Posted by AllisS

airbnb's customer service is poor. Its reps are young and glib. If you have an issue, as I did, with your calendar displaying the availability of your space incorrectly, for instance, the rep will "apologize for your frustration" (this seems to be the customer-service mantra of the 2000s, obviously meant to deflect genuine annoyance or worse outrage on the part of the customer) and then hasten to assure you that "the problem must be with your browser" (which it almost certainly isn't). No attempts to rectify user-unfriendly elements of the website ever seem to be made. Whether customer feedback actually gets as far as people in the organization who would be able to reflect on it in a thoughtful manner and even make some changes is a dubious proposition. There seems to be a smugness that's permeated airbnb's corporate mentality. The one accolade that I can sincerely give to airbnb is: payment for hosts is very prompt.