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Activision customer service is ranked #778 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.08 out of a possible 200 based upon 338 ratings. This score rates Activision customer service and customer support as Terrible.


333 Negative Comments out of 338 Total Comments is 98.52%.


5 Positive Comments out of 338 Total Comments is 1.48%.

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    • 23.08 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 333 negative comments (98.52%)
    • 5 positive comments (1.48%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Paid 34pounds for shipping have just been charged 21.99 pounds by royal mail? Need to contact call of duty usa. Can anyone help

Posted by Anonymous

When Activision named their customer service group they forgot to prefix a 'dis'before customer.

Posted by bcs1310

Activision is not able to support their customers either on the phone or on the web. i don't know why they even bother claiming they have customer support.


I can't seem to get any help through support my call of duty black ops has been saying I need to be signed into psn to access online features and I am signed in why won't it let me play? If this doesn't get fix than I want my money back and with interest from this ripoff of a company.

Posted by Kimster1967

We have been trying for days to contact a person to speak to a Rep regarding an email to redeem beta code for WWIi that was just released on weekend. We need help but cannot get in contact with anyone website does not help

Posted by Anonymous

How does one grade a message the computer,the person that developed it?? I am a disabled VN VET. I have spent money I did not have, because I was told it would help my PTSD.It does!

You EXPECT EVERYONE knows computers or phrases and how to get instructions."NOT"

As usual I have a question and get tossed into your page. Done that.

So after hundreds of dollars GO FIND IT YOURSELF.

Even your stores up here don't have your phone number.

If a human reads this and YOU have any questions

Posted by Iknowactivisionsucks

Just wanted you to know that target store #825 here in Las Vegas keeps putting out Skylanders figures on the sales floor before the release date. Last time it was Solar Flare Aroura which they put on sales floor the night before its release date and now it's the Cursed Tiki Temple Pack which I saw on the sales floor and it is scheduled to release this coming Friday.

Just want to know if this is Target f*cking up or is it a f*ck up on your end cause you guys been f*cking up with Skylanders figures either not being sold here in Vegas or made a part of some stupid potato chip give away. Please let me know so I know who to blame on social media

Posted by Leadership SBO2

Trying to reach customer service for almost a week and the website is some confusing and complicated..i need someone to email me ASAP!

Posted by Crazyviper1979

I'm highly disappointed in Activision in the regards to infinite warfare dlc sabotage. It's only in core mode and I paid for the season pass to get the new maps early.seeing how I'm a hardcore player only I now have to wait another 30 days to play it in hardcore. I'm highly dissatisfied with Activision's choice to release it in core mode only and I won't be buying another Activision game again...They have no respect in regards to how a person plays there games and I would like a compleat refund of the game and season pass.

Posted by JamesAbrams1982

Good afternoon!

To whom this email may concern;
My name is James Abrams and I've been a loyal customer for your company since the age of Atari to your more recent Call of Duty and Spider-Man games it saddens me to know that we the consumers are treated so poorly whenever it's our turn to ask for help from your massive company. Tge fact that we spend our hard earned money from in my case a cruddy job the hours of toil, blood, sweat, and tears that we poor into companies such as yours then as for help cannot find such help is deplorable customer service is when you go above and beyond for your customer no matter the cost not hide behind automated dialers that direct you to run around in circles like a chicken with it's head cut off... Anyway my main focus and complaint is recently I picked up a few classic games for my ps3 of various titles but the downloadable content isn't/didn't work in any of them yet they're all brand new unopened discs so I was wondering if I could simply get access to what I paid for and whom do I need to speak with to get these issues resolved? The list of games are as follows: Prototype (free copy if you buy part 2) Infamous Second Son (Free skin) I know this doesn't look like much to you but for a hardworking collector such as myself this means a lot to me and I would greatly appreciate any and all help that I can get in this issue please and thank you.

Mr. Abrams

Posted by NOT HAPPY!

I have been having trouble with call of duty lobby. I have PS4,but had same trouble with PS3. Not sure why I'm having trouble.If i could get in touch with Activision,maybe I could figure this out. I tried 10 times to get a hold of them today. NO LUCK!
Some customer support. Not only can't call them. The support web page was down.I'm calling play station now to see if they can help.

Posted by Anonymous

Are you doing a return. I purchase something for but they said it was a third-party through Activision that sent the item to me it was the Guitar Hero live bundle it was the wrong item and I need to return it for a refund it is unopened I could not cancel the order prior to delivery I tried please contact me to let me know thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

Or anybody actually needing activations help on this site you're not going to get it. Their customer service is the worst of the worst. They specifically try not to let anybody know their phone number. All in all their customer support is transparent at best

Posted by Anonymous

you Activision for not listening to your customers for the last 10 years and actually give us a true designated Server. Just lie to us every time you come out with the game. Done done done. That's why nobody wants to buy anymore Call of Duty's all over your customers

Posted by BramhaWarChild

I have been locked out of MW1 remastered since infinite warfare launched & have been given the run around by PlayStation & eb games (GameStop) 0retty pissed that I payed so much money for two games & only got one. It will be the last game I buy of the franchise if this matter isn't resolved.

Posted by HELP!

My Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will not work. There is no 1-800. I need to speak to someone. The game cost $90.

Posted by daClaw

This is the second time I have had someone post a "You are now all LVL1 (Private)" in COD4. It is amazing not only that Activision allows this, but seems to encourage it. This time it happened on Nov 8 @ approximately 1515 (3:15) by someone named afg5544rdf. There is no access to Activision except for the venues they choose. I will dump my PS3 now, and buy an X-Box...or at least I am seriously considering it. COD4 has always been my second favorite...with World At War as my #1, but due to the allowed hacking of WAR, you can't even play it because half the kids in the US and the world at large have hack codes to F&(* with the players. Pathetic POSs.

Posted by Anonymous

Thankyou for helping me to decide whether to continue buying and playing PS4 games.My most recent purchase was COD Infinite Warfare.Having paid full price I continued on home, inserted the disc and then "an immediate update is required, 5.8GB, 5.8GB.I just bought the game, where is the additional disc containing the update.10 yes 10 hours later when the download completed and installed I realised that in order to play online I needed to pay an additional $65 to join PSPlus.So once again thankyou for determining my decision.My PS4 is up for sale .No more PS4,no more.

Posted by ditzee blonde

I have been told for eight days the same thing about cod/mw3 after I text playstation network, within a few minutes the screen appears and I'm able to access. This is crazy the cost of these games to not be able to play them is ridiculious. It is happening with all the cod games not just mw3 and you can't speak to anyone or get information on what is going on, they need to fix these issues or us as consumers need to send a very strong message and not purchase their crappy products.....

Posted by WarriorHost

I Purchased the Call of Duty Legacy Pro Edition. I was trying to down load the music track for Infinity Warfare with the 13 code in my PC and I encountered trouble. I tried to reuse the code and it said that it was already redeemed. Were can I get a new code or how can I download the track? Have not been able to reach or talk to any Rep from Activision, chat, websites or by phone. Not good

Posted by MaizeAndBlue

This company is a Joke. How are you supposed to get a question awnsered when their garbage website won't even let me sign in and I can't contact anyone. I will never buy my son another Activision game.

Posted by Anonymous

This number does absolutely nothing. It takes you to a recording and no matter which option you choose you get the same recorded message telling you to contact them online.

Posted by fire ohio

I have been trying to contact you for weeks with no luck. Someone has hacked my Playstation 3. When I play call of duty black ops. instead of my name appearing over my character the hacker has replaced my call sign name with a you are hear sign over my head. This makes it hard to play the game when ever opponent can see wher I am at. I am also worried about my personal information might have also been stolen.

Posted by EcHo Ostrich343

It makes me mad how you need us to make a Facebook or Twitter account to call you guys just to get my money back because your game stole $50 from my account and gave me nothing! You guys need to get a better support system. I have been a fan of your games for years and you don't even give a crap..

Posted by SisterFister903

Why don't yall ever answer the phone its always tryna get me to do online chat and yall are fuccing retards online honestly. I haven't been able to play black ops for 6 fuccing months due to something on yalls end. Spent countless hrs talking to playstation network and my Internet provider and I can never speak to a human from activison ever.

Add your review!

Posted by scubagirl1283

I am so impressed with how easy they made my claim. We received Swap Force Skylanders for Christmas. The portal stopped working on 2/24/14. I went online and put in a claim expecting them to call back and try a bunch of things that probably wouldn't work anyway. Instead the just sent a replacement portal. Came today (2/27/14) via UPS. I can't wait to tell my kids! Thanks Activision!

Posted by duskbdawg

I just got a new skylander from Amazon and the light core wasnt working. I was really disapointed and was going to send it back when I thought about calling Activison. I was barely on hold when I got helped. The person on the other line was friendly and helped me out. He took some information and asked some questions. He then told me they can send me a replacement. I was really impressed by the support system and would use it again in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

When I first called support it was right after Christmas so I expected it to be busy. The wait wasn't to bad. Only about 15 minutes. My sons portal wasn't working with Skylanders and I expected a lot of fuss and attitude from some one that barely spoke english to get it replaced. To my surprise I reached an American rep(rare these days) that was absolutely wonderful and very friendly. She took some basic information, did a little troubleshooting and quickly determined I needed a replacement. I expected some problems at this point because it was a gift from his Aunt on the west coast. But nope she gathered some more information and recorded the serial number off the portal for verification and about a week later my son had his new portal and was enjoying the game! Excellent experience and I wish more companies where like this. Maybe I got lucky or maybe the other reviews where just unlucky. Eh I dont know but I wont hesitate to call them if I have any more problems.

Posted by kindell

I called because every match I play ends up being the lockdown map. The reps name wad Stephanie I think. She wad SUPER nice. Apparently they've been hacked and are working on it so there was nothing she could do but she apologised pretty sincerely. Hopefully they clear it up soon.

Posted by SUGNA

They were very quick and helpful towards my questions about Call of Duty Elite and Modern wARFARE3

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