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2K Sports customer service is ranked #447 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 33.41 out of a possible 200 based upon 244 ratings. This score rates 2K Sports customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


243 Negative Comments out of 244 Total Comments is 99.59%.


1 Positive Comment out of 244 Total Comments is 0.41%.

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  • 2K Sports

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 33.41 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 243 negative comments (99.59%)
    • 1 positive comments (0.41%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
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    • 2.6 Issue Resolution
    • 2.8 Reachability
    • 3.3 Cancellation
    • 4.2 Friendliness
    • 3.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Tyrknight2016

If it isn't bad enough that I paid close to 100$ for one of their games recently which had a bug making progression impossible, there's no phone number to reach them for support and they have not returned my emails. They truly deserve to go out of business I condemn them to hell.

Posted by ALfunkSHOne2

I spent money buying VC to help build my guy up. Many hours building my guy up. Was up to 11 badges with him. Went to enter my practice facility and it kicked me to the home screen. When I came back my player was gone. I can't get a hold of 2K or anyone to help me with this. Website is messed up I can't leave a ticket for help. Nobody answering the phone. This is just so flippin' awesome!!!!!!!!! Thanks 2K, you really know how to make a guys day...

Posted by Chinbyon

I have filled out many tickets and nobody has reached out to me. My file for career mode got deleted unexpectedly and I can't seem to get it back.

Posted by Mdk-ak473979215

This online name I'm have problems with going in the game it keeps telling check my online Internet there number wrong with my Internet my other games play all but nba2k17 call please so know what going on

Posted by KRAZYK8322

They really need a phone contact number because their servers

Posted by Mc1b0n3z

My ps4 was rested n im tryina to get my character back n it doesnt let me it shows my player but my level was 86 now its 55 overall n wants me to start everything kver

Posted by Charlie Whynder

My game keeps legging me out in park game this has happened to me 500 times now no exaggeration u need too fix this for me i should be a superstar 2 by now this is really ridiculous help me please

Posted by None

Hey you y'all lucky y'all don't have a phone number cause y'all would have a very angry customers on y'all hands

Posted by Anonymous

Why in the world would you not give us the ability to watch games play out in MyGM/MyLeague. The only way to watch and coach the team is through Simcast live. Which is one of the dumbest additions to a game i have ever seen. Why can't we watch the actual game play out and coach. I don't want to control the players. I'll just win every time if i do. I want to watch all historic teams in league together going at it without the guaranteed chance to win. Please update the game and let us watch the game play out. And i'll forget the horrible gameplay and user team ai defence. Or the ai in general for that matter. You guys are some of the smartest people. Yet you make stupid decisions that are gonna make you lose a lot of gamers. Get it fixed 2k. Or whoever is responsible for these things. Please forward this to the proper parties please.

Posted by Anonymous

I have put I have put over 45 days into this game and spent $150 on VC points to build my character And after all that now he's gone oh my data has been corrupted and it will not let me sign in two 2K servers it will let me sign in with any other account on 2K servers but just not the account that I play on a lil F$$$ing help would be nice if my phone calls would go through 22K technical support every time I call there is a busy sound then the call ends every time ?????????????

Posted by Anonymous

i been trying to contact somenone regarding nba 2k170 I am in career mode and my player has an injury and i chose to rest then it says he is ok to play then this screen comes up will simulate until player recovers from injury been saying this for 4 damn days how do i get out of this

Posted by Not telling you

The fact you guys don't have a customer service lets me know you give I don't want to write a letter I want to speak to someone. I spend over $300 I want to speak to a 2k Weird representative. Fix this stuff or I'll go another 8 years with out buying this Only reason I got 2k17 is because my girl got it for Christmas other then that I'd stick to FIFA madden and halo 5. Fix y'all stuff 2k. Asap you People that do nothing but hide behind your desk and collect our hard earned money. You guys are like the mta in ny. Service sucks but you want our money regardless.

Posted by Anonymous

You're game stinks! I hope everyone who makes it gets eaten by the worlds largest dung beetle. You stink and your mom stinks and I hope the dung beetle poops you out so you get swallowed by a 25 foot tal hamster. Your dad!

Posted by [email protected] Com

How to get back online on nba 2k17

Posted by chocolatesmile11

Been trying to get in touch with someone about some issues that I have with nba 2k17 when I purchased a backboard from the my player store it won't let me play on the backboard that I purchased also are any new jerseys coming to the game also is there any way to get the Christmas jerseys from the previous games

Posted by chocolatesmile11

Been trying to get in touch with someone about some issues that I have with nba 2k17 when I purchased a backboard from the my player store it won't let me play on the backboard that I purchased also are any new jerseys coming to the game

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried to call 2k support because i have an issue of recieving my 200,000 vc credit that I have purchased for nba 2k16. Every time I call i get an answering machine unacceptable. The customer service number is the same number as 2k support. I have even reached out via 2k support.com to write a support ticket on this subject and still no reply via email. Im very disappointed on how they handle this.

Posted by Fresh cakes53(8

Every Time I turn on 2k17 my player account has been "expired" I've tried fixing it but I can't, I also have xbox live and it won't let me customize my pause or is the store with virtual currency, now it's only points please help me, this is favorite game but it is really aggravating me.

Reach me at as soon as possible

Posted by Anonymous

Someone is trying to make an account using my email account. My email address is I have not authorized my email to be used, nor have I made an account with 2k. Please close any information in regard to my email and report it.

Thank you,

Posted by Aaronmitch1

I spent 50 dollars on this game and it won't even let me play online or anything. Everytime I go to play online it says there is a service error. I've looked at the status online for my area and everything is functional. Need someone to please write me back with how to fix this issue, and please don't tell me it's my Internet bc this is the only game that doesn't work.

Posted by Doesn't matter

I like how your phone number is "unavailable" guess yall got tired of people calling at your game

Posted by Jbm_919

Yes I got band on the server for someone I know but I deleted it an won't download nothi like that again, thank you can you please unband me thanks

Posted by MasterBaller213

Can you fix my 2k because when ever i try to type my email online it freezes and it works on my brothers xbox contact me please help me i done everything on help i am on xbox.

Posted by Anonymous

IM ON PS3 and I bought a shirt and shirts for my player but all shows up is a white t shirt and sweats

Posted by CaM_Drop_BodIeS

I need help on 2k i did 200 double moves leading to score and i still didnt get ankle breaker

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Posted by Kashaiti1111

The complaint in which I wish to make is that 2k failed to add additional features to the NBA 2k15 and I wish that they are added to the NBA 2k16. The features in which I wish to be added are, in my career mode the playoff tree should be reincluded and the player movement should not be so stiff, also there should be more new features added yearly to excite the buyers to buy the product like airplane and bus ride scenes of away and home games and also photo scene of player signing contract and last but not least instead of Claire being seeing as than the MVP the player should instead be presented the award by the chairman at an award ceremony and the finals award introduction should be like the 2k13.

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