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Air Canada customer service is ranked #523 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.76 out of a possible 200 based upon 323 ratings. This score rates Air Canada customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


296 Negative Comments out of 323 Total Comments is 91.64%.


27 Positive Comments out of 323 Total Comments is 8.36%.

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    • 30.76 Overall Rating
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    • 296 negative comments (91.64%)
    • 27 positive comments (8.36%)
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Posted by Customer 1

Phone service is criminal. Canada's national airline. They treat their customer needs for telephone help with utter disregard and contempt.

Posted by anonymus

boarded a flight 3 hour delay had to make another fight before i could get my laptop through shipping lost it lawsuit being filed

Posted by Anonymous

i could not agree to others more... lately we had our share of hell with air canada in vancouver BC to shanghai. i wasn't there but when my wife and son were boarding, she was denied boarding due to her married name and maiden name mismatch. when she tried to explain you didn't need passport to enter HK and China, this ridiculous asian agent refused to listen, was beyond rude and unprofessional. she even asked other agents not to talk to my wife. This not only caused us a ticket and 48 hrs of crazily finding another airline to make our trip (happily my wife insisted my son should travel since his IDs were good), but a total distress and anxiety for my holiday vacation. why does airline not air canada not doing something about their terrible, terrible agents is beyond me. For me, i'm looking at what legal actions i may take against them. This is totally ridiculous !!!

Posted by Anonymous

The AirCanada flight agents are totally racist people, very rude and incompetent. In the Calgary airport, the flight agent made a big mistake on our flight booking information and then when I confronted her, she referred me to her manager who told me that I should not rely on what the AirCanada agents tell me, I should check their website.
One of the agents that was checking our bags asked us how long we are going to stay in the UK. I was surprised, why he is asking this, and then I asked him, why do you ask this question? He tried to bully me and told me that I will cancel your flight. It is my job to ask you this question.
I travel a lot and this was the first time when I am leaving a country a flight agent asked me this question and tried to bully me. After I refused to answer his question, he shouted at me: "Leave this area immediately" "Why don't you go back to your country?" Seriously?

Posted by MikeR

Never fly Air Canada. This airline is a logistical nightmare. We missed a connection home to the U.S. in YYZ due to 3 "minor" maintenance delays out of YVR. We got stuck in Toronto overnight, and were given a 1-night hotel voucher. The airline could not get us another flight home to RDU for 3 additional days. I was able to get us to a different airport 2 and 1/2 hours from our final destination the next day and rent a car home after some persistence and creativity. We were told by the airline twice to retrieve our bags in YYZ so we could take them through customs, and were told twice by baggage services in YYZ we could not retrieve our bags. We were assured, however, the bags would be on our new flight to CLT. We arrived in CLT; our bags did not. There was no one from Air Canada at the airport to help us - the ticket desk was closed when our flight arrived, and so was baggage services (we arrived at 6:00 p.m. on a Saturday at a major hub). We were told to go to United Airlines for assistance, a member of Star Alliance and a sister airline, but 3 different UA employees told us they could not help because they do not have access to AC's baggage system. All we could get is an 800 number and an unhelpful person on the line after a hold. Our bags finally arrived in CLT, not RDU, two days later. I've been able to determine they are currently now in IAD for some reason. I assume they might make it back to us eventually. Dealing with Air Canada was a constant frustrating experience filled with miscommunication and misinformation from the airline. When they invite you to share your experience with them, you'll get an email saying you'll get a response in 15 business days for general commentary, 30 business days for baggage concerns, and up to 5 weeks for baggage tracing. Apparently, this airline cannot do anything in a timely fashion.

Posted by om

On my return from edmonton to toronto, I was not issued boarding pass and denied boarding the flight just because my last name was not there on passport but I happened to mentioned during ticket booking. I was not guided for any alternative for this issue or negligence of mine rather I was insisted to buy new ticket. I waited two hours on the airport but there was no response. However, when I called Air Canada when no option was left, they told me the name could have been made prior to flight departure. I was not provided with this information while I was on airport and begging them for help and alternative. Customer service at the airport was the worst. When I had to travel to Edmonton from Toronto via Westjet, I was not at all questioned for the same ticket. It was the worst experience ever. Now finally travelling to Toronto through Westjet. The best service ever.

Posted by AirDelayed

For the last 2 years, Air Canada was the worst airline to travel with. Delays, lost baggage, crew member missing, no pilots, mechanical failures. I don't fly often, about twice a year. Customer Support? Do they have any?

Posted by McG

When necessary to call the reservations line AC think nothing of telling clients that up to a 1 '40" is and acceptable business practice. That means AC has no problem letting their customers wait on a telephone line as opposed to increasing their call centre personnel. No wonder they are so disliked. If their crony government sponsors ever opened up Canada to a functioning competitive airline market place AC would not last 1 year.

Posted by china blond

I have been calling for two days and only get a busy signal. I want to confirm an online flight purchase..

Posted by fredericton airport

My special needs brother was denied access to travel at the Fredericton airport because his care giver arrived at 10:20 for a 10:55 flight AC 7669. There was supposed to be a wheelchair ready for him but his care giver was asked to step aside while he processed other tickets. He then told her to come back at 6 for a later flight. She is now waiting in Fredericton with my fragile brother for the whole day before returning to Blackville.

Fredericton is a very small airport and the distance time would be less then 5 minutes but no effort was taken to ensure that Ron Kitchen make his flight.

This is discrimination and lack of compassion from Air Canada and should be addressed immediately.Meta Maclean

Posted by ChipsnFish

888 number constantly busy. Can't even get in a queue. Jeez! And this is from the self-proclaimed 'best airline in North America'. Would be good if they served the same Kool-Aid they are drinking on their planes.

Posted by Ammu

How we could trust an airline.. If they are showing unresponsive atitude after the incident also....we could learn a lesion from this... Hoping the airline will do something in this case

Posted by chandrasekharanchans

Ref. No.ABDA-YVU576

Mathrubhumi TV News

Painter to sue international carriers

Painter Chandrasekhar lost 65 paintings due to the negligence of international carriers Air Canada and Ethihad Airways. �Chans� to friends, he was returning to India after a 48-day trip to Canada, after successfully exhibiting his select artistic output of 4 decades. The canvases securely packed in a hard shell box, laptop, tablet, camera and $ 7,200, proceeds of painting sales, carried initially as hand luggage but changed to baggage at Toronto, were all missing on landing here. Worse was the of the 2 carriers, which kept on passing the buck to each other. They wanted him to settle for a compensation of $1,200, while he claims $46,913. He plans to approach the Consumer court.

Posted by chandrasekharan

I am an artist, known by the pen name Chans. I was a former Executive Committee Member of the Kerala Lalitha Kala Akademi and a member of the Kerala Sahitya Akademi, both being governing bodies of art and literature in the State of Kerala, India. I had won various awards, including the first A.S Illustration Award in 2005. I had worked as Art Director in various films and has done illustrations for various prestigious publications such as India Today, Deshabhimani, Vanitha, Madhyamam, Malayala Manorama, Chithrabhumi,Janashakti, KalaKaumudi,etc. My paintings have been exhibited in various places such as Abu Dhabi and Canada to great acclaim, at various popular art exhibitions including the Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy State Exhibition (2004-05) and the Pen to Graphics Exhibition (2005). At present, I am working for Samakalika Malayalam Varika under the Indian Express group of newspapers.

Following an invitation from admirers of my work, I spent 48 days in Canada, visiting different provinces such as Alberta (Edmonton), Toronto and Newfoundland. Many of my original works and paintings were sold in these provinces, for a total sum of 7200 Dollars. I also conducted an exhibition at Newfoundland. After the exhibition at Newfoundland, I removed all the frames from my paintings and packed them (a total number of 65 paintings) in a hard shell box for transporting back to India. I also packed my work file for the publication I am now working for in the said box. The said hard shell box, containing the items mentioned above, was booked as luggage, along with another box, for my return flight trip to Calicut (Kozhikode). Other than that, I had a hand luggage, wherein my expensive acrylic paints, brushes, laptop, camera, tablet and the money received from selling my paintings were kept.

I boarded a flight operated by Air Canada from Goose Bay Airport (YYR) at 7.10 PM on 19-6-2014. The said flight being delayed due to bad weather, I missed my connecting flight from St. JohnÃ?Æ?Ã?¢Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½s NL Airport. I was neither offered a delayed flight from St. JohnÃ?Æ?Ã?¢Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½s NL Airport by Air Canada nor given accommodation so as to catch the next flight from St. JohnÃ?Æ?Ã?¢Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½s. Instead, Air Canada transported me to Toronto, a journey which took more than 4 hours, to see if I could get a connecting flight from there on the same day. However, there being no such connecting flight, I was forced to stay that day in Toronto, after having unnecessarily travelled those extra hours. On 20-6-2014, during the security check at Toronto Airport, I was forced to surrender my hand luggage containing the items above mentioned. and was told that my hand luggage would be returned to me at Calicut (Kozhikode) Airport.

Thereafter, I was forced to undergo the most harrowing journey of my life, without adequate money, food, toiletries or clothing at London Airport. I had to undergo hospitalisation after I reached home as a result of my miserable travel. In the meantime, when I enquired with Etihad airways at London Airport about my baggage, I was told that no information about the same had been received from Air Canada. After I reached Calicut (Kozhikode) Airport, I was shocked to learn that my luggage was missing. I had put in a claim with Etihad Airways on the said day itself. After I listed out the articles contained in my luggage of a total value, amounting to 46,913 Dollars.

Ten days later, Etihad Airways informed me that one of my bags was traced from Air India and that the other bags had not been passed on by Air Canada to Etihad Airways. All my original work was in the luggage that is still untraced. My work file was also in the luggage and so I could not submit them to my employers, thereby putting my job at risk. The other valuables that were in there, my paints, money, equipment, etc. are all gone. I contacted Etihad airways on a daily basis, but to no avail. I had also contacted Goose Bay Airport (YYR) but Air Canada informed me that my loading chart could not be given to me as the equipment was broken and thus luggage could not be scanned at the relevant time. Subsequently, Etihad Airways informed me in writing that it could grant only 600 Dollars to me as compensation for each of my baggage. This sum is ridiculously low and cannot in any manner compensate me for the loss of my original paintings. The estimated value of my valuable works will come to 39,000/- Dollars on the basis of the sums received by me by sale of my paintings in Canada.

Subsequently, on 10-7-2014, I received from Etihad Airways at Calicut airport my hand luggage in a severely damaged condition. All items, including the 7200 Dollars received by me from sale of my paintings, laptop, Ipad, etc. were missing from the said hand luggage.

On 1-7-2014, I made a complaint (Ref. No.ABDA-YVU576) to Air Canada in this regard. I sent various reminders, including two to Air Canada on 12-7-2014 and 2-8-2014. In the last reminder mentioned above, I requested nothing but that Air Canada should take all efforts to trace out my missing baggage, as a commercial airline with a reputation for doing its best for its customers and pointing out how valuable the creative works and equipments are to an artist like me. All required documents, including photographs of the damaged hand luggage traced out, were forwarded to Air Canada. However, apart from a communication on 28-8-2014 offering an apology and an attempt to cast the responsibility solely on Etihad Airways, Air Canada has done absolutely nothing in the matter.

It is obvious that both the airlines are trying to evade responsibility for the sheer negligence that has occurred in the matter. A blatant deficiency in service has occurred on the part of both the airlines in handing over my luggage to me. I am entitled to be compensated for the loss of my valuable paintings and equipments and also for the mental agony and anxiety caused to me by their actions and omissions. In view of their totally indifferent attitude,(Etihad Ref:267345) I had been waiting for the last three months to get a favorable reply from them, but they could not give me my luggage and even the compensation what I claimed. After three months, I was forced to tell the medias about it. And it become a hot news in all the medias.

I am left with no option but to take appropriate proceedings to get back my luggage or to obtain adequate compensation from the airlines.

Mathrubhumi News TV

Painter to sue international carriers

Kozhikode: Painter Chandrasekhar lost 65 paintings due to the negligence of international carriers Air Canada and Ethihad Airways. to friends, he was returning to India after a 48-day trip to Canada, after successfully exhibiting his select artistic output of 4 decades. The canvases securely packed in a hard shell box, laptop, tablet, camera and $ 7,200, proceeds of painting sales, carried initially as hand luggage but changed to baggage at Toronto, were all missing on landing here. Worse was the of the 2 carriers, which kept on passing the buck to each other. They wanted him to settle for a compensation of $1,200, while he claims $46,913. He plans to approach the Consumer court.

Posted by Anonymous

It is nearly impossible to reach them by phone at their toll free line in order to amend my existing reservation. I attempted to call this morning, and the line was busy. I tried again this afternoon and the wait for a customer service agent was estimated to be between 50 minutes to 1 hour, 10 minutes. Who has the that much spare time to waste on the phone?

Posted by jo

Asked tech svc air canada to help report a scam/fraud that wad taking place by cell phone and they basically said not my department. .. and contact us only for that type of service. ..then I requested if they cud relay where to call or cud there service place report for me..they then atomatically ended our chat...bamm....not limpressive?

Posted by Niokolo

I am writing this email to request reimbursement of a fare that I was forced to pay this Saturday July 19 2014 at the Washington DCA airport on flight AC7359 for my son .

On March 28-2014 I bought tickets to travel with my wife and son to Washington DC for my son's 2nd year birthday. We were to return on July 19 which is a day after my son 2nd birthday.

While purchasing the tickets from Air Canada website I was notified infants must be added by calling AC reservation after you've completed your booking online. that I could only pay for my ticket and that I had to call Air Canada after the purchase to pay for my son's ticket by providing his date of birth and my reservation number.

I called Air Canada right away with the required information ( My reservation and his date of birth. The agent advised me that although my son will turn 2 years old during the trip all I needed to pay was the taxes to cover for the round trip. I gave him my credit card and he charged me for the round trip taxes and emailed me my son's round trip ticket.

As a regular Air Canada traveler I did my online checking and printed all our 3 boarding passes before leaving the hotel. Arrived at the air Canada DCA gate to check one luggage. The agent tore up our previously printed boarding passes and denied us boarding on the flight unless we pay for a brand new ticket for my son, or else she said we will have to leave my son behind. This is the rudest agent I have encountered in all my traveling .

I find it unreasonable and low-baling that Air Canada charged me $590.96 US for my lap child ( Who is now 2 years and half day old) for any price they want knowing that I didn't have any other options.

First of all I shouldn't pay for your agent not doing their job when I called with all the details to book my child's ticket ( Since the name and date of birth are on the ticket and I went a step further to specify that he will turn 2 during the trip). I would have gladly bought a child return ticket when I called to purchase his ticket- because even my adult round trip ticket was only $404.69 and a couple of weeks later my wife ticket was only $270.92. So you choose not to enforce your rule and then overcharge for a one-way ticket on a flight that was not even full and for a child who is still a lap passenger. To top it off the flight was 2 hours delayed with no working laboratory,

I am disputing the 590.96 US dollar ticket charges and I expect Air Canada to reimburse it in full.

I hope Air Canada will work to remedy this matter.

From: Myranda Bachewich [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2014 9:21 AM

Subject: RE: Air Canada Child Ticket

We do apologize for any misunderstanding or miscommunication that took place. As the appropriate fare and taxes were assessed for this travel there is no refund available and as such there is nothing further this office can add by way of explanation.

Concerns related to Air Canada policy are handled by our Customer Relations office. We have provided their co-ordinate to you in the previous email.

This office will be unable to respond to further queries on this claim.



Intermediate Finance Agent

Air Canada Refunds

Posted by Call Center Torture

After reading all these comments, my expectation for their service became very low. I am experiencing the torture of call center wating time. (Unlike many other airline companies) You cannot make a reservation for infant under age of 2; only way is to call them after the make a reservation for adult first.

I would be happy if I can talk to a person within a hour. I feel extremely lucky on hold less than 90 minutes. I am wating over more than 2 hours and this is not my first time. Now, I am even curious now whether they really take phone calls or not. Please, make call centers in India....

Posted by ninjajoe

Their call centre is slow and i mean slow .

I call there a couple a year and only because we need to book our pet, otherwise i would do on line.

On average i would say it takes 50 minutes for them to answer.

I don't understand why as the reservation line is there bread and butter.

Posted by Frequent Traveller

I would like to understand the reasons why AC flights are delayed. I travel weekly across NA and more often than not, there are departure delays. The last flight I took left 2 hours late and when we arrived in Toronto, we had to wait another hour just so someone could locate a stairway so we could deplane. Several customers were supposed to catch a flight to Europe from the US, but they all missed it.
Why are there so many delays???

Posted by West Jet Next Time

I booked a flight with Air Canada 5 months in advance. The flight was the first flight of the day leaving Yellowknife. Yellowknife is the end (or the start) of the line. To be overbooked, the airline must fraudulently be selling more seats than they have. Why is this not against the law? They have taken more money than the aircraft can earn! Unless ..... perhaps the airline was trying to coerce me in giving up my seat to off duty crew members trying to leave Yellowknife at my expense.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband & I travelled from Calgary to Fredericton on May 6, 2014. Calgary to Ottawa flight AC118 (11:20AM) Window Seat 21D (My husband was in the aisle seat) Ottawa to Fredericton: flight AC 8798 (7:10 PM) arrived in Fredericton 9:57PM.Window Seat 5D (My husband was again in the aisle seat. In Ottawa I was met (and left) with a wheelchair accompanied by an Air Canada employee. During one of these two flights, I lost an earring. The earring is silver with black and is a small dangle. I have the matching one for identification if needed. The earring is more of a sentimental value than monetary but I am very anxious to have it returned.The crew in Fredericton did a quick check but I may have given them the wrong seat number.

Posted by Anonymous

don't you read comments? nobody can reach your airline over the phone.
are you so bad that you have to hide?more problems are coming soon!

Posted by musical

Waited for a long time (10 minutes) to talk to a person. He was there but didn't say a thing after the greeting. Had to hung up and wait for more.

I have been trying to talk to someone today, but not even a recording picks up.

Posted by Anonymous

I received an email today, ostensibly from Air Canada, saying my credit card had been charged for a booking I never made.Trying to reach someone at customer service I was cut off after a 45 minute wait I then called the Air Canada Montreal headquarters and was directed for customer service to a useless voice message. I finally reached an agent at Aeroplan who acknowledged the email and booking reference number was a hoax and told me to delete it (which I did). I WANT TO ENTER A VERY STRONG COMPLAINT REGARDING HOW IMPOSSIBLE IT HAS BEEN MADE TO SPEAK TO DIRECTLY TO A HUMAN BEING AT AIR CANADA CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Add your review!

Posted by Barbara Parada

On August 20th,2015 we were booked to fly from Canada on AC to Newark and then from there to Lisbon. We were put on the plane, waited inside for an hour and learnt that all the flights to New York, Newark were cancelled due to "bad weather".
We left the plane and the hell started. We had already our hotel in Lisbon booked and some trips. We were at a loss. People working at the airport just wanted to get rid of us, were giving us phone numbers where to call. They were also very rude and unprofessional. But somehow we got lucky. Mike Jeffrey from ticket counter, did not want to send us home. Took all his time he needed to find flights to Lisbon the same day. He was very professional, considerate, friendly . The fact that we flew to Lisbon on 20th is Mr. Mike Jeffery's doing. We owe him a big one. Air Canada needs more people like him. He deserves a good raise and a promotion. Mr. Jeffery, thanks a lot. thanks to you we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary as planned.

Posted by Anonymous

After Losingmy Carry On Piece Last Tuesday Jan 20, On Flight 1803 Coming From Kingston And Connecting To Montreal On Flight 426, I Was So Distraught, And Decided To Seek Help From One Of Your Employees And Was Highly Helped My Bag Was Foun Within 30 Mins, After I Was Told At Bag Drop That It Was Not Tagged, I Started Crying Cause I Had A Long Day Of Travelling, But To My Dismay I Seeked Help From One Of Your Employees Which I Do Have To Mention His Name One Mr.dwayne Montaque, Baggage Agent Thanks A Million Bag Was Tracked And Was Personally Returned To Me Before I Boarded My Flight To Montreal, Thanks A Million.....

Posted by Dooger

After a series of flights with other airlines on which service staff had been uniformly friendly, helpful and good-natured, was brought back to earth on encountering some vaguely irritated Canadians staffing Air Canada. Their indifference made me really feel like I was coming home! Other than that, meals, entertainment and accoutrements (pillow, blanket, earphones, snacks) were on par with other overseas flight providers

Posted by Anonymous

Called once was asked to leave a number,if I prefer to, picked this option and AC rep called me back in allotted time Very satisfied with service

Posted by STXZ

march 13,2013-AC i took this flight and one of the airhostes was very nice, friendly extra helpful that she didn't have to be, that's what made her special and we need more people like her, becaus in past some of air canada hostes were rude, that's why i was scared to fly with them, but this time i had to take this flight, and i was very happy to see people like Jaswindgr Birk, i wish more people were like her. because of Jaswindgr airhostes i am not scared of flying with air canada anymore.

Posted by luvac

This company has really improved!!!! Now my favorite airline!

Posted by Anonymous

I flew out of NYC La Guardia airport on Sunday, January 13th to Toronto. The flight number was UA8231. My hat and gloves fell out of my coat. The Air Canada Stewardess and the United Airline service people found my hat and gloves and left them in customer service for me. I retrieved them on Tuesday when they returned. Everyone couldn't have been more helpful. Thank you!!

Posted by Anonymous

Air Canada provides better service to their male clientele. If a male and female are seat mates, often the flight attendant will serve male first. This is especially true in business class. They will serve an aisle seat first in one row and switch to the window seat first in the next row simply because of who is occupying it rather than being consistent and serving either aisle or window first. Not all flight attendants do this but a significant percentage do. Recently, a male customer was abusive to me not once, but three times while the flight attendant did nothing until I turned around and snapped back at him. Only then did she intercede. She could have easily diffused the situation prior to my having enough of this jerk but because males have priority, she stood silent likely thinking the little lady would be meek and take it and the problem would go away. It's polite to ignore once even twice but after the third verbal attack, I had to put him in his place out of self respect. I've been a loyal customer of Air Canada for over a dozen years, fly minimum twice a week and am thinking it might be time to give Westjet another try. They need to provide business travelers with a program that makes it worth our while to fly with them though. Air Canada also makes it very difficult to escalate issues if you feel you need to so management is likely unaware of many issues at the airline and for this reason, unable to really improve.

Posted by Anonymous

A special "Thank you" to the AC gentleman employee who assisted us on Monday Nov 5 in Vancouver. Four of us missed our AC flight 246 at 17:15. It was our mistake and he managed to get 2 of us on each of the next two flights to Edmonton. We were in the airport sitting across from our gate and missed the call for the flight and the paging of our names. He was so understanding and courteous after making such a stupid mistake as to our departure time. Our luggage was waiting for us in Edmonton with the assistance of another gentleman AC employee at baggage claims in Edmonton at 10:30pm.
A Big Thank you to these 2 employees. I wish I had got their names to thank them personally. They were so helpful in the final chapter of our holiday in China.

Posted by Anonymous

Juan Carlos Davila was the service director on my recent flight from Calgary to Ottawa. His overall work ethic, friendliness and helpfulness to a traveller who spoke no english/french was exceptional. A standout in my opinion.

Posted by Dianne Richard

Flight from Toronto, Canada to Frankfurt, Germany-Friday May 11, 2012. I am emailing on behalf of Bill and Marjorie Michaels from Newport News, VA. USA
My mother-in -law and I were with a group of 8 traveling from Richmond, VA to Toronto for a connection to Frankfurt and on to Copenhagen, Denmark for a Norwegian Sun cruise of the Baltic. A wonderful person, Louise Carreira stayed by oursides as Bill came up as a random TSA security screening. The Michaels are in their 80s and this delay would have been so much worse without Ms. Carreira's assistance. She stayed by our side and was pleasant, calm and positive throughout the entire time. The 4 of us missed our 4:30 flight and with great effort on her part, were able to finally catch a flight at 10:00 pm.
She could not have been more helpful or pleasant and stayed with us until her shift ended at 8pm at which time she handed us to another capable gentleman, Sergio who got us to gate 72 where we made our flight on time. I am hoping that Ms. Carreira will receive recognition for her extraordinary customer service.
Our heartfelt thanks,
Dianne Richard on behalf of Ann Elksnin and
Bill & Marjorie Michaels.

Posted by Bunner

We boarded flight 138 from Vancouver to Ottawa May 30th, no.33F and 33E. We were told that the electronics on that flight was not working...The staff gave out goodwill vouchers....The claim nos. are 35MLALJ and NKSYEH3////Who do I contact and what can I expect from Air make up for the loss of all electronic eqyipment..

Posted by candylizzie

Wow, I have never had a bad experience on a flight with Air Canada. Some of the francophone phone agents can be hags but they are just on the phone. Even at the airports the agents have been fab. Sorry for everyone's bad experiences but holiday time starts as soon as I leave my house and no one is going to wreck it for my family.

Posted by Anonymous

I am 83 years old and use a wheelchair.I left Toronto for Vancouver on Flt 137 on August 1st..Seat tv moviem channel was not working, and your FLIGHT ATTENDANT CHANTAL MINTEN was extremely concerned and helpful,AND as frustrated as I was!

She even offered to move me to another seat where the TV was working, but I gratefully declined as my seat # 30 was so close to the washroom, I didn't want to leave! But I wanted to commend Chantal for being such an excellent flight attendant,,,I have used Air Canada for many years and wanted to share this with you. Sincerely Phyl Goldner

Posted by Happy customer

Phoned 1 888 247 2262 and got answered within 2 min. Very polite and helped me with my problem. Very good service is what I experienced.

Posted by Anonymous


I flew AirCanada on 7/15/11 from Edmonton to Toronto--Flight #114. BEST EVER.

Stewardesses were awesome--classy, friendly, efficient and very attractive. Pilots dropped the plane into Toronto like a feather.

Going AirCanada again and again and again if that is the way the company operates.

Doug Carruthers

Posted by Cathy

Ask my question and with in 2 min. I was done
I was on line for only 15 min. Customer sercice was very nice. Thank You Cathy

Posted by Anonymous

I have to say that I was really worried when I called Air Canada Customer Service especially after reading the comments on your site. In the end though I was only on hold for 15 minutes, the operator was very curteous and solved my problem immediately. I have flow extensively with Air Canada and without exception have had excellent service. I guess people only take the time to make negative comments. Well I am taking time to give credit where it's due.
Kelly from Vancouver

Posted by Mary

Early last Tuesday (12/28), my husband and I arrived at Heathrow for the 9:00am flight to Toronto. The two men at check-in were so friendly and helpful - same at the gate. The flight to Toronto was smooth and the service was superb - all this right after Heathrow's weather problems. We're ready to fly Air Canada again. Thank you all for a great flight.

Posted by ko

I am writing to praise a flight attendant of AC 64 (23DEC10) left Incheon for Vancouver at 18:35. My seat was 24A. I don't know the name of her but I guess she was Japanese. While the 2nd meal was being served, a passenger in front of me was in sleep with her seat inclined. I wanted the passenger to place her seat upright but couldn't do anything. As the attendant came by to serve the meal she noticed it and asked my understanding saying she was in asleep. I was impressed to see the attendant's reading the situation quickly and taking a proper action.
My good feeling of this comes from my bad experience when I was on the United Air. It was a meal time also. Passenger in front of me would not replace her seat back upright even she was awake. I wished she could recognize what she should do. When a male attendant came by me with my meal, I gestured him to ask the passenger to pull the seat back to the right position. The reason I asked help of the attendant was that I did not want to be in discomfort with the front passenger. Surprisingly, the response of the attendant was that " you ask her!". I was so embarrassed by that and when I arrived at my office I wrote a complaining letter to the United Air. But no answer from them.
The japanese attendant of Air Canada knew what the passengers want and what she should do. By her considerate service, my long and tiring journey turned to a happy experience.

Posted by D. Stuart

In a day and age where everyone seems to be complaining I would like to tell a different story about Air Canada. On Oct.7 I was flying from Moncton to Toronto, then on to Edmonton and final destination being Yellowknife, NWT. Our luggage was checked in at Moncton on to Yellowknife. I could not believe my eyes when my luggage came
rolling by - the zipper was totally open all the way around - only my coloured strap to keep it together around the middle. It was laying down - not standing up. To my total amazement not a single thing was missing when I got to my destination. Clothes were all there - not to mention Christmas presents and other items. Where the bag broke I will never know, but I want to say 'thank you' to the baggage people of Air Canada who managed to get my treasures safely to Yellowknife! A job well done!

Posted by Aircanada Customer Service

This is to express my appreciation for an unexpected favour given to our visitors. Flying to Frankfurt they were upgraded to a
vacant businessclass seat by the boarding agent. This bonus capped of their vacation nicely. Your agent contributd greatly to the
pleasure of these passengers, provided good ambassadorship and promoted Canada and its Airline with our german relatives.
Thank you to your staff and management.
A.Bazner, Kingston

Posted by Kathleen N

I would like to thank the Air Canada staff for their efficiency and kindness to myself and my disabled son on our recent flights to and from Vancouver. Everyone was great...from check-in to arrival at our destination. We couldn't have asked for more.

Posted by Bob Shpaiuk

I would like to give praise to 2 male service personnel at Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. On Dec. 26, 2009 I was leaving Washington to come back home to Regina Sk. Canada. These 2 men went out of their way to make my wait enjoyable and to to their best to get me on my way.I could not make my connection in Toronto so these two male agents went out of their way to make my return possible on the following day. They were able to book me on a flight on Dec 27 on AC 8647 to Toronto and on AC 1117 Toronto to Regina. With all the extra precautions going on with security after the bomb threat the staff went above and beyond. Wy wife left Washington a few days later and she was nervous.These same two male agents served her at the check in counter and treated her very well. Thank you for making our travel at Christmas very enjoyable. Please pass this on to the two agents for us.I hope to see them again when we travel to Washington D.C.
Bob and Diane Shpaiuk

Posted by Anonymous

I had the pleasure of using your service direct to Heathrow from Edmonton in October 2009.
I must say I was really impressed with the terrific service and very good meals and pleasant attitude of your air staff.
I am looking forward to using Air Canada again.
I would gladly recommended your company to anyone.

My flight numbers were AC0898 and AC0899

Thank you. Kathleen R. Andrews

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