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Abercrombie & Fitch customer service is ranked #730 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 24.59 out of a possible 200 based upon 475 ratings. This score rates Abercrombie & Fitch customer service and customer support as Terrible.


457 Negative Comments out of 475 Total Comments is 96.21%.


18 Positive Comments out of 475 Total Comments is 3.79%.

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  • Abercrombie & Fitch

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    • 24.59 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 457 negative comments (96.21%)
    • 18 positive comments (3.79%)
    • 18 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

My name is Angela
I purchased 10 T-shirts from your store some time ago.
Unfortunately the T-shirts started to show signs of wear and tear very quickly.
I contacted customer service online: they couldn't help me to fix the problem.
I went to the A&F in Deer Park, NY. The manager there Madison Gervasi helped me.
Not only she exchanged the T-shirts. She made me feel at ease by saying to come back to the store if there is a further problem.
Because of people like Madison Gervasi I feel comfortable coming back to A&F as I see that their employees are standing by their product quality.
Thanks a lot Madison!
I feel that Mrs. Gervasi has to be distinguished for her professionalism and exceptional customer service as expected from A&F.

Posted by Fed Up

Since Abercrombie started using Landmark Global for deliveries, my orders have been chaotic. My last order was never delivered, and when I checked online, it said that it's been return to origin. Funny thing was I have been checking on the order every 2nd day and it never gave me a delivery date and when I see it, it's been returned.
My husband was home on the stated day of delivery and even if the delivered believed no one was home, he could have left a note and let us pick up the package. You just don't return the package the same day you deliver the package. I'm so fed up with this company and if A&F is using this company, I'm never ordering with them again.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to Fairoaks mall to exchange the size of a polo shirt that I bought from Abercrombie & Fitch. The guy in the store didn't allow me to exchange it because I don't have the receipt. I asked to speak to the manager and he told me that he is the manager. He was like you can't complain! I am the manager and I am telling you "No". I was very loyal customer to Abercrombie & Fitch but no I am very disappointed with the store and their policy and how they treat their customers!!

The retail store is Abercrombie & Fitch in Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, Virginia.

Posted by TxGem

I called Customer service and spoke with Shady ( i know her name is weird, Shady, like in Shady person) anyway, I had a great experience on asking her about my order. She was polite but not enthusiastic. I received an email stating that one of my items was on backorder and then I received another email stating my order was canceled. I called to ask was my entire order canceled or just that item. She replied that the emails are not very detailed, they are very generic. I agree! As much money as their clothes cost, they should upgrade there emails and customer service should sound like they love working for Abercrombie & Fitch. Show a bit more interest. Overall I didnt wait but 1 minute, conversation was cordial.

Posted by aatoural

I had made an online purchase and I wanted to exchange one of the items I received for a different size. However, this dress was going fast so I called customer service to place a new order for that dress and ask them to honor the price of my original purchase, and I would return the merchandise on hand to my nearest store. The first three representatives I encountered were completely unhelpful and even unprofessional (the last one). I was able to get the names of the first two representatives that I spoke to, Collete (chat) and Lakaila (phone). However, by the time I was with the third representative, I was so upset that I did not get his name. I do want to point out that this third person insinuated me stealing the merchandise on hand by saying "I believe you would return the dress to the store". I have never experienced such a bad customer service in my whole life. Luckily I was able to calm down and try a chat once more. To my surprise I encountered Jamie, whom was very helpful and was able to honor my original purchase price for the new order. My congratulations on hiring such a great representative able to efficiently help on the spot and without putting up excuses. I have already returned the merchandise on hand to the store and I will continue to shop at A&F thanks to Jamie.

Posted by no way

We received a blouse for a birthday gift. The store alarm tag had not been removed. We drove 30 minutes the have the sensor taken off. The women said we didn't have the receipt and because of protocol couldn't help us. We said we could call the person who bought us the blouse because we drove so far to have it removed. Sorry, there is nothing we can do. We asked if we could please call to get receipt number. She said yes, and then I couldn't get coverage in the mall. So she called a number on the store phone and wouldn't let us talk with our relative on phone and hung up on my 90 year old grandma. We were very upset for hanging up on grandma and then she said we needed to be removed from store. She called security on us.

Posted by soupergloo

Long story short...placed an order online and received an e-mail stating all items were in stock. Shortly after placing my order, I received another e-mail stating the backorder has changed for one of my items. (um, I was never aware any of the items were backordered?!)

I received the e-mail shipment confirmation without the backordered item, and e-mailed customer service to let me know what was going on with the backordered item, and I was assured on two separate occasions that the item had shipped, and would arrive the following week. After not receiving the item as promised, I called customer service where the representative informed me that the item never shipped, and was still on backorder.

After all of the frustration, I asked to speak with a manager where the representative refused to let me talk to anyone higher up than the worthless employees they have working for the company.

All in all, I still don't have the item & will never spend another dime at a company with such poor customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I was at A&F at Wesrfield San Francisco and as soon as I walked in one of a male worker was already giving me a very unfriendly glare as if he never seen an Asian woman shopping here before. I walked by him glaring back at me and he wouldn't greet nor acknowledge me, instead he kept mugging. How Rude. I went upstairs to return my merchandise that I have bought online, the cashier ask me "what's the reason for your return" I said idk it's just an online return, then she asked the damn same question again, In such a rude tone. Then I said "well I don't like it, why? Do you really have to punch it into your system" and the girl next to her said yes we do.. Overall with this expernce got me very upset. I have shopped at A&F for many many years now and this was the first time I felt so angry. I wouldn't go back and will definitely share my experience with my friends so they wouldn't support this.

Posted by DoubleJ

I've been into the same store twice now to buy something and can never find anyone available to open a fitting room. I litterally can't fine anyone except the lone lady behind the counter ringing up a line of people. So twice now I've just left.

Posted by client from UK

horrible online customer service.I ordered a jacket which was too small, returned it back using original return label, 21 days have gone since they received it back, still no refund on my account, I sent them lots of emails asking for refund, all answers were pathetic, no reply really from complaints department, I wonder if they have one at all, they claim that refund may take up to 3 weeks which is a joke,horrible, poor service, very bad experience, I will never buy anything from them

Posted by Anonymous

Regarging the abercrombie & fitch in Brea in orange county caifornia
the employees there are so rude and nasty !!!
Today I bought 11 items and found out they rang up one item twice. When I bought this to their attention, instead of saying sorry they showed a major attitude
initially they denyed it only later to admit it
they never said sorry
I almost cancelled the whole purchase
I olny kept it because I did not want to waste anymore time

Stay away from this nasty place !!!!
We deserve better than this
abercrombie & fitch is known for terrible service

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased four items online. The quality as usual, is excellent.

One item was a sweater which I loved. This sweater, however, is defective and should not have passed quality control. The measurements of the body are correct but the sleeves are so narrow not even a skinny 12-year old could could get her arm in the whole. The sleeves are extremely and un proportionally narrow.

I am a senior in poor health and almost house-bound. I live alone. I just called customer assistance. The first agent hang up on me as soon as he found out I was not placing an order. When I called again, another agent said I could not talk to anybody else to solve this problem. He also told me I could not return it or exchange it without taking electronic pictures, emailing them. I do not own a smart phone and, like many seniors believe in talking to humans that can understand and at least try to solve a problem. He did not give me any options which, he said, is company policy.

I have ordered online, which is was hard enough to me to learn, from many excellent companies which dedicate more time and put more effort to accommodate seniors and respect their inability to catch up with computer-savy generation. We still believe in honesty, courtesy and respect.

We are the forgotten generation for many, until they remember we have children and grandchildren whom we want to spend money on and spoil in the old fashioned way.

I am sorry your company has left a whole generation behind and have failed to train your employees to respect and help us

I do not think I will be placing further orders with you.s

B. Cuadra

Posted by Tina

Never in my life I dealt with such rude customers service. I ordered some T-shirts for my son on 01/07/2015 they never arrived so I called customer service the person on the phone was not helpful at all, when I asked if my order was shipped he just said no, I said why? He could not give me a normal answer, than he said something was wrong with the system, I said okay I need that ordered shipped out over night, he said no we can’t do that, I said okay can I speak to your manager he said sorry but there is no managers, so nasty so I just hang up. I called back again got a female on the phone this time, she was helpful I got so exited that this will be taking care of, the next day I check my bank statement they charged me twice for no reason, had to call again, the lady did not apologize or any thing she just said I need an approval from my manager, I said I though you guys don’t have managers that’s what I been told yesterday, she said for us we do but not for customers. GRRRR

Posted by Anonymous

is it me or does the customer service never answer the question asked - mine was pretty straight forward i paid for next day delivery within the timescales advertised and the item being in stock. Two days later the item still not shipped - asked why but just get an estimated dispatch date no reasons why - ask for explanation - nothing. try to cancel but they can't - but what i could do id wait for it to be delivered and then return it back at an additional postage cost. The thing is that this isn't the first time its happened to me - i should have learnt my lesson from before. I think more should be done about companies offering services they can't supply

Posted by Eileen

Absolute abmissal customer service. I ordered a jacket for my son and when it arrived it was clearly faulty and the jacket was coming away at the hem in several places and round the cuff. I am still fighting to get my money back, I have emailed twice and still had no response to my emails. I finally managed to speak to a customer service rep who was helpful and I received a refund for the top but had to then email as I did not receive a refund for the £10 delivery charge I paid in the first place plus the £6 I had to pay to return the item. I have received the £10 refund but not the £6. I will NEVER buy from A&F again!

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Corporate Ambercrombie -

Please congratulate the store manager who was on duty yesterday evening, Sunday, 12 October 2014. Her excellent job of defending her cashier without knowing all the facts that contributed to my frustration has permanently lost you a customer.

Rather than choosing to learn the entire story leading up to her being called, she chose to engage in a battle of the wills with me and to bully an apology out of me for coldly reacting to the poor customer service and bad information provided to me by the cashier.

I willing admit I coldly stated that the cashier gave me incorrect information and asked who - the cashier or the manger - would be ringing me up. Instead, the manager refused to ring me up and demanded I apologize because the store has the right to refuse service to customers (I surmise these customers are those management doesn't like, who may not fit the management profile, who are getting bad service and the run around, who are frustrated by ineptitude). I issued an insincere apology and was told I needed to do it again, this time in a nicer tone - in front of several other customers (who were lined up because of the fact ONLY ONE cashier was working despite the fact there were several other employees who were randomly hanging out).

Is bullying and publicly shaming the customer the technique you teach to ensure a quality shopping experience? My only regret is that I offered an apology instead of immediately leaving after securing the district managers name. Instead, I was bullied, shamed, and made to look like I was the problem in front of others all because the cashier and manager failed to communicate to each other the facts that happened before the manager was summoned. I left the store and I have left your company.

Here are the facts:
1. I was planning on purchasing 4 pairs of jeans with the buy one get one $10 offer (along with 4 or 5 shirts)
2. I had three pairs of jeans but the 4th pair wasn't available in my size on the sales table.
3. I asked two of the store employees about this and I learned that what was on the table was all there was in the store
4. I went looking again and found two pairs of the size and style I was looking for on display mannequins
5. I approached the check out and asked the cashier if I could purchase one of the pairs on the mannequins; she left to ask someone and returned to tell me "no" because they have been pinned onto the display and would be damaged (that's a first for me; Ambercrombie must be hoarding this anti-sales technique as other stores such as Macy's, Nordstrom & Bloomingdales have all undressed mannequins to make a sale)
6. I was told that a stock would be arriving tomorrow (Monday, today) and that my size should be in then.
7. I said "okay" and asked to hold one pair of the three jeans I had collected and I would return Monday to complete that transaction. I was prepared to purchase the other two pairs of jeans and the shirts immediately and had pulled out my credit card to advance the transaction.
8. I was told I couldn't put the one pair of jeans on hold because the store was doing inventory that evening. Instead, I was told I needed to purchase all three pairs if I wanted them (and without the $10 deal for the third pair).
9. I was told by the cashier that if I wanted the $10 deal on Monday I would have to bring ALL three pairs of pants back into the store in order to make the transaction work.
10. I was in disbelief by the amount of bureaucracy necessary to complete a simple purchase of jeans and expressed my disbelief to the cashier. She offered to get the store manager and she did.
11. After asking the store manager whether it was true I needed to bring all three pairs in to get the $10 deal on one pair of jeans she said no and I made direct eye contact with the cashier and announced "that's not what I was told; who will be ringing me up - you (the manager) or her?"
12. This is when the store manager employed her well honed skills of bullying and shaming of the customer.

As a footnote, on my way out of the store two employees wished me well and thanked me for shopping there. Good for them and their positive attitude; too bad they weren't doing anything like helping at the checkout or spraying too much perfume in the air or turning up the music.

Congratulations on a job well done.

Posted by dancingqueen

at the Seattle Premium Outlet location. NOT one person greeted us. NOT one person offered to assist us. Not a biggie. Until we actually needed help. We wanted items displayed on two mannequins at the front of the store - of course cant find any of the product...next to us, at a table folding clothes, chatting and laughing away...THREE staff members. I approached them, and said sarcastically because I was annoyed that they were not assisting or greeting ANY customers..."sorry to disturb you...but could you please help us?" one the guys says sure, and helps us, but as we're talking, the other two are looking at each other and laughing, obviously at what I said to them about disturbing them...so I say to the female staff member (Carly), "Do you find this funny?" shes like, "No"...looks at her coworker, turns her head away as if I cant see her, and laughs! Turns out they dont sell clothing off mannequins - and sold out or dont even SEll the items we like....so I go back to the cashier and ask for a manager. Guess who comes to see me. The male staff member who I spoke to about the mannequins. So I say, you were helpful when i asked questions, however, you have a store full of people and theres three of you folding clothes and chatting way up there. and meanwhile, that female staff member was laughing and mocking me. he defended her, but I told him she was rude and unprofessional. On their website, they boast all of their staff are models...and cool....and NOT one word about customer service or customer satisfaction. Really SAD. So very SAD.

Posted by angry teen 1,0000

ok...i placed an order at abercrombiekids on 7/17, it says on the order tracking that its shipped...but i go on the FedEx track your package link,and it says shipment information sent to fedex..ok yeah that was last week. its now monday and it still say the same thing..i don't even want to call customer service because of how stupid they sound,based on these reviews..i usually don't buy abercrombie because of how expensive it is..in fact what i ordered was for my 2 younger brothers..so im lost what can i do? i assume nothing and they'll probably end up canceling my order, i don't know if i can get a refund or ?? i am really pissed off right now. this will probably be the last time i shop online for abercrombie..

Posted by anonymus

My husband & I were shopping at the Southcenter mall in Tukwila WA and we bought a pair of jeans for my husband. The signage on top of the rack where all the denims for men in clearance were place said $29.99 & take an additional 40% off. So we went to check out having mentally calculated a rough price.
At checkout the sales person said the discount was 30% on top of the clearance price, I took her to the rack & showed how it said 40% she just very casually removed the tag, so i showed her another huge sign in the middle of the men’s clearance section which said take an additional 40 % off & she says that was yesterday’s deal & mind you all this is taking place at 8.05pm an hour before your store closes for the night. Now let me tell you my problem is not the 10% difference that you falsely advertised all over your store, its the attitude with which the sales girl was talking to me. She was fine with all the other “American looking costumers” but particularly rude to me (I am from India, though have been in USA fora few years now) & trying to explain things to me like I am an imbecile. I completed my Medical school so please spare me the looks that said you don’t understand a thing just coz you are Indian!!!!
False Promotions & Extremely Rude behavior. Am never going back again.

Posted by Anonymous

At your Southpark Center location in Strongsville, Ohio I wanted to purchase a item that was no longer on the rack. There was one on the mannequin and I was told I could not purchase it. It is shown on the sales floor but you cannot purchase it?

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a bottle of fierce for 82.00 and the pump doesn't work. I took it back to store 40511 and the manager Manuela refused to exchange it for another bottle because I didn't have my receipt. I didn't want money just another bottle for my husband. I recently moved and misplaced the receipt. Can someone please help me?

Posted by sahi

Ok, I just made a call to customer representative and she asked for the order number. I had to see in my email for the number and told her the same and she just HUNG UP on me. Why are they some rude ? This is very bad. Very disappointed.

Posted by Janette Lockard

My husband and I went shopping today at the green hills mall in greens hills Tennessee, the reason for us going there is because my husband and I liked the 39.99 pants, we asked for help, there was 3 young girls working there, one black young lady sat on the counter texting someone, with her shoes off, another employee was trying on shirts and the other young lady acted like we were annoying her, I have NEVER EVER been treated like this and will never go into that store again, I will order clothes on line or shop somewhere else. We were going to buy at least 6 pair of pants. Not a happy shopper.

Posted by Anonymous

I have sent the following complaint to Gilly Hicks, the company under Abercrombie that closed and because of its closing, abused me as a customer and stole money from me:

I have ordered a total of 30 items and 6 were missing. I have paid for 30

items and received 24 during your holiday rush you have neglected to place

items in my boxes multiple times. The very fact that you would have the

audacity to deny me the items I paid for is absurd, particularly as I am a

loyal customer of the Gilly Hicks and Abercrombie brand.

It is laughable that I would be denied this as if you were placing an

accusation toward me - if this is how you conduct your business, it is

quite appalling. The fact that items were missing from multiple of my boxes

just further displays your lack of professionalism, and instead of

apologizing, you are punishing your customers for it??

During the holidays and your last month as a company, you are sure

attempting to scam your customers once more.

I have copied my entire order number and labeled those items missing from

my box. I have no way of speculating to which of your employees did not put

all 30 of my paid items, or if you caused something to happen to my box

before it reached destination, but you making an assumption that if a

customer receives bad service multiple times, the customer must be accused




If I do not receive a credit or the items that were missing AMONG THE 30 I

PAID FOR in this transaction I will take further action with your managers

and have already discussed this with an attorney.



Thank you for your order. When your order ships, you will receive another

email with all of the information you will need to track your order.



Posted by badcustomerservice

The manager are very rude and act like I'm doing a me a favor for shopping there . I will NOT bring my
daughters to shop any Abercrombie store ever again, even they have 90% discount or even free clothes.

Add your review!

Posted by aatoural

I had made an online purchase and I wanted to exchange one of the items I received for a different size. However, this dress was going fast so I called customer service to place a new order for that dress and ask them to honor the price of my original purchase, and I would return the merchandise on hand to my nearest store. The first three representatives I encountered were completely unhelpful and even unprofessional (the last one). I was able to get the names of the first two representatives that I spoke to, Collete (chat) and Lakaila (phone). However, by the time I was with the third representative, I was so upset that I did not get his name. I do want to point out that this third person insinuated me stealing the merchandise on hand by saying "I believe you would return the dress to the store". I have never experienced such a bad customer service in my whole life. Luckily I was able to calm down and try a chat once more. To my surprise I encountered Jamie, whom was very helpful and was able to honor my original purchase price for the new order. My congratulations on hiring such a great representative able to efficiently help on the spot and without putting up excuses. I have already returned the merchandise on hand to the store and I will continue to shop at A&F thanks to Jamie.

Posted by gwilliamson1962

My name is George and I visited a store in Memphis, TN about 2 weeks ago. I was highly impressed with the customer service that the store presented. My grandchildren loves to shop at your store and as we were in Memphis visiting family we decided to stop at Wolf chase galleria. I don't often send emails about great customer service but when it is excellent I definitely want to reach out to companies to provides them. I am an old man as my kids would say but when I walked in your store I was greeted as if I was just an average aged person. I was asked did I need help. I asked one female did she work off commission and she said no. One girl i had a conversation with told me she was working that day with 3 managers. I took down all the names, it was a girl name Ira I spoke with, I am hoping i heard her correctly and she was very helpful. She gave me her managers name and it was Dejun, Joceline, and Melanie. I really wanted to reach out regarding everyones help because I was in the store with 4 grandkids and I could not help them. One got on a ladder to grab jeans, another was helpful with dressing rooms, and the guy helped my grandson find a lot of stuff. I purchased a large amount of items that day. THis will be the only store I will visit when I come back to see Elvis Presley home. THank you for finding helpful people for a great store. I did not know who to email. My grandkids loves Abercrombie.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi there, I wanted to comment on some special people I met o Saturday at the willowbrook mall in North Jersey. I ran into Taylor and Stella who really impressed me with there customer service. I needed a size I didnt see so Taylor had someone help me as she was helping another customer. The store was very busy and I was getting very frustrated because of the line and Stella really took control and the line went very quick. I am also in retail and I felt that the two managers really did a great job of handling the store very professionally. They were very kind to everyone in the store smiling all the time greeting customers . I have gone back to my store since I am in retail to use the two ladies as an example. I got what I needed thanks to Taylor and got out of the store with more then what I came for thanks to Taylor's superior service. Thank you Taylor and Stella.

Posted by MDESROCH

Thank you to have my size. I am 4:10inch and my daughter is 5. Only Abercromby and Le Chateau have XXS clothing with quality.

I don't like to wear child clothing. All others shops are for tall and big people.
I'm glad that you have pant not to long or ...

Thank you very much

P.S. Sorry for my english

M. Desroche
Quebec, Canada

Posted by michelle

This is not a complaint. I did write you I just don't know if you received it. On 10/28 @12:24 I went to abercromvie kids to get my 8 yr old grandaughter some xmas present. is outstanding. She was such a great help. She exceeds customer expectations and earns her paycheck by her helpfullness. You had wrote me back and said her name was Daniel when in fact I went today and it is Ariel. This is at the holyoke mall holyoke mass. I do pray that she is rcognized in the wonderful qualites this girl has and I see her climbing to mgmnt material. Please give her the credit that is due and also a raise. I think my granddaughter will be quite pleased with what was chosen.The only bad thing I have to go back after black thursday to get the gift boxes for Xmas. I shopped early and plan on going back to get a few more things. I went today but she wasn't there and I feel so comfortable with her I will wait for her.


Michelle Gilberti

Posted by Anonymous

We wanted to thank you the Manager at Woodfield Mall Ms. Melissa (STore#10573) for her excllent & professional service during our return on 3/3/12. She is one of your great employee and she set a good standard for other stores. Thank you again, Mellissa.

Paul Yu

Posted by tabiluh

I have been a dedicated customer of Abercrombie & Fitch, as well as the other stores they own(abercrombie kid's, Hollister, and Gilly Hicks) for years. I shop at their stores at Montgomery Mall, MD, as well as online whenever there are sales. At the store, I am always greeted nicely, and my shopping experience are pleasant. The music is really loud and sometimes gets annoying. But employees there very honest and helpful. One time at Hollister, I wanted to buy a pair of sweat pants, and the price marked on it said that they were $15.99. At check out, the price rang up as $29.99, but the employee kindly told me he would just charge me $15.99 for them, since that is what the price tag says. All my return/exchange experiences from the stores were good too. As for online ordering, I have always been automatically sent email confirmations regarding my order, and tracking numbers once my order is processed and shipped. Once, I had to exchange an item from my online order from Gilly Hicks, and the communication with customer service via email was very quick and helpful. Another time, I had to exchange a shirt online at abercrombie kid's since the shirt I had ordered was out of stock, so I called customer service, and the women I spoke with was very patient and kind and helped me go through the process ordering another shirt. From all that has happened, I will defiantly keep shopping at Abercrombie, though I wish that they would provide equal service to all their customers worldwide.

Posted by Anonymous

I want you to know that so far I have been very happy with the customer service. Each time I have gone to this store I was welcomed with a positive attitude. I appreciate the responsiveness your workers have shown and the respect they displayed for their customers. From what I’ve seen I know I can depend on someone to help me out. I will be sure to come back.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been shopping at Abercrombir And Fitch since I was 16, and I just turned 21. Out of the five years I've shopped there (online and in store) I have only had one problem, and it was resolved VERY quickly. I needed a refund on an online purchase that I returned to the store. I emailed Abercrombie at 12:00pm, and they emailed me back WITH the problem fixed at 1:15pm. I love the company, and will continue to shop there!

Posted by AF_Service

A&F Stores. If something that is unsatisfactory happens at a store, we want to hear about it from you. There is a reason that we ask for you to email instead of call. We want to hear from you in your voice, so that we can share your feedback with the store. If you call, we would be sharing bullet points that the CSR wrote down while you were on the phone. Shoot us a note at [email protected]

A&F Online. If you need anything regarding your order, give us a call at 866.681.3115 or we are quick at responding to emails: [email protected]

Posted by Anonymous

12 27 2010

talked to customer service about a gift card problem i had. was answered quickly by a polite woman, took a little while but my problem was solved to my satisfaction. appreciate the way it was handled. will certainly shop there again.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to compliment Miles (store 20115-West County Mall, St. Louis, MO. For unknown reasons when I shopped today, my check was declined. I knew this could have nothing to do with any problems in my account. After checking with my bank to verify this, the bank said I must find out the 3rd party vendor the store uses. I called the store and Miles answered. Even though I know they were very busy, he remembered me and took the time to listen to my story. Then he called Customer Service and found out that it was a system error due to heavy volume. I really appreciated his taking the time to do this. He is a very professional young man, empathetic and thoughtful.

Posted by SusanS

I love Abercrombie & Fitch. We had a bit of a problem with a gift card. I wrote their main office. They replied within a couple of hours and fixed the problem. Their customer service representatives have been professional and helpful. Thank you A&F!

Posted by CB1987

I may be the only one who had a good service with abercrombie, I lost track of my order and when I called they did everything so I would have my order in time for when I need it. I did have to wait when I called I had the line in 30 seconds. It's maybe easier if you called in the morning as I did.

Posted by Anonymous

I did have trouble finding a customer service number, but once I did find it the person I spoke with was very helpful and polite.

Posted by neworleajuns

I ordered 3 items online, and 2 of them arrived while I was on vacation. A inconsiderate mail guy left them at the door, so of course they were stolen and gone when I came back.

I complained it to the usps first, but they didn't do anything.

Then I complained it to Abercrombie.
They were basically nice and quick, and re-shipped 2 of them with fed-ex this time. One of them was out of stock, so they refunded it.

Posted by andrea

i think a&fs customer service is great. i was just on the phone with them. i hardly had to wait for an available representative and theyre very nice, polite, and helpful in answering any of my questions.

Posted by Anonymous

I just phoned for assistance the representative was very polite and processed my request very fast

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Posted by Anonymous

As a former manager I wouldn't recommend anyone shopping here or working here. As a PT employee you only get paid minimum wage and never get a raise.

When I worked for the company I lost 15 pounds. During floorsets and updates you worked 12+ hour days and the SM and DM wouldn't let you take a break. The SM at my store was lazy, rude and condescending. He constantly made comments like "I am store manager I don't have to do that" then he would make me or another manager do it. He sat in the office on his phone and wouldn't help.

Horrible communication, the store manager the Assistant managers not to contact him on his days off even when we needed his help.He bragged about sleeping with associates. He took a multiple giftcards that were on the ground people lost and wouldn't wait for them to come look for it. He also loved clocking people out and make them work off the clock!!!! Or he would go back at the end of the night and change people's time punches. The shifts were horrible and The SM would only close one night out of the week and open the rest. He favored certain employees and one girl manager.

I was sick one day and he would not let me leave,because there was an update and he didnt want to do it. I had finished before he got there and There was another manager on duty. I ended up throwing up and all he said was "oh well"

When I contacted HR about this they did nothing at all. Pathetic, horrible company to work for.

Posted by Anonymous

Santa Anita (Arcadia CA) A&F store does not comply with legally required breaks for shifts. Main Manager responsible for the store is the worse offender. Avoid working at this store. Employees contacting California Division of Labor.

Posted by atbfan101

As a former employee, I was hired as an impact team member and was treated like trash for years. The people in the front were all of course gorgeous but would act incredibly rude and mean. Recently I wanted to go back there to work again but i wanted to work in the FRONT of the store. I was told in the interview if i wanted to apply for the stock position instead and the ditzy manager tried to convince me to apply for the back stock. I asked why and she told me that they hire "model like attractive people" for the front... and although i was attractive she said that because it was universal city walk in los angeles, that they had many aspiring actors working in the front. I was incredibly offended (even though i knew their practices already). In the end, regardless of my experience and having worked the front years ago, i was apparantly too ugly now to work there. The company pays minimum wage, had terrible ethics when it comes to hiring, and does not care that they will tell you to your face that you are just not "hot" enough to work there. They are due a lawsuit and i should go back to the universal city walk with my phone on "record" and get the manager telling me im too ugly to work there. Disgusting practices... i like the clothes but cannot stand the company. Shame on them

Posted by Fierce

I have worked at A&F for years now a SM in the south. People dont really understand the whole thing with the company. I know for a fact that it doesnt matter how they treat you, how loud the music is and or how the store smells... YOU WILL STILL SHOP THERE. Because its what you want or your kids want. So just get over it:)

Posted by Xxx

I have been an AM in multiple stores of this corporation for a little over a year and a week ago I gave my two weeks notice. Reason? Many of them.

First and foremost I apologize to all the unhappy customers of AnF. I might explain the reason for the poor customer service but I shall never understand it.

The company is more oriented on the image of the store. It means: a) perfectly board folded clothes (therefore you see associates folding rather than helping customers who will actually destroy those perfectly folded piles) b) constant smell of the cologne (yes, we do have spritzing machines right below the ceiling working every 10 minutes, and the cologne they are filled with is extremely oily and concentrated) c) music which is supposed to be set on "medium" (we would usually put it on low to be able to hear each other, they said the "high" level would make everybody in the mall hear AnF playlist only) d) barely any illumination (AnF is relatively lit up while Hollister is so dark I had hard time counting the registers before opening or closing the store) e) fairly provocative marketing (boy how many customers would come up to me critizing the corporate choice, and me having to defend my store and myself and the company that does bare minimum for its employees).

I hope it somehow explains (but definitely not justifies) the lack of motivation for good customer service.

Why do they kick you out of the Fitting Room where your daughter is trying the swim suit? They do not want you to steal. Pointblank.

Why are they short with Asian customers? Most of them do not speak English and make a horrible mess in the store.

Why do they deny you buying over 20 items? Supposedly the managers have to protect the brand from reselling overseas. Managers wage or salary is not based on sales therefore there is no motivation to push sales or encourage customers to sell more.

I have had over 5 District Managers changed within a year of my employment by the company. Most of them care more if my associates are cute enough rather than the quality of customer service or running business. Most of them do not give a sh** why so many managers are leaving the company. The only thing they are concerned with is our recruiting results. The corporation saves money on getting its own independent recruits and makes us come up to customers who are focused on shopping and try to make them get a job in the store. When I gave my two weeks after literally improving the store while working with other managers who go not do ANYTHING at work but talk or watch movies out back my DM did not even ask why I am leaving the company and what could be done for me to stay. I am taking most of the employees with me to another more common sense store and it shows my leadership qualities. I will leave the company with the managers who do not know and do not want to learn how to properly serve customers alongside complete the basic manager's tasks ( paperwork, stocking the store, processing deposits etc.) good luck.

Posted by anfsuxtbh

I'm a former employee. Worked there off and on for over 3 years. I stayed as long as I did because the job was easy, you only had to work like one 4-hour shift every 2 weeks to maintain employment. The main "perk" of the job flew out of the window in this past year or so: Abercrombie puts on these huge sales every other day (literally) and gives the general public 30/40/50% off their purchases which is either the same or MORE than the employee discount! They pay employees minimum wage and then they expect us to buy new clothes everytime a new collection comes out, and if you don't you get harassed by the managers. They milk their own associates just as much as they do the customers!

The way everything is handled in this company is a joke (just as you'd expect). The managers know just as much as the cashiers do. They CLAIM they can't do what the system won't allow them to do and say "Sorry, it's the policy." But here's a piece of advice - Managers have the power to override prices and adjust anything they want to. It sucks to say this, but if you're "cute" and you flirt with the manager on duty and feed their ego, they'll give you whatever you want. If you aren't dressed to impress and you speak your mind, they will just say "Sorry, it's the policy." Abercrombie really is just as discriminatory as you'd expect them to be. It's not a myth. If I had a dime for every racist remark said by the staff at the store I worked at, I'd have more money from that alone than what I earned from payroll the entire 3 years I was there.

The company is on the rocks. Their whole approach has changed since the economy went downhill. They used to tell us to be rude and distant to the customers years ago to create a "we're cool, you're not" environment to make the clothes all the more "exclusive" so that you'll feel special wearing the clothes. Reverse psychology 101. Now they're telling the employees to get to know the customers and kill them with kindness. And as I said before, there are huge sales every week. They are desperate for any money they can get at this point.

My suggestion here is basically: If you're planning on working there - don't.

If you're planning on shopping there - don't. But if you do, at least wait until they have one of their big sales and make sure you want what you buy 100% because there's no guarantee that you'll be able to get your money back....... unless you're "hot" of course....

Posted by carmen

I’m a manager for this company and… I hate it. I want out, but I have bills to pay every month. I must have applied to over 30 jobs this week. I’m worried that people won’t take me seriously when they see “Abercrombie and Fitch” on my resume.

The company favors men. Men are allowed to be lazy and do whatever they want. Women better adhere strictly to the rules or they will never be promoted. Lets not leave out all the times managers have worked off the clock without pay bc things are not finished and district managers yell and throw things when we go over the allotted number of hours…and overtime hours that managers work is minimum wage instead of time and a half. I lost 20lbs working for this company as a visual manager (no time to eat or sleep during floorsets and updates!). This company isolates you from the rest of the world. If you are a manager there, you can say bye to your friends outside the company and your family bc you will never get time to see them (especially during the holidays).

Posted by Maria Santiago Quinones

hello! I am a mother of a store associate abercrombie and fitch of PR. sorry to inform you by this means of communication the disaster that is this store n Puerto Rico. You can not imagine the discrimination and labor exploitation that exists in the store. aberration and sexual harassment that exists on the part of managers to some employees. everything is known, just inform you that the loss prevention store loves being flirty with men associates and is one of the main authors who like to talk about the important things in the store to others. My son tells me that for example the works 8 hours a day without clock in, it takes approximately two hours without a break in or clock out clock reaches 11am and goes home at 6 pm and then sends a fax with 8 hours worked and if more care. but loves to accuse people of theft, and damage them is the first to make mistakes. that is horrible to know all these things are passed by hire employees who will promise hours and then not call them to tell them that they will not work, promise hours and fail, make fun of others. If this continues, speak with human resources department and working in PR, for a thorough investigation of what happens at the store...thanksss

Posted by Anonymous

All u people are ignorant.. The company has policies an rules they have to follow... More times then not, the store is under budgeted on hours and can not attend to every customer in the store.. Trust me, the way customers who come into the store act, it makes all the employes hate their lives... Working retail really makes you realize how dumb the general public really is.. Why don't you people get a life and stop ur crying..

Posted by Anonymous

I read through many of the complaints and it seems that people don't have a very thorough understanding about A&F. The company doesn't have a customer service number, only an email address. Even employees have an issue with this. Also the computer system is VERY RESTRICTIVE. Even managers cannot reverse transactions or authorize certain adjustments or coupons. This is NOT the employee being rude to you and believe me when I say they'd much rather give the customer what they want, they simply CAN'T. Also, there was a legitimate tech issue on Black Friday, the return/exchange system was down and a lot of people were hugely inconvenienced. As for employee rudeness or swearing, that's inexcusable. Aside from that, managers do have to work within a strict set of guidelines with regard to number of cashiers per customer in line, as well as where employees must be to prevent theft. Please keep these things in mind when you complain because trying to punish employees by screaming at them may get you what you want in the end, but it ruins everyone's day and it ultimately will not fix future issues. Only calm and detailed customer service emails can help to change company policy. Don't jump to blame managers, they have no power whatsoever in terms of company policy or computer restrictions.

Posted by EmployeeNC

As for the cash registers going down concerning returns/exchanges during black friday weekend that is very true. I work in the store in Illinois and we had the same problem. The office in ohio told us that all systems were down and there was nothing we could do for customers at the time. Of course because we have such a bad reputation customers assumed we were lying and etc which made going to work for me as an employee very unhappy. People have to remember we just work there. If you have a problem write Ohio (the main office) or write the CEO. The rules and regulations we follow is because we need a job and we have no choice. Also, for customers who think its simple exchanging things-it is not. You might think that we cannot use our brains outside of the computer but it is the safe way to do things AND once again we have to follow the rules. There has been so many times when customers say i just want to exchange something and then we are not able to print them a new receipt and then they come back asking for their money back but because they have no new recipe for the new exchange we are unable to open the cashier. Also because there are times when people steal and try to return the items to get money back. This is not Burger King, you cannot have it your way. RULES RULES RULES Although I will admit you have some nasty employees and because of karma it will come back. As for managers doing what they please concerning returns etc It depends. For example, if a woman shows us her id, proof of item being un-damaged, proof of payment, and would like to exchange something without us giving you a receipt AND YOU ARE 130% SURE YOU WILL NOT BRING IT BACK LOOKING FOR MONEY then sure. If u you don't have nothing but your good looks and angry tone and possibly or possibly not an unworn item than I don't think so. Managers have to use common sense and basically their own judgement at times to make the situation right if it is presented. If not then thats how it goes. Nobody wakes up and comes to Hollister/AF saying Im going to create rules today because then the whole workforce comes apart. You need rules to let customers know the black and white of a situation so that they know next time they come to Hollister/AF you better come correct and prepared. This is not Walmart or any other store that does not care about receipts or how the item look. If you know you cannot try that nonsense in Macy's and other higher companies where they have more strict rules than us, why would you come here and pull stunts? Is it because you see a bunch of young kids running the store??? Anyways Im done. I could go on forever about why things are done the way they are and that yes unfortunate things happen along the way but I have already dedicated too much of my time.

god bless :)

Posted by killakam

As an employee I have to say it is a very unprofessional environment the staff is rude. The managers are especially rude. The company wants us to buy all of these expensive clothes and barely wants to give the employees hours and decent pay. The hours are inconsistent and many times when you work your hours get cut short so you could really work a two or three hour shift. The job is basically for people who just want a discount only managers get and impact stock leads see anything decent to live off of if you want to call it that. The quality of the clothing has also declined over the years I've been with the company on and off for 3 years and I am in no way impressed. The prices are way too high and the customer service isn't raising any hell either. Moreover, when the employees do purchase clothes they treat us with less respect than the customers it is damn near impossible to return anything without a fight. Today I attempted to return $137.49 of clothes but couldn't because the stupid cashier that rang me up rang me up without a bar code on the receipt so now I have to go through all this trouble to get back my money NOT A STORE CREDIT. I will update you guys on how it goes.

A Disgruntled Employee

Posted by anon

THis is a negative comment about the majority of the Abercrombie and Fitch customers! They are so completely concerned with their packages of their stupid clothes. They call the customer service number and yell at them as if theyre responsible. They call about their stupid promotions that they find on google. They cant place a stupid online order with the correct BILLING INFORMATION AND ARE MAD WHEN FRAUD PREVENTION CANCELS THEIR ORDER. wouldn't you be happy if they cancelled an order that was unauthorized from your account?! what a bunch of arrogant horrible people.

Posted by employee

As an employee of Abercrombie & Fitch for almost two years, I feel that many of these complaints are unwarrented. Many things that people are complaining about have to do with things that the actual store managers and employees have no control over. The music, the fragrance, the lighting, the marketing...that's all up to corporate. We have to keep all of those at certain levels or the managers get in trouble. Considering that A&F is a multi-million dollar company, I think they must be doing something right. Along with that, basic things like the number of items to a fitting room and the return policy are really there to keep us from getting ripped off. A lot of stores have a zero-tolerance policy for returns, so the fact that A&F stores even allow cash-back is actually pretty good. Of course if you don't have a reciept or ID or the clothes look worn you won't get your merch returned. Would you really want to buy something that had been washed and worn by someone else already? Chances are no. As far as items not being replenished properly, the managers have no control over what gets sent to stores, it's always just a surprise. I think if you take a step back and think about what you are complaining about, you will see that it's probably not something the manager-at-hand can control and she or he has probably heard that complaint a million times that day. People are human and people get stressed out.

Posted by annie Zeiler

If you type a report to correct someone sound professional. If you are an employee then you should be able to type correctly to make it seem as if you are educated. You should not use "chill". It is horrid representation.

Posted by Anonymous

Wow you guys need to shut up and chill a&f has rules and policies like every other company nothing and nobody is perfect so get over all this crying is in vain yes my order was messed up but they corrected maybe if you werent sooo rude and close minded you would realize this is a real worls mistakes happen GET OVER IT!!

Posted by [email protected]

First, i would like to start by saying that i have several facial piercings, tattoos, and my earlobes are stretched to 1&1/2 inches. So, obviously, i'm not a fan of Abercrombie or Hollister clothing. However, it does provide me a job to pay the bills and put food on the table.
Having said that, i do not disagree with most of Abercrombie's policies, understood, that some of them can be frustrating, but all companies have policies that some people may not agree with. I don't understand why people feel the need to get on these sites and complain about how terrible abercrombie is, and i REALLY don't understand why people feel the need to call the customer service help line and yell and call the customer service agent names (and believe me I've been called every name in the book). Everyone i work with is extremely polite to every customer calling regardless of how cruel the person on the other line of the phone call is being. We sit in front of a computer screen 9 hours a day to answer your every question and tend to your every need (to the best of our abilities, while following the policies we work for.)
So, next time you're upset about one of our policies, please, stop and think, is it really necessary to take it out on the people that are there to help you're issue?

Posted by Pro Consumer

People, ALL bonus gift bucks and or cards expire. That's a DUH thing. Come on! REALLY? You expect a company to keep those bucks/cards available for eternity? Start reading the fine print (or do you just sign anything put in front of you?) I have never, ever had a problem with Abercrombie or Hollister, and they are a good company ... I agree it's frustrating to find out something has expired. Often it is within one day. It's sad, but I get over it and move on ... Cheers :)


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