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Allegheny Power customer service is ranked #187 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 47.44 out of a possible 200 based upon 22 ratings. This score rates Allegheny Power customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


19 Negative Comments out of 22 Total Comments is 86.36%.


3 Positive Comments out of 22 Total Comments is 13.64%.

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    • 47.44 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 19 negative comments (86.36%)
    • 3 positive comments (13.64%)
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    • 2.2 Issue Resolution
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Posted by [email protected]

I have two dead trees that will fall on the electric lines. If possible could you cut them down, so there is no possible problem with your lines and i will cut them up. I just need them down
My adress is 229 hope acres drive berkeley springs w. Va.

Posted by Sue'z

I Have Been Trying To Switch Service Over To My Name And Have Clld Over 17x!!! Always On Hold Forever And Calls Never Returned!!!! Would Love To Work Here Since It Seems That Doing Nothing And Getting Paid For It, Is Perfect.

All Problems Start With Managers And Poor Training!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

KUDOs to Allegheny Power for no power outages in our area this entire winter. THANK YOU.

The Barrett's

Posted by num1abbafan

It is utterly ridiculous to have to wait for TWO hours to talk to someone in customer service. I called on a Thursday at 3:30pm.(It WAS at the end of the month, but if they know they are swamped with calls at that time period, then they should hire extra people to account for it.)

They are open till 6pm. I had to wait TWO hours on hold with some of it just ringing and ringing and ringing (so I didnít even know if I had been transferred over to somewhere where I was never going to be picked up or not) and the other part of the time, with misc. talking ... which at least I knew for sure I was on hold, then.

This is EXTREMELY POOR customer service. The WORST I have ever experienced. I cant even comprehend how a company can have that bad of it. Hire more people. Or initiate the system that some companies do, where you can have the option of leaving your phone number and they will call you back and you do not lose your place in line.

All I had was a simple question that took ONE minute to answer (I had paid $200 over 2 weeks ago and on the on-line website it had said I had paid $148.00. I have never had it be inaccurate and I have been using the website since they first changed over to West Penn Power, and they MADE us have to go on there.)

The amount I owed was about what I had figured, but I wanted to know for sure that my right payment had gone through, and why that amount, that I had NEVER paid in that increment, was on my bill as my last payment.

They answer, when she finally picked up, was simply to ignore it. That the website was not updated and accurate (though I had paid it over 2 weeks ago).

Which to me was still funny because I had NEVER paid that amount!

She also said it could be when you are on a payment plan, that it also could mess things up.

Except I am NOT on a payment plan. So I figured she didnít really know the answer, and I wasnít going to find out why it said that amount, and I had just wasted two hours of my life on hold for no good reason at all.

I do say she WAS nice enough, and did try to answer my question -though she really didnít know. She did verify the amount I owed NOW, which I had already known, and it did say correctly on the website.

So... so much for that.

I could have just payed it (on-line) and been done with it.

Again, 2 hours is just WAY incompetent. And I do not hold the agents accountable for that, it is poor management.

It is the companies fault and they need to address this and correct it asap.

Posted by Anonymous

why do they not have a direct no.for electricians to be able to call for service connections or disconnections.i have been trying for two weeks to get hold of anyone to schedule a service connection transfer (I upgraded to a 200 amp)can't get anyone to understand that I don't want to transfer the billing

Posted by Jim Kilby

Dusk - Dawn light is out on ALLG PWR Pole

Posted by Anonymous

I have a rental house and the renter left and turned off the electricity without my knowledge. There should be a way to contact the "Home Owner" before shutting off utility services. This could be a disaster in the dead of winter with frozen pipes, etc. Now I have to wait, I am told up to "72 hours" for the electricity to be turned back on. In the meantime, refrigerators and freezers are not on. How does a renter have the right to do this? When I asked the question, I was told by the customer service rep to "Purchase a generator." Thanks so much Electric Company. This problem could be easily fixed by asking a simple question when someone signs up for service, "Is this a rental property, and if so, please provide name and phone number of the owner or property management." So frustrated beyond belief. Another example of the fine utility company at work or lack of work I should say.

Posted by disgusted customer

HI i been experiencing electric interuptions for a while now we have been complaining and no one seems to care they give me ane the neighbors a squirrel story, or just say it is meant to do this i say bull crap years ago it never did this i even so much as to call the puc with out any success what the heck is this world coming to everyone wants paid for service we pay our bill and i want servie adn that is better than this

Posted by Anonymous

I appreciate the work done by the men and women who worked in the heat last July to restore power, I also appreciate those who worked in the snow late October early November, however if this company performed line maintainance once in a while maybe I wouldn't be losing power on a drizzly night. The wind is mild the rain is mild why do I continue to lose service? I swear if a fly farts my power flickers! Great employees terrible management or development or whoever's job it is to keep the lines in decent enough shape to prevent these outages. My family is ex military and we have been all over the world and this company in this region has the worst, in terms of stability, service I have ever experienced.

Posted by croc

I have not seen a truck in Garrett Co,md. I think all of our locals are in Batimore and Washington fixing their outage. We have been out since Friday with no end in sight. If we get the hind end of fixing our rates should be lower. When contacted the representative was rude.

Posted by Anonymous

I understand that we had a major storm and I have seen some of the damage but after sitting in a dark hot house going on 3 days is wearing a persons patience abit thin. I do not have it within my budget to get a motel or eat out every meal til they decide to get the power back on. What are people suppose to do for food and water? When the bill Comes due will the except it will be paid in hopefully 7 days???

Posted by Me

Allegheny Power was a fantatsic company ... we were never without power for longer than 3 hours ... now we have Potomac Edison ... our neighbor has had power lines DOWN in his FRONT YARD (since friday night)- junction box practically pulled out of his house and we are yet to even SEE a truck to assess the possibility of fire in this heat !!! We were told since we are only a "small pocket" of customers without power we are lower down on the list .... 0_0
Crossing fingers the house doesnt erupt in fire ....

Posted by Kgd

What happened to allegheny power? I was a very satisfied customer and now have been taken over by potomac edison, which i find unsatisfactory. Is allegheny power still in business or are we stuck with potomac edison?

Posted by Suzanne Cuesta

This sites communication is reprehensible. Other state's sites provide grid maps with an eta along with specific dispatched locations each truth has been assigned for the day. You could take a lesson.

Posted by WVHottie

Very disappointed in the non-existent communication between the company and its customers. Although in previous outages, the projected restorations were nothing one could etch in stone, at least it gave those of us freezing/roasting in the dark a small measure of "hope". This literal and communication blackout is extremely frustrating. With no truck sitings in our area and the inability to talk to a live body makes us all anyone out there working to restore our power????

Posted by Anonymous

Out of power over 12 hrs haven't seen a power truckall morning except one on Frederick st in cumberland parkrd for over 5 FRICKING HOURS THEY ARE ON THE JOB TRYING TO RESTORE POWER WHAT A PITIFUL COMPANY WE HAVE

Posted by Hunter

Would like to talk to a person or be able to find out how long my power will be off. It is going to be 100' plus today. I guess that's to much to ask. Your new company s-,ks! We used to be able to speak with a human.

Posted by frusterated!

This is getting old real quick. Its the third time this year that our power has gone out for any reason and its hours before you get the job done.
If you need to replace a generator then do so. Im sure the money is there to do it. We sure as heck pay enough for it....Florida ave. Natrona heights pa....

Posted by Anonymous

Think it's not right when your power go off you cann't talk to a person anymore we pay your salarys ! People should be there 24 hours a day what if a line is down you got to talk to a @#[email protected] computer bull I have power all most on top of my home and if on go's down I got to talk to joe suck a duck on a computer I guess that's why there are attorneys out there !

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Posted by satisfied in wv

I was without power for 3 days while living in a very hot mobile home. I just want to commend the workers for the hard work and dedication that they provide to us everyday and in times of emergencies. This is a thankless occupation as is our firefighters and police officers. THANKS ! to all you protect and serve us so that we are safe and secure in our homes. Support them instead of criticizing them. They are away from there families and doing the best they can in a very dangerous situation.

Posted by LIW


Posted by Lineman

To those who wonder about their so called overpriced electric. This diaster is worse than Hurricane Irene, crews are working 16 hour shifts trying to restore power as fast as possible. Crews from other utilities from as far as Kansas and Quebec have been call to assist all the the utilities. Duke, Dominion, BGE, PEPCO, Atlantic City Electric,Delmarva and a host of other utilities in a 14 state area are struggling to restore power. There is still 1.8 million thruout these regions are still without power. We are doing the best we can with what we have and its not enough. If you think its so easy go find yourself a crew and see what it takes to restore power and rebuild what had been damaged. Then hug a Lineman and thank him for what he does.

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