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Posted by MARCIE R

When Entering The Store There Is A Problem Of Having To Wait To Get Into The Store. Adli Has Produce At The Front Entrance And People Stop And Shop, Making It Very Difficult To Get By Them. It Would Be To Aldi's Advantage If The Produce Was Moved To A Different Location. It Is Irritating To Said The Least, Having To Wait Up To Five Minutes To Get Into The Store. I Also Want Produce, So More People Are Waiting To Get In The Store. I Suggest You Go To A Store And Watch And Then Make Up Your Minds About Where The Produce Should Be In The Store.
Thank You Marcie R

Posted by Lois

I purchased a Spiral Vegetable cutter, and since having it home, have decided that is another thing that will end up on a garage sale or in a closed that I do not use. I would just as soon return it and spend the money on groceries. Is this possible

Posted by Shelia

good morning my name is Sheela Holloway and I am texting to let them know that I have put in serval applications and I do mean several applications and yet they are still telling me that y'all are hiring but no one seems to call I am looking for a job as a cashier I have plenty experience when I do apply on the phone they always ask me do I want to further my education no I do not I just need a part time or another job during the day can you please give me some information or can you please look over my application my name is Sheela Holloway my address please stop sending me messages about Aldi's hiring when y'all are not doing anything when I apply please help

Posted by Julie B

Purchased a portable bag toss game, took it camping then didn't like it at all. It was flimsy and kept collapsing. About one month later I decided to return it and buy the regular full-sized bag toss game. The portable game was a little soiled from playing and I no longer had the receipt, but did have the box. Went to two Aldi stores looking for the other game, and both stores were totally willing to refund but only at the current selling price, which was $5 less than what I'd paid. I figured that's what I get for not saving my receipt.

Posted by Heather

Bought Aldi trainers but they were hurting me. Didn't even walk outside with them. Tried to return them but won't accept withought receipt. They are Aldi brand - the label is still on them. What's the point in advertising all about good customer service when you do that to your customers. I can't afford to lose that money and to then buy other trainers. I have disabilities and need shoes that don't hurt as my walking is bad enough but Aldi don't mind who they leave out of pocket. As long as their profits keep climbing - shocking service, disappointed and feel let down massively. I actually contacted you a last year to see if you would consider opening a store near us. How wrong was I

Posted by Felice

I bought a solar twin head flood light 2 weeks ago and did not install it until this sunday. It turned out the motion sensor is not working. Obviously we had to return it but learned we need the receipt to do an exchange or return. But we bought it 2 weeks ago and unfortunately the receipt is nowhere to be found. And we are now stuck with this defective unit. Aldi is the only one who sells this. I wonder why the receipt is needed? Im really furious! This is exactly the opposite of the good customer service that aldi is raving about.

Posted by Ian

I purchased an Action Camera from Aldi about 3 months ago.I have not used it and it's still in the original packaging. Unfortunately I do not have the receipt. Can I still return it ?

Posted by Anonymous

Your Hazleton store was

supposed to be remodeled. In March then they said in May now they say in July... I'm writing this comment from any of my friends who are concerned the store is a mess and small are you really going to remodel it in July?

Please reply.

Posted by Dr. C in Philly

I shop at two Aldi stores; one serves the suburbs and the other the inner-city of Philadelphia. The difference in treatment is like night and day. In the suburban store I returned an item without a receipt and got the replacement and refund. In the inner-city store I got stonewalled. Also, I found one item at a higher price in the inner-city store (mind you, people are poorer in the inner-city and a greater proportion are racial minorities).

Posted by Appreciates Value

I shop Aldi's in Wisconsin and I appreciate the quality and customer service. Occasionally a product will be discontinued - a favorite cereal, for example - but it seems that new products are continually being introduced and I like that. I also like the organic line of foods. I've never had a problem with returns!

Posted by Valentina

Good evening, today at 7:22 pm ET I went to Aldi #92 located at 6198 Sample Rd Coral Springs to purchase some fruit, I decide to buy some grapes because the price tag said $ 2.29 each, which to me means a bag of grapes and I considered a good price .When I went to pay the cashier Valentina charge me $ 2.29 per pound and I told her that the tag said different price .I got a nesty response from said that it's no way that it was each but was a pound i told her that the price tag was different .But she ignore my complain and I ended up not buying the grapes .So my experience after all this time shopping at Aldis and spend hundred dollars a month was very disappointed and from now on I will be shopping in other stores that give me a better customer servise.Also I took pictures of the price tags and i
Have recipt to prove that what I am saying it's true .Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Aldi had a coupon with an expiration date of 4/1/2018, I go to make a purchase and the store was closed because it was Easter Sunday. No way to contact the store other than in-store, so I go back 4/2/2018, where I was told Aldi would not honor their store coupon. I sent a complaint via the Aldi portal and received an auto-response that did not address how they listed a coupon that expired on a day that they chose to be closed. No longer a customer, low cost but poor customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

North smithfield ri has hire a violant cashier is name is john when at the register he dump my product out of the box and threw them in the cart he needs to be immediately fired if the manager does not fire him then she should be fired my contact phone number i i will be expecting a phone call from corporate asap in reguards to this very rude and violant employee he is just a bullt and should not be in contact with the public

Posted by Anonymous

North Myrtle Beach #44 - customers in with dogs that are not serivice dogs, licking food items and barking at people. Too busy for clerks to be involved, but an accident waiting to happen. Dog owners confrontational and allow dog to block access to products. Can you have a clear cut dog policy posted so the customer doesn�t have to?

Posted by Anonymous

While I was checking out with my 5 items MELANIE my cashier made a phone call to somebody in the store. It was getting busier in her line and I am not sure what the call was about. I proceeded to pay her $20.51 while my bill was $15.51. She tooke my $20 and gave me mny receipt back WITHOUT MY CHANGE. She closed the register and I stood there waiting for my $5.00 change. I told her " I still need my change". MELANIE told me she gave it to me. I proceeded to tell her that she just gave me my receipt and THAT WAS ALL. Then she tells me AGAIN " I THOUGHT I GAVE YOU YOUR CHANGE". AGAIN I have to tell her NO YOU DID NOT. By now her line is getting longer.
I DONOT APPRECIATE being embarrased and being lookled at as though I am some type of thief scamming the store. I managed HORNES,AMES and a bakery and I can tell you for a fact,,, that your casheiers should
1. acknowledge the amount handed to them
2. Count the change back
3. Say Thank You
4. Apologize for HER ERROR
5. Finish the transactio with the customer before making a phone call and becoming distracted with the customer's change.
I was not happy with this experience and will be mentioning it to others . TRAIN YOUR CASHIERS


Posted by Bettyboop45

Upon shopping at your vineland nj store, I ran across an employee insulting customers that were using ebt cards. She was upset that she was so busy during her shift and blamed it on those "using the government to support their habits." Found this extremely insulting. If she didn't want to work, then call out. But to insult your customers?? So I asked another employee he name, Sabrina corbitt is what I was given. And she was not just an associate but a manager!?!?; This is really who you have running your stores? Checked her Facebook, and it's litered with meme's of things she was just saying. I doubt I will ever step foot in an Aldi again when you employee people as rude and ignorant as that. What a disgrace.

Posted by IrritatedCustomer

I went to Aldi to buy groceries. I bought a package of muffins. A week later the muffins after concert with mold. I literally washed my money in something I can't eat.

Posted by Tomlightfield

I just returned from Aldi after returning 90% of a ham I bought that 3 of us agreed was bad. I've bought ham nowhere else but Aldi the last 10 years or so but this one definitely had an issue. I couldn't believe it but they not only refunded my money but gave me another ham, no charge!! I was shocked to say the least!! I fully expected to pay for the new ham but all I can say is thank you Aldi!!!

Posted by Lisa

Good morning this is a complaint for store 30 his is Drew he is the manager he was asked a question on Saturday January 26 at 9 am by customer he was so rude and disrespectful for me i shop every week at that store Never again will i allow someone to talk to me like that he even disrespected the associate who tried to help me Please Please look into this matter Aldis just lost a good Customer

Posted by ravonnano

Dear Aldi staff:

On January 24th 2018, approximately 2:39 pm, I, r. sanders, entered aldi supermarket, located at 3060 main st, buffalo, ny 14214, to shop for food. After entering the store, I asked a cashier the use of the restroom before shopping. He hesitated, but finally got up to let me into the restroom. After the use of the restroom, I proceeded to shop and purchase the items I came for. However, after shopping and checking out, I was rudely accosted but a manageR who INSULTING blocked my exit, stating, "you have to hand over the items you stole". I politely indicated that I made a purchase only, and did not take anything that I did not pay for. At this point, this manager became EXTREMELY aggressive and insisted that I let him conduct a search. I advised him to go and check his camera, that I would wait until he brought back the results. He refused, and became more aggressive. At that point, seeing that this manager wouldn't accept my appeal to check his camera, I felt he was taking the situation personal and way out of context in not following a simple procedure by checking the camera. When I noticed people standing in their tracks observing the incident, I became annoyed and emptied my shoulder bag on the counter, displaying its content. At that point, the manager asked me to empty my pockets on the counter. Feeling totally threatened by the aggression and feeling compelled that had I refused that I would be physically subdued by this manager and the cashier who stood a few feet away from the incident. Then, even after emptying my bag and my pockets, the "manager did not let me leave", holding me against my will... He continued to block my exit and did continue to talk and act aggressive even after my offer of proof had proven my case. As words became more and more louder and the incident more threating of violence, I stopped responding verbally, out of intimation of being physically attacked by this manager and his awaiting companion. This incident lead me to pursue a more legal action; because I have shopped at this location over ten years without a single problem. Thank You, ravon sanders!

Posted by No

The baby event started yesterday I picked up two cot bed covers and one bed cover by mistake they are all the same code and together in the same basket. My husband took it back today to exchange for a cot bed one due to the mistake, I couldn't find the receipt at the time so he went without. They wouldn't exchange it even though it's Day old and in the original packaging??? I don't get it why is it different for Aldi you would be able to do this in another store?! Totally

Posted by Anonymous

I experienced a very strange encounter while shopping at Aldi today in Greenville South Carolina at the Pleasantburg Drive Store. I left my job and stopped at the store to get a refund for a item that was unsafe to eat. I was in the check out line for over ten minutes and when it was my turn to be checked out the cashier totally ignored that I was next in line and started checking out the customer behind me despite me telling her that these items are not mine because I have a return item. She said, you will have to wait. I was in a state of dis belief because I knew that she made eye contact with me a few times. I went to the only other cashier open and asked to see the manager, she told me that she was the Manager and tried to justify the other cashiers behavior, I told her that she could take the item back because I have no plans to ever return with this type of customer service and would notify the Corporate office

Posted by Alex

I bought vegetables this weekend and cooked them for soup. Hours after tasting the broth to see if it was ok I got food poisoning like symptoms. I cooked the food but cannot use it as I am afraid it is contaminated and caused my illness. Everything I used was from aldi :/

Posted by NWA

The Batavia, NY Aldi store is in serious need of training for its employees. Customer service is an alien concept that they do not understand or have the time to try and learn. The District Manager and store Manager will acknowledge but then just make excuses for the lack of employee training and avoid the real problem of employee indifference to providing basic customer service.
Take your money elsewhere!

Posted by David

Recently returned two items (foot massagers) due to them not being very good products. Been two days since having to swipe my bank card to get my refund and the monies have not been returned to my account as of yet. I will be giving this one more day before filing a complaint with my states attorney general. I have both my original and the refund receipt. I have seen no policy as to the time the refund should be returned to me, but other stores I have had to do this at took no less than two days.

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Posted by Katy

Ive shopped at ALDI for over 30 years and NEVER had all the problems I see on this comment page. Yes I've had the occasional bad produce or pkg of something (just like I've had at any other grocery store I've gone to) but for the most part the food has been amazing. I'm sure some stores are run better than others but as a whole I'm extremely happy with ALDI!

Posted by Catherine

ALDI is an amazing store I love every thing about it and amazing people who work for it we shopping at ALDI always in Lexington Kentucky and I recommend ALDI for everyone I see best store it helps a lot thanks to the owner of ALDI and for everyone working there
Love ALDI my favorite store

Posted by Anonymous

I shop at us 19 Clearwater store #63. Have very good Customer Service . Some employees stand out, one of them is Alexander Rivera. He always has a smile, friendly greeting, asks if you found everything you need and he is cute to boot �. But.....the kindness inside is what shines through most. Thank you for employees like Alex. Have a blessed day.

Kathy Stafford

Posted by Anonymous

Just returned $20 worth of canned goods I purchased at various times in the last 60 days. No receipt. No problem. If questions asked.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service was very courteous and helpful. Assured me that I would be reimbursed and able to make exchange for "bad" sweet potatoes.

Posted by Anonymous

I would love to purchase a case of your lovely red wine Rosso Grande Alberone zinfandel.
I have two excellent reasons for shopping in your store.
Great selection of goods but above all your excellent check out staff. so friendly and helpful

Posted by Heather

I was in your barrow store, there was a lovely girl called Hannah she was very helpful and friendly service

Posted by Anonymous

at haines city,fl store we are steady customers. We receive excellant and courteous service from eddie and the whole store. He deserves a raise for his greaT POSITIVE attitude. I hope
you will take this into consideration. Thank-you

Posted by ALDI Lover

I shopped HEB and Walmart for years. However, ever since ALDI moved into Bryan, Texas, I don't shop at Walmart or HEB anymore. The prices and service at ALDI are superior. Also, the house brands at ALDI are far superior to the house brands at HEB. Love this store.

Posted by Love this place

I hope this place gives everyone else a run for their money. Always friendly service. Excellent store brands at a low price. Can't say enough good about this place.A++++

Posted by Anonymous

I have no complaints,only praise for the service I received from your Todmorden Rd Branch in Burnley. I wished to purchase a bag of compost which was stored outside. The store porter saw me select the item, he came over and said leave it there,gave me the code number of the item to enable me to pay at the till, informed the cashier and after I had paid for all my goods was on hand to load it into my car. First class servive

Posted by Anonymous

John and lisa at Store #29 Are the Right two people working at that store.. They Really Need A Rise..If not they just need an Encouraging Word ..Keep up the great work.

Posted by Anonymous

Just called customer service as i lost my bank card in northfield branch, i spoke to a guy called Lee on the phone and I must say one of the most pleasant people I have ever spoken to on the phone. I never review company's but in this case he needs mentioning.

Posted by Swally55

I would just like to aay .i love the new Kidderminstwr store.ive shopped there since it opened and always been very pleased.the staff are and have always been very helpful.i bake a lot and buy your free range eggs and was very surprised recently to get 6 double yolks in a dozen box.well looked after chickens i think.WELL DONE ALDI keep it up. .ps alaso shop regular in your Caba Roig Spain store and again its excellent.

Posted by Shirley

No one can be as customer friendly as PUBLIX. They are the BEST. No questions asked, they take back anything they sell whether it's open, partially consumed or used!!! If you have the receipt, they will credit it back to your credit card. If no receipt, they give you a Publix Gift Card. I LOVE Publix; they are the best. BTW, Walmart is also customer friendly and no hassles when you return items that are opened or used. Most businesses are striving to be "customer friendly."

Posted by Sheyman

At the Owings Mills Aldi Joshua as well as all the other employees are fantastic and always helpful with whatever is needed!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am very disappointed in the new/improved all purpose cloths. They are not at all absorbent, don't feel in the least like cloth, they leave surfaces wet and smeary. Also the pink colour runs when first used. They may be 'new' but 'improved' they most certainly are not. Is there any chance the old style ones could be reinstated - they were 100% better.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a regular aldis customer. I've have shopped at the west hartford store in ct. Since day one. I know all the employees pretty well and we get along. Recently the management team promoted a young lady to become a supervisor. Since this young lady has started working at the store I have noticed so many changes within the store. The store looks more organized, clean and more up beat on how customers are being treated. I usually shop on the weekends either sat or sun. Weekend are the craziest. Every time I come in this young lady is running around making sure the store is on task. I see her answering questions, on the register cashing people out, organizing the merchandise making sure her staff is on point and with all of the craziness she has a smile. That is what customers look at. I love aldis and my experience always gets better cuz of employees like her!!

Posted by Walter

Re Confidence tissues 2ply 224 pack..they have not been cut properly take one and it is joined to the next and so on ..if you pull too quickly you end up witha mess of tissues al joined together,a real pain in the you know where. Th e manufacturer should be made aware of this, i`ve wasted too many thus this email,

Posted by Rivrman

Love, love, love Aldi. The whole concept is right on. Limit the selection, customers bag their own groceries and return their own cart. Thus, great prices. Love their cheeses.

Posted by Anonymous

Unlike the other reviews I read here I have been in an Aldi's store in several staes. Employees have alsways been curteous and helpful.

Posted by Rita

i love aldi i shop in PALMERSTOWN branch,find most of the staff very helpful joy to shop there,now i notice you no longer have,Heat Logs,or indeed logs the heat logs are
great and the heat from them is wonderful hope for CHRISTMAS you will get them in i bought them all the time

Thank you

Rita Mc Garry

Posted by Tracie P

I love Aldi's!! I am a loyal customer! There are a few items that I wouldn't recommend but it has saved me ALOT of money on the items that do meet my standards. I was looking got an item that was a "special buy" that my regular store was out of and they found the closest store to me that had the item and had them put it on hold for me until I could get there to pick it up! Love it!!

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern: I am an Aldi shopper. In the past, I had a negative experience with a worker in another store. I had to report it to administration. Therefore, since I have had such a positive experience with an employee at Aldi, I feel it is only fair to give the same attention and report that fact to Aldi administration. I am speaking of a checker at your store # 117 in Houston, Texas named Sharon. She always presents such a pleasant personality and makes one feel valued and appreciated as a customer, though I know you have many others. Even if one has had a "bad" day, she always says something pleasant and uplifting to your spirit, rather than just check your items. This makes a big difference regarding your experience at Aldi. In addition, she yet seems the ultimate professional and checks very fast. Eevn if there are other lines that "appear" shorter, I get in hers. An employee such as Ms. Sharon, coupled with your very competitive prices, makes Aldi the only choice for me.

Posted by Anonymous

excellent experience with jovana at mason city,iowa.
aldis can be so proud of her.
she was so kind and patient with me when i couldnt find payment.

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Posted by Anonymous

Hi I filled out an application and dropped it off I talked to someone from the store but never heard anything back I just wanted to follow up on my application

Posted by AldiAssociate

I am a dedicated cashier at an Aldi store. I enjoy my job. I enjoy 98% of the customers I serve on every fast paced, hectic shift. We bust butt and do our best to accommodate the large volume of Customers we get every day. Im probably one of the slower cashier's because I don't throw your grocêies in the cart! I take pride in the way i handle and place the items in your cart. I handle your groceries the same way I would want MY groceries handled. Yet several times a month I am berated and yelled at and threatened by some disgruntled shopper who is "calling corporate" and told "I will never shop hêre again." Because I drop a can, or you think I threw your chips, or your item was pushed off the belt by your other items and fell on the floor. Because YOU are having a bad day YOU feel entitled to take it out on me. You call corporate with an embellished story of the incident that set you off, which makes you temporarily feel better. Do you realize how hard we work to serve YOU? Do you realize your actions might cost an employee their job? Because you were having a bad day you want me to feel as miserable as you are? If you don't like the fast pace, or having to bring your own bag or paying for a cart then don't shop here. We have very limited staff on a shift. It keeps the prices low. That is why YOU shop here. We are doing the best we can. Please try to understand this before you start calling me names or threatening to call corporate. And if you can't do that, then please...don't shop here. I'm not your punching bag. It's the holidays. We have more customers and are doing our best to serve you all.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my name is Carole Crossly....I have applied and followed your hiring events, I am highly qualified and look forward to hearing from ANYONE regarding possible career opportunitiies. Customer service coming Right up

Posted by Aldi

Hi my name is Dallas Frazier I have applied for Aldis several times and I was jus wondering when I will be contacted back for a position thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I am an employee of Aldi in Birmingham, Al at the Roebuck store #34. My store manager is always making unauthorized edits to my time card adding breaks I never get to take. I'm not sure how to handle this but I need it to stop.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently applyied for a job with the company and was wondering how to get an interview i really believe i would be a good fit for the position. I was only able to give a paper application i eould love an opportunity to actually speak to someone to intervie thank u

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing to let you no that I was employed by Aldis for 19 tears at store 31 Johnstown, Pa. I use to think I was very lucky to be part of that team. Now I find out that what I was told I could not do, someone else at this store IS allowed to do. That employee has been employed there less than 2 years. Now I know that no matter how much you do for this company they do not care. I gave everything I had when I worked there. Now the employees can do what they want to do. Our managers always helped us with everything. Now they do nothing but boss them around. I feel they have a lot of turnover there because of this. Please look into what I was not allowed to do. I feel very hurt about this situation. I hope that someone figures it out before they lose a lot of GREAT employees at store 31.


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