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5 Positive Comments out of 15 Total Comments is 33.33%.

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    • 86.93 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 10 negative comments (66.67%)
    • 5 positive comments (33.33%)
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    • 5.7 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Bo

The telephone number given on this page is no longer in service.

Posted by tranquilityhill

I have (had?) a wonderful camera - a Leica M9 with a Summilux 50mm lens- value of about $6,000 usd's. I am now a stay at home dad some time does not allow me to use the camera like I'd like. I decided to send the camera into Adorama (should have chosen B&H) to get a quote on what they'd pay me for it. I sent the camera to the company about a month ago. Received an email 2 weeks ago saying they had received my camera and someone would be contacting me regarding the value. I've tried and tried to get a response from Jack Gold on the value.... and to just let him know to please send my camera back. It's been over two weeks and nothing. I fear I'll have to contact a lawyer to get my camera back. I never complain or take the time to submit a review but I will now and try and spread the word about how terrible this company really is. I wanted to give a business other than B&H a try but was stupid to do so. Please, never use Adorama for anything....!!!

Posted by FrozenProgram

I have use Adorama before with no problems, but with my present order which was for a Flashpoint lighting system with a Flashpoint stand turned out to be the exact opposite. Both arrived. The stand will not fit properly to the light. My first contact resulted in an associate telling me only two other stands, not mine, would fit the light. Finally after I became disgusted with options being given me, the associate said he found an adapter for my stand. As yet, with another costs to me, I have not received the adapter.The associate attitude I perceived of one of not caring what I chose to do. As I duly like the light and I will not throw more bad money toward Adorama's way, I will find another supplier and throw my money at them.

Posted by markabbett

I ordered an item from Adorama on Feb 23rd and then went to the web site to check on my order 4 days later. My order was not found anywhere but my money had come out of my checking account. I tried to contact Adorama by email but got no response from them. I called them several time and finally got a hold of someone and was told they did not show an order from me. I placed the order again on the 27th of Feb and I am still waiting for it to arrive as of Mar 5th. They advertise 1 to 3 day shipping...that is a lie. Adoramas customer service is a joke and they do not care about their customers. They have not tried to resolve my issues. I will take my business somewhere else and I recommend you do too.

Posted by AdoramaIsHorrible

I am surprised by Adorama's bait and switch return policy. Not only did they deceive me by not noting a different return policy for the TV I ordered on the page of the item, nor did they note it on checkout, nor did I see it when I looked at their return policy (they have this exception noted elsewhere, and no notation in the 30 day return policy), and their return policy of a 30 day return was noted on my receipt...when I got my TV the day of and opened it, it looked like it had been thrown down stairs. Helen blamed me for not opening it (it was delivered to my office, and the person who signed for it didn't even know it was a TV, and didn't know that it was "protocol" to make the driver wait. The driver didn't tell us to check it, and how could he have known that it was a TV to begin with? He just signs what is delivered). None of this was made clear to me, and Helen continually blames me. I only shop online and have never encountered such rude service and horrible return policy. Why would you buy a TV online if when it arrives damaged, you can't return it?

Posted by Emellio Anderson

Ordered a product from the online website wrong product was sent so I returned it. So that the correct order could be sent out. They actually shipped me back the exact missed picked item that I sent them back un believable.

Posted by David Agius

Customer Service is operated by Zombies with machine like answers.

Over 1 month to sort out a short shipment issue, still repeating themselves every week about them opening a UPS investigation for a package which arrived in perfect order and still sealed with ADORAMA tape.

David Agius

Posted by Anonymous

In regards to order Order credit card declined. I have just got a new Discover card and have used it for several weeks, renewed, valid thru 04/18 code 788

Posted by Donna

Attention Adorama Corporate Office,

I have to say that I am so unhappy about your customer service! They are rude and obnoxious!!

I have my own photography studio, and I don't interact with my clients the way your company does. Every time I call to get help/information I'm always on hold for a long time. Today (3.19.2013) I was on hold for at least 15 minutes. I finally hung up called back, and Monica answered. Thank goodness I have other lines.

They told me I had to fill out a tax form because without the tax forms they would have to charge me the tax. I am a Photographer Studio owner and I am a reseller and should not be paying taxes on albums I sell to my clients. I should not have to pay tax twice since I collect taxes from my clients. I did this before with your company and they wouldn't give me the tax money back. Customer service said to send Kayra R. an email regarding this matter, she then sent me the form. I tried getting in touch with Kayra R. today 3/19/13 but she's out on vacation and according to the company, she's the only one who could process my information". I don't understand with a company as large as yours you only have one person who can do this task?? So they said I will have to wait to put my order through (which means almost two weeks). I can't afford to wait two weeks. I then spoke to Monica and I wanted to speak with a manager (the manger was too busy to get on the phone). I do understand about policies for companies but there should be a procedure if Kayra isn't there to take care of the tax info. If she's out, then someone there should be able to do it as her back up. What if Kayra decides she doesn't want to come in anymore or gets fired, then all new clients will have to wait until you get a replacement, which could take two weeks or longer? Then I guess you'll lose a lot of prospective new clients. They'll just go to another company.Businesses are struggling to make it now, and I find most will try to accommodate New and Old clients. Adorama must be doing quite well if it can afford to offend new business prospects! Customer service and management needs to be improved, A LOT!! Also, I was on the website complaint board, and there are a lot of letters pertaining to customer service and it wasn't nice.BUT I'm not happy with your service, and I would like to speak with the Manager/Owner on this matter.

Posted by Kots

Hello Sir /Madam,
this is the second time that i am not receiving the service i believe i deserve from Adorama.I want my comment to be a constructive one.I think Adorama is quick at responding when it is to do with making a sale.But when it regards another issue, as i said before, it is far from being as easy as 1 2 3.. to get a respond from you.
My issue here, is i am requesting that Adorama send me by mail the proper invoice attached to my last purchase. That is order number 11867413.My goods arrived and are stuck in customs in Mauritius.And this is the fourth time i am making this request.I feel i am speaking to NO ONE..Remember putting the customer first, and the money will follow.Not the other way around.
So i hope to obtain satisfaction from Adorama this time, as without this invoice, i cannot clear my goods from customs.
Thanks and regards.

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Posted by Amber

I have worked with Adorama for multiple purchases with good success. No problems with customer service, returns or purchases. Always seemed straight forward with good prices and rapid shipping. I am amazed by the negative comments but then again people who are generally satisfied don't write reviews.

Posted by Puss in Boots

I have been ordering online from Adorama for some years; when I was in NYC I purchased from their brick & Morter Store.
I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed.
I don't know whether they have had a change in Management, but I have noticed over the 3 or 4 years, a definite improvement in the Customer Care; recently, the website has become much easier to use, and overall thy seem to have become more customer-focused.
Yes, there has been the occasional need to return an item, but issues have always been resolved to my complete satisfaction.

Posted by Anonymous

i have only ever had great customer service from Adorama and particularly from Helen Oster who always goes the extra mile to help me.

Posted by SarahSmiles

In my book, Adorama Camera consistently achieves excellence in Customer Service, with a HUGE inventory of the most competitively priced camera gear across the net.

Adorama is my Number 1 choice, first time, every time.

No need to look anywhere else!

Posted by Justin F

I've bought camera gear from these guys many times. Only ever had one return for a faulty lens. They responded imediately. They really are very good, they know their products and they know how to keep customers happy.

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