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    • 24 negative comments (80.00%)
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Posted by TK

Worst customer service experience ever at Sydney airport. Was denied boarding, not offered re-booking help and not given a refund. The staff was rude and had no clue about the protocol. The operations manager at the counter was arrogant and treated the customers like a burden.

Posted by Anonymous

For the CEO Air New Zealand. I found it very difficult whilst disembarking from your ATR 72 aircraft in Hamilton and Wellington,nearly falling each time.

I request that a ramp be used EVERY TIME when passengers deisembark from your ATR72 aircraft.

I have asked HSE to check out one of your ATR72s at Nelson Airport, to assess the safety of the flimsy ladder used on it.

Bernard Redshaw

Posted by Mike

Dear Sir,

We flew to and from Maroochydore, as booked, on flights NZ769 (4 Sep) and NZ768 (16 Sep) and, because of my wife's disabilities booked Works Delux. This would have given her plenty of room to move about, to get out of her seat and more leg room as we had during previous Works Delux flights. We were shocked and disappointed to discover that apart from the extra seat and minimal extra leg room this was not the Works Delux that we had previously enjoyed and paid for merely economy seats.

We found also that we could not go to the Koru Club as we had done in the past.

Not only do we feel badly about these issues but the cost of over almost $1000 each was excessive

and false advertising. If the intention of the Company is to foster good relations with its regular customers changes in flight details should be published. We should have been told of these changes when we booked. Booking Number

Michael Harvey

Posted by Group Booking AIRNZ

I organised a family Group Travel Booking with your Group Booking Section.
The Agent who organised my Group travel for 40 Travellers failed 2 of my Group.
When I raised the initial issue with this Agent she placed that error back on me and refused to take responsibility of that issue. This Agent is the professional and should have picked up on that error as I had given her all the details to view individually.
Hepl Desk staff at your Kiosk was also very short with her reponses and failed to resolve our issue.

Posted by TALAITI

Hi..Im Talaititama Talaiti..
i Travel on AIR NEW ZEALAND..NZ785 on the 06 of september 2016 my seat number is 21F
i travel on works...the complaint i make is that starting from row 21 to the back of the flight..we dont have any..lunch...why is that?..air nz should know that the flight will be why short of lunch box..thats my first comlaint

2. today saturday..AIR NEW ZEALAND flight from Auckland to Niue..
my complaint is that..i travel on works..again..some travel on seat and bag only..but have 1 excess baggage..and i that travel on works..i only have a bag..why is that..i know..flight is not that full today..when i check in my bags..i have 1 free bag..and 3 it says on the pay..$540.00..i walk to the counter to bay for my excess ..and one of the staff say..its not allowed..i have to wait until all passenger have check see if any excess is available..there 5 of us on the group..all travel on works..and pay for the works fares.basis..why is air nz treat us like this..IM NOT excess is still in spend to buy..goodies for the family..and this is not good..cos we Trust air nz on our travel routes..but now..its not that i trust any more..we pay for our air we want fare play on this..please i needed this complaint of mine treated Urgent..PLEASE TREAT THIS COMPLAINT MESSAGE..ASAP..cos my stuff is still in nz..

thank you..


Posted by JLP

Special meals weren't onboard after specifically requesting them. Starved for 24 hours. Paid $5000 for the flights - value for money????? So shoddy - customer services in LA rude and unapologetic. What a terrible experience - never again!!!!!

Posted by DW

We required an extra checked bag from Sydney to Calgary. Told can't prepay and to pay at airport. Their site advertises $1 from Feb 29 2016 for trans pacific which is when we are flying but due to flying from LA to Calgary with Air Canada the price is a rip-off at $200(AU). I checked Air Canada price for extra bag from LA to Calgary which is $35. I am very disappointed with the depredation of service and staff attitude from Air New Zealand with whom I have traveled many times on business in the past. We will never consider flying with them and will advise others of the same.

Posted by Anonymous

Traveled from Wellington to Dunedin on 20/01/16 took luggage to baggage area one suitcase was 2 kilos underweight the other 2kikos overweight told by air nz person take luggage out of one suitcase and put in other so both were correct so 2 elderly people had to get on the floor open suitcases a d move stuff from one to other couldn't see the sense we were going together but worst thing was they stood and watched as my husband had to man handle the 2 suitcases while balancing himself holding on to his walking stick it was absolutely disgusting service

Posted by davlins

Luggage missing for t days now. Apparently found now but promised delivery didn't happen and promised telephone calls have not been received. Quite appalling really . Zero out of ten rating is a fair reflection.Never again

Posted by OE Traveller

I have found Air New Zealand Staff to be rude, argumentative and immensely unhelpful. I subsequently missed my flights due to an Air New Zealand Staff Member directing me to wait in the incorrect line to check in; When Complaining that I felt It was their mistake; They became extremely defensive and argumentative; They refused to even acknowledge my complaint even though they accepted it was the Staff Members Error! I was then advised my only option was to accept I had missed my Flights and Buy more at a Higher cost with NO discount or refund; Lets just say I was more than unimpressed. I am so disappointed with the way I was treated; This was mean't to be my first Overseas Experience and I felt deflated before I even left New Zealand! Once on the plane I did not like the service, The food was diabolical! (Not exactly for human consumption) All the entertainment was highly priced and I had already spent $5,000 on Flights to Just leave my own Country!! Such a horrible experience with Air New Zealand; Which is so bad especially as later on in my journeys I had an Amazing Experience flying with Virgin Airlines! In the Future I plan to travel a lot but I will definitely be avoiding flying with Air New Zealand at ALL Costs! Sorry Air New Zealand but thumbs down.

Posted by Anonymous

I flew on nz136 Brisbane to Auckland seat 45c nz135914.i paid 57dollars for the works I was shown a menu off what I should have got but did not get any off these foods I got a small crumbed biscuit and was offered the choice off 2thai meals a salad or a hot beef meal I that was it I had the hot beef meal then noticed all the other passenersgers also had the same meal for free that was very poor I would like a refund or a another meal voucher ore I will travel on another airlinerobert stuart burns

Posted by Stepan

I bought a Work's Deluxe package which should've entitled me to Koru Lounge access. When I went to the Koru Lounge to gain access I was told I couldn't enter because they changed the program in June. The woman was rude, mean and confrontational! The airline has always been so-so but has tipped the scales over to bad to really bad! They seem to be following the American example of charge more for less! Avoid Air New Zealand at ALL COSTS!!!!! And, if you find yourself in the Auckland Airport at the Koru Club, make sure to give give Cheryll hell!!!!! But if you encounter Emma, she's pretty cute and kind!

Posted by Anonymous

Travel from Auckland to Gold coast loved air nz way back when they actually cared but now not so much now I think we cattle in cattle class is just that..ok if they have new staff teach them properly on doing there job properly.. We had the works package in our flight which I'll never do again because you don't get it..don't waste your money..the new girl never or forgot to activate our menus list on our screens which in turn missing out on many drinks and orther food items which is included in works package..brought it to there attention and begged for a drink as I could of had many but missed out due to new girl stuff up and being sick..what the he'll is she doing being a air hostess..we never got what we paid for..the food is crap..I was made out to be this bad person..never never again will I travel air nz again..being kiwi it sucks service with a fake smile.

Posted by Hank

I have flown with Air New Zealand many times now. Recently though, I am left with concerns about flying with Air New Zealand. I am a Star Alliance Gold, 1K status with United. On my last two trips with Air New Zealand, I was not treated well as a Gold Alliance member. I was hoping that there would have been some professional respect for a Star Alliance member. I was treated rudely and was shined on when asking a question. On my recent trip from New Zealand to Los Angeles, flight# NZ101, there was a very long delay in the flight which caused us to missed our connecting flight on United to Los Angeles. Seems there was a change in pilots ? When we arrived in Sydney, there was complete chaos at the Air New Zealand counter. Again, it seems it did not matter that I was a 1K Gold Card member to get any assistance for my wife and I. I took matters into my own hands, called United and they booked me on another flight. I am finding that Air New Zealand personnel are not showing special care for Gold status customers. It was apparent in this recent fiasco. It caused a costly delay as my wife needed to get back to our home in Los Angeles for immediate surgery the following day. The stress was unbelievable. As a global traveler for over 40 years, I am very disappointed with your service. I am not feeling confident that this feedback will be read or even responded to. This has been the track record thus far with Air New Zealand.

Posted by Anon

Never again Air New Zealand! Formerly one of the world’s best airlines (I have flow it many times across the Pacific), it is now an incompetent shambles, encouraged by its mow profit-hungry executives in joining the race to the bottom with other formerly good companies.
Despite following all its rules and repeatedly checking with airline personnel en route that our reservations were in order – and being assured they were – ANZ managed to overlook the International Date Line and told us on arrival in Auckland that we were a day late for our ongoing flights to and from Blenheim. We were required to cough up another $600 to complete these flights. Complaints to the “customer service” line were a joke of non-attention, and even stern letters to the president of the airline resulted in an instant brush-off without further investigation.
This airline is now obviously run by people from whom Russian oligarchs could learn a few lessons about contempt for customers. Take QANTAS or almost any other airline across the Pacific if you hope to be treated fairly and competently.

Posted by POKEMAN

On Monday 2nd February, 2015 my partner And I were on flight 090 ex Japan. Concerns on this aircraft was the it had not been cleaned up to standard as by my seat there were noodles. The light button did not work, nor did the attendant button. I do realise that the 767 is an old aircraft but the equipment should work and the aircraft especially on an international flight be cleaned.

Posted by Anonymous

the 75th book is not accurate and does not include a large number of incidents that were
news worthly etc.
this from a ex NAC and TEAl./Air New zealand staff.
Not impressed with this book like many old employes.

Posted by Anonymous

Was very disappointed with your customer service was at Auckland airport and went to your customer support their was only one person on the help desk because of a holdup with a ESTA cleaance she said she couldn't help and to go to the flight center and get them to help me because of the lack of staff one person at peak we missed our flight had 2 stay in Auckland for two notes accom etc taxis plus to get the next available flight an extra 120 dollars missed the accom in Hawaii and had to pay for accom when we weren't here .won't be traveling with you again [email protected]


On the 22nd of October we flew from LAX to Melbourne via Auckland. We booked and payed for prefer seating and boarding. The LAX Guy was good and announced when we could board the flight. The flight was OK but very cold but we had blankets. The flight NZ123 from Auckland to melbourne was a disaster! There were NO! announcements for priority boarding and we were the last to boarded. We had two carry on baggage and while walking through we saw empty space in the overheard compartment which we put our bags. We reached our seats 35J&K and the compartment was full. We were very abruptly told by a Senior female attendant Caroline? to remove our baggage which I did and asked for the attendant to find space for our 2 bags. I was told abruptly if they could not find a space they would remove the bags off the aircraft. I said if we were given the priority boarding which we paid extra for the problem would not have aroused. The male attendant did not have his ID on for obvious reasons! The flight was cold again and we requested blankets and given one to share. WE WILL NEVER FLY NZ AGAIN POST A OUR NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE WHEREVER WE CAN. THE PERSON TO PERSON INTERACTION MAKES OR BREAKS A COMPANY OR BUSINESS. I AM A FF WITH EMIRATES, QANTAS, QATAR, SINGAPORE AIR, VIRGIN AND FLY MANY MILES PER YEAR.

Posted by Very angry and disgruntled

On Wednesday 19th February 2014, I along with my cousin and her daughter had the most disgusting and horrific Customer Service experience(if you could call it Customer Service)by your staff at the Auckland International. We were sent from pillar to post because your staff did not know what they were doing. It started after we had printed our tickets from what we now know is what you call a Kiosk. (A Kiosk in Australia is like a shop, not an automated check in type machine.) Anyhow, once the tickets were printed we then proceeded to the bag drop off and to pay for our extra 2 bags for tagging. 1st unhelpful Customer Service lady. No you can't pay here, go and see anyone of our staff members where you printed you tickets standing by a blue screen and they can help you. 2nd unhelpful Customer Service lady. You can't pay for that here you have to go to the Customer Service Counter. (Please also note that each of your so called customer service people were directing and a giving these instructions begrudgingly and in a tone as friendly as a Mali Bull, gruff and grunt.) Now at the Customer Service Counter, the so called gentleman there, not a very good so call gentleman, was also most unhelpful. He said the first customer service person should have been able to assist at her end. He then started the interrogation about why we didn't do this and why we didn't do that and next time do all of this at the what we now know that you call your check in terminals a Kiosk. (Once again still VERY UNHELPFUL STAFF and still gruffing and grunting like a Mali Bull.) Now back to the baggage drop off to complete our baggage check in where once again 1st unhelpful so called customer service lady started doing the interrogation again because we had frozen food for which we were not told had to be checked in at another counter again. This of cause is after she had already sent a bag through with frozen food. Angrily you she said in a scolding tone, "Why didn't you tell me you had frozen food!"
"You didn't ask us if we had frozen food or any food of any description!". (BY THIS TIME TEMPERS WERE AT BOILING POINT). Finally a Customer Service Lady who knew what she was doing and was most apologetic about the way we were treated an said that we should submit a complaint in writing. The helpful lady was at the so call section where food and other misc. baggage had to be checked in.
Being a New Zealander living abroad I am absolutely disgusted in the kind of people you hire, especially in dealing with people face to face on a daily basis. WAKE UP 'AIR NEW ZEALAND' I feel ashamed to say that I am a New Zealander and especially Maori to boot.
Also, on my trip over to New Zealand I decided to join your frequent flyers program for which I am going to cancel. Goodbye 'Air New Zealand' hello "Emerites". I knew I should have stayed with them.


Posted by Anonymous

Have rung the number listed and get an unconnected signal. The reason for my phone call is that on about Wed 29th Jan I booked two tickets to Auckland for the 17th May
. I think the flight leaves about 230pm. The bookings were made under the names of Elaine Mansfield and Paul Mansfield. At this point I have not had an email with the confirmation or the flight details. The payment was made by Visa. thank you Elaine Mansfield

Posted by tifaltnt

On 13 March 2012, my wife and I left LAX on a trip to Port Moresby via Auckland. In LAX, we paid excess luggage for two extra pieces and had been expecting to pay such.
Our trip to Port Moresby took us through Auckland but there was no immediate flight out of Auckland for Cairns/Brisbane and thus we had a forced overnight. We were in Auckland less than 24 hours. When we went to the airport in the morning to check in, we were told that we had to pay an additional $270 to Port Moresby via Cairns. Had we been able to go straight through (which was our intention) we wouldn’t have needed to pay the extra as the pieces would have been ticketed all the way through to Port Moresby.

However, no matter what or how we explain the situation the to ticketing person and then to her supervisor, there was no changing their minds that we had to pay the extra $270. Normally when we fly from LAX to POM we fly with Qantas; but on this occasion, we discovered that it was cheaper for us to go through Auckland even though it added more hours on our flight time. Had we flown with Qantas, we would not have had to pay any further for excess other than what would have been charged at LAX.

Hence, flying through Auckland cost us not only time, which we were willing to accept with the cheaper tickets; but it also cost us an overnite at an airport hotel and the extra excess luggage costs when we departed. This has turned out not to be a cheaper flight, in fact, it has cost us more than it would have to fly with Qantas. As a result, we don’t anticipate flying with Air New Zealand again in the future because of the unreasonableness of the policy that caused us to overnite and then pay the excess. My wife and I belong to a large organization that works here in PNG, and we will probably encourage them NOT to fly with Air New Zealand. However, if we can receive a refund for the excess charges then we would certainly not follow through with discouraging our co-workers from flying with ANZ.

My wife and I have been traveling from the US to Port Moresby for the past 40 years and have NEVER experienced the difficulties we faced on this particular trip. I do hope that this issue can be reconciled so that we all benefit in the future.
Lastly, I contacted customer service a month ago, without any response. It was said that they reply within 7-10 business days. But, that time frame has been greatly extended to this point in time. My guess is that they are NOT interested in addressing the issue. Thanks, Al Boush

Posted by Tom Hackett

We have flown Air New zealand earlier and looked forward to our just past trip to New Zealand. We flew from San Francisco to Auckland on the 747, all went well in our premium economy seating. We looked forward to the new 77 airplane and the new seating in premium economy. What a disappointment, the seats are horrible. There is no substitute for something where there is a leg rest. We are going to Europe in Nov and had considered your airline to London even though it meant going from Phoenix to Los Angeles. No way now!! The premium economy seating is too unpleasant. Sorry that you lost another customer. T R Hackett

Posted by Anonymous

I booked an Air NZ with the Works return flight to Brisbane for last weekend and found it was a Pacific Blue flights. It was disappointing to receive a silverside wrap, glass of wine, small bottle of water and a small Whittakers chocolate bar. I'm not particularly fond of wraps but there was no alternative offered. There was a limited choice of entertainment plus the machine was a portable type which had to be removed when the food tray appeared. My expectations were not realised on both these flights. On recent flights to Sydney I've been provided with a hot meal, dessert and a bottle of wine. I'm very disappointed with the facilities on both these flights.

Janet Robinson

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Posted by Anonymous

On Friday 9th October, my partner and I arrived at the Auckland Domestic Terminal expecting to fly back to Wellington on the 10.45am flight. To our horror we found that our travel agent had made a mistake so we were unable to get on this flight. The Air New Zealand customer service person, Sharon, was marvellous in helping us sort out the problem and she went out of her way to help get us onto the 12.10 flight.
My partner and I would like Sharon's wonderful customer service skills to be acknowledged. We had been travelling for 5 weeks around Europe, no problems, so getting to Auckland and being faced with this problem was a bit of a setback. Sharon is an asset to the Air New Zealand Customer Service team. Thanking you Evelyn Hopkins and Dr Russell Taylor.

Posted by Dooger

1.Flew direct (economy) from Vancouver Canada to Auckland NZ on ANZ in July. Friendly, helpful, non-irritated staff; pillow, blanket & earphones on every; two full meals, alcohol provided, snacks (limited only be on-board supply) all included.
2. Flew (economy) from Auckland NZ to Melbourne Aus in July. Despite limitations printed on ticket - received full service. Staff as mentioned above. Easy to use some reward points on this flight.
Two excellent experiences for a first time with ANZ.

Posted by Craig

Took the Auckland to Sydney flight and the plane was amazing. Brand spanking new with all the bells and whistles. I fly United (which sucks) so this was a nice change of pace. Crew was very nice as well.

Posted by Anonymous

POSITIVE Comment!!!! I had the best experience with a customer service rep on the phone with sheryl from airnz
She was so helpful, went to a great deal of effort to help me with a complicated change and did it all with an engaging and friendly manner, I was very impressed.

Posted by Anna

Just one negative comment is that on our flight NZ725 from Melbourne to Auckland the staff didnt offer any beverages even though I was entitled to "the works". I had to go to an attendant and ask for my beverage. The attendance told me that it was a new plane and that the service system was different than usual and for me to go on the Air NZ website and comment on this. Otherwise my flights were great.

Posted by Anna

I was on 4 Air NZ flights on my holiday to Auckland and Melbourne. The staff on the plane were freindly and helpful and the services available were great.

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