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Acer Computers customer service is ranked #464 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.59 out of a possible 200 based upon 642 ratings. This score rates Acer Computers customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


592 Negative Comments out of 642 Total Comments is 92.21%.


50 Positive Comments out of 642 Total Comments is 7.79%.

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    • 32.59 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 592 negative comments (92.21%)
    • 50 positive comments (7.79%)
    • 2 employee comments
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
    • 2.8 Reachability
    • 1.8 Cancellation
    • 3.4 Friendliness
    • 2.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by STEVE IN NY

After Three Months The Acer 15 Chromebook Experienced Display Issues. When Calling For Technical Support I Was Told Supportnician Would Cost $139.99. After Three Hours On The Phone Nothing Was Accomplished. My Son Who Is A Computer Repair Technician Spent Another Four Hours On The Phone With Acer Technical Support. It Took Three Tries To Down The Chrome Operating System. It Was Impossible To Reload The Acer 15 Chromebook With The New Operating System. Seven Hours On The Phone With Tech Support And $139.99 Accomplished Nothing Towards Repair Of The Display Issues.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible, bought the computer for the bar exam and had to keep it for work. I couldn't send it off to be fixed since I work from home and that was the only computer that could run Citrix. Wouldn't even start a third of the time and the display driver would crash among a host of other problems. Very disappointed, DO NOT BUY AN ACER!!!!

Posted by JG

The response from customer service really flared me up and I believe they sensed how pissed I am with how they responded to my email treating me like a dumb person, so I played along and had them a taste of their own medicine. Acer Philippines Customer Service, worst! Point of advice, when a customer raised a concern, do not provide them links on how to troubleshoot, UNDERSTAND THE CONCERN, READ BETWEEN THE LINES. For at the end of the day it is not that customer doesn't know how to reset password, reset to factory setting and what not, but on the possibility that you altered something without informing the customer!

Posted by LeeC

Acer provide Undoubtedly the worst and most painful customer service imaginable, it is truly shocking. They are totally indifferent and couldn't care less in resolving customers concerns or issues. Never ever again in this lifetime will we ever consider an Acer product, they are dreadful and impossible to deal with.

Posted by WmCharles

Purchased A Gateway Computer Through Newegg.
It Was Toss-up With Another Computer Brand, Selected Gateway Because The Offering Data Indicated It Came With A Touch Screen. It Did Not Come With A Touch Screen. Screwed.
Newegg Service Did Make A Effort To Find A Program To Activate The Screen, But To No Avail.
Acer/gateway Service Department's Attitude, Option 1, We Will Talk With After You Purchase Our $165.00 Maintenance Plan, With No Guarantee Of Any Kind, Or Option 2, You Are Nothing But A Nuisance To Us, Go Away And Do Not Call Again.
Touch Screen, Nothing But Deception In False Advertising.
Newegg And Gateway Are Good, Would Never Purchase Any Acer Product.

Posted by Anonymous

Omg! Worst computer ever! Worst customer service, worst repair, horrible company, horrible computer.
I ordered a new ACER all in 1 computer,it came non functional. I was sent a second one,within the 5 months,it too,was non functional. I sent it in for rpair,lost 10 days of use.Returned, with new hard drive,I took it out of the box,the outer covering for the CD drive fell off! I contacted ACER, and 4 hrs of arguing they insisted I return it again and lose another 10 days. Then I was contacted by a lady named Shane in the advocate office who said she could fix it remotely I told her the computer now freezes,changes fonts,won't print,after auto correct, ( I sent a letter for my business) to the VP of a billion dollar corp. Corrections reverted! Shane told me,it was my printer, she could not fix that,funny,before I sent my computer fir reoair,it printed fine.Then the keyboard froze. Shanie,from ASER advocate office,returned my call once! She left a vm. I called 8 times,no response. Today,I received an email saying,she was closing my xase,since she never heard from me,and I could call tech support!
Unbelievable! !! ACER should go out of business and we should all start a law suit for time lost!! I finally called Amazon,who I believe are wirking wuth NE. Oh yeah,and when I responded to Shanie's enail,of course it came back" non
Deliverable! !!!!! Why the 4 hr waste of conversatiin,automatically,someone calls and can fix it remitely,send me the casing for my cd, which doesn't work either,but can't help me with the printer connection.ACER
GO OUT OF BUSINESS. And how about paying me for all my time I've lost and aggravation. ACER doesn't even rate 1 star!

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased an Acer Aspire E5 laptop in February 2015. The adapter broke after roughly 8 months. Because I contacted Acer for a replacement after their 12 month warranty I was told that they could "only advise me to purchase a new one" and "why didn't I call sooner?", which is a valid question, I give them that. However, shouldn't the adapter last longer than 8 months? Will never purchase anything from Acer again. Poor quality product and poor customer service. Though it wasn't an expensive laptop, you get what you pay for.

Posted by Noli Me Tangere

I was just checking this laptop which you can take the screen off and use it as a tablet. As I was looking, I was carrying a heavy bag so I just placed the tablet/screen of the laptop on the display table while I put away my bag. I was surprised when I was about to hold the screen again, an employee snatched it harshly away from my hand and told me irritably that I should just place it on the table. I haven't even got any time to say sorry or to gain my composure back because he was rushing carelessly. I didn't know that wasn't allowed, but I know I was at fault because I was careless too. However, was that really just a normal way to treat costumers? He didn't even come to me calmly and just told me nicely. How rude.

Posted by Jcirrinc

Sad to say that the Acer support is so poor. I bought a computer & needed assistance connecting my hot spot. I called Verizon who walked me through a few tests. We confirmed the hot spot was working fine as I powered up the old computer & connected to the internet. I call Acer as we thought maybe there was a setting that needed to be looked at the Acer rep (Manny Suera) was very unhelpful. Basically all he kept telling me to do was call Verizon back because it must be an issue with the hot spot. I reminded him the other computer was up & working on from the same hot spot & he still kept saying to call Verizon back. When I asked if I could speak to a supervisor or manager he claimed there none on site. I asked to be transferred to someone with more experience & he would not do that either. I guess I could have called back into the 800 number again to get another rep but that was unrealistic. What ended up happening is on my own I decided to shut the computer down & start over & the hot spot connected just fine but with no assistance from the Manny. I do have the case number & did report to him that I was going to file a complaint because his did nothing in the form of customer service. He actually made me very sorry I purchased an Acer computer. I will remember this experience the next time I need to make a purchase & my money will not be going to Acer. I saw on this internet how badly their customer service is rated which I did not know before making the puchase. Something I will be checking out in the future before making a purchase.

Posted by RafGonza

Purchased Acer M6630G in Feb. 2016, still today(6/28/16) trying to register my computer, when I try it says like "something went wrong, try later". The support pages at Acer, may have a bios(P11.B2) update, since I do not trust site, I searched their knowledge base to verify same, site doesn't refer my model, as it does others, AND their own Acer Updater doesn't find new bios update either, finds nothing. Yet I downloaded a Intel USB 3.0 update from their site that the Updater did not find. Forgot the system Bios date 11/11/14, new bios date is 2015. Acer makes a decent computer, they want their customers to support themselves.

Posted by Acer Hater

I had an acer it broke down 10 times in a year under warranty they said that it was my fault even though it was a fried SSD

I got a macbook pro and it was 10 times better it has worked for more than a year without even breaking down once. Their customer service is way better

Posted by Unhappy

I sent my tablet for repair back in Feb under guarantee. Every time I call them to see what is going on, the same history; still waiting for a " part"! Terrible services. Never again I will buy any ACER product!!!

Posted by me

tried to register my laptop with Acer & site kept telling me I entered the date wrong...04/25/2016....what's wrong with that????? Just wanted to comment that who ever designed the keyboard for the Acerv-3-575 laptop with the split left shift key, and split enter key should be slapped in the face by the Acer CEO. Really, really bad idea.

Posted by FireFawkes10

The email the employee provided doesn't work. And that tells you exactly how terrible their customer service is.

Posted by FireFawkes

All I need is a new charging dock for my Acer LEAP watch. I've been given the run around for weeks and recently they just stopped replying to me. The phone number to contact is completely pointless. The computer gives you the run around and WILL NOT let you speak to an actual person. The person I've been in contact with the most, Carmel a, knows absolutely nothing. She sent me a link to get in touch with someone who could help me, but the link doesn't work and she has yet to respond. DO NOT BUY AVERY PRODUCTS. They're customer service is AWFUL. They don't care about their customers whatsoever.

Posted by Ivy

I just bought a brand new computer that was delivered *today* (April 16th 2016) and I opened it up and began the process of updating my drivers etc.
Halfway through the PC detected an error and went into a restarting cycle. So I decided to do a system restore, which was fine.
Unfortunately, on rebooting, the computer prompted me for my windows activation key, stating that it should be on a sticker on my computer. No such luck. After trying anything on and around the packaging that resembled a product key I realized that there wasn't one anywhere to be found.
So I finally bit the bullet and called Acer, thinking "how tough could this be? Brand new computer, we just need the product key for the pre-installed Windows system"

No. Apparently they insist on hiring the most supercilious, condescending creatures who do not even know enough about computers (and buying new computers) to understand that it is *their* job to get me the product key of my pre-installed software. Not only did this man insist that it was NOT Acer's responsibility to help me with my problem, he got ruder and more condescending each time I tried to restate the issue. I just assumed he thought I had bought a separate Windows installer and figured I would try to bring him back to the same page. But no, he kept trying to explain how "Windows belongs to Microsoft" and then trying to explain the difference between hardware and software and how Acer "just builds computers" and that this was not going to be their issue. Then he told me to go talk to Microsoft instead.

Just in case anyone is wondering, I work in technology, I've built my own computers and this is a new gaming laptop I was excited to buy. I thought Acer was good at handling things, my bad.

The only way this problem got fixed was because I finally stopped arguing with the rude man and called Microsoft. They also confirmed that I should have been supplied a key from my manufacturer but at least they were kind enough to help me locate it through the admin access. Either way, this is now officially my last Acer purchase.

Posted by Freydis

For those considering the purchase of an Acer PC, it's worth noting that their support is ONLY for hardware. If you have a problem which involves software in any way at all, they will refuse to even answer a simple question unless you pay a minimum of £40 (in the UK = about $60 or €53). In other words their support is only useful when, for example, your screen breaks.

I bought an Acer Travelmate with Windows 8.1 pre-installed. I wanted to install my own copy of W7 over the top. Acer had told me the PC was compatible with W7 and supplied the drivers, but when I asked them even simple multiple choice questions, such as which boot settings I should use in the BIOS and whether the HDD should have MBR or GTP partitioning they refused to answer without being paid as noted.

If you do buy an Acer PC with an OEM version of Windows loaded (i.e. ANY Acer PC) make sure the vendor will be able to support you with operating system problems because Microsoft don't support OEM products and Acer won't do anything without charging you.

Also make sure you create a recovery disk before starting to use the PC because Acer do not supply a Windows disk, nor a recovery disk, nor an activation code for the pre-installed Windows. If things go badly wrong and you need their help to get back to where you started - you guessed it, they will charge you.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a student from nyp, last week I sended my laptop to service because of my Navidia graphic card issue. What happen is that when I play games Using that card there will be weird colours flashing around my screen whereas my Intel card works perfectly fine. But my only mistake when sending them my laptop is that I disable my graphic card which is maybe why they are unable to resolve the issue. But aren't they trained to solve this type of stuff? I even told them that it is the Nvidia card problem. But one week later wat happen? They say that they updated watever blah blah and they could not find the problem.Then I sended it this Tues where they promised to send it back within 2 to 3 days which they also failed to do it. I am also a student who depend greatly on my laptop on softwares like autocad photoshop, yet they still make their customer wait even though they already failed once

Posted by Gbelepawo

I am on my 3rd Acer laptop and I have no problem with their products at all. However I needed a desktop monitor to double my screen and on 12/30/15, I purchased a refurbished monitor. But because my order was not updated and not sure of what I am getting as picture was not available, I made attempt to cancel. I send several email from my Acer account follow with may 800 calls but nothing. They shipped and when I got the item on 01/09/16, I made several attempt to call and finally got a very rude and dismissive customer support rep who told me me she only handle Ebay transactions for Acer. Whatever I said was countered by her. not a helpful rep to say the least. As of today 01/11/16, my account on Acer website has note been updated with my order status. Just know that you are taken a risk if you buy anything on Acer refurbish website. Their products are very good but my experience about their customer support is NEGATIVE. Be careful.

Posted by madhu

I purchased and Acer 2 moniters problms registration is not respond customer service interface.worst service

Posted by Anonymous


Bought a laptop. Sent it back to you '",all debit card mark Donnelly. Sent. It but I paid for it

Posted by Jeff

Made the mistake of buying a Gateway all in one at Costco, thinking I'd either not need customer service or if I did, get Costco's allegedly great customer service instead of Gateway/Acer's known horrible service. Wrong. All Costco's "concierce" service does is transfer you to the manufacturer, so you still have to deal with Acer. Had a recurring Wifi problem which they twice temporarily fixed over the phone, but it kept coming back so they had me send it to their facility in Texas (and my expense, natch) so they could finally refurb it. They didn't refurb anything, and whatever they did do had no effect on the problem, so two months later I was without Wifi again. By this time they'd "fixed" the same problem three times, once in the shop, and I requested they replace it with another unit instead. They insisted that no, I should send it to them again so they could (pinky swear) really fix it this time. This time would be different because they'd have a level 2 guy who actually knows what he's doing, as opposed to the level 1 guy before who didn't? Two months after that, the same problem happened AGAIN, and they still won't replace the unit. Insist it must be a software problem, notwithstanding 90% of the software on my computer is what came with the unit, and the other 10% runs without incident on my other three machines. Have to give it to Diane, though, she's got the voice down pat to sound as if she really, really is trying to help after all, even though her function is the opposite.

The best part: Costco won't even start their own warranty process until Acer admits they won't do anything under theirs. As long as Acer keeps toying with you and pretending they're trying, you get no help from nobody.

Posted by [email protected]

To Acer Support dept.

My wife purchase a Acer tablet now she having Problems she needs technical support, she can not get Standard videos.

Thank you

Jimmie peterson

Posted by palomnik

I have purchased over the years an Acer phone and a small Acer computer. I should have learned my lesson with the first device I bought. I had to replace the memory in the computer after one year, and I cannot obtain a new battery for the phone (Acer no longer makes them). Complaining to the company is a waste of effort. I will NEVER buy an Acer product again.

Posted by acer aspire v5

very poor and fraud service personnel at nehru place service center,delhi. they were asking for a complete replacement of hard disc also meant loss of my precious data. But the persons sitting locally there repaired it by merely formating my laptop

i hv nothing to gain fromm this post of mine.i just want to reflect the dissatisfaction of a customer,which should matter for a moral company.

Add your review!

Posted by tattoocindiz

had to comment on the wonderful customer service technicians I spoke to on 13june16. I was experiencing several problems with my Acer computer. I had the pleasure of dealing with four separate techs. the calls were very long and all four techs were helpful and very patient. the reason my problem required four separate calls was because the first call did not resolve all the issues. the next three calls were due to lost connections. I am new to computing. each tech gave me easy to understand. I spent thirty years in customer service. the consistency at Acer is remarkable. while the resolution to several hours and four phone calls, I could not have been in better hands. hats off to the Acer customer support? tattoocindiz

Posted by LavaJava

I can only comment on our own experience with Acer UK support, using phone or on-line chat. Our problem is that we buy from a dealer that specialises in end of line models and the warranty expiry date in the Acer database is always out of sync with our purchase date, sometimes by up to six months. Acer support changes this within minutes once they have the dealer name and copy of the sales invoice. Never any hassle or disagreement. We've had to do this probably 15 times now and everytime the service is fast and efficient. Compare this to our recent experience with HP UK customer service, with the same problem. You'd think we'd asked them to donate a kidney! 90 days and we are still trying to resolve it.

Posted by geno

I have a acer aspire one screen says error2 cannot get to main screen. I have no way to fix no funds

Posted by rob

I had a recent serious problem with a laptop and was dealt with brilliantly by Acer support. I had previously despaired of Uk Companies attitudes but I would rate Acer as number one based upon speed of response and their caring and especially communication which was outstanding. Well done Acer.

Posted by Acer E5 573

Dear Sir
I have purchased a acer E5 573 laptop from Chroma Store at saket Newdelhi.
I was impressed by the services offered by 2 of your employees- Sanjeev Kumar Das and Bipin Pandey
They assisted well in selection of the laptop.

Posted by Claudette

Good afternoon To Whom It May Concern. I purchase an ACER computer from Walmart in October 2014 with the warranty. Now it the end of June 2015. I had to send my computer to get fix something on the computer error. I have received it back and of course it is still doing the same thing. However, I have spoken with several tech support guys and still noting has chance. We has disconnect and disconnect and reconnected and again it still not working. I aslo, told the tech support guy that you guys have the tools you can see how many times I have turn this computer on, what sites I went on...etc. And of course its only been a couple of time. So why have something that keep break down when its only 8 months old. Yes you guys offer me to send it back to you again with the free shipping and handling but I have to pay for all the trimmings. I don't wont to keep sending it back to you and my warranty is up in Oct and then you can charge me whatever you want to. I must say overall the tech guys were trying and trying but nothing change. This computer is just like I brought it. It still has the plastic on it..... That goes to show you how much I use the computer....

So all I want is for ACER to REFUND my WHOLE AMOUNT that I paid for this computer.

Thank you for your time, patients and most of all you concern to this matter. I will appreciated if someone can give me a call so we can go further into detail in reference to this matter. You may call me

Posted by Chrissie

My Acer laptop is only 11 months old and the power shut down completely. I phoned customer service their call centre is in India. I was concerned that if it was my hard drive I would lose all my documents and photos, so could they please return it with my laptop when repaired, but apparently my old hard drive would be their property, I was not very pleased and asked what they will do with it, it sounded like they would recycle them, after speaking to a manager it states in the warranty that you would not receive it back if replaced, they said that I could get a technician to remove it but if they cause any damage when removing it the warranty would become invalid, also if it gets damaged when sending it back it would be the customers fault and guess what the warranty would once again become invalid. I sent it off and they informed me they would keep me informed when it arrived and how the repairs are progressing, guess what a week later I still had not heard anything back so I contacted Luke Milne (Acer escalations team) to find out what was happening, he e-mailed back to tell me it was being shipped back, it arrived the next day, but the charger and plug had not been put back in the parcel, so I had to call them again on their customer service line, they asked be several times to check the box and then a manager called me back and asked the same question, I must have checked at least 5 times by the time I had finished, I told them they need to return my charger and plug if they cannot find mine then they need to send a new one, he just said he would investigate and get back to me. In the mean time I e-mailed Luke Milne (who was always very helpful) and he ordered me a new one which I have now received. The fault on my laptop was the mother board. The only person who was helpful was Luke Milne and I would like to thank him for his help.

Posted by Satisfied

Thank you very much Acer. You have a client for life. Thank you Ersan for your quick reply and excellent service. If everything was just as easy as this.

Posted by mangos1mom

Great customer service. My Acer A500 had broken (2nd time) and they were great at getting it repaired. Courteous and quick. Not sure why they received any bad reviews maybe someone had a bad day. Only question I wonder is why has there been two repairs in 2.5 years. Hopefully, this one repair will last.

Posted by Morningstar52

One word Awesome! I sent my Acer Lap Top out to be fixed on a Thursday and I had it back the next Thursday Cleaned and updated. Wow less than a week to get to Acer have it repaired and sent back.

Posted by cavaughan

New Acer C7 Chromebook broke down soon after I bought it. First contacted Google, but after working on it with them, they said it must be a hardware issue. Contacted Acer through their chat app and after working with them for a few minutes, they agreed it must be hardware and gave me the instructions for sending it in to their Texas repair center.
I appreciate that Acer has a website for checking on the status of your repair and the prompt repair work.
There was no charge and certainly shouldn't have been. Overall very satisfied

Posted by Sarah

my emachine was not connectin to network, they fixed it over the phone.. i am happy.. the support was useful and friendly

Posted by Davis

Somewhere over seas....but friendly and helpful.. thanks gateway

Posted by Happy49

Polite customer service. Fast results. Laptop was repaired and back in 8 days. Even cleaned the laptop. Thank you for such fast efficient service.

Posted by Judy

These technicians are really good. They fixed my acer within 2 minutes over the phone. But my verizon technician was with me for more than an hour... Lol.. i was spoke to a Nathan from india.. he was so kind and helpful

Posted by redda225

I really like my Acer. It was easy to set up and called customer srvice, they were fast & helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

I just saw the number of negative comments regarding Acer . I am very surprised as I have been using my Acer Veriton Desktop computer for seven months, and consider it to be the best computer I have ever had. No problems - ever! In the past I have had HD, and two Dells.

Posted by Seashore44

I have an Acer Veriton Desktop. I have had it about six months and it is the best computer by far. I was a Dell person, and went through several over the years. They were okay, but this Acer Desktop is far superior. The "tower" is only four inches wide, and has a smaller keyboard which for me is way better than the big clunky ones. Also, Acer does everything for you. No hunting around, searching on Microsoft. Everything you want to do is in the Acer program. I have never endorsed anything before, but knowing what I do, I would most definately buy an Acer Desktop again.

Posted by Firstson

This is D.King, I have had my acer almost 2 yrs. now, without problems. I purchased this product because of other people I know who own them. Those whom I know that own acers still have them & are doing great. I think it is how you use them & treat them. Kinda like people with cars they run the life out of them & don't service them or care for them, then wonder why they break down or quit running. Oh, but its never the owners fault, stupid car, stupid computer, stupid company who made it, wha, wah, wha, whaaaaa.
Thanks Acer for your computers & products.

Posted by Underdog

I am sorry so many people have had problems with the product and service from Acer. I sent my laptop in via fedex. It arrived at the service center 3 days later. It was repaired and sent out 2 days later. It is scheduled for delivery today. The only complaint I have is they were supposed to email the tracking number. I had to cal to get it. The gentleman I talked to was in India. He spoke good english, was VERY NICE and helpful. As long as the laptop is fixed correctly, I will rate their service highly.

Posted by Anonymous

After a bit of a wait to reach a live person I found the service was excellent. The agent I talked to was knowledgeable and very capable.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought an Acer laptop almost a year ago. I had a problem with the screen. I shut it.. and then there was a pressure point. Turns out the casing of the top of the laptop is not hard enough. When picking it up.. I must have pushed too hard and broke it. Luckily I purchased the extra warranty.. and it was fixed for free. Shipped me a box within 10 business days.. and sent it back in another 10 days perfectly normal now. (Knock on wood) I am, however.. worried it will happen again since the cover is still obviously the same strength. So, I have been looking, unsuccessfully for a hard case. UGH.

Posted by Anonymous

They are not too bad. Cheap computer you get more than you pay for with acer if you are not computer illiterate.

Posted by AndyNottm

I am amazes at some of these comments as my experience with Acer Customer Service was fantastic.
I brought a laptop from Sainsburys and it was broke from the start. Sainsburys themselves were useless but once i contacted Acer directly everthing was superb.
Firstly they tried to help me over the phone which quickly became apparent was not going to work. They then emailed me a postage label and instructions to return the unit.
They kept me in touch every step of the way and this culminated in me receiving a replacement laptop of better spec. WELL DONE ACER

Posted by bbleak

While the front-line techs were pretty much useless, the higher tier techs were very helpful and responsive in resolving my issue. I would buy an acer again.

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Posted by Acer Techie

Hi, i work with acer tech support (Level 1)

I am not disappointed to hear the negative comments from your side. You guys are innocent and good people. I thank all the customers for their valuable feedback.
We all know, Acer is the cheap and best computer available there in USA and Canada. and so we are number one in production now.

Due to the rough usage of the unit, it may get damaged, even if it is a 1 day old computer. We get calls saying, "My baby broke the screen, I need a replacement"
NO COMPUTER MANUFACTURES will repair if there is an accidental damage ! That is the reason we have different warranty plans. If you have a total note book protection plan, physical damages are repaired free of cost !

And people always compare ACER with APPLE or HP. you'll never get an APPLE computer for 250$, and that is the reason YOU choose ACER ! And we take care of the complete repair and shipping, within this money. Why not HP or DELL provide this..?

Another Fact..!!!!

People who are satisfied with our service and product may not post in this website about their experience. But people who are disappointed, will sure do! (human nature)
As an acer tech, I SAY, you are lucky to get an ACER..! But use the computer like a computer.. not like a toy! And call us if you need assistance. don't assume the problems and don't try to cure it yourself.. You may feel hard time understanding us at times, don't get nervous, let us know, we are happy to transfer your calls to people who can assist you the way you want. WE JUST LOVE YOU, NOT BECAUSE THIS IS OUR BREAD AND BUTTER, WE LOVE YOU, WE NEED YOU, AND YOU PEOPLE ARE OUR VERY GOOD PEOPLE...!

Once again, thank you for calling Acer/Gateway/Emachines. This is "me" GWSI 1234. Have a great time :) Bye Bye :)

Posted by Cory P

Hello, my name is Cory, I am a part of the Level 2 technical support group. Unfortunately, I do not see a was to contact anyone here individual and offer assitance, so I would like to offer an email address to contact me at so that I may be able to arrange for someone in our Level 2 Technical Support Group, or our Corporate Customer Care Group can attempt to resolve your issue.

I would like to offer anyone that would like further assistance a chance to contact us at [email protected] (Please leave a phone number if possible). Please be aware that this is not a normal means of communication for our organization, and while I check this email daily, it was not originally meant for public email, I'll apologize in advance for any delay, or inability to return anyones message.


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