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Alamo Rent A Car customer service is ranked #179 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 48.62 out of a possible 200 based upon 138 ratings. This score rates Alamo Rent A Car customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


117 Negative Comments out of 138 Total Comments is 84.78%.


21 Positive Comments out of 138 Total Comments is 15.22%.

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    • 48.62 Overall Rating
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    • 117 negative comments (84.78%)
    • 21 positive comments (15.22%)
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Posted by cupnhandle

sneaky addition of extra charges and customer support is almost zip at alamo.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been renting rentals during business trips never have I experienced such incompetence. Waited 5 hours for tow after car overheated. Called them and was told they were unable to exchange the car without me driving in the tow truck for more than 100 miles to that office. I called them again and they said they dispatched a tow. I called the tow company 1/12 hrs later and they said they never received the call. The car was on the NJ. Turnpike and they never came to pick it up. Finally state turnpike authority came and took the car and myself to the airport. Unbelievable. This is real

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible headache and people who are a part of this company. Terrible experience in Chicago LaSalle St. Rude, wouldn't honor 20% discount for seniors as advertised in webpage,reason went with them! False advertising. When told staff and ngt brushed us off and kept passing the buck.

Posted by Anonymous

At the MGM location for Alamo car rental,Ms. Abbie Batson did not honor or attempt to assist in the servicing of my confirmed Hotwire reservation,and Alamo confirmation on 4/22/17,6pm She is attempting to HIDE behind the third party claus.Stating that Hotwire continue to take reservations and confirm them even when the rental agency dont have any cars.Caring less if the rental agency it self has confirmed the reservation.Ms.Abbie Batson needs to E-mail or send me a letter of APOLOGY and Alamo needs to restore my confidence in their servises.

Posted by Deanne

I rented an Alamo Ecomony car at RSW for 3 days on Oct 29.
The counter agent tried repeatedly to upswell me a larger car, at one point telling me the ecomony car I rented was not much better than a "tin can". I refused, and when I got to the lot, there Were NO ecomony card left, and I had to take a compact.
I rent cars over 100 days a year and NEVER have had an agent try to upswell me when the car I booked was not available- they have always offered a "free upgrade" which builds customer loyalty. I would have been very angry had I paid for an upgrade unnecessarily.

Posted by Lspies

Was charged thru where we booked a car for pick up in Denver CO, then when we received our ccard bill, the charge was on there Two times from Alamo! No call back from customer service as we've been promised.

Posted by Anonymous

Through Hotwire, we made advance reservations for a car at Alamo to be picked up at the Myrtle Beach airport this past Friday.Upon arrival we were told there were no cars for us. We waited 3 hours along with many other people for a car. They blamed the missing cars on the hurricane from the previous week and that much was understandable.. however, I can't believe that in this age of communication, we were not contacted ahead of time to allow us to make other plans. We travel often, and we will never use Alamo again.

Posted by Anonymous

I prepaid for a rental car through travelocity, to be picked up in Reno, Nevada. When I arrived I was told they did not have any cars available. I had to rent a car from another agency to complete my trip. I will never rent from you again, and will give you all the free advertisement I can.

Posted by missjudy43

We rented a car from Alamo in August 2016, and upgraded to a bigger car when we picked it up. We loaded the car with my son's college items and set off for Florida Tech in Melbourne, FL. The first night, the car starting to shimmy and shake and the "check engine" light went on. We called Alamo and were told to drive it to the Melbourne Airport and pick up a new car. We explained that it seemed very unsafe to drive and was told "well, if we come to you, there will be a charge". So we drove it, very upset and worried, to the airport. Because the vehicle was packed with my son's belongings, as he was to check into Florida Institute of Technology today as a freshman student, we had to unpack the inoperable vehicle and repack into a new vehicle. This was my first experience with Alamo, as we normally use Budget Rent A Car. I immediately wrote an email to customer service about this situation. The Regional Manager called me that same night and apologized for the problem. He told me I would get one day's rental credited to my account when I turned the car in. When I returned the car, no credit was given to me. I again emailed customer service, but my email was ignored. I then emailed Christine Taylor-Broughton, Senior VP of North American Operations. Never heard from her. So I emailed Pamela Nicholson, CEO of Alamo. Never heard from her. So I wrote a "real letter" to Andrew Taylor, Executive Chairman of Alamo's parent company, and attached all other correspondence. Never heard from him. As far as I am concerned, Alamo is a company who cares little about their customers and refuses to honor their commitments and promises. I'd never go near this company again, and I have told every person I can...and posted information everywhere possible...about this shoddy treatment.

Posted by L4

We rented in LA 2 weeks ago.
We waited then was given a car that wasn't clean. There was only 1 person managing the flow of cars. When we pointed this out he had us wait another 20 minutes. When we did get the car, no one showed us the features and was just rushed out of the lot. Poor service, no niceties, and overall bad experience.

Posted by Anonymous

I rented a car from you in Orlando, Fl. on July 6th until July 11th.The cost was 236.00 acceptable! I than extended my stay due to my mother's illness until the 18th.cost was 248.00 again acceptable. Due to her death I needed to extended it until the 23rd. You wanted to charge me 436.00 for that additional time. No way! I had to take time from planning a funeral to drive up 2 hours to the airport and return your car and rent one from your competitor I will not rent a car from you again. How inconsiderate of your company,

Posted by Mikeyoh

Reservation for two weeks, agent saidcard would not approve for $359,high use, said swipe twice would work, agent would not, asked to use debit said no again, Sign right on counter said debit accepted with return ticket, said not here, wasted hour half,

Posted by Anonymous

Be very careful when renting a car from alamo. I rented a truck from them and guess what. There was a gun in the glove department. Called Alamo and haven't received a call back from supervisor nor have they responsed to my multiple emails. Haven't even apologized. That's very sorry.

Posted by Anonymous

I rented a car in Atlanta Ga for one week. I mistakenly left my personal keys on the ring of the rent car since there was only one key that is issue to customers. Of course I responded to lost & found. I was told that the car I rented has gone to Alabama and will be rented out for one week. Customer Service contacted the person and was told he will return the car on the 7th of July 2016 and that my keys were on the ring. No one can now find the keys to my personal car. I know that it was my negligent at leaving the keys, rushing to get on the plane. But someone should have caught this mistake if they are really cleaning out these vehicle when return to the lot. Getting through to lost and found and trying to get a call back is a JOKE! Now I'm getting a respond from lost & found after 5 days from the return of the vehicle in Alabama which was due back on the 7th of July that they can't find my keys. How pathetic is that?

Posted by Miss M

For the past 13 years I have had to travel multiple times each year between RDU & BNA. As a result, I have used Alamo at BNA & have had the best customer service. This weekend I secured a rental w/ Alamo @ RDU & experienced the worst customer service ever. The agent was cold & unfriendly; no "Good Morning", "How may I help you", absolutely no lead in to the transaction. He ignored the presentation of my confirmation, asked for my DL & then asked me what kind of car I wanted & how much did I purchase it for. Had he accepted the confirmation, he would have viewed the details of the purchase. He then laid the paperwork on the counter with no explanation. I had to ask him to state what he needed from me. After completing that process, he handed over the key, pointed to the car & flatly said, "there's your car". No thank you, no indication of appreciation, nor did he check to ensure the car was ready for rental which turns out it wasn't. A National Agent intervened & addressed/resolved the issue. Upon exiting the rental area, I mistakenly, went to a lane that was closed. Because of the glare of the sun, it was difficult to see the closed sign. The agent at that check point, stepped out & stated that she was closed in the nastiest the manner. I explained that I didn't know & she pointed to the sign & stated something similar to, "the sign is right there".

Again, I have had great experiences with Alamo, at BNA, in the past. Apparently, customer service is more of a priority at BNA as oppose to RDU.

Posted by Frank Adams

I had filled out an "on line" application blank for a car for May 31 through June 7, 2016. I provide name, address, phone numbers, answered all of the questions posed. THEN . . . when I arrived at the ALAMO counter, the agent appeared to be very confused about what was necessary and wha was frivolous.
1. ADDITIONAL PHONE NUMBER - agent said that "If I did not provide a SECOND telephone number, they would NOT provide a car!"
With all of the documentation provided: credit card, driving license, cell phone, documentation from the "application form, WHY WAS providing a second number so important. it could have been any fraudulent number - this was an unrealistic demand!
2. ASKED QUESTIONS REPEATING INFORMAtiON SUPPLIED BY THE INITIAL REQUEST FORM - It was unrealistic to ask for information which was supplied by the initial request form, driving license, credit card, etc. The questions appeared to be thoughtless and pointless. Why ask questions about information you already have in front of you?
3. INFORMATION RANDOMLY SUPPLIED BY A SECOND AGENT - Between the two agents they created policies and procedures which were confusing, pointless, and wrong!
4. AGENT DIDN'T LISTEN - again and again, the agent supplied comments that were most confusing and pointless. My questions weren't answered; I go only mindless comments.
5. IT'S MY MONEY! If ALAMO is not interested to serving the public (MY MONEY), why return to ALAMO Rental cars?

Posted by Anonymous

Collected a rental at orlando internationl, served by jaun. This guy was having a bad day. People like this man should not work in customer servoce.....a compleate and utter idiot....

Posted by Stephanie Bell

It is impossible to egt to customer complaints at Alamo live, so here goes...i had a rental reserved at Aa

ALamo in Ft Lauderdale.. Since i have an Alamo number I went to the kiosk to get my car as there wwas a took my license, but as of the last time at this location, it would not take my credit card....had to wait and was being taken care of by an agent named Sergio....while he was procesing my rental, i asked to speak to the manager asby now I was there more than half an Stepanie Bell came and I told her to get the damn kiosks fixed...she said don't swear at me...i told her da,mn was not swearing...she said it is to me...I then asked if she was really a manager...she said I was disrespecting her....I said I expect some respect and that things should work...she said I was disrespectful again and said Alamo would not process my car and I should go elsewhere..which I did.e..if Stephanie Bell is really a manager, she needs a lot of training on how to handle customers and be sure to try to keep cusromers...she said she called the police who never showed up since I had the audacity to ask for a copy of my contract cancelled....need less to say Alamo and their affiliated companies have lost a customer who rents every other week forever.

George schmitt

Posted by Anonymous

The Alamo rental agency at Norfolk Airport, was closed when we arrived at airport due to plane delays. We proceeded to continue our rental at the airport after staying at another hotel even though it was inconvenient, with my wife and two small children. It was after the poor customer service Thomas exhibited to my wife and the lack of cooperation and concern from the manager Cathy, to even return the call after filing a complaint that we have decided to file another complaint with the Department of Tourism and BBB of Virginia, but not until we hear back from someone else in this company that cares about customer retention. What happened to the term customer service within the Alamo company. Thomas and the manager Cathy should probably return to customer service training. We have never had such a bad experience and witnessed such a lack of cooperation and level of rudeness ever. We travel at least a 6 times a year and wanted to try another car rental agency, usually we rent with Hertz. I grew up with the philosophy that a job is a privilege not a right. If your in the customer service industry people should respect customers and treat them well, otherwise get out of that line of work

Posted by Anonymous

Missed a flight and had to fly out of another airport arrived in South Bend Indiana airport and we had a reservation there then we went to get our car and alamo customer service kindly informed me that they don't take debt credit cards and we couldn't rent from them unless we were flying out from the same airport and we were not informed when we left our airport in Punta Gorda that we should have no problem paying at the counter when we get to South Bend Indiana purchase two other cars within one weekend with a debit credit card and had no problems needless to say I had to rent a car in South Bend Indiana Budget Rent a Car who kindly took my debit credit card I will never do service with Alamo again. Not only when we rented the car out of Clearwater to Punta Gorda the car had ants all inside of it crawling in it.

Posted by porterl

I have rented from Alamo for years. Until recently, I had no difficulties with customer service; in fact, it was quite the opposite. My recent experience with the Charlotte NC airport Alamo location, however, was horrible (this is putting it lightly).
Put simply, there was a discrepancy about the final bill. I had spoken with Alamo customer service, one day prior to returning the vehicle to the Charlotte location. I had already been advised the final total of the rental bill. When I arrived to the airport, the man handling the return provided me with a different amount, which was much higher than I expected. When I asked him to look at the notes on my account, he refused. He was also very curt, rude and dismissive about the matter, and I simply wanted him to review the notes so we could reach an understanding about my former agreement with Alamo via phone. He simply refused to work with me, and then asked me to leave. He also told me that I would never rent from Alamo again and placed me on the Do Not Rent list. Since this occurrence, I have attempted to contact Charlotte's District Manager, Regional Manager, and Corporate; each time I was told that these issues are taken very seriously and that I would receive a return call within 24 hours. It never happened. At this stage, having experienced such poor customer service and deliberate customer misrepresentation and mistreatment, I can say with certainty that this company can not be trusted to handle such issues fairly or professionally. I regret that I was a customer with this Alamo and shall never refer them to anyone ever again, unless, of course, I speak about this bizarre and unethical experience that recently occurred at the Charlotte-Douglas location.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible customer service. They lie about everything. She acted like she had never worked with Pleasant Holidays before and pleasants gave use bad information so she needed to call them and let them know Alamos policies. The staff in charge are very rude. Will never rent another car from alamo again.

Posted by Anonymous

Really unhappy with Alamo and Enterprise and would never use your services again. I am from the UK and visited my cousin in Merced who also uses Alamo or Enterprise, but after this very poor service, they will never use them again and make sure family and friends are aware of the poor service offered.

I waited for almost a day and then when the replacement car arrived, it was of lower grade and had no fuel. I had to bring a local garage service to me so I could actually drive the car to fill up! All I can say is next time when I travel I will definitely use a different car rental company.

Posted by smash13

My husband and I rented a car in Las Vegas, NV on December 8, 2015. We had the car in question less than 18 hours and drove it less than 4 hours total. On a return from a short drive and less than two blocks from our hotel, the car overheated while in traffic. We immediately pulled off the road into a parking lot and shut the car off. My husband checked the radiator and determined the car had not boiled over. We allowed it to cool down and were able to safely return the car to our hotel parking lot. My husband was concerned that there was a problem with the thermostat sticking. We called Alamo right away and reported the problem and arranged for the car to be swapped out. The tow truck driver arrived with the replacement car and both cars were inspected by the three of us, myself, the driver and my husband. The tow truck driver determined at that inspection that there was no damage to the car, it was on the bed of the truck and slightly lifted at this time so we were able to see the lower part of the car very closely. We did not have any accidents with this car and at no point during our possession did we hit anything with the car. The sole issue, to my knowledge, was the overheating. Three months after the fact, we received a damage claim saying we cracked the coolant reservoir on the car and are being asked to pay for it. I am extremely upset that I am now receiving this claim when we did not damage the car. We did the right thing and reported the problem within 10 minutes of it happening and now are being accused of this. If this is the way your company does business, we will not be a returning customer and will inform others of this as well. We took great pains to be careful and responsible with a car that was not owned by us and entrusted to our care only to be accused of willfully damaging it. I am extremely upset by this.

Posted by Tom Guerriero

We picked up our Chrysler 200 rental at Reno-Tahoe airport, the car was delivered washed and not dry so naturally when it did dry the water spots made visibility from all windows and outside mirrors nearly impossible (except the windshield). This is a safety issue. Secondly, for the next two mornings the car would stumble and falter upon trying to accelerate onto the road, this is a very unsafe issue. We returned to the airport for a replacement and the manager in the rental lot foolishly explained "they're designed this way to save gas". The second vehicle, a Hyundai Elantra was also delivered freshly washed and not dry, so we had the same visibility issue because of water spotting. No apology was given or any compensation offered despite the inconvenience and loss of our time. This vehicle performed flawlessly. I washed the rear window myself and was surprised that the inside of the rear window was as dirty as the outside. If this sounds like I'm nitpicking, visibility is an extremely important SAFETY issue. On a more positive note any employee I interacted with was friendly and polite. We will be visiting Reno in September and will be awaiting your response. Mr & Mrs Thomas Guerriero, Middleboro, Mass.

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Posted by randyr

I rarely write these comments/reviews, but felt the need to in this case. I might add that comment options should be included on your main site as it was hard to find a place to even leave a comment.
I recently traveled to Fl. on vacation and landed at the Clearwater/StPete terminal.
I was in line to get my rental car when I met Andrew in customer service. He was running the kiosk when he asked if he could help me.
Unlike previous experiences with car rentals, which included being pushed into a vehicle or service that I didn't want, Andrew was polite, helpful, and a joy to work with. I have managed people in customer service for 24 years and it is nice to see an individual like Andrew. His great attitude and customer service skills will bring you additional business. His personality is upbeat and fun, and he is more than willing to help the customers. I certainly hope that you appreciate what he brings to your company.
This employee should be a trainer for other employees.

I can say that I will rent from Alamo again because of Andrew and am hopeful that we have a similar experience on our next vacation.

Posted by Anonymous

My family and I traveled to Phoenix, AZ last week. We had weather delays for 2 days prior to arriving, requiring numerous changes to our travel itinerary. Upon our arrival, we spoke with customer service at the Phoenix Airport - Tony and Mark - to try to unravel all the changes to our travel plans, get our car rental straightend out. Tony was magnificent in working through issues and got us our car at the rate we had rented it for months earlier; lowering our stress level dramatically. Mark, his manager was also very helpful and practical. Please along our well wishes and any recognition you can to Tony and Mark for their practicaclity and understanding of our situation. I had not rented with Alamo much in the past, but will now. Thanks again Tony and Mark.

Pat Seccomb
Butte, Montana

Posted by C.J

I had the best ever customer service from ms.diana

Posted by Anonymous

I want to thank Amber and Jennifer for assisting me and my guest w/our travel difficulties as well as the gentleman from national rentals.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you...Alamo has two top guys working for them at SEA-TAC. I rented a pickup truck thinking I could drive to OR and leave it, then catch my plane home. It turns out...pickup trucks must be returned to where they were rented. I had business in WA and OR. I drove the truck 3 hours down to Portland, then 4 hours back, because of traffic. I then had to return the truck and get a small car to drive back to Portland to catch my plane. When asked by Abdul at SEA-TAC how was my rental...I said great, except 7 hours of driving later...I had to turn this truck in and get a car to drive back. He felt badly about the situation and said "let me see if I can help you." He did. Abdul got his boss Max, who also was genuinely concerned. Max made it possible for me to stay on my original rental agreement and not have to start a new one for another $259.00. By staying on my original contract, I could then swap out the truck for a car, and drive to Portland OR at no extra charge. PLEASE...GIVE THEM BOTH A RAISE! I am now an Alamo customer for life. Thank you Max and Abdul. My company thanks you as well. We are all Alamo renters from now on.


Ref Reservation no from Orlando int to Miami int

Dear Sir /Madame

I felt I had to write to you to compliment the outstanding service that I received recently in America

From picking up the car Mark the customer service rep was so helpful and even showed me fully the operations of the sat nav- he would not let me leave until i was

totally happy with everything- thank you sir.

However we stopped over night in Stuart Florida parked up and checked into the hotel.

Next morning on our way to Miami to catch a cruise I found the car would not start.(Sheer Panic)!!!

I phoned the roadside assistance and they assured me assistance would be on its way and sure to his word they arrived but could not start the car so they had to take

it away.(Even more panic with my wife very upset)

I was put in contact with ALAMO CONCIERGE, who to be honest were just about the most proffesional, corteous people I have ever dealt with.

The lady who was called Shy was so good at putting our mind at rest (she was brilliant and never once refered me to anyone else as she arranged for a cab to pick us

up and take us the cruise ship in Miami and the cab arrived within 20 mins (sheer genius) thank you Shy!!!!

Now I know Alamo were out money and I am sorry for this.

But I can assure you that although you may be a massive company and I am only a single customer -the way I was treated was top class and as long as I live ALAMO


Thank you to all


Posted by Anonymous

I want to commend your rental agent, Rashid Hassan in the Denver Airport Office. What a congenial and pleasant young man. From the moment we stepped into the Alamo office, we were greeted with his great smile. He was efficient, knowledgeable,and made sure we were happy with our rental.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to express my gratitude to Manuel (from Cuba) who helped my family and me with a reservation concern while picking up our car at Miami International Airport. I was rather abrasive after a long morning of travel yet he still provided me with friendly, professional service. My apology to Manuel and my praise to Alamo for employing such a fine person to represent your company. Sincerely, Jill Castellanos

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to send kudos to the Alamo employees at the fort Meyers airport. A bag was mistakenly left in a car that was rented from Alamo. An employee named Sheldon Morris was so helpful in retrieving our lost bag that is so commendable. Honesty like this does not happen very often. An employee like Sheldon is a great asset to your company.

Posted by Susan

After comparing the original reservation rate and the final bill, I realized that I was charged $138.00 more. I called Alamo customer relations (800-462-5266 ext.3) and gave Lisa my reservation number.
She compared my original document against the final document. Without question, my credit card was credited the $138.00. I was very pleased (and relieved) with the service from Alamo.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to say that I use Alamo & National at Chicago O'Hare when I have need for a rental car. A number of the staff (front counter) have been their several years. I have always found them to be friendly, professional and helpful. I have found A/N prices to be reasonable and often exceptional. The problem with O'Hare/Chicago/Illinois are the ridiculous "fees/taxes" imposed on each rental. When I remember to use my "advantage" numbers, rental & return are a breeze.

Posted by burton sachs

I would like to commend the services of station mgr Max-Laurent Alexandre @ Fort Lauderdale Intl Arpt. I had a problem with my alamo contract and he, with the upmost courtesy, put it right. He is to be applauded for the operations he does as station mgr. Please make sure he is informed of this compliment. It is reassuring to an employee that their services are appreciated by the public. Burton Sachs

Posted by Anonymous

rented a car from Alamo at piarco airport and when I got there I got a different car very unpleased, I am going back soon I need a credited coupon so I can rent again. thanks

Posted by allen tenney

Rented a Jeep 2 wks ago in Maui next to the airport.. The desk person, Rams Haddad, was the the best representative you could have had.

We declined the insurance and gas package but did not feel guilted by his response. He said he was from Lebanon when we asked his country of origin. I have friends from his homeland so had a few laughs re their customs. I am the most Anglo looking guy from Oregon he could have met.

Like on the movie, Office Space, he has management material written all over him. The Jeep was great on the Road to Hana. We will book Alamo on future vacations.

Posted by Anonymous

I had an excellent experience with Alamo in Orlando when I was there with my grandchildren on Nov. 2-5.
First, when I told the agent at the counter (I think his name was Brian, that it was my grandson's birthday and he was hoping we could get a "cool" car, the agent spoke to his manager, and got us a Mustang convertible at a reduced rate. My grandson was in heaven.
Second, my granddaughter was heartbroken when we got home to Boston and she couldn't find her Disney princess wallet in her backpack. I assumed she had dropped it at the airport and it was lost forever. Imagine our delight when an Alamo agent called us several days later--they had found the wallet in the car. The agent put it in the mail that day--we just got it today, with all the change and keepsakes in it.
Thank you so much!!!

Posted by Bill Kussy

October 2013
Orlando, Florida

When renting a car form Alamo in the Orlando airport I came across two great, awesome and very helpful Alamo employees. Rick Reid in the airport terminal and Karen across the street in the parking garage. They both made it a joy to rent from Alamo. They are both assets to your corporation. Thank them both for me.
Bill Kussy

Posted by sarah krueger

Dear Alamo,

My husband and I had a super experience with Alamo, renting a car 5 August to 14 August from Daytona beach, Florida....Specifically, the agent, Jana Murphy was so helpful to us ...she saved our vacation....we had rented a car from another unamed organization and they completely botched the order....Jana Murphy came to our assistance, got us a perfect car and was calm, polite, kind and professional....Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Yesterday Mar 7 I rented from Alamo Boston (270 Atlantic Ave) for a dropoff in New York City; I was helped by Monica Carrillo, your station manager. I write simply to tell you that she is an outstanding employee, and I am particularly well equipped to judge, since my wife and I built a chain of 285 optical stores in 23 States. We are particularly aware of the challenge of motivating the people who are dealing with your customers -- Ms. Carrillo is the kind of employee any employer is lucky to have.

Posted by Anonymous

A client of mine recently returned from a Funjet vacation in Greensboro. Upon her return, she had forgotten her handicap sticker. The office in N. Carolina called her and told her it would be mailed back. They sent it to her immediately with UPS. She was so taken with their follow through and kindness. Just passing this along. Funjet booking WH36COE43 for Janice Borgen.

Posted by Anonymous

I travel quite a bit and normally dread dealing with car rental companies. However, my experience with Fouad and Ahmedine at the Alamo car rental at Denver airport was excellent. They were both extremely pleasant upon picking up and returning the car, were very helpful with picking the appropriate car and with providing the necessary options (like prepurchasing gas) without pressuring me into unnecessary additional costs. I usually just book with whichever company as the best deal at the time, but from now on, will make sure to use Alamo when in the Denver area.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to Congratulate Alamo Rent A Car for excellent courteous services through the years. I would like to commend the following staff members of Alamo for excellent courteous services to me - Sheila Espiritu, Grace, Terri, Raena, Lehus, Anna, Dominic, Kenton Rose and the entire Alamo staff.
Aloha & Mahalo nui loa always,
Charlotte Tsie, Very happy & satisfied customer of Alamo Rent A Car always.

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Posted by Anonymous

Dear Albert,

Thank you for contacting Alamo customer service. My name is John, and would be happy to take a look at your query!

I did some research on the rental and saw that our location noted that you needed a different vehicle because of the number of passengers you had with you would not have fit in your reserved car. In this case, changing the car class was necessary. I do apologize for this charge but it looks like you were charged appropriately for your rental.

I have made note of our conversation today, and the reference number for this is:22554847

Please respond to this email with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Kind regards,


Alamo Customer Service


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