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ASRock customer service is ranked #381 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.36 out of a possible 200 based upon 17 ratings. This score rates ASRock customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


15 Negative Comments out of 17 Total Comments is 88.24%.


2 Positive Comments out of 17 Total Comments is 11.76%.

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  • ASRock

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    • 35.36 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 15 negative comments (88.24%)
    • 2 positive comments (11.76%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
    • 2.5 Reachability
    • 1.9 Cancellation
    • 2.6 Friendliness
    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by jtregg21

worst company ever. don't buy their motherboards, it's utter crap. Will die on first day and never respond to you. Rip-off. Never buying from them again. You're better off going asus or gigabyte. Stupid chinese company.

Posted by Anonymous

Left a technical issue on the message input page and knowbody has come back in 3 days. Is this normal customer experience?

Posted by fuk obama

Had a RAM slot go bad just one week before the warranty went bad, I tried for a week to contact someone and never got anyone. After a month I got a response from a email I sent over a month ago and of course it was out of warranty now.

Posted by sonu jhalani

as rock company is fake please don't buy any product from it because it does not provide any customer support.

Posted by fred

Terrible customer service, terrible staff and overall support.

Technician yelling at customers and being extremely rude.

I am puzzled that a company like that can even survive and do business.

I would not buy anything from them even if they reduce the price to 1$.

Just avoid them.

Posted by ASROKE are Thieves

I also purchased an ASROCK 970 Extreme 3 R2.0 motherboard in December last year which was by far the most problematic hardware component I have ever come across. I have sent the mainboard off for RMA twice already, each time it comes back with the same problems + a few new ones.

ASROCK do not give refunds instead they replace their poorly manufactured products with old motherboards that have been RMA by other unhappy customers or the same piece of shyt you sent them. Their support team is terrible and have you sitting in limbo waiting for replacement boards that donít work.

How ASROCK is still in business blows my mind. They rape your wallet leaving you with worthless scrap plastic.

Posted by ASROCK = JUNK

ASROCK is rubbish. I purchased an ASROCK 970 Extreme 3 R2.0 motherboard which was an absolute nightmare to get working and only worked for 2 weeks. I had the motherboard replaced 3 times! 3 times!!! The initial motherboard I got didnít come with the BIOS jumper clip and neither did the next 2 replacement boards. I believe the replacement boards were second hand junk.

The 2nd and 3rd replacement motherboards were faulty. SATA connections didnít work and 1 of the 2 PCIE slots didnít work on both boards. I installed an AM3+ ASUS M5A97-LE (REV2) motherboard with my existing hardware and it worked flawlessly.

ASROCK will not refund me and insist on replacing the board again! My patience wore thin and as I was fed up with wasting time testing the faulty boards, going back and for to the SYNNEX service center and waiting weeks for the junk to be replaced. I ended up throwing the ASROCK junk out of my moving car window on the way the service center out of sheer frustration with the pathetic service from ASROCK.

What they are doing is criminal taking peopleís hard earned money and giving them rubbish that doesnít work as
advertised. ASROCK should be held responsible.

Posted by I hate asrock

Asrock is a joke! They never try to acutely help me with my motherboard, instead they say it's my other components that isn't working properly so they can move on. Then when I paid shipping for the RMA, I got a completely different used up box, and no new board. Nothing has been fixed and I am completely fed up with them

Posted by mperu09

I AM APPALLED about what i received back from asrock RMA
I am disgusted with ASROCK service, what i expected to receive was a new
board.. what i got was a disgrace!
I sent in my asrock board in the original box, with good good packaging, i
paid $36 in shipping to make sure it was shipped in protected boxes with
protective packing.

what i got back was a JOKE! you have got to be kidding me... i got back
a thin box, and inside was another motherboard box, a Asrock Z77 Extreme
box turned inside out.. with crap packing, and a USED! i repeat a USED
no paperwork inside explaining anything.... You can see the screw mount
holes are smashed from being previously installed. the m.2 mount holes, one
of the protective stickers was on the board.
The bottom of the board shows some kind of GOO, the BIOS has this sticker
ripped off.. only label on the box, was a SENDER sending to ASROCK RMA..
what is going on!? why did i even receive this?
I want and EXPECT a new replacement board for the one I SENT in.
not this crap!

AS OF RIGHT NOW! i will not be purchasing another ASROCK product nor will i
be recommending it to any of my customers. friends or on forums
as of right now I plan to give negative reviews.. post photos on
several websites indicating the ASROCK RMA process and what to expect.

i am absolutely disgusted! someone needs to explain to me what is it that i got!

Posted by Kyran

I had to contact these guys because I have a 95W AM3 socket motherboard and I want to know what the best processor model I can pop in there is (because the higher end ones are usually 125W. I knew it was the Phenom II but I wanted to know what exact model. The guy who picked up the phone was really rude and unprofessional and made me feel like I was a huge nuisance. He basically told me some very useless information and told me to google it. I then told him that I wanted model numbers and not just to point out a site. Then he hung up on me. I work with customer relations so this really set me off

Posted by Supertek

I have a problem with two brand new motherboards. BIOS is up to date but I'm getting 5 beep codes on both boards when I install a high-end video card in the pci-e slots. The video card passes all tests on other board except the ASrock z97 pro4. What a disaster. So I can't reach anyone via phone, I have to "email" support. What a failure this company is. No phone support? So I emailed them and guess return emails. From here on out I will NEVER purchase another product with "ASSrock" writen all over it. FAIL

Posted by bash

Bought an Asrock Vision 3D (it is a mini pc) that was worth approximately 1300$.

After 1 year and 2 months, the pc was not working anymore (not booting).

I contacted Asrock Customer Service :

ASRock America, Inc.
13848 Magnolia Ave, Chino, CA91710
Phone: +1-909-590-8308
Fax: +1-909-590-1026

I explained them the situation and told them that I wanted the pc to be repaired and I didn't mind paying for the repair since the warranty has expired.

They asked me to send them the pc and thats what I did.

After 2 weeks without news from them, I called to get a status. After being transferred to 4 different people, I ended up talking to one of their technician.

The guy was very confusing and rumbling. He started the discussion by asking me why I had opened the PC, etc.. I tried to explain him, that I did not open it and that anyway I was ok with paying the repair and I just needed to get it repaired.

After waiting for 10 minutes on the phone again (because he had to talk to someone..). He came back and told me that the issue was the CPU and that if I want it to be repaired, I should send him a new CPU.

I was very surprised by that weird answer, I told him, that he can just order it and that I can pay for the new CPU. The guy answered that this would be contrary to some internal (imaginary ?) policy.

He even tried to compare my situation with someone who would go repair his car to the manufacturer and he was stating that the person would have to bring any piece that would need to be replaced.

... What a joke lol ...

I ended up asking them to reship me my PC and I am still waiting to receive it (God knows what they have done).

To summarize, their Customer Service is the biggest joke I ever encountered. They are completely un-professional and I will never ever buy anything from that company.

Posted by Tross

The A SRock tech never salved the problem just keep telling me to read the manual, which I did before installing the mother board. I figured out the problem by my self and the tech was rude. John (

Posted by Min

Purchased ASrock motherboard from Newegg, came as defective.
When I turn on the system, fan gets extremely loud no way i can stop it.
Eventually computer turns off, defective.
I contacted their RMA, they gave me RMA number but told me to pay for return shipping.
They sent me a replacement, exactly same problem.

Now warranty is expired, they want to charge me at least $35 for repairing it.

Do not buy asrock product, they don't do their work.

Posted by Nostrad

I bought a defective motherboard from an online retailer. ASRock website states 1 year manufacturer warranty only good through authorized dealer. I returned to the retailer - they say they have a 30 day return policy,(its been 37 days and the board went out) sorry, contact ASRock. ASRock has yet to answer any emails from me. DONT BUY ASROCK if you want customer service after the sale.

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Posted by rmjutras

I actually called ASRock Support on three different occasions while I was building my computer. Each time, the tech guy was super helpful. He went through every step to test different problems that might be occurring and stayed on the line while I messed around with the motherboard to check what was going on. Compared to the other companies I had to call, ASRock was way more helpful and friendly.

Posted by billy.westgate2012

Very please with ASRock support and the P67 motherboard I purchase from them.

After my bad experience with EVGA, I decided to give ASRock a try and could not be happier. Great support and excellent motherboards.

I love my new P67 ASRock motherboard. Everything works great...

Thanks ASRock for a great support and a great product!

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