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Posted by Anonymous

I am a hispanic female, my features look middle eastern. While going through security the security officer asked me for my green card, I asked her why would I need one I was born in the u.s. she proceded to tell me I was going to be searched and if I would like a private room. I told her no to do it right there, she then took a swab and rubbed it over both hands. I was then asked to go through the scanner one more time. No one else was brought out of line to do this. I feel I was racially profilled and Donnett the employee that did this should be ashamed of her self.

Posted by Fritz Freebold

our flight from LAX was 5 miutes late due to weather but Ak Airlines left us sleepless in seattle all night long, even though the flight to Anchorage doesn't connect with anything and usually has a tailwind the last time we flew with them. They didn't even attempt to make up for it by so much as a "sorry". I've also heard them referred to as the works largest non-sched and the sociopaths of the sky. I live in Alaska where the only people who praise them have some connection to that airline.

Posted by upsetatalaskaair

I recently had a run-in with a supervisor named Clint. Given the attitude, I believe it is the same guy Todd is talking about. I was in talking to one of the gate people when he approached me and rudely asked me to walk with him while trying to be intimidating. He asked me to walk with him away from customer service desk and started to threaten me with racist underlines that I seem to be new here and he will have security kick me out. The guy is a bully and tried to really scare me. In the end, he just voided my ticket. Asked the lady to write a report.

Posted by Anonymous

Paid for First Class for my husband and myself.. Got on and all was great for a whole day of flying from Chicago to Anchorage Alaska we thought . At 8 in the morning, expecting to have maybe coffee and breakfast.. NO.. We got a choice of chicken DINNER or BEEF dinner and salad.. OH ok.its morning but lets eat DINNER .. we both ordered the chicken and it was HORRIBLE. With some dried up brussle sprouts and a tiny spoon full of mashed potatoes... REALLY!!!! Ok.. heck with it, we will have a few beers. and then never got offered another drink or anything.. ( NO we are not big drinkers, loud or, drunk etc.... ) so lets just get some water... Oh ok.. an hour later in FIRST CLASS I get a glass of water that I call to get !! Thanks... Wonder if its worth it to buy the first class. The seats were great though..

Posted by Hana

I took Alaska Airline from Seattle to San Diego with my kids and the crew where untrained b/c some passengers seat on our seat and I was holding my kids standing almost for 15 mintues with out any help beside the washroom. Another thing when they change the get number after we lined up on 9 they changed to 11 right away, we didn't even see on the screen.

Posted by [email protected]

Had a letter from Adora Becker dated 2/14/2013 stating that I would be getting a refund on a one-time exception to refund the new ticket I had to purchase due to a medical emergency. To date I have heard nothing about the ticket. Plase advise.

Arleda Broad

Posted by Anonymous

Re:Flight 291 Ixtapa-LA, jan 12,2013
I seat at row 6 right after first class section and while on fly I had to use the restrooms.Fly attendants from my section,were serving beverages (they were around row 15), so I went and used the restrooms at front.Section's curtains were open. After usage, the fly attendant from first class, in not very happy tone of her voice,told me thatI wasn't allow there and i should use the back restrooms.Restrooms at front are for exclusiveuse of first class.I replied that was an emergency, that I wasn't going to make it to the back restrooms, and that I didn't ask for permission because she was attending to a passenger,and that we should use more common sense.Federal Aviation Agents scorted me out of the aircraft and I explain what happened; they let me go. Later on I was told by AS agent that they were not going to take me that day on my connection fly.I had to spent the night in LA.

Posted by RLGF

Why do they have a email submission form if they won't answer them. We've been flying Alaska for over 20 years and have been loyal customers. Now, we can't get the miles we are supposed to get from a Partner Airline and after contacting them three times, they simply don't respond. A complete lack of customer service. I have other options for flying now and am thinking about moving on just because they can't help us out just a little bit. Very disappointed.

Posted by Alaska Air is worthless

I purchased a ticket for a friend of mine whom had cancer to visit family since she knew she was at the end of her journey. She passed away and was unable to make the flight. Then Alaska airlines charges me $100 change fee since I was not related and I purchased the ticket and she missed the flight. THE TRAVELER DIED!!!!

This is terrible policy making and rediculous service. I am done with this airline.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to change my flights due to changes in my schedule. The change fee was too high. I asked about cancelling the reservation. The agent told me that Alaska would give a credit for one year but charge the cancelling fee. She told me that Alaska would charge $75 if I cancel it online. I asked if I could use the credit for someone else, she said absolutely. I asked the expiration date of the credit. She said that it would be March 21, 2014, which is one year from the outbound date. I called the customer service again to make sure that the expiration date is not one year from the date I cancel. I got the same answers.

I went to the web site and cancel it online. Alaska charged $75 but the expiration date was Nov. 23, 2013, which is one year from the purchase date. I called the customer service and asked them to extend the expiration date to March 21, 2012, which is one year from the outbound date. I talked to an agent, her supervisor, and the second line supervisor. They told me that the expiration date for the credit certificate is one year from the purchase date which is different from what I was told. I told that you should honor what your agent told me. They repeatedly told me their policy for 40 minutes and did not recognize what I asked. Finally the second line supervisor told me that she would issue a $50 discount coupon for me without saying sorry for the mistake.

Posted by Gerardo Caballero

I recently flew with Alaskan Airlines flight #892k departing from Honolulu Hawaii, to San Diego California on August 9, 2012. Never have I felt so discriminated and embarrassed by the staff at Alaskan Airlines. As I sat patiently with my girlfriend I was offered drinks by flight attendant Maryann, I asked (flight attendant) Maryann for the beers they offered. I asked for a Corona and that's when I was disrespected. Maryann interrupted me as I asked for a Corona and said very rudely " we are not in Mexico" with a rude tone and still chuckled at my question. I was shocked, upset, confused, and embarrassed at the same time. It was obvious that we were not in Mexico. I felt discriminated and humiliated by this flight attendant who obviously does not have good customer service skills. I am Mexican and to bring race/ethnicity into a simple question offended my girlfriend and myself. We felt targeted and discriminated by Maryann. Then as those mixed emotions came to me she tried to cover up after she realized her tone and message was disrespectful. It was upsetting and shocking that there we sat and yet we couldn't ask for a corona because we were "not in Mexico"! Coronas are served in the US and internationally, so why we're those words and country that I am obviously from used toward us? Because we are Mexican?. I am appalled by the service we received by your airline. When we asked another flight attendant for Maryann's name she interrupted our conversation asking why we wanted that information, once again very rudely. We explained to her how we felt, and then she walked away. She then returned and after apologizing she began to tell us Maryann was joking. An apology was fine, but for this flight attendant to falsely apologize and to make excuses for Maryann was not the way this situation should have been approached. Joking about racial profiles is not appropriate. It’s very serious! Once again we felt upset and disrespected by the service and the way they managed their flight attendants.

Prior to taking this trip, my girlfriend and I where debating on which airline to fly with. We usually fly with Hawaiian Airlines but we felt like we should switch it up a bit and try a different Airline. We heard all these positive comments from other people about Alaskan airlines on how it’s not so bad, and if we wanted to save a few hundred dollars than Alaskan Airlines was the way to go. Alaskan Airlines is one of the biggest competitors for Hawaiian Airlines so we decided to take our chances and experience it for ourselves. This flight that we experience was not what I expected and I would not want to go through this experience again in the near future. After this horrific experience I have no plans of traveling back with this organization in the near future. I hope no one has to go through this horrible experience again. Alaskan airlines really disappointed us and we hope this is prevented from happening to anyone else.

Posted by CIndy

July 12, 2012
My husband and I and twenty other coworkers were scheduled to fly out of Yakima at 6:00am. We boarded the plane on time and flew to the Seattle airport where we had connecting flights to Florida. The plane did not land. The landing gear was down, we were descending, then we suddenly pulled up and the copilot announced that it was a "mislanding". (I have NEVER heard of this) He laughed and said we would try it again. We circled around and then came back to the landing strip. Once again we began descending with landing gear down...Another "mislanding!" We circled around for a third time, and tried again to land...Mislanding! Then he announced we would be heading back to Yakima! Which we did. An hour later, we were told that there was some type of "technical problem" and that the plane couldn't land in the fog at Seattle. Nonetheless, we were instructed to board the SAME EXACT PLANE even though the problem had not been fixed! I felt very uneasy about getting on a plane that couldn't land in the fog, as I felt that my life was in jeopardy if the pilot made an attempt to land and didn't judge the distance correctly. I got on the plane only because I had to get to the conference in Florida with my coworkers, so I didn't want to miss the connecting
flights. SO, we boarded the plane again. The pilot announce that we would "Give it another try" referring to landing in Seattle, and he also said that if he was unable to land the plane, he would fly us to Portland, OR instead. I was unhappy with this announcement as I felt I had no other options but to stay on the plane. Next we flew around MT.Ranier 3 or 4 times because the pilot said that the airport was too busy. Many of us felt nauseous at this point. He then announced that we would try to land if the fog was lifted enough....So, down we went only to pull up again for the FOURTH time! We then circled around and he landed the plane on the FIFTH try. We missed our connecting flights. What should have been a 30minute flight ended up being a 4 hour nightmare. I did not arrive in Florida until 2:00am. (I was supposed to arrive at 4:30pm) So TEN HOURS were added to my traveling day. I missed some of the sessions at the conference the next morning as a result. I have received NO COMPENSATION. My husband and I believe that your airline should compensate us for the fiasco we had to endure. The pilot made poor judgement calls in several ways, and I would hope that this does not routinely occur with flights from Yakima. We live in Yakima.

Posted by Dale

We are frequent AA users. Already booked in for Hawaii Feb next year. Used Jen to find out if I have a companion fare left but Jen was no help. Dale Dirks, 88231382. Also for my wife Barb Dirks. Don't want to waist a telecon as your staff are great but busy. [email protected]

Thank you.

Dale Dirks

Posted by Anonymous

It is ridiculous that you don't have 24 hour phone service. This disuades me from using your airline.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very disappointed in your Airlines,,we signed up got a champion ticket to fly anywhere
We wanted to book from AZ to Hawaii,for ex;;Now we have been informed no matter were we want to fly to we have to leave from Seattle Lookup my credit and see how much we applied to the credit card,,and how fast we paid it off...To me what you are doing is fraud advertising...We have to drive or fly to Seattle in order to use ours tickets.
Good bye Alaska credit card...We have all those points built up and now we can not use them...
Janet Kershaw

Posted by Pwalen

I had the worst experience at Alaska Airlines customer service agent in Sea/Tac airport
"Jeffrey" maybe 40s-50s, graying hair.

I checked into the MVP Gold ' first class line for a flight to San Diego from Seattle on Sunday June 3rd and as I went up to the check in asked the agent for a receipt, he said "A receipt for what?" I replied, for my flight. He replied, "well we can do that sometimes." Huh??
It only went downhill from there. The agent was proceeding to lecture me on the need to have my full name (Pamela) on my boarding passes / ticket to match my ID ( I had Pam on there) or they will have to start charging a ‘name change fee’

I looked up at him and said ‘you’ve got to be freaking kidding me, this is the first I’ve heard of it. (I should point out that I fly for work every week, (status on several airlines every year) as a monitor for drug trials and need to be on time to my destinations for the patients)
He took an attitude and said I was going to need to treat him with respect… (who are you my father?) Just because I was expressing my disgust at yet another gouging by the airlines. I said, look dude just check me in and he refused, Im not kidding he refused to check me in. I said look I am going to work and I need to check in and he rather snottily said well someone else is going to have to help you, I’m going home I was off today and got called in…. to which I replied, well that isn’t really my problem, if you don’t want to come in then don’t and frankly I think you should probably have stayed home. He then said well Im not going to check you in and I asked for a manager and he started to walk away and I said this is so idiotic…and he comes back and says 'so you are going to call people names like a child?' (I'm 47) And I got angry then and responded no, im not calling people names Im calling you a name and called him an idiot (the truth hurts I guess). He then said you must not be from around here, because people are nice here and I'm going to document in your record how nasty you have been. (We've resorted to threats now?) ( I have lived in Seattle for 12 years but am from the south and I obviously have a southern accent).
I responded to that remark in a not so ladylike fashion, Im afraid, and walked off where I tried to check in a a kiosk and was not able too (thanks Jeffrey?). I tried to change my flight to another airline but couldn't find a flight for my schedule. So I went back to the counter and checked in with a woman agent, although not before "Jeffrey" who was still there, typing away in his computer, although his station was closed, looked up, saw me back in line and called her over to say something to her. I checked in with the woman without difficulty but am very disappointed as I have never had a problem with Alaska before in the 10+ years I have been flying them.
I stopped at the customer service desk after security and told them of the incident, nice lady and she did say yes your ticket should match your ID exactly (like I said first I heard of it and I flew the Friday before this Sunday and no one said a word ) but looked very puzzled when I told her that 'Jeffrey' said they would have to start charging a 'name change fee'. After reading some of these posts though I am less surprised with how I was treated and will now look at other airlines to give my business too. Maybe Alaska Airlines won't miss my 20,000 dollars + in revenue a year (chump change to them I guess) but at least I'll feel better not giving my money to them.
And whatever you do if you fly Alaska and see "Jeffrey" behind the counter run, dont walk to someone else!

Posted by Anonymous

Alaska Airlines is the ONLY merchant that I've provided my personal mobile phone number to.

I never give out my personal number to merchants, for fear of this very thing happening. But I thought it would be good to get alerts about my flight, so I succumbed. NEVER AGAIN.


Posted by no more alaska air for me


So, we booked our flight May 24th, 2012 on and itinerary number 146588556169.
We purchased 4 tickets and had 1 Infant in seat. Paid total of $3459.60 for 4 passengers and 1 infant in seat.
Expedia booked us on American Airlines Confirmation # JSNIAE.
We were flying from Seattle to St. Thomas as our final destination:
We would be departing Seattle Tacoma International Airport on 1015PM on May 26th using Alaska Airlines confirmation code # HXRRGK.
We got the Airport 3 hours early, Paid for to drop off our car at Wally’s Self Parking.
We got the airport, we had to wait in a long line for Alaska airlines to check us in, apparently they booked us in row 18, and this was behind exit row and we had in infant and Child booking so they had to move us.
That’s fine, we checked in, paid for 2 Large Bags $40, and gave them also 2 of our car seats as check bags.
We passed through TSA security line fine without any problems, and ate a little and were on our way to the gate.
As soon as we got there, I got a stroller tag for our 1-year old, and there was an option to upgrade to 1st class to passengers, so I booked my wife and mother in law along with our infant in seat there.
Myself and my 3year old son were then moved to row 23, when we had originally confirmed seats on row 18, but by the time there were making changes the seat’s disappeared.
We got on the plane ok, my wife and mother in law took their seats all ok and me and my 3yr old took our seats in row 23 without any problems.
The pre-boarding was fine and my 3yr old was on my lap playing his ipad and everything was ok, time was about 10pm, everything was going on as supposed to be.
Then Stewardess got on the microphone and said everyone needs to turn off their electronics, tray tables up and everyone in their seats.
My 3yr old wanted to sleep already so he began to slowly start to cry and make noise, its his first time on the plan where he has his own seat and not together with his dad, so unfortunately he got scared and little bit cranky and loud.
The stewardess came by, he was still crying, tried to give him some cookie and snacks, but he was still crying and not wanting to sit by himself, I did get him in his seat and he did have his seatbelt on, but he was crying and was trying to get out of it, I was holding him together close to me to quiet him down.
He was not able to quiet down, so stewardess had moved the aisle passenger to a different open spot on the plan and they asked my wife to come down to our row and sit together with us.
As soon as my wife came, gave him his pacifier, opened the magazine, he stopped crying, but he was still sleepy, so he was a little bit cranky, but he was fine and quiet, just making small going to sleep noises, time was about 1009pm already, so as soon as we took off, we were planning on putting him to sleep.
During this whole time as my wife came, he was quiet in his own seat with seatbelt on, and acting normal but sleepy and wanting to sleep, which is normal for a 3yr old child.
All of a sudden, I hear the stewardess come up to us and tell us that the CAPTAIN has made a final decision, to KICK US OFF THE PLANE, because my 3yr old was being too loud and crying.
That’s the last of it, we heard, the plan had already taxied off from the gate for about 50-feet at this time, since my kid was quiet in his seat with seat belt, I didn’t think there was a problem anymore and we will be departing shortly.
About 5 minutes after this, the plan started moving, which I thought was great,
UNFORTUNATELY, the plan was moving back to the gate, and that’s when my fears kicked in.
---As soon as plane touched the gate, they opened the door, an Alaska Airlines Representative came in to our seats, and told us that ALASKA AIRLINES IS KICKING US OFF THE PLANE BECAUSE THE PILOT DEEMED OUR CHILD NOT SAFE TO FLY BECAUSE HE WAS CRYING AND MAKING NOISE.
I ASKED him to reverse the decision, please, our child is fine and quiet and he is not making any noise, and were fine, he SAID NO, the Alaska Airlines PILOT has made a final decision to kick us off the plane because our child was too loud. I asked maybe 5 more times for them to reverse the decision, because my child was quiet and not a threat to FLY, he said NO, the PILOT has made final decision to kick my party of 5 people off the plane because my child was TOO LOUD and I guess was DANGEROUS to fly with a child on the plan who was too loud sitting in his seat with his seatbelt on.
Throughout this whole ordeal I was very angry inside and I had many thoughts what to do and what to say, because this was UNFAIR TOTALLY,
But I’m a frequent flier and I know that anything you say on the plane, to anyone, steward, pilot, anyone, is a Federal Crime and it’s a felony, I kept my mouth shut, didn’t say a word and did what I was told, I knew deep inside this was unfair and not right to do, but I could not say anything as I was already mad and just didn’t want extra issues to come up.
So, me, wife and my 3yr old, grabbed our stuff, moved up, met my mother law in first class with my toddler, got our stuff, escorted by Alaska airlines representative and got off the plan quietly,
They were kind enough to give us our stroller back.
We got to the ticket counter, they offered to rebook us for the SAME PLANE, SAME CREW, Same route, Same AIRLINES, I SAID NO, im not flying Alaska Airlines again because of this mess.
I told them, to give me my 2 checked bags and my 2 car seats and rebook us on a different airlines,
He said NO, cannot do that,
There was another flight leaving at 1230am on DELTA, much more bigger and respected airlines, he said NO.
I said what about my BAGS, he just issued us tags, gave us number and claim, and said wait few days, someone will call you, they might come back in few days from MIAMI, or maybe a week or so From ST THOMAS.
He said, they will refund us BAG FEES, Upgrade Fees, and our full ticket amount,
I did not get any BAG FEE Refund, and UPGRADE Refund, or our full price refund, they kept on telling, since you booked on American Airlines using Expedia, just call them to cancel, we said Alaska Airlines kicked us off the plane, we want you to refund us.
He kindly said I have to Call American Airlines and get my refund, he also said if they do not refund me, just file a chargeback with my Debit Card from Bank of America to get my money back, and they will make a note in their system when we file a chargeback against American Airlines, then Alaska Airlines will approve the full refund.
We called Bank of America on Sunday, they said cant refund, American airlines had to initiate it.
We called American Airlines, they said NO WAY, they don’t have a policy for kicking off noisy children off the plan, and they were not going to give us full refund, please take it up with Alaska Airlines.
American Airlines Repr. Said Alaska Airlines had no right to kick off our family of 5 off the plane, its no where in the rules, and she said they have had many incidents like this where there is a noisy child on the plane, but does not give the pilot to kick our whole family off the plane.
So, right now im here on Sunday back hope, very angry and mad and don’t know what to do.
Our hotel tickets in St Thomas are wasted money, no one wants to refund our money for Alaska Airlines mistake of kicking us of the plane because we had a noise child.
Really frustrated and don’t know what to do, Vacation and Summer ruined and no one seems to care about us.
There was soo much planning involved, expenses included, and right now its ruined and im sitting home, feeling angry at myself feeling I made a mistake and ruined our whole vacation for my family.
My Recommendation, DON’T FLY ALASKA AIRLINES IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN, if they make a NOISE, CRY, Act like KIDS, BEWARD, you will get kicked off the PLANE, and you will lose time, money and your patience with these crooks. DO NOT FLY ALASKA AIRLINES,
Disappointed Former Alaska Airlines Customer.
[email protected]

Posted by MADD

Never thought I would see the day,most of the time i like to fly Alaska Airways.But after such bad stuff at the Edmonton Airport Im thinking more of another Airline.A Gold card member Rud and nasty to other custermers and pushing a Older women out of the way .Was rewarded by the Attendents I myself would of made such custermer settle down or had him removed.Then after getting to gate the same man was buying the Attendents coffee and donuts and they all playing kiss-poo.Not Good after this man was terribale and nasty to others just because he was a gold club member.Mind you there is No First Class on this Flight.I think Air Canada will be getting more tickets from me.

Posted by Anonymous

This comment pertains to Horizon Air flight #2353 on Friday, March 9,2012 - Spokane, Wa. to Portland, Or.
I was seated in 11B, the man seated in 11A was a very large person. His gluteus-maximas was exactly that taking up all of his seat and half of mine. His legs were so big he had to sit with them spred taking up over half of my area. He brought on a bag too large to fit in the over head so he was allowed to put it on the floor taking up all the space for his feet as it stuck out all the way to his seat! I was told that a person this large must purchase 2 seats so why was this man allowed to get away with this? My seat on this flight should be reimbursed to me as I was the one had to suffer the very uncomfortable flight! I would have asked to be moved but it was a full plan so nowhere to go.

Posted by Anonymous

On 1/21/12 I went to the Alaska Airlines (AA) Ticket Counter at SeaTac Airport in Seattle, Wa., to purchase two previously reserved tickets for an AA flight in April 2012. When purchasing the tickets, I intended to redeem "customer care" certificates (eight certificates valued at $25.00 each, good for $100.00 off each ticket) that were given to me by an AA rep. in baggage claim at SeaTac a few years ago, after an AA flight during which both my wife and my bags were lost, and sent via courier to my home two days later. The certificates read "our apologies for your inconvenience" and were intended, per the AA rep. at baggage claim, to provide a $100.00 per ticket discount on a pair of tickets, for future travel with AA.

On 1/21/12, at 6:15 pm, at SeaTac airport, the ticket agents at the AA counter discounted my tickets for the flight in April 2012, per the “customer care” certificates, and charged my credit card for the fare. However, before the transaction was finalized, the "shift supervisor," or whatever his title was, passed by the counter, saw the "customer care" certificates, and proceeded to inform me that AA does not issue such certificates. This man, Clint was his name, went on to pull me to the side, and asked, in a very accusatory manner, where I got the tickets, just after I had explained to him the story of the lost baggage (check your courier records for the delivery of my lost baggage to my home if you, like Clint did, think I am lying). So, I explained to him, for the second time, that the certificates were given to me by an AA rep., in that very airport's baggage claim. Clint then smirked, and informed me, with great disdain and smug certainty, that AA would have NEVER have given me eight certificates for one lost bag. I replied that I never told him it was ONE bag (AA lost four bags on that flight, my wife's included), and nonetheless, I was not trying to scam AA out of a discount on two fares by 1) showing up in person at the airport 2) filling out the certificates with my address and phone #, and 3) paying for the tickets with my credit card. Give me a break! However, Clint proceeded to inform me that he was "taking" the certificates, and would not allow me to use them. This was done with no explanation, aside from innuendo that the certificates were phony or somehow being improperly used. When I asked for documentation of the "confiscation" of the certificates, as essentially Clint was taking cash value certificates out of my possession, Clint rudely refused to do so. It was if he expected me to slink out of the airport, caught in my alleged lie, grateful Clint was not turning me over to airport police.

In summary, I received the certificates from a representative of AA, as a gesture of goodwill, to make up for the inconvenience of lost bags and lost time. When I attempt to redeem them, I am treated like a low-life scam artist by an AA supervisor on duty (Clint), despite assurances by an AA telephone rep. earlier that day that the certificates have no expiration date, and would be honored (I was concerned that the certificates were a few yrs. old, despite no language printed on them re: any expiration date or limit on the time frame during which they are used, so I double-checked with your airline). Check your records for documentation of that call, during which I reserved the flight. Also, check with AA reps. who may have worked in baggage claim during the time period of 2006-2007. If I were a betting man, I would lay money that they would report that issuance of such certificates was fairly common practice at that time, in the event of lost luggage. Lastly, examine the certificates Clint “confiscated.” Surely he kept them as “evidence” if he felt it necessary to take them away from me. Do they look like counterfeits? Three other AA employees who looked at them at the ticket counter that night when processing my transaction sure didn’t seem to have any problem with them. I’ll attest that I tried to redeem them. If they are bogus, or if you can prove there was any impropriety associated with my attempt to use them, then I guess I’m guilty as charged!

So, I wasted a trip to the airport (required to redeem the certificates), was essentially called a liar and was treated like TRASH by Clint, the AA supervisor on duty, and ended up with no reserved flight to boot. I was hence unable to make further trip plans with family, as I am now not sure when I will be arriving at my destination. A great night!(heavy sarcasm). Who likes having their character and integrity brought into question with no justification, especially in such a public place, and by someone who is supposed to be, per your airline's claims, courteous and respectful? What a joke! By far this was the worst "customer service" experience I have ever had, in my 42 years of dealing with bored hotel desk clerks, cab drivers, Department of Licensing clerks, and otherwise cynical and burnt-out people. I am still trying to make sense of what happened the evening of 1/21/12; it was almost surreal.
Todd Thomas (still a loyal customer)

Posted by Anonymous

I am sitting in the San Francisco air port on January 2, 2012 at 7:15PM at gate 22. I am trying to get to Seattle and arrived at this airport earlier than anticipated. So, I asked the gate attendant if I could possibly get on the earlier flight. However, I was treated with nothing but rudeness and distain. I, along with everyone else who tried to talk to her, were ignored, snapped at, and treated rudely.

When people found out that there were no-shows on the flight and reasked if there was a possibility to get on the flight, she replied: "we will leave with empty seats before I put anyone on."

Later, when I asked her if there was a possibility for a change of seats for the later flight that I have tickets for, she said NO, THE FLIGHT IS FULL!!!

I guess that flying Alaskan all year and being a gold member does not merit being treated with any type of respect.

Posted by Victim

Having left my iPad on the aircraft, and being able to see by Satelite tracking that it was still on the plane. I contacted Horizon who sent someone down to fetch it.

I could see it leaving the plane, but then being turned off to foil any further tracking, and that was the last I saw of it.

I tried contacting them but impossible to get anyone to respond.

Great way to do business!

Posted by outraged

I recently had my wife transfer 2000 travel points from her Alaska airlines account, to my Alaska airlines account. I had sufficient miles myself, but they had not been posted yet. I was charged over $53.00 cdn for this simple transfer. It broke down like this -- $25.00 usd transfer fee -- $10.00 usd for each 1000 points transferred -- tax usd -- exchange. Keep in mind, that if you transfer 1000 points ($10.00 fee) or 30,000 points ($300.00 fee) it is still simply just ONE TRANSACTION. I have received several response from Alaska Customer Service. The first had something to do with spousal security?? The last reply was this " The transfer points program is powered by There is a fee to maintain the program.............while it may seem like a 30 second transaction online, there is much more to it, and allowing multiple people (my wife & I?), to transfer miles between accounts, defeats the purpose of the frequent flyer program." It is time for ALL consumers to let their airlines know what they think about being RIPPED OFF. Stand up and be counted, because I can't stand to see people submit to what I feel is a CASH GRAB.

Posted by Joe

They lost my luggage in Mexico. Told me I could have 50$ of my next flight. I told them to put the 50$ where the sun don't shine. I wouldn't fly alaska air again.

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Posted by ezmahewitt

Alaska Airlines is AWESOME. I have a very dear friend and her son is in the army. He flew into Seattle from South Korea yesterday and got bumped from the flight from Seattle to Sacramento. His flight was to arrive in Sacramento at 4:00 pm. He was told he could probably get a flight the next day. He is a humble guy and would never want to use his being a soldier for personal advantage. He just served 1 year in South Korea and before that he served in Iraq. His wife and family were so disappointed. I contact customer service at Alaska Airline and was told they couldn't give me any information. I told her I didn't need any information and I told her about the situation, gave her the young soldiers name and told her I thought the least Alaska could do was get this young soldier a flight home to his family after all he has done for our country. She put me on hold only for about 1 minute, she got back on the line and told me to have his wife call him right away because he probably had good news. I sent his wife and mom the text to contact him and he contacted his wife said he was going through security and was booked on a flight to arrive in Sacramento that same evening around 7:00 pm. Alaska got the soldier on a flight with a totally different airline. Alaska Airlines is AWESOME. I believe in miracles, Merry Christmas and thank you so much Alaska Air.

Posted by Robin N.

I recently flew on Horizon Air for a same day round trip to Los Angeles from San Jose Mineta Airport. The flight was prompt, efficient and very pleasant both ways. But the outstanding experience I had was post - trip. I accidentally left my prescription sunglasses on board. After arriving home, I realized they were missing and frantically retraced my steps trying to find them. I filled out the online form for my flight. It was less than 24 hours before I got a call from the staff at the San Jose airport. The staff was extremely friendly, and incredible helpful, not to mention highly efficient in returning my glasses. When I went to retrieve them from the airport, Mary at the airlines actually came out to personally hand me my glasses so I would not have to park my car. I have nothing but the highest praise for this kind of customer service, it is a rare thing these days. Kudos to Mary and the staff at Alaska/Horizon Air. I will fly your airline any time I can. Thank you!

Posted by Kimbers

Alaska airlines did a terrific job for me today rebooking a missed flight. Their customer service was knowledgable and friendly and they searched diligently for a flight to get me out on the same day.

Posted by MSG

I just called Alaska Air as my wife's mileage plan was expiring today. The Customer Service Rep was very kind and immediately offered to add 1 mile so that I would have more time to add to the mileage. I was blown away by the high level of customer service. They have won my loyalty.

Posted by Anonymous

We have been flying Alaska for a number of years as our daughter and son-in-law live in Alaska. We have never had a bad experience on Alaska. We upgraded to first class on a recent flight and truly enjoyed the attention and service. Even in coach we have never had a problem. On our last flight we had a damaged bag, and I contacted Baggage Service and had no problem with them agreeing to take care of it. The service rep was very nice and helpful. When we had it examined by a luggage repair shop it was determined that the bag had a manufacturing defect and it was not damaged by the airline. Alaska is our airline of choice.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to add a positive comment regarding Alaska/Horizon Airlines customer service and the prayer card in First Class. My husband and I flew Alaska to Hawaii March 2011. We flew to Maui in coach and had decided to pay extra and fly back First Class. We had a wonderful flight, and the flight being a little over 5 hours went by very fast. The service and food - EXCELLENT - as well as customer service in all 4 airports we were in. I thought the prayer card on our food trays was a nice touch. I still have the card and look at it every day. I am sorry to hear that the practice has been discontinued. If some people didn't appreciate it, maybe they could have handed it back to the flight attendant, ignored it, or whatever.

Kind Regards.

Posted by nonewalla2

Check in personnel in Walla Walla are very nice and helpful(I forgot her name)!! It has always been that way. Flt xld on 12/09/11.
Flt on 12/10 stewardess Diane was extremly pleasant and cheerful.

Checkin in Pacso (Mercedes)was very rude, did not ask where to check the bags to and very upset when she had to change routing of bags and even more upset when she made an error. Needs people training.

Posted by Anonymous

We are writing to share our very pleasant experience with Jodi Roy (Horizon service agent, Spokane) on 12/10.

My husband and I arrived at the Spokane (GEG) airport for our Saturday 8 am flight to Sea-Tac. When we could not find our flight on the “check-in kiosk”, we approached the ticket counter for assistance. The young lady helping us also could not find our flight information. She finally discovered that the round-trip from Spokane to Seattle (which we booked online) was booked BACKWARDS: departing Seattle on 12/10, instead of departing Spokane!

At that time, she requested assistance from Jodi Roy. Ms. Roy confirmed that we had indeed booked our round-trip flight backwards (HOW did we do that!?), but quickly went straight-to-work in an effort to correct our booking blunder.

Long-story-short: she was able to re-book our flight correctly, departing Spokane (and only 30 minutes later than when we THOUGHT we were to leave Spokane – and unbelievably, there were only TWO seats left on that flight!) and returning home at the same time we had desired. She was professional, efficient, patient, calm (we were frantic as we didn’t want to miss our grandson’s 5th birthday celebration… and disappointed that we had made such a careless error!), and very kind in a difficult situation – and did so without charging us any extra fare… amazing!

We would like to extend our gratitude to Ms. Roy for her assistance on 12/10… she definitely went “the extra mile”, going above and beyond when she really wasn’t obligated to – she is to be commended for her exemplary customer service and we hope that our message is forwarded to her; THANK YOU Ms. Roy – you saved our weekend!!

Very sincerely,
Thomas Boling and Gayleana Dschaak, Spokane, WA

Posted by Anonymous

We experience a mechanical problem on our flight from Kona to San Jose, and the crew and airlines took great care of us. They gave us a discount on our next flight, provided hotel accomodations and food, and apologized profusely for something that was out of their control.

We got home a little later than expected but the customer service experience was stellar. We will fly Alaska again!



Posted by Anonymous

Rosann providd excellent customer service today at the boston airport 3/19/11

Posted by Anonymous

I believe Alaska is the best airline. we recently were on a flight h where a passanger had a serious medical emergency. it was handled very, very well. No one ever wants to hear "is there a doctor on the flight?". If I were ever to take ill in the air, I hope I am on Alaska Airlines.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to make a comment about your agent Pavel Manchik #15975. He is an employee that represents Alaska Air very well. He is caring and attentive. We had our 5 year old granddaughter fly back home to Phoenix on 07/19 with a friend and he was very helpful.
"Great Employee"

Posted by Anonymous

I fly 2-3 times per month. Of all the domestic carriers, Alaska is by far the best airline to deal with. They have been so good, that I will only fly another airline if Alaska does not have service to my destination. No airline is perect. However, Alaska has performed consistently well while the other carriers I have flown have performed consistently poor.

Posted by Anonymous

I flew from Seattle to Fresno on 6/25/10. Not since the early 70's when the lounge and piano bar were taken out of the 747's, have I enjoy a flight. It is always something you have to put up with to get to your destination. Our pilot was outstanding. He named all the Mt. peaks, turned our plane in such a way so that we could all see the most spectacular full moon over Mt.Rainier and at the same time a gorgeous sunset on the horizon. It was a sight to behold and one I won't ever forget. I thank him for such a wonderful experience.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to write to say how grateful I am for AA's excellent customer service. I deeply appreciated being able to talk to a knowledgeable, courteous person. I am grateful to have had no hold time. The miles flight that I wanted was not available, but I ended the call satisfied that the agent did everything that she could, and that she knew what she was doing. Based on some recent experiences with other airlines, it is not an exaggeration to say that I was moved nearly to tears with gratitude. I wish I could use Alaska Airlines for everywhere I travel. If it is an option, even if other prices are marginally lower, I do.

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