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AARP customer service is ranked #459 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.88 out of a possible 200 based upon 147 ratings. This score rates AARP customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


141 Negative Comments out of 147 Total Comments is 95.92%.


6 Positive Comments out of 147 Total Comments is 4.08%.

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  • AARP

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 32.88 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 141 negative comments (95.92%)
    • 6 positive comments (4.08%)
    • 1 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
    • 3.0 Reachability
    • 2.2 Cancellation
    • 4.0 Friendliness
    • 3.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Marlene

I would love to register our card number but the site will not take my account number. I called your number and received a message saying a system error. What is going on??? Marlene Brethauer

Posted by mseagram44

Paid for a 3 yr membership then registered the following week, then tried to login to get a better rate on a hotel.
What a waste of time and money- terrible prompt links- does not recognize login

Posted by Anonymous

Joined AARP sent check check was cashed and I never received anything from AARP. It was a promotion for my birthday. $12.00 a year. Sent check k on June 4

Posted by EMS

I can believe the level of disrespect that comes from AARP membership service and number of lies. It is so sad that people pay into this service and how the service from membership is negative with answering questions. I had an issue that is now going into the 2nd month, no reply to emails, escalations about let see number #6. And now the supervisors refuse to speak to you when you call. WOW!!!!!, tell me can I rate Membership Services for AARP at a -10.

Posted by collbobb

It has taken 3 phone calls to get a copy of my payments for my health insurance with United and I still have not received the documents. My call of 2 1/2 weeks ago has no record of it being made, my second call 5 days ago resulted in the contact person offering to e-mail the documents even tho I gave her my fax number. It was not processed because they do not e-mail but she insisted that they do e-mail. I really wanted the papers to be faxed. I am hoping that 3rd will get the requested processed.

Posted by Anonymous

Just had a telephone call on renewal of my membership with a representative because the site did not work right. (As usual). All of his words were right but the tone was that he didn't care. Fix your websites AARP so the links work and do some more customer service training.

Posted by Anonymous

I have written 3-4 e-mails since 10-15-2016 and was told by auto reply someone would get back to within 24-48 hours it now has been 13 days. I believe this org. is a complete scam and will not ever see my money again. I have posted this also on my social accounts and found out there are a lot of people that agree. THANKS FOR NOTHING

Posted by Anonymous

I have been paying (own my own for over a year) on a Delta dental plan. I just found out today is part of my aarp health insurance....which do I use and/or should I cancel my Delta..and if I do what credit do I get for my payments. Riley Morgan Cromwell

Posted by Not for Me

Beware of AARP "special" offers. I got one.
When their web page froze I called and they said they knew about the problem and were working on it.

After trying again (multiple days, multiple times, multiple browsers) I called again today. The service rep ignored that I stated up front it was for the specified offer and insisted on taking all my info over the phone to end with saying she was signing me up for a longer term offer (I never gave permission). Then with her and her supervisor went though I had to sign up for that offer by the Facebook offer (how does that make sense when the web link has you enter 2 pages of data and then freezes ?).

But they could sign me up for multiple year (longer term) memberships. (this was after I had already noted the feel of bait-and-switch as in make one offer but then not honor that offer but say I can buy a more expensive product)

Posted by unduki

My father passed away over 2 years ago. AARP won't stop sending bills and notices even though I have repeatedly written and called them to ask them to please stop. What they are doing is cruel beyond belief.

Posted by Anonymous

Monday May 16 an AARP representative told me the error messages I received (same ones that have been posted by other members) was a result of problems with my computer. Luckily, I received confirmation that this is a problem with the AARP website when I called the number for Rewards For Good.

The error message appears frequently with various links and prevents use of website.

Would several of us calling about this problem accomplish a quicker fix for all of us (especially information that leads to needless concerns about the function of our computers).

Posted by mizme

Like another AARP member/user who posted here, I cannot redeem points on Good for Rewards page online. Like the other user, I get a message that the content is too large to display. Also like the other user, Microsoft finds nothing wrong with my computer-says the problem is on the AARP site. Will you please fix this problem and/or tell us what the problem is? If we can't redeem our points when we need or want to, why bother to use Good for Rewards-and why would you want to include this in your site? We all hope for prompt attention to this matter. Thanks.

Posted by Anonymous


Every time I try to enter one of your contests from my emails, I get a message that
"Request Entity Is To Large"

I have contacted Micro Soft and they told me the problem is your website, not my computer. Are you aware of this? Is it being fixed?

Long time member

Posted by Daleinsight

On 4/11/2016 i signed up for AARP membership and paid by debit card $16 dollars for a year and promised a gift bag for singing. Today I received a letter telling me to send my payment to get a card. Why haven't I recieved my card and gift and why do I need to pay again.

Posted by Yogi11

I read in an AARP magazine last year (the only magazine i received for the entire year and now they want a renewal - ha!!!) that Statins are beneficial and at later years people should consider being on them.

The fact that cholesterol is not responsible for heart disease, and that cholesterol-lowering drugs provide no statistical advantages to prolonging life by reducing heart attacks, has been widely reported for many years now by those of us in the alternative health media. One mainstream media source in Australia, however, decided to air a documentary on the Cholesterol Myth and "Cholesterol Drug Wars". The show featured Dr. MaryAnne Demasi and interviewed several doctors and health officials who dared to tell the truth regarding the cholesterol drug scam. It was broadcast by ABC Australia in late 2013, under vigorous protests from the pharmaceutical industry. The videos were eventually removed from their website, and the network issued a statement retracting their endorsement of the show. However, they can still be seen on YouTube for now (watch them here.)

What's Next in the Cholesterol Drug Wars?

One in four Americans over the age of 45 are currently on statin drugs. In spite of the increased research linking these drugs to diabetes, Alzheimer's Disease, liver damage, breast cancer, among many others (see: Consumer Alert: 300+ Health Problems Linked To Statin Drugs), government-funded Big Pharma agencies continue to promote statin drugs and are attempting to get more Americans to take them. New guidelines put out by the American Heart Association earlier this year (2014) would more than double the number of Americans taking statin drugs. Big Pharma educated doctors and health officials have been so indoctrinated by the cholesterol theory of heart disease, that there have actually been debates about adding cholesterol lowering drugs to drinking water! In their minds, every person on the planet should be taking these cholesterol-lowering drugs."

- See more at:

There are many articles like this - PLEASE LOOK UP YOUR PRESCRIBED DRUG SIDE EFFECTS AND CURRENT LAWSUITS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. Lawsuits will tell you the symptoms to look out for and the severity of prognosis, or at least direct you to more information. People are dying from medications. Pharmaceutical companies lie! They are in it for billions and actually have built into their budgets, disposable money just for lawsuits they expect!!! This is NOT conspiracy theory. Do the research!!! All it takes is typing in your medication name and the word 'lawsuit'. Open another tab and enter your medication name and the word 'side effects'.

Best of Health to you all.

Posted by Yogi11

I see a lot of complaints on this board, and not one response from AARP. I came here to voice an opinion, but it appears that no one answers.

Has anyone on this comment site received any type of answer or compensation? I would love to hear from any of you who have written earlier, and from someone in AARP to let me know this site which claims it is an AARP site, actually works beyond people venting. And I do understand the venting.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to join senior part time work program. Because of Jackie Phillips the Director that runs the Las Vegas and her personal bad attitude she has made a determination that I was not eligible for the program. Jackie goes against everything that AARP stands for as it relates to discrimination in the work force. So0 disappointed in AARP. I'm sure the corporate office do not know how these offices are been ran.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't generally complain about anyone's website... but I try to frequent the AARP website and I am not happy with it. I guess it was a few months ago when AARP modified it's website, specifically they added a RED AARP Real Possibilities menu bar. This annoying menu bar moves as you scroll down the page. The problem I have is the scrolling RED Menu bar jerks and content on the web page bounces up and down. It's NOT a smooth scroll. I don't know why this happens... but it is very annoying and I shy away from visiting the AARP website because of this. I use a PC with Win10 and IE Explorer 11.0. Lastly, I found it extremely difficult to find an email address for AARP that I could use to voice my concern, as I didn't want go verbally speak to a Customer Service Rep about something she/he couldn't do anything about.

Posted by Binsha

I completed AARP Defensive Driving Class (Driving Safety Class) at my local location at 12/8/2015. As of today (1/31/2016), it is 54 days over, I still did not receive the certificate of completion of Defensive Driving Class. Everytime I called to AARP I was told it will send out to you or we are investigating on it.

Posted by Anonymous

My comment is not directed at customer service but to the policy's and effectiency of AARP billing and notification. I see millions of dollors or at least thousands of dallors saved in postage and hourly salaries if the effectiency of the membership and accounts recievable was a little more up to date. I have recieved three notices and temp. cards to update my membership. I responded on the first one but now over three weeks after I sent my money in, I get another reminder with temp. cards and all information. Come on with todays high speed technology someone needs to be supervising the work loads and cost output of this section or divison. with the number of members and each one getting that many letters, lets look at costs. I do not consider my membership trash can material but when I start getting this many letters and I know I will get more before my expiration date of April.

Posted by Pat

My complaint is about how AON, AARP and Optimum One communicate with each or lack of communication. Also, Nordian who handles Medicare. There is no service given to retirees. I am a retired [email protected] employee who has had their benefit package changed. AON, AARP, Optimum and Medicare do not talk to one another and all we get on the bottom is the run around. Our claims are not processed in a timely manner. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. AON will not refund lump payments without a form being filled out even though AARP has received their money. Each entity blames it on the other company. Than we get call center people who would rather fight with you and tell you are wrong than trying to see your point.

Seniors we need to start pushing back. All these people managing our benefits and our benefits are being taken away.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been an AARP member since 1988 and have had your sponsored Hartford home and auto insurance approximately as long. I recently became aware that I was paying the Hartford hundreds of dollars more than was required in my state of Pennsylvania for my auto coverage. When I choose to change to my state's rates the Hartford took away the $350.00 credit on my deductible for my safe driving record. I feel betrayed by the AARP (who sponsors Hartford ) and extremely upset and cheated by the Hartford. My car insurance on a 2014 Jeep Compass dropped from $892.00 yr. to $516.00 yr....... I should have been paying the lower Pennsylvania rate since I purchased the car in June 2014, but the Hartford never made this clear to me. The notice of the new rates in Pennsylvania was on the backside of a page concerning rates due to violations and points on your license; neither of which I have. Because I live on my Social Security only, every penny saved is so very important. I believed the AARP was promoting companies that help Seniors do just that, however, my trust has been destroyed in the AARP and the Hartford. I believe the Hartford should return the $350.00 deductible credit for my safe driving record to my new policy which starts 1/6/16. I have also taken your on line safe driving course. Mary M. Walters Membership

Posted by Robert Finn

1. Online login does not work all the time. No phone number or email address provided to get help from IT.
2. Oneline quotes for annual membership differ widely from AARP mail and billing literature.
3. Mail and billing literature provides no information about paying online.
4. MOST SERIOUS is that the prescription cost savings presented on Part D Literature is $200-$300 different than the actual out of pocket costs for AARP-United Health Care Plans. This is true for all the Part D plans presented.

Posted by Anonymous

I sent a check for $12.00 support on October 20th and did not receive a clock and calculator offer but now you want another $12.00. Thanks.

Marlin Alberts -- 1153 Manitoba Trail -

Posted by Anonymous

who can i talk to about getting a bill for two months in advance? the company is colonial Penn. I recieved a bill for 10/24/15 which was payed on 11/04/15 .now they are sayinying i owe for10/24/15 & 11/24/15. todays date is 11/14/15. and my bill is piont is how can i owe 10 days in advance? i WOULD NOT RECOMMENED this company to anyone| ||||||

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Posted by Carol on Canyon??

Hello, I'm writing because I've been being asked to renew my membership for a least a month. I happened to call Customer Service about something for my husband and asked the woman about the procedure for a new year's membership.
My contract started on July 14, 2014 - she told me that the same date would be used for me to renew - in 2016.
I AM SHOCKED that you've been asking me to renew in at least the first of January. I think that is not honest. You'd be getting my money just to sit and earn interest on it even though it's not due until July. THAT WAS VERY DISAPPOINTING. CAROL IN UTAH

Posted by Anonymous

Have any AARP credit card holders taken advantage of fixed APR's for the Life of the Loan for Balance Transfer's? Fixed LOL rates at 1.99%, 2.99%. 3.99% and maybe a 5.99% to 7.99% that suddenly changed to higher 15.99%, 16.99%, 17.99% up to 19.99% APR's without being notified by the bank who handled the credit cards for AARP as the law requires the bank to do. Ex: 10/1 you have a credit card balance of $10,000.00 at 2.99% LOL. Monthly Finance Charge is approzimately $50.00. Now, your next credit card statement arrives and your fixed APR of 2.99% has now changed to a 17.99% APR. Your monthly FC is now $285.00 with a minimum 2% monthly payment (you must pay which ever is greater). The law requires the cardmember to be notified before their fixed APR's change in writing giving them the opportunity to close the account, thus locking the low 2.99% fixed Apr FOR THE LOL. Did any AARP cardmember experience this happening to their AARP credit card while having no knowledge of receiving a so-called OPT-OUT letter from the bank? I would like to know. I'm doing my own investigation because of something that happened and I was made aware of it. My motive is integrity and ethics, both which I hold in high esteem. Money for me is NOT involved!

Posted by [email protected]

I have been a member of àarp along with my fiance for 3yrs.Never had a problem gettin ahold of them, always have been very helpfull and kind i dont know how all these people can complain this keep up the good work!;-)!! Ricky Anderson South, Daytona, Fla.

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by Dave

Per 4-8-11 2:45 CDT

I just called 888-687-2277 and was connected to a Zack. I explained that I would like to have my name removed from their mailing list. He asked me why I and I told him that I simply had no use for their services.

Without any further trouble he simply asked me for some info that was on the last promo letter I recieved. He then told me that a suppression would be put on my name and that it would take 4 to 6 wks to process. Zack was very cooperative and understanding.

Posted by josephmd422

great service indeed 30 minutes and the man was thier. hang in people they are wonderful and as to pay 6 months ahead to any insurance you must be crazy. do it monthly and that is that. as the way you pay your bills. and as for being put on hold just hit the wrong button and i will tell you they will come right on the wrong button is to sign up button .lol. serios. again the service was great and so wonderful

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Posted by [email protected]

AARP is the worst company to work for...they have poor management, uneducated supervisors, horrible departmental leads...they intimidate employees,abusing their "power"..make employees cry...specially older employees...I know, I worked there! I am very glad I am no longer there....


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