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Posted by Anonymous

Dear Mark Frederick,

I am writing to the corporate office, to try to get a better resolution for my DM X 10 mesh kit that I purchased in July of 2016. Bob,
What happened was when the band and I was playing on stage, the sound guy asked me to turn down my snare drum and kick in the second set of the gig. When I did a slight adjustment to the sliders, I lost all the sound, it went down to practically null. In order for me to get the sound to come back up, I had to push the slider all the way to the top, and when I did, I did not have full volume. At this point, the unit would have been on for about 2 ½ hours. I turned off the unit and the volume came back up, but again when I made the slightest adjustment, the sound went back to null. The only way I could get the sound to come from the unit was to have the sliders all the way up and the volume knob turned more than ¾ the way up. (never had those sliders up that far) We thought this might have had something to do with the PA, but I got the same results when I listened through the headphones. I also tried this with one of the preprogrammed kits on the unit, and same results. When I first got this drum set, I could make slight adjustments, to a slider, and there would be a slight adjustment in the volume. Now it does not have that capability anymore. I was told by one of your representatives that this was not normal, and needed to be sent in for repair. I sent the unit in, and received a call back from the engineer, saying he could not find a problem with the module. I don't understand why they can not see the same problem I am getting. To make matters worse the tech, I spoke to was very short with me, and very unprofessional. He told that these sliders do not adjust automatically, and that is the only way this could be causing a problem. This in my opinion was insulting my intelligence level. I contacted a support specialist, and he told me, they would send it back to me, and asked me to try doing a factory reset, and to see if the unit still had the same problem. I did as I was told, and the unit still had/has the same issue. Later I received an email from the rep, telling me the best they could do was send me a refurbished unit. Why does it have to be a refurbished one. What happened to the warranty from Alesis. Based on when I purchased it, it should still be under warranty. I paid a lot of money for this drum kit, I have bragged and encouraged other drummers to go out and purchase them. I have done nothing to this unit for it to act this way. There is absolutely no alternative motive here, for me to be telling you there is something wrong with this unit. I am just simply wanting the unit to work, like it did, when I first brought it home, and start using it again with no issues. My other concern is, that my warranty with Alesis runs out in July, and I don't want to run out of my warranty before getting this resolved. I did get the extended warranty through American Music Supply, but they told me to contact you first.

Posted by Angry

What is this thing with alesis? The community support has stopped answering a month ago and I can't find any way to contact the company itself. I own a apple macbook pro and I've been unable to record anything with my MultiMix 16 USB 2.0 for 4 months now! The computer recognizes the mixer but won't let any output information in. There's also static noise whenever using the speakers.

I'm frustrated!

Posted by Anonymous

not getting any serviceâ¦been trying for three days

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