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ADP customer service is ranked #772 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.33 out of a possible 200 based upon 477 ratings. This score rates ADP customer service and customer support as Terrible.


464 Negative Comments out of 477 Total Comments is 97.27%.


13 Positive Comments out of 477 Total Comments is 2.73%.

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    • 464 negative comments (97.27%)
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Posted by Anonymous

We are looking for payroll services. When the sales people first reach out to us, they are very nice and friendly, however, once we committed to use their service, they became non-responsive in emails/calls. Their insurance expert was helping us getting workers comp insurance, however, there were over 13 mistakes in the paperwork and it took us 5-6 rounds of email communication before clear all of them. They gave us a wrong quote by using an incorrect insurance code and results in over $100 difference.

Posted by Anonymous

All I need is a whitelist of URLs from ADP for a firewall and i tried three times to get this information. The first lady said that she didn't know what I was talking about. The second time I called, I got escalated but was told "we don't use static IP addresses". The third time I called, I was told that "port forwarding doesn't work". I don't believe that at any time I spoke to anyone from tech support. They wouldn't even escalate to tech support.

Posted by ADPissed

When I first started working, I had the option for direct deposit to a bank or use the ADP Aline card. Well, I didn't have a bank I was with at the time and boy do I wish I did. The ADP Aline is the most annoying card I've dealt with to date. They've blocked my card twice now, which I'm not surprised now, looking at all the comments. Currently,y card is blocked because I accidentally requested my account information and now my account is under review for suspicious activity. So I have to send them a picture with my social security card and ID. So in basic terms, my account is being questioned because I accidentally tapped on an option for more information on my account. What else is there to know about my account that app doesn't tell me? Well, I'm guessing so much that I have to have President of the U.S level clearance to know. Hey Trump, I need your information to unblock my card. So overall, don't ever use the ADP Aline card. Based off others comments, I'm not only one who thinks so.

Posted by ROB

Ive had two bad dealings with ADP. The first was a tax misfiling they did that resulted in dozen, I mean dozens of collection calls. It took [mostly me] and at least 6-8 ADP client service people and almost a year to fix.

Then it was the call to Client services asking my a family employee did not receive a W2. Turns out she was tax exempt and that was what they should have advised me. Short answer was she doesn't get a W2.

Instead they interpreted that I somehow wanted a W2 and changed the tax status - the entire conversation was extremely confusing and of course they documented their understanding of this call. This agent completely misunderstood me and then taken me thru a change that I had no idea of.

A year later it turns out that we lost $1000 in taxes due to this filing. End result ADP wanted to charge me $800 to amend and fix the problem.

It took at least 6 phone calls. 3 calls with an agent, and 3 requests for a supervisor to call me to discuss the agents $800 approach for a resolution. On the third supervisor request I finally got a supervisor on the phone. Three requests - what company does that?? Super unprofessional behavior.

I finally got the same company response ... "we'll split the cost."

Just lost a 6-year customer to Paychecks ADP. If I cut you off ADP - chances are pretty good you handed me the scissors!

Posted by dissappointedconsumer

Customer service and support? that is a joke. I tried to contact them, helpful number at bottom of page, and it is just a recorded loop telling you how great they are, and if you have any problems, to contact your employer. All I wanted was my sign in, as the one I have written down mysteriously doesn't work any more, so they were supposed to text me, only they haven't and their little timer is counting down. So basically can't sign in, so will have to go into work early tomorrow (thanks!) to figure it out. why on earth do they have that phone number there? it should just say-if you have any problems contact your employer.

Posted by Agrgavated in California

Very disappointing. On hold for over 40 minutes. Transferred all over the world. I could not understand the person that answered the phone, except, just before he transferred me he quite clearly stated "that's because I only speak chinese" and laughed.
Transferred me to the philippines, then finally transferred to the US. It was 1:30 pm PST. Clearly in the middle of the US business day. It seems that customer service earns something for each transfer. I know it sounds strange, but they were clearly more interested in getting the credit for the actual transfer and not for relaying any information as I had to start the conversation over from the beginning with each transfer. After 4 transfers, they said the issue was on their "3rd party" provider called ADP EZ Labor. Yeah, that sounds like a 3rd party... They also spent most of my conversation time letting me know that they are over 50 companies all over the world and communication was difficult.

UGH! I have to decide just exactly how much I like this job.

Hours don't get recorded.

Unable to resolve a local payroll issue.

Posted by John R

Worst possible service. I've been on hold with them over 1.5 hours and transferred all over the world. Their people are dumb as rocks...can't even transfer me to the right people. What a nightmare!

Posted by Jim M

Due to a change of employment, I decided to roll over my IRA from ADP. Calls are sourced to India and their customer service representatives are rude and unknowledgeable. The distribution, rollover & taxes were all incorrect. The distribution check was much greater than requested. Was grilled by cs rep and company would not admit guilt even though all conversations are taped. Requested new checks be issued and sent FexEx overnight. It's been going on three weeks and 2 phonecalls and no resolution. I am so angry, I will not allow any money currently taken out of paycheck to be deposited in ADP 401K.

Why would I ever trust people with my hard earned money when I'm treated like a criminal.

Posted by Anonymous

Never can seem to talk to anyone and if you do can't understand themg

Posted by Anonymous

Every week when check to see my pay stub I have to change my password every word. Your site never works properly. This don't have anything to do with my employer it's your site please fix it. It is ridiculous that I have to go through this. It takes me hours I reset the password it tells me the password is reset then when I go to login it says me to password don't match something is wrong with your son would be nice if that you all will fit this problem

Posted by Pissed employee

I work for a company called fallas paderes they pay us through an adp card.I have never in my life experienced such difficulties trying to obtain my paycheck stub witch also is missing a day of work.can't log in .went on another phone and access denied wtf.this is unethical. And seems way to scratchy regarding the reviews a sell.stay away from this company.and any work place that uses adp cards!!.they dont even help u fix the problem..frauds

Posted by Anonymous

This is 2nd time our employees will be paid late due to the fault of the ADP website. It is down again which means you can do nothing until its up.
Why to these shutdowns happen early in the evening and without no warning?

Posted by ASEHL

Why do I keep getting kicked out of ADP and not able to change my password when by law I'm entitled to see my check stub and I'm getting fed up with this I don't have a desktop I only have my phone

Posted by San

Had fraudulent charges they neither took care or or repaid me. They actually told me to call the company that took the funds out of my account.

Posted by Anonymous

on permanent hold...

Finally an answer, Clearly evident that ADP has outsourced to India. CANNOT even understand the person on the phone. I WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER ADP FSA account again.

Posted by Anonymous

I'll take a minute of time to report my experience,
My current and previous employers used ADP

Using the website/portal is always the slowest,
Make it simpler if you cant handle the bandwidth, SERIOUSLY?!
wish I could say something positive, but for ADP, I CANT!

Posted by Anonymous

Initially decided to rollover 401K money to current employer, but later changed my mind after receiving check. Advised by ADP to send written request along with check back to them and process would take approximately 2-3 weeks (now folks we're not talking about a significant amount of money!). It's been almost 4 weeks and I'm told by ADP's customer service department that the request HAS NOT YET BEEN PROCESSED!!!!!!!!!!!! No one can tell me why or when it will be processed!!!!!! I'm told that "AJ" from ADP will contact me by EOB today. Denied AJ's last name and telephone number but told I could contact the main number 1-800-my k plan if I am not contacted by the end of the day.

Posted by Anonymous

Im trying to print out my check stubs for an appointment in the morning and the adp payroll workcenter has been unavailable all day. Do you know when it will be coming up.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the worst system in the world to try to get any kind of assistance when you cannot remember your password no help whatsoever I am very disappointed and believe I made unenroll from this program

Posted by Anonymous

ADP has been the worst company I have ever dealt with. The customer service is non existent. They ask for forms to be sent & resent, even if you have records of them being sent. I don't know how they stay in business.

Posted by Displeased customer

The website is just awful. I can't imagine the hassle billing departments have to go through to support that. Next to Bell it is the worst site I'd ever used.

Posted by ANTI ADP

ADP is the worst. My company "encouraged" me to sign up for direct deposit. The first 2 went through. My current pay stub says that I have been paid, only no money was ever transferred. I called and they RELUCTANTLY said that they issued a ticket. I really had to insist that they issue a ticket.

My company says they sent payment and ADP says they paid. Me and my bank received nothing but a ticket number. It looks like Uncle Sam and ADP are the only recipients of my funds. How is this possible that they can just not pay?????

Posted by Anonymous

Literally the worst payroll company I've ever had the displeasure of being in control of my paycheck. If it's not wrong it's being held til the next pay period... like people can afford to go without a check. And don't offer you anything other than a usless ticket number. Anytime I get a job and hear payroll is through ADP I cringe. They are terrible. And I tell everyone who will listen. Most already know though.

Posted by somedude666

I cant stand adp. Making users change passwords every 3 months just makes users forget their passwords. Very weak service with a terrible website and terrible support.

Posted by Anonymous

ADP loves to charge fees. Even when you don't run a payroll they keep charging fees. Don't use ADP!!!

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Posted by Why ADP?

I have been in the HR space for 20 years, and I dont know if within this 20 years, I have ever heard an ADP client say that they were happy with them, they loved the service, etc, etc. Yet, in the next breath, the people cannot provide a legitimate reason why they remain their loyal customer.
This has led me to wondering, what are ADP customers looking for that would make them change their payroll payroll vendor away from ADP?
I'm very curious to understanding what is actually holding companies back.

Please share your story on what would make your company make a change....

Posted by Stormycea

In my experience, most of the time people feel the need to write a review is when they have a bad experience, so it is possible in my opinion for a company to get a bad rap just from the disgruntled customers.

For me, ADP has been great. My service representative, (her name is Kara) is AMAZING! She is knowledgeable, friendly and over the top helpful. She explains everything in the best way possible, and I have her number and email and I can always talk to her when i need help with anything. Yesterday, she stayed 2 hours past her shift helping me fill out some things. I never have to wait to speak with her, she always calls me back when she says she will give or take 5 minutes. She just knows her stuff and makes me feel like she's my friend not just a CSR. (Cust. serv. rep.) Previously i was using paychex before i switched to ADP and it was horrible. Lazy, always making me jump through hoops and almost every single time i called 35-45 minute hold times. They would get my employees W-2s wrong and they were expensive as all get out. So, some people may have had a bad time with ADP, but i just hope enough people can talk about how great they are too.

Posted by huggy bear

May 28th, 11:30am EST. Less that 1 minute hold time. Very polite and helpful rep, although getting a Java script error on site. Nevertheless, support experience was above average.

Posted by Anonymous

Do not know what area service code all you people are dealing with,,,,,Our Company has been with ADP since 1990.

I am the only person responsible for our payroll and each time I need to ask a question or clarify an answer..I receive excellent service from ADP. I will say..I loved having service the "OLD WAY" when each company code has a teams of representatives who was familiar with services for each company code. having said that...I know progress changes the way companies do business. we have kept our services small and simple...Yet manage to provide good service thru ADP for our employees. SO.....ADP...Hats off for all the years of support and service.....!!!!!

Posted by Brie

I love the employees at ADP and, the first half of 2012, I rarely waited on hold at all. Over the last few months though, I almost ALWAYS am on hold in excess of 15 minutes, and it's even stretched on more than one occasion to the 50 minute mark before I ever talk to a person. I don't know if they had layoffs when they launched Support Center (the online help support -which is terrible), but I am quickly becoming annoyed. I do ALWAYS get great service once someone is on the line, which is why I still love the people that work for ADP. Just wish it didn't take a million years to talk to one of them.

Posted by Sonia B. Lavina

I have been adp customer for many years and I can say that I am pretty much satisfied with its service and with the efficience of its personel and systems.

Sonia B. Lavina
Universal Ins. Broker, Corp.

Posted by A.Martin

ADP has processed our payrolland filed our taxes since 1998, and we have not had any complaints.

Posted by Ehaddad

I used Paychex and Primepay and was unhappy with the service. I have been with ADP for about 4 years and I have no problem with the service. Their website is easy to use and report the payroll, I have all the tax form that I need on file there, the checks are deposited directly into our account. Whenever there is a problem, I call customer service and they solve it for me.

Posted by Jormax

Good response time and resolved all of our issues

Posted by Lisp

I didn't have any trouble because of this website getting to ADP. Without this website and the sister site "customer service phone numbers" I would have had a very difficult time. I talked to a real person, she took my information and forwarded me to the company representative that handled where I work. He was able to confirm information and that I needed to contact my own company for an account lock rather than ADP. The transition from the company to ADP has been a major pain but at least it only took about 9 minutes to confirm that ADP would not be able to help with something my local company should have helped me with to start with.

Posted by sharon a

I'm an ex-employee of a startup that uses ADP. I had a somewhat complicated question about COBRA benefits. I called twice and both times got through to an ADP rep immediately. It was a little annoying to be asked for my last 4 digits of my SSN before literally even being allowed to say hello, but it's hard to blame them too much for this process. (If I were on the other end, it would make my phone job a little more bearable.) In any case, I was impressed that the reps were articulate, knowledgeable and offered clear, comprehensive advice. I anticipated being on the phone for awhile, but instead wa able to get what I needed in as little time as possible. The tone was maybe a little sterile, but I'll take bland & competent over syrupy & incompetent any day!

Separate from this incident, I think every company I've worked for over the past 10 years has used ADP, and I can say from "the ultimate end-user's" POV, I've had no issues. Paychecks are correct and on-time (which undoubtedly is also a reflection of the HR depts at the employer site!), benefit elections have always gone smoothly, etc. So, I was surprised to see so many negative ratings. I haven't been exposed to anything negative about them.

Posted by cak

I've had GREAT dealings with ADP. They have been very helpful and fair.

Posted by Anonymous

I have used ADP for years with several companies. There have been issues and mistakes made but they have always made up for them. I have alwasy been able to get ahold of a supervisor and they normally credit me an entire payrolls cost when major mistakes are made. ADP isn't perfect and they are too big for their own good sometimes, however I have had many more positive experiences with them than negative.

In regards to the COBRA complaints on this board. I use ADP COBRA service and it is the companies responsibilty to start and cancel coverage. Also for most of the complaints ADP is just following COBRA laws. No notice is required for cancellation or that a payment is late. It is 100% the participants responsibility to make sure payments have been received and cashed on time. You must go to the Dept. of Labor website and read the regulations before making uneducated complaints.

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Posted by Anonymous

Ever since Best Buy switched over to using ADP for pay stubs and other features, not a pay period has gone by (now going on four months or so) which has not occasioned serious issues. You cannot even speak to ADP but all questions must be routed through your employer's HR department, which of course, knows nothing about ADP services. Disgusting is an understatement.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a former ADP employee trying to find out about my pension balance - I receive no statements and haven't seen a notice in a few years. Anybody have that phone number?

Posted by Whist L. Blowre

I've thought long and hard about whether I should post this, but after reading all these complaints, I think I must. I used to work for one of the 3rd party call centers that is outsourced by ADP for customer service. It's in northern NJ. I can tell you from first hand experience that all of your complaints about the horrible level of service are right on the money -- and let me tell you why. The particular call center for which I worked has a rag-tag team comprised of both temp workers and full-timers. You should know that these workers are not solely assigned to ADP. They actually are set up to take phone calls on behalf of multiple different clients. But on ADP, they're trained to answer your concerns based on a script and a series of responses that pop up on their computer screen, depending on what you call to ask about. Have a problem getting your W2? We have a script for that. Can't log in to your iPay? We are instructed to stick to the script, and to tell you that you need to contact your HR people. Funny part is that in most cases HR has no idea what to do once you do call them; they often refer you back to us at the call center, and round and round it goes. It's hard to reach us because we're understaffed and overworked. When you do get through, we're forced to read a script to you, and not to deviate from it, no matter what you say. Even if your question or concern doesn't quite fit the pre-planned script, too bad. We're instructed to shoe-horn you through, and to only limit ourselves to a finite number of possible responses, and to make them fit. The system is awkward and there are several gaps in it that don't address many of the most common concerns. I've tried more times than I can say to put people like you on hold and try to get you some honest-to-God real help from a supervisor, but the supervisors are playing a game of CYA. They are little help, and often just tell us to transfer the call to another number and hope for the best. The general feeling is "it's not our problem" once the call is transferred. They care little for actually solving customer problems, and only care about shuffling the call along to another extension, so they can show on their logs and reports that the call was properly dispensed with and that the rep didn't linger too long. The supervisors are a bunch of ignorant, clueless boobs who don't listen to the problem and just advise us to follow the scripts and the prompts and get rid of the callers. The management of the call center must surely be aware of the problems, because they've had the ADP account for years. Yet they don't lift a finger to improve it. The ADP people themselves come in on occasion to tour the call center, and they glad-hand the call center management and yuk it up. But are any real problems discussed or resolved? Doesn't appear so. It's damn near corrupt, if you ask me. One gets the sense that the call center suppresses any complaints so that ADP management never hears about it, and that way it gets to keep this lucrative account. ADP management doesn't seem to care either. It's truly awful. I tried to complain and raise red flags, but I was ignored. Thankfully I was able to leave this hell-hole when another opportunity arose, but I will forever regret being part of this experience, even as a temp worker. The ADP account is poorly set up, has no real oversight, is run by incompetent buffoons who have no interest in solving customer problems, and has no accountability from top to bottom. There, I said it. I hope someone from that crappy call center in Budd Lake stumbles upon this and reads this. Your cover is blown. And it took one of your former workers to do it. You ought to be deeply ashamed. You're taking the money from ADP, and getting paid to take a dive, like some kind of rigged boxing match. And in the process you're causing mayhem, anxiety and heartburn for literally thousands of customers a year. I truly hope you and ADP are exposed for the fraudsters that you are.

Posted by loyal1942

I happened upon this website by chance while I was looking up ADP Locations. In reading all of the comments I can't help but feel bad for the people who think that ADP is a horrible company. I wish that they had a better experience. I wish that they had called me. I work for ADP. I am a Client Service Representative. I love my clients, each and every one, and I spend every moment trying to help them. I cannot reply on the comments I've seen because I do not have enough information to go on, but in regards to employees who are waiting for W-2s from former employers, I assure you that we get the W-2s to our clients so they can give them to their employees by Jan 31st of each year - it's the law. If your former employer closed and you're calling ADP for assistance please understand that we are not permitted to speak to anyone other than the authorized contact of the company for security reasons. If the company has gone out of business please go to On this site beginning January or so they provide a #800 to call if your employer hasn't provided you with a W-2. Many times my hands are tied for legal reasons, but I will always give people as much information and guidance I have on the subject, because I have been on the other end of lousy customer service and I know how it feels to not be helped.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been with the company over 6 years and recently the company has started to outsource all of our jobs to India like crazy. The products are all going down hill after that. The new hires in india do not even understand the basic windows commands. This is a very sad day for ADP. Shame on them for outsourcing jobs to help the indian economy instead of the US economy during these troubled times.

Posted by Very Happy Employee

I have worked for ADP for 6 years now and I agree that there have been many changes however that is the way of the world and in order to say competitive change is a must. After reading all the negative comments and I mean all of them I find 2 parallels. 1st is the lack of communication of the processes and of the clients payroll needs and payroll set ups. The responsibility falls can be mainly on ADP as well as some of our clients. No two businesses are completely identical and asking the right questions will uncover what a clients payroll needs are. 2nd is lack of accountability. This happens on both ends am sorry to say. I think that ADP does its best to make sure that their associates are accountable for their jobs and their actions. Training and developing associates is something that ADP is very good at which helps for a healthy work environment but not everyone feels that way and it is unfortunate for those employee that are in that category. Our clients also need to take some accountability. You are business owners and your have decided to take on that responsibility and you should be accountable for things that go along with owning a business and payroll is number one.

I am not perfect in any means and I work really hard at doing what is best for my clients. Do mistakes happen...yes they do, but it is all about the recovery right! I have set up and talked to well over 3000+ clients in the last 6 years and some have had issues and have left ADP but most of them are still with us and love ADP.

It seems to me that the negative is what is most talked about. This is because that is how society is today and that is sad, so I thought I would share some amazing stats on ADP.

ADP Employee over 51,000 Associates worldwide
ADP is AAA Rating of 1 out of 4, Along with Micosoft.
ADP Supplies the ADP National Employment Report which is a leading report in the Unemployment forcast.

Posted by Anonymous

This company sucks. We were suppose to get are electronic W2 on January 14,2011 and here it is Janurary 20,2011 and still no W2 there are alot of my coworkes that are pissed off. When you send a email stating a date they should be online.

Posted by ADPInsider

The reason so many of you have experienced poor service and quality issues is quite simple.

Thousands of the most competent ADP employees - the ones who actually cared for and worked with their clients to solve problems - were laid off over the past three years. ADP coped with the recession and weak economy by outsourcing jobs to India and retaining only the lesser-paid (i.e. inexperienced) US workers.

ADP used to be a great company back when Josh Weston ran the business. Now it is mostly a collection of underpaid and overstressed entry-level workers towing the line to protect their own modest jobs, unwilling to risk the disciplinary wrath of supervisors and upper management. ADP Management has become as elitist as ever, and there is now a great class and cultural divide between Management and rank-and-file employees.

The ADP of 2011 is as dysfunctional as the US Congress.

Posted by DamianDark81

I was a telamarketer at infocision management and was amazed to to find that not only was I charged alot fees and found my cheks short when I called to resolve this issue was greated by someone in india instead of an American call center. the bad part is when I couldn't understand the young lady they transfered me to a gentlemen who claimed to be from texas but spoke broken english with a indonesian accent. after calling a second time Iwas told the American office had no phone and could only be contacted by fax which was a lie the number is on there main web page. but really I blame my employer for letting jobs be outsource instead of letting an American company who lets them handle our money and charges us (the employee) numerous fees take there calls a 5 year old kid would be of more assistance than the people feilding the question. My suggestion to you is look up the main office in Miami, FL if you have problems or questions they may not help but you can understand them

Posted by jcdaniels

Where do I start? Let me premise this by saying I am an ADP employee and former payroll manager who only used ADP products.

There are varied complaints listed below and some may be valid, but let me say, as with all companies, ADP is ran by humans and therefore are fallible. We all make mistakes. BP is making a mess of our gulf coast, employment and seafood industry, but after this is all done and said, they will still generate Billions of dollars from the same people that are complaining about them today. The same holds true for Toyota, the banking industry, etc.

As for those who complained of poor service from your sales reps, this is unfortunate. Sales reps are employed to sell and not service. Sad, but true. Fortunately there are sale reps like myself that not only sell, but offer themselves as a one point of contact for the clients they sign up, thus eliminating the use of a 1-800 customer service #. I know the power of good customer service and know that I will retain my current client base as well as increase it by maintaining a high level of service for my clients.

As for those with w-2 problems; it’s the employer’s responsibility to make sure that all of their employee’s receive w-2’s. They are given the originals and copies of w-2’s in the event an employee loses theirs. Per policy and for the security of the company and the employees, we will not nor will we ever speak to an employee of the company that is not listed as a payroll contact. If we did not do this, anyone could call and say they were Joe Smith and request information that could lead to identity theft.

As for COBRA, I’m sorry, I don’t work with this product and am unfamiliar with their policies, but again, I would refer back to the person who sold you the product and make them accountable. This is the case for all products/services purchased by ADP.

Our customers service team overall is great, but as with all organizations, you always have a bad apple in the bunch. Again, I highly suggest you make your sales rep accountable for your business from inception. By doing this they will work hard to maintain your business as well as make a point to get resolution for you with service/management, in a timely/professional manner.

I can go on and on in re-buttles to these complaints of which I’m sure some are valid, but at the end of the day, ADP is the nations #1 payroll provider and have been for 60 years. We are the pioneer of payroll outsourcing, have the best technologies in the industry and are the only AAA rated payroll company as well as being only 1 of 4 AAA rated industrial companies in the US. A designation Warren Buffet would even covet at this time.

I work very closely with a number of accountants that refer and love to work with myself and ADP. This is in part due to the fact that they know I will take care of their clients and their clients are in the care of a very financially stable company that has build the payroll outsourcing business like no other.

We all make mistakes; admitting to them, making improvements and moving forward is what it’s all about

Everyone makes mistakes in business and in life. I can only hope you’re forgiven of your mistakes so that you may learn and grow from them.

“While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior”. ~Henry C. Link

Jo Daniels
SBS District Manager
866-731-1614 x6050


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