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Airtran customer service is ranked #67 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 66.23 out of a possible 200 based upon 29 ratings. This score rates Airtran customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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Posted by Anonymous


My family and myself just used the AirTrain service to JFK (Jamaica train). We are travelling home to Ireland today and were advised at Grand Central Station on how to travel to JFK and what tickets we needed to purchase which we did. Upon trying to enter your station we were approached by one of your staff members with long red and black braids who questioned us about our tickets in a rather accusatory tone when my mother explained that we were tourists and we would pay the difference for a ticket ( if there was one and of which t aware) this woman began to shout at my mother and tell her to walk away and that she was speaking to my dad and not her, she was extremely aggressive in tone and manner and as tourists or anyone I find this to be totally unprofessional and very intimidating, is this how your staff are trained to provide customer service? This womans outburst at us was completely baffling and really quite frightening! My mother was most upset after this and cried. Todays date is Wednesday November 8th and we were at the AirTrain service at 3.30pm.

Posted by Suzie

2/9/15 @ 7:15p called about airline credit. Talked to rep/ Suzie. We were to we would receive in 30 to 45 days about our credit and requested extension of 10 day. Does this sound right? Our airline confirmation:, Alicia Marie Mora.

Posted by Anonymous

Racial Profiling Incident:

Complaint Letter:

April 28, 2014

Dear: Southwest Airlines Air Tran Airways

My name is Andrew Wyatt and this letter of complaint is in reference to flight 763, which I was slated to take on Sunday, April 27, 2014 from Las Vegas, NV to Baltimore, MD at 10:55pm. My confirmation number for that flight was . On this date, myself along with both my friends, Qadre Jernigan and Stephen Brown boarded flight 763 as business class passengers, which we each had upgraded to on the previous day. About 5 minutes after being seated, our flight attendant whose name was Michelle approached us and stated "I need to check your boarding pass as it is protocol for me to confirm ALL boarding passes." Of course we had no issue with her request initially and quickly obliged and presented our boarding passes; however, the issue is that Michelle did not check any of the other business class passengers boarding passes; all whom were Caucasians. Well, myself, Qadre and Stephen are all African American and therefore we proceeded to inquire why we were singled out and racially profiled as no one else was asked to verify their boarding passes. Additionally, I would like to point out that I completely recognize that the airport system is ran using a checks and balances format. Prior to us boarding the flight as with all flights we had to present our ticket to board and at that point our seats were confirmed by that staff member responsible for checking tickets at the flight gate entrance point; therefore, why were we questioned a second time after being seated? Additionally, why were the (3) of us, all African American the only individuals asked to present their boarding passes? There is no justification here! There was no confusion or mix up between rows, seats, etc as it could not have been for only business class passengers had boarded the plane so I feel based upon the actions exemplified that it was a case of racial profiling.

To continue, this ordeal proceeded on with the Captain of the plane approaching us and stating that he heard that we were being "rowdy," which is 100% ludicrous! Was this the case once again because we questioned the flight attendants as to why we were being racially profiled and single out? Rowdy depicts an individual that is disruptive, unruly, uncontrollably and none of that represented my behavior or my friend's behavior. To further prove this, please ask yourself what is the logic of your airline attendants (1.) asking, (2.) giving alcohol to individuals they consider "rowdy?" That would clearly be a case of adding fuel to a fire so that is my first point of solidifying why we were not "rowdy" as if your flight attendants in anyway felt we were being "rowdy" then they would have not served Stephen alcohol (which he did not consume by the way)? How do myself and my friends laughing and enjoying ourselves get transformed into us being "rowdy?" More so, we were seated in rows (2) and (3) of the plane. The cockpit door was clearly still open at this time and again I reiterate that only business class passengers were aboard the plane, which means that the noise level was not at all high and therefore if we were in anyway "rowdy" then the captain would have heard us himself as the separation between business class and the cockpit is not at all far and again the cockpit doors were open.

Continuing, once the captain started his statement off about us potentially being "rowdy," I spoke up and stated that "the issue at hand is that we are the only individuals being asked to present our boarding passes and we feel like it is racial profiling because we are all African American. Why did the captain just assume we were "rowdy" and not ask us once if we had an issue or what was the problem? At this point, I was extremely upset and I told the captain that he was deflecting from the REAL issue at hand which was that his staff was racially profiling and that he was attempting to use the that we were "rowdy" excuse as a cop out and a deflection of his staff's unwarranted behavior. The captain in turned asked me to step off the plane at this point and I responded that I would not do so and I instructed him to contact authorities. I did this because he totally disregarded my concern and attempted to overshadow me with his rank, I know that my voice matters and my side of the story needs to be heard and my concerns are 100% valid. I was wrongly profiled and no justification was offered and too this day it has still not been offered. I completely understand that it is the captains plane and I had no issues with removing myself once authorities arrived to hear my side of story; however, the bigger issue at hand is to why me and my two friends (being the only African Americans) at the time seated in business class were the only individuals asked to present boarding passes and not one Caucasian was asked; this still baffles me.

Furthermore, I would like to note that per my friend Qadre Jernigan, an African American couple boarded the plane after I was removed and they too were seated in business class. Ironically, they too were asked by the flight attendants to present their boarding pass and yet again no other ethnicities were asked to provide this documentation. This couple names were: Lydell and Medina Nunn

All the individual names mention in this letter can and are prepared to serve as witnesses to what unfolded on the day in question in addition to Michael Berganski who was one of the Caucasian passengers who was never asked to provide a boarding pass.

Neither me nor my friends in addition to the other African American couple did anything wrong in this matter and there I question does your airline racially profile because on April 27, 2014 this was certainly the case.

Posted by Reuben

I used Airtran regularly until they were moved to another airport, inconvenient to me, as part of the Southwest Airlines purchase. Recently, I used Southwest for travel and was ticketed with Airtran for my return. Airtran lost my luggage and was very inept in locating it, giving me any pertinent information, or timely status updates. I was referred and encouraged to use their website for status updates. This was pointless. Almost 41 hrs after my luggage was lost I was told it would be delivered within 5 hours. I got it in 6 hours. 41 hours to get an update plus another 6 hours to delivery is completely unacceptable. Airtran / Southwest needs to improve this process immediately. Other airlines have lost my luggage but have been much more responsive and responsible getting my luggage to me typically within 24 hours. I never felt Airtran was doing all it could to find my luggage let alone get it to me.

Posted by LUVLAX

NEVER NEVER EVER Fly on this airline. They demolished my luggage. Not just your normal broken wheel stuff, but completely shredded it! Their attendants are bullies, long story, and most of their seats are broken w/ the pockets filled w/ previous flight trash. I have reported them to BBB and FFA THEy HAVE MUCH TO BE ASHAMED ABOUT!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am not normally a complainer about noise on a fact I flew for 8 hours with a baby crying all night...didn't say a word...babies do cry...however....I do NOT enjoy listening to a dog bark nonstop from the time it got on the plane until we landed....that is the craziest thing I have ever hear of. When is a dog and the person who brought it on board more important than the other 150 or so passengers onboard who have to be annoyed with listening to it...and...what about those who are alergic to warning or anything for the rest of us...very upset and very unhappy....when I called your customer service I was told that animals are some people's babies, I wanted to upchuck....yes, I know people love their animals and we have always had animals around also but to compare them with babies is carring it all a bit to there a way to find out if there will be animals onboard before buying a seat??
Because I can assure you I won't be buying one if there I know in advance. I know animals used to go on flights but on in with the rest of us...anyway, just wanted you to know that our entire flight was ruined from listening to a yipping dog and you can check with your flight attendants, they will tell you that everyone was complaining and unhappy not just me!!

Posted by Debbie

Air Tran Airways

We flew from St. Louis to San Juan Puerto Rico to catch a cruise ship. A piece of our luggage did not arrive with us at the airport. It arrived at the airport after the ship left.
During our 7 night cruise, we did not get our luggage. It's a joke trying to reach someone at Air Tran. No one would return calls after numerous messages were left. I have spent hours trying to reach someone to get an answer as to why they never got my luggage to me on the ship. The luggage sat in the San Juan Airport the entire cruise and we picked it up on the way back home.We were so upset as this was our anniversary and we couldn't get nice pictures without the clothing.
The cruise ship also called Air Tran for us on a daily basis during the cruise and suffered the same frustration.
I got a response from Customer Relations when I finally wrote a letter to them. I have continued to make phone calls as directed and still get no response.
I just wanted someone to explain to me why I didn't get my much needed luggage that the air line had lost.
We have traveled for many years and never had this problem. I am so sorry that we chose Air Tran. It will never happen again.

Posted by Lovemybabyanns

We (my Service Dog and I) flew on a flight, November 2012 from Orlando to Chicago Midway. The flight went well and I was extremely happy with that! When I arrived at my destination and began unloading my suitcases, I noticed items missing. I reported this to AirTran and immediately met with no help. Everyone I contacted, kept referring me to different areas. When, in March, I contacted AirTran - again for assistance, I filed a BBB complaint. My complaint has been going on since early April. I made a claim for my purse and a Yankee Candle item. As of late, I have been repeatedly advised a check has been mailed. At one point, I was advised it was returned - I really want to know why they didn't contact me with this information but waited until I responded to their reaction to the BBB complaint. It is now late June, 2013 and I still haven't received anything. I'm guessing AirTran must be having financial difficulties. This really doesn't matter as I should receive my 'settlement' which is what AirTran is calling my payment. I just want my money back for items that were in my bag and one of their employees decided to help theirself to. I offered either to have the check sent via next-day-air or have it directly deposited into my checking account. To this, I have not heard back.

All I can say is this - DON'T FLY AIRTRAN especially if you have luggage.

I will say I was treated very well with my Service Dog.

Posted by Anonymous

Never again will I fly air tran stewardess rude not only were we stuck do to mechanical problem for three hours I Baltimore once we were put back in the plane the captain not once came on to help calm our fears but the fricken heavy set male steward was sleeping .never offered a free drink for inconvenience nothing was ever said flight 1300 from Baltimore to Vegas

Posted by Crystal143

After sitting in the airport and having all flights delayed or cancelled because of weather for 9 hours I was not able to fly out at all to a filter wedding where I was the makeup artist. Not only did I miss out on that the next day but after looking for my luggage and being told it would be pulled and put on a carousel it never was found. The next morning I went into see if they had found it and no luck. I paid 3$ and drove an hour just to be told lies. They said after giving me an incident report that they would call me every 6 hours until it was found and also that I could track it. I called back a few hours after returning home to find out the person had totally lied they do not call and the new employee said they also don't have a tracking system. It has now been 3 days and FLL will not even answer their phones today. Very very upset as my livelihood of my makeup kit and expensive wedding clothes are all not to be found. AirTrans customer service is 3rd world and not appreciated. if somebody will please address this issue.


My family and I are loyal and regular Airtran frequent customers. Now and then we have had bad customer services but I have never experience one this BAD & HORRIBLE that really make me take my time and write you this letter of complaint and say “bye bye” for good to Airtran. I promised myself that I will never ever put my family through this bad experience again by flying with Airtran ever again. We went on a vacation to Walt Disney World, Orlando FL and flying back to Atlanta, GA on the January 7th 2013 and we have to wait 3 stand by flights that took about 5 hours and only two of us can get on, the other two did not make it until the next day flight and we have to fly to another state, Ronald Regan D.C to connect to get back to Atlanta. The bad experience has begun because Airtran has over sold or booked ever single flight on the 7th from Orlando to Atlanta and pretty much elsewhere too. Because they over booked, they knew that they have to compensate their customers that paid and did not the seats. Sadly and dirtily, the check-in agent tricked the last minute check- in folks like us to loose and forfeit our seats to those who they oversold and checked in early. They thought we don’t know but we do because we flew a lot and got late a few times and we knew the procedures good. We always check- in online and reserved our seats within 24hrs check-in time and we even paid for my luggage on-line if we have big luggage so when we arrive at the terminal all we have to do is drop of the luggage and go through the security gate and get on, this process never take us more than 20 minutes. Well, Orlando has a little more traffic than we anticipate but we are not late we just have a little rush. We were at the luggage drop off check-in place right at 30 minute before our flight departure time, which we have more than enough time to get to the gate because we don’t have any carry-on luggage or anything crazy that would delay at the security check point. The check-in agent refused to check-in our luggage, which is unusual because we insisted it is ok for our luggage check-in with the next flight and to arrive late and we absolutely DO NOT want to miss our flight at 3:30pm . Well…he said our flight cut off time for luggage check-in has been cut off and he can only check-in our luggage the next flight and he will have put us on stand by. This is not true because it happen to us before… they still can check in your luggage the next flight you just have wait and pick up them later at the baggage claim. Check in agent keep insist we have to go stand by next flight but we still have 30 minute before departure time to get to the gate with no luggage, why would we want to fly stand by? We definitely will have enough time to make to the gate 10 minute prior to gate closing. Well…he still refused while we keep insisting we don’t want to do stand-by. I start to really feel the ugly and the nasty about this trick so we again insist that one of us stay will stay behind and go on stand-by (if he want to play using the loop whole policy rules) to check in with the luggage, and the other three of us will go on the flight. I again insist that let one of us going a stand-by, one person rather than all four of us. My wife and my two kids then took off to rush to the gate, the security man even let them used the employee door check point because he know they are rushing to the gate; they were at the gate 10 minute prior to gate closing. Guess…what?? All of our seats were given away the over booked customers. Do you know how they did it? The check-in agent cheated by put all of us on the stand by instead of one, so the gate agent can give our seats away. He is not supposed to do that when I insisted only one of us doing stand by. My wife was at the gate right at 10 minute prior to departure and they shut the door right in front of her face. They will not do this if there is still seats (supposed to be 3 seats left because my wife and two sons were supposed to get on, they didn’t give it up for stand by) and this extra 10 minute prior to departure normally was used to determine if they can give out empty seat to stand by passengers. Guess what…all the seats were taken way 10 minutes prior to gate close, they gave out our seats to those overbooked customer so of course there is no point to wait around another 10 minutes because there is none to give it to the stand by passengers or wait on my wife and two sons. My wife and two sons seats were given away when the check-in agent listed us as stand while check in our luggage in. This is not right when we insisted a numerous times. I know the procedure by heart. My wife made a complaint to the service manager, but his altitude is ugly and keep insist it’s the rule to close the door at 10 minute before departure. At first, we were ok but we were still a little skeptical since we knew they normally give out seat to stand by at the 10 minutes mark before departure. Bad luck for all of us, we all have to do stand by. After we waited and stand by for 3 hours till the 6:35pm flight 668 gate 106, only two seats available for stand by, and this is determined about 5 minute prior to departure time, I and my youngest son go on stand-by because he has a fever and need to get home and we enter the gate at 6:30pm, and that is how we learnt their dirty nasty trick. We watched every single minute because we knew something dirty about this. Why couldn’t they let my wife and my two sons get on when they were there the gate at 3:20pm, which is right at 10 min. mark prior to departure time at 3:30pm. Why did they refuse to late check in luggage when we at the terminal at 3:00pm? Why this time? We learn now because they want us to be on stand-by so they don’t have to compensate the overbooked customers that the sold. They used all the loop whole that could to get away, and this is WRONG!! Very sad and horrible fly experience for our vacation. My young sons are both sicks, but they are minority, so we have to split out, my wife and 6 year older son have to stay after hoping to catch another stand by, but they were so unfortunate and have to go D.C to connect to Atlanta; they to sleep at the Ronald Regan D.C airport to catch 6am flight back to Atl. They have to sleep on the floor!!! My son is missing another day at school.I don’t think I would ever want to spend my money with Airtran again!

Posted by Air Flop

Im traveled to ft lauderdale,Florida from bwi airport in Maryland. I paid $40 for two bags. I went on great cruise only to return back to Ft Lauderdale, Florida to receive the worst customer service ever. At the self check in I was told that my bag was too big and its gonna cost me an extra $70. If I didn't pay it at the bwi airport, why am I paying for it now. Why do I have to pay for an oversite mafe on the behalf of one of your employees? Then I was told a manager was going to come talk to me. Noone came to speak to me. I feel used and like a foriegner in third world country. I will never fly this airline again.

Posted by rugby

To what extremes will this airline go to? This past Thursday my family and I had a 5:25 am flight to Charlotte NC, connecting in Atlanta, flying out of Hobby. There were at least 300 people in the security line, so once we got through that we sprinted to our departure gate making it at 5:14 am. Alas the door to the boarding ramp was closing, we knocked on the window and waved our boarding passes at the AirTran personnel! Did they let us in? Oh no no NO, the female attendant held up her hand like a stop sign and looked away. FIFTEEN minutes later, AFTER the plane had taxied away the AirTran desk attendants emerged from behind the closed boarding ramp door and lectured us about not arriving in time! On the ticket it actually states that you will be allowed to board if you arrive no later than 10 minutes before departure time! (which we were and actually spoke to the Southwest desk attendant).
We were then informed that they were doing us a favor by putting us on standby for their 11:15am flight and the Atlanta to Charlotte connecting flight, IF there were any available seats. We did eventually get to board that AirTran flight, but noticed that other passengers were still boarding right up to the departure time (same desk attendants).
On the return trip the departure gate for the Atlanta/Houston flight had been changed for our connecting flight, so for those unfamiliar with arriving at C concourse and departing from D concourse, it requires quite a sprint to the escalator,then the train, another escalator and then the long dash to D11 gate, all within FIFTEEN minutes! We managed to arrive with a couple of other passengers right at 9:00pm (the posted departure time). Additional panting, passengers were still boarding for another 10 minutes after that!
I hope I never have to fly with AirTran again. Southwest recently acquired them and we were routed through them. Be forewarned!

Posted by svirola

I would like the address to the Corporate office that I can send an OFFICIAL COMPLAINT letter to. Departed Atlanta on flight # 624 and checked in my baggage at counter 2 ½ hours before my scheduled flight. Upon arriving in Houston-Hobby, my luggage was not found on Friday, August 31, 2012. Because our flight landed after 10 PM all the onsite offices were closed and I was told to go back Saturday morning, Sept 1, 2012 which I did. I was advised by the Houston team that my luggage could still not be found and they were checking around to see if it would come up. Again, I contacted the airline Saturday evening and Sunday morning to be told that 3 days later my luggage was still not found.
My return flight was scheduled to return to Atlanta on Monday, Sept 3, 2012. Again I was asked by the Houston team to arrive at the airport early so they could make a copy of the receipt for items I had to purchase to wear while I was visiting family in Houston for the labor day weekend. The team in Houston took the original receipt and gave me a copy along with a claim # HOUFL00344608. They advised me that they were submitting the information to Airtran Central Baggage and that I should receive a call on the 6th day, which was Wednesday, September 5, 2012. As of yet, I have heard NOTHING!
At this point, I would really like for someone from Airtran's corporate office to contact me in regards to what is the next step since obviously my luggage is still not found!!! I had my daughter's medicine for her ADD and other valuable items in that suitcase and no one has yet to even give me a call.

Posted by Anonymous

I arrived in Phoenex AZ last night at 10 pm from ATL. I was missing a piece of luggage. I filled out a missing baggage reportand the gentleman that filled out the report told me I would here from someone 1 st thing this morning. My wife and I both have left several messages throughout the day with absolutely no response. On the voice mail it says someone will be checking messages throughout the day and get back to us. That is an absolute joke! I finally called customer service and they were able to get someone to answer tonight at 10 after 7. Patty, the woman I spoke with was very non chalant and claimed no one was in the office to answer my calls until 7pm???? That is a complete definition of false advertisement and a bold face lie! If what your answering machine message is supposed to be accurate? I am told by Patty she doesn't know we're my bag is. Only that it was in Boston and might be shipped to us via Southwest or Air train later! What kind of business are u guys trying to operate and what happened to costumer service??? My wife is taking medicine which we shared in the report last night and still has been unable to take. Can someone call us with some kind of info on the location of our luggage????? 480-689-1513

Posted by Just Disappointed

On April 17, 2012, I was on an AirTran flight going to Arizona. I asked the gentleman if I could pre-board because I had surgery approximately 3 weeks ago. I was told that I could board when he called for zone 2. When I reached Atlanta (don't know why I have to go to Atlanta to get to Arizona), I informed the lady of the same issue. She checked her computer and told me because I wasn't sitting next to anyone else, I would be okay and I could just board when they called my zone (zone 8). I went to ask another attendant at another gate. She was very polite and told me that the lady shouldn't have told me that. Because I asked and I had legitimate reason, I should have been able to board. When I came back to wait for the plane to arrive, I overheard her telling another customer that I was pretending. She stopped mid-sentence because she saw me staring. I didn't appreciate the comment. Just because I didn't look sick doesn't mean I wasn't healing. I spent 3 weeks looking sick and wild and just because I decided to put on clothes and comb my hair, it was assumed that I couldn't have been suffering. Well, I decided to take the nice attendant's advice and board when zone 2 was called. I dared for her to say anything to me. I was totally through with AirTRan, but I had already booked my Mother's Day trip. On the way going I didn't have any problems. On the way back, I experienced being crowded. If I am in Zone 8, seated in row 10, why did I have to put my luggage in row 21? It didn't seem fair. I had another plane to catch and now I have to wait to the plane is nearly empty before I could get my bag. When I deplaned, my seat is moved from row 10 to row 26. That's not the funny part. The hilarious portion of the trip was that I was taking the exact plane back to Memphis! I didn't have to get off! It was a waste of time. Five minutes after I got off the plane, I was getting back on! I'm through with AirTran. I'm especially tired of sleeping at the airport in Atlanta because the plane wouldn't wait for passengers to arrive from other planes and the attitudes of the employees, "Why did you miss your plane?" "Why didn't you make the flight?" Never an apology. I can't wait until Southwest takes over and if they are not coming to Memphis, then I will drive to Little Rock, Arkansas to get a flight.

Posted by jodyOs

This company keeps changing its policies to justify ripping off their clients.

I spent a needless $500 on a recent flight for a combination of: luggage storage (in addition to checked bag fees), an extra seat for a musical instrument which fit in the overhead (the seat was given to another passenger) and seating charges (including for the needless extra seat i bought) and airtran will not refund a penny of it.

They were rude and indignant about it the whole time as well.

Posted by UnHappy in ATL

I transferred American Points to AirTran for use as A+ credits. When I did this I was not notified that they would expire with a 12 month time period. I was not contacted by AirTran in regards to my points expiring. I had to find out AFTER the fact that I could no longer use my A+ rewards. This is absolutely outrageous. When I transfer points to Delta they do not expire, why is AirTran punishing me for trying to use my points on their airline.

Posted by Ifly2much

After being on hold for 20 minutes, I finalkly got to speak to a human being. One of our workshop attendees was bumped from and Airtran flight in Houston and was put on a flight the next AM. After losing his luggage in the process, he was eventualy contacted bt Airtran and told he had to come and pick up his luggage from the airport which is more than 1 hour away. I'm sorry, but the last time I was bumped because of overbooking and the airline loses my luggage, they were courteous enough to drive my lost article of luggage out to the hotel. I believe Airtran should take lessons in how to handle customers from Southwest! In my opinion, Airtran ranks right up their with the cable company! I am telling EVERYONE I know to never fly Airtran!

Posted by [email protected]

My elderly parents recently booked a flight and accidently picked wrong return date, they got confused. They can barely afford to come to Atlanta but want to see their grandchild graduate. You company could care less!!! They charged them 150.00 dollars to cancell flight, that's what the original tickets cost. You have got to be kidding me! My mother has been crying ever since. They can hardly afford their meds. They are old people. Our entire family from all ove eastern US use only your ailine, but sadly no longer. I am also telling everyone at the company I wairk for, who frequently use your airline to switch. You should be ashamed of yourself. Please be aware I am contacting Clark Howard so he can talk about you on the radio, and I am going to file complaint with the better business bureau. My parents are distraught!!!!!! I will fly another airline from now on.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I flew from Dayton to Tampa April 18, 2014, on flight 5180 or 180...not sure. The flight attendants were lovely and supportive. One in particular, I believe her last name was Volpe, was consistently smiling and helpful to all. She was warm and helpful through the entire flight. In my opinion, Airtran/Southwest is lucky to have such an employee.
Emma McMahon
Gulfport, Florida

Posted by Larry

My wife and I fly AirTran at least 4 times a year. We are always greeted with care and understanding. Flights are fine, no problems. We like AirTran and plan to fly out of Rochester to Fort Myers ASAP.......

Posted by Anonymous

I want to first say how grateful I am for your airline tonight ! I missed my flight due to the facts that I did not realize that US Airway closes there check in service desk in Atlanta Ga @ 7:30 pm when I asked for assistance from United Airlines I was met with the worse customer service I have ever experienced by this affiliation between US Airway an United Airlines. Your stewardess Toni an steward gentleman whose name I can't seem to recall were the kindest ppl I have come across this year. the flight was @ 9 pm arriving @ LaGuardia [email protected] 11:15 pm these two persons were the perfect example of customer service and genuine care for your passengers because I am handicap an my reservation was a last minute booking leaving me no choice for a good seat (my seat would have been 30c I was given the front seat on your aircraft due to my handicapped foot. there is a God an I will do my best to book flights with your airlines. i am letting you know you have persons in your Corporation that really care about your customers you should be proud Toni deserves to be a lead in your Corporation an so Does the gentleman steward i.On the other hand the female lead on this flight needs to learn how to hide her displeasure of distaste for handicapped passengers seemingly to me as a customer I could not understand her facial expressions in regard to me being in the front of the plan due to my handicap situation none the less Toni made my experience most pleasurable even helping me with my briefcase when my wheel chair came. just because of her I would look forward to flying back to Atlanta Ga. on your airline. even though I live in NJ. thank you again Air Tran for being there when I was treated so badly by United Airlines an US Airway.!!!

Posted by diviair

My experience with Air Tran was wonderful. This was the best airline I've flown with in quite some time. The plans were very clean, all flights were on time, attendants were great, comfy seats and the best customer service ever.

Seems as though I managed to get on the wrong plane! Of course, we discovered it when someone was already sitting in my assigned seat. Tiffany handled everything with finesse. She got me on another flight the next day, since my scheduled flight had already left, booked me at the Sheraton, gave me a meal voucher and even upgraded me to Business Class. Not too shabby! Thanks Air Tran. I'll definitely make you my airline of choice.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I missed our flight due to a mistake in his boarding pass. Ms. Deborah Miller really saved us from missing our cruise. She was vey knowledgable with how to solve our problem down to the very last detail. She was remarkable,and friendly; with her help, we made our arrival in time.
Thank You Ms.Deborah, you are the BEST! This was on June 6,2012.

Posted by a satisfied customer

I had wonderful service on Wednesday, 4/18/12 by Vickie. Her employee number is 715; she is from Atlanta. I needed to book 3 flights to Orlando using certificates. Vickie was helpful and patient while we searched for the best times. I had called several times since there are blackout dates around our trip. I was exceptionally pleased with her demeanor and the way she went the extra mile to help me out. Kudos to your airline and to VICKIE!!

Posted by [email protected]

Iwas on flight 953 from Fort Lauderdale to Baltimore left at 10:08 I like to let you know the flight attendent Leslie was very nice and helpful in my journey I do not like to flight but she made my flight wonderful the flight was good also but she made everything good Thank You very much I hope to be flying alot more with your airlines my husband is a business class customer also and he was very pleased with her also.

Posted by Airtran

I want to thank Lidia, one of your employees at RDU.
We missed our flight (our fault) from Raleigh to Atlanta yesterday morning, and ended up on standby for later flights (on a very busy day).
Lidia, at the gate service counter, really made us feel that she cared about us. We knew that she couldn't create seats for us, but we felt that she really cared about whether or not we got home. Please thank her for us.

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I have flown Airtran for the past three years to and from New Orleans to Atlanta and have never had a problem. I love them. I wish they flew abroad as I am planning a trip to the Netherlands next year and would love to fly Airtran.

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