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Posted by Kathryn

I was in my local store a couple of days ago when I was exposed to an incident of aa employee behaving badly. I was at the deli counter when an employee who was in the process of taking rotisserie chickens out to the display stopped to help me with lunch meat. After a couple of minutes she came up to the counter and said ââ?¬Å? these chicken donââ?¬â?¢t belong here !ââ?¬Â? . He was trying to help me at the time ! She then turned to another employee and said ââ?¬Å? he is just lazy ââ?¬Å? . I donââ?¬â?¢t appreciate any employer who would chastise an employee in such an ugly and public way. As far as Iââ?¬â?¢m concerned he was doing a good job. I donââ?¬â?¢t know her name but I am 5ââ?¬â?¢2ââ?¬Â? and she was close to my height. This incident happened at the store on lakeside,Ca 92040. Iââ?¬â?¢m sure you can figure out who it was from my phone that I use when I check out. This kind of behavior makes me want to shop at vons in santee instead of Lakeside. She was obviously some form of management or corporate rep.

Posted by Sharon

After trying for 4 days to get fabric softener on sale.I was told No raincheck..its on a digital coupon.Store is being remodeled and the shelves are bare..its the only store in town for NOW!

Posted by Heidi

I just heard about an incident that happened at the Albertsons in Gresham Oregon on May 18th. A customer wanted to pay for another customers fruit and vegetables and the cashier who was named Debbie spouted out some very racist sentiments. I'm curious about Albertsons stance on their employees being overtly racist. Does Albertsons condone racism? Will it tolerate an employee on the clock saying racist things to a customer? I would love to hear more about this, and also hear if there were any consequences for that employee. The manager Ron said he was unable to do anything about it. Did he report the incident to corporate?

Posted by Dean allen

There was an add for power aid. After a big deal speaking to an employee on how to download an app. My wife went to get the product. You needed to purchase 15 to receive the sale price. There were only 12 on the shelves. This on the first day of the sale. I think I will skip shopping at this store in the future. Alma School rd Chandler Arizona.

Posted by Denison Native

Some how my medication is being held hostage !!!!!! Would like to have the mistake fixed before my insurance runs out and I'm stuck with $500+ bill

Denison, Tx

Posted by [email protected]

Your district manager for the area in Long Beach is a joke his name is Bob Foss
Situation that happened to me I Atlantic and Broadway at Vons supermarket he took it as None serious matter when my life was threatened by the security guards that vins higher

Posted by Flora

I am a regular customer at the branch at ORCUTT California 93455. For more than 3 months I've been asking for cocktail rye bread, that I used to buy at your store. I've been told all sort of excuses. I talked with the manager and it didn't help. They blame the manufacturer but I checked and they are well and alive. Please help.

Posted by Anonymous

I shop at the store on baseline and Dobson in Mesa AZ. The store is always superb, as is the pharmacy usually. I was confused about a prescription that I was told was expired, but said is was good though this month. The gentleman who was helping me raised his voice at me several times and talked down to me as well. I said twice, I just dont understand and on the second time he raised his voice And talk to me like I was stupid and said well if you want to come down here I can print everything out And show it to you one at a time. That’s when I said I’m not saying you’re not telling me the truth, I’m saying I just don’t understand it and I’m trying to and then he mumbled something else under his breath, so I hung up. I am at work while this is going on so now I am really stressed out and upset at work because of how this man treated me and I’m seriously considering pulling all of my prescriptions from your store.

Posted by Non of ur buniness

You have worst Alberston on west 2nd in Roswell,NM ......They have whatever time and date for delivery your meds to you it unreal...It pretty sad Manager will go out of his way to delivery it but takes his own sweet time to do I pay customer that is disable n can hardley walk and a hard time driving when my legs will not want to move due to searver pain...but had to go and drive for IM FREAKING PISSSSED OFF you should have a employee to delivery that what heCK you pay them for but now all your employee wants to do is get there paycheck and not work that freaking unreal.......IM ONE PISSED OFF CUSTOMER N PLANNING ON NEXT MONTH TO TAKE MY BUNINESS N SCRIPT EACH WHERE ......your Alberston on west 2nd in Roswell is a freaking joke......WITH B.s. PROBLEMS I HAD WITH THEM I SHOULD HAVE A YEAR FREE OF GROCERY,,,,,,, IM VERY PISSSSSSED N UNHAPPY PERSONertz

Posted by WS66

My family and I used to shop at the Albertsons store in North Seattle on Aurora and 130th. While there have been ongoing issues with this store and the surrounding neighborhood, things have not improved and we feel it is no longer safe to shop at this store. First of all, no matter what time you go to this store there are few if any shopping carts for customers to use. However, driving through the surrounding neighborhood, I have spotted no less than a dozen Albertsons shopping carts filled with personal belongings. Second, there are now four derelict campers in the parking lot and several more vehicles with people living in them. These vehicles have not moved for several days and each RV takes up more than one parking stall. Third is an increase in aggressive panhandling in the parking lot. I'm not talking about someone asking for spare change, but someone who will follow you to your car with a questionable story about why they need the money. Because of these issues we will no longer continue to shop at this location and, instead, drive further to one of your competitors where it is safer to do our shopping.

Posted by Linn

My husband and I were recently in your store in Cheyenne WY on Yellowstone. We only bought one thing - meat but we were deep in conversation and we each thought we had put our package in the cart. So when we started to walk out without our purchase the clerk kindly called back for me to pick up my package. While I appreciate it, I didn't appreciate the comment made behind out backs. She said something like "spend all that money" and I can only surmise she was making fun of us walking our without the product. This is totally unacceptable for an employee to talk about a person much less a customer!!.

Posted by Savage

Customer service called our land lin and never hung up our land line shows line in use PLEASE hang up we do not have a cell. The in use message began after speaking with Nathaniel in customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I left your Town Center, Las Vegas store about an hour and a half ago (3:40 pm, November 29th, 2017) and I have decided I need to vent about what I consider to be the unprofessional response of one of your deli workers.

My husband and I moved to Las Vegas in 2013 from Florida where we had Publix stores. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Publix! I think they have THE best customer service on the planet. Sadly, there are no Publix out here. There are very few Albertson's back there (Tampa area). I HATE, HATE, HATE having to rely on a discount store, specifically because their customer service (in my opinion) is generally so poor. Sooo I decided to make our grocery store of choice in Las Vegas, Albertson's instead of Smith's, which is within walking distance of where I live. Albertson's is not "up" to the Publix standard of customer service, but it is a step up from the discount store's - again MY opinion.

However, this afternoon I entered the Town Center store in search of chicken salad. I think Albertson's has WONDERFUL chicken salad. I always order a pound of it. This afternoon, as is my custom, I ordered a pound of chicken salad. The deli worker said, "That's a half pound, right?" I said that I needed a full pound. "That's NOT what you said!" (with an intonation that left me feeling like two cents waiting for change) the worker replied. REALLY???!!!! That's how one responds to a customer???? She could have replied "That's not what I head" or said NOTHING! What is the point of attempting to prove herself right???? My husband has told me he sometimes finds my voice fades as I respond to questions, but he doesn't leave me with the impression that I am a liar or an idiot. He simply says, "Speak up." Or, "I didn't hear you." This afternoon I chose to say nothing to the woman's (what I considered) incredibly rude response. But after giving it some time, I felt before I make my experience known to anyone who will listen, I should at least let Albertson's know that there is something sadly lacking (my opinion) in your training if it is more important for one of your employees to assert her importance than to generate the good will that goes with keeping one's mouth shut or not demeaning another if you are to compete with similar providers of the same service, or - just common courtesy.

Most of the time the Albertson's employees I come into contact with (regardless of the location of the store) are very pleasant, not always as some seem to feel they've crosses to bear that outweigh the need for employment. As a 20 year veteran of Human Resources I can appreciate their frustration, which is why I always make the initial effort to present myself in a positive light. I know how insensitive and downright nasty the public can be. I am not one of those people - until and unless I am summarily disrespected. And then I hope I have enough class to simply walk away, take my business elsewhere.

I can go to another service provider and not be offended because my expectations are so much lower. Prices are less at elsewhere, but at my age and stage I prefer a pleasant shopping experience. It is my hope Albertson's is my alternative. If, however, the above is the Albertson's culture, I will adjust my expectations and patronage to another store, but I'm hoping I you choose to adopt a more Publix-like customer philosophy and ensure your employees feel valued enough to value your customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a retired albertsons employee with 28 yrs and 12 yrs with another company in 0hio work many dept

But last 15 yrs as a checker and new pretty well what was expected of me to give the customer the best service I could and to want them to return. Now I am retired and now a customer and had a couple stories when shopping at the flamigp and Maryland store in vegas if anyone would to like to here about my visit you can text are call me my name is paul. I would like to know how I could become a secret shopper love to have a part in seeing whats good and bad to give more notice on how your stores are running I have no names cause not my interest to see abody in trouble hope to hear from someone are local I know who Bob Miller is work at main office at Maryland and siverrado ranch

Posted by Alice ikerd

Safeway the company u merged with sucks, the store 1611, in vancouver washingston needs to be shut down, there is a employee there named Cody he sexually harassing women spits on people food u and Safeway are doing nothing to stop him

Posted by Anonymous

The Albertson's on 128th St. in Everett Washington is ill equipped to run! There are very few carts and NOW very few baskets! The last 2 times I've been there I have had to go back outside to get a cart as there were NONE in store! Today NO carts AND 5 FIVE baskets! FIVE!!! The customer service there named Logan is little help and very rude. One of the cashiers Sandy THROWS the food down the counter after scanning it! The place is a mess! There are panhandlers,prostitutes and drug dealers RIGHT outside the door! I don't dare go after dark! They really need to clean up their act!

Posted by Anonymous

I plan on shopping at Albertsons on Baseline in Mesa Az tomorrow. The Ben and Jerry�s ice cream does not appear for me to load in my new Just For You. Therefore I will be forced to plead my case with local management. This should not be necessary. The just for you is unde and Gwen Cooper

Howard Cooper

Posted by gwen Cooper

Customer service at my local Safeway store is Excellent. My only concern is that certain foods that I have been purchasing regularly are no longer available. Specifically the brownies in the bakery department. These brownies sold for $6, for a package of 6 large brownies. There were always fresh and, the best brownies that I have ever eaten. Always moist, chewy, and with the right amount of frosting. They were delicious. The closest thing I have found that compares with these brownies are some at Smith's bakery, but those, even though cheaper, were not nearly as good. If my Safeway does not have sell these brownies any more, I will have to start looking for them at the source, or at local bakeries, rather than grocery stores. I'm only one person, living alone, so I only averaged buying two packages a month. But, these brownies were ALWAYS sold out. I know this because I had to make sure I went to the store during certain hours or they would be all gone. Please resume stocking this item. Thank you.

Posted by Al

To whom it may concern im a shopper at Abertsons and not only the Football fans of the dallas cowboys shop at that store in grand prairie tx 4126 s. Carrier parkway and my family and i feel very unconfortable when we go shop and cashiers scream go cowboys and i notice some of your employees feel force to shout go cowboys not everyone that shop or work at your store are fans and can you please let your employees be them selfs i heard they can be getting written up for not shoutting go cowboys

Posted by Anonymous

Re: Indian Wells, CA Albertson's. This store needs help. Even though the deli support people are nice the cooked chicken is rotten, old looking and smells. This has been brought to the attention of management but still remains unedible. Maybe you'll do something when someone ends up in the hospital. By giving back money spend does not fix a ruined meal. Secondly Monique has on several occasions been unknowledgable or rude or dumb and gives wrong information that I then have to go to the customer service desk and wait again. Monique is a waste. I have several friends who will not shop at this Albertsons because there is bad element of people shopping there and especially during the several weeks of Coachella Fest, Stagecoach as the people are drunk, rude and abusive to other customer and your staff does nothing. We are regular year-round supporters to keep the store going. I recently had a horrible experience with one of these out of towners swearing at me threatening to slap me and he pushed me. Your store employees did nothing and when I asked for a Manager they didn't listen and took 10 minutes or more to call. Oh by the way one of the box boys heard the man threatened to slap me and heard him say, F..K you but he did nothing only admitting it later that he heard it. I could have been dead by that time. I will state that I personally am grateful that Rex is no longer at this store but Julie has only been in the Coachella Valley a couple of years and can she handle the element coming in from Coachella, Mecca and the out of towners, I question that. This store needs alot more customer service training and your food inspected more carefully.

Posted by Deborah Harmen

I was at your store loyal shopper & got a cake it made me feel bad for hours after feeling bad I checked dates, & bakery mgr lady sold me a discounted cake that was over week old, it was packed april 02 17 and sell thru apr 07 and she sold it to me on sunday 9th 2017 & I have pics & receipt showing this wanted to email you it but didn't have email address pics on my phone. I talked to mgr danny thought he would say heres a $25 gift card, or hope you feel better, or heres a free cake on us good one. but nothing. this is against state law to sale this that old. BADBADBAd. I use to live in Boise 10 yrs north end 32nd st. and state st. I believe it was loved it there. But anyway. Don't you feel I deserve a gift card of something after getting sick ? I can send you pics pic of receipt if you give email address ??

Posted by Anonymous

I was just in your Las Vegas store, located on the corner of flamingo and Maryland parkway. I went to go pay. There were approximately 9 people in line. I shop in this store often, so I know about your 3 in line open another line. I was not standing in line like cattle, I was looking for the next line to open up. A male manager, with no name tag on cones out of the office and says " I will take the next person in line" he is standing almost right next to me and as I start to go to that register, he tells me "no the next person in line". I say " are you kidding me." he says "no". I guess just because I was not standing in line like cattle and was proactively Looking for the register that I knew was going to open.I should go to the end of the line. I slide my basket roqards him and told him I guess I don't need these now. He told me guess not. Now, where I am from, I would have just paid for my groceries. And gone home happy. This store has problems wirh how it treats people, I can understand that they have a large homeless population that frequents this unit. But I was a paying customer. Who wanted to get in and out quickly. Guess not. The managers Name was nick. I will never again go to this store. Is this your policy. To make paying customers mad so they never come back.

Posted by Jason

Supersaver by albertsons in west valley utah is the worst grocery store in the state of utah rude employess they ignore you eat on the job drink beverages on the job dirty enviorment and the products on the shelf are expired they dont rotate or pull out of code product you can see the dust on all the shelves and product floors dirty stuff all over the floor food papers plastic peices not a freindly grocery or pleasant one at all someone in cooprate please clean this place up the store director just yells at you or argues so there is no talking to that mean guy he yells at the customers and employees and is on his cell phone more than my 16 year old daughter someone do something it is a big concern from a customers point of view and the companys cooprate should be verh concered thank you

Posted by Loyal Customer

Upon checking out, Gloria, at store number 1963 gave us Extreme attitude and began arguing with everything we said. She refused to lift certain items and we even tried helping her to do so. She messed up our purchases and elevated my blood pressure to uncomfortable levels. She said that she doesn't care. From her attitude its quite obvious that she doesn't care about the customer or her job, etc. We've been a customer at Twain and Maryland Parkway Vons, store 1963, for 15 years. Several employees know us and are very pleasant. If I was Gloria's supervisor; I'd probably fire her on the spot. An aweful employee and person as well. Gloria the cashier should get Aweful employee of the decade award. Respectfully, Loyal customer

Posted by joanna

I have shopped only at Albertson's for 11 year since I moved here from the east coast. My husband before me for maybe 30 years.

Moved away to the Barger area, and STILL drive back to our old Albertson's, on Coburg Road, in Eugene OR.

A bagel isn't bread baked "round". That is NOT a bagel.They are first boiled in water for a few minutes, then baked. And you are now charging 75 cents for a little piece of bread? Can you carry "REAL BAGELS"? I am getting older and prefer to do one stop shopping. I do love your store. Everyone is very nice and tries hard!! Thank you for doing such a good job! Joanna Jacobson

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Posted by Anonymous

I would like to acknowledge Albertson’s employee Amyaia Bates who so graciously assisted her customers with such politeness and professionalism. If only there were many more individuals like her,..

Location: Albertson’s, 4126 S Carrier Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX

Posted by Anonymous

Our Albertson is 93. With it being the only store in Boulder City it is always packed. I needed to put on a wedding for my granddaughter on a modest budget. After checking on line and at floral shops I decided to go to Albertsons. I was so amazed. You have a real gem in Donna. She helped me order flowers, made suggestions and was very pleasant (even when the bride changed her mind twice)! The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and they lasted for a long time. When I got compliments on them I was sure to tell them how great Albertsons is.

Posted by Selena

i went to your store i passed by the bakery i tasted the french bread and it was so good the employees that work at that department all have good sprit crystal and Alma I made some questions about cakes because i am going to do a party real soon they was so kind and gave me some ideas about the cakes i will come back to your store it was a great experience shopping there

Posted by Jake

I want to laud your employee, Jake, at the Albertson's on Grand in Chino Hills, CA. I regularly purchase bread there which needs to be sliced in the bakery. The last 2 times the bakery had no staff so I, and others, had to ask another department to call the manager. Jake, who assisted me in the hot food section, went a step further. In lieu of having the manager paged he went to the bakery department and located an employee of that department to assist me. I can't speak too highly of him and his kindness and service. I wanted you to know what a wonderful employee you have.

Posted by Anonymous

I was looking for a great flower arrangement. Angie, in flower department, was very helpful. She made the most amazing flower arrangement for my mother. Prices are reasonable. Thank you Angie for doing a great job.

Posted by havasupioneer

I woud like to comment about a specific employee Maria.H, she is very helpful every time
i shop at the store, and always has a smile, and very polite.
is not common to find people like her anymore.
regards Leo Goldschwartz

Posted by Jo

I've been shopping at Albertsons for almost 50 years when they were still lucky's i have notice the last few weeks they no longer carry ground beef hamburger 85/15 which thats all i buy so a disappointed customer guess i'll have to start getting my meats at costco which are alot cheaper anyways or get it back in the store if you care about customer service!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I want to extend my thank you to the customer service department for helping me to resolve a lost gift card for my grandson.
To be honest about it I thought nothing could be done, but I decided to try and see what would happen.
Thank you very much as I got the gift card canceled out with the information that was given to me for a KOHL'S card for $50. by ALBERTSON'S CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT. Thank you Mrs. Sandra Flath

Posted by lwahler

I love the customer service at Albertsons. Especially the Loveland, Colorado Store. They go above and beyond - always kind and helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

Wayne, the beer and wine expert in the Pocatello, Idaho, Albertson store is amazing! He set out late in the afternoon to find several bottles of a specialty wine for me in a small town in Idaho. Wayne was able to get me four bottles of a Sardinia, Italy wine made from the special Cannonau grape. I needed this product for a morning presentation and he came through. Please honor Wayne anyway possible. He provided some of the best customer service I have come across in years. Thank you, Sue Linja

Posted by Lorri

I would like to compliment an OUTSTANDING employee by the name of KEIMA. She was very helpful to my mom and I at the store re opening/grand opening on Wed. 16 March and today The 20th of March. She was very courteous and professional .

Posted by Anonymous

I was shopping today at store 564. I noticed a customer yelling, being rude to Mel in the pharmacy. I stood back and listened. The whole time she was polite, calm mannered and gave great service. This was my second time at this store. When the customer left, I went over to Mel to congrats on her nationalism professionalism.

Posted by Anonymous

Had a great experience on December 5 at 2:30 on the 17th Street Albertsons in Idaho Falls idaho. I didn't get her name but she works in the bakery, she took my cake order and was very helpful and nice.

Posted by Anonymous

There are several employees at our Albertson's #6060 that deserve some, At'a boys/girls, raises, bonus's or any other rewards the Albertsons company can give them. They always go out their way to provide us with a pleasant shopping experience. If we miss or can't find something, they will always run through the store to find it! They assist us with carrying our purchases to our car, and we always look forward to our next visit. The employees are: Kim McGuire, Joanne Crandall, Joel Morena, Blanca Estrada, & Wes Alexander. If I am sending this message to the wrong dept/person, please forward it to the proper department. thank You. Cathy Kroesing

Posted by Suzanne M

I normally don't contact stores about good or bad experiences. Today I'm making an exception. I live in St. Petersburg, Florida & travel to your store in Largo at the Largo Mall. It's a half hour drive but worth it since we no longer have one here. Today I got the surprise of my life when I walked in the store. It looked just beautiful!! The produce counters & meat & seafood counters were a sight to behold. I looked around to see if there were any cameras that were shooting a commercial! I did see extra people in the store & one of them seemed to e very attentive to people walking around with him. After some questioning I found out it was a man named Mike & he is the manager. I don't know why this was all going on but felt I needed to say to the whole store "Job well Done" After my grocery store purchases I went to the liquor store & the Christmas displays are beautiful as usual. In all it made my day a little better. Thanks !

By the would be great to have you back in the St. Petersburg area again.

Posted by thesolargeek

I have always been treated well at my Albertson's here in Logan, UT. They have always been kind and helpful, which is something compared to any of the other companies now-days. Though they are named Fresh Value now, I will still always shop here.

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Posted by Anonymous

Store 6561 Richard sagr awful manager favoritism for years covered up
Awful manager uses customer by giving merchandise transfer recently to late to bust him

Posted by Mike 424

Hi my mom is an employee of jewel in chicago and she just told me that they used to do things for the employees for working there for 5,10,15,20.... years and so on so she just told me they stopped doing anything for there employees. The employees are the reason YOU have a job. I will boycott jewel and I'll tell all my friends and they will tell all there friends not to shop at your store in till a multi billion dollar comany will take care of its hard working employees.

Posted by Anonymous

My employee discount card still does not work I've contacted you several times now I'm an employee not a customer so maybe that's the problem and I also need help setting up the just for u app as a employee not a customer


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