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ADT customer service is ranked #71 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 65.50 out of a possible 200 based upon 306 ratings. This score rates ADT customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


220 Negative Comments out of 306 Total Comments is 71.90%.


86 Positive Comments out of 306 Total Comments is 28.10%.

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    • 65.50 Overall Rating
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    • 220 negative comments (71.90%)
    • 86 positive comments (28.10%)
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Posted by Sld

In Dec 2017, the consultant made me sign a blank contract and advised me that she will send out the technician + once the alarm is working + credit checking, she will then forward it to their HQ in Cpt. The technicians confirmed that the alarm is not working and would need an upgrade. this is after the consultant checked the alarm system and confirmed it is in a working condition and need only to be linked. i called hilda to confirm that i will not be able to an update right away and she confirmed that she will keep the blank contract back. In Feb 2018 i contacted Hilda again and she come out checking the system again and confirm that it only need a battery. the ADT technician confirmed that it is only the battery that must be replaced. which they did replaced and charged me for. they left my house after replacing the battery without testing that the signals. they alarm never worked until i tested and phoned them,,,, ADT control room confirmed that there was no signal from my house. the technician come out again and finally by the end of Feb 2018 it was linked. i paid for the battery and yearly radio annual fee. the charged me service fees at the end of March 2018 whereas i was contracted for 3 months free services. i send them the contract stating that my 1st payment is suppose to go through only on 27 May 2018. they refuse to pay back my money and said i can not read. i was never so mis treated and unprofessionally dealt with. hilda and their accounts said that they used the contract form Dec 2017 (WHICH WAS BLANKED????). they never called me try and ease my mind or assist me in any friendly, reasonable way. they left me with no choice but to cancel with them. they mistreated me and unlawfully deducted money from my account

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to cancel my service for over a year. I thought it was cancelled finally as I did not hear from ADT even though I did email request confirmation that it was cancelled, I now have after a year received a phone call stating that my account has been sent on collection. I cancelled the service due to VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. We had been with protectron for years, when ADT took over it has been one hassle after another. I continue to try to close this account and still have not had any confirmation or any communication from ADT.

Posted by Anonymous

Over the past few years, have had service out 3 times. Every single time they come, my landline phone service gets knocked out. ADT here again yesterday, phone out again. Call customer service and the girl tells me I have a cellular system, so it is not possible and to call my phone company. I explain that this happens every time they come out and I know I have cellular system, but still happens. Again, she refuses to send service and tells me to call phone company. After the 3rd time of her refusing to send a tech out and to call phone company, I told her, "No, but what I AM going to do is speak to your manager. NOW." Manager says, yes, we have seen this happen before. No kidding. Service coming out tomorrow now. Why fight when a customer calls in? Every single time. Seems common sense that when the ADT guy leaves, and suddenly there is no longer a working phone, it is an ADT problem. Nasty employees. Right down to the service guys.

Posted by Disillusioned Momma

My son has paid a lot of money to protect his home with ADT........for the second time, he has been robbed and the security system was on. Had he not had a big dog, the robbers would have taken more........they broke the balcony trying to escape the full grown st bernard. My Daddy was going to arm himself with ADT, where Daddy has 9 properties, until this happened to his grandson's house!

Posted by Anonymous

Got this from your "Corporate Customer Relations" department ! I am going to post it on every ADT reference i come across.....great service !!

Mr. Gallagher,

Thank you for finally explaining in more detail your concerns regarding your alarm system. The system motion detectors are designed to pick up movement as you quite clearly pointed out. When the motion detectors are active the system should be armed for the AWAY mode. The AWAY mode is designed for when the occupants of the establishment are actually away, meaning they are not physically in that location. If you have been arming the system for the AWAY mode and staying in the premise then you have been using the system incorrectly and have been expecting the system to perform outside of its normal capacity. If this is the only issue you�re having, then the alarm system is performing the way it�s designed to. Normally the system should be armed for either STAY or INSTANT/NO DELAY when the occupants of the establishment are remaining in the location while the system is armed. The motion detectors have no way of determining if you are the owner of the home or an intruder. Some ways getting around the normal intended use of the alarm system would be to either add an additional keypad closer to your bedroom or to add a key fob.

If you�d like to have either of these devices installed, please feel free to contact our sales department at 1-800-238-2727. I hope this clears this matter up for you.

Thank you and have a great day,

Bill Daley

ADT Corporate Customer Relations Consultant

Posted by Anonymous

Am receiving rediculous amount of phone calls from sales. Last one was quite rude. I am disabled veteran and this must stop or I will be forced to take legal action.

Posted by Anonymous

I am having a problem with my billing and the last person I talk to was a Ms. Alyssa Larson for the Corporate Customer Relations Consultant and her I.D.# is104510 and her number is and I am still getting a bill for $139.66 from adt and I am upset cause she will not even talk to me anymore. for some reason she did not tell the rest of the people what she had done for me and I am grateful for all her work but I will not let them take anymore money our of my checking account until this problem is fixed.

Posted by Irate

Absolute worst customer service on earth. The hold times run over an hour and then when you get a human being they are uninformed and incapable of helping; then they transfer you to another line for more waiting and then another unhelpful person. I am convinced this is all purposeful, so you will forget the problem you are calling about or will decide it is not worth the frustration. Only when you threaten to cancel do they pay any attention and then they transfer you to a "loyalty" department, who claims they will look into the problem and call you back . . . and then never call you back. Truly, utterly deplorable.

Posted by Anonymous

Scott Plavner need service at home

nobody seems to answer YOUR phones for service. I have been holding this last time for 31:56 and on now.....

Posted by Anonymous

The customer service representative very rude. System is junk I have call them out several times to fix. They are rude and really treat their customers like their idiots. I have a bad sensor and two motion detectors that don't work. And they can't come out to fix their faulty equipment not for a week and a half. That's truly a rip. I am going to legally cancel my two year contract that I have left.

Don't sign up with h ADT go with someone local!!!!!! I now have been on hold for 40 minutes of waiting to get an apt!

Posted by Anonymous

There service is incredibly bad. If you have a problem with the security system you will need to wait at least a month and they only do service 9-5 on week days. Even then the best they can do is give you a 4 hour window that they may or may not show up in. I would not waste time with them.

Posted by Martinez

I NEED YOUR HELP! I am soooooo beyond stressed with ADT!! I get 4-5 false alarms per week! I have been billed for $50 from the City Police Dept for having to come out and there is no emergency.

My alarm was going off approximately 3-4 a week!!! One night, it went off at 1:00am, 1:22 am and 3:00am!! This is unnecessary. I was so frustrated because it woke my 3 year old son and I up every single time. I've called multiple times to get someone out to the house to get it fixed. I was told a supervisor would call me in 24-48 hours. No one called. I called again. I was told the supervisor would call me. No one ever called! I continued to get the false alarms! After one Saturday of it going off at 7am - I was DONE!! I was so incredibly FRUSTRATED!!!!

So I called ONE LAST TIME to try to remedy the situation! After being transferred to three different people who did not know what they were doing I just wanted to cut all ties with ADT. I spoke with one man in the Loyalty dept who was INCREDIBLY RUDE! He spoke in a demeaning manner and stated that he would cancel my account and I would be billed $1,000 for the remainder of the year. I told him I would not be paying for the future or any prior bills I had received as I wasn't going to pay for a service that was not working properly.

I have been waiting for the letter with the $1k bill and also the paperwork that a customer rep promised to send me to refund me the $50 the Police Dept was charging me. I still have not received either one. I was told this morning that no paperwork was ever requested!! What?!

For the passed two weeks I have been receiving 3 phone calls per night on the home phone. I called ADT and they said a supervisor was trying to get ahold of me. I gave them my cell number and said to have him/her contact me on that line. No one ever called me AND the phone calls continued!! So I called back last night and they said they didn't know why I was getting called so they put me on a "Do not call" list.

I got another phone call this morning! What the heck?!?!?!?!?!!?!? So I called back this morning on my way to work AT 8:00am mountain time and it is NOW 9:05am mountain time. I have been on the phone with ADT for AN ENTIRE HOUR!!! I need to start working but no, I'm on the phone STILL trying to figure this out!! I am pulling my hair out with ADT already!!!!!

What do I do?????? I was told that my account is now 90 days passed due and it's going to affect my credit! That is not right! Why should a bill be affecting my credit when the product I'm supposed to be paying for is faulty? They also said they reversed the credit you gave me because I cancelled the account. How can it just be taken away after it was promised?! ADT just wants more money! This is completely LUDACRIS!

They wrote in my notes that I "refused to schedule" another appointment. That is NOT TRUE!! They just kept telling me I had to take off work. I cannot do that! I'm a single mom and a contractor. If I don't work, I don't get paid. I think I have put in enough blood, sweat, tears and time on the telephone with ADT without having take off work and not get paid. That is my bread and butter and my means to support my son. I am appalled that I would even be asked to do such a thing! Especially because this will be the THIRD TIME someone needs to come out and fix this system already! What kind of company is this?! It's not my fault there are problems with the system. Why is it that I am the one that keeps getting penalized and punished (i.e., taking time off work, $1k bill, $50 bill from the PD.) I can't even believe all of this is happening. This is the worst company I've ever had to deal with. The customer service reps all tell me something different and no one seems to want to help! I just don't get it. AT ALL.

If the system was working, correctly and not scaring my 3 year old half to death at all hours of the night and early morning - I would keep the service to avoid the penalties BUT I will not continue to subject myself and my son to this!! Absolutely not! I don't believe anyone would.

I don't see what the problem is with just getting someone out to fix the darn thing. Really?! They act like I'm asking for something outrageous. All I'm asking for is for someone to FIX THE PROBLEM! I don't know what is so hard about that.

I'm so upset!!! I never imagined after only a few months I would be going through all of this. I have such a bad taste in my mouth with ADT. I'm tired of being on the phone with them almost every day with problem after problem after problem! It's 9:20 and I've been on the phone now over an hour and 15 minutes. This is UNACCEPTABLE!!!! >:/0

Posted by Anonymous

I Had An Adt Alarm System For Over 3 Years. I Had Nothing But Problems With The Alarm Not Working Right. Do Not Purchase An Adt Alarm System. They Are No Good. Also, Their Technicians (the Ones They Sent Out To My Home) Were Incompetent, And Did Not Know What They Were Doing. I Would Have To Keep Calling Adt About My Alarm System Not Being Armed When I Left My Home, Thinking That The Alarm System Was Set, Even Though It Was Not !
You Cannot Trust Adt !

Posted by bgbdburd

After having a new camera fail shortly after installation they came out to inspect it at which time they said they would order a new one and call me when it was ready to be installed. After waiting almost a month I finally called them and was told that the camera had been there for 3 weeks but that there was nothing noted that I had been called. I then made an appointment to have it repaired and the appointment was almost 3 weeks out and set for 7 Oct, 2015 between the hours of 12 pm and 530 pm. At 545 yesterday I called to see why they were a no show no call and was informed that the tech cancelled because it was raining. They failed to call and even inform me they were not coming and when I called them I was placed on hold for over 20 minutes and decided to call today to reschedule. As of right now I have been holding for over 29 minutes and still no appointment. Truly disappointing to think my home is being monitored by these people. If I could do it all over again I would have gone a different direction for security of my home.

Posted by Anonymous

I had ADT installed in my very small Business. We have a shop cat and when I was signing up with the ADT salesperson I noted before signing the contract that I had concerns that the cat would trigger the motion alarm and I would be plagued with false alarms. He assured me that the motion sensor could have its sensitivity turned down so that our cat would not cause it to go off. Ok they installed the alarm and sure enough I had to go to the shop and turn it off and tell the police sorry. So I called the guy who sold my the system because
He said if I have any problems.(you know how they are always going to be there for you, until you need them)stick that in here.) well long story short story. No one ever came out and fixed it. I learned to deactivate the motion detector in one of the rooms. Each night when I set my alarm to go home I hade to deactivate that motion sensor in that room. It irked me every day and I called about it a couple of times but just kept paying the bill. I decided to not pay my bill and when they got in touch with me about it complain about the system not working, get it fixed and write them a check for everything I owed them. They contacted me and told me they could not fix my system because I owed them money. I sent them a check for everything I owed them along with a letter detailing what I am telling you here. The check was cashed but no progress was made in my system getting fixed. I have stopped paying them at all now and called them and told them that I will never ever send them another dollar as long as I live. I receive collection calls now about every few weeks even after they have told me that they have canceled my service. I only get people whose job it is to collect with no inkling on why I haven't paid. The last collection agent I spoke with surprised me when I suggested that since I was not a customer now and would not ever be their customer in the future. I would pay half the remaining balance as that would constitute them getting about 80% of the money off the entire contract and I would get the satisfaction of knowing that I didn't pay for something I didn't get, He declined. In the end I may have to pay them so that It doesn't go against my company credit rating. If I have to pay, I can talk my friends into shorting ADT with me. I am one of the people that started the stock woes of blockbuster. They refused to honor a blockbuster gift certificate for 15 bucks.

Posted by jpcarb

Please people, do you due diligence before signing any contract with the ADT name on it. I say this for many reasons. 1. the chances are your contract is with a dealer not ADT. This means ADT can and does disavow any responsibility for your system. 2. The installation is way expensive, mine ended up costing over $1600.00. They do not tell you what options could and would have lowered the cost substantially 3. Your contract is with a third party although you send checks and have phone numbers for ADT. My local dealer is in Missouri, I live in Arizona! Figure that out. 4. You can not get out of the contract with out paying a 75% penalty. This applies even if ADT does not fulfill their part of the deal. 5. In the first two weeks we had two false alarms for intruders. We were away so I had to deal with ADT direct on phone. They said they could not disarm the system remotely! What the heck good is this . They say we have to be in the house and disarm it ourselves. That makes system only good is you are home. Don't arm it when away. We disconnected the entry alarm system after two weeks and do not use it. We used the fire alarm system. Guess what, numerous false alarms, one while we were here and at least two when away. Again, no remote disarm, Woke the entire neighbor hood up twice. Had neighbor get into house and pull central alarm box off wall and pull all wires and batteries out. Get this, ADT says we have a air conditioning system and they tend to set off the alarms. They have a alarm system that can not operate in an air conditioned house!! Good luck in all but Nome AK. 5. The only way they will break contract is to take them to court for breach of contract. After the first year of three you have only about $1000.00 left so they know you will not go after them.

HJow many people out there have been stuck with an ADT useless service? I wish someone who knows how would start a petition or something. I am filing every place I can find my ADT story
Good luck and think twice!

Posted by Anonymous

When attempting to call in for service i was placed on hold for a very long time. This is not acceptable, especially since it's related to our families safety. Once I spoke to a rep they were very curt, like they were way over worked and needed to get off the call quickly.

Posted by Pam

Contacts are not operating in my windows (double) that were just installed in June 2015. One went out on Aug.24 which triggered the alarm system. Upon calling ADT about the occurrece, I was initially told that I would have to pay for someone to access the problem. It was identified that the contact was not stable, then I was instructed to obtain some double sided tape to secure it myself. I ended my coversation with the first person and called again. Another person informed me that I was insured up to 90 days with equipment problems and no charge was to occur. He then told me that he would "waive the fee". To waive the fee on something not applicable was beyond me! At that time, I was given a date of Sept.1 for someone to come. Over a week later. As of today, Aug. 27, the other contact in the same area is not operating as well. Now, no security is provided for the room. I was told since having the system for awhile, that multiple things could contribute to my problem including the weather, the air conditioner blowing the curtains on the contacts.......I had to inform her that the contacts were just installed, June. No response was provided, then. I asked for someone to be sent out earlier and my call got transferred to the scheduling dept. and I expressed my concerns of no security being provided in the room. After informing the person in scheduling about my concerns, it was recommended of bypassing the zones, which also disallows security in the area but the remainder of the house is secured. She expressed the ability to call me to let me know if a person may be able to come even after informing her that I work during the day. After telling her that I did not feel this would occur because it was just explained that I worked during the day, she sarcastically responded, "would you like to give me another contact number?" Again, attempts were made to reiterate my concerns to no avail. It was discussed as well that even though security was not being provided, no talk of adjusting my bill occurred. I was also told that no one (intruder) would not be able to tell that there was not security in the affected are. How unprofessional! Especially since this is the service that ADT is supposed to be providing. My appointment remains on Sept. 1 even after repeatedly expressing my concerns.

Posted by Furiosa

ADT is without doubt the WORST company I have ever dealt with. THEIR FAULTY SMOKE DETECTOR AMOST BURNED DOWN MY HOUSE, AND THEY WON'T LET ME OUT OF THE CONTRACT. For starters, they got my address wrong 6 TIMES and as a result, emergency services wouldn't respond. 2nd, their equipment was faulty, triggering false alarms all the time, but they took 4 months, multiple tech visits, and many phone calls, emails, and threats to finally get the main problem fixed. Other technical problems remained unresolved. In one instance, I was standing in my kitchen when the panic alarm went off for no reason. Good thing I was home, or the SWAT team would have come to my house, or whatever house they were told to go to! They have billed me incorrectly several times, overcharging me in the process, and call my house at 2 or 3 in the morning for 2 weeks straight to let me know the battery in one of the sensors is low. The absolute last straw was when THEIR SMOKE DETECTOR STARTED SMOLDERING AND ALMOST TORCHED MY HOUSE. A friend of mine was next door and saw the fire trucks and dealt with the problem, but I did not receive a notice about the fire alarm until 6 DAYS after the incident! I have called repeatedly to cancel. They say I have to pay them 75% of the remaining monitoring fee on the contract. They never showed me the entire contract (they made it look like there were only 3 or 4 pages to sign, but there are nearly 20 pages of text!), and their equipment almost destroyed a 100 year old historic building. They refuse to send me the bill for the cancellation fee, but call my house EVERY DAY to hassle me about the monitoring fees that have accrued SINCE I TOLD THEM I WAS CANCELLING. In short, they are trying to charge me 100% of the monitoring fee by refusing to send me the cancellation fee bill. I ask for it and they tell me they are sending it, then they don't send it. I email them, and they ignore my emails (another complaint since Day 1). THEY RE CROOKS AND I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY ARE STILL IN BUSINESS! GET AN ALARM SYSTEM FROM A NO-CONTRACT COMPANY! DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GO WITH ADT!! IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH CHEAPER AND LESS STRESSFUL FOR MY HOUSE TO AVE BEEN ROBBED.

Posted by Anonymous

Poor customer service at its best and almost a year my querie did not been resolved.

Posted by Anonymous

One of the worst service ever....and on top of that the company won't even honor the 6 month warranty can be sure we are going to try a lawsuit

Posted by tuktsai

I have been with ADT (formerly Brinks) for over 10 years. It seems that their on the road technicians have been trained badly as they do not know the product. While they are polite, they do not have the knowledge to resolve issues and some even needed to be coached by myself on how the system works.
Technicians on the phone also have a hard time understanding the issues surrounding the problem. For example, the security system is supposed to preempt any telephone use and hijack the line to call the monitoring service. I used this phone line to call for a test. This was supposed to hang up the line in order to call the monitor. I could hear the phone dial tones while I was talking to the monitor. The monitor said he was not getting a signal. I told him that was because we were still talking to each other, which was proof the line had not been pre-empted, which was my problem for the past few weeks. He did not understand.

Posted by neto smith

I Am Very Disgusted With Adt They Give Their Black Clients Substandard Service, Compared To Their White Clients. Everybody In Cosmo City Is Complaining About The Level Of Service They Receive From Adt, I Have Been With Adt Since 2006, This Year It Was Brought To My Attention By Transunion That Adt Has Not Been Updating My Itc Profile Regarding The Account I Have With Them, I Called Them And Send Them Email March 26 2015 Spoke To Mr [email Removed] He Promised Me On His Response He Will Send My Query To The Relevant Department, Which Took 4 Day To Call And They Promised That They Sort This Matter Out. Yesterday When I Pulled My Credit Report What I Saw Was Appalling Adt Last Updated My Itc Profile In September 2013, What Annoys Is That Yesterday I Send Them An Email Complaining About The Same Thing And They Don't Even Have The Decency To Call Me Back, This Is Affecting My Credit Profile In A Very Bad Way, Adt Just Don't Care About Their Black Clients, All They Want Is Our Money But The Service Is Bad Towards Black People.

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with ADT terrible. No recommended. Last two weeks I do the installation in my restaurant. The system it's connect with my cooler and freezer. I call everyday because now my cooler and freezer it's not working. They said, they don't have the part. I said I don't care the part just I need a technician come to the restaurant and disconnect that part. They don't have a technician for a month. I don't have cooler, freezer. I can't turn on my alarm. When I call to cancel de ADT they tell me I have to pay 55% of my contract for three years.

Posted by Mike

I prepaid for two years' of monitoring but apparently the contract has a clause that it goes month to month after the two years. I hadn't used the system in months and then got a bill for nearly 200 in monthly charges. I called and was told that they would not reverse the charges and ended up having to pay the bill. I cancelled my service that I did not know I had. Too bad, I was looking to renew and now will kick any ADT salesman who comes to my door right I am sure there is a better company waiting for my business..

Add your review!

Posted by Dustin Frady

Dustin Frady was the service technician that came to my house today.He helped me in several ways. He knew what was wrong right away, he encouraged me to get the fire alarm,and he brought to my attention that someone else's name was on my account. Thanks for sending me someone that is so efficient and speaks English. kathy innis

Posted by Mary Wig

I want to comment on the service Technician, Melvin Ortiz, on the very professional manner in which he fixed our problem. The problem was with module for turning the lamp on and off. He not replaced the module but help educate us on the use. I do hope if we ever have a service problem again Melvin is sent to our home for the repair. Melvin should be commended for a job well done and making ADT Customer very happy! Thank you Melvin Mary & Bob Wig, 2692 Suncoast Lakes Blvd Port Charlotte.

Posted by GloH

I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent service rendered to my household security system by your technician Billy Rivers. Mr. Rivers listened to my concerns and went about his work quietly and efficiently, completing the needed repair to my motion detector which had loosened itself from the ceiling.

Mr.Rivers was courteous and pleasant.

Posted by [email protected]

Manager: Linda Cole
Your Service Tech--Dustin Jones came out promptly to repair Our System, after the Hurricane, He was Courteous, Helpful and and repaired our problem. Thank You!! Don & Barb Coffman. 5- Stars!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My ADT tech Juan was very professional polite and very friendly he made sure that we understood how to use our system fully before he left our home if the rating was 1-5 I give him a 5

Posted by Wally

We had two older ADT smoke detectors replaced today with new wireless models. Our service technician was Chris Hinand out of Punta Gorda Florida. He did an excellent job of careful, clean installation. He also took considerable time to explain the workings of the new system that we had installed several weeks before.
We would like to thank him for his stellar service and would like to make sure that his supervisor, Linda Coite, is aware of his going the extra mile.

Posted by Gramad4

The ADT technician who serviced my equipment today was very patient and knowledgeable. I am trying to get used to The pulse system and didn't understand how it works and he was very patient and explained every aspect of my new system . Thank you Bruce Borden for a job well done !
I believe in positive comments for great service, instead of only voicing the negative.

Posted by [email protected]

attn. ms Linda Coite Today Mr ken Howell your service tech came to our home to work on my system. We want you to know that this man was as professional and conscientious as any tech from any company that we have ever had in our home. He was corteous, informative and very respectful when we asked him questions THANK YOU FRANK AND MINI MANJARREZ

Posted by Anonymous

The service technician Sunil Samlal was very friendly and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to have met him.

Posted by John

So far, very pleased. The installer, Al Strickland, was very professional and knowledgeable.

Posted by Anonymous

I would just like to give credit to the tech who came to our residence to final fix this system his name melvin Ortiz. he was polite, efficient, and explained what and how the things that were wrong and why. he has been best out of 4 . and he needs to be rewarded for his effortssincethe ogrensrely

Posted by Very satisfied customer

Dustin Frady checked my system, fixed the problem, and correctly labeled the security measures in my home. He was pleasant, polite, efficient and effective during his time in my home. He left me his card and said to call him if I had any problems with the security system. It is a pleasure to deal with an individual who obviously knows his business and does a thorough and expert job!

Posted by ? ? ?

The service representative was suburb! He came to fix one problem, but found others I was not aware of. I am now running 100%. Great job! I am most pleased! The Service Technician was Chris Hinand. I'd always request him to repair my problems.

Father Gerald Cerank

Posted by Anonymous

Had an issue with ADT system in Venice Fla.k, called for help and was sent a very helpful technician. Chris Hinand got system up and running and couldn't have been more personable and thoughtful. As result, would not hesitate to recommend ADT. Thanks Chris for the help. My wife will sleep better tonight!

Posted by Anonymous

Dustin Frady arrived at my home on August 15, 2016. Discovered the problem with my ADT Security System, changed the system. Very polite and professional pleased with
his work and appearance.

Thank You
Gail Daigle

Posted by William (Bill) Boehm

On Friday, July 15, 2016, we were to have a Service Technician from ADT. We were told when he would arrive,and we actually received a phone call from him, Chris Hinand, asking if he could come a few minutes earlier which made us very happy. We have had many service calls from other Florida businesses either being late or not even showing up at all. He put on his shoe covers and went right to work. Within minutes, he figured out the solution to our problem (low battery) and also explained the many symbols in our control box which had never been explained before. After visiting with him,he identified another problem that we didn't even know we had. We had switched our land line to a box which is voice over inner-net, which we now know would not work with our security system. He suggested we get a wireless connection to the monitoring center.It would be necessary to have another service call. Instead, he called his manager and got permission to do the installation himself, which we appreciated very much. Therefore, our original problem was resolved and a problem we didn't know even existed has been solved. Naturally, we are very happy with ADT and if needed, we know we can depend on Chris to solve whatever needs to be solved and then some.Thank you, ADT & Chris Hinand.

Posted by [email protected]

to Ryan Archibald Jason Humphries was just at my house and fixed a problem. He was thoughtful, answered my questions and most importantly repaired it He is the kind of emplyee that makes your Co. look good

Posted by Anonymous

I recently had an entry password problem. The technician eho came out was Chris Hinand and I was thoroughly amazed. His troubleshooting procedures wereunbelievable. He analyzed the problem and had my system back on line in less than 10 minutes. He took the extra effort to expolain why this service interupion occured and how he corrected it.This technician is a definite positive asset to ADT. Albert Kasakowski,Msgt,USAF, Retired. PS I would have him on my team

Posted by Mz.kk

The tech was friendly knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions. Great experience!!

Posted by Anonymous

Everyone at ADT was friendly and very helpful I cancelled at least 3 times and they rescheduled me without any hassle everytime.My system was installed professionally with courtesy by Richard Victor he was very polite and knowledgeable and patient with me when explaining how the equipment works.Overall a pleasant experience.

Posted by Anonymous

to: Linda Coite

My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Hinand the other day for service and he was very professional and very customer service oriented. It as a pleasure having him here to correct a problem. Also one of your service phone reps by the name of Michael was also excelent.
A thoroughly satisfied customer!

Posted by [email protected]

Today Brian installed the ADT Security System in our home, and I was completely, 100% satisfied with his professional courtesy, his ability to help us understand the system operation and in layman terms whereas we could grasp how to operate the security system without any problems whatsoever! I am do thrilled now to feel the confidence and comfort of knowing that our home is protected as well as me and my family! I wish to take this time to express my sincere appreciation for hiring employees such as Brian as he is knowledgeable, and possesses the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to get the job done, while offering an impeccable demeanor while serving the ADT customers as myself! Thanking you very much in advance!


Michael Rayford Powell

Posted by Anonymous

January 4, 2016 Melvin Ortiz changed our defective motion detector the same day we called. He was professional, helpful, polite, knowledgeable and patient. He is a great asset to your company. Thank you. Line and Sharron

Posted by Anonymous

We just had Melvin Ortiz, ADT Security Services out of Punta Gorda, to service our system. We had been having trouble with censors going off when doors slam, etc.. He was able to figure out the problem(s) and fix them and changed all the batteries. He was very friendly and professional. He was even great with our miniature schnauzers!
Ruthanne and Dave Fobear, Englewood, Fl.

Posted by positive

Bruce Borden fixed the problem with the window connection and installed new batteries to the main unit and motion detector. He was very helpful to me by answering all the questions I had about my security system and gave me a lot of extra information I did not know about the system. I highly recommend him for a job well done.

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Posted by shawn

First off...i am an ADT tech. As i read through the various complaints i knew i had to say something. One...9 times out of 10 the "sales rep" who came to your home doesnt work for ADT, they sell our equipment but dont work for us, so yeah they can promise you the world, take your money and then 90 days later we are stuck to service your alarm system. Two...dont whine and complain about the service fees. you have the chance to pay the extra 4 or 5 bucks a month on your contract that covers your entire system except batteries, but you want to be cheap so that when something breaks and it costs 100 or 200 bucks, you dont want to pay to fix it, plus the labor charges..all would have been covered for that extra 40 to 50 per year. Three...due to storms, equip shortages, hurricanes and the numerous weather pattern we have had over the last year or two, items do sometimes need to be ordered..and are on back order. you need to have a little patience...remember you are but one out of 20 million who could be experiencing the same issue and shipments from manufacture warehouses can take time, not to mention if there is a shortage on the material to make your device. Four...when you call in for service, you speak to a person, not a tech...9 times out of 10 they have no idea what is wrong with your system. All they know is you are caling and yelling and being rude yourself and saying this is making this noise or that noise...they arent techs...we they will try to schedule a tech to come out to your home as soon as they can...ive seen back logs for 2 to 3 weeks. again patience. Five... yeah you are going to pay extra if you have verizon, then switch your phone carrier to comcast or cox or whatever...thats of your doing...meaning the system didnt fail, you chose to switch phone providers so they cut our line to the system...not us. And you can say all you want about how it wasnt them etc...i cant tell you how many jobs ive been one, where the new phone provider has cut, hacked or literally chopped off our wires...and oh, its never them. Six...3 year contracts are the norm..and are standard with ADT. i have done some 2 yr contracts as well, but it comes with a service rider as well. Its your fault as well if you dont sure you wouldnt go buy a car or house and not know the terms of that contract now would you? are getting charged what you signed for..nothing more, nothing less...if you pay 30 bucks a month, than thats whats being deducted or billed give or take taxes, etc every month. it is complete bs that i read in here that "yeah they are charging me double a month" or "im paying more than agreed etc.." look at your bill people, and look at your contract. sometimes people do make mistakes...and thats what numbers are for to call to correct them. Eight....for the lady who said that ADT employees are not back ground checked...lady you have bumped your head..cause we all are checked..thouroughly by the state in which we work. Not only do i have a top secret clearance from the army, but i have a dcjs card as well...(department of criminal justice services) same card cops and all other people working in the field carry. they check everything trust me. your driving record is checked as well, and if its bad you cant work for ADT. No one is perfect. No one, but ADT is hands down the best alarm company period...or else how would we be around since 1947?, have over 20 million customers world wide? have government contracts for airports, the pentagon and other government offices world wide? so the next time you want to complain, fine do it...but realize that not everyone is as bad or rude or disrespectful as you claim...most are hard working dedicated workers interested in protecting you, your loved ones, your valuables, your peace of mind...everything you cherish and hold dear. People at ADT do care, and alot of us bust our hump everyday to make sure that you are protected.

Posted by american district telegraph guy

Though I am ADT employee I do tend to agree with some of the complaints that I have read. Some for reasons I think I know and others for reasons I feel I do. Overall, I feel the most important aspect is good customer relationships, and overall customer satisfaction. I do agree this has declined more over the last few years due to the tremendous growth of ADT accounts through purchases, buyouts, etc... and the dramatic downsizing of ADT employees nationwide for obvious reasons. I can sympathize with our customers displeasure and all of the issues they have with ADT, because I am an employee and I know what our customers are expressing is not just isolated circumstances. I am doing everything I can, as well as my co-workers everyday to take ownership and responsibility as we should to make the best situation possible for you. I take great pride in my job, and it is very important to me when I read, and/or hear anything negatively affecting our customers. I felt I needed to share this, and consume some of the blame because to all of you, I am ADT. I do sincerely apologize, but will vow to continue to strive even harder for you.


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