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ACS customer service is ranked #671 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.40 out of a possible 200 based upon 80 ratings. This score rates ACS customer service and customer support as Terrible.


76 Negative Comments out of 80 Total Comments is 95.00%.


4 Positive Comments out of 80 Total Comments is 5.00%.

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    • 26.40 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 76 negative comments (95.00%)
    • 4 positive comments (5.00%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
    • 1.7 Reachability
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    • 3.2 Friendliness
    • 2.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

A very bad experience. I felt your phone center reps are very stressed. They were not especially pleasant. I still am not able to take care of my issue. The website has changed and requires username and password to be changed. There is more, please call me at

Posted by Anonymous

Who is ACS? In wanting to set up a Muskegon Chronicle delivery for our son, we were told we owed 47.51 from April. We do not even have a subscription with them! It would be greatly appreciated if this problem/discrepancy was corrected! Also, the person my husband was talking to did not use professional customer service mannerism.

Posted by [email protected]

I don't know ACS??? I am just trying to get back MONEY owed to me since when putting the FLINT JOURNAL ON VACATION LAST OCT. THEY CONTINUED TO CHARGE AND TAKE THAT MONEY. I have spoken to several people and do not appreciate being told to go to the library for a computer to request MY MONE;75 back. I have spoken to Andrew, David, Melissa, and they said the check would be in the mail, The amt. promised last was $12;75, and now Melissa SAYS ONLY ON THE COMPUTER, WHO IN THE WORLD RUNS THE FLINT JOURNAL????? AND HOW DO I GET MY MONEY!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

my account no papers paid 55.77 05/14/2017 if you could,call we need to resolve this.

Posted by Janet Miller

ATTN: Billing Concerning account #70906, The Oregonian. Our bill pay shows that a payment of $56.00 came out of our account on May 10. The Oregonian does not show that our payment was received. Not only are we having billing problems, we are also having delivery of paper problems!!!!!

Posted by danielpaul6919

I placed a subscription to have a paper delivered to my dad (William Roberson) at 1784 Elkahatchee Road Alexander City, AL. 35010. The address is the only way they can find the account by the way. He never received the first paper. I have called many times and the first thing is they had the name wrong. Somebody by the name John Basinger. I have never heard that name in my life. Long story short, because I have better things to do with my life, I am washing my hands of this after this message; it is up to you from here how this story ends with everyone I tell it too. I have been told that I would receive a refund of 14.96 by several employees there including a supervisor. The last guy I talked to told me that a refund was sent out but I have never gotten it. Maybe the infamous John Basinger got it. All I am asking is for you to do the right thing and GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK! MY GOD IT CAN'T BE THIS HARD! My name is Daniel Roberson and you guys have the right checking account number because I did receive a refund for 5.84 but never the 14.96. Congratulations! You have purchased a disgruntled customer for 14.96. Enjoy that money because it is the last dime you will ever get from me.

Posted by Anonymous

I called and yes it was a long process but patience and waiting and listening to the next prompts if what was given didn't make sense gote to the right person. Hard to understand and she told me to repeat myself. Well asked me to. Anyway try this number I had pretty good luck.

Posted by Anonymous

I spoke with a representative but she was difficult to understand. I ask her to repeat what she had said but still unclear and not friendly. I need to know what date to add to the forbearance form. I believe it is 1/14/2017.

Posted by Karen mills

My name is Karen mills. I need a fax number for acs. I have application and income information to get to you. Send email thanks

Posted by a strong child

I need to confirm that my updated (May 2016) account information is being used when I phone in a payment. I need to speak to a live person or get an email reply stating the routing number and account number they are using. Please reply!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get on their website for weeks now. I have checked every day only to get the "error page" message. Cannot get through on their customer service number. My payment is now late because I cannot reach them to pay or to apply for deferment. Terrible company.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried calling the number that I was called from, but was unable to speak directly to a Customer Service Representative.

Posted by Anonymous

It took multiple attempts to find the phone number, hoping to speak with a human. Xerox and Ursula Burns should be ashamed of their customer service. I will call Xerox and see what happens. This is a shameful company. All I want to do is set up auto-pay.

Posted by Karen

Ok, today is Saturday, May 16, 2015. I tried logging into the ACS Website yesterday to make my monthly payment and a note appears that says 'Your loan has been transferred to another Servicer'. It had no forwarding address, information, details, nothing! If I don't get my bill paid by the end of the Month, my good credit will be ruined!!!!! HELP!

Posted by Steven

Their website is a pile . Called to talk to rep about it and said it works fine...sure it does jackwagon! tried 3 different computers and IE/Chrome with no connection. Then tried to schedule a payment for future over the phone but he couldnt do that for me and said to use the website!! oh ok sure, you mean the one that doesnt work and hasnt worked since early January? What a terrible company and support staff. Im going to refi this loan to someone else...I mean come on? its 2015 and you dont have a website that is reliable? what trash!

Posted by Anonymous

As of today, December 20, 2014, I see ACS has a serious problem and the Federal Government needs to be aware of this deficiency in their customer service. This will be my first payment and can not get through to anyone. I have been trying to contact these people since they sent me the bill November. This is truly their fault and will be held responsible.

Posted by frustrated scholar

Repeatedly have to reset password even though I have not "lost" it and still can't get on site to make payment. There isn't a telephone # on the site to reach have to be logged in to access the #. I would love to be able to just have snail mail bills and notifications. What a waste of time.There should be a class action suit against them!

Posted by Martha

I called their Toll Free number and went through all the prompts to speak to a customer service rep.. Finally a recording came on that said 'that option is not available right now', and gave a me a busy signal. This is at 10:20 am Pacific time on Wednesday October 15, 2014 during regular business hours. My question is, when are you going to make a customer service rep available, on a Sunday morning? This is unacceptable, and it makes ACS look really bad.

Posted by Anonymous

Post the automatic payment phone numbers somewhere and send a regular monthly statment no matter how much I payed on it shouldn't be this hard to make a payment

Posted by Anonymous

Customer Service is awful! One month after installation there are problems. Appointments for repair have been cancelled and now you want to reschedule for a date I am out of town. I was assured this problem would be resolved prior to my leaving as I may be gone up to 4 months. Leaving a key outside so you can come in to repair (as one of your employees suggested) is NOT an option. There were problems during installation as well. I was even asked to go to Home depot to pick up some materials that were not delivered. Delays Delays and lack of consideration to the well paying customer is not good business.

Posted by Anonymous

The information given is wrong. I have tried to reach them several times and they apparently don't want to talk to their customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I was called a few moments ago and called an idiot by the representitive on the phone after I informed him that I was NOT interested. Really? Now I cannot find anyone to make a complaint to...........

Posted by Anonymous

I had acs phone for 9 years and since I can remember they had the best phone service all over Alaska but lately the service is really bad. Before I had 1 bar and it worked but now full bars and still phone drops the calls have to send texts more then once and internet is almost useless. Paying my money and don't have proper service. Verizon only coming to Alaska and overall phone service and internet service works way better.

Posted by Anonymous

This is horrible because you cannot reach a live person! There is a mistake on my billing and they say I'm delinquent; I have perfect credit! I can't reach anyone to straighten out. Everything has to be done by mail, but they didn't process the mail request frustrating.

Posted by Anonymous

after you put in your billing zip code, just don't do anything. the message will repeat a bunch of times, and then it will give you an option to speak with someone. not that speaking with anyone at acs is helpful, but at least it's a real person...

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Posted by Dewindel

I've been with ACS for a long time and have never had a problem with my online payments, nor have I seen any "shady" behavior. I spike to a very professional and pleasant representative who confirmed that their system is down and there would not be any late fees charged. She told me to just keep trying and if it's not up later today, call back tomorrow for more information.

Posted by Anonymous

just called them. actually, they were friendly and i got a person very quickly, within 30 seconds. she immediately answered the phone with a quick statement that the servers are down and there will be no penalties for late payments. she said try the website tonight or tomorrow. with some luck, maybe it wont come back at all!

Posted by Anonymous

I followed the directions and probably waited about 5-10 minutes. I actually DID get to talk to a real person who answered my questions and gave me good advice! She was difficult to understand (sound quality not great), but I was still very happy to get the help.

Posted by Kiesha

Good afternoon,
It was a bear trying to reach this company (ACS) via on-line. Finally, I was able to secure a phone number and call. The wait time was less than 15 mins and the representative, Keisha was very helpful in meeting my need on today 1/9/13. Please help us (consumers) to be better able to recieve needed help on-line when time is of an essence for a payment. I did not recieve my statement in December and I am faithful in meeting my responsibilities in payments. I am hopeful to not be penalized with a late payment knowing for assurity that the bill to date has yet to make my mailbox after the years of making said payments. Thanks for the review and enjoy this new year.

A Student with intergity

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