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Adobe customer service is ranked #749 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.15 out of a possible 200 based upon 644 ratings. This score rates Adobe customer service and customer support as Terrible.


625 Negative Comments out of 644 Total Comments is 97.05%.


19 Positive Comments out of 644 Total Comments is 2.95%.

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  • Adobe

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 24.15 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 625 negative comments (97.05%)
    • 19 positive comments (2.95%)
    • 2 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
    • 2.1 Reachability
    • 1.5 Cancellation
    • 3.4 Friendliness
    • 2.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely horrendous customer service. If they didn't have a monopoly on good design applications I would refuse to use them. Unfortunately, they know they have their target market between a rock and a hard place so they can do whatever they choose when it comes to customer service. Just hearing the name Adobe makes my blood pressure rise. I hope someone launches a comparable suite of applications soon, they will be billionaires in a matter of hours.

Posted by DWEVENTS

This is the most frustrating 'customer service' department.
I have called the last 3 days requesting assistance in uploading a purchased copy of Photoshop. Day 1 - chat representative needed to transfer me to the concern team (really). This was at 7:58 pm. Honestly, I forgot they were on speaker hold until receiving a text the following day stating we were disconnected! The hold time was 3 hours.
Day 2 - chat representative provided a case number and transferred me somewhere, which is code for YOU ARE ON HOLD AGAIN FOR 3 HOURS.
Today - Called the number above, was on hold approximately 30 min. until I received the option for someone to call back. I was elated until reading another review.

Posted by Matt

Cancelling a creative cloud for teams subscription is nearly impossible. I would discourage anyone from ever signing up for anything Adobe.

Posted by Anonymous

Once you finally find a phone number, you're re-routed 5 or 6 times. TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE.

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Tried Both Phone Numbers, But Both Either Hang Up Right Away Or After Several Prompts! My Credit Card Has Changed

Posted by Cantine

I absolutely despise adobe customer service. It is the absolute worst I have ever experienced in my life. Their seemingly outsourced to out of country facilities is super frustration because service reps have little understanding of American english dictation. They sound like robots with no understanding of the products past a basic 3 page level. Their lack of care to actually hear your issue description and get to the bottom of it is beyond frustrating and I am considering a photoshop alternative, they do exist and they are very good PLUS they have better customer service and DON'T require a monthly subscription.


Posted by Anonymous

I work and have worked with many software/tech vendors in support of a Fortune 500 company's B2B web site and I'm hear to tell you that I have NEVER seen anything as bad the state of Adobe's technical support here in the Spring of 2017. And it's not because Adobe doesn't have the technical folks that could help as I got some intel on a guy that used to work for Day Software before Adobe bought that company out to create it's AEM product and that guy was magnificent. But as soon as Adobe's worthless support arm caught wind of it they cut me off. I think people would be shocked to understand how few people within a massive organization like Adobe actually understand how the technology works. For Adobe AEM's MSM functionality I think there's basically one dude with a about 14 layers of worthlessness (incompetence and deflection) between him and the guy trying to get help.

Posted by Anonymous

This is probably the WORST customer service I have ever encountered. I've been cut off three times. The product won;t download. They intentionally make it difficult for people to call.

Posted by AnneU

Adobe is infuriating. When I canceled my subscription, they charged me half the remaining cost.

Posted by Anonymous

Your web site is NOT user friendly and leads in circles. I have been trying to speak to a customer service representative and I end up speaking with someone from India, NOT an issue, who is working from a script (major issue). I have a Lr5 program purchased through Amazon in 2013 that is up to 5.1.7 and would like to purchase an update, 2015.5 and so far I have not spoken to anyone who can communicate what you are doing about it. Your customer service rating of 2.5 is exceedingly high.

Posted by Adobe Support is WORST

Adobe customer service is the worst I've ever experienced! I have a problem. I click on support, or contact us... I get a menu that says telephone support is not available for the product I am spending $400 for. It also shows Chat, but says that
is unavailable. There is no way to email support or fill out a trouble ticket. I pour through the "forums" for 2 hours... No help. I finally find an adobe customer support line in an online search. I call and it says my wait time "is more than one minute." I have now been on hold for 20 minutes listening to their terrible music. I HATE ADOBE!

Posted by Wanderson

Adobe automatically upgraded me to Standard DC, when I called and explained the program was not authorized and I wanted my Pro XI back, they talked me into the new and improved subscription to Pro DC, which of course is an EPIC failure as the program is horrible. So three hours later on the phone and I'll still trying to get them to give me back Pro XI. I have been switched from sales to tech to billing, etc. I'm on hold yet again as I write -- I have a feeling I'm going to be charge for my old account and the new account and never get Pro XI back. Besides that, I can barely understand what all these Adumbee employees are saying their English is horrible. The entire company and what it calls "customer service" is horrible.

Posted by Anonymous

I contacted chat to ask for help with using a product I purchased and was only told I could not be helped.

Posted by [email protected]

I have been trying for over a month for a call back from customer support. I continue to leave my phone number for a call back and have not gotten one as yet. I have also waited on hold for over an hour, because I did not get a call back. As a result, I am paying for another years service that I will not get any benefit from. This is not a good practice on Adobe's part. Please cancel my service and refund my money.

[email protected]

Posted by Tanman

Put me on hold for 25 minutes and hung up on me. The worst customer service ever!

Posted by Anonymous

It took 15 minutes to get past being challenged about my license which is registered and paid every month. They are more interested in providing ROADBLOCKS to help then actual help. Why is it my fault that their system lets me log on, get updates and accept my money but all of a sudden they cannot locate me? It's a glitch in their system! 30 minutes into the service call they decide I should speak with accounting and then start over!

Posted by veal

In other companies such as Microsoft and many antivirus app providers, automatic continued subscription means the plan best discount. But that is totally not the case for Adobe. For Adobe, continuing the subscription means market price with no discount at all. You have to check if there any plan with discount available and contract the customer service to cancel your old plan than you can change to the new plan. It is too silly to ask the customers to agree with the automatic continued subscription! Totally not acceptable.....too inconsiderate, too unfriendly to old clients!!!!!!!

Posted by Ripped off

I was auto renewed for products without any notification from Adobe. I found out out on my credit card statement. I asked for a refund and the customer service rep offered a discounted price, which I declined. I asked to cancel all products. They said they needed my credit card info to process the refund. I find later that they actually charged me AGAIN on the discounted price, with no refund. Also, there is an "Email me a copy of the chat transcript when we are finished" option I selected each time and they never do email it.
Every time I contact a rep to get the charges I did not authorize refunded, they say they can't process the refund and will escalate the issue. After that no one gets back to me and I start the process all over again. How is this acceptable??

Posted by Anna

Staff are short tempered, ill mannered and ill trained in customer training. No idea on their products contractual bindings, always looking for a sale or to haggle without looking out for the customers needs first. By far the worst customer experience.

Posted by MZ

Their toll-free number doesn't work for most products - you get a message saying there is no phone support. The online chat agent was completely unhelpful. So I tried their corporate office and asked for the billing department which is how I was finally able to speak with an offshore agent; who ended up being helpful after initially making their usual noises about how he couldn't do anything to help me. (I wanted to cancel their automated billing for a monthly subscription - which doesn't make sense to me but I see is an excellent way for Adobe to derive revenue).

Posted by Argh

Like many before me, I've been ripped off by having recently-purchased standalone CS6 applications rendered next to useless by refusal of Adobe to update them. We know what the deal is: they want to force customers to move to CC rental model.

Then there is the absolutely execrable "support." Where to begin? It is simply a waste of time and frustrating to the point of turning the most patient customer into a raving lunatic bent on revenge. It's almost as if they're trying to be deliberately obtuse, repeating the same useless, and incorrect answers.

Surely, Adobe is intent on frustrating customers so much that they'll just give up. Well, I'm there. Looking for any useable alternative to a company that has apparently, mysteriously, decided that customers are made to be antagonized and insulted. What a strange business model.

Posted by Pissed

Swindlers and no help! I accidentally canceled my CC plan and had to pay 187.00 on the spot. They could not cancel the accidental cancellation. I was told to subscribe again in 24 hours and they would refund the 187.00. When I did this and called to get the 187.00 back they said no but we will "give you 4 months of Adobe free". Which turns out not to be free rather they will use up my 187.00 for the next 4 months. I have also been trying to cancel adobe stock and they said to stop payment on it and it will automatically cancel. This is just bad business! You can not cancel your CC without waiting until your subscription anniversary otherwise you have to pay them for the service that is left without being able to use the product! Ridiculous Adobe!

Posted by Byteme

If you need a job and can't find one, apply to India!

I called the corporate office phone number and thought I'd be able to talk to someone in America, but that didn't happen.

After punching in random extensions I got India again.

Then this guy gives me a phone number that he said would be for support in the U.S. But when I called I stupidly punched in the numbers when prompted for support. Support is ONLY in India. If you want to talk to an American in the United States pick any other extension, but not SUPPORT. This country is losing its jobs to everyone except US citizens.

Posted by Karola

Wow, lots of negative reviews for Adobe support service. Adding mine: the call options are not clear and in calling 3 times I've been given 3 different sets of options! Some send you down rabbit holes with dead ends. Currently on hold, told I had a 1 minute wait... it's been about 3 and countig, and no sound to confirm I'm even still connected to them. When I got through in an earlier attempt, the CS guy was rude, just kept telling me I was breaking up. Thankfully I still have a land line, but now I'm stuck, waiting. And, by the way, I'm still on hold!

Posted by jadesplace

I am at a total loss, if anyone has any helpful advice, it would be much appreciated.
I have previously purchased a hard copy (Disk) of PhotoshopCS6 Extended.
I have recently upgraded my iMac and I no longer have a disk drive.
It has been a serious struggle trying to install the software that I BOUGHT and am licensed to use.
I have followed help pages on the Adobe Forums, and have been faced with the same issues and error messages when trying to install the software from the online page they recommend.
I have had 3 different 'chats' with the support agents, all of which were very unhelpful and have unexpectedly quit, even though my computer and internet connection are both fine.
During one of these 'chats' the agent told me to consult a forum, to which I explained, I had done this prior with no success which is why I am now currently talking to said agent.
The agent's response? "Please ignore that last message, it was sent by mistake"
Which is just laughable.
I am seriously fed up with the customer service I have received.
I am fed up with not being able to use the software I have bought.
I am therefore, fed up with the fact that I am unable to work and it is now costing me time and money.
I do NOT want to download multiple app installers and desktop creative cloud plug-ins because I do not want my iMac being overloaded with unnecessary things.

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Posted by Shawniimush

I was having no luck finding a solution for my issue. My software code for adobe cc seemed to be invalid. Spent hours trying until I used the program chat feature. The CS rep PAWAN quickly identified my issue (a typo by me in the original email address). I wasn't very impressed until this representative, he deserves praise for a job well done.

Posted by diego

More than awful, horrible, and bizarre!

It was a simple problem with renewing my subscription to their Ps and Lr package, as they didn't automatically take my new credit card number. Made my cancel the current subscription that was put on hold until the new card accepted the payment, and they made me create a new subscription instead of that one. Of course they already charged my card for that new subscription that it is still not active (more than two weeks has passed since the payment was made) and after countless calls and chat sessions with the "customer" "service" I still don't have a solution. They even asked me to create a NEW subscription and PAY AGAIN with a different id, so I will end up having TWO paid subscriptions. Bizarre!! Still waiting for their solution to the one I already paid for.

Posted by Sly

I interacted today with MAYANK DABRAL of Adobe Creative Cloud Customer Support and he quickly and patiently diagnosed the issue at hand and solved my (hitherto intractable) problem in little over 10 minutes. I was both impressed and overjoyed. For those of us who depend upon Adobe software to make our living, support and efficiency like this is worth its weight in gold and goes a long way to establish customer loyalty. Tremendously impressede, thank you Mayank!

Posted by Alandra

Adobe tech support was on the phone with me for an hour, and i have to say i have never had a more satisfying call regarding malfunctioning software or hardware. The man on the phone helped me top to bottom and did not hang up until all my programs were working once again. Although the call was long it was as fast as he was able to do things due to downloads and loading screens. I am very impressed as other companies are hard to get a hold of, and are not as thorough as i have found Adobe to be. Thank you so much to the gentleman that helped me, you were the best.

Posted by Mike

Reading so much bad about Adobe service, I thought to leave my review anyway...even if it is rather good than bad.
I had issues in activating my cloud subscription. So I called the support and as the responsible person couldn't figure out what's wrong, he promised me that within 24 hours a supervisor will call me. So it happened within about 4 hours that I got a call from a supervisor. As we started having some problems in logging in I was offered a screen-share session and agreed on mouse control. So I could watch the support person checking things and doing necessary steps. On all my questions I got proper answer and we went through things step by step. In the end I didn't have a large problem to be solved...but I am really satisfied from the quick and friendly support in this case.

Posted by Happy Customer

I used Adobe online customer service - the 24 hr chat, and I had a WONDERFUL experience. The reps did not have Western names, but their customer service was efficient and professional and I did not have to wait long at all. They were also friendly without being over friendly, and the entire experience was such that not for once did I feel like I wouldn't get through.

Posted by Mr Angry

After 30 minutes on the phone, of which 29 minutes listening to music, 4 departments, finally someone directed me to online chat, this failed in Firefox and not much better in IE, his answer was to download Chrome and try again. I'm just trying to spend over £1200 on 2 products, seems thay don't need the business, what a shower !. The online experience is probably an indication of the support on offer, possibly the worst site in history, hardly a good advert for their products. Absolutely dread using Adobe, CEO needs a good kick up the although he's probably on a nice fat salary and goes home every night thinking he's doing a great job.

Posted by hashtagpoordesignerproblems

In May 2014, I purchased Adobe Creative Cloud for personal use, but only downloaded two of the apps. Months later I attempted to download all of the apps but was told I can't because my OS wouldn't support them.

A man named Ajeet helped me via the online chat service. He attempted to get me to remain on the membership, but I held strong and explained my problem. He was the first person who understood my financial situation and helped me cancel my membership. Though we communicated only via chat, I felt like he actually cared and wanted to help me out- while also sticking to his guns. You don't get that very often, and though I cancelled my Adobe CC membership, I will be re-purchasing once I get a new computer. Who knows when that will be though.

Thanks Adobe!

Posted by pdxhicap

Wow, Adobe support is amazing. I had a questions about the Creative Cloud and got them answered right away. Great Job Adobe!

Posted by culikam

Re my original complaint of 10/2/2012:

I just received my wireless phone bill today. Those calls holding on for 5 hours for Photoshop CS5.5 Customer Service cost me $140 OVER my regular monthly bill. So not only do they waste your time with you holding on for the wrong departments for 5 hours, I have to pay for it too!

On a slightly better note, after I posted the note on 10/2 I got an email from Adobe a few hours later from someone apologizing again. This time the problem was solved (for now). Originally they couldn’t find my Photoshop legally purchased registration and serial numbers, telling me it did not exist. That was a lie of course. After about an hour talking with this apologetic person on the phone he gave me a brand NEW Serial number and my CD worked after that.

So perseverance does work. Keep posting those awful experiences. Of course no one ever replied to the 6 letters I snail mailed to the CEO’s and top honchos…

Posted by Stevo

Adobe was great! My wifes laptop crashed and we could not remove the adobe cs5 from it. After telling them they unlocked another lisensing agreement for the new laptop we purchased. Was on hold for only about 10 min and they resolved our issue. With the comments thought I was in for an hour wait...

Posted by lmbrown

Support was excellent. Hold time was just a few minutes and the problem was solved quickly. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

best CUSTOMER SERVICE ever =) and I'm not sarcastic

Posted by Andrew

Reach CS quickly and my photoshop problem was solved.

Posted by Shaine

He (RJ or Jacob) was able to help me in 4 minutes! Thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

I only had to wait about 1 minute to get help. They had my photoshop working again in about 10 minutes. A very pleasant experience.

Posted by Anonymous

My computer died and I had to buy a new one. I had already used both of my cs3 installs, and could not deactivate the one on my dead comp. I called Adobe they walked me through the process of installing on my new comp through verification over the phone. Took less than 5 minutes. The person I spoke with was hard to understand. He sounded indian and spoke way too fast.

Posted by Anonymous

The number worked like a dream and I actually talked to a very helpful woman (in India I think?) and she solved me problems right away.

Couldn't even begin to find the customer service number on Adobe's site. You guys saved the day. Thanks!

Posted by Anonymous

Thanks for the phone number! This really did work and I actually talked to a competent person who fixed my problem immediately....yay!

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Posted by Adobe Guy

I worked for Adobe and everything I read above is true, I heard the same stories from customers every day and I couldn't believe it but it's all true. For your consideration keep in mind that Adobe is a large company and they have multiple segments, some are specialized in Enterprise only not consumer products like Photoshop or Elements, so if you call the wrong number you will get transfer.

Consumer Customer Service 1-800-833-6687

Direct Sales 1-800-585-0774 (consumer only)

Business Sales 1-800-443-8158 (not consumer and not enterprise sales)

Enterprise Sales 1-888-649-2990

Tech Support (consumer only) 1-800-422-3623

Software Activations 1-866-772-3623

Hope that helps some of you

Posted by Adobe Systems

Hi all, thanks for leaving feedback for Adobe. Unfortunately, this board doesn't allow us to respond to you directly, but we would like to...and can respond to you directly on Twitter. Just ping @Adobe_care and we'll be glad to assist you in taking care of any unresolved issues.


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