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Acronis customer service is ranked #887 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 18.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 31 ratings. This score rates Acronis customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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Posted by Mike

Have been trying to contact Acronis for ages. I have a question regarding upgrading to a new version of Home Image, but I get stopped cold because when I enter my totally valid Serial Code (which I purchased for full price) It is deemed invalid . At that point you are ineligible to ask a question.No email no live chat get lost ! I can't be the first customer to experience this !
Mike Berry ( Valid Acronis software purchaser!!)

Posted by old man

I have learned a hard way what is behind Acronis "standard 30 days before the new version policy.."
It means that once your 1 year "support program" expires, you have no chance to get Acronis bugged software fixed. I requested a fix for a known bug described in
The answer was :
"As per the records I see your support program for Acronis True Image 2017 by Acronis has expired. It is quite unfortunate for me to inform you that we will not be able to provide you support unless you purchase PPI (Pay Per Incident)"...

Posted by sbb

Acronis software works well. Their sales and support is the pits. My license included free tech support, which they do not honor. The plan included additional cloud storage, which cannot be used. When I call Acronis, they send me to Cleverbridge, who sends me back to Acronis. No accountability, no one taking responsibility, no help -- just a runaround.

Posted by Anonymous

but i stayed with it for over 4 years because i liked the 'clone-ing' feature.

the software is constantly upgrading very frequently. i have just settled to the old verdion and the new one pops up and i am forced to upgrade.
on 1/11/2017, i upgraded to 2017 but i have not run the new version 2017 and i am asked to upgrade to 2018. no free upgrade .
i am giving up on this software.

Posted by Tstpilot

As a third party integrator I installed Acronis Backup Advanced Server for a fortune 500 company. Software worked reasonably well however, a bug showed up and Acronis still has not been able to resolve the issue. My customer had about $50,000 orders coming up for additional Acronis licenses but they have put all that on HOLD. If Acronis cannot fix this issue my customer will CANCEL all future orders and go with a different vendor.

Acronis also does not offer PHONE support with an AMERICAN in the UNITED STATED. It seems all their support engineers are located in INDIA. Poor customer service!!!

Posted by JKresta

I purchased Acronis True Image 2016. I tried cloning another drive so I could have a master image. When I open the clone drive all the files were grayed out. I tried starting the MS Windows 10 Photo AP -- adding folders to the app. When I tried to open the files, Photo reported back the folders were empty.
I spent over an hour with some really incompetent Indian in India that barely understood English. She even took over my computer to see the problem. 1.5 hours later she told me there was no solution to my problem. I referred her to a number of forums with similar problems with folders grayed out after a clone.
Today I received an email from some other ignorant Indian telling me there was no problem with Acronis but with my computer.
I called the store and spoke with the Service Manager and the store agreed to take the product back.
My suggestion to anyone thinking about purchasing Acronis -- It does not work as advertised and they use a company full of stupid morons in India (taking American jobs away) for support. AVOID THIS PRODUCT -- their advertising is Fraudulent!!!!

Posted by Tony from Wargrave

Acronis provide a very frustrating support service. I installed Acronis 2017 two days ago. When I ran it I got error messages "Failed to open data stream" I got onto a chat line and Vijay took over control of my computer for an hour and a half before telling me that he'd fixed it. I could tell by his key stokes that he hadn't diagnosed the problem . Anyway I ran the back up that night and got precisely the same error messages. Today I can't get on the chat line at all or rather I did and then it was closed down immediately. There is an option to send the request by e-mail but that elicits no response other than a new job code every time I do it. The software seems flakey and the support is third rate. Avoid this company

Posted by Jesse Reynolds

Incredlby bad customer support and their technicians are a joke. Extremely unproferssional, adn they don't know their own software! I had to explain to HIM the difference beetween a raw tape and a tape vault.....

Then he disconnected while a scan was running that he KNEW caused the program to hang (because it had previously while he was remotly connected)


Posted by BDHAWK1

I purchased ACRONIS True Image and have seen it fail its first software update and not allow me to login. Contacted their support and tried to set up a cha The chat also failed saying I should try Email. I did and have not received a response in over 24 hours.

Posted by krb

There are known reported problems with Acronis backups stalling. I have spent a total of 4 3/4 hours talking to tech support, allegedely resolving problems, only to have them re-appear.

Hopelessly bad. I am fairly certain that the problem is with their backup scheduler, because of the nature of the problem. Whatever it is, Acronis has only one important task, and that is to fix this problem. What is the use of a backup system where the backups do not work?

Really, guys, stop whatever you are doing, and work on core problems.

Posted by skypilot

I will be suing them in Connecticut Small Claims Court for breach of implied Warranty of Merchantability and Fitness. The product just does not work as intended.

Posted by Having a hard time

I have own one version or another of Acronis True Image for the last 5 years. When my hard drive crashed I purchased Windows 10 machine and upgraded Acronis to 2016. I have been trying for the last two days to recover the data from my old computer to the new one without any luck. I have chatted with Acronis twice and the last time they remoted into my machine. Still can not get the data transferred. They do not have a number for free support for new purchases. I can not recommend this product because their support is very bad.

Posted by ryanowitz

I bought Acronis Cloud for 3 computers in December, 2015 and started daily backups. In February, 2016, I had a ransomware attack on one computer that spread to all its local drives (but not the other 2 computers), including several that had my own backups over time. EVERYTHING on that computer was compromised and had to be deleted. But thank goodness I had been doing all those Acronis backups and could recover from the day before the attack! OR COULD I??? I paid a small local company of high repute to clean all my infected drives and restore from Acronis. When they went to restore, they found no earlier iterations but only the backup from the day of the attack! I myself had an extended live chat and follow-up e-mails with Acronis tech support, which ended up claiming to look for earlier iterations without success (even suggested I'd done something wrong!) and dismissed me by saying that they couldn't find any such iterations. (Do they not keep backups of their backup servers?) At the same time, on a 2nd computer, backups stopped working. A 4-hour online chat session watching a tech support guy ended up with his giving up and just starting a whole new backup that would run for many days. (He seemed never to have encountered this problem before-hard to believe.) Then I wrote both live chat case handlers (for the iteration problem and the no-backup-starting problem) that I consider this one case--namely, of Acronis software being defective in some key way(s). The iteration problem was apparently then closed without resolution, and for the 2nd problem I was simply told to continue the new backup (which I have stopped) and report any problems-in other words, spend more of my own time to monitor a problem for Acronis for free. Then the 3rd computer had the same problem as the 2nd of not being able to back up. At this point, I have given up on Acronis and stopped all backups. I have received no explanations for any of these problems. In follow-up e-mails to the chat guys, I demanded a phone call (or phone contact information) from an Acronis person high enough to address my problems with some satisfaction for me, and I have now demanded refund of my subscription (around $90) and payment to my hired company of the portion of their costs associated with not being able to access the right iteration, plus damages for data loss (I had about 30 years of personal research and other key data backed up by Acronis, some of which were in fact recovered by the company I hired). I am not optimistic about favorable responses. I don't know if I have a law suit that any lawyer will find worth pursuing. I feel like an owner of a flame-engulfed Ford Pinto with a defect known to the company but not worth fixing because it wouldn't crop up often enough--though I have no idea, in fact, how many other Acronis customers have suffered the same fate as I. For backup, I'm switching to Crashplan, which my tech-savvy son has used for many years with no problems.

Posted by JoMama

Tech couldn't figure out that I was in a different time zone. They would consistently call before I was at work and then got all upset that I wouldn't answer their calls. Still haven't resolved the issue.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to send a suggestion to them after I tried to re-install their product. The manual states to download from their web site, did that - but it gave a 2016 product not 2015 that I had. Would not fully uninstall so could not install my licensed version. Tried to sell me a support plan but no solution. Managed to do a system restore - and that cleared the problem.

When I told them they had a problem - they again tried to sell me a support plan.

Posted by Ken

I think Acronis has lost the plot, inasmuch as it used to have a good name for creating an easy, and solid image back-up program, I got my trial limited copy free with my purchase of a new Samsung SSD.
Iv'e installed it on my C:/ drive which has Windows Vista OS installed.
My other two PCs have windows 7 installed, what an easy system tool it has making OS images and back-up over the same back-up disk E:/ in my case. Conclusion uninstall Acronis and buy a copy of Microsoft's Windows 7.

Posted by Anonymous

Acronis has a new way to make business : it will send you a popup in True Image 2015 for as long as you don't purchase the newest version!!! What a shame, their sales figures lies on the ability that they have to annoy their customers.

Posted by johnthetimelord321

Acronis advided me of an up date, so I clicked on. The update destroyed my program, so I contacted customer support. The customer service representative (what a joke) sent me a link to the same update that ruined my program (that I had a paid license for). She also said that I would have to pay to fix it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!. I contacted them again because they said the case was still open and unresolved. After I told apolite way..that their customer service wasA JOKE, they sent me another email saying that the case was now closed. cAN YOU SAY "R A N S O M W A R E"???

Posted by johnthetimelord321

Acronis Customer Central

Aug 17 (2 days ago)

*** Please do not change the subject line of this email; otherwise, your response will not be received. ***

Hello John,

Thank you for your response.

I understand your concern, but this is policy set which we cannot go beyond that.

In future if you face any technical issue, please purchase Pay per incident following is the article:

We will close this case for now.please feel free to contact our team whenever you come across any additional questions with regard to Acronis software.

We're always at your service should you need our assistance in future.

Best regards,

Joylean Santhmayor

Support Engineer

Acronis Customer Central

For common issues with known solutions please refer to our Knowledge Base at

You can always find the latest status of this case in your account at

Our mission is to create Customer success. Our Management Team welcomes your feedback on how we can improve the overall support we provide to you. Please send your comments, suggestions, or concerns to [email protected]

Posted by Anonymous

The worst support. Cannot reach them even about the licensed product.

Posted by Joe

Absolutely the worst phone support I have ever accounted. Had I known it was this bad I would not have purchased the software.

Posted by Cal Anon

Acronis - no support.
Once Aronis Devices (Backup archive, TIB Mounter, Trueimage Backup, Virtual Disk Bus) are installed on your drive, you might as well consider your disk partially controlled by Acronis. Complete uninstallation of Aconis if futile. Apparently the only solution to rid your disk of all Acronis apps is to start with a new disk, reinstall your operating system and programs.

Might be a market for someone who can produce a complete Acronis product removal tool.

Posted by David Smith

There is no official support for Acronis but you can try some one I know who can fix Acronis

Premium Tech Support for USA Canada

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased Acronis 2014 3 PC License - have Product DVD from Acronis with my name on
the DVD, tried installing, wants serial # (shown on DVD) entered the 64-character serial number - BUT NOTHING HAPPENS!!! And nobody to contact

Posted by Anonymous

Worst support reach-ability I have experienced in my over 30 years in the IT arena...

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