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Alcatel customer service is ranked #885 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 18.68 out of a possible 200 based upon 78 ratings. This score rates Alcatel customer service and customer support as Terrible.


77 Negative Comments out of 78 Total Comments is 98.72%.


1 Positive Comment out of 78 Total Comments is 1.28%.

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    • 18.68 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 77 negative comments (98.72%)
    • 1 positive comments (1.28%)
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    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I have an Alcatel A30. It is HORRIBLE!!! NEVER purchase an Alctel phone. The new update takes over my apps and arranges them like it wants. Then on the clean up thing, it deleted all my photos not only on my phone but also from my facebook account. It won't let me uninstall the app although it says it was downloaded through google play. I DID NOT DOWNLOAD it and I don't like a company controlling my phone. I have only had it a few months, but I will trash it and buy a more reputable phone. I purchased it as an unlocked phone through Amazon. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

Posted by Sally

Ned a new phone from Alcarel. Got Alcatel Verso 1/15/18. Has not work well sent i got it. Have sent it back to company twice, last time 4/27/18, got it back 5/2/18 & it's doing the SAME THING!!! Alcatel Will Not give me another phone, wants to keep repairing this piece of Junk!!
Customer service is the worst.Will NOT let you talk to supervisor! At this time waiting on supervisor to call me back...we will see???

Posted by Unsatisfied Alcatel user

I called in because my phone was overheating more than any other phone I've ever had it was start to burn up even if I would lower the brightness and close all the apps and even turn on airplane it would still burn up I called customer service and the guy that answered wasn't even rude he genuinely didn't care at all like he couldn't stand his job if he doesn't like his job just quit I'm very unsatisfied with customer service

Posted by Josh

I couldn't imagine a worse phone company everything about them is a pathetic joke. I bought this phone and it is unable to even answer calls. I have never felt like such an idiot for buying a cheap phone. I had the minimum expectations of this phone all i wanted is to send and receive texts and calls. I couldn't even do that the phone freezes when you receive calls and sometimes doesn't let you answer. I was being called by my mother on her death bed after long term cancer treatment and the phone didn't answer the call despite me swiping right as you are supposed to to answer a call consequently my mother died and I was never able to say goodbye to her or tell her I love her all thanks to this awful phone. Just never use this company I hope you go bust because you have cost me more than I thought a mobile company could ever cost me, the opportunity to have my last goodbye with my mother. I really don't know what else to say a brick nokia or house phone at least fulfils basic functions I feel robbed but I wouldnt even take the money I have lost so much more.

Posted by Jane

A couple of days ago I contacted Alcatel as my keyboard was missing from my phone. I have never had a customer service rep who was so rude and dismissive. I did get the problem resolved after he kept threatening to hang up on me. I like my phone, however, I will be looking to buy a new phone shortly. It makes me question whether I should get another Alcatel phone if its employees do not have respect for their customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I am sick and tired...I am housebound and waiting for a delivery of a large item, your fukcing joy useless one touch launcher ( which is crap with a INTRUSIVE app won'tstay off my phone I force stop and disable it but it won't fukcing stay off ( if it wasn't for the dodgy tool bar I would be happy to install I have major organ Cancer I cannot be bothered with rubbish apps ) Tonight I was sent details of the delivery date ....but because I wouldn't allow the rubbish lUncher YOU DELETED MY PRIVATE MESSAGE have also locked my start page on recent occasions ! When I got my crap Alcatel mobile no joy rubbish launcher "WASN'T ON THE MOBILE ...ANY COMPLAINTS TAKE THEM UP with TESCO I DON'T GIVE A crap!!!!!!!. How would you feel if you were locked out of you phone because you didn't want to be forced to allow s app which you know is rubbish

Posted by Anonymous

their phone sucks, their service sucks their, helpfulness sukcs stay away from their product, don't honor their own manufacturer warranty when it comes to phone replacement since the phone has a manufacturing defect has been confirmed by sprint through whom I got this junk device through would not be dealing with sprint either because they provide alcatel device than give u a phone number to deal with a 3-rd party merchant instead of replacing the device and deal with their partner on their own!

Posted by Eh?

The phone has gone mental. It repeats messages that have already landed for days on end sometimes. Sometimes 30 or 40 times.It was great to start with. Not chuffed now. I'm going hunting for the guarantee/receipt.
Pissed off
Gary Hyndman.

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to update my phone and cant get a rep.My phone will not hold a charge.Keeps sending me back to main menue on the darn phone.

Posted by shortlady16

Absolutely the worst customer service. You can call at 8 am when they first open or later in the day. Plan on being on hold for a very long time. When you finally get thru there will be a language barrier. I have had a phone of theirs a PIXI 4 for less than 6 months and the phone does its own thing INCLUDING butt dialing. The phone does not hold a charge. A replacement battery was to be sent out 7/3/17 and it is now 7/26/17, no battery. Very DISAPPOINTED with anything and everything from this company.

Posted by Steve

Alcatel POP 4 plus. This has to be the worst Alcatel phone ever, constant updating even when updates are turned off loses files and apps willy nilly and a sream off crap no one wants.

Posted by ASERETA

I received my Alcatel phone through a free program in my area. My phone was stolen. I would like to cancel it so that I may receive a new one. I was told by the broker "Zips" they cannot help me. I need to contact you. Please respond asap as im borrowing a phone from a friend. Sincerely

Teresa Armstrong

Posted by Samantha

Can not get phone to go past start up hello why can't you get a live person on the phone when u call for help

Posted by Anonymous

Why is it that my husband cannot be heard through his headphones. But he can hear me through them

Posted by Anonymous

I've recently so-called upgraded to the fierce four and I have to say this is the worse phone I've had from alcatel. If you had the memory capacity in the fierce two, I would switch back to it. My fierce four has recently started answering calls on its own and I have no way of stopping it. The volume on this phone is terrible. I am very disappointed in this phone and I have to say this is the last phone I will purchase from alcatel. Your product is getting worse by the day. Put more memory in the fierce two and I'll consider staying with alcatel but other than that, I am done with alcatel.

Posted by ?

Hands down the worst phone I have ever owned.suppose to be able to enlarge the print,doesn't work. Difficult to open calls, works occ. Have to go to voice mail to answer ringing phone. Comes with multiple adds,Some can't be removed even after calling company several times.Phone bought as new but another name shows up when I make calls.Text sent to me by friends show up with yet two more names.No booklet comes with phone.was very difficult to set the phone up even with a techie doing it for me.Spell check saves words that are misspelled and words in general are misspelled. Just the high lights, could go on and on.

Posted by Can't remember

I bought an Alcatel pop 4 mobile phone last week, after purchasing I tried to transfer photos and music onto the memory card. After connected the phone to my laptop i could not see the phone showing on the desktop. On Thursday of last week I called your customer service technical department for advice. The lady was not too pleasant to me but she did help me to turn on the debugging button. I put it down that she's having a bad day. The problem was still happening so i called again today 16.01.2017 only to get the worst customer service of my life the lady was abrupt, unprofessional, unhelpful I told her that I feel like she want to attack me for some reason. with customer service with that attitude I will never buy another Alcatel phone just in case I need advice and have to call these people.

Posted by Slieghnu

From the beginning (when I purchased this phone)(New) this phone has been a problem. Having to restart daily in order to complete incoming and outgoing calls. Now without warning No sim card is displayed and No Phone is what I've got. Worst $100.00 bucks I've ever spent. Alcatel this phone SUCKS and being the only representing product I have from you I Must assume that you do too

Posted by Disconnected in P'cola

Alcatel technical Support is a joke. They take your device and send a replacement that does not connect to any network provider, in essence the replacement phone is a paperweight. This process takes about 3 weeks, all the while, the customer is without a phone. Then Alcatel wants the paperweight back before they will 'fix' their mistake and send out a phone that is smart enough to communicate with a Cell service provider. Alcatel customer service is a joke, they read from scripts with thick accents that are hard to understand and can not give any responses outside of those scripts. Corporate must be contacted, which takes days to get a response from, to tell the service personnel exactly what to say. Sounds like a convenient excuse not to respond and to make the customer wait. The managers are trained to say, "Do you want to wait that long or would you just like to ..." fill in the blank with whatever solution that Alcatel wants you to take. If you wait on the response from Corporate, your problem will take another week to resolve. Alcatel collects all these insurance fees on these phones but doesn't seem to have to worry about actually doing any service for their money.

Posted by Bigsmooth

I've had Alcatel fierce XL phone for 11 months and this phone has just started crashing and crashing again. This phone will crash during the reboot several times before actually working. This is a waste of money and I advise anybody with this phone to trash it!

Posted by Anonymous

Your repair service is a joke I have been waiting almost 3 months now and still haven't heard anything back about my phone and I'm starting to think that use are never going to give me it back I would like to know what exactly use are going to do about it my email is

I would like it if you could get in touch as soon as possible.

Posted by Lololobonnie

My grandmother has been without a working phone for over a month. We paid for shipping on 11/25/16 for phone to get fixed. The first time I sent it to the repair center they sent it back and it had the exact same problems!!! I've called 2 times now and been told they are emailing me a shipping label the first time he told me 3 to 5 days. I waited a full week and then second time I was told the next day and I still don't have a shipping label! I don't want to have to call and sit on hold for 20 plus minutes everyday when the issue should have been resolved nearly a month ago! They are doing nothing to help!

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service phone reps are a disgrace,especially a rude creature called"Alex",awful PR skills.All I wanted was my pixi 10" tablet repaired that broke down after 6 months-battery failure,& its not the first time with an Alcatel product.She was shouting at me down the phone because I couldn't understand her accent.I still want my tablet repaired & an apology please.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the worst phone I have ever had in my shuts off by its self. When people call I cant answer it half the time and it won't let me make calls alot of the time. I will not buy another one.

Posted by garbage hole

The customer service is garbage. They leave a person on hold for 30 minutes or longer for every single call. They run you around in circles and do everything not to replace or fix my 7 month old phone that is not functioning.I had to buy another phone because I couldn't handle the runaround and hold times anymore. I spent hours for nothing. I hope your company fails miserably and all your future generations and all your DNA never has any fun again and you feel powerless and oppressed and crushed under the weight if your own bullcrap.

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Posted by Light cell phone user

Although it was tough getting in touch with Alcatel, their website did acknowledge that this is a problem they are working on. Once I got through (30 minutes), the help I received was friendly and to my satisfaction. I am giving a positive rating because "neutral" isn't available, and given a choice between "negative" and "positive", it was more positive.

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