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Air France customer service is ranked #552 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.76 out of a possible 200 based upon 137 ratings. This score rates Air France customer service and customer support as Terrible.


125 Negative Comments out of 137 Total Comments is 91.24%.


12 Positive Comments out of 137 Total Comments is 8.76%.

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Posted by Linda

Air France is the worst Airline to travel with. It is impossible to reach anyone who is responsible for anything. Due to technical Problems with Air France, the connecting flight was also missed and rerouted via Iberia. Then when the bags didn't arrive, the file was reported to Iberia, who managed to mix up tag number and passenger Information. All I Need to do is to match ticket number and tag number to make sure that the right bags are being looked for, but Iberia has no access to Air France files and when I call Air France to reconfirm tag number, they cannot give me any Information as the lost baggage Claim has been filed by Iberia. Why cannot I reach anyone who can help me with this? Air France is intransparent and after sales Service is a complete and utter disaster. 18 days later there is no sign of my luggage. Air France you Need PEOPLE to deal with Problems. Stop hiding behind anonymous call centres, who leave you hanging on the line for hours, only then to tell you that they cannot help you.

Posted by i ask free ticket

I have lost luggage June 8, 20 and I spent all 10 days in the Dominican Republic, sitting on the phone and find out where my luggage.Ã?â??Ã? It was a nightmare, not a resting. I began to rest in clothing that was on me, with a photo camera and some cash. I have not visited any excursions. I had to spend money to buy that was needed for my stay in the Dominican Republic and to maintain myÃ?â??Ã? Ã?â??Ã? life.

I found my baggage when I returned home from the Dominican Republic.

In the form of sympathy the Customer Service Department gave me a voucher for 100 euros non refundable . But none travel office doesÃ?â??Ã? not want to mess with the voucher and take it as a supplement to pay a ticketÃ?â??Ã? !!!Ã?â??Ã? So the ticket office at Boryspil and Kharkiv is too .

Ã?â??Ã? Ã?â??Ã? I ask :

1. change a EMD 0578236097627 voucher into refundable voucher ;Ã?â??Ã?Â

2. give me Ã?â??Ã? free Ã?â??Ã? ticket Kiev-Punta Cana - KievÃ?â??Ã? ( 1350 US dollars )

in March �¢ï¿½ï¿½ June 2017 for the period of 10 -11 nights.

It will be theÃ?â??Ã? humanitarian help to me from Air France company as a gift.I had wrote more 70 letters to Air France and nobody solves my problem !!!Customer servicesÃ?â??Ã? at Kiev and Moscow did not decide my asking!!!


Where to complain? To what address? To write?

I am 66 years old man .This is a mockery of a person.

Posted by THEA

Students From South Africa On A Scholarship Flew Air France To Germany. Their Luggage Has Been Lost Since 7 January . We Receive No Assistance From Air France Or Tegel Airport. These Children Are Stuck In The Cold Without Any Assistance.
They Have Been Called Back To The Airport Twice By Email, Only To Hear After A Two Hour Travel That Their Bags Are Lost Again.
Repeated Phone Calls And Emails Does Not Help.
Can Anyone Tell Me What To Do The Bags Have Been Reported We Have Track Numbers The One Bag Is Still Lost The Other Was Found Closed Tracking And Was Lost Again!!!!
Any Suggestions

Posted by HelenMason

We have had a terrible experience with Air France. Travelling in a large family group from London to China via Paris the long delay to the Paris flight saw us charging through Charles de Gaulle with no directions from any staff to a gate miles away which had been changed and finally arriving at our departure gate as the flight was leaving. Four bags delayed in transit with one (my nephew's car seat) still missing three days later. Awful.

Posted by Anonymous

hello, please help me to fullrefund my number is 2qxsz3, thank

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to make an official complaint regarding my recent on line booking experience with Air France.

I originally booked a ticket for my son to fly on 5 August 2015 until 18 August 2015 to stay with his father in Paris Flight reference number X9XP2Y

My son's date of birth is 7 August 2000.

I made the reservation on line and at no point was I prevented to continue the reservation despite submitting my son's age. There was an option box asking if he needed unaccompanied travel (but it was an option box) It not state this was obligatory? Perhaps the site was confused as Jack was travelling at age 14, but returning age 15?? I even asked my partner to check it over with me to make sure it was correct for me to proceed?

I received an email 30 hours before the flight on 3 August to book in on line. I tried several times to check in on line, only to be told there was an error and 'please try again later or check in at the airport'? After several attempts to check in on line, I decided to telephone Air France to find out what the problem was?

I was informed that Jack could not travel on that ticket as he was a youth and this was an adult ticket? I explained it allowed me to book this ticket on line, despite submitting his age and I was informed he could not travel on this ticket? I was then told to buy a new ticket and add the unaccompanied travel. They informed me the cost to obtain a new ticket on 5 August is the difference of £645????? Considering I paid £200 for the original return ticket, this was out of the question!

I explained that this was impossible and I could not pay that price. After speaking with various advisors as well as a manager, I was given no alternative but to arrange another ticket for two days later, when an outward ticket price was more affordable at £199. However, my son Jack was now missing out on two days holiday as well as having to travel on his birthday. His father was very disappointed and all arrangements for his vacation had to be changed.

To add insult to injury, when I received the amended ticket date, the operative sent the WRONG date (5 August 2015, when the amended date for the new ticket was now 7 August 2016)????

I then had to get back on the telephone and explain that the incorrect date of travel had been sent, despite arranging and paying for the new ticket for the 7 August 2015.

Eventually the NEW correct ticket was emailed to me and Jack, who turned 15 years old could travel on 7 August 2015 on an adult ticket, albeit missing two valuable days of his holiday.

I am extremely disappointed that the original ticket could not have been utilised and changed to a youth ticket as I was more then prepared to pay for any excess unaccompanied travel fee, but I was informed that this administrate action was not possible?

Can I suggest that you make it more clear on your website regarding youths traveling alone. A traveller should not be able to proceed and you should NOT take payment for a ticket if accompanied travel is necessary. The whole experience caused a lot of stress and unnecessary upset, not to mention a very disappointed young person who was looking forward to being with his father for his annual holiday. As well as this I had to pay the difference for the new ticket, which I don't believe was my fault. I feel very strongly that your on line booking system let me down!

Posted by Kathy

I was quite satisfied with the service ON all of the flights I took this summer with Air France. However, I was infuriated and shocked at the treatment I received with the ground staff at CDG airport on 7 June, 2015. My flight AF0489 from Chicago to Paris was 1 hr. 45 minutes late departing. Since I was scheduled to have only 1 hr. 10 minutes transit time in Paris before connecting to my Athens flight, I knew it was going to be tight, and was very anxious. The stewardess came to me 10 minutes before landing in CDG and showed me on a map the arrival gate and connecting gate. She advised me to run as fast as I could, and I might make it. This I did, pushing past people and flying down corridors, through immigration, and all the way to the next gate. I saw on the overhead departure board that my next flight was also delayed, and only boarding now. I reached the gate and took my place in the middle of the economy line. At least 30 people were behind me, and I already had my next boarding pass, so I was relieved. To my surprise, when I presented my boarding pass, I was told curtly that there was a problem with my pass, and to "move over there & wait", out of the way of the other passengers. When everyone else had boarded, the AF staff said that "We didn't think you would make the flight, so we gave your seat to someone else." Of course, with a confirmed seat and a boarding pass, I asked them to remove the standby passenger from my seat, since I was obviously there to take it before boarding had finished. I was told that it was an AF off-duty personnel who'd taken my seat, and I'd been booked on another flight 3 hours later. I said that my husband was waiting for me in Athens on this flight,AF1532 (DL8683) and I insisted that my seat be returned to me. The personnel were not at all willing to listen to me. They tore up my boarding pass, handed me one for a later flight and pointed me to the customer service desk. Tough luck. Customer service was no help, beyond listening and giving me a coupon for a sandwich. I asked to at least be upgraded on the next flight-- not even considered. My question is this: Why did my arriving flight personnel not radio/call the ground personnel to let them know I was running at breakneck speed to make the flight, and that I was in time to board? I was following their advice to run for it, and then dismissed once I tried to board at the same time as the other passengers. I expect a response to this letter. I am still furious, but if you do not answer and compensate me for your rude, inconsiderate service, I will not be using Air France again.

Posted by Smithy

Terrible, scarily cold corporate "service":
Regarding a family trip back to Europe from Asia, where we simply wanted to adjust one leg of a flight at the rate shown on the ticket schedule, our family (incl 2 young children) were left dangling all day by AF Singapore customer service where, after hours of calls and being on hold, their supervisor failed outright to execute the final, critical call which was promised and instead went home - leaving us little remaining time where we felt fored to pay for another airline (to resolve what we maintain was Air France's self-created problem in the first place). I did try to switch the enquiry to AF Europe, explaining we had been waiting and let down, but they just batted us straight back to the Singapore number, knowing full well we had no time and that the office was already closed for the day. My impression is their CS seems very used to dealing with unhappy customers and is geared towards damage limitation - certainly they have lost the ability to empathise and remain frostily uninterested in proactively resolving glaring issues. Overall an awful experience, we will actively AVOID using this company henceforth.

Posted by mgaax

How rare for a senior citizen to receive quality customer care! Supervisor Lori Simmons (Tampa Office USA) treated me with understanding, respect and is going above and beyond to assist us in our travel next year from LAX to Venice! How wonderful she is and how lucky I was to have found her by a simple phone call . Many thanks for all she has attempted. She is a quality employee and to me, the voice of AF!

Posted by Roger Paul Mills

Extremely disappointing service from Air France.
Generally I accept that now-a-days international travel has become something which one tolerates rather than enjoys. Under most circumstances there are issues with regards to the space allocated within the aircraft, it is cramped and generally uncomfortable, but as it is for a limited time, one generally puts up with it. However, on this last trip from OR Tambo to Paris, onto London, return to Paris and return to Johannesburg, I am afraid that Air France has managed to reach depths of incompetence and poor service that is somewhat incomprehensible for a major international airline.
It seems that they have no consideration of their passengers and their well-being they are merely a product to be transported from one place to another. And this is not only with their cabin crew, but also their level of technical maintenance. Allow me to elaborate. (I use the term outbound to describe travel to our first [final] destination and inbound to describe the return to our starting point)
On our outbound trip, JNB - CGD (AF0995 - Seats 39 H & J) was on an Airbus 380. We were seated towards the rear of the aircraft.
Firstly the technical issues:
1. The seat I was in had issues with the headrest which wouldn't stay in place without being held up.
2. The seat would only recline a very short amount, in comparison to the seats around me.
3. The touch screen infotainment system had a faulty sound socket, and I had to hold it in place to hear the sound which was intermittent and was either mono or on the odd occasion stereo.
4. The infotainment system on Brenda's seat was faulty also.
5. The cabin temperature was very high and I found this, in combination with being unable to set the chair in an appropriate position to sleep, made any form of rest impossible.
6. Being towards the rear of the aircraft, it seemed that one of the two meal choices was a popular item and as opposed to the usual "Chicken or Beef" offerings, it was "Chicken or Chicken." I do accept that this sometimes happens, but adding insult to injury the food was cold and completely inedible. When I pointed this out to the cabin attendant, they said they would take it away and re-heat it. To my point of view, this is an unacceptable practice, having prepared food heated and re-heated is not an acceptable way of operating. I was being told there was nothing they could do in a very aggressive manner, so I asked them to take it away, and I asked to speak with the purser.
7. The purser arrived and we had a discussion. I was offered other dishes, but by this time, I had lost interest in dining. This purser was very concerned that I would go the trip without eating, but I had at this point no appetite. She did return with some tidbits which she said if I was hungry, they could be consumed. In this instance, I believe that the purser acted in a way appropriate to the situation.
8. The breakfast meal prior to landing at CDG arrived promptly and it was hot and acceptable.

The onwards short haul flights [Outbound CDG-LHR] AF1680 (02/07) and [Inbound LHR-CDG] AF1681 (07/07) were uneventful.

On the final [Inbound CDG-JNB] AF0990 (Seats 31 F & G, 11/07) we were seated and yet again, shoddy maintenance was immediately apparent on the aircraft. With the pilot announcing that the departure was delayed for a short while, because of some problem with the aircraft, and then not bothering to inform the passengers about the problem, is very un-nerving. Passengers like to be re-assured, they are in an unfamiliar environment. However, the interaction with the cabin staff was to reach a low-level which I thought couldn't be reached. Allow me to elaborate:
Technical issues: yet again, a faulty touch screen infotainment system which was stuck between two pages. When one tried to select English, it reverted to a page on some technical issue with the aircraft. When one tried to return to the "home" page, it reverted to French. Things could only be accessed off the French page.
The gentleman seated next to me had a broken cup-holder, which remained in the out position. While these are not great issues, they point towards a lack of maintenance and pride in one's fleet of aircraft. It all goes towards public image.
The delivery of breakfast to my travelling companion was beyond belief. She is an ovo-lacto vegetarian and had ordered a special meal. The "breakfast" was a sight to behold.
Brenda's Comment from her Facebook Page:
"As I don't eat meat or poultry, I had ordered "ovo-lacto vegetarian" food. Normally with these things one gets some sort of hot egg dish with tomato or mushrooms, some fruit, some yoghurt and a bread roll and jam. What I got presented with was the following:
1. A hot dish that looked like warmed up mushy white rice topped with something unidentifiable that had been deep-fried in batter;
2. A caramel blancmange pudding;
3. Something that looked like it had once been fruit but which had been cooked to death in a sugar syrup so that it was in crystallised form - sort of like glace cherries but with its original fruit component unrecognisable
4. A stale and cold croissant.
I looked at this melange of concoctions, and decided that, actually, none of it was the kind of thing it would be in my interests to eat. Unreasonably high in sugar and fat, while devoid of protein or fibre, it was to my mind an irresponsibly devised meal. Consequently, when the steward came round with the general meals, I asked him to take it away and just give me one of the other meals. I could see that at least they had bread rather than croissants and fromage frais to eat with it. "No", he said, "You have ordered this special meal and this is the meal you get." I said "I can't eat this." His response was: "It is not my problem if you don't want to eat your food."
I observed this interaction and it was done with an unacceptable amount of aggression n the part of the cabin staff member. At this point, I asked to speak with the purser. I have spent many years travelling as a journalist and I have never encountered such arrogance. The purser arrived and we explained the situation, and Brenda was trying to point out the inadequacies of such a meal, but we could see it was falling on deaf ears. It was evident that to the cabin crew we were just an irritant who would be leaving the aircraft shortly, and good riddance. I asked both of these crew members to identify themselves, but was told that is not airline policy. So it is impossible to identify individual crew members who you believe re acting inappropriately.
Shortly thereafter, the senior purser arrived, and had a discussion and indicated that if we wished to lodge a complaint, he had forms at the front of the aircraft. However, at this point, I indicated that I would be taking this matter up with the Air France Head Office. It is very easy to take a written complaint and put it in file 13 (The dustbin) and hoping that the client will never take it further. (Just as an additional comment, there were four of us in our row, a veterinarian, a medical student, myself and Brenda. The three of us who were given a "normal" breakfast, all failed to eat it, because it was unpalatable. I would seriously question the dietician who concocted such meals, as I believe they are completely inappropriate from a breakfast perspective.)
Some General Comments.
Having been journalist since the 1970's, I have travelled on many different airlines to many different parts of the globe. There have always been airlines which have been regarded as a step above the rest, and I had always believed that Air France was amongst these. I have travelled many times on your "partner" airline, KLM and have always been highly impressed with their levels of service and catering. And as an impression to do with national issues, one would expect Air France catering to be in line with the concepts of French food and certainly a step above the other airlines. (And certainly with food emanating from your home base, which obviously should be a cut above remote supplies.)
However, in terms of aggressive behaviours and staff attitude, I am shocked. In terms of evidence of visible poor maintenance I am shocked. This would surely make me feel that on any future travels to Europe, avoiding Air France would be a priority.
But further to my own observations, I would be more than interested to have some information from your dietary panel with regards to the nutritional basis of planned meals which are presented on board your aircraft. What you may consider is some form of on-board video programme, explaining your dietary protocols. I think as a general impression, the French love of good food naturally should translate to the national airline, something which it fails to do given what I have seen in terms of the foods presented to me on these recent flights.
Paul Mills

Posted by migratingnorth

Goodbye after 11 years.

I have been an Air France customer since 2004, and my husband, since 2009. I have been flying to Paris once or twice a year and I have never experienced
a flight delay with Air France before.

On 30 Jan 2015, the daily Air France flight from Singapore to Paris was due to take-off at 1.05am and was delayed due to
the fact that Air France had not got clearance from air traffic control to fly over Afghanistan or Algeria.

Because of that, all passengers who were on board the flight had to wait in their seats at Singapore Changi Airport for over an
hour before the plane could take-off.

Our flight AF259 was due to arrive in Paris Charles De Gaulle airport at 8.05am on the 30 Jan 2015. However, the flight arrived in Paris at 9.30am.
As a result of Air France's flight delay and with the luggage only being released at 9.45am, by the time we rushed to the connecting terminal, the plane had already departed.
Because of our previous flight delay by Air France, we had missed not one but two connecting flights for Edinburgh via London at 10.40am.

We had to purchase a new set of tickets immediately in order to reach our destination.

Upon arriving back in Singapore, we wrote in to the customer service just as we were told at the Air France office in Paris. Two weeks passed with no response
from Air France so we called up the customer service hotline.

We were shocked to be told that no one was assigned to handled our case ever since we lodged our complaint two weeks ago.

The next day, Air France e-mailed us and said that they are unable to accept any liability for any loss due to the "unexpected nature" of this incident.

There is nothing "unexpected" if this is a daily routine for a daily flight from Singapore to Paris.

Due to the fact that Air France has one of the shoddiest customer service (The customer service department is only opened weekdays from 9.30am to 11am and 1pm to 2.30pm) and prefers to avoid all blame than admit that they made a mistake, fess up and reimburse
their clients for any loss incurred due to the irresponsibility of Air France staff and/or management, we are sad to conclude that this airline does not value loyalty or customers.

Therefore, we are unable to fly with such an airline. neither would paris be the anchor destination in any of our future vacation/ plans.

Goodbye after 11 years.

Posted by KPQO

I was flying from Paris to Phnom Penh via Bangkok (AF166) the 27th March. 3 hours delay in Paris seating in the plane, no communication whats or ever about the issue or way forward. We even did not get any snack or drinks while waiting in the plane. Result, I misses my next flight and arrived at 1PM instead on 9am in Phnom Penh.
had to run across Bangkok airport to get my boarding pass changed. No support, no communication.
Very clear reason to choose Thai airways to fly back to France!

Posted by Anonymous

I'm very disappointed from the poor level of service that i have received from your co while travelling on flight no AF0065 & AF0508 los angeles- paris & paris- cairo. Where 3 of our luggage delayed and arrived two days later . I have told the co's rep. that i live in alex and i have to travel in the same day back home and i need the luggages to be delivered to my home address but they confirmed that it's impossible and no one else can recieve them and i have to go to airport only from 9am to 12 am to receive the luggages. Knowing that it is your co's fault in the first place . Furthermore, i have traveled today from alex to cairo (absent from work) to receive them and on my way back home, i have received a message from air france informing me that my luggages are at the airport and they will send them to my address. It's totally unacceptable to treat your client's in irresponsible way(telling me its impossible) and one of the luggage received ruined its not the expected quality of service to receive from your side

Posted by markwadham

Having been delayed by 3 hours 40 minutes I completed an on-line form to request compensation as determined by EU law. Over 2 months later I have still not received any response other than the automated sending of a survey to evaluate their response! This company is a joke, and if this the level of their customer service they deserve to go under.

Posted by Anonymous

I haven't even left on my trip yet and I'm already extremely dissapointed with Air France's customer service.

Every month or so from when I booked my flight (Nov 2014) to when I actually leave for my flight (March 2015), they send a automatically generated email with my flight details and booking info. But every month, the email has different information then what my original booking was, even though I haven't made any changes. This month, the email decided to change me and my travel companions seats, so now we are 20 rows apart, instead of right next to each other like I had booked.

I call the customer service number everytime I get this email, after being on hold for an average of 30minutes minimum, they say there is nothing they can do and that the changes are already made. They are always extremely rude on the phone, and seem like they are just trying to finish the call even though I still have many questions and complaints. The only thing they care about is making money, even if their poor customer service ends up changing your trip. Not once did they even apologize. Hopefully the actual flight itself from Toronto to Rome makes up for their lack of customer service, otherwise I'm never traveling with Air France again. Switching to Alitalia, who always have excellent customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Today i was to fly back to the United States where i live by Air France, after checking in online. Getting to the airport almost two hours before departure, they will not let me board except I live my luggage behind which i refuse and as a result they will not let me board. They have to reschedule and with that, I am asked to pay for the reschedule. This will be my last time of flying Air France.

Posted by Anonymous

I was a business passenger at Logan Airport traveling to Paris flight 333. I was extremely displeased by the way some employeeS carry themselves. The most people on counters were doing their jobs while the people in counters 77 and 78 were not doing anything but talking. The lady in counter 77/78 was doing nothing but be on her phone. When i walked up to the gentleman there he rufely sent me back. Now, I may have made the mistake of not wanting to go to the sky priority line because I was already in the front, but I don't believe that was acceptable. After checking in I sat down to watch a bit more and nothing had changed. If the policy for customer assistance and ticketing (counter 77-78) is to not check in passengers then they should at least learn how to say things politely.

Posted by Anonymous

Please be advised that I have completed the Passport Documentation update with Air France by phone on December 19, 2014. Reference No. 55WACA. I also have confirmed my Seat Selections from Seattle SeaTac Airport to London Heathrow Airport for December 24. I continue to receive e-mails from Air France.

I have not been able to confirm my Seat Selection on the Return Flight on January 1, 2015.

Gary Jurkowski
[email protected]

Posted by Anonymous

My son and daughter- in-law were scheduled to fly on Air France on April 17 of this year. Their locator number was 2039FR, and the flight was SFO to CDG at 3:50pm.

They were never told about rules governing parts of the EU--the Schengan Area to be specific, that doesn't allow any US citizen to enter without at least 90 days remaining on their passports after they are scheduled to leave. Even though there was no statement of any kind on your website pages or on the ticket confirmations sent by you, they arrived at the airport with valid US passports and were smugly turned away.

I have been told by your employees that communicating about these rules is not Air France's responsibility. Mr. Paul Tripp and Ms. Anna Ford of customer relations told me repeatedly that it is not Air France's fault if a passenger doesn't know all the complicated rules of foreign travel. Ms. Ford even suggested that passengers are told when they book their flights to check with their embassies. I had to laugh.

In all my years as a traveler, I know I have never been told to check with my embassy.

I get it. You don't HAVE to do anything but sell the ticket, bank the money and break people's hearts when you tell them you can't go.

Do you really want to do that? Do you want to look like the heartless bad guy and loose your passenger's trust and good will? Do you want them to tell all their friends and their friends? Wouldn't it be a simple thing to put a little note on your website, maybe put a little warning on the confirmation emails you send that explains this issue?

Something like:

Please check with your embassy before traveling for current rules and regulations. Even current valid passports may not be accepted in certain countries.

Your inability to communicate cost me a great deal of money. The apartment in Paris was paid for and remained empty. But it's more than that. I am a stage four cancer victim and I had planned this trip as a wonderful last remembrance for my family. A time to share with my son and daughter. A memory for all of us to carry forward.

Do you care????

Probably not. Mr. Tripp and Ms. Ford had the words, but no understanding. I don't think they cared about anything but getting off the phone.

It's easy to say sorry in a half-hearted way. It's harder to think something through and make it easier for your passengers to travel.

Ms. Ford says you will reply to my comment within thirty days. I am waiting. I guess I have 30 days.

Linda Baxter

Monte Sereno California

Posted by Anna_984

My flight was booked over the phone incorrectly and my surname was spelled incorrectly.

After getting confirmation I called Air France to get the e-ticket changed, they told me that it cannot be done and that I would need to get a full refund on the price of the original and book a new ticket. They also told me that prices have changed and that i would need to pay the difference. After much arguing with them which didn't get anywhere, I agreed to get refund and book a new ticket.

My refund was processed in November 2013 and the money did not get refunded until March 2014 eventhough they told me the policy is 3 weeks. During, this 5 months period I had to call them at least once a week to chase the refund and at some point escalated this issue. They were very rude, at times raising their voice and kept telling me to be patient. How patient should one be if it takes them 5 months to refund the ticket price???

I made at least 20 calls which are actually chargeable and when they finally did process they did not return the full amount! When we called them they said on their system it says it was fully processed and they can't help me any further and I should be contacting my bank. I have done so and of course my bank just confirmed the amount that was transferred.

I will never ever again fly with Air France as they caused me so much unnecessary stress and frustration.


Posted by Anonymous

On May 8th i flew with AF 0356 from paris to Toronto in seat 37B and had the most awful flight ever with any Company .there where 2 Screaming Kids behind me 2or more Babys just accross in front and nothing was done by any Staff other the shrug there shoulders my TV Screen was totally scrached the food was dlivered very late after verybody had eaten already i did not get what i ordered what i got was some old mush of tomato and zucchini a luke warm totally overcooked Tortellini that didn't taste of anything a Insult to any Person hardly a response from the Service took more the 20 minute to get a Bottle of White Wine and by opening i got cut on the Metal Cap another Inconvenience.Needless to say i did not use my Return Ticket and will never again fly AF this was the and last time with AF

Posted by Anonymous

Whom it may concern,

After loosing the luggage of a passenger

( Jana Schraven) of Air France from Paris to Santiago, Chile, I called to help her with the process from here in Chile. Cecilia Luna attended the phone call that I made at aprox� 2:00pm� April 8th. I hope you recorded this call because she is the without a doubt the rudest person I have EVER dealt with on the phone. This is customer service???

She said exactly 6 times ... as I previously indicated..insulting me and my ability to retain what she was saying. I pressed the English button but she insisted on speaking in Spanish. I told her that I was so sorry but I was a little slow, thinking she would be a little empathetic but it didn't work. If this is the voice of AIR FRANCE, such a prestigious airlines, I suggest you change the voice, tone and attitude if you want to keep your airline's good reputation. I was sincerely offended by her. When she asked if there was anything else? I said, Yes, maybe a smile in your voice and a little niceness.

Obviously she hates her job and her life.

Good luck with her and I do expect some kind of acknowledgement.

Have a pleasant day,


Posted by lACE

Air France never responded to the claims after 10 days even after a month! I had to file four claims,sent 3 letters including one to the head office and several telephone calls. I still haven't had no results after Air France empoyee cause me and my husband to miss our vacation. They are not honest. I won't use them or their sister airline any more. I will use use British air. They are honest and do respond and fullfill their mistakes

Posted by Anonymous

Flight from Paris CDG to Johannesburg delayed and I (and many others) missed connections. AF ground crew did not rearrange onward connections and abandoned us to the mercy of SAA who were not able to assist us. about 30 of us were sent from one end of airport to the other. Air France crew were rude, unhelpful and incompetent. Most passengers ended up having to purchase new airtickets for connections. I ended up waiting for 5 hours after begging for help. I was finally issued a new ticket with all the rudeness possible, and after all reasonable connections to Cape Town had left. I have never encountered such incompetence and rude behaviour from airline ground crew. They were just useless.

Posted by Mour

Back from overseas, ALG to IAD (10/04/13),I was suppose to get an upgrade to Premium Economy, since the agent didn't received a confirmation from AF in the US prior to my return, I was declined, after trying to talk to the supervisor at the AF desk at the ALG's airport who was extremely RUDE (was insulted with different names and told you don't deserve to fly w/AF), wanted to talk to their manager (chef d'escale).he was busy. after 30 mn of talking with another AF agent, the supervisor told me I don't register now, he'll close the flight and I'll be responsible to buy another ticket and nothing can do for me.
I have been flying back home for over 15 years and never had a such HORRIFIC SITUATION where an agent used derogatory words in front of a 100 passengers who where listening and watching

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

AF406,January 21/2016.Seat 46C. I suffered a traumatic health incident & cannot exaggerate how helpful the cabin team were.They were simply EXCELLENT in every way. Well done AF406 cabin crew & thank you all.Well done Air France.

Posted by Anonymous

MY MOST SINCEREST THANKS AND GRATITUDE to the Air France lady and her colleagues that helped me with my ticket problems on the 10th of October. She answered my call to the US toll free line. I phoned from Toronto airport on a pay phone. I had a glitch in my arrangement. The ticket was made out to Dave not David so it did not match my passport. I was not allowed to board the first of my several flights from Toronto to Thailand. My booking agent was unresponsive. Out of desperation I phoned Air France US. No one at Toronto Airport could or would help me. SHE DID try and was successful. My hat is off to her. Her colleague, I think, was named AJ. This was between 16:30 to about 19:10 hours October 10th. To the dear Lady with the New York type accent. Your Beautiful and I love You. You will never be forgotten

Posted by megshoe

I accidentally double booked myself for an Air France flight to Frankfurt through the discount site Student Universe they were utterly unwilling to help me (with refunds, changing the name on the ticket, etc) and sent me confusing and contradictory information. When I finally called Air France directly, their customer service was wonderfully helpful, sympathetic, and informed. They ended up issuing me a refund for my ticket (even though it was technically "non-refundable") and I re-purchased the ticket under the right name. I couldn't have been happier with the way Air France handled the situation and cleaned up the mess that Student Universe created.

Posted by Anonymous

I came across this website while looking for a customer service number to call Air France, and I was horrified at the comments. I very quickly found a number and called through to a 24 hour service, where I was answered within 1 minute, given another number to call specifically for reservations, by a very polite and helpful lady. I called the next number and was answered within 2 minutes of inputting some text phone info, and again had my rather difficult query about my booking by a travel agent, dealt with in a very understanding and polite way. Despite the fact that Air France were not responsible for my travel agent's error, the Air France agent was helpful in giving me all the information he could about the options available to me, and patient with my questions. Having had several bad phone experiences with other companies this week, I felt it important to return to this site to record this positive experience. I am sorry if other people have a bad experience of Air France employees, I can only re-iterate that the two I have come across were extremely human and helpful. And the phone answered quickly

Posted by Anonymous

I am taking the time to write this as in the process of trying to find a customer service number online I saw a lot of negative comment about Air France Customer Service. I found a number which was answered nearly immediately, by a very helpful lady who answered my query and provided me with the information I needed to call the reservations dept and also the correct number. I called reservations and had to answer a few touch pad questions as per usual. My call was answered by a rep within 2 minutes, much better service than most places these days. The rep was very patient and helpful with my rather difficult query and I was overall impressed with the level of understanding and courtesy I received.

Posted by sewcoolsue

I flew on Air France flight 10 from Paris to JFK/New York on Monday, August 13th, 2012. Although I flew this flight a year ago and was quite happy, this year was a different story. First, they put us on a bus and drove us to the opposite end of CDG airport where we had to walk across the tarmac and climb the stairs to the 747. Then we were seated in cramped quarters with no televisions like we had last year. This was unfortunate since the duration of the flight was over 7 hours. It was an uncomfortable and boring flight. The only upside to this was that the flight crew was very nice, and the pilot gave us a relatively non-bumpy flight.

Posted by PAJ

Travelling from Rabat to Bristol we narrowly missed a connection Paris CDG. The staff at CDG were very helpful and polite and arranged overnight accommodation and early morning escort so no complaints.

Posted by Maria Keane

I think Air France have great customer service. Booking flights with them is excellent over the phone! They really try to help you as much as possible!

Posted by Italian traveler

The courtesy of American customer service is excellent.
In contrast, the French one is the worst.

Posted by Loul

Frequently use airfrance to fly between USA, Africa and the middle east. Great service!! Always on time and to date, never lost a bag!! Food is ok and as a business class passenger, the seats are good

Posted by Mad Doc

Wonderful service.
The situation: A friend of mine asked I check on her husband, last Friday. (15 APR 2011) She in France and I in California. To make a long story short, he had passed away.
I contacted her in France and informed her. I started to look for information on emergency flights etc. and found this site.

In reading some of the user comments, I called the 1-800 number with the anticipation of having to deal with much the same attitude.

A Lady named Rose answered the phone and she was the most polite, sincere and understanding representative Iíve had the pleasure of talking to in some time. I explained the situation and she said
she would most certainly assist. I called my friend, asked her to call the 800 number listed and they would work with her.

Although an 800 number, my friend happened to contact Rose, the same Lady I talked to. In a matter of minutes arrangements were made. The next day my friend went to the terminal and the lady talked to the supervisor, a few forms and verification were done and she was on the way home without conflict,
extra fees, hassle, which was the last thing she needed.
She said Rose was sincerely polite, caring and understanding and took care of everything. So to you Rose, we both are so grateful, and I for one canít thank you enough for taking care of a friend.

My friend said all the airline staff were pleasant, polite and wonderful and made an otherwise difficult situation
much more bearable. So to those of you that had difficulties, I am sorry, but for myself and my friend ~
Thank you to all the wonderful staff and especially a Lady named Rose who immediately and completely made this a much less difficult situation.

Richard T

Posted by Sally

My luggage was lost but the people at the Montreal hub really helped me out. They also offered me a food voucher but I declined. Overall they did their best.

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