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AT&T Wireless customer service is ranked #228 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 44.18 out of a possible 200 based upon 1303 ratings. This score rates AT&T Wireless customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,126 Negative Comments out of 1,303 Total Comments is 86.42%.


177 Positive Comments out of 1,303 Total Comments is 13.58%.

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  • AT&T Wireless

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    • 44.18 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,126 negative comments (86.42%)
    • 177 positive comments (13.58%)
    • 17 employee comments
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    • 2.5 Issue Resolution
    • 3.1 Reachability
    • 2.1 Cancellation
    • 4.2 Friendliness
    • 3.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Shell

Cingular Wireless PCS phone number 512-588-3923, Keeps calling my personal cell phone about 5 to 8 times a day. Tried to contact Cingular Wireless PCS regarding this, all I get is an automated system that wants to know if I am calling about my account. Just because they have caller ID and have my number does not mean I am a Cingular Wireless PCS account holder. This automated system just thinks I am . I want the calls to stop. They leave messages and fill my voicemail up but with their accents it is not understandable.

Posted by Moonbeam

They are the most dishonest, conniving, corrupt company I have ever had to deal with. In July of 2017 I moved and set up phone and internet service with AT&T. While ordering the service, the customer service representative tried several times to get me to bundle it with their television service. Knowing I was going to be setting it up and bundling it with a competitor in the not too distant future, I refused the offer. In October 2017 I did just that and cancelled my service with AT&T. I was told at that time that I would be charged a fee of $147.83 for breaking my contract. I told them I had no contract, that no contract was ever mentioned when I placed the order. They further told me that I had been receiving a "special rate" (approximately $40.00/month) on my internet service and for that reason I had to pay the fee. $40.00 per month for internet service does not sound like a deal to me, but besides that, had they mentioned that I was beholden to them for any longer than a few months, I would never have agreed to that because I knew I was going to be switching when I set up my TV service. That conversation never happened. I had been paying through the AutoPay program, so I called my credit card company, told them the situation, and asked them not to pay that bogus charge. I was assured they would not. A couple months later, while looking over some old credit card statements, I noticed that they had, in fact, paid them them the fee. I again called the credit card company to complain and was told they could not stop AT&T from collecting the money but would put the issue up for dispute and try to recoup the money. They asked AT&T to return the money, so AT&T's response was to send me a bill for it. I called and spoke to one of their representatives and got no satisfaction. Later I noticed that not only had AT&T taken the aforementioned amount, but the following month they helped themselves to an additional $168.91 via AutoPay. I again called my credit card company and was told they would do the same with that money that was taken. They have taken in excess of $300.00 from me, to which they are not entitled and I am now receiving phone calls from debt collectors because of this.

Posted by Anonymous

Calling ATT Mobility (Wireless) actually works quite well. When they are not overloaded with calls, they answer reasonably soon. The reps ALMOST ALWAYS understand my issues and find the answers.
However, ATT's other departments (for landline home phones, business phones, internet service, TV, etc) don't have a clue. Calling there always leads to confusion. I'm almost done with them. Using their wireless accounts is still worthwhile.

Posted by Anonymous

At&the is not a very good company. For some reason my wireless bill continues to grow every month. They also continue to add 15 dallars because they continue to state that we are using data when our data is off.we have gone through hurricane and they disconnected my phone because of data usage. I'miss not please with the company I wished I never bought a wireless phone with them.

Posted by AT&T Sucks

These three New Cingular Wireless, PCS, LLC (AT&T subsidiary that I assume is named differently to avoid association with this piss poor company reputation) are calling me with nobody on the other end of the line. I called one of them back and they are "no longer in service":

I have had very poor service from AT&T the 2 times I tried them (land line and then cell service). I will NEVER go back... and now this direct/scam calling from AT&T is annoying.

Posted by Anonymous

Have called AT&T at least 8 times about a number calling me and no one is there. All customer service agents have been rude and unhelpful except for one. Wow, I'm seriously considering switching to another phone company.

Posted by Melissa

In General, I would give AT&T Customer Service a score of 0 (Zero) but I was lucky enough today to reach a Melissa in the Northern California office. She said she is an 18-year veteran with AT&T. She quickly understood my problem and how frustrated I was with AT&T. She was very intelligent and knew how to solve my problem and give me assurance that I wouldn't have to keep calling about it. Please have Melissa train your customer service people and for the love of God PLEASE get rid of or improve your automated dial tree system. It is enough to make me want to not have to deal with AT&T, ever. Note: the below Reachability and Cancellation/Return Process ratings apply to AT&T and not Melissa, the Customer Service Rep.

Posted by Anonymous

I put a check in the mail to pay my bill. the next day my car was robbed and I had to change my account information. I contact At&t about this, to which they said that if fine we will send you a new bill. I warning bill came instead, which was more than my bill and I had until January 21 to pay it. The new check went out in the mail and TODAY (1/12) my phone was turned OFF. I spoke to customer service who informed me that not only are they charging me more than my monthly bill because my payment did not go through (BECASUE SOMEONE BROKE INTO MY CAR AND I HAD TO CHANGE MY ACCOUNT INFORMATION, WHICH THEY WERE MADE AWARE OF) the are also going to charge me an additional $40 to turn the phone back on EVEN THOUGH I HVE UNTIL JANUARY 21 TO PAY THE BILL AND THE NEW CHECK IN IN THE MAIL!!!

Posted by gebaret

About a year ago, my wife lost her phone which I thought was insured. AT&T tells me, yeah, that's how it works, you still have to pay off the phone you lost. In the interim, my Samsung died and I've stuck my sim card in an 8yo iPhone that works fine as long as I don't touch it.
So, I'm paying for three phones and have one that works, my bill is almost $200 per month and customer service has not even offered any options other than to buy another phone (and pay for that one too)
Bottom line, don't waste $10 per month on insurance because if you lose your phone your screwed anyway

Posted by dvk888

I've just spent the last 3 1/2 hours on the phone with customer support simply trying to get a number blocked from my home phone. STILL no solution.

Posted by BG123

Bait and Switch and cramming fees and charges from sales reps
30-60 minute wait-him-out behavior by customer service
Promised call backs multiple times that never occur and then, when called back, claims they were never promised and/or not happening because the dispute had been resolved
Made to go through the 2-hr cycle each time you call and you are never given access to upper management who can resolve your issue
Rude customer service reps.
Hang ups.
Cramming services to save you money while you are disputing a charge for bait-and-switch cramming.
30-60 minute wait times just to have someone tell you they refuse to do anything and that someone will call you back who never does.

Posted by Anonymous

AT&T has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. The times that are available to speak to someone are not helpful to someone who is busy during the day and works at night. The customer service on the weekend is even worse, and will let you know that they will have a manager call you at a certain time, and they won't. This is the most awful customer service I have ever been given, and instead of knowing that the customer is right, they argue with you. Another thing is their existing customers don't get any choices for bundles. Good luck using their services.

Posted by unhappycustomer

I am tired of having my bill on both my services go up every month for no reason. I am also tired of having to call you guys every month just to fix something that shouldn't even have been a problem. I don't know how it's okay for any agent to just keep adding stuff to my acct without my consent. I need someone to get in touch with me so I could cancel all my services.
First my plan was changed without my consent, which someone apologized for, and now my bill keeps going up. This has been going on since Aug and I have just had about enough of it. I just want to cancel my service so tell me who I need to call to have that taken care of.

Posted by discarn8

As a brand new (not even new yet) customer, I was added to someone else's line, had my old number ported over and was then told to come pick up a phone 2 days later - all without the line owner present - wonderful. Upon arriving to pick up my phone, I explained the history of my situation but was immediately told they could do nothing for me without the line owner present. When I requested that we call the owner and provided the owner's name and number, I was met with the dumbfounded response that I was not named the same as the owner on the account nor was I an authorized agent on the line - again, they could do nothing. When I submitted a support case on line, I was responded to, with a request for my phone number....... so that they could call me back. Nice.

Posted by wog

Don't switch to AT&T. They promise to buy you out of your contract. You give them proof you paid to switch, wait 9 weeks and they tell you they can't find your proof. Then they say they found it and you'll get your money in 9 more weeks. When the visa gift card arrives it is HALF what you paid to get out of your contract, not what they promised. Don't switch! Coverage is worse.

Posted by Anonymous

they always sneak some kind of charge in all the time biggest scammers

Posted by amanda smith

I have been a customer of AT&T Uverse since 2014 and have never had an issue- until recently. I had called to schedule a transfer of service in July because I was moving and was assured over the phone that this would be at no charge to me. The serviceman came August 2nd and was in and out in 5 minutes- he just plugged in some cords & I was re-established with my cable and internet. On that following bill, I see a $199 instillation fee. I called the first time about it on September 7th and was told it was their mistake, but because "of the high amount of $199, a case would need to be opened and a manager needed to sign off on it but I would receive a call when it had gone through." On September 26th, I see a large amount of money taken out of my bank account and again had called to voice my concerns. I AGAIN was told my "case was being investigated" but would be called within a few days once it had gone through. At that point, I was very upset. I cannot afford to pay $200 for their mistake. I am a mother & full-time student... that is $200 taken out of my baby's mouth. I was told to "give it one more week." A week had come & gone and still no phone call. I had called yesterday, October 4th and after re-explaining the situation to the man on the phone, I was put on hold and then he stated a note in my account had stated the investigation had been closed. I asked for an explanation and he put me on hold again and then told me he had to transfer me to their "escalations department." Upon the transfer, I was hung up on/disconnected so I had to call back AGAIN. I do so and receive yet ANOTHER new customer service agent who I had to RE-explain everything to again and she told me she had to transfer me to the Customer Loyalty department... by this time I have been on the phone for a total of 40 minutes. The woman who I spoke to in the Customer Loyalty department was the rudest woman I have ever spoken to. She put me on hold to "speak to her manager" quite a few times and she came back on the phone and told me her manager told her to tell me they will reimburse me HALF of the total amount they WRONGFULLY charged me. I told her that was not good enough because I am not paying for their mistake. I told her I would like an explanation and to speak to he rmanager directly and she told me "honestly, that would do you no good... he will just tell you exactly what I'm telling you." I insisted on speaking to a manager directly and she put me on hold for 15 minutes. She came back on the phone and told me that "my manager is busy so you can't talk to him." I got very upset because I had to get back to class and explained to her that I've been dealing with this for a month and have just been getting the run-around and have been on the phone for an hour already and cannot sit on the phone all day and she replied "ugggh yeah I cant sit on the phone with you all day either, this is nuts. I'm so frustrate." She was VERY rude and of no help at all. Every time I call to get my money back, I have to re-tell my story and EVERY single agent replies telling me a different thing and I can never speak to a manager directly. I demand my money back. I was very wrongfully charged and have had terrible customer service and will take this as far as I have to, to get MY money back.

Posted by adritx

cannot say enough about AT&T, Ive been a customer for 6 months and they are by far the WORST company I have ever encountered. Your policies and procedures make it IMPOSSIBLE for your customers to do anything when an issue arises. I will once in a while come across a very nice rep, but the managers, and most of the reps are in Atlanta, and come with Atlanta attitudes that don�t help the situation. 6 out of 10 calls the rep �accidentally� disconnected the call. Ive had reps cuss at me, yell at me, call me stupid, or tell me things like �Well then maybe you should have paid your bill on time� I pray someone ACTUALLY reads this and decides to do something, or I at least hope consumers will think twice about becoming a customer. Trust me, right now I am regretting leaving Verizon, while they were more expensive, their customer service is amazing in comparison. I had a Steven Nicks, from the Atlanta call center say he would be calling me back, never did, he also insulted me several times before hanging up on me. This company should be ashamed if its operations and call center customer service departments. My account was cancelled due to a customer service reps carelessness, not to mention someone opened a Uverse account under my SS#, AT&T CANCELLED my account because of nonpayment on a fraudulent account, and now that we�ve figured out the issue, they still will not turn on my phone service, even though I�m paid up, and the fraud account has been discovered. Unbelievable.

Posted by Elisa

I have been with AT&T for over 20 years and pretty much satisfied until one day, I have called AT&T for my daughter's phone claim. Before, I was transferred to the Claims dept. I happened to ask for any AT&T promotions as my friends switched with another carrier and got a good deal and paying a lot less money each month with a free phone included. The customer service looked at my account and was told that they have a promotion of getting a free Iphone 7 for having a AT&T mobile plan, direct tv and being loyal to the company. I was told to go to AT& and pre-order the Iphone 7. I will be billed but everything will be credited back to my account. I spoke to her for over 30 minutes just making sure I understand the free phone. I went to the website trying to order the phone but none of what she told me applies. So, I called the AT&T direct to ask help how to avail the promo and to help me out. I got a hold of someone and transferred me to the Loyalty dept who have special promo. So, frustrated that there is no such promotions of this kind and no other promotions except for an Iphone discount. What a waste of time for nothing. Now, I am losing AT&T credibility on their promotions. How can someone tells you such a good promotion when infact there is no such promotions.

Posted by Amanda S.

I filed a better business bureau complaint against At&t service and still cannot get a refund for the lousy service that comes if you buy a phone that is unlocked for At&t and get their SIM cards. You are not a real At&t customer if you do not pay their outrageous prices for the phones. They made a poor attempt to contact me and even though I called back more than ten times I was unable to reach them. As a result they sent a lousy reply to BBB and blamed me and said they couldn't trouble shoot the phone because I disconnected it. Well, the At&t store had already trouble shooted the phone which they failed to care about even though I had already put that in the complaint. I returned Misti Nations call and left her repeated voicemails. She is unreachable. I can not sit around and wait for her to call me. She called me two times. I called her back at least 10 and left 3 voicemail messages. The phone was trouble shooted by the AT&T store on Dave Lyle Blvd. in Rock Hill, SC. The employee stated that AT&T does not provide the same services for the phone even though the phones are sold with an option to buy a SIM card on Amazon. Amazon refunded the phone and SIM card money and stated that they would be in contact with the vendor about refunding my money. I hope everyone realizes that At&t offers a different service for their phones if you buy from them at their extremely high prices. Those services you get when you buy a phone for them are much better. Even though unlocked phones are sold with the AT&T SIM cards you are not going to get service anywhere. Amazon refunded the money because AT&T misleads customers, thinking they can use a SIM card for an unlocked phone and get the same services as if they pay twice the price for AT&T. It is a lie. Just expect really poor service. AT&T figures that you are trapped once you spend the $60 for the service and have invested in a phone that is only usable for a service that they get money from like Tracephone. I recommend that you do not try to activate or buy phones sold unlocked for AT&T. They will make sure that the service is bad and if you cancel like me to avoid continuing to pay the worthless service fees they will not give anything back. I cancelled early in order to get a prorated fee which they would not even provide me after promising. Thank goodness that Amazon is a good company and will guarantee things sold through them. They tried to offer me a free month of service but what good is a month when the service is only part time and if you have an emergency in a certain area you will be stuck.

Posted by hogan0

Seriously no rating is deserved, I paid 9/3 for a go plan today is 9/7 its possible my kids went in and changed something so now the payment on 9/3 doesn't count and I loose the rest of my days seriously plus the people on the help line dont help they basically say watch your kids

Posted by Wildflowerz_33

These people are ridiculous! Been a customer for over 10 years and have had nothing but problems. After this last issue my husband finally said let just switch providers. I'm so jumping on that. Don't fall into their traps. I would rather go to straight talk than deal with these ppl. Constantly jumping thru hoops and being transferred from one customer service rep to another. If you don't have 5 hours to waste on the phone talking to person after person just to be blown off I recommend not calling them.... stay away!! Far far away from this company!

Posted by geckobiker

Tried to pay $100 of my bill with a $100 American Express gift card. ATT charges a $1.00 fee when you use this card. I did not know that. I tried online 2 times and the payment was declined, of course, not enough balance because of the $1.00 charge. I called ATT credit services, the rep could not get it to work. I decided to check the cards balance and noticed the charge, but it charged me each time i tried to make a payment. At this point down $3.00 to make a payment. Called again and made $96.00 payment, went through, but charged a total of $4.00 to make a payment. The last customer service rep did not really even listen to what I was telling her, and it was not ATT's fault, and i made a mistake. Well i could have made a mistake 2 times, but the other times it was a customer service rep that made the mistake. Its only $4.00, but to have a customer service rep tell me i made a mistake, when all i was trying to do is pay a bill is reprehensible. Yes i am mad, more because of how i was treated. The rep i talked to 10 minutes before, very friendly and accommodating.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to report several AT&T numbers being used in IRS phone scams. Where can I report those??? While I am here I will say that I left AT&T in 2007 after buying a cell for my very ill Mother on 25 June and put my cell in as 2 speed dial even though I was living in her home as a she was dying. Told her how to dial me and she tried once and within an hour went to sleep (sounds nicer than a come) and died July 1. I returned the phone July 3rd and was told I needed to pay a large penalty as Mom hadn't fulfilled her contract. I said her earthly contract was up but I still had to pay. I wrote the AT&T co and got a form letter and coupon which I returned with a draft of a Letter to the Editor. Next I got an apology and a check which I also returned but accepted the apology. And cancelled all our AT&T family cells and went to Verizon. Then another check plus what I called "hush money" -- also returned and the harassment word used. After reading the other reviews, I am so GLAD TO KNOW AT&T STILL IS LIVING UP TO THEIR POOR REPUTATION.

Posted by dietze87

UPDATE: AT&T called me said the same crap! They REFUSE to honor what was promised to me! When I asked about why my bill last month was the correct $151.06 she said well he gave you a credit... well... give it to me again! I was promised a price I confirmed it over and over again THAT IT INCLUDED THE INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS and my plan! this is ridiculous! Yes, I'm using a lot of profanity right now, but anyone in my shoes would be doing the same! I should have never left Verizon! At least they never screwed me over like this! I was promised a price, I agreed to that price and now AT&T are being weasels and going back on what was said! I have NEVER felt this unappreciated by a company before, this is by far the WORST customer service I have ever received! I am going to do whatever it takes and talk to everyone in the company that I can until my issue is resolved in the way it should be! Just give me what I was promised! And sit there and tell me that I need to drop my data down to 5GB just to get it under $150 a month. what I was promised was my UNLIMITED. I think its hysterical that it was honored last month when I paid. I wish I never switched over and I will make sure anyone and everyone I talk to hears how this has been handled and how I have been treated and scammed. Yes, I'm beyond furious at the moment, and until this matter is resolved I can promise you my attitude towards this company will not change.
I switch for Verizon to AT&T due to their "SWITCHER" program. Before I made the switch, I chatted online with AT&T chat about the pricing. I told them that I wanted 2 lines, both IPHONE 6S PLUS, and unlimited data. I also told them that I was paying $155 a month at Verizon so I wanted it to be about that much and that I worked for the government so I get a CALPERS discount. I made sure everything was very clear and itemized about the pricing. The tech confirmed everything and told me everything, including tax and both phone payments, would come out to about $151 every month. So to verify this I called AT&T before I signed up, they said I couldn't get the unlimited data for that price, but that I could get the 16gb plan and it would come out to WITH TAX AND PHONE PAYMENTS to be about $148. I said ok and purchased everything online and was told in a couple of hours to go to the AT&T store in Redlands, Ca and pick up my phones. When I went in to sign up for everything I was told my bill would be about $286 a month and I got very upset. I had printed out all my conversations that I had with CHAT and told them what I was told. I was then told that just because someone told me my plan would be $150 a month doesn't mean it would be, that the people on chat don't know what they are doing. So I explained to the manager that I was also told this over the phone, and she told me all they could do was switch me to the unlimited plan and that would bring my bill down because I would get a discount plus my CalPERS discount and that it should be around $160 including taxes and phone payments. Seeing as I had already cancelled my Verizon account I reluctant purchased the phones. The next day I called AT&T to see if someone could help me with my issue. I spoke with Tess User ID: TD128Q (This was July 1st, 2016) I told her everything, how upset I was, how I kept getting told different things by different people, how I was PROMISED $150 with taxes and phone fees. I was so upset. Tess took the time to write down all my grievances, and promised that from now on my bill would be $151.06 with taxes and phones. I told it was perfect and how happy I was that she solved my problem. The next month my bill was over $260.00, now my DirecTV had merged but that was only an extra $70 that month. I called AT&T right away and the man was extremely nice and patient and looked over all my notes that I had on my file. He told me there was no problem and he had fixed my bill. The next week I called to pay my bill and ask some questions I had about the switcher program. The lady was very patient and went over my bill and said it should be $150 for wireless and $70 for DirecTV equaling to be about $220 and I asked "so that's what my bill is set to be every month?" and she said "Correct" I was happy and relieved that all my troubles seemed to be over... Until today... I got my bill and it's a whopping $284.31. I was shocked. I called AT&T right away and asked the lady to go over my account, she did but then she stated that TESS didn't have the authority to honor my $150 a month that I was promised, and that I have to pay the installments on my phone. I kept explaining to her that no I was told the installments and taxes were included and that I had called last month and there were no issues at all with them honoring what was promised to me. She refused to help me so I asked if I could speak with her supervisor. I was on hold for quite a while and when the supervisor came on the phone I told her the same thing and asked her to look on my notes. She told me that the price that was promised me could be done, that I would have to change my plan and it would still be over $165 not including taxes or phone fees. I got very upset at this point. I asked to speak with her manager and was told "he is too busy right now, he will TRY to call you

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Posted by Francisco Gonzalez - Sale's pers

I received the excellent service from Francisco who works at the North Point Mall, Georgia.

Posted by YouTheBestRoque

I've always been a customer with at&t basically since I had a phone. Love it. But I just want to give a shout-out to Roque in the customer service who gave me the best service ever, comparing him to the other rude lady I had who didn't answer my question at all. Thanks Roque!

Posted by Davidbiz0303

Having brought my family's five phones to AT&T from Verizon, due to what I consider price gouging, I am pretty impressed with the call aspect of AT&T but the data connection is appalling! I use "Hey Siri" when driving for safety reasons, obviously, but whereas Verizon would always give me a connection, about every 6 out of ten times I use it on AT&T, I get..."sorry, I'm having trouble with the connection." very annoying and more importantly, dangerous!

However, AT&T does have advantages. I like to be able to surf while on a call and the rollover data is a great feature...

AT&T is also a lot cheaper....for now! So, I guess the bottom line is that you get what you pay for.

Posted by Anonymous

Spoke to a Marcella at customer service and she couldn't be more helpful than she was. A wonderful experience indeed!

Posted by Ren

My customer service support person, Ren, was amazingly patient and helpful. His cheerfulness and knowledge made my experience as smooth as possible. I really appreciated his help to get my internet working.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to let everyone know how much customer service rep Kenelle R. Helped and made me a very satisfied customer. She helped fix a problem that Ive called back numerous times to fix. And she found out the problem and fixed it within a half hour. Thank you again for taking the time with me.

Posted by SBW

I recently called AT&T customer service to resolve an issue with my dad's cell phone bill, two lost cell phones, and a host of other issues that come with elderly parents buying cell phones for irresponsible family members. I spoke at great length with a customer service rep named Miracle, who was extremely courteous, professional, and patient; there were at least five problems that needed to be resolved and she helped me resolve each and every one of them, one by one, until they were all resolved. And that's why I decided to take a minute to thank Miracle for her professionalism - and her patience!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently called in a payment and the representative that helped me was a woman by the name of Laura Barrowman. She was very helpful and very friendly, she answered all the questions I had asked. During the time I was on the phone she explained things that I didn't quite understand. She was by far the best help I have ever had in all the years I have been with at&t. Just wanted to say thank you Laura for all your help.

Posted by Anonymous

We switched from Dish Network to ATT Uverse. We enjoy the service however, we are very disappointed about a promotion that said that we'd receive $150 rewards card. We never received the rewards rebate card. We called and were told that a certain number of billing cycles needed to occur first. Well, those have occurred and then some. The card never arrived. We called and were told that the rewards card had expired. What card?!?? We never received the rewards card so how can it expire?

Posted by Enrique

I just got off the phone with Enrique. At the beginning of my call I was very irate with the automated service. Needless to say, poor Enrique was getting an earful. He remained calm, helped me see where the problem I was having originated and went above and beyond to assist me.
I have dealt with AT&T Customer Service in the past and the majority of the time have had difficulty even understanding what was being said to me, either because they were speaking too quickly, had a heavy foreign accent, or BOTH.
I wish all Customer Service Representatives EVERYWHERE were as well-spoken, kind, and helpful as Enrique.

Posted by pleasedcustomer123

Thank you to Jason, The At and T customer service rep I spoke to today. I called about a change in rate plan and was pleasantly surprised by the efficient and friendly service that i was provided with. It took a lot of jumping through hoops to finally reach a customer service rep ( hint just yell frustratingly " I would like to speak to a real person") Seemed to work for me. While their pricing is not as competitive as other firms this service was truly excellent. If anyone knows how i can directly contact AT and T to compliment an employee please do post this in the comments.

Posted by Rusty

Hello, my name is Gordon Cable, my wife was having trouble with her Cell Phone. I really dreaded having to call AT&T for help. I was very surprised i spoke to two wonderful women who were knowledgeable and helpful. I got them quickly and they were so polite and had the problem fixed in no time. Has something changed at AT&T ? 7-31-2015

Posted by Anonymous

I am the leasing agent at a residential property in San Diego. Jamal Stewartcook was the technician who serviced the apartment of the our newest resident. There were problems with the wiring being cut at some point in the line. Jamal did an superior work in ensuring the resident, who had moved in that same day, was up and running before leaving the property. I was thoroughly impressed with his skill, knowledge, and his customer service. Our resident was well pleased. Thank you AT&T. Jamal represented you very well.

Posted by thegodswifey73

I went to the att wireless store on 81 125th street NY, NY 10027. I must say, that although im not a contract customer, this young lady attended to my needs and I left the store a very satisfied customer. She was polite, attentive, and showed concern to my problem. She did everything she could to repair my phone. I sure wish i could run into more service reps like her in other places i go to during the day. I hope that this feedback really benefits her and helps to pave the way in furthering her career. I will recommend this store to anyone. Her name by the way was Tyesha, she works in the device support section as a authorized technician.

Posted by Robert

Christine Horn at the store in Granite City, IL on pontoon rd. Was an outstanding young lady in her sweet nature and the knowledge of cell phones! Even when the machine wouldn't transfer the data from the old phone to the new phone. She improvised the old fashioned way! She got the job done! She even gave us her card for more questions, as we had later on!! She is an excellent employee going that extra distance for folks out of town!! We live in Ark. and had to leave there that day!! I feel she needs a pay raise for the extra miles she went for our great service!

Posted by Cristiana

Yeesterday I canceled my internet service with Comcast / Xfinity and called AT&T I spoke with Calvin, Calvin had a great personality, he spoke to you as if he knew you and you guys could have even been friends! His customer service skills are great! Having Calvin as the customer service representative made my experience incredible, I felt welcomed, I called maybe 20 minutes earlier and spoke with a different representative to get price quotes and I was not happy with that experience, it was then I called back Comcast to see if they could give me better service and of course they couldn't. So I called AT&T right back and got Calvin and now I'm an AT&T home internet customer! Thank you Calvin for your very welcomeing great personality!!!

Posted by CindeeMcC

Well, I must have hit AT&T on a good day. Both reps answered the line in less than 3 minutes. The front line rep recognized that I needed to talk to someone further and sent me to another department that deals with old customers. A rep, Natalia from Santa Rosa, went out of her way to help me and with the most humane and caring demeanor. It took about 1/2 hr and she took care of each of issues in a very thorough manner. So there are some good customer reps!!

Posted by Anonymous

he was courteous and respectful... very knowledgeable...punctual....he fixed the problem... went beyond what was expected of him....thank you Jacob for your expertise...

Posted by Anonymous

I just spoke with Javon at ATT customer service. He explained everything I wanted to know and SAVED me money on my plan!! Thanks!! for great, prompt service.

Posted by Anonymous

I was just helped by an angel named Abigail Perez from AT&T. I never take the time to file complaints or give reviews but she truly saved me today. I was in great need of a phone because my job demands me having one, long story short, and let me tell you it was a long story and she sooooo patiently heard and found a solution for me. I cannot express my utmost gratitude to her. AT&T pay close attention because that is a valuable employee who truly went above and beyond for this long term customer. THANK YOU ABIGAIL PEREZ from the east coast!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I was just helped by an angel named Abigail Perez from AT&T. I never take the time to file complaints or give reviews but she truly saved me today. I was in great need of a phone because my job demands me having one, long story short, and let me tell you it was a long story and she sooooo patiently heard and found a solution for me. I cannot express my utmost gratitude to her. AT&T pay close attention because that is a valuable employee who truly went above and beyond for this long term customer. THANK YOU ABIGAIL PEREZ from the east coast who saved the girl from the west coast stay connected and keep her job!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Hey Joe,

I understand that you are Nicks manager. �?� I just want to let you know what an asset he is to your company. He took time to do his best to resolve our issues. He worked �?� directly �?� with me �?� at a level I understood. �?� He tested in the environment �?� in which I personally work to give me optimal speed. I'm sure all your employees are trained to have �?� the knowledge �?� they need but not all employees �?� have the natural skills to be excellent at customer service. �?� Kudos to hiring this �?� young man!

Very satisfied customer.Ã??Ã?Â

Donna Machos

Alexis Smith

Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Note�?�® 4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

Posted by sisho10

I called AT&T customer service today and spoke with representative Rayna. I just wanted to say this was the most pleasant experience I've had with an AT&T representative! I called with concerns of data usage and she was extremely professional and polite and was able to quickly resolve any issues I had. The call did not take long at all and I really appreciated all the help I received. Thanks again, Rayna!

Posted by Dave

ATT needs more people like Vivian. What an amazing experience to talk to her, feel like a person, and have problems solved. I wish her, and ATT all the best in the future, I will continue service with this level of support.
Thank you. Dave.

Posted by giddymac11

I called to request billing consideration for exceeding my AT&T mobility data limit because Time Warner, my TV and Internet service, did not send a technician early on, hence, had zero wi-fi for two weeks. I am also doing research for my thesis on how much customer service reps would/can take from agitated customers before they hang up or shout back. Denise was helpful and offered solutions even when she was getting equally agitated at the rude caller, me. Denise deserves a promotion, a raise, or both.

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Posted by Whisper.girl

As an employee of AT&T, I can say the training that I've had over the years is excellent, information is readily available to assist our customers and it seems most of the complaints have to do with bundle deals and not understanding the bills. When you're quoted a price for service, that doesn't include taxes. Taxes and fees required by the Government are not "hidden" fees that goes into AT&T's pocket. If you want to complain about those fees, send a letter to your state Representative.

To the lady that complained about having to use the data on her phones because she didn't get her Internet installed and now wants a credit on her wireless account...are you serious? Why use more data than you had? You used it, we've sent warnings that you're going over, we've given several text messages saying you're going to be charged. You ignored all of that and want a credit for the overage...that's just cray cray. To the guy that lost his phone by leaving it at the airport and wanting a credit because he didn't have a phone for a is that the responsibility of AT&T? We didn't lose your phone. Credit denied...for both of you...

More often than not, it is the customers that don't understand, they don't understand the bill, the phone, or their responsibility. Do you get a credit on your house payment if a pipe burst in your basement and you have to take your laundry to the laundromat? Do you get a credit on your utilities because you were gone for a week visiting a sick family member? Of course not...why would it be any different with AT&T? We are ranked highest in customer service by JD Powers for each quarter over the past couple of years. I don't even know how legitimate this site is, I just came across it by accident. Reading all the complaints made me I stated earlier, most of the issues being complained about are the customers responsibility.

As a customer, you may not like hearing this, but it has to be said...

Posted by Anonymous

To the AT&T customers out there complaining about there services. Folks don't blame or get angry with the customer service employees you talk with,many of them are young and poorly trained by AT&T. AT&T now pushes quantity not quality. If you must complain reach out to the person responsible who is there new CEO (Randall Stephenson) who is responsible for the practices and procedures for AT&T. Call him up and complain to him,not that he really cares,but it can't hurt and who knows if he gets enough complaints he may do something to make life easier for you and the AT&T employees who work so hard.

Posted by techie

I use to work for the tech department for att. Once I started the training I learned a lot about how the network operates which is a joy when your interested in that type of stuff. Our trainer would always make the comment "you'll never even talk to our good customers" and boy was he right. Since I started taking calls every single one of them was because of an idiot not updating their operating system on their device. If their was a tower outage in an area I would always hear "I think I should be credited for this, I'm losing 10,000 by the min!".

I actually had a girl next time me crying because a customer was yelling/cursing at her in which she quit after that one call. I never thought how bad society is until I started that job. I also think nobody works because it'll be a work day and somehow they are able to call in. Most of the customer that call in never pay their bill, but yet they are "valued customers". The policies set by att is kiss the customers ass, but try not to give credit, but try to wow them by selling them something.

The company never trains their employees when it comes to a new service/products, which leads me to believe the company is so cheap and paranoid about losing money with training courses that they just hand you a piece of paper and say "good luck, use our knowledge base to find your answer". Since customers have no lives and they are to lazy to actually trouble shoot their own problems and the call volume is high. They actually force employees to stay in the call centers until the volume dies down.

I have a family and I don't care about the customer enough to not help my kids with their homework and actually spend time with my family. I actually had one customer stated she wised we were open 24/7, in which I told her we have to get some sleep at least and her response was "I pay 100 bucks a month so someone should be ready to help me whenever i need to call". I found myself hating each person that called in because it usually never had nothing to do with the service. I probably had at least twenty or thirty calls about email issues.

Also stop buying iphones because they are crappy devices and they are bad about dropping calls, which again is Apple not att. If you thinking about working for att; I suggest you look else where. Your life is basically owned by ugly people who always have a past due balance.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to say that I'm a former att employee. I worked customer service in a call center and to be honest most of you are right. att doesnt care about customer service they care about money...but word of advice the representative youre talking to probably hates the company more than you do so if you want someone who is truly going to help you out be NICE...calling in and screaming first thing is the worst thing you can become just another angry customer at that point...calling in and asking for help rather than demanding...youre their new best friend for 10 mins...good luck everyone

Posted by anonymous

I do contract work for AT&T on the chat support. AT&T doesn't have a clue about customer service. They are too big to give a crap. We could do so much for customers, but AT&T not only ties our hands but our feet too. And as far as our situation. If we are not busy with chats, we have to sit at our stations, not allowed books, magazines, phones, browsing the internet, pens, paper, snacks or anything else they may think of. AT&T is the worst company I have ever worked for and I've worked for a few. I would rather have a colonoscopy daily than continue to work for them. They now have techs in the Philippines that are just awful and I feel so so sorry for any customer that happens to get one of them.

Posted by Mika_England

AT&T has become a complete waste of time and money. Over the past several weeks my wife and I have had recurring issues with receiving emails on our smartphones from AT&T. I've run multiple tests that show that messages show up in our email accounts almost instantly, but can take up to 8 hours to arrive on our phones.

I've run multiple recurring tests that point to an issue with AT&T, going so far as to create a documented log of all the instances over the past month of this issue occurring.

Yet, every single time I talk to AT&T they tell me that it's either: 1) Problem with my email service provider, 2) Problem with my phone's software, or 3) Something else that is not within AT&T's control.

I take great pains to point out to them that: 1) If it's a problem with my email provider, then why does my wife (whose service is with another company) have the exact same problem? 2) If it's a problem with my phone's software, then why does my wife's phone have the same problem when it's a completely different phone OS (Blackberry vs. Android)? 3) If it's some other problem, but not AT&T's then whose problem is it?

I've been a customer of this POS company for close to 15 years and their customer "service" has gone from marginal to completely insulting and non-existent.

I'm actually at the point where I'm willing to pay close to $500 to cancel my contract with this POS company just so I don't have to deal with them any more.

Oh, and forget about upgrading your phone now. AT&T has recently implemented a new policy (didn't tell anyone about it) that as of March of last year, you don't qualify for an upgrade until you're three months away from the end of your contract.

Posted by attrep

I started working customer service for AT&T back in August, and let me give some advice for some the people calling in for customer service. Never ever go to a store to get a new phone, they never make you aware of all the charges you'll have on your bill and prorated charges. The reps in the stores work on commission, they'll find any little thing to add to your acct. without telling you. Also, most of the reps that work in my call center have no problem applying credits to an acct. as long as they're for valid reasons. If you have problems making a payment through our automated system, I always waive the $5.00 fee, and always try to find the lowest price plan for a customer and ways to save them money. I know not all reps. take their job as seriously as me or care as much, they're just there to earn a pay check. But it's the same for any customer service with any company, not just cell phone companies. I've had Verizon since 1998 and they're technical support dept. is horrible. My wife and i upgraded our phones in October and after a month and a half had problems with people calling us and our phones weren't ringing, One rep advised me that my wife's phone had a software update available and to take it into a store, i took it into the store and guess what... her phone was already using the most current software version. It took 10 separate calls to their tech support dept. to finally get someone that knew what they were doing and fixed the issue with their network. And our cust. service is open 24/7, just call us at 800-331-0500 and you'll reach someone in the U.S. to speak to, not another country. Verizon's cust. service closes at 11 and is only open Mon.-Fri., only their tech support dept. is open 24/7

Posted by Anonymous

I work in the customer resolutions dept and everyday we have to deal with ppl calling in wanting to cxl bc of issues that they themselves have created and for some odd reason they think that we can do everything for them. Yes we can give credits...but umm..for the ppl who call in all the time wanting ur credits ur accts are flagged and if it is then unfortunately no one in att can issue you a credit or make any adjustment on the bill.

Also, STOP GETTING IPHONES!!!! these phones constantly drop calls, the ios system doesnt update right, you break it or lose it and didnt have insurance..etc, etc. we're sorry but we are not allowed to do any early upgrades unless you are willing to pay an add'l 250 for the phone.




Posted by Anonymous

I work for a contracted agency for AT&T. We do support for a specific device (I can't say which one for security and they'd know where I am). I get calls for this device routed to me automatically. However, if the regular customer service line is full, you come to us to be faster. I'm sorry, but I'm not trained 100% for the other devices. I am trained completely in billing and stuff, but not in tech support.

Also, half of the time when people call in, they want me to give them money for something that isnt there, or tell me how to do my job, or that someone else told them they can get money. I have news for you: TELL THEM TO NOTATE THAT. I physically CAN NOT do it if the adjustment is not notated. Please people, listen. Half of the time that is the problem. People dont listen to anything I say unless its preceeded by a dollar sign. I had a lady yesterday yelling in my ear about this 35 credit. i put her on a silent hold so i could look for the notes. i told her i can hear what shes saying, but she can hear me for a moment. THEN SHE STARTS TALKING TO WHOEVER IS IN THE BACKGROUND ABOUT HOW SHES LYING TO ME AND JUST WANTS MONEY. REALLY?????? I CAN HEAR YOU. IF I COULD, I WOULD CHARGE YOU MORE. have some common sense...

I love people that say "its not your fault, but im venting". Thats ok. I personally cant go climb up your tower and turn it back on. It just doesnt happen over night. If ATT isnt that good in your area, dont get it!!!!!


- A Representative Who Cares For People Who Aren't Greedy Or Mean.

Posted by Anonymous

some AT&T customers would lie with all their might just to get an adjustment, Hello?? we could track if what your saying is true or not, all your activities in your phones is being tracked by our system. AT&T is a big company and it doesnt cheat on people, some customers are just plain dumb.

Posted by Anonymous

If you have a little piece of mercy in your heart, you won't make your call endure more than 6 minutes and you won't call for unworthy things. I just saw one of my partners crying because some imbecile customer was yelling to her like the nasty dog he is. Don't be that terrible way. Most of us are just 17, 18, 19 years old only. It could be your son, your daughter... don't do it, please. Don't be racist either, you don't know how much efforth and willpower it is needed to do this job. It seems easy, but it's the hardest many teenagers could ever have.
We deal with real problems... all of the day; problems that have to be solved before the call ends. And I'm sure we will. We're only asking for a lil bit of patience, comprehension and a tiny smile - I can asure you we can feel it even when we can not see it by the phone.

Thank you.

-- Wireless service rep. Team.--


Posted by Anonymous

I try to help customers as much as possible, but most of the time customers want the impossible. I understand some of you have been loyal customers and have been with [email protected] for a long time but we still have to go by policy. Most of you do not monitor your account and expect us to adjust your account for charges you have had on there for 6 months or longer. It is your responsibility to review your bill and take care of what is past due and what is actually owed. Listen to the expectationst that are set when changes are made on your account and read your customer service summary.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible company,as an ex-employee, this company does not care about their employees or their customers. Choose another provider.

Posted by Anonymous

I am an AT&T billing agent. I handle billing for all services. Uverse, landline wireless DSL and everything in between. First I woulld like to say that in more cases than not I find charges on accounts to be valid. Now, that being said let me tell you why you have problems with billing and customer service. All AT&T agents from tech support, customer support, sales and billing have a quota. We have revenue target that we must meet. This means I am going to help with your bill, I will explain all charges and adjust if necessary, in mst cases I am adjusting to satisfy you as a valued customer. At this point I need to sell you something an upgraded a cell phone anything I can. If I am successful in this endeavor, you will next month again see unusiual charges on your bill, because I did not take the time to explain to you what happpens next. You will see prorated charges. if I upgrade you internat you'll a partial charge + a month on advanced. Because I did not explain this to you it will require another call by you to say to me every month I have to call! I then explain the billing adjust if necessary and again try to sell you something. It is a sad vicious circle of Hell. I have had cell phones with AT&T for 5 years and uverse service for lil over one. My bill NEVER CHANGES, because I know how much my services are and I NEVER CALL. If you have what you want the little freebies or promos are not worth the headache. Pick a lane and stay in it. Now as to issue of transfers. Agents are also held to other quota amount of time on a call. Hence why everything is not explained fully and clearly, I have to fix your issue, sell you something and get you of my line in 11 mikn or less, cause I've got calls in que anbd some has been waiting for 20 min to talk about a .10 charge on their bill or it could be someone who's service is out and they need help. I am a customer and an employee however I fear I will not be the latter for long, because I do take the time to explain things to a customer and my calls are way too long. God Bless all of AT&T's customer's for putting up with it!

Posted by agent

i am an agent for at%t customer care and what customers dont realize is that we can see everything...if you say your call dropped, we can see if it dropped...the comment about the sierra wireless card that was replaced by us, well sorry to burst your bubble but asurion replaces bad devices they send out...not at&t...if people were not so cheap then they wouldnt have to make up stories about their services not working...also learn some humility and just admit that you didnt take the time to learn how to use your phones properly...i guess we do have a chip up our is our customers always trying to take advantage of us...

Posted by ATT Agent

Hey guys I work for att wireless outsourcer(not going to mention who) but what the previouse person said isn't true for all its employees. I work in the customer relations department-something verizon doesn't have-but we go through about 3 weeks of 40 hour weeks of training to make sure it is right. we try to make it right and usally help with whatever we can, sometimes what you ask for is ridiculas. Just think about it if you ran a business and all of your 80 Million cusotmer called in to get half of there bills waived or a 400 dallor phone sent out to them every day. We do what we can but think about what you want befor you call and make sure that it is realistic.

Posted by Anonymous

The customer service dept. is not run by at&t, but by a company called Convergys. they pay low wages & have trouble keeping employees. Employees are given minimal training, and that traing is very poor for such a complex service. Charging $1.50 for every voicemail and directory assistance is SUCH a ripoff. And why they charge for text messing is beyound me, since you're not using anything that costs at&t money. Ranked 3rd in nationwide survey for dropped calls. (Verizon ranked #1). Convergys employees have the power to immediately credit your account upto $250.00 AND give you hundreds of extra free rollover minutes, but this seldom happens.


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