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AAA customer service is ranked #105 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 57.42 out of a possible 200 based upon 478 ratings. This score rates AAA customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


389 Negative Comments out of 478 Total Comments is 81.38%.


89 Positive Comments out of 478 Total Comments is 18.62%.

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Posted by Anonymous


In a nutshell....I went to the AAA office in Hanover, MA as was told by a lady named Lynn that tours are booked through VIATOUR.
We are going to Italy and was hoping she would book our tours through VIATOUR. She said NO I would have to book everything online through VIATOUR. We don't want to do that. Too many mistakes can be made, we've never been to Italy and we will of course want guidance and help. ALSO Lynn told me you had to be a member too AAA in order to get an Italy Driving License. I called back same day - the same Hanover, MA office and ask the lady who answered the phone IF you have to BE a member of AAA and she said "Oh no we can do everything right here...member or no member."

Before I renew my membership for this year I am waiting for your response to my questions. What would you do if it were your family and/or friends going on their first trip to Italy?

Posted by Jefflad10

I am a AAA member I am also disabled an amputee meaning I only have one leg reacently I needed aaa to tow my truck which is the vechicle on my policy I had my 9 year old with me and we broke down unfortunately I had left the house without my wallet when I called and identified myself and verified with the agent who I was and explained I left my wallet home but that is where I was towing the truck and I could give my I’d when we got there but I was refused service my son and I had to walk home and the next day when I called corporate I was told that was their policy wow I am taking my business elsewhere anyplace is better than these vultures

Posted by Littleretta

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Posted: Oct 28, 2017 by Loretta Hawkins
Service Complaine Doug Edwards
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Contact information:
Birmingham, Alabama
United States
I started the process of canceling my car, home, flood, and motorcycle insurance 2 half months ago. To prevent Getting the email I got this morning on a Saturday that if I don't have proof of a full year of flood ins they won't cancel my policy for a full year. If he had done his job the check would have be sent from AAA to Auto Owners o month ago but no I have to ask my ins agent to come in on a Saturday so I can pay another year flood ins. So now I will have to fight to get my money back. I know hey will send the check to the wrong address or screw this up so I have to wait months to get my money back. Not to mention the payments he owes me for continuing to auto deduct payments from my account for insurance I requested be canceled months ago after he asked to cancel and Had proof of coverage emailed to him. The worst customer service ever. I am going on ever website I can find to put this out there, I hope he never writes another policy!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a member since 1989. Fortunately, have only had to use services a few times which I am grateful for . However I was recently unhappy with service we received October 9 th . We had breakdown on interstate 75 outside Macon, Georgia . We had to pull over on grass verge of fast lane . This was extremely dangerous, scarey, hot and noisey . It took us 10 mins on hold before we could report incident . We were told we would be given priority as we were on the interstate . If so then why did it take 3 hours ???? .
I would appreciate any insight to this problem .

Posted by Loyal Customer

My account had 4 people on my plan. In April 2017 when it was time to renew, I called AAA and canceled one person from my account. I made arrangements as usual to make monthly payments until it was paid in full. In Sept 2017, my son, who is not the person I canceled called AAA for service, because he locked keys in the car. He was told there was an 2 hr. wait. When he called back because no one ever came or called back, he was told that he was canceled from my plan. WHAT????? He was told he needed to start his own account at $70 and $15 signup fee, if he needed service. He did so and was then told he was going to be charged an extra $50 for same day usage. This is insane. I never canceled my son. I called customer service and spoke with Rina (EIN4186138). She stated that he could be refunded the $70 but not the $50, I informed her that it was not his fault nor mine that he was deleted from my account. I stated that I'm sure that there was a recording of the call. She stated that she would have someone research it and call me back in a couple of days. If that was the case he would be reimbursed. Well, she didn't call in a couple of days, she called back the next day and stated that the recording showed that I did cancel both my son and someone else. She stated that she could clearly hear it. I asked to hear the recording and then she started to hesitate and said it wasn't a recording but a transcript. She said it stated that " I am cancelling person A and person B, because HE no longer lives with me. She didn't say THEY no longer lives with me. I told her that I know that I didn't say that. I asked to speak to a manager and she stated that there was not one available. She would get back to me. I called customer service today Sept 14, 2017, and asked for a supervisor. The customer service rep asked why. I explained what had happened and she stated that she would find one for me. The supervisor never answered. The rep came back to the phone and stated that there was no way of hearing the recording from April, because they are only kept for 3 months. My question was then how did I get a call from Rina stating that I could be heard on the call. The rep stated she didn't know. I asked for AAA Corporate Office address and she gave me an address in Delaware. When I looked online, it clearly states that the Headquarters Office is in Heathrow, FL. This is insane my family have been with AAA for more than 30 years. My family has been with AAA since I stated driving in 1987. I have never had a problem with them. I would like someone other than customer service to contact me about this issue.

Posted by Miss J

The AAA travel card? WHAT A JOKE. And the joke will be on YOU if you are using the AAA Travel Card and you still have money on it when it expires EVEN IF YOU ARE A CURRENT AAA MEMBER because they delay, delay, delay and finally NEVER GIVE YOU YOUR NEW CARD AND THEY STILL HAVE YOUR MONEY and do NOT intend to do anything about it. You know what this is? Under the law it's called CONVERSION and I will be reporting it to the federal banking authorities as the AAA Travel Card is issued by one of AAA's so'called "business partner" banks!

Posted by Anonymous

AAA not only do they take sooooo long to get you if u break down like 45 minutes to an hour they also give u false information they told me that my membership has 7 days to kick in I get that but I did it on the 5th so the 12th would b the active date rite? Y now they telling me the 15 will b my active date now either I can't count or they can't so basically forget my car when I asked to talk to a supervisor she did not try to accommodate me at all they just do not care as long as u pay your money so sad .

Posted by Upset Costumer

The worse Costumer Service Ever. Like many others, I am having problems getting double charged for my membership. At first, I was told everything was solved and my money was credited back to my CC. Now I see my monthly statement with double charges. Called back and got the worse treatment and all they could offer was a credit of $100 to be spend within 1 year. Really??? Do I really have to renew my membership before date so I can use my AAA credit????

Posted by Lystra

Called AAA 07/07/2017 in Miami 5:29pm and no service by 6:30pm. Service first promised in 90 mins then Supervisor John said in 40 mins. Work in a crime ridden neighbourhood, scene changes after 7pm.
Then called my Insurance GEICO and had service to obtain locked keys in my car within 30 mins. AAA IS GOING DOWN!

Posted by Anonymous

First of all, I am very unsatisfied and still waiting for the refund since 2 weeks. Agent Tkeyah Williams has given lower amount before she charged membership fee and registration fee($162+$45). Soon after she charged both, she came up with higher amount saying she forgot to remove some discounts.I clearly told her that,I cannot go with that higher price and will not proceed further to buy policy and wanted my money back that she charged for membership fee and registration fee. She said she has cancelled ($162+$45) payment and initiated a refund and I will get my money in 3-5 business days.

Later when I did not receive my refund even after a week, I tried calling AAA and agent Don Nyugen first said he will process the refund, later he tried to convince me for a different price but I said I want my money back first and then I will think about everything else later. After this, he started saying I cannot get refund until and unless I sign policy documents or I have to pay 11% of my total insurance say 1400$. I have signed the papers that he has sent me so that I can get a refund in 2 days as he said, but its been more than a week and I still didn't get any refund. Being a senior SM, I thought he would help me getting refund but instead he was literally unhelpful and I think AAA should not encourage this kind of agents trying to cheat customers.

This was clearly a mistake from your agent giving wrong information and changing insurance price after charging membership and registration fee. I don't know if this was Tkeyah Williams trick to pull customer for higher price after charging. I really don't understand why should I pay when it is not my mistake at all.

I have explained everything in detail in this email. I humbly request AAA to help me with getting back my money.



Posted by [email protected]

AAA,,,,,,, stinks. first they can't jump start your car then the don't reimburse you when you get someone who can. I talk everyone I can into getting a different service after they cheated me

Posted by Precious Moments 25

I have been a AAA Member for over three years and this has been thus far the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! I called to renew my membership because my car suddenly stop and would not crank. During the call the AAA Rep state that if I renewed my Premier membership I would have to wait 3 days before my car could be towed. She then suggested the Classic membership, this way I could get my car towed the same day without a waiting period and that I could add the Premier services at a later day since I would be already member without having to wait thee 3 day waiting period. I purchased the Classic membership as suggest and was able to get my vehicle towed that day. Almost a month later, I needed my car towed again, because I was given a notice to remove my car from the premises from the landlord because it was inoperable. So I called Stupid AAA and was advised that I would have to pay $138 extra because my Classic only covers 5 miles. Since I remember what the AAA Rep said from the previous tow, I decided to pay the additional cost $35 for the PLUS Membership. This Rep Zipporah then tells me I still have to wait 3 freaking days still and I would still be charged when the tow truck guy gets here. I was LIVID! I said this was not told to me when I renewed my membership. I was lead to believe that I wouldn't have to wait since I was already a AAA Member. "A BUNCH OF BOLOGNA . Then she puts me on hold for like 10 minutes, just to tell me that she can not assist me, before admitting to me that they did review the call that I had with the rep and that they can see how it was a miscommunication. Then she transferred me to Nathan who suppose to be a supervisor was a even more JERK and a Smart Mouth! AAA STAFF HAVE DEFINATELY DISPLAYED A DISSERVICE TO ALL CONSUMERS! PLEASE BEWARE!

Posted by Frank

My almost brand new and still under warranty Triple AAA battery left me stranded today, but luckily I had pulled into my mechanic's shop for him to check the awful smell coming from the battery when the car went dead. He told me the battery was so hot, it could possibly blow up & to call Triple AAA right away. Had to rush to a doctor's appt, but called on the way & they had all the paperwork, but refused to come out & deal with my mechanic even though it might blow up. The supervisor from West Springfield, MA, Mike Stapanelli wasn't concerned!

Posted by AAA left me stranded

AAA Plus customer. Stranded on road. Called they read a nice untruth script up to two hours for pickup. Called at 2 hour point still not even dispatched out yet to anyone. Called at 3.5 hours she said someone was free and would contact me. Called a hour later as I was still not picked up or had a call he was on the way. I ended up cancelling my pickup after 4 hours of setting on the road had someone else do it at my cost. In a metro area of 1 million + they in my view only one person working and nobody on backup. Now I will rethink my renewal as I'm not seeing any value.

Posted by SMD62

If I could give AAA zero stars I would. The Cerritos Branch in California sucks. Nothing but a bunch of lazy, sloppy and unprofessional workers. Belem Moya an agent is unseless!! Never returns phone calls. I finally had to go to the branch to get any help and to talk to a person. No return phone call from Lizz Hernandez, an agent.
No return phone call from Paulina Escobar,(the manager).
They dropped the ball on my home owners and earthquake insurance for my rental in Cerritos. All the paperwork was done wrong!! No one returns calls and no one can give me any answers. This branch sucks big time, bunch of losers.

Posted by Janet Johnson

Your company is HORRIBLE!!! Been trying for 2 weeks to get my auto pay new bank account fixed with your company. Sent the new forms in,the lady called said she got them. Now all of a sudden they didnt get them. Ihave talked to 4 differnt people. Always passing their mistake to someone else. Finally went to AAA office in Arlinton,teas today. This still has not been fixed. Wised I would have read all the bad reviews before getting yall for my auto insurance. I wont make this mistake again with your company.

Posted by Dnewman307

I WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN!! BEWARE!!! My husband and I became a AAA last year. We signed up for automatic renewal. My AAA membership is good until May 2017. They decided to take the money April 1, 2017 WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE or CONSENT. This caused my husband's bank account to overdraft. April 2,2017 my membership was canceled and our account was to be credited back the funds in 7-10 business days. Today makes the TENTH BUSINESS DAY and guess what?! No MONEY RETURNED! Our bank garnished my husband check for late fees overdraft fees plus the money taken out of the account. My husband account is also blocked until resolved. Call AAA today only to learn that they haven't even started the process of returning the money back to the bank and that I must wait an additional 2-3 BUSINESS days before I will recieve a refund. UNACCEPTABLE! because of their negligence, our phones are temporarily disconnected, we have no food in our home and I'm currently pregnant with twins and unable to eat LITERALLY because we can't access our bank account until this is resolved. I am literally crying as not being able to eat is making me physically sick! THEY WILL BE HEARING FROM A LAWYER ON OUR BEHALF! JUST RIDICULOUS! I WILL NEVER AGAIN DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND ABILITY TO HELP IS DEPLORABLE! A LAWSUIT IS DEFINITELY COMING SOON!!! I HATE AAA!!!

Posted by Linda

Worse company I ever dealt with. Give you the round around. I needed towing service and triple a said they would cover the tow up to 100 miles if I was member plus. So I signed up paid. When I was ready to get it towed from my house to the shop. Goin from pa to ny the tow truck guy was looking for nicKS and cracks not to tow, so because my inspection was not done from ny to Pennsylvania, because I can't drive the car they can't do it. But the tow truck driver was willing to do it for 550$ and over look everything. Wtf! What type of service is this! Triple a was quick to take my money but not quick to help me resolve my problem! So moral of the story go with your insurance!

Posted by Anonymous

My Name Is Robin Mathis.i Live In Greenville, Sc Your Auto Repair Shop Is Not Worth A Damn. My Dad Took Our Car In To Have It Worked Own And Month Later Had To Take It Back In. Both Times Charged My Dad Around Thousand Dollars. I Had To Get A New Water Pump, Cause They Put A Rebulit One On. For The Money That Was Spent They Should Put A New Water Pump On . Aaa Is Nothing But A Rip Off. Plus I Felt I Was A Stuip Female By Some Of The Men. I Will Never Take My Car Back To Was Again. I Feel I Need To Reimburse The Money Since The Half Add Fixed My Car.

Posted by marcia sills

Hello, on June 29, I received an email from AAA asking how my experience was during AAA service on a lockout 1-2 days earlier. My son is currently a member and he called AAA when he had a lock out on my 2003 Lexus is. We looked around the left rear taillight and the clear glass cover was broken, lines ok and no body damage. He explained that after the lock out, the AAA tried to get into the drivers side, then the passenger side, then the trunk (there s a leather purse string entrance from trunk into cabin). He said when the tech went to close trunk, the clear taillight popped out a little so he pushed it back with his fist.
I called and started a claim . My son gave a detailed and lengthy consistent explanation. Next day our claim wa started with MS-----no need to mention names. She said she spoke to AAA, he said he only tried toped passenger window and never went into trunk. Then he made a statement right out of AAA book 'how to deal with lockouts " I guess he didnt think we would see what AAA standards for lock outs were. I also send pics and got two estimates as i was told to do. When I asked mediator why there was a small piece of yellow tape on the top of my DRIVERS door...she said they never did that. I found out AAA does do it to protect paint. Now, if he never opened the drivers door, why was there yellow tape at top of my window? Doesn't make sense. Also, my son saw him at trunk end....Why would he go there if they "never do that". Doesn't make sense. Ms ___ was gong to put us on a conference call...never happened. She said it was he said she said... and yet no settlement offered. I wish this would go up to customer service. So much time with AAA and now this bad experience.

Posted by DGray

I just called this morning because my truck slid down my driveway almost into my garage. I had two triple A service member's come out initially. They were very professional and courteous but did not have the wrecker to be able to pull my truck out. Not once did they mention that my driveway conditions were too bad for them to be able to take care of the situation nor did they stay that there was going to be any additional charge. Another driver was sent out with the Wrecker and all of a sudden stated that it was going to be a $50 charge because of a small patch of snow that was at the beginning of my driveway. I did not agree to those terms so I sent the driver on his way and call dispatch again. Once explaining the situation to dispatch they asked if I would send a picture of my driveway so I obliged. A dispatcher then it began to tell me that the small patch of snow at the beginning of my driveway is why the second driver required a $50 payment. I stated that that patch of snow was just snow and it was not ice. Keep in mind the first two gentlemen did not state that snow was going to be an issue at all and actually said if they would have had a wrecker that they would have had the job done and completed within 10 minutes. The dispatcher from Triple-A East Center in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania name Margie proceeded to aggressively argue with me and discredit the fact that me being able to see the situation and the other two drivers also seeing the situation and not stating that it was going to be a problem was not as accurate as the picture that I had just sent her through email. Basically she said there's ice because I seen the picture and no matter what you say it doesn't matter. I asked to speak to a supervisor and spoke to a Raul. Who essentially backed her story and said that my driveway wasn't treated enough and it was going to be a $50 charge. Mind you this Margie dispatcher had basically been so unprofessional saying that I didn't want to hear what she was saying and that I was wasting my calls then pass the phone off. To me, her customer service skills were very very very awful. Now this isn't the first time I've had some shady dealings with triple A. About a month ago my wife needed her battery jumped. The first gentleman came out jump the battery no problem and about his way. Later on that day my wife's battery died again. This second driver comes out looks at the battery and tells my wife she's missing apart and she needs a whole new battery and tries to sell her a battery. What I don't understand is why didn't the first person tell her that she had an issue with a missing part on her battery? I am extremely disappointed in the service that I received in 2017 and I've been a AAA member on and off for about 10 years the last three years for sure. These situations, my current on in particular, have me wanting to reconsider my future membership. It seems that the shady drivers, lack of transparency, and terrible customer service is driving the comapnies integrity into the gutter.

Posted by Anonymous

The key lock on my car door was frozen shut this morning so after exhausting every trick I know for 30 minutes with no avail, I called AAA for assistance. I spoke with the customer service agent for 10 minutes, giving all of my information including my AAA membership ID, name, phone number, address, make and model of car, and described the problem. She said that she would send one of their lock technicians out to my apartment and that he would arrive within thirty minutes. She also said that I would receive text message alerts notifying me of his location and when he had arrived. One hour later, I called AAA to check in on the status of my service request. To my dismay (to say the least), the customer service agent informed me that they had no record of my call. I had waited an hour for nothing. They asked me if I would like to put in a request (again) and wait approximately 47 minutes for a service technician to arrive. I think you know what my answer was.

Posted by Riderman

I'll start this email how I feel. You lying MF'ers! I was renewing my membership and adding my son today. I talked to Leon at 233.3892 The bill was $122.00 and he stated my credit card would NOT to be charged until January 3. I explained to Leon that money was tight for Christmas, and he repeated, my card would NOT be charged until January 3rd. I was calling from work, I didn't have my CC with me at the time. Leon said, no problem, call me when you get home with the CC information, I'm here until 6pm." I get home and just dial the number thinking, they can help me as well. The lady that answered saw my information and even stated that it was "locked" by Leon, but that was not a problem. She processed my information and she repeated that I would not be charged until the January 3'rd. Guess what? My CC was charged today,12/23/2016! You have NO idea how this affects my daughters main Christmas present! She is NOT getting her gift until after Christmas! Bottom line, her Life will suck Christmas morning due to AAA lying to me. I just called and you are closed for the holiday's and cannot help my family. Please cancel my subscription and refund my money. I just want someone at AAA to know, $122.00 is important to some people at certain times when an unexpected expense arises. For the Thomas family, this was it. I understand, we will live and get over it, but that was not my point.

Merry Christmas

Richard Thomas


Today, 12/22/2016, The day of my anniversary, I called AAA to place a service call at about 11am in the morning so that I could have my 2004 ford mustang towed up to my mechanics business so that i could have some work done of my vehicle. Well, why on the phone with the CSR i was given and ETA of 90 minutes for someone to get to me, so i was alright with that. The next step came when i got a call from a dispatch CSR, informing me that he had been trying to find a garage with a flatbed, and so he claim he called 6 garages and he hadn't found any, so I asked him can he give me a time and he informed me that he could not give me a time because he wasn't sure. I told him ok, I then get another call from another CSR informing me that they couldn't find any drivers with a flatbed and anyone that wanted to go out to penn hills area of Pittsburgh. They then informed me that they couldn't get anyone until about 4-4:30pm, so i told them ok. So how about at 2:56pm i get a call stating that the driver is at my place of residence, and i asked her how is that possible when they informed me that the driver was going to come around 4-4:30ish. So then im waiting and waiting, Nothing several hours have passed, no driver, so i call back, and i get another nasty ass CSR, who was very indignant, placed me on hold, and never came back on the line. so while still waiting, because i know the reason i was placed on hold was because the CSR thought that i was going to hang up the phone but i didn't, So in the mist of me holding on, i get another call from the dispatch manager, was told that she was informed that i needed a call back, but i informed her that I'm still on hold. concerning my matter. Over all,they are the top nastiest,rudest, in-considered,cocky customer service agents and managers i have ever come across in my life. I'm surprise with such nasty CSR they are still in business. I'm definitely going above and beyond with this complaint, there is no need for someone to have to wait over 9 hours for a service call. And as a company you should not expect for a member who pays yearly dues, to be ok with that...................................................................................

Posted by Anonymous

They failed to pick up my motorcycle today. I am waiting, listening to a voice on the phone try to sell me a battery as hope fades that I will talk to a third employee who again probably won't speak English. Time to dump them after almost ten years.

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Posted by BreezerBranco

I was visiting my daughter in Coral Springs, FL. I had a flat tire so I called AAA. Within 15 minutes, a service man was at my car.
Between the time I called AAA and the time the serviceman arrived I had received two text messages updating me on the time a service person should arrive and verifying the problem. Also asking if I was in any danger if I waited with the car. (That was very nice and very important for her to ask that question). The serviceman called me while I was waiting verifying my location and told me he would be there within 5 minutes. He was. His name is WESLEY! He's the nicest AAA serviceman who has ever assisted me and I have had AAA for approximately 20 years. He introduced himself and gave me the options I had for the flat tire - tow to station to have tire fixed - he could fill it with air if I thought I could drive it to a close by station. I opted to drive it to a nearby station and he said that he would follow to the station in case there was a problem. (No one has ever offered to do that-Amazing!) He offered me a bottle of water - it was 95 and humid - that was so thoughtful!. This has been the BEST experience I have ever had with AAA....THANK YOU WESLEY FOR BEING SO KIND AND HELPFUL !

Posted by Anonymous

I had to make a service call today the truck operator was name James this guy was very very nice and courteous one of the Best l Every had.Thank you James.

Posted by Anonymous

The customer service department was very helpful and pleasant took care of my problems and the person I spoke to to get a towtruck was great the two road series professionals very helpful and pleasant the towtruck driver was nice enough to give me a much needed cold bottle of water. It's been as usual AAA was right there for me. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Hello. I wanted to take a minute to say that the AAA service we received on June 6th by team service technician, Ricardo, was outstanding. He arrived earlier than anticipated, and was completely professional and thorough. Please extend our gratitude to him and his superiors for exemplary service. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

The Service was Fantastic, the driver 's behavior was great, let my car working

Battery Sale, Moroto

Posted by Anonymous

REF#55092...had service call yesterday for my car...Wesley was the driver and he was wonderful. Polite, courteous and knew what to do to. Towed me to my repair shop and made my situation easier. He is an asset to AAA.

Posted by Lakiela

I would like to thank Tim Griffin so much for all of his help. Tim went above and beyond the call of duty to get me and my daughter back on the road. Service Technicians like him are the reason I never leave AAA! No matter what kind of other roadside service I have I still keep and use my AAA first. Thank you so much Tim Griffin. AAA please never let this gem go.

Posted by 53203

Troy, 53203, was my service provider. He was professional, courteous and most importantly knowledgeable. He replaced my battery quickly and efficiently. He remembered me from past calls to the house which was nice. He is an asset to the AAA family.

Posted by Anonymous

I used AAA service February 4th, 2018 here in Ft. Lauderdale and was more than satisfied. The tech was quick to arrive, like maybe 18 to 20 minutes and when he did arrive totally took over the situation. He was polite, competent and kept safety first at all times. This gentleman is someone AAA should be proud to have representing their company. Congrats Junior.

Posted by rono8275

I needed help with getting a tire changed this afternoon. The service man was very prompt, less than 30 minutes, and did a great job getting me back on the road.

Posted by Anonymous

Dane Pau, call was the AAA representative who came to my home approximately 2 weeks ago regarding a dead battery. Dane was extremely courteous and professional. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest rating, Dane would be rated a 10.

Posted by [email protected]

Call #52792; 1/21/18 Rep:Moroto

All good. Moroto came quickly. Diagnosed the problem. Changed the tire. Was friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable. All in all, a very positive experience. Highly recommend Moroto

Posted by I do not know what this means.

Good morning! First of all Triple A is a necessity to me, and I'd like to thank you for all the help through the years. Secondly, and most importantly, I wish to let you know how awesome the last service technician that you sent me was. His name was Wesly, and he certainly took the care required to tow my 1999 Mustang Cobra. This car is MY pride and joy, but you would have thought it was his. Everything was done in a timely manner and he was so kind/friendly. The world certainly needs more "Weslys" in it in all situations. I hope you know that he is an asset to Triple A. Thank you again! Patricia A. Rogers

Posted by Anonymous

We had Ricardo come this afternoon to help us get our 2001 jaguar started. The problem was made worse by some family members who had tried to help and put the battery back in backwards! Ricardo quickly diagnosed the problem,corrected it and our car was once again running perfectly. Now I realize why we have been AAA members since 1984. With men like Ricardo out in the field, I know we always receive the best service. Thank you Ricardo
Roger and Ginny Williams Fort Lauderdale,FL

Posted by Lenny D

Had a great experience with driver James Brooks. Very professional and friendly. Made a bad experience better than it could have been.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to thank the driver that stopped behind me on the northway going south bound near exist 6&8 when my granddaughter got sick, he stayed there till I was able to go, he kept us safe when traffic was going by that time was about 2:30pm or 3pm when we were going back home.It was very appreciative to having him there. Thank you again. Barbara Mason a AAA member.

Posted by Anonymous

I used triple AAA for a defective rental car return that had to be towed. The driver was Junior from AAA south. I just wanted to let you know how friendly and nice he was. He told us of some things to do in the area while we were there on vacation. While the vacation started a bit rough because of the car we visited some of the attractions he suggested and had a wonderful time. Thank you for your help with our visit.

Posted by Anonymous

Moroto was excellent, polite and courteous. He put in a new battery and had us mobile in half an hour.

Posted by Anonymous

The response time was good today. Folksy was pleasant and efficient. Even offered me some water. I would suggest finding a way to lessen the paper work time. I got the AAA app and tried to use it however when i put in my address the app said it was an invalid address! And yes i checked to make sure i had typed it in correctly.

Posted by Anonymous

Sunday 8/6/17 I had a dead battery in a parking lot. call # 52040. The technician Dane Paul was prompt, efficient.

I have had other not so pleasant experiences in the past with wait times and a nasty tow truck driver so this was a welcome experience.

Posted by Anonymous

Junior was professional, friendly and got me and my automobile to my mechanic with no problem. Thanks AAA...Thanks Junior!

Posted by [email protected]

I am writing to inform you of how happy I was with my recent call to AAA South for service. My service technician Henry Dent was pleasant, informative, and knowledgeable. I called for a dead battery in my car and received assistance within the hour. My technician Henry tested my battery and informed me that it needed to be replaced. He had brought the necessary battery and exchanged it within minutes. He was also kind enough to inform me that my previous battery was still under warranty and that there was no charge for the replacement! This never happens to me! Thank you AAA South for all your wonderful years of service. I will happily renew my membership for another year when the time comes!

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My AAA service experience today was Great 5 star. The dispatch time was originally 1hour and 15mins. The driver James Brooks arrived with in 35 mins. after my service call, he was very professional and very knowledgeable of the services you provide. Instead of just towing me, he ask a few question what my car was or wasn't doing and then began working on it. I couldn't tell you what he did but when it was all said and done, I was able to drive my car home. I love AAA you Guy's are the best. Thank you Greg for a job well done

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I would like to compliment one of your service technicians named Moroto. He helped me with a battery problem recently. He was very professional and pleasant. You are fortunate to have such a fine person as a employee.

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Posted by jumpingjack852147

First off a contractor is not an employee. They have a right to decline a call if they wish not to do so. You're so called dispatching system sucks. It will not let you answer a call without coming to a complete stop. Kind of hard to do going down the interstate at 70 mph. Then there is an Accept, Details, Delete Button. Where's the don't accept button? That's forcing a call on a Contractor. I am not an employee. Second there is some days I sit around for a call and don't get one cause it's slow. My employer will not give me work while I am on call for AAA. Then when I get something to do non AAA and you send me a call and I don't accept it you call my employer crying that I am not accepting calls. So when I am not hooked I am not making any money. Dispatchers are always changing status on my tablet when I am IV NA NC to OV. A dispatcher has no right to change a status at no time for any reason. I am allowed to take breaks and lunch when I see to do so. If I am in NA for 30 mins. There is no reason for a dispatcher to change it. Call information is 75% wrong because call takers rush members off the phone to get the time call down and call number up. No one at any time should change a call to another truck once the call is been accepted. Many times I have accepted a call and get OL (ON Location) and the call was taken away for a P2. I understand a P2 is very important. But once again going over 3 mph the tablet locks out until you come to a complete stop. By the way it's against the law to answer a cell phone or and other device if you are a driver of a moving auto. Why do you have area reps? They NEVER EVER return contractors calls. The ONLY time the call is to complain about ETA or not accepting calls. Your device has a GPS on them. AVL knows where I am at. So why is your dispatchers sending messages about update eta? At no time for any reason none what no driver should have any calls stacked on them. Why? Because AVL or dispatchers never know what's going to happen on the current call. Longer load time Problems because member did not give full details of call. Change of tow destination. Yes happens more than you all think. Then you have to call dispatch and argue with them about the eta is going ng to be longer or the next call is going to be too far away. But of course that's your good old AVL. So they say. Yes out of town calls are good. But why can't a fleet truck go out of town. Oh yea that's right you pay them hourly unlike a contractor. you don't want to pay an employee hourly to drive 100 miles when you can get a contractor to do it for free ( The return trip to the area ) Holidays your reps want contractors on call but no extra pay or no calls at all that day because you're paying employees time and 1/2. I have been towing as a contractor for 7 years for my company and for your AAA for about 3 Years. Well it's going to stop soon. Very soon. If I don't see changes on the tablet, dispatches changing status on tablets and more less bullcrap with calls and the good old " AVL " and better work environment. All my call sheets dates hours miles screen shots of nasty messages and voicemails from your EMPLOYEES and TABLET will be going to the LABOR LAW ENFORMANCE OF THE STATE. HOPE TO SEE CHANGES SOON BECAUSE I WILL BE AROUND FOR A LONG TIME TO COME. WITH OR WITHOUT AAA. BTW LOCTATION IS NOT CORRECT

Posted by Anonymous

What most do not realize is the Automobile Club of Southern California does not have their own employees running the tow trucks. These are contractors who are often paid anywhere from $15.00 - $28.00 per a call. They can make an incentive which is only based on member surveys which have to be "totally Satisfied" if not they do not make incentive. Most of their towing contractors are of Middle Eastern decent and most are not following the law. Alot of drivers are paid under the table or are paid minimum wage. Yes the person operating a motor vehicle that could easily kill someone is making the same as the kid at Burger King. Many times owners of these companies own other companies with other family members. Their way of doing business is to pay off the AAA personel to try and get ahead in call volume. Some often do not follow the requirements that ACSC (AAA) says that they must do like background checks on employees so you may have a felon towing you without your knowledge. ACSC (AAA) many of their reps know this but turn their head especially if one of these owners are handing them cash, vehicle repairs, cars etc... AAA has hurt so many little towers and will continue as long as they are making the extra buck. Their are some employees of AAA that do things right but if they blow the whistle they make that persons life alot harder. Many higher ups knew contractors were pushing batteries on members and they turned their heads because they were meeting the sales quota and they get an incentive for their contract stations to meet those standards. There was one employee who got his check from AAA contractor and on like three of his paychecks it was not even his social security number. The employee raised awareness to this and it continued until they were threatened with the labor board.

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Any time you feel like you are not getting the best service, please contact a senior manager at customer care or the national office in Heathrow FL @ 407-444-7000. All AAA are franchises of the national brand. So each club operates under different rules. But the situation described above should have never happened. I work for AAA and I can tell you we would never let that happen.


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