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46 Negative Comments out of 51 Total Comments is 90.20%.


5 Positive Comments out of 51 Total Comments is 9.80%.

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    • 40.80 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 46 negative comments (90.20%)
    • 5 positive comments (9.80%)
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Posted by xxxxxx

I have talked to customer support three times over the last six weeks. The issue has not been resolved. APS replaced a pole and left the old one on the side of our road in a residential area. The new pole . I talked to an APS crew on Wednesday 3/14/08. They were replacing a pole down the street from the other one. The man said he would remove the old pole on his way out. Never happened!! APS does not give a xx about communities. Its all about revenue. What a bunch of lying dishonest people. Wish we could all go off the grid.

Posted by Anonymous

So I was charged a fee for paying my bill late but mind you my electricity has never been turned off and to my suprise I was charged a 400.00 and something fee that I could not afford do they had to brake up the payments in three and I felt like I was obligated or else my Electricâs would be turned of and if you look at my history I always paid late but I made sure I paid and never had a problem or extra charge and Iâve done this cause I was told their was a grace period ...Please review $$

Posted by Anonymous

I am a new customer and just moved in new apartment I received my first bill not to long ago 275.00 250 deposit and 25 bill today I received shut off notice for Monday I am on section 8 housing I was a homeless vet not working because of a medical problem I was told you can break deposit payment monthly so today when I called and tryed to have a few extra days because I have an appointment Monday for electric voucher for my bill and deposit they said no it's being shut off Monday I told her I could lose my apartment if electric is turned off she said sorry I wish I had a choice to use another company

Posted by Patricia A. Henisse

I have 100% solar. I make more electricity than I use in a year. In December 2017 APS owed me $41. This month I get a bill for $69.39 which is the amount you charge me for the electricity I used in January minus the $41.00. Since I make more electricity than I use, I should only be charged the ridiculous "connection fee," you charge each month. If we settle up at the end of the year then we should BOTH settle up then. By charging me in the first two or three months of the new year, you get to use MY MONEY FOR 11 months without paying me an interest fee. That is stealing money from me. You already charge me the unwarranted "connection fee" each month for doing nothing but using your computers to calculate the fee. I will be contacting SunRun Solar regarding this questionable charging practice and exploring my legal options. In addition, I waited on the phone for over 40 minutes to talk to a human being and the "right person" NEVER PICKED UP THE PHONE. AND YOU WONDER WHY YOUR CUSTOMERS HATE YOU? I TRIED TO SEND YOU AN EMAIL ON YOUR FORM AND IT KEPT TELLING ME TO "ENTER THE NUMBER YOU SEE IN THE IMAGE," AND THERE IS NO IMAGE. THEREFORE, YOU ARE TOTALLY UNREACHABLE BY PHONE OR EMAIL. YOUR OFFER POTENTIALLY ILLEGAL BILLING PRACTICES, DO NOT ANSWER YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICES PHONE, AND HAVE AN UNUSABLE EMAIL SYSTEM. COULD YOU GET WORSE?

Posted by Anonymous

Please Put Your Telephone Number In A Very Visable Location On Your Website !!! It Took Me 15 Minutes To Locate Your Phone Number!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I received my bill late on Sat the 6th and its due Monday the 8th.not enough time to even mail a check.I've tried calling twice and left a callback number.no one has called me back.

Posted by Micheledouma

I've had such a hard time trying to pay my bill online with my phone!! After several attempts I still could not get it to work! Then I tried the automated phone payment....that wouldn't take me anywhere except to customer assistance, which kept me on hold. So after 3 tries with that, I opted for the call back. Now I'm still waiting 2 hours later. I've heard nothing!! What use are these services if they don't work properly!!! Just a huge frustrating waste of my time today!!

Posted by [email protected]

I attempted to make a payment on my account via telephone 'service' - during initial attempt we were disconnected prior to completion of transaction; subsequent call to aps did not disclose status of previous action. (I mistakingly thought incompleted transaction had, or should have been, voided; subsequently my checking account, upon completion of the second telephone action, was double charged to my checking account; a live conversation with representative "Thomas" transferred my third call to aps credit dept where 'STEVE" indicated they could mail me a rfefund check but it would "take 19 days" but he would be glad to as that it would be 'expedited' and that it would take 'up to 18 days' -that doesn't agree with Websdter's definition of "expedited"...

Posted by Anonymous

Dear APS Corporate:

Re: APS notices of Sept. 22 and 25 (received by mail on Oct 2), and payment ERRORS starting on July 7, 2017


After nearly three months of confusion and incompetence, on both Kubra's and APS's parts, the payments for, have finally been corrected, per a phone conversation with Customer Care on Sept. 29 (?)...despite my repeated communications by phone and emails throughout this period to explain these errors. Kubra never responded--period, no corrections, no appologies. The balance owed of nearly $300 for July through October--taken all at once, as I feared it would be, and an inconvenience to me, the victim here--was FINALLY paid by EFT from my bank account on Oct. 12 (as it has ALWAYS been done for over six years, not by credit card nor by Kubra, of which I have never even been a client!). Facts ignored by Credit in accepting the July 7 payment of $4,188.17--enough to pay my charges for at least four years in the future!!! Although I did explain this to APS Customer Service, I was told by email that I would have to contact Kubra for correction--indeed, I was offered the choice of receiving a check from APS for this overage! Truly unbelievable. I was tempted, however I am not a thief but a retired law enforcement agent.

I am writing, not simply to rag about this avoidable problem and its protracted solution, but to be a peacemaker and offer a means to avoid any such time-wasting occurrence in future. I have been an APS customer for many decades and want to see such situations not happen to others, some of whom might have reacted with far more stress than I, let alone being the victim of a dilenquent-disconnection (letter of Sept. 22) done by your mistake. For Maricopa County I ran a large computer tracking/monitoring system, which I successfully got through the Y2K madness. I know whereof I speak.

Bypassing the lack of communication and counterchecking subroutines in APS's Accounts Receivable which would have caught this error at once--APS is a big organization with over a million customers and such things will happen--I am offering CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Following it will indeed stop this from recurring! This all began due to a Kubra client who entered his APS account number, with a one-digit mistake, for payment to APS on July 7. This erroneous number matched my own account by random chance. And IT SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE SO! This is the crux: when APS reassigned new account numbers--without my permission or notice, I add--it apparently did so using sequential numbering! My nine digits. The new 10-digit system can have 3,628,800 permutations (factorial 10). Therefore, if APS has more customers than this, distinct account numbers are not possible. But introducing other symbols, such as the letters used in license plates, can create many billions of permutations.

Regardless, a simple final check subroutine of the account # assignment program (easily done) to eliminate any two such numbers which are within, say one, two or three, digits of matching would completely remove any random chance of human error causing this problem again. I urge you to consider seriously some such change immediately, as well as far better inter-departmental communications and AT ONCE taking appropriate actions on behalf of your valued customers when obvious errors arise. Thank you.

CC: Credit Department and Customer Care Center

Posted by Anonymous

Please, please, please!!! I must speak to a living being about my bill. I'm being threatened with shutting off my service tomorrow. The fault lies with APS, and I have tried every option. Every phone number I call has the same canned message, and does not recognize - for example: dial the number 2 and it is not recognized; dial or speak the number 9 for more options, and the whole thing starts over again. It has been the most frustrating experience I've ever had. I started out early this morning to the APS office in Yuma, finally finding out, after 3 hours,any offices here have been closed

Posted by SolarAps

I have been on hold for up to 1 hour and 40 minutes for a Solar associated. I called about 9 times in the past month. Each time holding over 30 minutes. The call is disconnected each call after 5 pm - no matter how long I have been on hold. I called the direct number to the solar associate, it does not take direct calls. There is no where on the website to get information. I have solar and the associates answering the customer contact phone number cannot assist with ANY account changes, information etc when solar is involved on the account. The website tab is labeled "My rebates & renewable", not solar. The section under the tab gives not new information once the Solar application is approved and activated. Yes, I am on hold again throughout this entire post. I was transferred from the General associate to solar. I asked for the Solar contact phone number again - ( The general associates always say - the solar staff are extremely busy and it is very difficult to get in contact with them. I may take off work and see if I can go to a physical APS location. I just want to update my plan to reflect the solar installation. Ugh - two months trying to contact someone and it is costing my $$!!

Posted by DagwoodAZ

I cannot find an email address to communicate with APS Customer Service. Please tell me your email address. I don't want to wait until Monday to ask my question. Help!!!

Posted by sd

Date of call - 3-9-17

This month the aps bill has a glitch. Evidently they have changed a lot of stuff without proper testing. Cannot use log in, do not have proper account number since years ago discontinued receiving statements. This is incredibly inconvenient and I am waiting on hold to complain, pay bill and get my access to online fixed. This is pure stupidity but no choice but to deal with it. Customer service is very likely swamped right now with a 45 minute hold.

Account number now that I really need the entire thing - xx When did this change as the bill arrives with ****xx listed and that is on

the latest bill received? And their new system is rejecting the new account number!

Started calling 602-771-7171 at 9 am when I tried to pay bill. On hold 30 min when promised wait was noted as 10-15 minutes and then called back and left number at 9:45 am. Everything they changed is not intuitive as I am sure they assumed it would be. Idiots and who tested this mess?

Time of Call and who I am talking with -utilities division . Got an actual person but had to talk with two others to get to someone in utilities division.

10 am with T w/ Az Corp. Filed a formal complaint via T at Corp Commission. This was poorly done by even the worst standards! T took my number and confirmed conversion mess. Said not everyone got burned but APS knows this is a mess. Said a liason would likely be calling. Told her their automated system even locked up my iphone. I had to shut it off to disengage call. WHAT A MESS!

R w/aps - @10:25 am documented mess. Put me thru to tech group. Access online is hosed obviously!

Tech - On hold for 20 minutes, K asked same stuff as others and put me on hold again at 10:40 am. This is now 11 am. Still not come back with help getting online again. May take 24 hours per K.

I have to create a new account. APS leaves customers hanging and knows we can do nothing about them and their incompetence! Still waiting as they cannot even forward an email to my address with a hot key to maybe get me logged back in again! Time is 11:10 am. Apparently this is gonna take all day. I will just set up the new account with the new account number that I found on my own in their hosed system. K came back on as I was finishing the new login. It finally worked and we ended call at about 11:20 am. K never did send me a new link. But by logging out and then logging back in to clear the system the new login was abled to be installed. WHAT A SCREW UP! The lack of information, the no warning about complete conversion and the hold time if you had a problem was a gigantic problem. I did conversions for a living for years and this mess going live into production is a firing offense. I sincerely hope this utility company does a better job in the future but I am hoping we are not stuck with APS in our retirement. This is about the worst conversion I have ever had the misfortune to be caught up in.

Posted by Anonymous

I was promised an answer in 3 - 4 days by the attendant that gave me the information.

Mike Stang 602-371-6878 won't even bother calling me back. I have left several messages.


Posted by Anonymous

APS is not a good company to do business with. I wish there were more options for electricity where we are living. They are always coming up with new 'rules'. Not satisfied.

Posted by Anonymous

I have your services in Gila County. during my stay at our home, the power ceased to operate at approximately 10:pm on Friday Jana 20. I called you on my phone and your machine told me to contact a web page. We have no web service at our home and when I tried to call you again my phone service would no long operate. MY wife 65 and I 76, were without electricity, phone service or access to the outside world because of a snow storm. On Monday, I dug a trench 80 feet long to get to the road and found a neighbor at home. An APS truck driven by Mike Stoll asked if he could help. My biggest problem was getting my car out of my driveway. Mike drove me around the neighborhood looking for someone with a snow plow. we were not successful. Mike then asked me if he could drive us to Payson. We declined because my neighbor reached my son in Phoenix and he came for us.

I am not writing to complain but to congratulate you for having such a men with a big heart working for you. Armando Felix

Posted by Anonymous

Why would I ever go paperless when I can't access my bill on your website. You show all kinds of analysis, but "view my bill" does NOT view my bill. This is just bad business to hide the actual bill from the customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Unable by web site or telephone to contact APS.

Posted by anonymous

APS is the reason why states need to better regulate and enforce rules for electric companies. The company intentionally makes their computer system for electronic or online bill payment impossible to use. The telephone payment system says it can search by telephone number or social security number of an account holder but once you do this it does says no account exists. It's amazing that my account does not exist but they turned off the electricity and take my money! They even have my address in the wrong city! Tried to correct that a dozen times. APS needs govt over site amd the com o any should be fined millions of dollars.

Posted by Anonymous

If it wasn't for computers no one at APS would ever answer the phone. When you are experiencing outages which we do constantly, every time there's a wind storm it would be good to be able to talk to a person, instead of getting some generic answering machine.

Posted by Anonymous

I have repeatedly attempted to end service I had in my name, for a former employee who has moved out of town. I do not have an account numbet, as he paid the bill, directly sent to h.

The three people I spoke with, refused to serve me because o would not give them my Social Securitu numbet. Firstly I NEVER give that out over the telephone. Secondly it is an invasion of my privacy.

The Social Security numbet, created by a congressional act in 1936 (FDR). My SSN is protected under the Congressional PROVACY ACT

of 1974(Effective 01/01/1075) I consider, by definition

Such DEMANDS are an invasion of my privacy. I offered ANY OTHER MEANS of identification, and my offering was refused. I have services in multiple locations in Bisbee. That made no difference. I woul elaborate more, however since my earliet, similar communication, led to Zero results, I making a second effort. I can be reached at CARL ROLES THE SERVICE I WANT TURNED OFG IS:

Posted by tonygtr

Due to an error on APS website, they are not allowing me to pay my bill via credit card or check. I spoke with their customer service but they are unwilling to accept payment. I've never experienced such poor customer service but I can see from hundreds of people via Google, that I'm not alone. I would like for them to accept my payment that is valid.

Posted by Hilary Clark

I am new to AZ and have service with APS. After learning I could save money, I signed up for the automated bill pay. I put in my checking account information and it didn't go through.
I might have made a mistake typing the number. Most companies I've dealt with have an automated system that will not allow your check to go through in the event that you make a mistake.
They removed the "return check" charge, but when I called the automated service to pay my bill, it was $25 less than the on-line bill. I called a few customer service representatives to
ask about the discrepancy and was told "I don't know-that's wrong." Then, I was told I would have to sign up again for autopay, since my check initially didn't go through and wouldn't receive
a discount until it did. The customer service is terrible and the people you speak with make no effort to correct a problem. What professional company has an "automated" bill pay system with
contradictory information from that on the company recording? I am going to be vigilant when dealing with this company. It seems prety "fly by night" to say the least!

Posted by np

I find it absolutely amazing a MAJOR electric company has to out source your CC billing. I am NOT giving my number to a outside course to pay a bill. YOU are a huge employer and should offer pay and positions for someone in accounting to do this job. You spend money our sourcing and it is customer service gone terribly wrong. I have to register with them KUBRAZ. ( who are they now another place my CC is registered with) and you are a company I can follow up on, DO NOT tell me it is to add service as it is a way to "buddy up" with another organization. IF I HAD A CHOICE my electric would not be with you. I ma writing COrp commission and ask why I am forced to pay my cc with an outside company? And WHY are you the only source for electric.

Posted by Anonymous

Waited for them on hold 60mins then it just hangs up !! I've been without electric since 7pm its now 2:58am . An they still have no one out here fixing it . I'm prego An my 1 ur old isn't doing to well this is crazy ..

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Posted by Anonymous

Excellent customer service. Dudn't have to wait for answer and rep did above and beyond helping me

Posted by Anonymous

Okay, heres the issue, APS is cancelling its pay as you go programs in Arizona for what ever reason and if it is because people have complained that their service is being cut off without them knowing about it, well thats maybe their fault not APS challenge. If you didnt sign up to revieve text messages to tell you how much you were using daily then that is your fault. You can have APS text you how much you are using or the total amount that you have left on your account until the power is no longer going to be on, that way you can make the arrangement to put more money onto your account, But dont make others suffer just because you didnt sign up to get text messages on a daily basis. I dont think that APS should be cancelling its pilot program just because people are complaining for what ever reason. If they dont like the pay as you go plan then simply switch plans back to monthly but ruin it for the rest of us who know how to use this plan and thinks its great. If this program stays which i hope it does then it will be offered to the customer only upon request and then the Resrsentative can explain the details of the programs and then strongly urge the customer to get daily texts of their usage so they know where their at money wise left on the account. They must also get an account online to see what details they may need concerning their account and then make the proper adjustments then. This is a program that is a success for the people who really want it, but then again is only offered upon request, so the customer has to ask about it, not the Representative. Please reconcider the cancelling of this program in Arizona because its a good one, people just need to know how to use it and offer a video so that people can see how to use and make the best of their new pay as you go plan, this way theres no confusion on how it works and then if there is, have them call the company to have it better explained to them if they have any questions.

Posted by Anonymous

Wow - Excellent service and simple transfer of service to new residence. Thanks, APS!

Posted by Anonymous

High praise for employee Raul Romero! He listened to my request for a street light repair, immediately looked into the problem and is getting it resolved. Mr. Romero was polite, kind and very understanding of my concerns. He should be commended for his professionalism and courtesy. Thank you.

Posted by pdp8989

Absolutely terrific. Phone call asked to leave call back number, call back to be within 9-15 minutes, call back was made in 11 minutes. Person was professional,pleasant and courteous, was forwarded to another area which was again extremely professional in verifying that there was no neighborhood issue and then proceeded to let me know he would forward information to dispatcher. Within an hour a service person was at our front door. This gentleman ( Scott Cars) was remarkable he checked out the transformer 1st, again checked to see if there had been any neighborhood work done, proceeded to explain what the issue could be and extended his inspection to attempt to verify the problem and correct the issue explaining that if he could not find the source initally that I would have to contact our own electrican, but at the very least he could identify the general location of the problem so that our electricans could have guidelines if required. In either event he appeared to correct the issue. I can not say enough positive about this person. Scott Cars is truly a credit to your organization and certainly a remarkable asset. Again thanks fror all your concerns and professional help.

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