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112 Negative Comments out of 119 Total Comments is 94.12%.


7 Positive Comments out of 119 Total Comments is 5.88%.

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    • 36.28 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 112 negative comments (94.12%)
    • 7 positive comments (5.88%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I have own a Honda & Acura vehicle since 2005. I recently leased a 2017 Acura MDX. I have two complaints. No one can resolve the problem of pairing my I PHONE TO MY VEHICLE. I have rust inside two of my rear doors. I am very disappointed with the quality of this vehicle. Please contact me at I need these problems to be rectified immediately. Dissatisfied customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I have owned few Acura’s and couldn’t be happier with my cars and customers service I have received in the past. Since Acura was sold to Cardinal Way it has changed so much, it’s seems like they can’t get anything right. Customers service has changed and I regret purchasing my last car from them due to so many mistakes in the process and after. Steel love my car but most likely will not come back if this keep happening and remain the same.

Posted by Angela

I don't know why you will not do something assbout these glove compartment doors. I WILL NOT recommend this car to anyone else. After owning THREE an d it happens with them all. I WANT SOMETHING DONE OR I WILL MOVE ON TO AN ATTORNEY. 2005 RL, 2008 RL 2007 rSX...THESE THINGS HAVE COST ME AS SMALL FORTUNE!

Posted by Anonymous

It doesn't do very much good to have a customer service number that only helps during regular business hours. I can call the dealership then and wouldn't need your help. N. Brown

Posted by Anonymous

Acura does not make there cars like they use to. They are cheaply made with such a high cost. They stay more in the shop then out. They are over priced and they r not worth it. If u ever need to use the Acura Link service forget it. These people will give u the run around. I am very dissapointed with Acura.

Posted by Paul Nguyen

My new Acura vehicle transmission is having a couple problems; it is making noises when it shifts and speeds up when it downshifts. I have recorded and upload a short video at slow speed since I was driving, . It is so dangerous when you are slowing down on the freeway because suddenly the car speeds up when you come near the vehicle in the front. My dealer service would not fix these because they told me that Acura Engineer told them that they are characteristics of my vehicle however Acura would not tell me what part of the transmission making noises, speeding up while downshifting and what makes Acura engineer considers that the tranny problems are characteristics instead of defect and fix them when my car still under warranty.

I told Acura Client Relations that I use the car every day to take my kids to school but they don�t care about their customers� safety and willing to put my family lives at risk. I believe that Acura do this because I�m Asian. Hopefully they are realized that most Asian drives Honda and Acura vehicles and would treats everyone the same. I suggest you all buying Toyota or Lexus. They are the same price with better service and quality.

You can call Acura I told Karla that I will write review on all of Acura dealerships in the US if Acura don�t give me the answer and she encourage me to do so.

Posted by Anonymous

We are extremely disappointed with the process we have to follow to upgrade our maps navigation system. We subsequently find out that the mapping system isn't even available for our 2017 for at least another 2 months! This is a great disappointment.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern

I brought a 2017 MDX TECH FROM PARAGON ACURA ON MARCH 24. Drove it off the showroom floor. Beautiful SUV BLUE. IT WAS GIVING ME A MESSAGE LOW BRAKE FLUID 3 WEEKS AFTER I PURCHASED IT IT WAS RETURNEDTO THE DEALER PARAGON ACURA ON APRIL 17 only for them to tell me the master cylinder had been damaged and they have to replace it. I picked my car up Thursday April 20 and went on a road trip to ocean city Maryland. Got back Sunday April 23 On Friday April 28 the message low brake fluid returned. I immediately returned to the dealer and dropped my new car off to be put in a loaner. My case number to Acura headquarters is 5981647 spoke to Christina on Friday On Tuesday the service supervisor Joseph called after I gave a very poor survey. He told me that another master cylinder needs to be replaced because there is another part that damaged the new master cylinder. Mean while my 1370.00 car note is due. I have purchased one tsx 2 tl and 2 rlx from paragon Acura. I think I'm a loyal customer. I need help with this situation because the truck is only worth 48,000 now but I owe some 40,000 more the the cost of this vechicle PLEASE HELP ME. I have not heard anything since Wednesday May 3

Posted by DPR

2014 Acura RLX, with advanced package, purchased 3/14 at Pleasanton Acura

• On going electrical, entertainment system, fit and finish, suspension, electronics, backup camera, accessory issues:

13 visits to dealer on car issues
18 days the car was at the dealers for repairs
4 immediate returns to the dealer due to repairs incorrect or not complete
4 sessions working with dealer service personnel to show them how to debug issues; DTS audio, USB file interface, battery cell failure, internal recirculating fan
2 wheels bent due to road damage

• 0 time I have had wheel damage due to road damage on other vehicles

• 1 factory wheel cost covered cost for 4 new wheels and tires in aftermarket

• >40 hours, amount of time spent dealing with car problems

• 1 safety issue, video recorded, which Acura says they will not fix

• 4 videos recorded to show problems to service personnel because their first response is customer did something wrong

• 14 weeks to get request to Acura customer service denied

• 12 times I tried contacting Acura customer service

• 3 times Acura customer service contacted me

• 1 time Acura customer service told dealer not to talk to me

• 10 emails to dealership and Acura management

• 0 responses to email

• 1 commute car purchased as I am worried RLX cannot stand up to commute and warranty is almost over

Engine, LED headlamps, Sound quality are fantastic. Car has low resale value as my experience does not appear to be unique. So I have to chalk this up to a very expensive lesson. While the car is disappointing the response of the dealership and Acura/Honda customer service was more disappointing. Acura buyer beware. You are welcome to contact me and I can share the details of my experience and point you at my files and the videos of the problems I have had.

Dave Pap Rocki

Posted by Anonymous

My 2009 Acura TSX has been having a "cold start rattle". I have researched the issue far and wide thru Acura forums and have found that 2009 and 3010 TSX'sTED's have been known for a cooks start rattle from the VTC. The Honda webpage has a TSB 09-010 for Honda's with the same issue and have been fixing the issue for free, out of warranty. Does Honda's luxury vehicles, Acura, do the same free fixes, or am I just left with an over-priced vehicle with a known issue? It's more than frustrating that vehicles from the same company have offered free fixes for their less expensive cars (Hondas) but NOT for their luxury vehicles. It's been overwhelming as a proud Acura owner that I have not been helped in over a year and a half! I'm not so proud to be an Acura owner anymore.

Posted by Anonymous

Our daughter is having an issue with Acura of Wappingers Falls, NY.They financed a 2011 Acura MDX, which is a lemon, they have taken it back to this dealer numerous times for a faulty transmission, the dealer had to replace the torque converter, next the air bags are defective, dealer has kept the car for over a month trying to fix them, they then determined it was not safe and after our son in law brought pressure on the manager there, they advised that they would give them a different car. Its been over two months that they have not had the use of the car that they originally purchased.

Since this car is a lemon, the dealer promised to give them another vehicle.Our daughter has already paid two months of insurance payments on a car they havent been able to use.

Additionally the dealer told them that they would make their first months payment which they forgot to do until our daughter checked with the bank Capital One, and they told her that as of yesterday the dealer hadnt sent the car payment in, which after checking back with the dealer they told her that it was just mailed out yesterday, which is late.

Please call our daughter to try and assist her with this matter, Acura of Wappinger Falls, NY,

They are nasty and have not taken care of giving our daughter another replacement car.

Her name is Danielle Ragagglia,cell phone number

Thank You,

Gerald Merkle

Posted by Steve

I need to speak to someone concerning an Acura tow package I purchased with my 2016 Acura MDX. Steve Armstrong

My cell number. I need to know what parts were included in this package and if a brake controller will plug and play with it. My dealer has not responded.

Posted by Acura Carland

I have an 05 Acura RL which wad in the Takata air bag recall. I took my car to Acura Carland to have the passenger airbag replace, on 7/5/16 the service was completed.On 8/5/16 my airbag servive light came on that morning. Later that afternoon my glove compartment door had burn marks on it.Called Acura Carland told them about the problem made a sevice appointment for 8/6/16 at 8:45 and I had the car towed there.Received a phone call from them at 6:02 that evening to have them tell me that the burn marks were caused by the sun.I am now waiting to hear from the manager.I think the airbag was replace improperly.I want to have the damaged that they caused replaced.

Posted by Ran

One of the worst customer service and worst knowledge at paragon Acura service center.

Ordered pard arrived called by deler and left mdx on Wednesday and promised 4 days to complete. Next day received called and saying MDX still on service and Friday received email saying your parts just arrived. I confuse I trying to call no once answered when answered transferred all Honda service, sales dept and all over ringing ringing no answers disconnect etc. I left massage with operator but never get back a called.

Finally at around 4 Pm on Monday able to talk to manager he told me tomorrow ready and I went Tuesday pick up my car and left as trust when I pool my car on drive way at home I saw lots of part missing all wired outside hanging I called right way to paragon she told me to come before 7 pm and she said she informed manager as well. I went back to deler when I reached around 6 pm they said manager was left come back tomorrow.
Went next day telling me to tags again do paper work and wait I was trying to talk manager they keep saying he is busy and on meeting almost 3 hours they came with half work done and saying it was just like that. I left S Fernandez adviser told me she will tell manager to call me back but he never called I called many times after I reach him he told me to come back again wow
I went back he brings his service man and endorsed him and he left after 30 minutes some guy from loner department bring my key and told your car ready outside. When I saw it wasn't done properly since they handover keys to someone not from the department I understood it's better to go now.

3 things I didn't get 1, they called and confirmed part arrived and keep my car at deler after 2 days received mail saying part arrived.
2, why they're behaving like they didn't pay..
3, why can't relay your message to superior or manager if you do not know what to do? Adviser called by hands come come while you seating front of her she wants some leftover work to be done wants me to seat on her table watching her..

Posted by swingdancer77

Now that you are aware of the unsatisfactory service I have been receiving wouldn't it make sense to attempt to rectify it. Not one word was mentioned of notifying the dealer or of expediting the receipt of my tire warranty.

Your Acura Client Relations department is apparently just a title with no substance - just platitudes. You have just lost my loyalty as an Acura owner.

Posted by Anonymous

2016 Acura, call to customer service are met with lectures and poor attitude. Disappointed that misleading information was provided.

Posted by Judy

I would like the email address of Acura Headquarters Human Resources/Legal Affairs

Posted by Anonymous

I have had Acura's for the last 8 yrs, never a problem UNTIL 2015. I leased an Acura in NJ area and have had problems with it from the day we walked out of the dealership. Customer Service is HORRIBLE. No one seems to be able to fix the problem and no one seems to CARE. I will never lease another car from Acura again!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My experience has been horrendous. I have requested a call back from a supervisor on 3 occasion and never received a xall. The quote received from the dealership to repair my leather seats was astronomical. I would not recommend an Acura product because they do not stand behind their product nor do they care about the consumer. I will be putting a call into the media for calling for action. I am not happy.

Posted by Anonymous

I contacted Acura client relations regarding my 2005 Acura TL to
see if they could advise me on what to do with the dashboard on my has several cracks in it and seems 6be getting worse. I was more than shocked at the customer service representative that I spoke with..his name was Martin. He pretty much told me that because my car was bought used and I didn't have ALL of my service taken care of at Acura there were nothing that they would do. I have bought a total of 4 Acuras and they have all been great cars...this represents real loyalty in my opinion...I expected much more out of their client service department and I am not through with this issue by a long shot.

Posted by Nanbo

Bought new 2013 ILX Hybrid. It has 27k miles and ZERO tread. How about my tire warranty... NONE!! These crappy Continental tires, I was told by them,are made especially for Acura for the hybrid and r not covered. Discount Tire told me the tire is made softer for a smoother ride. I have owned 5 Acuras and hv had my problems,but never to hv them not stand behind a crappy product on their car.... Last one!

Posted by nette

Leased Acura TLX is a mistake!!!! Leased in January, after a month, had problem with car not starting! Brought to the dealership 3x!!!! Last problem, engine just died slowly while driving.. In addiion Acura Client Relations BRYAN sucks!! He changes his statement everytime!!

Posted by Rangerjim

I leased a 2016 RDX in May of 2015.I currently have 5700 miles on this vehicle. Among the problems I have had are;
1. Bluetooth not pairing properly, and frequently needing to be paired.
2. The Nav system has failed to properly guide me to specific locations, and given incorrect directions.
3. The gas mileage is poor. My last tank I got 16mpg.I get a whopping 23 - 24 on the road. My 2014 I consistently got 30 mpg on the road and 20-22 in town.My driving habits have not changed.
4. I am unable to pair the garage door opener.
I have owned RDX's since 2011, but never again. The quality of this vehicle is well below previous vehicles.What has happened to quality control at Acura? It is obvious to me it is not what it was.This car is so bad, and nobody cares to service the customer, Ive already purchased another car, NOT AN ACURA.I do not anticipate any attention will be given this, because it's easier to ignore than take corrective action.

Posted by Anonymous

My Acura 2016 sucks the big one!!bad transmission or software who knows? Suspension system is the worst I ever had in a auto especially Acura, I've had five acuras in the past but this car feels like a39 ford pickup!the 8 speed changes gears when ever it's like a really bad fing car ! After this s..t car I will never buy a Acura ! And I hope you never do also!!

Posted by NONE

Regarding 2001 Acura Sedan Tl Bought New And Maintained Regularly. It Seemed To Be A Perfectly Satisfactory Experience Until The Second Week Of January 2016. With 91000 Plus Miles And Virtually No Warning, The Transmission Failed. You Should Know The Auto Was Driven Approximately 6000 Miles Per Year And Never Torqued The Transmission Other Than Moderate Normal Driving. Brief Research Indicated The 2001 Trough 2004 Models Had Some Problems With Some Corrective Action Offered By Acura, About Which I Heard Nothing.. My Self Paid Acura Of New Castle De, New Transmission Replacement Was Excellent In Every Way. Do You Think Acura Bears Any Responsibility To A Customer's Expectation Regarding Cost And Providing What One Would Normally Expect In Auto Performance.i Am Reminded Of A Quote By Mark Twain: Always Do The Right Thing, A Few Will Be Gratified, The Rest Will Be Astonished !by Virtue Of My Experience I Will Either Provide Acura With Some Positive Or Negative Advertisement. A Sign In The Back Window Or Bumper Should Reach Numbers Exponentially In Due Course.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I am contacting you because of the great service I received from your
Acura of Memphis lacation and the salesman name is Saleed Ali. First I was an Acura owner which was one of my favorite cars green 93 Legend 4 door which was always problem free and it looked better than the BMW 5 and the Audii's. I even had a chance to purchase an NSX which if I did I would still own it. The RL's just didn't appeal to me and I switched to BMW. Now the purpose of of my contact to is to acknowledge Saleed Ali who helped me with a phone purchase of a used Enclave and he did excellent job and I am very knowledgeable of excellent customer service vs. customer service. I have now added Acura of Memphis to my purchase dealers. Jim

Posted by MzRoss

I am a new Acura customer and I am especially giddy about my recent experience. The Acura dealership on Broad Street in Richmond, Va is Blessed to have an experienced team!! My salesperson was Hayden and he was awesome!! He found a ZDX for me and I love it! He understood that I wanted something different & reliable. He weeded through the cars & found a suv that suited me to a T. The Finance Mgr Anthony was a delight. Many times the finance portion of the experience is tedious and was NOT! He listened to all of my questions without being judgemental. He made it enjoyable😃😃. I will be telling my friends about this Acura dealership and to ask explicitly for Hayden & Anthony..they are definitely a winning team😉

Posted by Anonymous

To Whom it May Concern

My name is Terry Tatsugawa and I have someone I talked about getting an Acura so he went to Acura of Maui. He has been giving the runaround on his car. First the sales rep informed him he needs to deposit 400.00 as the down payment for his car. The Finance Manager didn't pull money out of his account. They didn't ship the car on time and he receive the first month payment and no car yet. He call the dealership and they informed him they miss shipping of the car. Then the finance manager told him he owes 1000.00 for the deposit. I called the dealership for him and told Linda Ludwick they are not treating him correctly and they lack in been professional with him. I owned 3 Acura and got them from Acura of Honolulu. They treated me very well and everything we talked about was done. I'm embarrass to have suggested him to purchase one. No one has gotten back to me since I phoned.

Posted by IDAMIAN

I bought a new TLX one year ago on Jan 02, 2015. Evidently all the problems with the transmission have been worked out. Mine is thrilling in that when I am running at a casual 60 and need to get around a slow car ahead, the power to 75-80 (where the posted speed is 75) is smooth and instantaneous. This provides for a very safe and confident maneuver. In addition, during the buying process, I asked if the manager could knock $300 off the price so I could use one credit card rather than two to buy it. (My credit card gives me 2% reward so that was a cool $895 back in my pocket). HE didn't hesitate and then later showed me he sold me the car even less than the discount I would have gotten from the auto buying club. SO that in total, a 6 cyl techno package TLX bottom line came in under $40,000.
Now as far as that $895, I thought I ought to spend it on the extended maintenance package. However after 1 year I received my first maintenance (an oil change, no tire rotation because I only drove it 1500 miles) service. No one explained to me that I could not use the extended maintenance any way or time that I would like to but that the car itself would inform me when it was ready to be serviced. So I tried to get my money back. I was told it would be returned prorated. They took over $200 off. While that would be a correct amount for 1/4 of the time involved, I thought I would try to explain that I was somewhat duped into buying it in the first place since I was not completely informed how it worked. It turns out, to satisfy a customer whose last car was also bought new at Radley in VA in 2000, they would reward me for my faithfulness and return the rest of my $200.
SO great car and fine buying procedure. There are only 2 minor complaints which I have to look into. Sometimes local radio stations cup out for as few seconds then return, as if I went through a tunnel or that the stations were losing their power behind some huge mountain. In addition I hear a faint rattle every now and then and I am still not certain what the source is. But the complaints I have read about, like a leaky sun roof and all the rest simply do not exist in my car. WHat I AM waiting on however, is a verbal promise that some new software going into the 2016 will also be given free of charge to the 2015 TLX. And lastly, the salesperson who sold me the car promised free oil changes for life! T do hope he will stand by that promise.

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Always Been Highly Impressed With The Excellent Customer Service I Receive From Wanhdee Ngonevongsa Of Cerritos Acura. He Is Very Professional, Has A Good Customer Service Skills. Always Willing To Help And Always Explains What Services My Mds Needed. He Makes Me Very Comfortable And I Will Always Be Glad To Recommend Him To My Friends And Family.

Posted by ILX Owner

My husband and I bought our second Acura ILX from Southern Motors Acura in Savannah, GA. and we absolutely enjoyed our experience with them. Brian Powers (our sale associate in both occasions) was courteous and very knowledgeable on the vehicle we purchased. He was extremely helpful with any questions we had and even called us back a few days later to see if we had any additional question about our new vehicle. The rest of the staff, financing and sales managers were excellent as well. The service dept. really takes car care to a whole new level of expertise and professionalism. Also very polite and courteous. Thank you so much Southern Motors Acura of Savannah, job well done!!! Jimmy and Nancy Allen

Posted by Liz

To Whom It May Concern
In January 2014, we were contemplating the purchase of a new car and among our favorites was an Acura. We have already leased/purchased two Honda Pilots from Open Road and were very satisfied with the treatment we received and, for this reason we contacted the Open Road in East Brunswick and spoke with Melvin Morales.
We were so satisfied with his professionalism, and knowledge about the Acura car in which we were interested, that we decided to do business with him and stopped looking for other cars or dealers.
We found in Melvin a "down-to-earth," excellent and honest salesman, with a goal of client satisfaction and wanted to share our experience.
Elizabeth and Luis Garcia

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