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Academy Sports and Outdoors customer service is ranked #463 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.80 out of a possible 200 based upon 20 ratings. This score rates Academy Sports and Outdoors customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


19 Negative Comments out of 20 Total Comments is 95.00%.


1 Positive Comment out of 20 Total Comments is 5.00%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Academy Sports and Outdoors

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 32.80 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 19 negative comments (95.00%)
    • 1 positive comments (5.00%)
    • 1 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
    • 2.7 Reachability
    • 3.2 Cancellation
    • 3.2 Friendliness
    • 3.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I had the worst customer service that I have ever had in the Baton Rouge store on Airline Hwy.
I went to the store 5/20/18 looking for a rocking sling chair for my grandson's baseball games. I had went to the Hammond store on 5/18 and was told the Baton Rouge store had them. I looked all over the store for the chairs and could not find them, I could not find anyone to help me either. I went up to the front of the store and asked the man at the front door if he knew where the chairs were, he was rude and told me there was someone in Camping and Fishing that could help me. I did finally find someone to help me who was not helpful at all and rude. He said rudely he did not know why I was told they had some in stock because the store has been out of them for over a week now. He didn't bother looking. I then go to the front to check out with my Daughter who was buying some sunglasses. None of the registers had lights on but there were 3 registers with cashier's and customers in line. We got in line behind one customer. When the cashier finished with that customer she left and started walking towards the door, she turned around about 1/2 to the door and looked right at us and kept walking outside. I have never in my life had such horrible customer service. I will never shop at that store again. And if there is another sporting goods store around I will never shop at another Academy again if I can help it. My grandson plays baseball and we get all his things from Academy. It's a shame customers are treated so poorly.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sirs: Recently, cabelas revoked, the 5% discount for veterans, on firearms, and ammunition. I believe that Academy, can pick up, thousands of cablelas club members, if they institute a similar program. I look forward to a positive response, and advertising, which will bring you thousands of new, faithful customers! Thank you, Henry Moret-Sosa, proud American Veteran.

Posted by Eric

I will never purchase from them AGAIN! Customer Service is AWFUL!!!!!

Posted by John

First this was hard to find a place to write to you. I went to the store in Humble Tx. To find ping pong table. The table we wanted was not in stock. We asked the associate over that particular area of when did they expect the next shipment? His response was "I could not tell you". Next we asked could he maybe find out? He said "nope". We then asked if we order it online could we pick it up at the store to avoid the shipping cost? He said, " no". Needless to say we went to "Dick's Sporting Goods". They priced matched to your everyday low price. All I can say as a shopper at your stores for over 40 years I have never been more disappointed in Academy than I was that day. Every company in the retail industry has free in-store pick up. Also, what retailer can not tell you when the next shipment of any item is coming in. I am not saying am a never coming back to Academy. I will always shop with you folks, my fear is that your failing to keep up with the times. Please take not look at competition and what other retailers are doing you falling behind.

Posted by DeeDee

I ordered an item December 7 for a Christmas gift. As of December 21 I have not received it. I have called Customer Service and waited over 30 minutes for a representative and never got one. I tried ONline chat, same story. What is a customer to do when they can not contact Academy about a purchased order??? I have had the same thing happen with two other companies and the problem was immediately addressed with less than a 5 minute wait time to talk to a representative.

Posted by SJ2486

I attempted to place an order on 12 December 2017. I made it through the shipping and billing portion with no issues. Upon arriving at the âreview orderâ tab, I was prompted that my order could not be completed and to contact my bank. I called my bank and was notified that my card was charged THREE times. By this time, Iâm extremely confused because the order neither went through on my end nor did I receive an order confirmation number. Iâm currently deployed and thereâs a huge time zone difference. I had to wait until the wee hours of the night to call back to the states and get this issue straightened out. I waited on hold for 46 minutes before my call was answered. I explained the issue to the representative that took my call. She took ONLY my name and said that she would be back with a solution. Please be mindful that I never received an order confirmation number or email and the number showing up on her caller ID does not belong to be since it was being routed through an Air Force base on my behalf. She placed me on hold for another 15 minutes and came back with absolutely NO information. Had she asked me to verify the phone number or email address used when I attempted to make a purchase, this 15 minute wait could have been avoided. As Iâm sitting here looking at pending transactions on my bank statement (THREE to be exact), she tells me that my order never went through and Academy doesnât charge your card until your item ships; these charges were simply âinquiriesâ. Inquiries????? While I understood the message she was trying to convey, that didnât explain the three charges I was physically staring at. The representative then asked if there was anything else that she could assist meâ¦.ummmmm YES lady, I still want to place my order but your website keeps denying my payment while continuing to take my money. She then puts me on hold and transfers me to another department that can help me order over the phone. After an hour (1 whole hour) of waiting, I finally hung up. That was piss poor customer service and after staying up until 2:30am my time, I got absolutely nothing accomplished. I just wasted 2 hours on the phone only to be back at square one again.

Posted by Willikem

I received one of your rocking lawn chairs and the seat has not held up. The seat has ripped on the left side of it. The chair was really comfortable but I wouldn't buy any more due to it not lasting.

Posted by Anonymous

On May 16,2017 I visited Academy Sports & Outdoor @Arlington, Texas looking for a particular
exercise ball which I had a picture of given to me by my Trainer which he had purchased at this store the week before. The salesperson, with the aid of the Night Manager, told me they no longer carried the item and had not received any this year. They sold me a volley ball which they assured me would work for me. My Trainer said it was too big and too firm for our use. I returned the ball the next day and proceeded to find the ball I was looking for. Diane was most helpful and immediately took me to the isle where it was located. I appreciate Diane's kindness and assistance. Lucy Cleaver, Arlington, Tx

Posted by JJohn171

I ordered a treadmill from Academy online. During the purchase, I received free shipping and all seemed well. My treadmill arrived in a timely manner however, the delivery driver wouldn't bring it up to my apartment unless I assisted him. What was going to happen had I refused to move a 150+ lb treadmill up two flights of stairs because the delivery company planned poorly. I brought this up to a customer service rep via the 800 number. The woman told me that wasn't academy's fault because they contract out delivery. After repeated attempts online and via 800 number, I found out that Academy contracts out to Ceva, who then contracted out to a local delivery place. Where's the accountability and standards? I got told, your email will be forwarded and we will look into it. Well, moving on, I open the requires two people to put together. I wasn't aware of that when Academy offered Assembly assistance. So I asked about that, another $82. Since the delivery to my parking lot wasn't up to my satisfaction Academy said they'd split half of the cost for assembly before tax, so $37.50, or I could return the product for a full refund. Really? Why not pay for the assembly in full? You'd rather lose $500 and a customer vs paying for assembly and putting up information on your website to inform customers why delivery is free? This is the worst experience. I'm staring at a box with a treadmill I cannot afford to put together, but oh, yes, I was offered a 20% off future purchases promo code. I mean really????

Posted by Anonymous

I am a regular customer of your Katy store. I, along with several other mothers, all new UH moms, are disappointed with your amount of UH spirit wear. My son will live on campus and his other 3 suite mates are all Katy kids, all honor students from Taylor High School, and all chose UH over other acceptances from TAMU and UT.

UH is on its way up - way up - and we, along with many others are proud of the institution. We feel you need to give it more respect and make your selection more equivalent to the maroon and burnt orange. Red is a powerful color!

I hope you truly take this under consideration and work toward a better selection.

Teresa Massingale

Posted by claytoncarney

The absolute WORST online merchant I have EVER dealt with! I make over 90% of my non-food purchases online and have NEVER seen such DECEITFUL practices.

BEWARE! Here's the trick employs regarding item stock status:

*** In Stock Online: Usually leaves warehouse in 1-2 business days.

These items actually DOES have in stock and will ship quickly.

*** In Stock Online: This item may ship from a different location and therefore is only eligible for ground shipping.

These items DOES NOT have in stock. These items are probably drop shipped from the manufacturer.

To my chagrin, I ordered an item with the later stock status. The manufacturer is out of stock with no estimated delivery date. Yet, STILL lists this item as IN STOCK.

HERE'S THE ABSURD PART: REFUSES to cancel the order!

Reputable online merchants would never falsely represent their inventory. And if there were for some reason a shortage, they would immediately provide an option to cancel.

My order confirmation promised delivery within 3-5 business days. Now I am in limbo. No delivery in sight. And renews the pending authorization on my credit card every time it expires, reducing available credit.

My advice: NEVER, EVER ORDER FROM ACADEMY.COM! You have been warned...

Posted by Curtis

I visit acadamy probably twice a week Friday I went to the Covington location to purchase a shotgun asked about the gun I wanted and was given a short answer and walked away from if it was crowded I would understand but no one was there so I drove to the Slidell location airport rd bought the gun I wanted from very helpful people behind the counter in less than a hour needless to say I won't be back to the Covington location due to rude employees trying not to do there job even though it's a mile from my house there to busy to take my money it's worth the drive to Slidell to deal with knowledgable helpful salespeople who appreciate your purchase

Posted by Anonymous

Your Waco, Texas store was unapologetic after being placed on hold for three times. Even your manager was unprofessional.
Sunday, December 20, 2015 16:38

Posted by Darrell

I'm very dissatisfied with academy! I received my product today in the mail and it is damaged ! I was told to call Stanley thermoset cause it was under warranty.This is # I was given by your representatives 1936 876 5713 it's the wrong company! It was either damaged before it was put into box cause the box it came in wasn't damaged during shipment. It was Oder . Shipment all I need is the ears that hold the lid down, that's what is broken .To me I don't see why I should put more money into this by mailing it back you should send me the ears to fix it on a brand new product that was never used ! That's why I hate to Oder online ! I will try my best not to use academy again if this is not resolved. Very PO right now Darrell Herold

P.S the box it came in was big enough to put 6 more of the same product in ! The product was a Stanley adventure 3gt crock thank you very much, I feel a little better now that I've vented ! Darrell D Herold

Posted by painkiller

Lack of professionalism typical of Academy store associates and management personnel.
Unaware that it was against store policy, I was caught photographing a firearm in the display case. An "ass"ociate confronted me demanding that I delete the photo. When I wouldn't comply with her demands the department manager shows up with the same arrogant demand, stating that it is against the law to photograph firearms in a retail establishment.
He says it's an ATF regulation, I assume to intimidate me. Also, says it's store policy and posted at the front of the store.
Against the law as manager stated, NOT!!
Store policy, ok.
I appear to delete the photo to shut him up.
Never going back to an Academy again.

Posted by Rude Customer

Amazing how a manager named Aimee who stated she was a manager at Academy on Woodruff Rd was at Petco with her husband wearing your shirt with the logo. Upset that our credit card machine went down. Showed out because of this and as a manager tried to help her she blew up walking out. Very rude and unprofessional if she is in fact a manager.

Posted by Anonymous

I waked into academy on February the 18th around 4:00 pm. I picked off the shelf a kids sleeping cot. One for my son teenage mutant ninja turtle and frozen for my daughter. Amoung other things i was planning to purchase. There was a clearance sign of 24.98 with these cots. All camping merchandise was on clearance noted the posted in store signage, when i got to the register only the frozen cot was marked up. I explained to the cashier, Tim that ot was a couple back there and that the sign posted was for 24.98 he refused to honor the posted sign. I rewuested a manager. Brittany came up and said frozen was regular price although the sign said otherwise. There was no sign stating the price EXCLUDED frozen character from the clearance price. I had over $100 worth of merchandise and left it jn store because of the rudeness from both Tim and especially Brittany. As much as my family and i shop in academy for our camping, hunting, and fiahing needs i did not appreciate the false advertisement. I refuse to continue to do buisness with academy until this issue is resolved by someone from store or corporate.

Posted by Anonymous

I called the other night about a customer service issue.My name is Paul Groves and have been in retail for over 25 years.The lady I spoke to took my email address and phone number.If you don't care about your customers you will know that the word will get around.I had the issue at the Clarksville store.Since then I have talked to alot of people about this and they also said they had bad service there also.I don't usually complain but I know how important customer service is.I am a hunter and buy guns,crossbows,all kinds of things that go along with hunting along with all my sons.I was really excited about a new store coming here.

Posted by Jason

I was in your Mesquite Texas store last Sunday. I did not realize you closed at 8 on Sunday. I got there about 7:15 and found no customer service at all. I saw a dark haired guy with a black jacket telling the associates we have to get out of here at 8:30. It looked like the sales people were rushing to get out and ignored customers. It took me awhile to find things because there was no assistance at all. At about 7:45 a sales person told me they were closing and I had to leave. It was a horrible experience and I left my basket there and walked out. Jason

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Posted by Jana

I drove over 2 hours to Christmas Shop at the Academy Store in Springfield MO. Overall spent over $500 in the store that day. After getting back home, realized that the security tag was left on a pair of pants I purchased. It is not often that we go to Springfield, so dropping by the store to have them remove it was not an easy option. I spoke to a manger name Jesse on the phone about my concern. He promptly resolved my issue by sending me a new pair of pants express shipped by Fedex. He said I could return the pants when I come to Springfield next or have them remove the security tag at that time. I was so impressed by his customer service to resolve my issue. Especially during the busy Christmas shopping time. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you

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Posted by Former employee #gladtobegone

As a former Manager, who hated working for the company, I have a HUGE issue with going into one of your stores and getting zero customer service. I know you send trainers out to teach these folks how to act. I mean least try. But no, my husband and I went in to purchase a handgun. Two guys behind your gunbar....and all we get is "wanna see something?". That's it! I actually went to the back of the store to the " training room" and there sat every single manager in the store, store director and two managers, one senior team lead, and one of gold and stream good balls from the gunbar....all talking and carrying on. It is pitiful and sad. No customer service at all in footwear either! Good thing I knew how to find things and dig through the top stock! Which was unmarked by the way......only goid part if the visit was the CTL on duty....who was nice, friendly, and apologized for not getting help? Decatur Alabama store needs to do better. I go here because the Store Director at the Madison Albama store is even worse! Way to go Academy! I'll shop at Hibbets or Cabelas from now on!


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