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AT&T Uverse customer service is ranked #427 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 33.96 out of a possible 200 based upon 1702 ratings. This score rates AT&T Uverse customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,587 Negative Comments out of 1,702 Total Comments is 93.24%.


115 Positive Comments out of 1,702 Total Comments is 6.76%.

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  • AT&T Uverse

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    • 33.96 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,587 negative comments (93.24%)
    • 115 positive comments (6.76%)
    • 14 employee comments
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    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Frustrated

The overly long time spent dealing with a robot questioner is very frustrating. It takes much too long to reach an actual person who might be able to help. I'm guessing this is to cut down on the amount of time each technical service employee spends on a conversation. Much better to waste the customer's time than to provide efficient assistance, right? I respond by keeping the real live person engaged as l-o-n-g as possible. Just answer my question, help me solve my problem - without making me jump through a dozen completely unrelated hoops.

Posted by Collin Clark

WE have been a customer of AT&T since 2000. We have been a customer of U-Verse since the service ( I use that term every loosely ) since it became available.

I can honestly say that - on any level, any service, I have never had more problems with any other Company.

Our U-verse cable goes out at a minimum of three times a week . We have had more tech calls than I can remember.

We have had a contractor for AT&T comes to our home to replace the pedestals in our back yard. With no contact from AT&T of any kind, we were charged for having cut the underground cables ourselves ending in our being turned over to a collection agency.

These contractors sliced into our power line resulting in loss of the power to our home. Having spoken to them last week, they deny having been to our home.

Having talked to U-Verse, they acknowledge the number of service calls we have had, but can/wont provide any information regarding when these service calls took place, what their records show as the result of these calls or their process for underground digging. The average time we have spent on the phone with these calls is 2 hours.

At the time of this posting our cable has gone out twice.

While we understand that we are one of thousands of AT&T/U-Verse services, the fact of the matter is that we cannot - in spite of our best efforts - found anyone who seems to really care about our experience or frustration.

For anyone considering AT&T/U-Verse as a service provider the best advice that I can offer is "Buyer Beware".

Posted by Anonymous

Att has locked out my local NBC channel. I'm extremely angry. During football season they blocked a game that I waited for all week. They do not deliver the service that I pay for. This is the last time. I'm going to look for a better service company.

Posted by Dealman

Uverse offered $300 in what turned out to be PHONEY rewards cards that they never fulfilled after numerous attempts to get them to follow through over past year. So good riddance to AT&T Uverse. On the bright side Charter was much cheaper and faster internet. In my opinion I would suggest that people avoid Uverse all together and if some of you have their service SHOP around as you can find a better value out there.

Posted by Alana

POOR!!!! Trouble reaching a real person. Uverse has been down for almost 3 days with 4 calls. Not resolved!!!!

Posted by giggida

I had u-verse internet, TV and phone with AT&T. I waged a number of complaints over the 5 year period regarding my TV and Internet. 5 months ago an AT&T rep told me to move to AT&T's Direct TV to free up bandwidth on Internet and this would improve both my internet and TV. I switch as advised and then had problems with Direct TV. AT&T sent out a couple of Direct TV technicians and they said issue is with internet. AT&T then sent out internet technicians who were unable to solve the problems. This is the same issues they couldn't solve over the last 5 years. I switch to Direct TV per the AT&T rep, and nothing was resolved.

I went to cancel all my services with AT&T and now want to charge me an 18 month cancellation fee $400+ to cancel Direct TV... I was advised by the AT&T supervisor I should have switch my internet away from AT&T to resolve the issue, not cancel my Direct TV service and this is why he is going to charge me the cancellation fee. This make no sense as a consumer. It is AT&T strong arming me after I followed their advise to switch to another one of their products to resolve their issue.

Posted by jamesbrown46

My phone keeps going dead for several seconds during the call then comes back. have to keep asking people to repeat what they had said or they ask me to repeat what I said. ATT keeps trying to fix it. finally said someone has to come up and it is $159 for service call even if it is defective equipment. Scheduled technician for today, 1-5 p.m. and no one showed. They gave a bunch of BS why and then said it must have been a problem with their service rep who scheduled it. I told in another industry bulls service cows. That's what ATT does to its customers. Now will be two more days until they get here.

Posted by Frustrated beyond belief!!!

This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with in my life! They will do anything to lure you to their U-verse bundle then screw you over. I cannot even count the number of hours and monthsI have spent on the phone to technical support and customer service only to be dismissed and given the runaround. Not only this, our internet, phone, and television service go out multiple times a day. I have been promised monetary compensation for all the service lost but in the end it's just a lie. I've never gotten any compensation. I wonder how they would like to be in the middle of watching a show or taking an online class only to have everything come to an abrupt halt, sometimes for up to 24 hours. Each time a technician comes out, which I have to wait 4 hours for them to show up, they say they've fixed the problem but within five to 12 hours our problem persists. I would not wish this company on my worst enemy. Sign up at your own risk.

Posted by Andrew


I've had UVERSE and AT&T for a few years now, I've always enjoyed the internet/cable. Recently, I've been upset about my fluctuating from $220 to $240 to even $260. I was okay paying $220 a month even though that ends up being over $2k a year, but the fluctuating was very unpleasant. I called and cancelled my TV only last month, I decided to try DirectTV and keep the Internet with Uverse. The cancellation date was set for the 5th, I had until then to setup my Direct TV. I had a hurricane recently so that go postponed, UVERSE kept the TV until the 10th, I called to have them turn it off as I wasn't going to pay a new month of TV. They made the mistake of cutting my TV and Internet. I told them please turn my internet back on, they seem to be really confused on how to do that. Tech Support couldn't help, no one seem to help because the account needed to be pay in full ($220 bill because they kept the TV on) prior. I was livid, so I paid the internet portion and they said my internet will be back in an hour on Friday. Nothing, so Sat. I tried again, spoke to maybe 12-14 agents by now, they credited the money back to my account and everything was balanced at $0. Okay, so turn my internet back on please? Still nothing, confusion on another level, I got hung up on like 10 times no call back, it was really frustrating and I NEVER wrote a review before but I'm a little bit upset. I'm a firefighter and I'm at work on Sunday and my wife is home trying to work on the computer but there is no internet, I called in once again on duty to try to get things in the works and still I can't get help, really unbelievable. They said once again the internet will be up LAST NIGHT, this morning 10/17/2016, still no internet. I called and cancelled and now I'm going with problem Comcast which I'm not excited about but this is unacceptable. Goodluck Uverse.. AT&T.

Posted by Leggsinfl

AT&T Customer Service is horrible! My service has been out in Jacksonville, FL since last Thursday, the day before Hurricane Matthew invaded our city.
There have,been no updates on restoration, nothing! This is the worst example of customer service I've experienced in quite some time. No media updates, no direct communication updates to customers- NOTHING!

Comcast customers experienced a Matthew related outage of two days during which time their customers were notified and provided

AT&T'so entire Customer Service Executive Management team should be fired over the poor handling of this situation.

Posted by Gerry

In AugustI tired tried to get my ATT Uverse bill lowered. Spoke to an agent that said she could lower my bill to $163.00 (foolish me not realizing it did not include taxes).
She said I could get U300 service until June 2017 and then talked about better internet service. I said $163.00 sounds good and we concluded the call. I got my new statement and find that I am being charged an extra $15.00 per month for SUPPORT +. and that I was locked into a one year contract that would cost $410.00 to break. At no time did the ATT agent mention that I had to keep the service for one year under contract. She only stated the rate was good for one year.
My ATT bill fluctuates constantly and every time I have called, the ATT agent lowered the bill after finding things I did not want or the famous 3 months free offers that I forgot to cancel. I just assumed it was another offer to keep me from moving my account. I am locked into this contract because they emailed me. I delete unsolicited emails.
I take responsibility but I feel abused and object to the many ways ATT agents confuse the issues by offering "special deals" and not disclose what your are signing up for when all you are asking is how to lower your bill. They should state "You can lower your bill by agreeing to a one year contract". But that would be too transparent and honest.

Posted by Anonymous

Very upset they want $149 to come out to my house or want me to do everything myself

Posted by DC14

My interactions with an AT&T Technician. First off I am not an AT&T customer, thank God, but my mother is. I am thankful that I was home during this situation because that allowed me to intervene with this aggressive technician. After living abroad for several years, in China, I am visiting my disabled older mother to catch up, so it is very lucky that I was there. My mother discovered that she was being charged for a non-existent line to the house, a line that was supposedly canceled and removed 15 years ago. It seems for 3-4 years AT&T has been charging her for this line. She called the customer service and inquired what this was about and the service representative, who I have been told was nice, noticed the line and said that they could remove it. But, she said something about the internet, also through AT&T, being attached to this non-existent line. Thereby needing to send out a service technician to deal with checking the physical lines to ensure that the internet was attached to the correct physical line. Now understand this is how my mother understood what was told her by the representative on the phone. The day arrives for the technician to come. My mother puts her life on hold so that she can be there when he arrives.
The technician calls, his first statement, “I am on my way, what am I supposed to do?”. Now my mother is not a telecommunications expert and can only go by what the previous representative said. She says that he should have a work order. The technician says there is no work order, and begins lecturing her about her needing to be able to tell him what he needs to do in specific detail. To the best of her ability and with her limited understanding of how the phones are set up she says what she thinks needs to be done. She tells him that she doesn’t need the lecture. My mother ends the conversation, hangs up and begins calling the customer service to figure out why she is being treated rudely and what specifically this rude technician needs to do. She calls the first number, the person on the other end says she can’t help her and doesn’t know what the technician is supposed to be doing. She is then transferred overseas to a call center. She asks to be transferred back to the local area so that she can have a representative deal with this problem. They say that it is impossible to transfer her call back. She calls an alternate number for AT&T this progresses to her contacting 7-8 different representatives who are unable to help her. Around the 7th caller the technician arrives. My mother is, still on the phone, still trying to figure out why the service details were not given to the technician who was supposed to be providing said service. So, I answer the door to deal with this technician. He again asks what he is supposed to do. I give him as much detail as I know, he then proceeds to raise his voice and start lecturing me on how we need to know what needs to be done and how all the other customers he has serviced knew what he was supposed to do and that this is how AT&T does things. I get tired of the lecture and say “I don’t need the lecture. You are lecturing again.” He then claims that we are disrespectful and storms away saying he is leaving.
At this point my mother is still on the phone dealing with the customer service and this technician has raised his voice and lectured me about how I am in the wrong and walked away. He in no way identified himself, or gave his name. Knowing that there will only be denials about what occurred I went ahead and went outside and took a photo of him and the AT&T vehicle. He seeing me proceeds to get even more aggressive and begin hurling insults. This young man, younger than me is yelling and carrying on insulting me in an aggressive fashion in front of my disabled mother’s house. I am a big guy and I felt the aggression from this man. My mother is disabled in a wheelchair, I am so happy that I was there and able to be between this aggressive man and her. I headed back towards the house to try and avoid confrontation. The technician proceeds to follow me back towards the house. I stop before I arrive near the door to try to keep this out of control man away from my mother. At this point I feel that there is a chance that he might get physical and don’t feel safe for my mother’s safety around this AT&T technician. He proceeds to insist that we are in the wrong. He says he is going to call his manager and I try to convince him to tell me the number of his manager. He goes ahead and yells a number so fast that I can’t get it in my phone in time. He makes a statement to the effect “Are we going to do anything here today or not” I proceed to tell him the issue again. He tells me it is just a paperwork mistake and gives another lecture. I ignore the lecture just to try and get this nightmare over with. I try to explain what we think the customer service on the phone was supposed to have set up for him to do, to check the physical line for the internet to insure that it is connected to the correct line. He says he has to get his ipad. So he goes back to his truck. I run back inside to see if my mother has had any luck in figuring out why AT&T has sent such a rude and aggressive man to her house. My mother is still on the phone trying to get the work order specifics. The technician arrives back at the door. When I open the door he places his foot on the threshold making it impossible for me to close the door if he gets aggressive again. From my perspective of trying to prevent this aggressive AT&T employee from harming or intimidating my disabled older mother this is a bad situation. He proceeds to tap on his ipad to check the connectivity of the lines. He does a check, never touching any physical cable or line at the house. Shows me the screen and says everything is working. At this point we just want him to leave. We nod go along with what he has said and get him to go back to his truck and leave. So AT&T sends their employee out to her house with no details on the work order. He gets rude and aggressive towards the customer. Taps on his Ipad, which he could have done anywhere and then leaves. No service was provided, besides an online check that could have been done over the phone. We are still not sure what the original work order was, and now I don’t feel safe having any AT&T employees come near my mother’s house unless there are other witnesses present.

Posted by Smh

I called on a Monday to set up installation at my new home on Friday. As soon as I hung up the phone my cable and Internet both went out. I called them right back and asked what happened and they said that the lady I previously spoke to set up my cancellation date for today. I was informed that it was what they call an accidental disconnect and that there was nothing they could do to fix it. Fast forward to Friday (my installation date) and nobody calls or shows up. I call to see if they're running behind and then I'm informed that my installation date got pushed back out to next Thursday. I told them that I had to take today off of work to be at the house when I was told they would be there and I can take next Thursday off as well because of their 2nd mistake in 1 week. The supervisor said "I'm sorry" and then hung up on me. Needless to say, I'll be calling Time Warner first thing this morning to see if they can get out here so I can rid myself of the awful at&t customer service people.

Posted by 55bneal

Some of those At&t/DirecTv service guys in Oklahoma City are rude and crude. We are really, looking for another provider for service. I have new neighbors on both sides of us, and both are getting At&t service. One of their reps were nice (on west). But the rep on the East side of neighbor never acknowledge. I ask if his truck could be moved before trash truck comes.The rude rep did not even try. They nrrd to weed these rude people out or a better solution will come along. Then At&t will be replaced.
Very Upset customer.

Posted by Anonymous

it is 9a where I am and your office is not open. this is not customer service - especially since i am already angry about your complete lack of responsiveness to my initial calls (4) and online chats (2). You should get a dictionary and read up on service

Posted by Pat

49.99 BUNDLE FOR 2 YEARS IS A BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM!! Signed up, signed contract, installion completed, first bill paid. Third bill was higher, I called. They told me I was not eligible because I did not get Direct TV. The sales girl that called me knew that!! Even told me that "we are no longer going to offer DSL in your area so everyone is going to have to go with UVerse"!! Told I had two year contract, and that I had kept my part of the contract, they told me I could leave ATT and pay no fees or pay the higher amount even though I was lied to, mislead, and drawn into a contract with lies!!! NEVER WILL USE ATT AGAIN!!

Posted by Anonymous

Expensive and unreliable. Modem craps out every few hours - takes several minutes to reconnect. Slow and unresponsive. But, hey, they're the monopoly here - they don't need to worry about service!

Posted by A customer

Had called in to resolve an issue with my TV service not working, apparently the previous agent that tried to help me process my order did not do it properly, resulting in no TV service. And today I spoke to representative Ty Simmons, who was so rude in how he dealt with my phone call. Had actually told me if I decide to also cancel my Internet to call in and cancel too. He refused to look over the notes given by previous agent and everything that I mentioned to him, he just gave me a rude answer that I should not mention the other person that help me, that he is the one I am dealing with now in a rude tone. I was going to continue my service with them, from the bundle that Hector gave me, but after this conversation with Ty Simmons, I am positive that I will never use Uverse TV ever again. Who wants to speak to an agent with an attitude who thinks he is giving me a best deal with $119.99 excluding taxes, when there are other providers with better customer service representatives around. Ty obviously thinks his job is a given taking his position for granted. Customer service is about taking care of your customers needs. Not to talk down to your customers.

Posted by Charlie

A year ago, I signed up for UVerse service and that rep told me that the $140 rate was good for two years. After a year, it jumped to $230+ and the customer service on phone was really bad, forcing me to find alternatives.

Posted by Max2k

Att is a terrible company. There wireless phone service is terrible, their internet is terrible and their customer service is the worst. 85% of the time the foreign and they can't understand me and I can't understand them.nobody there knows what's they are talking about. Surprised they ate still in business, probably will meet the same fate as Time Warner cable, which has waaaaay better Wi-Fi but has extremely poor customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

ATT keep calling me at 6:00 a.m. Hey hand up and call me again at 6:30 a.m and tell me that they have scheduled a service 4-hour service appoint for this day. I tell them that I did not schedule the appointment and that they are calling the wrong number. They keep calling. Harrassment

Posted by Steve Huey

Your Technical support people are trained to answer questions. They have no direct training knowledge of your operating system. You ask a question & they have a play book of worthless questions that have nothing to do W/ what is being asked. I was lied to by Linda (the technician) twice in the same 30min holding period as she tried to get me continue to hold & not cancel mt service.

Posted by jdoggie68

What a shame. ATT Uverse turning into Time Warner. Just spend the worst two weeks of my life trying to get Uverse service set up. ATT Uverse techs failed to show on four different occasions. Promised by four different customer service agents that service would be set up properly and it still hasn't. Finally talked to someone in the U.S. and he assured me he would get it straightened out.

Well guess what? It's still messed up. So thank you Trish, Job, and JB for doing absolutely nothing, promising but never delivering.

Posted by B088yj

I like to know who I can contact to fix my issue I can get service by typing my address in :) I place the order all is good until they cancel the order due to not available in my area so I talk to them they show its available there nothing I can do on my end but complain about seems like they are not going to upgrade the problem. If you put my address in right now I can get service. In my book they should upgrade the DSLAM box to work for Uverse and I'll be a happy camper.
Has anybody else have this problem or going though this?

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

In Ballantyne (Charlotte NC) we had a service issue that was promptly repaired by our tech Brian. He was on time,efficient, friendly and professional. How delightful to have a positive experience on an icy day.

Posted by Anonymous

I was extremely pleased with the service I received from Andrew Holt and Jesse Preciado. My remote suddenly didn't work. I spoke to Andrew and he had somebody come out very quickly to help. Jesse came withing 20 minutes ofthe time Andrew told me he would be coming. I am very hard of hearing and both of these men were very kind and patient to me. My son Mike Bruno was not at home, but for once I found people who took their time to help me. My name is Teresa B Smith and the phone is in my son's name. We are both very pleased with the service I received.

Posted by Evanston Apartment Dweller

After wasting hours on the phone and "live chat" with ATT-UVERSE customer service, I finally connected with Allan who was LITERATE and COMPETENT. He understood my situation, researched my history and SOLVED my problem. He certainly deserves some recognition for his ability - especially compared to most of the morons who ATT employs at the phone centers.

Posted by mmfila

Now-a-days, people typically only take the time to voice their opinion about any company when a problem is ongoing - not when everything is fine. I happened across this site and can see the pro's and con's submitted about AT&T and felt it was fair to post a positive review. I've had AT&T for at least 7 years since porting out from TMobile just before their restructuring. AT&T has never screwed up my bill; the service has been comparable to their competition, and I have probably made 1-2 calls about their user tools on the site that weren't exactly user-friendly. Other than that - I have been very happy with the company and thank them for trying because most companies these days simply don't.

Posted by Blank Screen

I dealt with 2 different technical support reps over 2 days. Both were professional, patient, knowledgeable and were native English Speakers.

Posted by Sandy

i was on a live chat with a representative named sandy and the survey closed by mistake.
she was absolutely patient, informative and she gave me moe time than probably would be required
i just want to thank her
Ruth Sims

Posted by HappyCustomer

AT&T U-verse is the best! I have the best services. I have promotions. The representatives were very friendly, especially the Filipinos. :) They really do their job.
I will never leave AT&T like what others do. The other companies cannot give the best services and value to what you are paying for, unlike AT&T. They're the best!

Posted by Anonymous

JACKIE B from Illinois Retention Department she is the definition of a rare jewel,among the other people I spoke with from At&t.JACKIE B WAS COURTESY,PROFESIONAL,SUPERIOR SERVICE ATTITUDE,EMPATHY,KNOWLEDGABLE and UNDERSTANDING.Jackie is the best hands DOWN.Jackie displayed EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS....She went above and beyond to help restore my service and saved me from cancelling my order which the AT&T Supervisor Joseph from west virgina jc245s couldn't do..... Thank you Jackie B from Illinois your the best....Happy Customer thanks to you.....

Posted by orion.system

In regards to our recent service call w/ATT u-verse;

We were experiencing a couple of issues with one of the cable boxes (4 installed total), and contacted the ATT support center to notify them of the issue. A technician named Darian arrived as scheduled to help resolve the issue(s). He had already checked the status en route to our location before arriving (was prepared), replaced one of our cable boxes and also updated a few remote controllers with no problem. Darian was very punctual, outgoing and courteous; along with being knowledgeable and efficient as a technician. He answered all questions and asked if there was anything else we needed before finishing up on the service call. Darian also left contact info for us, should we ever need any further assistance. Needless to say, we are pleased with our service with ATT and would highly recommend Darian as a service tech for any other ATT customers :)

Will Lockwood
Edgewater, FL

Posted by Devyn

I hate at & t because of all the hassle it is to get anything handled or accomplished the management and higher ups have such an inconsistencies. After a very long week finally I have met the best agent. And he actually cares about us customers.. no holds no transfers no robots and has helped me and because of him my girlfriend and I will be loyal customers. THANK YOU JUSTIN Gosselin!

Posted by Dan NC

The installation phase of our Uverse product was overall positive when the installer arrived (the first scheduled date was a no-show).

The physical part of the installation took 1.5 hours. Setting up the router took another 4 hours. It turns out the AT&T routers can't use passwords with punctuation in them. They accept the password and you think you are doing things correctly, but the password isn't recognized by other devices.

The installer didn't know about this defect in the router software. I'm the one who figured it out.

Posted by New Braunfels

Superior service in New Braunfels, TX! Senior technician Derek Guffey is experienced and articulate, courteous, and was on time to the minute. He talked with both of us (one by phone), ensured that he understood our needs with our rather complex system, provided a complete fix including insuring a good source signal, checked the results, and left detailed information. Very, very impressed.

Posted by Rescued customer

AT&T Uverse, internet and home phone was installed into my home recently.Unfortunately, within less than 2 weeks, I experienced numerous issues requiring technical support on phone to include 3 service calls. Last incident September 18, 2014, I called in for technical support . A technician was scheduled on September 18, 2014 to resolve issue at home. Meanwhile, I observed AT&T service truck near neighborhood gas station.I approach technician with issue and asked questions in efforts to facilitate my trouble shooting, to avoid interrupted phone line, cable and internet.The technician not only recommended some trouble shooting mechanism and apoligize for the interruption of service. He also was kind enough to take a quick look at the issue while in the neighborhood. The technician came by within 30 minutes and resolved this issue in a manner conducive to extroridnary custumer service and efficient technical support.The problem was resolved and my services were restored. I wanted to take this opoportunity to recognize his professionalism. Technican's Name: Brian Alexander; number:7134976167. He is apparently assigned to work in 77375. I believe that his ability to resolve issue and substained customer base with a frustrated customer in the process of changing services to another provider, should be commended. His action defines AT&T as a premier provide.

Posted by Anonymous

I just fielded a call from one of your representatives offering 3 months of free HBO because we are such good customers: paying our bills, etc. However, this marketing ploy did not work on me because I asked what happened at the end of three months. Answer: you start adding the charges onto the bill. NOT a very fair marketing device, because your marketing geniuses are relying on the human tendency toward inertia. Nice trick, and the rep was very nice, claiming that you would remind us before the three months ended. However, I still regard it as unfair marketing designed to take advantage of that combination of inertia and the natural human tendency to take something for free without asking questions. NOT honest marketing, in my opinion.

Posted by Anonymous

We had great service when we needed to replace our DVR. The person I chatted with was very patient with me as he led me through steps to check out our DVR as I have little knowledge of this high tech world. I was told our replacement would arrive in 3-5 business days and it was actually sent overnight with Sat. delivery. He told me exactly how to return the old DVR. Everything he said he would do he did. I couldn't have been more satisfied.

Posted by Anonymous

AT&T customer service does a great job. Friendly, courteous, and well trained. The difference.

Posted by Anonymous

An att repairman completed repairing a phone and computer line problem today 12/16/2013. His name was Chris Leboa from Marshall Mo.. His work and personality were very good and fixed my problem for the time being.

Posted by Lady C.

Well when I was offered a special that would cost me less then I was already I hopped on it. The one thing I love doing is watching TV. While I am doing my homework while I am cooking whatever I am doing I watch TV. Well the first question I asked you was did you have all the channels you said yes and you lied. You don't have any GMC no Hallmark which at the beginning of this month has been showing Christmas movies until the first if the year for 24 hours a day which I was enjoying till I switched. GMC Up is a new gospel which show new playa and movies regarding God on how to spread love to one another. I loved watching while I was cooking Sunday dinner now nothing. I am serious thinking about dropping everything because it does not matter how much less it cost to me it is how much enjoyment I get out of the service I am getting cause right now your cable sucks.

Posted by Gary

The personnel on the phone and the ones who come out to perform the work and installations are good but the Gateways (modems) are junk. I am on my eleventh one in less than two years. The one I have now is two weeks old and is already failing. I have to reboot several times per day.

Posted by Anonymous

We had three service calls last month because our TV internet was not working. The problem was resolved on the third service call. Every technician worked hard to resolve our problem. We were so pleased with their efforts that we asked for their ID numbers so they could be credited with their efforts. Rather than use their names and his helper David. Also, their Manager of Network Services, had them thoroughly go over our entire service and fix everything that might need fixing. Thank you for the excellent service given to us by your staff.

Posted by Happy cat

Well at least in Dallas Texas I had to replace a modem and it was promptly shipped and the old one was easily and quickly returned at no cost. Very good. (August 2013).

More recently September 2013, a technician promptly visited my home and redo the original installation wiring after more than 7 years. Next day another technician went an updated the uverse receiver boxes that now are wireless and doesn/t need coax cable. The technician knowleageble, efficient, friendly, no complains at all. And the one that did the installation outside the house did a very nice job. Another 10.

Posted by lenorede

I have had ATT U-verse since November of 2011. In the beginning, it took a few days before they could get my service up and running. That was only because it was new to this area, and they had to go through several steps to get it going. So far, I have no real complaint about the service, and the customer service has been excellent. However, the price is a bit over the top. I was quoted a price for the first and second years, but two months into the second year, my bill went up an additional $12.00. When I questioned it, I was told that some of the channel providers increased AT&T's price, so they passed it on to the customers. Not good, AT&T.

Posted by Anonymous

Love our service and programming. Have had great customer service. Could not ask for better.
Also a big Thank You for not having Al-J on the program listing.

Posted by Nara

So you're running a business out of your home on a residential account. Here's an idea. Get a business account! (That goes for any company you're getting service from, NOT just AT&T).

Second of all, I've been able to get through constantly to Uverse Technical Support in less than 10 minutes each time with absolutely no information. It's called listening to what the IVR is asking for, not just screaming until it hangs up. I wouldn't want to listen to you either.

AT&T's Customer Support is just fine if you use your brain instead of going "IT's not wworking, your company sucks, blah blah blah". Use your words like the ADULTS I assume you are and you'll figure out that it's not that hard.

Posted by Riverside California

From Riverside, CA
I called customer service on 5-3-13. Carrie was courteous and very efficient. She scheduled next day service call for a technician.

The technician arrived on 5-4-13 on time and Curtis C. was courteous and extremely helpful with all my questions. He gave us prompt and very efficient service. He resolved the problem immediately.

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Posted by kingtacoqueen1

I'm a former customer service rep and have to say working for at&t was the worst job I've ever had. 8 hours a day dealing with customer complaints you feel like you are a punching bag, not that I blame the customers, getting thru the automated system is a joke once you get a rep if you aren't buying you get transferred around newer reps make a portion of their pay only if you are buying services. So if you have a problem, that gets pushed to the side so they can upgrade or sell you something. They allow on an average 6 minutes per call so if you have an issue to resolve good luck! The pressure put on reps to meet numbers with sales makes us sick. The relief I felt when I left is priceless the pay is so hard to walk away from but peace of mind is worth it. They do outsource jobs and they follow a script they are polite as trained and repeat what you say but in the end its just a frustration for the U.S. reps and the customers because they don't resolve anything and most times disconnect or transfer the customer again. You may be offered a manager call back but don't count on getting one.

Posted by Anonymous

Fastest way to get an agent is to provide your name and number CLEARLY to the automated system. Don't use speaker phone or cell phones as the background noise distorts the call. If you give your information to the system properly you will get a person fast. Being drunk, slurring, or not speaking proper english will put you in a loop.

I reached an agent in about 5 minutes, was transferred to tech support but thats because i asked for customer service not tech support.

Reviews below are all stupid because all of the information you're all griping about is in the terms of service found at in which you all agreed to everything you're complaining about.

Perhaps you should read what you agree to before you complain :)

Anonymous 1/11/12 7:38AM

Do you speak proper English? I guess no!

english? thats =Get out!!!!!!!!

Lastly the NVG510 modem/router is a piece of junk,how you explain that lack UpNp?

Posted by I hope you read this FAT boy

Before I begin, let me just express that I really enjoyed helping the customers that were being robbed by such horrible service. always went beyond what the process told me to ensure that the customer was happy and the issue was resolved, something that the team leaders didn't seem to appreciate.

I worked as an outsourced agent for AT&T uverse tech support team and it was a complete nightmare for many reasons, I'm only going to sum up the worst things about at&t and their services.

- Duties and responsibilities: My job title was "TECHNICAL" support rep NOT customer support rep. However, I received many calls regarding billing and service question and I had fix/explain to the customer everything, even though I had no clue about because we dont have uverse services in our area.

- OOS: Everything is oos or out of scope issue. This was beyond pathetic! if I fix something for the customer, but the work flow system didn't tell me to do that step. I'll get pointed for doing so!!! LOL really??

- Work flow engine aka WFE: by far the worst system I've ever worked with. Not the fact that it's slow or the fact that it ends up with the same solution every time. It's the fact that the TLs didn't want to admit that it sucks! but wait, what do these team leaders know? Most of them never stepped in college classes nor know a lick about computer systems. Also, they don't approve on doubting the system!!!!! I've proven on several occasions that the system doesn't always give the best solution, I still got pointed for that. It was like spitting in their face!!!

- The stats: the most unfair/unclear procedure for performance measurement. Scenario: A customer calls this morning, her internet isn't working. I fix her issue and checked all her services to ensure that everything is working. She calls 24 hrs later because she forgot her e-mail password. MY STATS GET HIT!!!

- The surveys: Beyond pathetic, All surveys were sent to customer AT&T e-mail count. Most of AT&T customers used their personal webmail that wasn't associated with their AT&T e-mail account. How would the customer know if he/she should fill out a survey for team lead reviews? By nature, the agent should tell the customer right? Well guess what? NO we weren't allowed to even hint that a survey was being sent. In fact if the customer calls, gets transferred 5 times till he/she gets to me, her issue is resolved, then receive a survey and fill it out all negative based on her total experience with AT&T Ugarbage. Guess who get his stat hit? The last agent she spoke to... Fair? lol by all means pathetic.

I can only stress it enough. I'm glad it's all over. I understand that the managers at my locations were just following what AT&T tells them. However, the bottom agents were treated like punching bags due to horrible product/service, lack within upper management and unfairness when it came to measure performance.

Posted by Outsourced Agent

Iam an outsourced technical support rep. I personally do care about resolving the issue at the onset of the call as that is part of our primary metrics apart from being the main objective in getting this job and hate when customers rant on phone even before giving us a chance to speak or explain whats going on. I do pity customers calling frequently for the same issue.I make it a point to exhaust everything i can and even walk to my technical supervisors for issues that needed their help even if customers do not demand fot it. Whenever I encounter very kind,patient and understanding customers, It inspires me more to make my job better and provide an even better customer service. We read some reviews online and we are also surveyed everytime you call us so you can rate how satisfied you are with our service and we truly are learning a lot from it as well. I hope we can lessen the negative feedbacks, but of course, theres no perfect science!

Posted by Anonymous

Fastest way to get an agent is to provide your name and number CLEARLY to the automated system. Don't use speaker phone or cell phones as the background noise distorts the call. If you give your information to the system properly you will get a person fast. Being drunk, slurring, or not speaking proper english will put you in a loop.

I reached an agent in about 5 minutes, was transferred to tech support but thats because i asked for customer service not tech support.

Reviews below are all stupid because all of the information you're all griping about is in the terms of service found at in which you all agreed to everything you're complaining about.

Perhaps you should read what you agree to before you complain :)

Posted by Mrs DoubtFire

I'm laughing at all these comments.
I work for customer care at a different big name company. So I have an idea of what's going on.
but people complaining about the automated system? It's because there's possibly tons of people calling at the same time to a limited amount of agents. Why limited? Because people are outraged that we are forced to outsource to other states and countries for help. It's not good enough.
Honestly... if you stop talking and think ... common sense will get you pretty far :)

Posted by Anonymous

I agree, I work for ATT and what they sell could or could not work. I advise you go with what you think is best for you .

Posted by mavone

I am a FORMER Uverse tier2 technical support agent.I did not work in Billing. I agree with all of you. This was the worst company I ever worker for and was glad to move on.Your punished for doing the right thing!!!!For example if we have a dropped call and a agent calls you back that counts against your stats.I called people back and was punished for it.The left hand doesn't know what the left is doing. Procedures change daily as well. Im a IT person of over 20 years and Im appalled at how poorly run the place was and management is a joke. Yes you too Mr Raab you clueless chump all you care about is sales.Now they are hiring people at 4 to 5 dump dollars cheaper(meaning less quality of experience or Knowledge) and running a automated software called workflow engine.They got rid of all of us that knew what was going on.Gonna get worse folks all they care about is stats! and sales. My advice to all of you is to DEMAND to speak to a tier2 agent remember they cannot help you with Billing issues.Tier1 is in Manila. ALso you will never speak with a REAL manager you will be transferred to a group called ICU which ACTS as management.Good luck!

Posted by Mavone

I am a FORMER Uverse tier2 technical support agent.I did not work in Billing. I agree with all of you. This was the worst company I ever worker for and was glad to move on.Your punished for doing the right thing!!!!For example if we have a dropped call and a agent calls you back that counts against your stats.I called people back and was punished for it.The left hand doesn't know what the left is doing. Procedures change daily as well. Im a IT person of over 20 years and Im appalled at how poorly run the place was and management is a joke. Yes you too Mr Raab you clueless chump all you care about is sales.Now they are hiring people at 4 to 5 dump dollars cheaper(meaning less quality of experience or Knowledge) and running a automated software called workflow engine.They got rid of all of us that knew what was going on.Gonna get worse folks all they care about is stats! and sales. My advice to all of you is to DEMAND to speak to a tier2 agent remember they cannot help you with Billing issues.Tier1 is in Manila. ALso you will never speak with a REAL manager you will be transferred to a group called ICU which ACTS as management.Good luck!

Posted by mavone

I am a FORMER Uverse tier2 technical support agent.I did not work in Billing. I agree with all of you. This was the worst company I ever worker for and was glad to move on.Your punished for doing the right thing!!!!For example if we have a dropped call and a agent calls you back that counts against your stats.I called people back and was punished for it.The left hand doesn't know what the left is doing. Procedures change daily as well. Im a IT person of over 20 years and Im appalled at how poorly run the place was and management is a joke. Yes you too Mr Raab you clueless chump all you care about is sales.Now they are hiring people at 4 to 5 dump dollars cheaper(meaning less quality of experience or Knowledge) and running a automated software called workflow engine.They got rid of all of us that knew what was going on.Gonna get worse folks all they care about is stats! and sales. My advice to all of you is to DEMAND to speak to a tier2 agent remember they cannot help you with Billing issues.Tier1 is in Manila. ALso you will never speak with a REAL manager you will be transferred to a group called ICU which ACTS as management.Good luck!

Posted by drendska

I'm a technical support agent and I can understand all the frustration from the comments. I can't speak for any other agent, but I personally do care about the customers and I do feel their frustration. It's definitely not an easy job being on the receiving end of that all day long, but I don't blame the customers either.

I often feel like I'm pinned up against a wall, I have a customer complaining and asking what I can do for him for all the trouble, and I don't really have much at my disposal. I wish I did, I'd love to go out of my way to help, but there's only so much I can do unfortunately with what I have to work with.

One of the biggest problems in my opinion is the slow server the software we're using is on. A simple call that should really take just 2 minutes ends up being a half hour just because we're sitting here staring at a frozen screen. How can one expect to be in the business of customer service and not have updated equipment? And it's not just a little outdated, I feel like I'm on a computer that's 20 years old.

Posted by Agent

i am an outsource agents and not only we feel offended at times customers will say we are no use .. we are all trained to be able to help.. i hope sometimes you cooperate with us as well... our goal is to provide you assistance and if you want to get good service,, you should know how to cooperate.. its not a one way thing you know!

Posted by Americano

I worked for their call center in Canada. Every day I had to hear how stupid and idiotic we Americans are. The people you speak/chat with at AT&T are all outsourced and hate Americans with a passion. I finally quit because I couldn't stand listening to them bad mouth us every single day. Not just my co-workers but all the managers as well. AT&T should keep their support in the US since Canadians hate us so much. Why are we paying Canadians to treat us like crap???

Posted by Agent

we are sorry for all inconveniences.. rest assured that we are trying our best to resolve issues... we are working now on how to provide world class service... i know most comments here are not so good.. but if we can do better,, please do answer the surveys being sent to your AT&T emails ... so we can work on how to make you all very satisfied


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