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Aer Lingus customer service is ranked #117 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 54.80 out of a possible 200 based upon 30 ratings. This score rates Aer Lingus customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


24 Negative Comments out of 30 Total Comments is 80.00%.


6 Positive Comments out of 30 Total Comments is 20.00%.

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    • 54.80 Overall Rating
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    • 24 negative comments (80.00%)
    • 6 positive comments (20.00%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Flying from London to Ireland was a nightmares the girl checking us in was new didn't know what she was doing and put 4 bag's under my name instead of my name and my daughter told us they would arrive in North Carolina we were told to check our carry on also we told her my daughter had a c pap machine and was medically necessary but we needed to check all bags through now we have no bags I guess they are still in Dublin no one can tell me because all bags were under my name Mary Moffit I was pulled aside and interagated for over 45 minuets on why I checked 4 bags etc all we were trying to do was to get home to the us on the flight there was non stop screaming children not sure what else to tell you because frankly I don't think anything will happen we are without our luggage which we were told would be here in 24 hours it's now 3 days no c pap machine make up clothing anything so now we have to go out and buy everything it may not seem like anything to you but we spent good money and the treatment we received was a paling and we had round trip ticket

Posted by Steve

Aer Lingus lost my bags traveling to Madrid, Spain. They subcontract to Iberia in Spain and it's obvious that the two do not communicate well. It took me four days to get my bag and that was with me being persistent in contacting them, ONCE I got their lost baggage call center number from another unhappy customer (you can't find it on their website). Not once were they proactive. They want you to submit or inquire all online and those systems are not kept up to date. I'm now working with them to get reimbursed for the clothes, etc., I had to purchase when I was without luggage. Coming home Iberia miss routed our luggage going through Dublin and Aer Lingus attempted to correct the problem, but failed and when we arrived home, once again we had a bag missing.

While their flights were mostly on time, the in flight service was good, and the flight attendants courteous and friendly, their baggage system is atrocious. I would not recommend flying with them. There's all sorts of numbers to call to purchase services, but they make it very difficult for you to speak with anyone if there's a problem.

Posted by Susan Dollard Eldershaw

I have tried to book a badimet for my son for my son for a week, I have rang numerous occasions and Iv also emailed three letters of complaint . Still nobody has contacted, I think it's a disagree, there customs care is the worst Iv ever come across.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm booked on aerlingus July 9th Toronto to Dublin round trip. I have booked the seats I wanted the agent told me no seat charge and you advertise no seat charge why has Aer Lingus charged me $220.00. Thank you Thomas O'Neill

Posted by Anonymous

I've have been on the phone for over 45 minutes to talk to an agent, this is the second time. I have not reached a human being yet. Avoid.

Posted by Sheila

I have been on the phone for over 45 minutes waiting to talk to an agent.

Posted by hayley

I'm trying to contact aer lingus regarding my flight I have booked. I've been sent two conformation codes so looks like two flights have been booked and would like to know why? Please can any one help??
Kind regards
Miss h sims

Posted by Anonymous

I submitted a complaint regarding my return flight from Cork to London on 8/15/15. The seating was a disgrace. Food spills on the back of the seats. Grime and dirt on the frame work. I spoke to BA regarding this issue as I had booked a trip from Austin with them . They said the Irish portion of the trip was Aer Lingus operated and i should inform you of my concerns. However i have not had a response from your Customer Service Dept. which is in itself disgraceful.

Posted by Aerlingusrobbedme

I recently went through an awful, horrible ordeal with your company, Aer Lingus, that I will never forget.
In December of 2014 I wanted to purchase a roundtrip ticket for my mother to go on holiday to Scotland. My mother is from Scotland so we have traveled there frequently – many times via Aer Lingus.
I wanted to purchase my mom a roundtrip ticket. However – I was not sure when she would want to travel so I thought it was best to just buy her an Aer Lingus gift card. When I contacted Aer Lingus your customer Service representative told me that Aer Lingus does not call them gift cards they call them “Vouchers” – but they are essentially the same thing. I then explained that I wanted to purchase a $1,000 voucher. I was told the max amount is $500 per a voucher so I would need to purchase 2 $500 vouchers. I though “Great! No problem”.
I paid Aer Lingus $1,000 CASH for 2 $500 vouchers and presented them to my mom on Christmas Day. She was utterly overjoyed at the prospect of visiting her family and I was happy I could provide her with that opportunity.
A few months later in May 2015 my mom was ready to book her flight. She decided she would go for a month, from July – August. I went online to book the ticket using the voucher and that is when my nightmare began.
After selecting her roundtrip flight the cost was approximately $1200. Therefore, I would use my 2 $500 vouchers and pay $200 out of pocket. I got to check out. When I plugged in the first $500 voucher it went through. When I went to plug in the second $500 voucher it stated “Only ONE voucher is allowed per a transaction”. WHAT?! No one ever told me that?? I decided to start over and instead of booking a roundtrip flight I would book 2 separate flights this way I could use BOTH the vouchers I paid for (2 flights = 2 separate transactions). The price of 2 separate flights was almost $600 MORE than the roundtrip ticket but I figured at least I would be able to use both of my vouchers. I paid for the first flight, to Scotland, with the voucher and it went through. I went to pay for the return flight, to New York, with the voucher and it stated “Voucher must be used on a flight departing from a country that uses the same currency to which it was purchased.” WHAT?! Again, that was NEVER stated to me.
I was now unable to use my voucher towards payment for my return ticket, a return ticket which cost almost $600 more than it would have if I was able to purchase a roundtrip ticket like I originally planned.

So, altogether I paid almost $2,000 to get my mom to and from Scotland where I should have spent no more than $1,200 (including my 2 vouchers).

After all this I thought well maybe I can give it to my aunt to use when she comes to visit. This way my $500 voucher is not a complete waste. NOPE! Aer Lingus stated that the voucher can only be used by the person you originally gifted it to! I am not kidding!!

Aer Lingus ROBBED me. Aer Lingus took $1000 CASH from me then told me I cant use it! Aer Lingus stole my money. Aer Lingus does NOT care about their customers. You are a greedy company that only cares about money and gains. Aer Lingus contrived a bogus voucher system that is designed to steal people’s money. Their voucher system should be ILLEGAL! It is straight THEFT!! After this awful experience I did a little research and found that this has happened to HUNDREDS of other people. It’s a scam and it should be illegal to do what you did.
Let it be known I am a single mother who makes an hourly wage. I literally saved up ALL year to purchase this trip for my mom and Aer Lingus ruined it before it even began. Aer Lingus has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help fix this problem. They continue to rob people with their “Voucher” scam. They do not care about the customer AT ALL. All they care about is lining their pockets.
Fly British Airways! Fly Continental! Fly KLM! Fly United!! Fly with anyone EXCEPT Aer Lingus!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My companion and I were on flight EI147 on May 17, 2015 from Dublin to San Francisco. I usually don't complain ... everyone was freezing on the flight home. And nobody would speak up, and when I did ... the request to correct the cabin temperature was ignored. I'm an X-Flight attendant, and I "never" would allow my passengers to be uncomfortable. It was like a meat locker in the cabin. When we landed I commenting to the crew, and they acted as if they didn't know. If they are warm in their uniforms, they could have removed their jackets. My partner Ron Kirkland and I feel you should give us a credit (refund), for being so uncomfortable. Not even a blanket helped; and we both got sick from the cold air blowing on us. Respectfully, Diane Smith. he was sitting in row F, I was in row E.

Posted by Very Dissatisfied

After booking extra legroom seats on an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Boston the seats were not 'extra leg room' as the plane had been changed. The cabin crew said we would get a full rebate on returning from our holiday. I emailed my complaint and have rung three times and spoken to different reservation staff as 'there is no complaints department'. I was told it could take 60 days to respond but still no reply. Clearly Aer Lingus do NOT want to address complaints. I cannot speak to a customer service person and staff will not give their surnames. It looks like legal action is the only way to deal with this company. We will definitely NOT use them again.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my name is Daniel Fitzsimmons and I travel a lot with Aer Lingus but I have to say that it's the most difficult website I have ever used to book a flight or to get information I am saying this to you because I enjoy flying with you but I get so stressed because of this site please have a look at it
Daniel Fitzsimmons

Posted by Anonymous

I had pre-booked a 7 day break in mid March,travelling Birmingham-Cork return but due to a family emergency I was forced to postpone

my trip to late August. For simply changing

my travel dates Aer Lingus charged me an extra £76. What a rip off!

Maurice Healy

Posted by Harry

Nov 6 2013. My booking did not appear to go thru online. Next day I received a call from citIcard fraud dept. My acct. had been charged but I have no booking. The only recourse, in terms of speaking to someone from Aer Lingus, is to call UK.
Won't be using Aer Lingus online service again.

Posted by Sylvia k

I was travelling with my wife and 2 yr old kid. My flight was on 30th august from Dublin to Manchester, from where I had to take another flight to Calgary via airtransit. When I reached the airport the supervisor told me that we cannot proceed as we should have a uk transit visa and if he allows us to pass the airline will be heavily fined. I told him that we are Canadian permanent residents. I clarified that we have already asked the uk border agency officials and they have no such requirements. We asked him to call uk border agency and confirm himself and he refused. I asked him to give the number and I will call infront of him but he didn’t do that. I myself searched the no on the internet and called them. Their answer was the same that I DONOT require visa for transit. I showed him my itinery from Manchester to Calgary and my scholarship letter at university of Calgary but he was not at all prepared to cooperate.I asked him that I will talk to his boss with a hope to figure out a way but this was not allowed.
U cannot imagine what torturing situation I had been into with my family at the airport. I lost my another flight too from Manchester to Calgary. As both of my flights were non refundable I lost my 2000 euros. I had returned the key to the landlord so I had to book a hotel urgently. I booked another flight urgently and flew to Canada. Thank that my troubles are finally over. I faced all this trauma just because of the supervisor.

Posted by Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus 99% impossible to contact by phone. I could not make my booking on line ( their fault ) so I tried phoning--- what a waste of time, eventually after 35 minutes i gave up." Customer relations" how are you!!

Posted by Aer Lingus Disaster

I swore 4years ago I would never use aer lingus again after they abandoned me in New York for the second time in 6 months all my friends have stopped using them also over the years as they just can't be relied on. Well I took my wife to Orlando flying Virgin Atlantic (I always use them or BA) to my shock my connecting flight to Gatwick was Aer Lingus not BA here is a brief history of what happened. 7:30 am arrive Garwick check our aer fungus flight gate will be announaced at 12 for 12:40 flight. 12 cancelled hunt around find aer lingus they simply say tough go to Heathrow we have more flights from there left to sort our own bags and transport arrive heathrow after getting a national express Aer fungus desk lady laughs says Gatwick are having a laugh what do they want us to do with u (Guess who doesnt think it's funny) finally get a boarding pass for a flight to Belfast leaving at approx 7 pm book cases in get something to eat flight called go to gate hand over ticket "sorry sir the manageress Gwano has taken u off that flight as u shouldn't have been sent from Gatwick" agggghhhh. Demand to see Gwano (wonder if she knows she's named after bird poop) guy at desk laughing states she is hiding from anyone who wants to make complaints I refuse to leave until I see her finally she shows up her reason for cancelling our ticket and this was her words "To get back at Gatwick for shafting them at Heathrow" tells us to go back to Gatwick we are their problem. I could go on and on but won't as a certain degree of Karma has came around I work for a International consulting firm we fly millions of miles every year mostly trans Atlantic and Europe my boss phoned me today as he new I was home from vacation apologised as he knows I have enough responsibility with my current portfolio but the contract for our travel partners is up in 3months time and I'm in charge of the new arrangement and contract I have already made our travel staff aware Aer Lingus are not to be booked under any circumstances I guesstimate £200000 a year at least gone as we only fly trans Atlantic business class both Virgin and BA phoned me today because they know the value of the contract.

Posted by Flscotsman

Had damaged luggage on return flight from Dublin to Orland Florida This was on July 21 2012. They now want me to drive over 60 miles to a place to see if it can be repaired. If not I need a letter from the company that states why not,estimate cost and re[lacement cost. A
Aer Lingus is the worst airline I have ever had to deal with since I started traveling in 1963.

Posted by gerry

The Aer Lingus web site wont accept my booking reference issued by Expedia Ipaid by Visa on 6 dec. Irang aer lingus, listened to the voice and pressed all the numbers but could speak to no one. My flight is on the 21dec.

Posted by Boston N

I hadn't flown with Aer Lingus since my childhood; they are now one of the worst airlines in the world. I bought thru the website with an American VISA (in dollars-in NYC) and was charged a foreign service fee. Then two things were taken from my checked suitcase. Of course I don't have receipts for things bought in 2007 that were under $500 each. Changing the fly date on the return ticket is my current hell; the flight is still offered at the price I paid but the website asked for over $500 to change the return ticket. I am in France and you cannot call the Aer Lingus customer service numbers using Skype (they have blocked it). The staff is defensive & nasty and the company policies are mean, old fashioned and the whole show is badly run. They should just go out of business NOW.

Posted by Anonymous

I my family and I travelled on EI498 12th August, flight was 3.5 hours late. Only notified of delay when we arrived at departure gate upon announcement. We pre-booked our seats and paid EUR40.00 for the privlage only to be told that we could not use assigned seats for return journey because they were fire exits. I was assured by the air hostess Jeniffer that this would be resolved when flight had taken off. Never saw Jeniffer again when I spoke to her colleague I was informed that they were very busy and did not have time, at this point Jeniffer was standing close by but refused to acknlowdge me for the remainder of the flight. Very dissappointed with the crew on flight EI499.
I would appreciate a reply here as the service we requested was NOT provided, despite being paid for in advance.

Posted by Annu Syed Anwar Zaidi

I have purchased a online ticket By the name of Syed Anwar A Zaidi Annu for the flt. London Dublin London for the date of 14th June return 17th June. I have returned back due to an emergency and I have not used the ticket. I spoke to the customer service they assured me that you will get refund of airport tax. But still I have not received any refund in my account as I purchased this ticket by credit card. My Booking Reference is 24QA76. Waiting for your reply.

Posted by Anonymous

the worst air company -especially with their staff.
Flight cancelled
no email, no phone call, only by sms abt the cancellation. No expalantions abt the cancellation.
The new flight was replaced one day earlier the previous one.Our holiday was ruined and we had paid for the hotel.
More money to be paied for the new flight. At the check in a very rude staff .
Several hours waiting at the gate before the departure.Dirty airplane
We had to land in another airport.
It's the first tome that you have to pay on the plane if you wish to drink a galss of water: any other eurpean air companies do !!

Posted by W houlihan

Why do you have to treat people like fools???
You say free flights and at the end of all the extras it will cost me 250 euros?
The money does not bother me the your customer service does and treatment does.And please don't reply with wishy washes excuses. Try good old honesty. here is a slogan for you "we might not always be nice but we will be honest"

Needless to going by Ryanair.
Even your security code is not user friendly

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Posted by Anonymous

Having been stranded in Dublin by some ridiculous policies of RyanAir I traveled to the other terminal as sought the help of Aer Lingus. All the staff who dealt with me were outstanding. Compassionate, helpful and knowledgable. Well done Dublin Aer Lingus staff and THANK YOU

Posted by Dependability ACE

Hi My name is Betty Doyle & I recently traveled to France with Aer Lingus. I had a foot injury so I needed to take a wheelchair with me. I want to say how easy this was made for me by the Aer lingus staff & I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all.
Yours Gratefully
Betty Doyle

Posted by belfast

Aer lingus staff where very helpful when i flew with them they were always wanting to help me and family and where always smiling they should be so proud of themselves with be flying with them next year again thamnks so much aer lingus best airline out

Posted by Mike

Hi to Aer Lingus cabin crew operating on the 15th of Sept 2011 from Cork to Lanzarote at 14.00hrs. Just a word of thanks on making our flight so enjoyable and pleasent ye were great.Kind, pleasent and always smiling take a bow job well done. After 3 weeks in Lanzarote cabin crew still remembered us on our return trip this made us feel very welcome. Cant beat our Irish staff. Please pass on our sincere thanks to all on this flight.Thanks again Mike.

Posted by Wannagothere

Aer Lingus was very sympathetic and helpful when I called them. I My daughter is young, traveling on her own, and going overseas for a semester of college, so I really needed to fix a spelling mistake (typo) of one letter in her name. Have you ever seen Fitzpatrick spelled "Fitizpatrick" with an extra 'i'? I'm afraid I'm the one responsible because my eyes are getting worse and worse with old age. However, I know from having been a travel agent that Aer Lingus cannot fix the typo, but I called them out of desperation after One Trave, the booking agency, had said they couldn't "change the name" even though I explained that technically this is not a name change, but is considered a typo, which can be changed. Aer Lingus was very sympathetic about my need to fix a typo in my young daughter's name, but they informed me that the original booking agent One Travel was the only one who could fix it. To help me, Aer Lingus put a note in the record, gave me an alternative phone number for One Travel, and told me that the typo absolutely could be fixed once One Travel called Aer Lingus for a waiver code. When I called One Travel again, they again insisted no name changes could be made, but when I told them what the airline said and requested in as kind a manner as I could that they ask a supervisor to call Aer Lingus, they complied. I'm still waiting to hear back, but I know I couldn't have gotten this far if not for the help I received from Aer Lingus. Wish me luck!!

Posted by Thomas Lacey

On wed/thur. of last week I had a difficult travel itinery which was confusing to me.In discussion with your reservation staff at the A/P.desk,my problems were solved in the most efficient and corteous manner possible.
Company staff involved at this time were Sandra Crosby and Aisling Begley.(hope I have the correct names)
I feel I must comment on their excellent attention.

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