asked "do you know what year you are in". Perhaps my trust in my insurance has prevented me from understanding the current nature odf insurance agents. Perhaps they are all callous and condescending. Since I have been out of the market for some time I agreed to listen to what he had to say and I dismissed his condescending tone as "everyone has a bad day". A few days later he called me back as promised but we still were not in agreement this time on another issue, his condescending tone returned and ended with further dissatisfaction and even a personal threat by Michael. He utilized my personal information (place of employment) to threaten me. "you are messing with the wrong guy". Hello Mike! Al I wanted was an a proof of signature you promised you would get. To date you haven't produced it. Ironically the district manager was present and calmed down and the tone of the call returned to that of a professional calming an upset customer. After speaking with the district manager I agreed to let him find me another agent within Allstate. After 30+ years I can attest this behavior has tarnished my image of Allstate and once I have another carrier Allstate will lose my business. I can get treated like $#!t by any company and for a lot less money.

To make things work Michael Gianfranesco followed up with a harassing e-mail!

So to all those looking for insurance please know Allstate via Mike Gianfrancesco doesn't want loyal paying customers!

Good luck and Michael, I forgive you

Posted by Anonymous

Public service announcement...WARNING...please don't..purchase the AARP roadside assistance program..this is a rip off...i called them at 12pm and i still haven't received any service ot is Houston Texas and it is 109 out unacceptable...customer service keep giving me the ru around as well..plrasr do not purchase it..please

Posted by druff

I have been with Allstate for over 25 years
Moved approx 10 years ago, assigned a new agent
He then placed us with Allstate INDEMNITY stating it would save us
money with kids,additional cars, house on our policy.
That was a bold faced lie!
Our policy has increased every renewal.
I am now paying over $4000 every 6 months for auto, and almost $2000 year
for homeowners!
When I expressed concern, the agent was rude.
He is unreachable when called, often the receptionist handles the policy transactions
I stated to the agent, "He is my agent, not the receptionist", his reply was, "she can
handle the policy transactions". She's not my agent!
I said I was calling the home office and the insurance commission, he gladly emailed me the phone numbers.
What the heck, $10,000 a year, and the coverage and customer satisfaction is _______.
This is how Allstate treats loyal customers

Posted by Anonymous

Our home was hit by an Allstate insured drunk driver. It has been 12 days, and I am still dealing with getting switched from department to department. My house is not secured and not safe. I have spent the last two hours trying to talk with a supervisor, and getting nowhere. Allstate is certainly not the "Good Hands Company" they advertise.

Posted by Anonymous

Most unhelpful customer service I have ever experienced. Switched from one person to another and not a one seemed to know what they were doing. The one that did knowingly gave out false information

Posted by Don't Buy Their Condo Insurance

I had condo insurance with Allstate; a pipe broke in my bathroom and leaked through the vanity to the garage ceiling. They denied the claim stating that my condo should cover it despite the fact that the condo master policy only covers damage to the building. Then they said it wasn't an "event" since I did not discover it immediately. I asked if I had been away (which I am all day) shouldn't I be covered. After 3 weeks they sent the adjustor who gave me the same news. Allstate had no intention of paying for this despite the fact that the reason I have condo insurance is for this type of event. From the start, it was clear that they were going to wiggle out of a claim that was under $3000. Needless to say I have moved to Liberty Mutual for home and auto; I contacted several insurance brokers who told me that I should have been covered since as a condo owner, I am responsible for everything within the walls of my unit.

Posted by jasnam

My agent is charging car insurance for the car I no longer own and he is fully aware of that fact.We bought used Toyota Corolla in May of this year and the same day we took the old Honda Civic 1996 to the scrap yard.That car had only liability insurance. Now we have two fully insured cars and he is still charging $240 for the car we no longer owe.Is this considered a fraud ?

Posted by 73034

Claims adjuster admits she found video & pictures on her desk from auto wreck scene after she had issued to her own insured a 40% liability for an out-of-state driver leaving their lane and hitting her own insured's SUV. On a recorded phone call and prior to Sandra's letter citing 40% liability in the wreck, Sandra stated the TX driver had lied on several things in the interview and it was evident that she was 100% at fault. Allstate has mastered screwing over their own customer. Way to go Sandra Farris, Claims Adjuster, Oklahoma City, OK! A professional suggestion Sandra, proofread your data before sending it out, "I could locate any Oklahoma statutes in section 47 or the rules of the road handbook that specify which lane has right of way where two lanes merge into one but neither lane terminates." You leave your Allstate customer having to guess what you're trying to say....UNPROFESSIONAL, ILLITERATE, FRAUDULENT

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible service. They just hang off my call by said that they can hear and understand me for just 10 Sec!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My agent will not return my phone calls,I have called him 5+ times and sent him email.His name is Blake McCrary,Baton Rouge, LA.I would like to change agents. Thanks. My phone

Posted by jose lopez

My is jose lopez I have 2 am waiting nothing being done I have. five people working my. My files everybody is off the officer..john.komacki...chris.dania....Alicia. monguai... Keep switching back and four... No one call me or send email on mail... I would not recommend to anybody.

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Posted by Wildlifelady

I see all these negatives. I've NEVER had a bad experience with Allstate in the over 20 years I've been with them!

Posted by Stephanie

I have only been talking with the members of your company for about two days, but within this time I noticed you have quite a few, very well mannered and comical staff members. I am pleased with your customer service so far, and I would highly recommend Ethan for your provider!

Posted by Anonymous

I'm 61 years old. I retired a couple of years ago from United Airlines after 40 years. So I do know a little about customer service. I moved my insurance coverage from Travelers to Allstate in February. It seems that somebody dropped the ball.Last week I received a letter from a collections company.Travelers wanted a payment for Feb.I called Travelers and they said that I needed to send them paperwork from Allstate. I called Allstate in Pittsford N.Y. and talked to Karen Weaver. Karen told me not to worry and she would take care of it.I remember rolling my eyes and thinking "Right you'll take care of it.Sure you will". It seems that nobody you talk to these days does what they promise they will. Anyway!!!!! About twenty minutes later Travelers called to see if it was OK for them to discuss my policy with Karen. I told them yes.I thought maybe I got lucky. Karen called me back in another ten minutes and told me it was all taken care of and I didn't owe Travelers nothing.I think you should have Karen Weaver teach your customer service training classes. She said the right things to me in order for me to relax.Then she followed thru with her promise.Good job Karen Weaver. Thanks very much.

Posted by Cookie

All State handled my claim quickly and efficiently. Thank you to Christen Scott!

Posted by TradeAntique

Dear Mr. Thomas J. Wilson II & Mr. Matthew E. Winter,
Thank you so much for your kindly help. Without your help, I think I would still get stuck with this small claim case.

Thank you again. I do appreciate your help. Have a great day.

Chien Lai

Posted by MrsDBo419

I was in an accident on 10/8/12 and had an injury, by 10/10/12 I had been called by the claims and medical departments; they also had the rental place call me. I have had nothing but a positive experience with Allstate; I changed to them when I purchased my house because no one else would insure me since I purchased my house with cash. Everyone is helpful all the way down to the claims adjustor, he even wrote me a check on site, and they are awesome. I even save 36% by having 2 cars and the house. I have no issue with them.

Posted by Terry

I deal with insurance companies everyday and Allstate is the least scariest of the major companies for car insurance. Farmer is a nightmare in my opinion but the others have good and bad points to consider depending on where you live.

Insurance is one of the most important thing you can buy and you need to keep that in mind. Ask a hundred questions if you want on the phone until you're satisfied.

Now I got this one from here somewhere but ask for the best agent in your area. A good agent will be a pain in your butt with questions and concerns but that's what is being covered!

Posted by michael1966

I've been with Allstate for two years now and I'm totally satisfied. I got quotes for 6 companies and nobody touched their rates. Plus, our agent Andy Fry is great. Very friendly, knowledgeable. I asked why our rates were so good and he said that every company has an ideal customer. Allstate's are married, good credit, two cars and a homeowner. Couldn't be happier!

Posted by Not complaining yet

I had Geico and unfortunately had some very bad luck and was in two accidents very close together. Geico raised my premium 400%, no way was I paying that. I called State Farm, Nationwide, and Progressive and none of them could come close to the Allstate quote. They were all double what Allstate quoted me so they are alright in my book.

Posted by Jeff

Good Deal worked out pretty good rate... Got a hold of them quick and got the quote with pretty minimal questions.

Posted by Mrs. Elvin Zavala

To whom it may concern,
I wanted to write about an employee named,
Stephanie Vargas. She works at the West New York, NJ office. She was freindly and courtious. Many people seem to know her. I could see why. I even commented that a commerical should be made with her in it. She made my husband's and I visit very pleasant.


Mr.& Mrs. Elvin Zavala
Guttenberg, New Jersey

Posted by Pamegyric

I have been with AllState for 4 years now. I have checked rates with other carriers and Allstate still has the best rate for auto/motorcycle insurance. NO ONE comes close to the motorcycle ins I pay!
My agent (local) is ALWAYS available, 7 days a week. If I e-mail him, he responds in less than 24 hours. I have not had an accident (knock on wood). But I moved over here because the last company I had (Century 21) made me put junk yard parts on my car to do a front end repair. Even the body shop said they had NEVER heard of an Insurance company requiring that! Allstate won't do that!

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Posted by TennisTed

ALLSTATE SCREWS RETIREES.....Yes thats right. I worked 35 years as a senior acct. agent, Iretired with a RETIRMENT PACKAGE that included a 100,000 life policy FOR LIFE. They paid the premium, part of the retirement benefit package. Many agents passed, their familiea collect the Mr. stick it up your butt Wilson, the CEO simply decides since many of us are up in years and the policies will soon be redeemed, WELLLL we just ain't paying for them anymore. So if you pass your family gets nothing now cause I said so. Hmmmm really fair? Nice guy Huh?

Posted by Niko Boy

I am a current agent. I had bought an agency from a previous agent. He lied about the condition of the agency. He lied about the volume of income. He lied about our agreement. Now I am selling the agency due to his lies and mis-management. I am getting out before things get any worse. He used to be in Delaware and is now a Pennsylvania agent; pretending to be a "consultant". Do not get involved with him, his paperwork is set up by a team of lawyers to steal your money. And Allstate is taking away commissions from their medium to small agencies essentially forcing them out of the business. How do the owners who bought in the last three years expect to pay their bills. Many agencies in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia are up for sale. My customers have seen a rate increase anywhere from 5% to 45%. Allstate is not in the insurance business anymore. They are in the profit business. As a result of this increase I am losing 8 policies for every 1 policy that I write. Their feeling is with the rate increase if they retain 80% of their customers they will make more money than before losing the other 20%. Their customer service is rude and I am amazed that they are retaining any of their data base. If you are considering joining the Allstate "team" believe me when I tell you the bench is nothing but a hot seat that will leave long lasting burns. There is a better way to go. TWFG out of texas. A lot of the agents for TWFG are former Allstate agents.

Posted by NONE



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