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Posted by Kush

Went to Ace hardware this morning about 8am on july28 2018 and purchased some painting supplies .got to the jobsite and it fell throught .. Meaning i wasnt going to do the job anymore .so about 45 minutes later i was back at Ace hardware to return the items which i paid $24.00 for when i got there to return the items they told me they have to take 20% of my money for the return. So they gave me back only $19.00 of my $24.00.. I have never heard of such a policy in my life .they either give you a store credit or your money back in full.. I went to their website
(Ace hardware) at 1644 NE 2nd ave to find their policy on returns and there is nothing in the policy about a 20% charge on returned items.the original reciept i gave it back to them with the return and they didnt give me a return item reciept. Why not ?? This store suck they are a rip off .i want to say they did it because im black .because thats how i feel .

Posted by Mac

I bought a hand saw from my neighborhood Ace hardware store. I could not control the saw; I was trying to cut branches from a tall bush alone my fence line. the limbs are close together, and the blade was too wide to maneuver between the branches. So I thought I could return the hand held saw for a smaller saw. But the supervisor at the store told me that Ace hardware does not do returns. I told her; Ace should change that policy, and that I was never going to shop there again. Beside WalMart prices are much better than Ace. The only reason I went there was because the store is small, and getting in and our is easy.


You should post a sign that says: Our Return Policy: NO U TURNS - BUYERS KEEPERS. Having to drive back to store that I bought a door sweep because the local Ace wouldn't accept it. After reading the other comments, it may be my last trip to Ace.

Posted by mymusic77

I bought a WORX hydro "wand" at an Ace store over 30 minutes from my house because they had it in stock. The store less than 5 minutes away did not have it in stock. After I got home and read the info on the bus I decided it would not work for me. I bought it last Sunday. I called the ace hardware 2 minutes away and they said they will not accept it there even though everything is in the box like new, I did not use it, and I have the receipt. I do not understand this. It is frustrating.

Posted by Amyh

I bought an air filter at ace hardware. I opened it and tried to put it in heater and it�s the wrong size. Does anyone know if I can return it opened. Thank you

Posted by BRIAN

I Had A Disappointing Return At Ace Hardware, At The Market Street And Dolores Location, In San Francisco. It's Not So Much That Their Return Policy Sucks, But The Employees There Were Blatantly Unprofessional In That They Were Daft At Trying To Answer My Questions About A Basic Plumbing Trap, And Very Vague About Their Return Policy, As Though They Had Something To Hide, Or They Were Just Plainly Profiling Me ___ A Paying Customer,w/ Receipt.

Posted by Justin28730

I purchased a wood stove at one of your stores last Monday January the 15th 2018. I was very disappointed from the start of the process of purchasing the stove first off I placed an online order around 11:45am at 1:45pm I still had not received a confirmation email I spoke to an ace rep several times over the phone first they stated that my bank had not authorized the purchase I immediately spoke with a rep at my bank ( navy federal) and she stated that they had authorized the purchase. After sitting in the ace parking lot for 3 hours I finally gave up canceled the order and walked inside to purchase the stove. I got it home hooked everything thing up the way the manufacturer states it should be hooked up and was very disappointed in the outcome. Everytime you open the door of the stove smoke would fill the house the stove would not hold heat. The fire wood go out in 15 to 20 minutes. So I moved the stove to my neighbors house that has a 13 ft straight run stove pipe. Exactly how the manufacturer stated and the sAmerican problem occurred. I tried to return the stove today January the 20th 2018 the manager stated that was a non refundable product. After 5 days of trying everything I knew to do. The manager was very rude trying to tell me I didn't know how to use a wood stove. Telling me I used the wrong kind of wood and it was a ventilation problem me and my neighbor both have other stoves hooked up right now that are working great. This is the poorest design I have ever seen. The manager stated he would have to talk to the owner of the store to see if he would do anything but as of right now I'm stuck with a $427.00 stove that doesn't work and will never work unless modification are made to it.

Posted by two_bone35

After being told by several people that Stihl chainsaws were the way to go, I finally broke down and purchased a $400 Stihl Farm Boss MS271at Ace Hardware Mills River, NC after one of my trees fell down over my elderly neighbor's driveway. The rep, Jerry, at the store added the fuel mix, bar chain lubricant, and started the saw up to show it was working and ran through the starting instructions with me. He also told me that I would need to idle the saw for 15-20 minutes to break it in and allow the fluids to work through the engine properly.

Upon getting the saw home, I started it up as instructed, set the brake, and allowed the saw to idle while I worked on my neighbor's saw. Within a few minutes, I began to smell something burning. I looked over at where the saw lay to see white smoke coming out from under the saw. I though perhaps it was burning off some oil or something, so I didn't think too much of it. Within another minute, the engine had seized and I could no longer pull the start cord. I took the saw back to the store immediately. After I explained what had happened, the store rep took the chain and bar off and revealed that the plastic housing around the chain sprocket had melted. The store manager (Paul) was then brought over to look at the saw. He then went back to call the VP of the store for a recommended course of action. After speaking to the store VP I was told that it would have to be sent out for evaluation by their mechanic and they would not honor an exchange or a return until he made his determination.

They claimed that the only way it could happen is from high-revving the saw with the chain brake on. I showed them that setting the chain brake was part of the starting instructions anyhow and that it even recommends a 3-second high-rev to test the brake. The saw was sitting idling when it started burning up and I was 3 feet away from the saw working on getting another started (all of which I cannot prove). I could see they were angling toward consumer misuse and that I would have no recourse or rebuttal once their mechanic made his diagnosis. I have no way to prove that I followed the instructions and I'm not privy to the inner workings of a chainsaw. My calls to Ace customer service from inside the store was a waste of time. The customer service rep told me that Ace stores are all independently owned and have their own return and exchange policies. The call to Stihl yielded no results as they're not open on Saturdays. The call to my credit card company was fruitless as well as they told me I had to wait for charges to post and then recommended I call the Ace and Stihl corporate offices.

All of this transpired over the course of an hour and a half from the time I purchased the saw. I finally gave in and told them to send the saw out. I'm fairly certain I'll be looking at a repair bill for the $400 saw I bought that never saw its first cut. At that point I'll have to decide whether to eat the $400 and go home with a saw that I'll never use or pay the additional for repairs. In the future, I'll have my wife video the entire process of unboxing, starting, and using any new equipment that I purchase. It seems that's a consumer's only defense. I'll post the results of the evaluation once I get them. I'm pretty sure it's not going to go in my favor.

Here's Ace's return policy on gas-powered equipment:
Gas powered outdoor equipment can only be returned if oil or gas was never put into it. Gas powered items that were used may not be returned, even if the fuel has been drained.

How do you discover a gas-powered tool is defective unless you put gas and oil in it and try to use it? It appears Ace would rather the consumer deal directly with the manufacturer in regards to defects, which I understand, if the consumer has USED the tool. But when a customer comes back to a store within 2 hours of purchasing the equipment (that their store employee fueled up) and it's plainly obvious the tool has never been used, I think they should step in and deal with the manufacturer on the customer's behalf. It's just poor customer service on Ace's side.

Posted by mudskirt

My experience returning a defective garbage disposal and receiving a full refund instantly and cheerfully at the Ace Hardware store on Cromwell Ave. in Rocky Hill CT.

Posted by Sergio from Claxton, Georgia

I bought some items in Jesup, Georgia and I didn't use them. So when we got home we want to return the items in Claxton, Georgia where I live. The associate of the store said that if I want to return these items I have to do it in the same store where I bought them. MY WIFE AND I MADE OUR MINDS,WE WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM ACE HARDWARE...NEVER AGAIN. No matter if I have to drive extra 25 minutes, I will go to Lowes, they know how treat a customer.

Posted by Kate

Worst customer service! My husband and I purchased items for hurricane Irma, didn't end up using them because we ended up leaving and now are unable to return the UN-OPENED items. Their policy states that you have 30 days to return un-opened items, yet they changed their policy for the hurricane?? This "policy" is absolutely disturbing. Taking advantage of people in a natural disaster. Never again am I shopping at this store. Back to Lowes and Home Depot for us and everyone we know!

Posted by Anonymous in AZ

Purchased a blacklight flashlight (plus other items) at the Ace in Anthem AZ. When we opened the flashlight at home we discovered it was broken and brought it back with packaging and receipt for an even exchange- just wanted one that worked. We had used a rewards coupon on the original transaction and did not think it would be a problem since it was an even exchange for a defective product. Ended up being charged a portion of the coupon that I had to pay for the exchange. Later spoke to Ace customer service and a store manager but there was nothing they could do about it. Terrible exchange policy for selling defective products!

Posted by ACE hardware horrible customer s

I just had the absolute worst customer service at the Bend Or. Ace store. We are pretty regular shoppers and I went in with a return -- having no reservations. Apparently, according to ACE I had only bought one of the items and was trying to return two. They then took both items away after crediting me for one only. I never expected this. I had been surprised to find that only one was on the receipt (they printed at the store) but I had every intention of talking with my husband and said I would like to look for receipts at home. I was denied. Not only was a denied and made to feel embarrassed as if I had done something wrong, Lance, the assistant manager was rude, unhelpful, wouldn�t make eye contact, and hummed as he disregarded my concerns and when I requested the manager's name he said - �she's right there, go talk to her� and hummed again. It was clear that I wasn�t going to be treated fairly with this situation.

I actually have gone out of my way to support Ace instead of Lowes or HD. I would have never had that trouble at Lowes, they have always given me the best customer service. From now on, that is where I will take my business as well as encourage my family and friends to do so as well.

I don't try to shop at stores that are so rude, and in my opinion just stole some thing from me. Without a chance to look into something on my own, taking something away from me that I walked into the store with is wrong.

I would like to know your response. Is this your store policy? I was clear that my husband also shops there and that I wanted to check with him as well as look for my receipt at home. That seems to be a very reasonable request. What is your stance on this as a company? Is the customer allowed to do their own investigation or is it just assumed that the customer is wrong and the item is taken away?

We look forward to hearing your policy on this.

PS: This customer service was all over a $30 item� Probably spent 3k myself in the last couple years. Not to mention my husband Tom Fenstermacher who I don�t think even has an Ace account.

Posted by dsf

I purchased extension cords and fans for hurricane Irma, then we decided to evacuate instead of riding it out. Now, when I try to return the items (unopened and unused) i'm told i can't because it is corporate policy not to return any hurricane items! Really? Ace hardware, you just lost another customer!!! And I will tell as many people as I can what you did to me, so hopefully you will lose even more customers!

Posted by Angry Customer

I bought 6 batteries and other items before a hurricane. When I got home, I realized I bought the wrong size batteries. After the hurricane passed, I tried returning the unopened pack of batteries with receipt and they would not take them back. No in-store credit (as is their policy) or anything. Horrible customer service, we will NEVER buy anything from Ace again!

Posted by YourMom

I think it retarded that i cant return an item and get back what i PAID for it...i dont suppose ya'll sell a store credit does absolutely for me! Only makes me look for a different business that can suit ALL my needs and give me my MONEY BACK!


Posted by Pissed off customer!

Bought a yeti hopper 20. July 1 Paid cash had receipt. Wouldn't hold Ice longer than 12 hours 8 bags of ice in 7days!!! They tried telling my husband that bc we PAID CASH that we would have to wait 2WEEKS TO RECIEVE A CHECK IN GHE MAIL!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!?! I will go to Atwood's and Starr lumber before I shop there again!! Woodward oklahoma

Posted by Jim

Bought ant and roach spray can was over $2 LESS at Food City Grocery. Watch price they gouge on what they think they het by with. Watch specials' you will pay tax on full price and disount is taken after taxes. Not the manager fault. Ace rules.

Posted by Anonymous in SC

Tried to return a $40 air compressor. Had receipt, unopened box containing said air compressor, and a good attitude. Nope, no returns of anything if more than 30 days have passed. There are plenty of other hardware stores to patronize, and I intend to do just that from now on.

Posted by Jmh

Tried to exchange 4 bolts purchased 2 days before in perfect condition with a receipt and was told I cannot return or exchange the bolts. The Ace employee told me they don't accept returns because it's too much trouble to restock hardware. After creating a scene, I was told they would exchange because I was "so nice" and advised that "honey attracts more" etc. I don't appreciate the sarcasm or the advice. I will never shop at the Willowick, Oh Ace Hardware store again.

Posted by Jack Eagleton

If I could, I would never shop in our neighborhood ACE for obvious reasons many have mentioned; it's hard to return an item or exchange an item without dealing with store managers or some other associates. Here in the Forest Hill Shopping Center, in Pacific Grove, CA, our one-time contractor bought an extra item, some sort of a glue, brand new we never needed. The contractor's gone, and we can not return the glue without a receipt (since the contractor used his credit card, and we are yet to be able to contact him). The glue is brand new, unused, as mentioned, and is current in their stock. If I HAVE to pick up something there, I would be super careful picking up anything. I'd bet they don't want too much business. Just dumb on their part, as my child would say.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought two flowers from your store less than a week ago, and they have died. Can i return them for 2 more flowers

Posted by Lakai_life

Does ACE Hardware accept Returns without a receipt? My 2 year old daughter ate the receipt I had left out so I could return my Dremel tool and now im worried that i won't be able to complete my return since I paid cash, didn't use an Ace reward card, and that I now have no receipt. Please tell me im not completely SOL and can still make my return without having my receipt.

Posted by Will no longer shop at Ace

Ace Hardware is quite deceptive in its gas-powered equipment purchases. First, I was never informed of this return policy while considering the purchase of a gas powered blower that has fuel in it. They make sure that the item is not returnable by NOT giving you the blower in the box and then putting fuel in it. So you are stuck with your purchase.

I will NOT be shopping at Ace Hardware in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

I am on Social Security so Every Dollar counts, I trusted Ace and Bought a Power Glide Drill and Sawzall, both have less then an Hour on Them, and They are Both Breaking, When my Deceased Brother-in-law Richard From Las Vegas took over as Second in Command almost 20 years ago, ace "Changed" for The Better, Now I Can see That They are Selling Crap again, I will Never "grace" the Doors of ACE HARDWARE again,Hey Harbor Freight

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Posted by Out 52.99 because of Ace cant ho

Tried to return a bathroom faucet that was wrong size because of the way the package was opened would not take back because packaging was damaged.Store said returns are at there discretion.No mention of that in return policy nor posted at store.Will drive the extra 4 miles to Wal-Mart or Lowe's next time. Thank you Ace of Inverness Florida

Posted by [email protected]

I am a handicapped person and my walker broke on vacation in Lantana Florida. I went to the ace store in Lantana and the owners were the BEST. They took my direction as to how I wanted it fix until I got a new one. They wouldnât let me leave until it was safe and I was satisfied. The owners took good care of me and my wife. This is why I hate Home Depot nobody cares like an owner. The owner needs to be recognized for going the extra mile for me

Posted by Anonymous

I went into aco in garden city mi on ford road to make a key for my daughters car and change the battery for the key, we were helped by Randy he was awesome!!!!!! The best service I have ever had !!!!!! will definitely go back there and tell everyone

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I moved to Milton Delaware about 7 years ago from New Jersey. When we first went to our local Ace we were greeted with "Good Morning What can I help you with" We sais yes we need.... The sales person just said YES that's over here in aisle.. he came with us to aisle..... and showed it to us. " Here it is, do you need bigger smaller black or white. Is there anything else I can help you with?" My wife said YES we also need..... Again the answer was YES, that's over here in aisle......other end of store. He also came with us and showed us the item. As I said wee from Jersey and you just don't get that up there! In Jersey it was some shoe salesman telling us "its over there somewhere" No help at all. We were very much surprised and very pleased. For sure, Ace is OUR place to go first. Mike & Isabel Pizzolato

Posted by ray banks

I've been dealing with Waukega, Il. Ace at Yorkhouse & Lewis since it opened. I am very satisfied with the knowledeable staff, too....BUT I tried to buy two of the 4 ft LED lighted porch trees...9192485 but was told they're all gone and company is going out of business. Todays' mail has ACE ad insert with the very same items offered on page 2. Comments at bottom of the page say limited to stock on hand but I see it's still being offered. Is there another store that might have stock ? Thanks...

Posted by Hace

i tried to call ace hardware valenzuela branch to inquire if they have a cable for my t.v hdmi to connect to loptop and one of the staff who answer the phone politely and asked me if what i need his name is guy garcia. his trying to help me and explained to me and asked me what is the model of my t.v and loptop then he asked me a favor if i can send a picture at the back of my t.v just to make sure that the cable is the right that i need. so he explained me well even if they don't have a cable or wire compatible to my t.v he's still willing to help me so that if i'm planning to buy the other company i know already what i need. i really appreciate that his done. i never expected that even were just talking trough the phone his really willing to help people. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

Posted by Nahkhii

Ordered a couple of items on line. After discovering that the credit card I used for the order had been compromised (not a problem caused by using the Ace on-line order system) and subsequently cancelled I needed to contact Ace and change the credit card info so the order could be completed and shipped. Had a very difficult time reaching a live person as the automated phone menu didn't provide a clear method to contact a customer service rep. Used an on line site to find that using option '6' would get me to a live person. When I was able to talk to live reps (two, one each in two different departments) they were both extremely helpful and my issue was resolved. The prices for the items were in line with other retailers and shipping to my local store was free so despite the initial problem with being able to talk to a person I'll continue to use my local store and the on line site when necessary. The employees at my local store are are all helpful and courteous and the Ace store has an incredible variety of items - better in many respects than the 'big box' stores in my area.

Posted by Gary2

The Ace Hardware in Mukwonago WI is wonderful. They patiently answer my questions and go out of their way to help me. I have never had a bad experience with them.

Posted by Virginia R.

Wimberley Ace Hardware is the best! They accept almost any return, regardless of whether or not they can resell it. I have seen a customer come in and throw a fit about her paint not matching the first can. They gave her two free cans of paint, despite the fact that she did not bring both cans of paint in to compare, and that she had painted half her kitchen with the wrong color before noticing.

Their Ace Rewards program is amazing. They accept your rewards coupons even if they are expired. The cashier once took mine, and it was a year old! They also let you use multiple rewards coupons on one purchase, even if it says you have to spend a certain amount of money. They do price matches without hesitation, and will do anything to satisfy their customers.

The employees are eager to help, and really know their stuff. Especially the Bills. The managers are competent and genuine, and never refuse to help someone. I've even seen the store owner go out into the parking lot to look at someone's tire, and BJ put in my new car battery for free! Cashiers are always friendly and smiling.

My only complaint is that they don't have enough employees. At most, they have three guys on the floor, and when they get busy, you have to wait a while for assistance. But, when they do get busy, the managers will come out of the office to help.

Best hardware store ever.

Posted by Tired of cheap China products

I have nothing but good to say about the Fullerton Ace Hardware. Staff is friendly and always ready to assist should you need it.

My complaint is where they get their products, specifically the Christmas items, from: China.

Talk about cheap and poor products. Just bought a new line of Christmas light, brought it home, plugged it in to give it a quick test and the fuse blew out. That's right, less than 3 seconds in a plug and the Made in China cheap fuse blew out. I'm replacing a line from last Christmas that shorted out. Guess where's it's from...China.

Compare this to seven lines of lights that an elderly neighbor gave me this past year. He'd bought them in the 1970's. They require no fuses. Four lines can be strung together without fear, and they were made in the USA.

There was a time we had quality, but no more. Now we get replacement after replacement to replace the garbage we first bought. I don't know about others but I'd sure rather pay more and buy an item once and have it last. Anything from China is simply shoddy, cheap, and worthless product!!!

Posted by Back on the Job FAST

I had a black decker drill fail after a hours use. Took it back to the store where they replaced it without a problem. The manager Stan let me trade up to the next model without a additional charge. I'm very happy with the care Ace handled my case with. I would recommend Ace as a great place to do business with. Thank you Stan and Ace Hardware. Excellent customer service.

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Posted by kane_undetaker_1975

I work for a store and the manager I work with is a total jerk to all of the employees. He is also rude to the customers that come into that store. I feel that he should not be in the position he is in if he wants to act that way.

Posted by The boss.

Worked for an Ace hardware for 6 months. Worst work experience i have ever had. Owner/Manager's are completely clueless, one never knows what the other is doing. They have no regard for their employees. Do not trouble yourself with trying to get hired at one of these places.


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